House Exclusive: Huddy Breakup Drives House Back to [Spoiler Alert]!

Despondent House fans desperately looking for the silver lining in last week’s House/Cuddy breakup can call off the search party.

A scene from Monday’s episode — the first of the post-Huddy era — suggests that Cuddy’s loss will turn out to be… Wilson’s gain!

That’s right, folks — the bromance is back on, and we’ve got an exclusive first look at the (rocky) reunion below!

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  1. gracie says:

    spoiler alerts should be NOT be part of the title..haven’t watched Houses yet…I’m removing TVLine from my Google Reader and from my favorite

  2. Alyson says:


  3. Saerwen says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I swear I just hugged my computer. That made my day. I’ve been waiting for more House and Wilson awesomeness since last season!

    • nohuddyfan says:

      me too!!!!!!!!!

      Team Hilson is back!!!!!

      • CJ says:

        …or is it Wouse?

      • HouseWilsonBackTogether says:

        House just became my fav show again and has returned to top spot on TiVo lineup. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

        • Akiba says:

          Huge Laurie, get’s on my last nerve sometimes, but I love him, his role is played perfect by him. He shows us is very hard edges as well as his softer sides too. My real desire is to see him try to get help for the drug issues. There are lot’s of Dr’s out there with drug habits, that need real help being delivered, so I really feel he needs more of our prayers. I also don’t like that cane, because, I have to use my cane sometimes to get around. that husband didn’t fit, it wasn’t a real
          relationship to me, it was truly just a scene thrown in there..whats next?

          • charla says:

            And you should see him and Jesse Spencer live in Band from TV. Awesome!!!!!! Great personalities!

  4. Mariel says:

    Way to kick a fandom when it’s down, Aus.

    Wow, this really is like season 6 all over again.

  5. Alicia says:

    Quite the silver lining, House acting like a jerk post-breakup. How novel; those writers sure are creative…

    • Ariella says:

      Well considering all the good writers/producers left long ago it’s not surprising. John Mankiewicz went on to work on The Mentalist, Daniel Sackheim Lie to Me, Daniel Attias Big Love, Leonard Dick is now writing/producing for the Good Wife. Smart people…

      It’s a shame the last couple seasons haven’t really pleased anyone.

  6. Housefan says:

    I wonder how much Yaitanes is paying you to do this.

  7. Lou says:

    I love it. I love these two and I missed them so much. This makes me incredibly happy.

  8. Barbara says:

    This is awesome news. I can’t wait for Monday’s episode! The Bromance is teh best part of the show!

  9. Tiva4Life says:

    Good! plus, House should of been with Cameron anyways.

    • Ariella says:

      Shouldn’t OF he?!? lulz, Hosue+Cameron 4 evaaah!!!!!!!

    • dane says:


      I rewatched the first seasons and Cameron was acting like a moron around House, and I never felt House being a little bit interested in Cameron!
      He may ends up with Wilson, Stacey or anyone else but not her
      Some are still in denial, well it’s more in hallucinated state cause there was nothing to be in denial…

      • Amy says:

        Huddy fan, huh? No wonder you’re so blind. Even Hugh said that the chemistry is there, and that House definitely was interested in her.

        • dane says:

          Not at all.
          I kind of like House with Stacey, and I don’t give a piece of s*** about who House is f***ing. I watch for House, how he adapts with his life.
          But seriously Cameron? there was nothing and even House tells her in their forced dinner that she’s pathetic… But chemistry, yeah, I might need to go to an ophtalmologist…

    • AJ says:

      Oh em gee. I take back my “(RIP Hameron)” from my other comment. The more the merrier, eh? LOL.

  10. Crystal says:

    It’s disappointing to see House falling back into his old way of life. I found his happiness refreshing to watch and was hoping he could keep things like that.

    So disappointed with the turn as of last episode.

    • Kathy Bergeron says:

      Same here! I have been a fan since the beginning, but I just cannot understand why NOBODY ON TV CAN BE HAPPY. Seriously–don’t we have enough sadness in the real world? There are happy couples out there–I know it because I am half of one. I am sick and tired of everyone whining about the “Moonlighting curse” as an excuse for never allowing any couple on television to build a solid, happy relationship.

      • Ann says:

        Happy is boring! Go watch disney channel for that

        • michelle says:

          AMEN!! I couldnt agree more.If I wanted a happy docther I go watch grey’s anamony(sp?)he is the most orignal doc on tv and NOW you all want him to be happy……. wtf????

      • Lor says:

        Or read a harlequin romance!

        • Jen409 says:

          No sh!t! Huddy was ruining everything that made House original, by turning him into a two-dimensional character like from one of his own cheesy soap operas that he watches.

      • Lori Bryant says:

        Me and My husband were saying the same thing. What was the point of putting them together if they were only going to break them up again. I thought we watched him ruin his life already and go through counseling and everything to have her. What are we supposed to assume? You can’t be happy and OK without being addicted to something? I am completely happy with my man and we are not addicted to anything but each other and I would damned if anything would get in the way because of it. It was really nice seeing him happy for a change.

        • whatevs says:

          Did you really think that a person was going to change him? People can’t be changed by other people, and that would’ve been an extremely unrealistic plot device, honestly.

