PaleyFest '11: Eight Surprising Spoilers From the Parks and Recreation Panel

It was Parks and Recreation‘s turn to take the PaleyFest stage Wednesday night and, as expected, it was filled with lots of laughs, scoop and even some Ron Swanson sexual innuendo.

Our very own Michael Ausiello was on hand to moderate the festivities and he got to the bottom of eight spoilery Pawnee plot-points — plus the real deal with all that Rob Lowe/Charlie Sheen talk.

First thing’s first: Showrunner Mike Schur laughed off baseless rumors that Lowe would be leaving Parks for Two and a Half Men. Initially, he teased that several other Pawnee stars were joining new shows too, Hawaii Five-0 included, but later in the program Schur explained that Lowe — who had to skip the panel because he was on the East Coast looking at colleges with his children — is a full-time castmember and will remain such for many years to come.

Now onto the real Parks and Recreation scoop:

Leslie Knope, Superstar | When the upcoming Harvest Festival proves to me a major success, Leslie Knope becomes the local celeb she’d always hoped to be. Schur said that after Parks‘ seventh episode, we’ll get to see what happens when someone’s level of importance is raised in politics — Translation: Leslie is now a hot commodity  and no longer a Pawnee wannabe. Bonus scoop: When the day comes that we finally meet the mayor of Pawnee, Amy Poehler hopes he’ll be played by Bill Murray.

Benslie’s Slow Start | In addition to her newfound fame, Leslie will finally start to break ground in her little romance with Ben (Adam Scott). Schur shares that after the festival madness dies down, Leslie starts to pick up on the feelings Ben may have for her, and vice versa. Poehler and the Parks cast would still love to see Louis C.K.’s Officer Dave return, but that’s not in the cards just yet.

Tom Haverford Finds Success | For those hoping Aziz Ansari’s lovable, partial-womanizer finds success in one of his many entrepreneurial ventures, you’re not alone. “Eventually one of Tom’s inventions will hit — in Season 9!” joked Schur. But there’s still more awesomeness ahead, particularly Tom’s journey into producing a dating show (Know Your Boo) and developing a new beverage (Snake Juice).

Ron Swanson’s Sexy Talk | When Nick Offerman’s real-life wife Megan Mullally heads back to Pawnee as Ron’s evil ex-Tammy, what might we see? “Full penetration,” Offerman deadpanned. “There’s only so much foreplay a fella can take.” The mustached man also offered a glimpse into what might be the happiest marriage in town, calling Mullally a “comedic genius” and gushing about the days he’d spend on the Will & Grace set wanting to work with his wife “when I’m all grown up.”

Andy & April are Sorta Sweethearts | These two lovebirds are just “a couple of young people” trying to make their way, says Schur. Look for an extra-special moment between the two in “Harvest Festival,” but from there on out, Andy (Chris Pratt) and April (Aubrey Plaza) are “on a roller coaster.” Also along for the ride in upcoming episodes are all five of Andy’s brothers and April’s equally non-emotive sister.

Ann Perkins Is a Slut | Poehler’s words, not ours. Following her breakup with Chris (Rob Lowe), Rashida Jones says that dating is “not really her main focus right now. Amy’s right — she is kind of a slut.” Schur also revealed that Ann will finally loosen up and just have some fun.

Renewal, Schmenewal | Parks and Recreation has yet to receive a fourth season pickup, but Poehler said it simply and best: “I think this is the beginning of us being around for a long time.”

Michael Ausiello’s Stellar Mod-Job | Huge kudos, thumbs up, hugs, bravos, cheers and congrats to TVLine’s fearless leader Michael Ausiello for a moderating-job well done. It was a mutual lovefest onstage between Ausiello and the Parks cast, which made for a fun, easygoing PaleyFest panel. And through it all our guy was still able to do what he does best — get the scoop!

Are you pumped about what Parks and Recreation has in store later this season and beyond? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. shanemd says:

    My favourite comedy on TV at the moment. Am loving the season so far and would be very happy to see it return for a fourth season.

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for all the scoop! It is my favorite comedy too. The whole show and (particularly Ron Swanson) is brilliant. I sincerely hope it is around for many seasons.

  3. Lauren says:

    I really have to agree. I never thought that I would say that after seeing an old episode and deciding to skip it. After deciding to give it another shot with season three, I have to say it definitely gets the Most Improved award for any show. It is now my most anticipated show each week (Along with Vampire Diaries) and has beaten Community as best comedy. Loving the Leslie/Ben storyline so far, and I’m glad that Rob Lowe will be around for seasons to come, I have never liked him in anything, and thought that I hated him, but really I’ve just hated the characters and shows he’s been on (coughBrothersandSisterscough).

    • Jules says:

      Wow, this was a long time ago, but I just have to ask… Have you ever seen The West Wing? Because it sort of confuses and horrifies me that anyone could hate Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn D:

  4. Lou says:

    Best comedy on TV right now! Thanks for all the scoop, roll on S4.

  5. Amanda says:

    It’s my favorite comedy on ar!
    First season was so boring I had to quit, but like some others here I gave a try in season 2 and booom, what a improve!

    I like all caracters, not Ann so much, she need to become more interesting, really.

  6. Iggi says:

    I really think Parks and Rec is one of the best TV shows currently airing… it started off a little bit weak but has bloomed into this amazingly entertaining weekly addiction for the fans.

    Congrats to the writers for making GOVERMENT ISSUES of a very small department on a very small town and it’s POLITICS something incredibly intresting!

  7. Jared says:

    The best comedy on TV. Period! If they don’t renew it, I will forever give up on NBC.

  8. Sharada says:

    Community is def. the best and most clever comedy on air right now, but Parks takes a close second. I cannot wait for this mini hiatus to be over!

    • RP says:

      Agree 1000%. I love Community just a little bit more because I care about the characters a bit more, but Parks & Rec is absolutely fantastic. I honestly don’t know why both shows aren’t watched by 10 million people per week!

      • Mike says:

        Totally agreed. I would say, and I don’t just throw this word around at leisure, it is an absolute travesty that the two smartest comedies are among the lowest rated comedies on network television.

  9. Kristen says:

    Parks & Rec and 30 Rock are the two best comedies on TV right now. Actually I may give the edge to Parks at the moment (and that’s a huge deal considering how big a fan of 30 Rock I am!)

  10. AndyLuvr says:

    Great news from PaleyFest. Hands down, PARKS AND RECREATION is the best show on network TV right now. I too would love to see Louis C.K. come back. And Justin Theroux. Also Paul Schneider with all of them along with Ben competing for Leslie!

  11. JaySin420 says:

    I love this show, I can’t even imagine a more perfect mayor than Bill Murray lol that would be amazing.