American Idol Top 13 Results: Did the Right Person Go Home?

One down, 11 more to go, and the nation will have its Kelly Clarkson 10.0. Yes, folks, American Idol aired the first results show of the season 10 finals tonight, which means we’re just two weeks away from the show finalizing its summer tour lineup. Funny how time flies when you’re fixating on Steven Tyler’s wacky wardrobe and mourning the tragic early elimination of Kendra Chantelle, right? (Nope, I’m not quite ready to give up the cause. Please bear with me.)

So let’s get to the relevant information. Adam Lambert performed a gorgeous, stripped-down rendition of “Aftermath.” David Cook’s “Don’t You Forget About Me” got an all-too-brief introduction during the exit package. And Diddy Dirty Money (diddy I just type that?) was there, too. As for the results…

Bottom Three
MySpace Contestant Karen Rodriguez
Ashthon Jones and Her Magnificent Hair
That Haley Reinhart!

First One Sent Back to Safety
Karen Rodriguez

First One Eliminated from the Season 10 Finals
Ashthon Jones

So there you have it! While you head down to the comments to discuss the results, I’m going to get started on my full episode recap, which will post overnight right here at [Update: My full recap is liiive!] And for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Ellen says:

    Michael – do the top 13 tour or just the top 10?

    • Lizabeth says:

      Not Michael, but it’s the Top 10.

      • Saulo says:

        Only top 10, really? But what if Naima or Stefano win the entire show?

        • AnnaW says:

          Not the original top ten… but the people who stay on now and make the top ten. For instance… Ashton is out, next week’s booted contestant will be out and the following week’s contestant will be out. Then you have your top ten.

    • randy francisco says:

      Thanks for the post! Yes, Ashton was the right choice to be first eliminated! Clint Gamboa should have been the better choice for the wild card instead of her.

      • jj says:

        ashton just didnt have very good control over her voice. she might be alright in the studio but not live- much like Rihanna ( who i compare her to bc they both have that ugly vibrato in their voice that frankly my vocal coaches told me was crap when i was growing up. who knew i couldve been a multimillion dollar singer with my crap voice if i just wore skanky clothes, died my hair red, and met Jay-Z?)

        • jj says:

          forgot to say that they shouldve kept the blond chick who could sing instead of Ashton as a wild card. Her voice was awesome even if her “look” wasn’t.

      • Magali C says:

        So true! Clint and Kendra should never have been eliminated at this point. They have amazing talent.

  2. TP says:

    The right person did go home but I would have kicked of Hailey for acting like she was too good to be in the bottom 3.

    • Haley and Karen better pick it up. Haley really hasn’t been that impressive, and really wasn’t known that much before the last episode or 2 of Hollywood week. Karen needs to tone down her whole vibe. It’s too much. I’m glad she agreed that it wasn’t a good performance, but she needs to switch it up because she could be next to go.
      Also, on a semi-related note, how cute was Lauren when she apologized for her performance? I thought that was the most endearing thing we have seen from her, thus far. She is very young, she acts young, but in that moment she really connected with me. She knew she wasn’t at her best and owned up to it, that was very mature.

    • Taylor says:

      Haley was too good to be in the bottom 3, she didn’t deserve to be at all based on last night’s performances.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I kind of have to agree with you, and I’m not a Haley fan. But I didn’t think she deserved to be in the bottom three. Maybe it’s backlash from the whole “Kendra” thing (Slezak was speed-dialing, LOL)

      • jj says:

        haley has a voice, but she went to the miley cyrus school of being a pop star. meaning that she moves awkwardly and tries too hard to act like a star instead of just being one. good performers make it look effortless and not so self aware. i hope she gets better, but she’s so young i dont know if she will. it’s one problem i have with people becoming performers early. they try to hard to be what they are not and don’t find themselves as artists. i feel it’s better if you know who you are as an artist before you become famous.

    • Saulo says:

      Hailey goes next.