      • Amarantha says:

        When was House happy with Cuddy? They were only happy when they were having sex. The other 23 1/2 hours of the day they made each other miserable.
        After an entire season having Lisa Cuddy’s wonderfulness pushed down by throat, I’m so ready for a change!

        • Aslee B says:

          EXACTLY! As you said, the other hours that made up their life, they were arguing about Rachel, or work, or how he was acting. Sex does not a relationship make.

          Well, not for long, anyway.

      • Jenny says:

        Could not agree more! The brakeup was horribly written, it wasn’t even realistic for her to break up over this, she knows him, knows everything that comes with being with him. It was just the writers aversion to any happiness. It is easy to write for a cranky unhappy house, I guess they weren’t up to writing about any realistic relationship that actually works through problems instead of taking the easy way out.

    • Mary says:

      The point was that in order to be “happy” House had changed his entire personality and is now about to realize that he therefore wasn’t really “happy.” That was the point of the “Bombshells” episode– Cuddy realizing that she wants her version of House, not House himself. Cuddy wants her House making the proverbial pot roast and her dreams made her realize that it will never happen because that’s not House, as evidence by his vicodin relapse.

      House can find happiness and not sacrifice his identity– that’s his *real* search– and now that he’s explored if Cuddy is the answer to that and found that the answer is no, he’s evolved to a point where he can really find something honest. Enter Wilson to help him with that.

      • Zena says:

        Wow, you missed every major point of “Bombshells” in one posting. The theme of Cuddy’s dreams was that House was hiding an important element of his behavior from her. The repeated motif of the candy allowed her to eventually analyze what was wrong. When her sister made the casual reference to drugs as candy, Cuddy had her epiphany: House had used Vicodin to numb the pain he felt as he faced the prospect of her death. House wanted to be the man with Cuddy, this is his key to happiness. But at the moment his emotional barriers remain sky high. He is vulnerable, ashamed of his addiction, and unable to value himself enough to give himself to Cuddy. The next step in House’s journey is toward discovering his self- worth. The endgame is most probably a healthier, lasting love relationship for House and Cuddy. But they have a long way to go before they get there.

        • Mary says:

          House felt he had to numb himself enough because he was going to lose someone he cared about– he did it to be able to be with Cuddy. But Cuddy rejected him upon finding that out, meaning she doesn’t really understand why he did what he did. She gave him no support, only reamed him out for not supporting her. Their end game is not a healthier relationship for Huddy because they just proved that neither one of them can sustain a relationship together. The point of the relapse is to show that House believed that he wanted to be the man with Cuddy but the deal with Cuddy’s dreams is to show what Cuddy wants him to be and how the real House does not measure up to that. House should not have to change to be with Cuddy– you love someone, you accept them as is. The entire arc, culiminating with Bombshells, just proved that their love is not unconditional and, therefore, not real.

          • andree c says:

            Mary, Zena is right. If Cuddy had permitted House to slide back into using vicodin to blunt any pain that might come his way, she would be enabling a drug addict who nearly lost his sanity to that drug. Cuddy’s actions will either save his life or end it. Remember the finale of S.6? When House wanted to take the pills and asked Cuddy if she was going to stop him and she said no. It was up to him? Then he let them fall away and went to her and they became a couple. Well, Cuddy hasn’t tried to do anything to hurt House. She did what needed to be done. If she stayed with him, he’d have lost any respect he had for her and her intelligence. He knows Cuddy won’t cut him slack. He hallucinated her saving him by staying with him for detox and his gratitude to her was his hallucination of sex and intimacy. Instead, Cuddy did what she had to do for House and for herself. She saw herself as causing him so much fear of pain that he relapsed. If she didn’t leave him now, he’d only stay on drugs because her staying gives him permission. Enabling someone’s destructive behavior isn’t unconditional love, its weakness. House inside is the man she wants to be with and the only thing he has to change is his self-destructive, self-sabotaging ways. I presume we’ll find out this stems from his horrendous childhood filled with physical and emotional abuse and a mother who stood by and denied it happened. The best thing is that Wilson will finally force House to work through this breakup to get at the root of what’s causing House’s self-loathing and lack of self-worth apart from his medical genius. At least that’s what the preview looks like.

          • Michelle R. says:

            I love House, but it’s not Cuddy’s job to always understand why House is a bad boyfriend, especially not on the tail of a cancer scare. He wasn’t physically present for her and even when he was there he still wasn’t present for her.

            No relationship other than maybe mother/child is unconditional. Cuddy, and House, should have a reasonable expectation that their partner will be there for them when they pee blood.

        • sashay says:

          Well, that’s definitely the viewpoint expressed by Cuddy, and by Shore himself, in interviews. But I actually prefer Mary’s version, and if you combine it with the official arc, it makes a lot of sense.
          I was fine with Huddy, was happy that it was awkward and prickly and not sappy, but now that it’s over I am glad it’s done. I don’t nec. want House to sink back into addiction, with Wilson as his only lifeline, but I’m okay with it as a transition stage. I’d love House to start dating again, with a very shaky commitment to sobriety, so we don’t just repeat the first seasons. Maybe he could date another addict he meets at rehab, with somebody experiencing similar problems. Now that I think of it, Cuddy was almost a mother figure. No wonder it didn’t work out, forget about the drugs.s

        • Anne says:

          I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for posting this.