    • ha says:

      because you’re an a$$wipe

    • Cath says:

      Yeah. I saw that. No she di ‘int. She will pay for that next week. Jordan and Clint already found out what happens to those who think their doodoo doesn’t stink.

    • KeelyCanada says:

      rofl……couldn’t agree more!

    • ps in seattle says:

      I noticed Haley giving off a little attitude too. It was not flattering. I thought Haley’s performance deserved a bottom 3 finish. Her stage presence is flat and forced, and she’s very mushy with her lyrics. Reminds me of Rickie Lee Jones, who I never did “get,” instead of sounding jazzy she just sounds sloppy to me.

  3. Sheila says:

    Yeah, the right person went home. Just couldn’t connect with Ashthon as a singer at all.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      And her sing for the save was terrible. There was no way the judges could justify using the save this early or in her case – to save her twice.

      I’m guessing the save will be used on Lauren or Pia or perhaps Karen.

      • Vetle says:

        I doubt they’ll use it on Karen.

        Lauren will probably get it. I think it will be a girl getting it no matter what this year.

        Also, Ashton proved why it was crazy foolish to not put Kendra through…

  4. Abloo says:

    Yea, I think the right one went home. Still a few more that could have gone with her, but . . .

  5. Anibundel says:

    What a waste of a wild card slot. Poor thing must have known there was no way the judges would save her twice.

  6. Erin says:

    Right bottom 3 and right person went home.

  7. cjinsd says:

    Yes, the right one went home. It’s such a shame they gave her a wild card slot only to be eliminated immediately. Just think if Kendra, Lauren T., or Rachel had a shot…

  8. Andrew says:

    Still mourning the loss of Kendra as well.
    And I woulda sent all three of those girls packing, to be honest.
    But I coulda dealt with another week of Ashton. Not so sure I can do another week of Karen and Haley.

  9. silkrose says:

    If Kendra had been given the Wild Card who would have gone home tonight …prolly Karen

  10. Jan says:

    Robbie Rosen got robbed. He’s better than 1/2 the people there tonight. What were the judges thinking? Karen Rodriguez? Seriously?

  11. Mel31602 says:

    Agree with others here that Ashthon was a waste of a wildcats. Kendra or Robbie would have lasted longer than she did

  12. Sophie K says:

    Honestly, I was sorry they couldn’t send all bottom 3 home. Ashton already had a second chance, though, so it’s more than fair that she didn’t get another.

  13. agrimesy says:

    I too feel that Ashton’s dismissal was a wasted wild card. She got a second chance, and she blew it.

    In my opinion, Ryan was particularly cruel in his timing. He stretched out the bad news too long.

    For me the highlight of the night was Adam Lambert! His acoustic Aftermath was absolutely beautiful, and he looked stunningly handsome.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Adam looked and sounded great – he looked like he lost some weight.

      • Slips says:

        He looked pretty good alright — but that wasn’t a particularly strong performance by him.

      • Maybelle says:

        Adam did look hot tonight!!! I think he has lost some weight. I noticed that Crystal has lost weight as well. Don’t think Lee has. I loved the way Adam sang tonight. He got that famous “scream” in too. Could careless about P. Diddy and Dirty Money. Loved how JLo said she would teach Adam the Dougie? Is that the name of that dance?

    • Sunni says:

      Totally agree; been waiting for Adam Lambert’s performance. He DID look gorgeous! Absolutely perfect! I love Aftermath and his voice. He did seem a bit nervous; maybe it was just me? And Jennifer and Steven seemed a bit cold to him. I love them as judges, though. Who misses Simon? Nah. Anyway, Adam was absolutely beautiful.

  14. j. christopher says:

    no matter what he calls himself, Sean Combs/Puffy/P.Diddy/dirtydippymoney is possibly the worst live performer of all time…how can a “hip hop mogul” have the dance moves of Steve Urkel and the smooth+thought-provoking rhymes of Randy Jackson on xanex?