  11. Sue says:

    Yeah. Very surprising.
    I like Wilson, I really do. But is there anything in this show you can call astonishing?
    We knew that House and Cuddy would break-up, we knew he would go back to Vicodin, we knew that his only friend Wilson would be there for him.

    I’m not a shipper, I just like to see something new in a tv series and not the same old stuff over and over again.

    I loved this show but sometimes it’s just depressing for me.

    • Mary says:

      Plot-wise, House has never been extraordinary. It’s a procedural at the core and that’s annoying sometimes, I agree. It also has a certain level of comfortability to it, though. What I find irritating about shows like House is that they walk the line between a show that is really formulaic in reality but declares itself unpredictable. Killing Kutner and Amber’s death episodes were the show’s most daring moments, the latter working a lot more than the former, which came off feeling like a cheap attempt at doing something important with the show.

      They deserve some props for attempting Huddy but again we always knew how it would end and that probably says more about Huddy and the show itself than we realize. It’s not necessarily a bad thing– there’s something nice about knowing characters. Something comforting. Many people have been frustrated because they feel like they lost the title character this year but that was at least a calculated risk on the part of the writers and I think they deserve credit for alienating part of their audience this year for a greater writing purpose. In the long run, they’ve strengthened House’s character, but it hurt in the short term.

      I’m just glad the pain is over– and by that, I mean that House’s pain is back. :)

  12. Kira says:

    YES. I’m so happy right now I could scream. I absolutely adore these two and cannot wait to see this episode. House is truly back.

  13. Hall says:

    Boring House-Wilson storyline all over again. At least i hope they go back to the brilliant dialogs they had in seasons 2 and 3 because if we get the same crap they did with Hilson in seasan 6 the show will be more than over.

    • gati says:

      Wait till they start getting it on finally. NOT boring at all.

      • erin bowers says:

        Well if Wilson REALLY wants Cuddy’s cold leftovers He is welcome to them but, If I remember correctly and I think I do he stated to Cuddy he will always CHOSE HER

        • lmao says:

          Lmao, erin, I was waiting for your idiocy.
          And if House wanted Lucas’s leftovers…

        • Mary says:

          First of all, it’s “choose” her, “chose” is (ironically) the past tense.

          Secondly, Wilson will outlast any other relationship House has because, on a friendship level alone, he is the one who sees the true House, accepts him, and loves him for who he is, a fact which we learned in “Bombshells” that even Cuddy understands via her dreams. He is the one who is always there for House.

        • sxiz says:

          i am like 90% positive that he stated to the both of them that he will always choose wilson

        • Bobby says:

          “I do think he stated to Cuddy he will always CHOSE HER”

          Have you never heard of the phrase “bros before hoes”?

          Cuddy might have been the most important part of House’s life WHILE HE WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH HER. But now that they’ve broken up, I highly doubt he would ever choose Cuddy over Wilson. Cuddy left him when he needed her the most and has broken his heart. He can no longer trust her. Whereas Wilson is the only constant in his life – the only person he has been able to depend on for over ten years.

  14. Jane2 says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m too weary to go another round of this crap with House. I’m out.

    • freya says:


      I’m so dissapointed in this show right now I don’t even want to watch it anymore. I was enjoying the new directions and originality this year, I liked House and Cuddy together and how that was being used to reveal House as a character in new way and now “bam” we are back to rehashed House on Viocodin, Cuddy being made out to be the bad guy and House and Wilson as the odd couple again (aka as they were in the rather boring and depressing season 6). The other promo for this next episode I saw just shows House with a series of Hookers (at least 3 different one that I could count) well, that is great David Shore, way to revolt your female audience. I have watched every episode of this show. I am fond of all the main characters House, Wilson and Cuddy and have rolled with every plot turn and twist the show decided to take but after last week I feel that the show has lost the plot. This is the first time I have ever not wanted to the give the show the benefit of the doublt and tune in. I’m out and I could not be sadder about it. Good luck to those still watching I hope the show gives you what you want I’m sick of the poor writing, inconsistent plots, bad editing, continuity errors and increasingly WTF moments regarding the characters choices and actions….and the wosrt part is I could not be sadder about it.

      • Mary says:

        *raises hand* One female audience member here who is planning on sticking with the show into season eight now that Huddy is officially over. Hookers did not alienate me from a plot, nor do I need a contrived, absurd romance to keep me entertained– in fact, it’s what has driven me nearly away from the show this year.

        Now, if only Thirteen would show back up. At the moment, she’s the only woman on the show I can stand (and did I think I’d say *that* a couple of seasons ago?… Hell no.)

        • melody says:

          omg finally an opinion i can get on board with!!!

        • Jen409 says:

          Me too, Mary, I’m with you. Thank goodness the Huddy crap is finally over. Now I can actually start looking forward to the show again!

        • sarah h says:

          I was kind of with you until you mentioned 13 and that she’s the only woman you can stand. I hate 13! Incredibly tedious woman, it’s been wonderful since she left. I flove Amber Tamblyn and I am terribly upset that she will be leaving soon. I find her honesty and conscience a lot less self-conscious and depressing than Camerons was, and it made me think how I’d like House to find an older version of her for a future romance.

        • Aslee B says:

          AMEN!!! I think the show will benefit greatly from the absence of Huddy, and, as a female, I actually find Lisa Cuddy slightly offensive. But, this isn’t about her. It’s about House.

          One of the reasons I’m glad they broke up is that House can’t beat his addiction for her, because there’s no telling who will be stable in his life. No, he can’t stop it for Wilson, either, because God forbid the man die or something. He has to go sober for himself. That’s the only way it will work. Or so I hear. The only thing I’ve ever been addicted to is chocolate.

          And, usually, the hookers are used as plot devices… which actually only makes me a bit sad for hookers. WHY CAN’T THEY BE CHARACTERS?!? Ok… That’s wierd, I understand, but , really… It just shows that there are other opinoins about things.

          Lastly, I LOVE Thirteen. Amber Tamblyn does an awesome job as Masters, and I do like seeing someone with a moral code aboard, but… I miss Remy-‘Thirteen’. She needs to get her scrawny tail back here.

          As an added note: Who can be hatin’ on the Season 6 Hilson!!! The organ! The ‘If you die, I’ll be alone’, and yet, somehow, still showing up! ((Though there asn’t a high chance of anything actually happening to Wilson.)) I’m flippin’ EXCITED!!!

      • alien says:

        totally agree with ur opinion freya. the originality at the start of this season is totally refreshing. finally able to see a different side of house. but, now it’s back to the same old stuff. hope they change the course of the storyline for the better. they have to.. i’m an avid fan of this show.

    • Liz says:

      Good for you. Bye! I’ll enjoy Huddy-free House :D

  15. Kate says:

    Yawn, it’s especially boring when shows recycle their own plots. At least Huddy was new. Back to the same old, same old House monotony. Hookers, drugs, never seen House do that before! I think I’ll give the rest of this season a miss.

  16. El says:

    I’m falling asleep already. Between this, the balcony suicide, and the prostitutes, this is shaping up to take the place of ‘Epic Fail’ as worst House episode ever. Definitely one for the DVR.

  17. Tia says:

    I’m just wondering something, do the writers and Shore really hate Huddies as much as it seems? That’s an earnest question. Because I feel like they really hate us so effin much. I don’t mean dislike, I mean hate. Like we’re nothing to them but trash. Like if they were here with us in person right now they would kick us in the face, laugh and amble off.

    • Alicia says:

      They probably never wanted to do it (Huddy), just felt “pressured” by certain factions. So they sucked it up and wrote the most abysmal “love” arc in the history of hookups. Now that its out of the way GY and the like can insult viewers because they don’t have to hype the storyline any longer.

    • AJ says:

      I’m obviously not a writer on House, but I just want to say, I love you Huddies. What I love the most about you is your sense of drama. OH HUDDIES, NEVER CHANGE!

    • Ellen says:

      I think the writers are annoyed by extreme fans who don’t appreciate the whole show and only watch to see House and Cuddy make out. I think they are equally annoyed by Hilsons ,Hamerons, Chamerons, Wuddys, Chuddys, Haubs, Horemans, Chirteens who do this. I don’t think they mind casual shippers, people who just prefer a particular parring.

      I don’t think they change story lines for fandoms, that would be imposable there are to many conflicting groups. They would have cut Thirteen and kept Cameron if they were trying to please the most vocal fans.

      • gatik says:

        oMG, I loved this! I think I will become a Chuddy just for the nickname itself. Not Horeman, though. It sounds a little insulting.

    • Jack says:

      Maybe they got tired of the Huddys’ constant demand for the beach scene and their rudeness on the internet, and decided the House/Cuddy romance wasn’t worth continuing.

    • Derdriui says:

      Sry but guys, guys, that’s what happens when you send death threats to someone like GY.

      Fella’s got an ego on him. Anyone would get mad at death threats, but ya’ll went ahead and made a bit of an enemy there.

      Also, the way Huddies rampaged around telling everyone who didn’t liek to STOP WATCH WTF makes it a little hard to… feel sorry for ya’ll.

      But I don’t think they hate Huddies. There are some on the writing staff, after all. 14 episodes, isn’t that enough? Katie Jacobs is one of you!

    • JA says:


    • Jen409 says:

      If they really hated you so much then they never would have did Huddy at all. So just be thankful you got as much as you did and quit being so ridiculously ungrateful.

      House was never meant to be with a woman like Cuddy, because that goes against the whole premise of his character. So just be glad they even decided to entertain the notion for as long as they did.

  18. Troy says:

    House really sucks this year. What garbage it is now. How sad.

    • thedossmann says:

      you are not a true HOUSE FAN …….He sould hit you in the foot and give you a vicodin for the pain……lolololol

  19. lol says:

    lol bitter huddies, you mad?

  20. Eiri says:

    Thanks ever so much, show. In breaking up Huddy and sending House on a pill-popping, bile-spewing binge of self-pity and nastiness, you’ve REALLY found a plot so original you haven’t done it in… hmmm, maybe half a season? And then two seasons before that. And then maybe another season or two before that.

    Honestly, does anything really think they’re going to see something new and refreshing in House’s eight THOUSANDTH emotional meltdown?

    I’m so freaking disappointed in this show I could just scream.