  15. Eolra says:

    Unsurprising elimination. Ashton’s vocal sub-par last night, but worse than that she was forgettable and boring. She kept saying she wanted to show her “softer side” not realizing he previous “sass” was the only thing making her stand out. I think she also maybe fell victim to Kendra-lover backlash for “taking her spot”.

    Didn’t think Haley deserved the bottom 3 for that particular performance, but she hasn’t shown to be a very polarizing personality, her performances up to that point have been annoying, and I don’t think many people who were unfamiliar with “Blue” really “got” the yodel thing, so not too surprising in general.

    Curious about Casey – wish Idol would issue a statement so we knew what the deal was. Last year, with Bowersox, we knew pretty quickly it was diabetes, so it was like “Oh, ok. Hope she’s ok, but good she’s not dying.” I would like to be reassured that Casey is not dying…

  16. Crispin says:

    Right bottom 3 and right person went home. At least the bright spot in the night was Adam Lambert. However I’m concerned about Casey… this is the 2nd hospitalization in as many weeks… he might not make it with the pace at which their lives run now. Anyone got the scoop as to what’s wrong with him?

    • Crispin says:

      This sounds serious:
      Abrams is reportedly suffering from a bleeding stomach ulcer, aggravated by the stress of the competition.

      • Maybelle says:

        That is NOT good! My uncle has a bleeding ulcer and he takes meds to handle that, don’t they have something for Casey? Would hate to lose him.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Bleeding ulcers can be treated with antibiotics and they can also cauterize them. Sure hope he gets better.

    • Amanda says:

      Hey Crispin, this is just rumour(because I didn’t read any official release about it)but I read on some gossip article a few minutes ago that when he gets stressed he gets a bit of a bleeding stomach, I guess they mean a bleeding ulcer? That could explain why he’s been hospitalized twice and doesn’t appear to look too sick. Apparently he’s a bit separated from other contestants in the house, has his own room, for less stress and isn’t making a big deal about it.

      But yeah, that’s just what I read. Hoping whatever it is, that he’s okay. He’s one of my favourites and definitely would not like to see him go, but at the same time don’t want him to risk his health.

      • Eolra says:

        Well, if the bleeding ulcer thing is true, then it IS pretty serious. Doing a quick online search, that condition CAN be fatal if left untreated. Seems like they’re keeping a close eye on it though if he’s back in the hospital, so he’s probably not dying or anything…hope it doesn’t get worse…

  17. Amanda says:

    Sooooo glad Ashton went home. And I agree with other comments, I would not have been upset to see the other two leave tonight as well.

    And can I just say, that the whole Lauren crying scene tonight felt really put on? Maybe they were real tears, but I don’t think they were there because she knew she did awful last night, I think they were more “Oh, God, please let me go through” tears. I don’t know if I necessarily believe she really thinks she did do all that bad. There’s some underlying attitude about her now that I’m really disliking. I was never sold on her, but at least she had this sweet personality. Or so I thought.

    They really should not have lowered the age limit anymore. Good examples of that Lauren and Haley! Yeah, Lauren isn’t too bad singing wise but as a contestant, I can’t take her very seriously. And Haley’s just awful.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I did not buy Lauren’s tears and apology. I don’t think she really did think she was bad.

      • Eolra says:

        She WASN’T really that bad though – at worst she was average, especially compared to some of the stinkers last night. I dunno, this competition is a lot of pressure for a 15/16 year old to take, and it’s been clear that Lauren doesn’t have a ton of emotional maturity…regardless of the sincerity of her apology, I imagine the tears were just genuine tears of pressure, disappointment, anxiety etc. She’s just a kid afterall.

        • CMJ says:

          She’s just a kid, and if she can’t handle the pressure of the competition she shouldn’t be there. She shouldn’t be given any more leeway than the oldest member of the mansion.

          I didn’t buy her comments either. I hope though that when she watched it she was embarrassed at her behavior.

          Note to Lauren’s mom: Lay off the hairspray! The biggest hair doesn’t win!