    • Mary says:

      Except that that *is* House and thinking he would change for Cuddy is the most hilarious idea ever. I’m just glad House is back to being himself again.

      • Eiri says:

        Sorry, but that’s complete and utter bull. NO show survives by doing the same thing over and over and over again, lather/rinse/repeat. Shows succeed because the stories evolve, the characters grow and evolve, their relationships grow and evolve. Look at MASH, for example (if you’re old enough to even remember it). There is no way it would have survived eleven seasons of just Hawkeye and Trapper drinking and playing poker and pulling silly jokes on Frank and Margaret. The growth and layers were what made those characters so memorable, and I’m sad that a show I liked so much has clearly failed to learn this.

        Sorry, but the gleeful venom being spewed by bitter Hameron fans and delusional Hilson fans is worse any amount of disappointment expressed by the Huddies. Schadenfreude, much?

        • heh. says:

          Honestly have you seen some of the comments by Huddies on other posts and to Greg Yaitanes on Twitter? I’ve never seen a group of more immature people

          • nohuddyfan says:

            And you have seen just a ‘small’ piece of their comments..

            So happy this Huddy thing is over… I hope it’s over and won’t be back … enough… House can’t be a soap opera! We need the old medical drama back!!

          • Derdriui says:

            Some of them are forserious insane. Did you see the death threats? And the hatred expressed towards GY’s butt and penis. It was a sight to behold.

            Then again, he did bait those lunatics all season. He got what he had coming.

        • AJ says:

          Shore Series Writing 101, first principle: Your main character doesn’t do a whole lot of changing. Peripheral characters may grow, evolve, or even die. Main character? Not so.

          (Source: Paley Festival panel discussion with Executive Producers and Cast, summer 2005.)

        • Mary says:

          House did evolve this year– he evolved to a point where he realized that sacrificing his identity in an attempt at happiness was not going to make him really and truly happy. That’s about the point where he’s at right now int he wake of Huddy. It’s something Wilson’s been struggling with the entire series– you aren’t married three times without realizing that you’re trying to be someone that you’re not, and that’s where they are right now. So House is evolving– just not in the way you prefer for him to evolve.

          I think the show was brave to take the risk to illustrate a relationship that was doomed to fail and what’s saddest is that many Huddy fans seem only concerned with a happy ever after that isn’t a *House-ian* one. The writers seem to me to have gone out of their way to use every fandom trope imaginable in a way to illustrate how this was doomed to fail from the start and I find it disturbing how many people seem to think that House and Cuddy had a healthy relationship and that the writers are evil for breaking it up. Surely if you like House and you like Cuddy as characters, you want them to work, right? So where is this happening in canon? It’s not. And it won’t. Cuddy’s own dreams are proving it.

          I don’t ship anyone on House but the only relationship that really strikes me as effectual is House and Wilson’s friendship, which is lucky for me as it’s the only relationship the show itself seems to consider indestructible long-term. In other news? House is a Sherlock Holmes modernization. Who did you expect would always get the last word but House’s Watson?

          • Katie says:

            Love you.

          • Dorian says:


          • Vince says:

            Thank you for this comment. Very, very intelligent thoughts and very true: House has evolved, but in a realistic way, albeit bittersweet: he cannot change, he shouldn’t have to change for a relationship, and I do hope at some point in the future he, as a character, can look back and see that this relationship with Cuddy was not a good one. Really, House and Wilson have both explored, in the past, the idea of their relationship ideals, and how it does not work for either of them. (As you mentioned, Wilson being married three times, and his most recent relationship with Sam, was just an exploration of this theme). I think the theme of changing for love has been in the show since season one, when Cameron and Stacy were the focuses. Cuddy just brought this series-long theme to a forefront

            Sadly, fans of House/Cuddy are of different opinions than I (and apparently the writers, producers and David Shore himself), because they believe that House should try to be better and change for Cuddy. I do not see that such a thing is healthy by any stretch of the imagination, and I am glad the writers were willing to take the risk to firstly explore this storyline, and then to be honest with it and not take a different, fan-pleasing route.

            House and Wilson are the modern versions of Holmes and Watson, which many people forget, so the show really is based around those two and the struggles they face within their relationship and within other ones. In the end, it’s all about things that impact them. Yet again, I am glad to see that some people beyond shippers see this and the fact that this whole arc, and the breakup, was not a failure of the writers to let House change, but instead a decision to embrace real evolution and self-discovery… In a Housian way.

          • Aslee B says:

            People keep forgetting about the Sherlock-ness of it all. As a big Sherlock Holmes fan as well, I can tell you one thing: Though Watson and Holmes both have women throughtout all the books, tv series, or movies they’re put through throughout the centuries, one thing remains the same: THE BROMANCE.

            It’s no diffrent for our boys.

            Besides, unless Cuddy was secretly Irene Adler… I don’t see much hope there AT ALL.

        • Dorian says:

          You’re funny. Shows can’t last unless their characters grow? Have you ever heard of Gunsmoke, Columbo, CSI…? I’m not old enough to remember MASH, but did become a HUGE (and I mean !HUGE!) fan in reruns, even got to know Larry Gelbart (RIP). Sure the character’s on MASH toned down a little as the show basically changed from sitcom to drama, rather than through actual plotlines because it was in no way serial. Problem is, at their core, none of the characters changed any more than House has (Charles and Margaret came the closest). Any potential growth was addressed in one episode and dropped in the next. You mentioned House’s eight thousandth emotional meltdown. Well, what show were you watching during Hawkeye’s eight thousandth emotional meltdown and ten thousandth rant against the government? To be clear I love both shows and felt the frequency of meltdowns was very appropriate for both characters. You appear to be someone longing for “the good ole days” that, in fact, never actually existed.

          • Jen409 says:

            That was a great post, Dorian. Especially that last bit about longing for the mythical “good old days” that never really existed. Very well put!

    • Jen409 says:

      House being the way he is is what has gotten this show as far as it has made it. You said it yourself, season after season, after season, and then some, this is what the show is about: House being himself, not the hospital administrator’s pet (or sex-slave), and that’s what the viewers in general keep coming back for in droves every year.

  21. Gen says:

    Awesome! First the Huddy breakup and now Hilson! I’ve missed Wilson and Hilson so much lately. <3

  22. let it be says:

    Huddies- you shouldn’t waste your time upping hits and comments on this. It just gives the show attention. Let it go. Do yourself a favor. Don’t keep playing the game. What good is it going to do? They have the season almost finished. They’re kissing up to the Hilsons. The Hamerons are just going to rub it in. Why do that to yourselves? Just let it go because your pain just makes it sweeter to everyone who hates us and gives more attention to this.

    • Catherine says:

      + 3.

    • Lor says:

      Nope, huddys are too stupid to do that. Sore, bitter losers, lol

      • Elka says:

        At least their ship actually got something canon. Just saying. Bitter losers on all sides here.

        • laura says:

          Please, the friendship between House and Wilson is canon since the pilot. And i could care less about the whole ‘huddy is canon’: it’s over!

          • Ellen says:

            Huddy is still part of the canon. Their relationship was part of the show not fan fic or comment board wishful thinking. House and Wilson and friends not lovers, you can have a best friend and a lover. Most of the people I know love both Wilson and Cuddy.

    • They don't really care about us says:

      MTE Hamerons and Hilsons are already rubbing it in, and HOUSE just gets more attention. We get nothing. Our comments here won’t change anything and they really don’t care about us. It just gives more buzz. Have some self-respect, Huddies.

      • AJ says:

        You got 15 episodes of sheer, undisputable canon. Quit your crying.

        • . says:

          they’re so ungrateful.
          lol i saw a comment from someone that said the huddies “deserved” more than 15 episodes because they’ve been waiting for 7 years

      • Sassy says:

        Hey, the show is called House, not Hameron or Huddy. If you want to watch crappy romances set in a hospital, Grey’s Anatomy is still right there for you. Loved it for one season, got bored, never watched it again. If House has to have a thriving love life for you to have any appreciation for it, then you don’t appreciate the show. Many of us watch because we love the characters and the plots. I don’t care if they have any relationships or not – if they work, that’s good, if they don’t, then end them. I find all this ranting and raving is highly misplaced for a show that is currently one of the more intelligent ones out there.

    • Gambler says:

      Yep. You can’t control TPTB or the haters; you can only control yourself. Don’t give them the power. Walk away. Don’t be a victim.

    • Jen409 says:

      House’s house of whining, state your complaint!


  23. AmandaGuimma says:


  24. Katie says:

    YES! That’s what I’m talking about^_^

  25. Lor says:

    Please, huddytards, keep spamming everywhere, your hate, venom and bitterness is so much fun and a good reward for all of us who had to endure the huddy insanity!

  26. Mary says:

    Wow thank goodness– that clip felt like House again! Glad to see the show will probably recover from the Huddy disaster. Thank goodness for Wilson returning to the forefront!

  27. Dee says:

    AWESOME. “No. We’re going to talk about this, and we’re going to deal with is.” They are so married. :D

  28. sandy says:

    i am soooooooo sad about huddy that there is not enough hilson to make up for it

  29. crazymadjo says:

    I suspect Wilson is going to get burned here, but I love him for trying.

    • Kira says:

      Lol, I’m glad it wasn’t just me who thinks that’s going to happen. However, even if he does get burned he still shows that he really cares and wants to help him through this. I love that.

      • gatik says:

        I don’t think so. Wilson has gotten burned by House before, more than once, so he’s pretty much inoculated by now.

        • Jen409 says:

          It was Wilson’s duty after he booted House out of their apartment to make room for Sam. So if he gets a little singe for it, I would have to say he had it coming.

          But I still love Wilson and I know he will be ok :)

  30. amy says:

    Great, House is back!!!! Die huddy! Ops, that crap is already dead :)

  31. Elle says:

    Can’t even begin to tell you about how sick I am of Wilson vs Cuddy in the comment section of every House article. Now, even Ausiello is playing into it. I love them both and I am not thrilled about the re-hashing of storylines after a disappointing 15 episodes where ‘complete exploration’ of the House and Cuddy relationship was nothing more than a couple of fights ending with a few cheap looking dream sequences that had nothing to add to an already dull episode (was anyone able to stay awake during those POTW scenes?)

  32. AJ says:

    I find it so sexy when Wilson puts his foot down, lololol.