    • forrest says:

      singing is one thing, being prepared for the pressures of the competition is another. I don’t think Lauren has been able to give a coherent answer to Ryan since hitting the big stage. It really shows she is unprepared to deal. IMHO.

  18. Snsetblaze says:

    Watching the scenes in the mansion, I wondered why are they sharing one big bedroom (for each gender)? Wouldn’t a mansion have enough bedrooms? And when idols aren’t there, was that room really a bedroom?

    • Maybelle says:

      I was wondering about that too Snsetblaze. I remember in Season 8 they had a mansion to live in but each person had a room or a roommate not one big room. Wonder why they are doing this? I do remember the lucky SOB’s get a Chef. Lucky lil ones.

  19. Justin K says:


    Lauren is starting to get on my nerves- They are the judges not somebody who you would have a sleep over with and braid their hair- They didn’t rip her to shreds yet she acted like it was the end of the world- apologizing- it wasn’t that bad. You’re gonna have to stop being a drama queen.

    Poor Ashton- America just doesn’t like you. ha.

    I thought the right person went home.

    Still wondering why Thia got there- She looks pissed off or scared crapless every time the camera pans to her. No “it” factor.

    Haley did seem put off- I didn’t like her attitude- but I thought that she didn’t deserve to be in the bottom 3- her performance (vocals) were stellar last night.

    Adam Lamber looked like a hot used mess of a trainwreck with too much makeup on. Looked like a wax figure.

    • Random but Honest! says:

      WOW! Nastyness @ Its MAX! Grow up! Don’t hate on people.

    • anon says:

      Don’t know what you were watching! Adam didn’t have much makeup on at all. And how was he a trainwreck? His performance was stellar and he seemed genuinely glad to be there. Why so nasty?

    • hmm says:

      as for their personas? the ones you are complaining about are the younger contestants. they dont know how to act. they dont have developed personalities and what little they have, they are scared to show bc they can’t handle mean comments from people like you. it’s one reason why i think having these kids on is a bad idea. competition shows are best when they are polarizing and not a big circle jerk. but when you have 15 year olds everyone wants it to be just that.

  20. Leo says:

    A wildcard always goes first. Remember that 16yo Disney wildcard who stole Jesse Langseths spot? Yeah, I dont know her name either. Sadly, Miss Jones will now be forgotten long before Rachel Zevita. Take that Randy Jackson.

    • Eolra says:

      Her name was Jasmine (and no I didn’t have to look that up, I’m just enough of an Idol nerd). :P

      • Leo says:

        I did think it was Jasmine, but then I thought of Jasmine Trias and her 3rd place finish, and then I thought of Thia Megia outlasting 10 other contestants, and then I felt as sick as Casey Abrams.

  21. amy.. says:

    Thia is very hard to read…shy, bored, observant, abrasive, snobbish, dumb. I have no idea. She just stares and stares.
    Lauren is becoming an fragile little thing/nightmare. Take your pick, but she one step closer to being like the girl that got married in Vegas.
    Watching Karen’s reactions tonight made me like her more. I hope she sings well next week.
    Haley is not winning hearts with her reactions tonight.
    Wow, I could of listened to that girl on the piano thru the whole song. She was beautiful to listen to. Too bad P. Diddy stepped in.

    • Jenn says:

      Do you know who theat piano player is? I have been looking all over on the internet and cant figure it out!


  22. CMJ says:

    I really thought Karen would be saying Adios. But, I’m not disappointed by Ashthon’s ouster. Frankly, I would have been happy with the result regardless of who got sent home.

  23. Michelle says:

    I can’t believe no one talked about the P Diddy Pufff Daddy Jennifer Lopez relationship and the whole gun deal from what, 10 years ago? Oh the irony.