  33. gatik says:

    THAT’S MY WILSON!!! Looking forward to watch how you show him! :D

  34. norma says:

    oh Wilson you sexy bitch, how I’ve missed you ;)

  35. Annie says:

    Thank you!

  36. HilsonTeam says:

    Hilson is the only possible relationship for House (not in the ”sexual sense” of course) …

    A ray of light in this season… no more Huddy, thanks!! Was so booooooooooooooooring!!!

    House is back …. Wilson will help him with vicodin.. Cuddy brought him back to vicodn… so bad!!!

    GO HILSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. gati says:

    THAT’S MY WILSON!!! Looking forward to see how you show him! :D

  38. gati says:

    THAT’S MY WILSON!!! Looking forward to see how you show him! :D

  39. AJ says:

    Also may I just say, House fandom shipwars are frakking epic hilarity? ‘Cause they are. All camps (RIP Hameron) are so hardcore and, mostly, so batship-insane. LOL FOR DAYS. For days.

    Well done, Shore. That’ll keep ’em entertained.

    • Kira says:

      Okay, so this post makes my life. Cause I totally agree with it. So f**king hard-core. Plus, it’s gotten pretty vicious these past couple of days. SHIPPING WARS FOR LIFE. XD

  40. AusiIsGYBitch says:

    So they left Huddy to come back to something NEW:


    BASICALLY: THE OLD CRAP! LOL! It feels like I’m watching again season1, so…no way. I’ll not watch anymore.

  41. boring says:

    And here we go for season 6 crap all over again. Oh, boy. I’m not exectly a huddy fan, but after the boring storyline on season 6 about House suffering for Cuddy and all the pointless scenes with Wilson and Cuddy being totally OOC… I was kinda glad when they get together at least the drama was over. Besides, House and Cuddy’s dynamic has been nice to watch, so I tought things were finally going fine on the show, the story were refreshed. And we’re back to where we started. I think that’s frustating and it makes the last two and a half seasons kinda pointless. I don’t know, I don’t like this.

  42. yomisma says:

    People, House love Cuddy and yes Cuddy love him; other things superflous. One time or another this characters returns together. Remember + 20 years history.
    Kises Huddys, Hilsons; etc

    • Mary says:

      House also has a 20 plus year history with Wilson you know. :) And it seems clear that he’s the one to whom House always returns. Not to mention the one that doesn’t ask House to be a completely different person in their relationship.

      I don’t see why it can’t be in the sexual sense as well. They’re as good as married and always have been. Wilson’s sexuality issues couldn’t possibly be more overt (almost to the point of no longer being subtextual) and House is the last guy on earth I’d suspect would not be open to something “unconventional.” At the very least, the show could stand to bring back its edge and I fail to see how Wilson isn’t a romantic possibility every bit as much as the ladies of House’s life are/were.

      In other news, it would at least give the show some balls back. Errm bad choice of words ;)

    • Melly says:

      LMAO your delusion is my entertainment. Bye, Huddy fangirl, because HUDDY is DEAD. RIP Huddy.

  43. kristy says:

    ive been a house fan since the 1st previews of the show…while i like the sexual tension between him n cuddy, it could never work properly coz she is his BOSS…had they been regular colleagues, it could have….i like seeing house happy, too…but if all u fans really *know* house, then u know he’ll never truly be happy….i actually liked him better w/stacey….

    as for him falling back on his ‘old ways’, of course u gotta expect that in the beginning…wouldn’t u be completely miserable if u just lost someone u really cared about (perhaps even loved), n u wanted that pain to go away, even if only temporary? think about it…that’s his safety net-vicodin n wilson….give the writers a chance to allow him to work thru it, or as the clip showed, have wilson beat it out of him….lol….

    ive got my fantasy shows, so its nice when i can balance them w/’realistic’ shows…even if the main character is unhappy….

  44. erin bowers says:

    Hey when is Robert Sean Leonard leaving to do his Broadway Play. Take Heart Huddies.

    • Amy says:

      Hoping for RSL departure, how pathetic, lol

      • Alicia says:

        Says the person who ends all their posts with “lol.”
        Maybe you can roflcopter on your keyboard and type something intelligent.

    • Katie says:

      It’s been stated repeatedly on different sites that the play isn’t going to interfere with House’s filming. And I’m pretty sure that if Wilson left, the entire show would fail (not saying that from a Hilson perspective exactly, but seriously. Who isn’t a Huddy fan that wants to get rid of Wilson? And as GY stated on his Twitter Huddies make up a very small percentage of House fans).

      • Amanda says:

        *raises hand*

        I loved Huddy, but Wilson is far more important to House than Cuddy ever could be. I wasn’t nearly as dissapointed by the breakup as I thought I would be because of the (long-awaited!) bromance afterwards.

        As somebody stated above, this relationship was only a band-aid for House’s real issues. He hit rock bottom and dove straight into this relationship with Cuddy. He substituted Vicodin with her, so it only makes sense that he’s back on it now. Years of unfulfilled sexual tension, poor communication, and completely different expectations killed it pretty quickly. It didn’t have a chance under those circumstances.

        Ultimately, we’re watching the show to see House develop into a functional human being. Or at least I am. I’ve watched him wallow in misery for years and in the meantime gotten rather attached to him. I liked that in Season 6 he started seeing the therapist and we got to see the real House hidden behind all the snarky remarks. I want him to find happiness- for himself, not just with a romantic partner. It makes sense to me that it didn’t work. A relationship will never work unless he learns to love himself and learn that he deserves happiness first.

  45. luminous says:

    YES!!!! House and Wilson scenes have been the best part of the show since the Pilot – until Wilson became the Huddy Whisperer of course. I am SO excited about the show again! Wilson doesn’t want to “pick up the pieces,” but he did after Stacy and he will after Cuddy. And it will be so wonderful to see Wilson caring for House after what House did for Wilson when Amber was dying. The show is ALIVE again!

  46. Katie says:

    BEST NEWS EVER! Seriously, there are other people at my house or I would be literally screaming with joy. I am so so glad the writers have come to their senses.

  47. jaded says:

    Oh look House banging every slut he can pay and shoving vicodin down his throat! How groundbreaking!!! NOT! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Sara says:

      Because House banging Cuddy and playing daddy was so interesting, lol

      • jaded says:

        It was something NEW and not the same old recycled CRAP! So yeah it was way more interesting!

        • Jen409 says:

          It was grossly unrealistic, and annoying to me. I would actually rather see the show regress back to the pure medical procedural formula of season one than to suffer through another season of the Huddy pukefest of icky sappiness.

          • jaded says:

            yeah thats great and dandy for you but its still unoriginal and lame! I rather see them explore House’s problems with his bio-dad or go through major therapy than go back to the same CRAP again!

          • joe-lee-59 says:

            I agree…god, i could hardly watch the sex scene at the beginning of the season between Cuddy & House..i mean, the only ones who see chemistry between these 2 are these Huddy fans…sorry if no one agrees, but the relationship between them was the best & actually funny when they (or i should say House) flirted with Cuddy, but she always put him in his place or ignored his flaunting the rules to save a life. Now that was good writing & maybe a bit more realistic. In real life, why would a beautiful, smart woman like Cuddy want a selfish, whorey man who has slept with so many hookers & doesn’t really want anything to do with the child she adopted? House loves Cuddy’s body, not really Cuddy. That’s been implied so many times on the show by comments he made. I sure hope that now the show will get a bit better. It has really not been good, not for me anyhow. I love the banter between these 2, but not the hook-up. If anyone has chemistry with House, it was Stacy. She really looked good with him & seemed like they were really a couple. Or even Cameron could have at least been explored. Why Jennifer Morrison was wrote out of the show, i don’t know. Has anyone noticed that they get rid of the women, only one man gone, Kutner, & I liked him, altho i know he did want off the show. I can’t wait to have 13 back. The character of Masters is a bit unrealistic too. Anyone else think so? Oh well….these are just my opinions but i’ll be glad to see Cuddy come to her senses (hopefully!) If they want to pair her with someone, I’ve always thought Wilson was sweet on her, always thoughtful!

        • Kim says:

          For a stupid fangirls, maybe

        • James says:

          I don’t understand how anyone can think House/Cuddy was new or groundbreaking. Conventional heterosexual relationships have been done to death on TV. There’s absolutely nothing left to explore. If anything on this show has been “old recycled crap” it’s Huddy.

          • Littix says:

            “Conventional heterosexual relationships have been done to death on TV.”

            THANK YOU. I had trouble articulating just why I was so bored with the seventh season when it *is* true that it was “new for House” and you just summed it up perfectly.

            Now for my 2 cents, please feel free to run away :D

            I’m a huge RSL fan but not necessarily a Hilson (or more exactly I love Hilson in fan fictions precisely because I think it won’t come true…I’m sort of a masochistic-shipper, I only ship when I think it won’t happen in canon, I just love seing double-entendres and unconventional closeness) so I tried to be objective about Huddy.

            I must admit I really didn’t like Cuddy in season 1 – but I did in seasons 2-6, and I especially liked and laughed at the Cuddy/House intercstions, so I thought I wouldn’t mind so much the exploration of this pairing. But oh how I minded. The way both House and Cuddy changed for the worst, the way I can remember exactly *one* POTW (the super-memory patient) from the last fifteen episodes when I try to think back, the way even the House/Wilson interactions left me vaguely bored…this arc pretty much killed the show in my eyes and I’m not sure even the break-up arc and the renewal of “normal” Hilson interactions will be enough to make me interested again.

            I hope I didn’t come forward as aggressive – I’ve actually never been really “in the fandom” so I’ve never had to complain of any Huddy shippers and I’m sincerely sorry for them (though at least you’ve had some in canon ;)). I merely think the way this relationship was explored was not a little disturbing (do people seriously think this is how a healthy relationship works?) and quite boring to watch, and I wondered if some people agreed or, even better, disagreed – I’d love to have a debate if you do.

  48. Linda says:

    I love Hilson and Huddy.


    Who am I supposed to hate?

    • Mary says:

      No one. You’re the only adult in the room. Congratulations :)

    • Tyrah says:

      This. Why does it always have to be a competition. Why does it have to be hate one or like the other. That’s a little stupid since they’re both good. *shrugs*

    • Bar says:

      Finally an adult.. you dont like the show just dont watch… i like it im watching it i like huddy i adore Wilson just dont ruin it for us :P

  49. Jenn says:

    Wilson is easily my favorite character.