    • darcy's evil twn says:

      hey Michelle, glad you mentioned that. I had just been thinking about it. Weren’t they involved in some sort of nightclub shooting? P Diddy Puff Daddy -whatever his name is was charged with some sort of federal gun charge – I think his gun may have been unregistered, and then didn’t he try to pay a bouncer, or his driver, to say his gun was theirs? Then, just before he goes to trial, J-Lo breaks up with him and marries her personal trainer? Or was it her choreographer? That’s probably been ten years ago.

  24. Linda says:

    I felt sorry for the kids tonight as the voting results were given so awkwardly! It sounded like someone was staying when they weren’t, and another sounded like they were out when they were safe. It plays havoc with their emotions while the producers are trying to make dramatic television. I don’t care about drama…I wish they’d just give it to them straight and not be so mean even though I’m sure it’s not intentional.

  25. Joe says:

    Come on. You’re all smarter than this aren’t you? Lauren’s mea culpa was completely staged to try to get sympathy for her. She wasn’t that bad last night, but the Producers realized she visibly couldn’t handle any criticism and that the backlash was coming.
    Tonight was an attempt to win her back fans. I’m sure it worked since America is a sucker for tears. I think the tears were “sort of” real but I think they were “sort of” real because the Producers scolded her and told her she’s going to blow it if she acts like she did last night when getting judged. The votes must have been disturbingly low for her in order for the Producers to make her apologize. Same for Jacob.
    As for the “shocking” elimination, I think it hit Ashthon tonight that she blew it. In all honesty, she shouldn’t have made the top 13. The votes showed it. Both Kendra, Lauren T. and Zevita would have filled that spot with more singing talent.
    Ashthon isn’t going to have a career in music, but hopefully she made contacts and can get some acting opportunities. She’s gorgeous, but unless a music producer is in love with her look and willing to do some studio magic to help her sound good, her singing prospects are slim. That said, I think Simon would have loved her and tried to push her through.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      “That said, I think Simon would have loved her and tried to push her through.”

      Made me laugh. :-)

  26. Barbara says:

    Maybe I am wrong but I thought that whenever a guest singer, in tonight’s case, Adam Lambert, the judges always stood up for them at the end of their song. They did for the other guest, but not for Adam.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but since it was always done (I think) in passed seasons, and even with the other guest performer, I felt it was rude for the judges not to stand up after his performance. Did anyone else notice this?

    • Cath says:

      Yes. I noticed that as well. Perhaps they were completely transfixed by somebody who could actually sing after the disaster of the Top 13 performances?

    • Sunni says:

      Yes, I had just commented on that, asking if anyone else thought that the judges were kind of rude/cold to Adam. Jennifer rarely is without a smile and yet she and Steven just stared at him sternly until Adam, total sweetheart that he is, tried to tease her and get her to respond with the comment about teaching him the dance. But, yes, totally wierd response to his performance we thought.

      • maryann says:

        Yeah, i noticed too that JLo and Tyler were not too demonstrative in their appreciation for Adam’s performance. Hmmm, could it be that they were transfixed by Adam’s performance since that was the first time they saw Adam on stage? Or they were sizing up Adam because they have heard a lot about his spectacular performances on Season 8? Or they couldn’t take in why they were so much screaming in the audience for Adam, since they were also big stars…and thus couldn’t take it that a former contestant could have so many loyal fans? Or they just want to push their own batch of Season 10 and would not show their emotions for somebody not in their Season 10 group? Whatever reason, I did not like Jennifer and Steven’s reaction to Adam.

  27. Sophie says:

    Congratulations America! You got it right. So glad Randy’s wasted wild card got kicked to the curb.

  28. Cath says:

    I feel that Lauren’s reaction to the criticism she received can be chalked up to being so talented, so young and probably never hearing somebody tell her she could have done better. She was clearly shocked. I imagine she’s also kind of spoiled which would explain the pouty face which probably gets her all kinds of things. Aside from Scotty, I don’t think any of these young ‘uns have the maturity to handle the stress of this show, let alone the criticism and rejection. Case in point? Haley’s sour puss tonight. Another example of somebody who has probably never been told she needs to do better. They’re probably the best in their circle of friends or school but now they are little fish in a big, old AI sea.

  29. James says:

    If you make it to the top 12 / 13 your will be in the finale…if you make it to the top 10 your in the tour

    anyways thank GAWD America picked the right person to go in Ashton! What a waste of a wildcard spot…

  30. GingerSnap says:

    Right person went home – yes.
    Right bottom 3 – not so much.
    Didn’t expect to see Haley there, but I guess America didn’t like the yodeling any better than I did. I had her performance as bottom 3, but felt she had some fans. Guess not as many as thought.

    As far as the Lauren A drama, I’m over that. She’s gonna fade away in a matter of weeks. Her parents should have made her wait a couple of years before taking on the pressure cooker of Idol. Let’s hope AI changes things next year and raises the age limit.

  31. ohbabs says:

    any of three could have gone. although i like looking at ashton better than the other two girls. i am thrilled naima survived. she is the one to watch and the reason i will be tuning in, unless Adam Lambert returns.

  32. nofeelingatall says:

    America got it right with the bottom three tonight. Although they all have pretty voices, they all lacked emotion and passion in their delivery. Hayley’s performance was mediocre nothing too thrilling. Karen, I get it loves Selena, but she lacks Selena’s passion. Ashton just didn’t connect, as a matter of fact none of them connected with the audience. Contestants to be a successful singer takes more than a great voice. Listen to the greats like Luther, Whitney, Patty, Sir Elton, they don’t just sing songs, they tell stories that captivate. Pia vocally was great, but again a story wasn’t told. Pia you could go far in the competition but you need to bring us in more, show more emotion, feel the song your singing and make us at home feel it too.
    All in all the right person went home tonight. Guys did a great job and they are still in it.

  33. Jason S says:

    Not only should haley not have been in the bottom three but I would argue her performance on Wednesday as one of the top three along with James and Casey. Those were the only three that didn’t have pitch issues and showed real personalities. American Idol voters (sex crazed chubby housewives and boy crazy tween girls) will never vote for a girl as sexy and talented as Haley. But in My opinion since Rachel gotr prematurely thrown to the curb she is the most consistent (Lauren is all over the place) and still entertaing (Pia is so boring) of the girls. The Finals will be Casey and James though.

    • GingerSnap says:

      For all the passionate followers Haley has, I would have thought she wouldn’t be in the bottom 3. Her fans may be passionate, but there aren’t very many of you.
      Next week, if you want to keep Haley around, pull out your cell phone and VOTE.
      She wasn’t on my list of contestants I wanted to vote for. She’s gonna have to WOW me next week to get me there.

    • just saying... says:

      hey, pedophile. haley is a kid. its kinda wrong for you to be calling her sexy. she has a voice on her, but she’s a bad performer and picks bad songs- probably due to the fact that she’s an immature KID. and no i’m not a chubby housewife or a tween. (but then again, i don’t vote for this crap, either. i think competition shows should be judged by people that actually know what they are talking about, not the public. i like competition shows, not popularity contests.

  34. says:

    The judges should not have put Ashton in the top 13 in the first place. Kendra would have been a much better choice to make the top 13.

  35. maryann says:

    Yes, I did not like Jennifer and Steven’s reaction to Adam’s performance. Maybe they did not want to totally appreciate Adam because Adam belonged to another Season and wanted one of their contestants to shine, and not Adam…they are pushing for James because I am pretty sure they have heard comments about how Adam set the bar so high for others to follow. And maybe they didn’t want that. Or they couldn’t take that Adam has so many screaming fans in the audience, right?

  36. pretti girl swagg says:

    i personally think ashton jus chose the wrong song and she shouldnt have song the same song for eliminations… but i do think she deserve to be in the top 13…but that’s just mii opinion and i believe that she will be signed one day…because she is a force to be recken with..please believe me

  37. Jackie says:

    I also am still bitter about kendra getting sent home..i woulda voted her thru till the end if she was still there