Pilot Scoop! Kristin Kreuk Enters 17th Precinct

Every couple of days or so, Ronald D. Moore’s 17th Precinct pilot for NBC seems to look even better and better. And the latest add to the supernatural-tinged drama’s cast is Smallville alumna Kristin Kreuk, TVLine has learned.

Kreuk will guest-star in the pilot as Susan Longstreet, the wife of Jamie Bamber‘s crime scene expert. Should the Peacock pick up the series, the role has the potential to go recurring.

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Set in the fictional town of Excelsior, where magic and supernatural elements rule over science, 17th Precinct revolves around the lawmen at the local cop shop. In addition to Bamber, the cast features two other Battlestar Galactica regulars: James Callis (playing a homicide detective) and Tricia Helfer (as Morgana the necromancer aka the magical equivalent of a coroner).

Precinct boss Moore, of course, executive-produced Battlestar (as well as its single-season spin-off, Caprica).

The 17th Precinct cast also includes Stockard Channing (The West Wing) and Matt Long (Jack & Bobby).

Exclusive: Allison Mack To Return for Smallville Series Finale

Since wrapping her Smallville run (as Lana Lang), Kreuk has fronted the big screen’s Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, costarred in the miniseries Ben Hur, and positively sparkled during a multi-episode run on Chuck.

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  1. John says:

    Despite the controversy of her being YET ANOTHER obstacle to Chuck/Sarah, I found her delightful and very likable on Chuck. Can’t wait to see her on this new show, which nudges up further into “MUST WATCH” level every time I hear more news.

  2. Kathryn says:

    If this pilot doesn’t go to series it will be a travesty. I seriously CAN NOT wait to see this show!

    • Carrie says:

      ITA. Seriously, I can see NBC screwing this up by passing over the pilot. I figure as long as it can make it to series its chances must be better than on another network. I mean, their standards are still pretty low over at NBC where anything over 6 million viewers is a hit (and a rarity).

  3. Laura says:

    Please no.

  4. DryedMangoez says:

    Great cast, all awesome and capable actors. This is probably a shoo-in for pick-up at NBC.

  5. ck says:

    Not sure if she’s much of an actress, but no doubt she is devastatingly beautiful.

  6. Troy says:

    Dont know who this actress is but hearing Calis and Bamber together in a show I cant wait, a BSG reunion! I am psyching out right now.

  7. XK says:

    I thought she was a truly horrible actress during her time on Smallville, but quite liked her role on Chuck. Go figure. Not wild about this show’s cast, (I did not like BSG), but I’ll watch the pilot at least!

  8. Michael says:

    She should go back to Chuck :D

  9. Carrie says:

    Way to go Kristin! Grew to like her on Smallville (Evil Lana was clearly when she had the most fun) and her role as Hannah on Chuck was adorable.

  10. Mary says:

    I never cared for the character Kristin played on Smallville but I always thought she was a lovely, sweet person and I wish her the best in her future career.

    I hope we see Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman and Justin Hartley attached to projects soon. (Know Allison is doing stage work.) The whole cast of Smallvile charming and always has been. Wishing them all luck when the series is over.

    • Jem says:

      I would die happy if either Tom Welling or Erica Durance were to guest star on Chuck. Well I would die happy if one does it, come back to life and die again if the other does. I love them both and well, Chuck.

  11. BenBo says:

    Not really a fan of her stuff. Although… she pulled of “normal” lana pretty well. It was just the whole ninja-lex jr.-lana i hated. Not entirely sure that’s her fault…. but she is smokin’. I approve i think?

  12. John Berggren says:

    Oh god no. She was the worst thing about Smallville. My interest for this project is about to go off a cliff. Get Allison Mack instead.

  13. ggny says:

    lolol she cant even get a series regular role in a pilot? she has to settle for guest star in the pilot that might never make it to air and if it does she MIGHT be recurring…lolololol

    • Kris says:

      I’m sorry what was the last pilot you starred in? I’m sure it was remarkably successful.

    • John says:

      It’s more likely that she didn’t want to make a series commitment this season. Or this particular role drew her more than other things she had been offered.

  14. carrie says:

    This is getting cooler by the minute. I don’t even care what this is about, BSG, Smallville, I’m IN.

  15. GeekGirl13 says:

    NOOOOOO! Well he… Sigh. I have been quietly looking forward to this show, but I’ve never been able to watch KK in anything. There’s just something about the actress that makes her unwatchable to me. Sooo sad. I’ll still give it a shot. Who knows, maybe Moore and her costars can change my mind, like the folks over at White Collar have done for Tiffani Thiessen.

  16. Kris says:

    LOVE KK! She is an awesome actress and is gorgeous as hell.

  17. Mayela says:

    I love this whole cast. I hope it gets picked up.

  18. Carrie says:

    Yeah! Love her and loved Clark and Lana together. Can’t wait to see her with Jamie Bamber. Awesome!

  19. Steven says:

    Given the names attached to the pilot I would be VERY surprised if it didn’t get picked up.

  20. TvTroz says:

    Noooo… It took us 7 seasons to get rid of her in Smallville. She’s not a bad actress or anything, and she’s pretty and all but… Something… annoying!!!!!!! about her. I’m not alone in this, am I, people??

    • John Berggren says:

      Not alone. But you are wrong about one thing. She is a bad actress.

    • GeekGirl13 says:

      Definitely not alone in this!

    • Adam says:

      Yes, I agree – she IS annoying. I think it’s a Eurasian thing. I noticed that Eurasians tend to have this effect of annoying people. Maggie Q is also annoying, perhaps even more so. Don’t say it’s jealousy (*eye roll*) because not everybody is fond of quirky, odd looks. I think it’s the “Eurasian-superiority” complex many of them have that creates an off-putting auro of arrogance around them . . . IMHO

  21. andy says:

    kristin is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses out there…obviously everyone is entitled to have their opinions, but honestly kristin is not a bad actress…the people involved with writing, directing, editing, and other crew do influence the episodes any actor or actress is in for television or movies…so just because a character may not be liked does not warrant strongly disliking the actor or actress who portrays the character

    • GeekGirl13 says:

      That’s just it, though I can’t explain what it is about her that puts me off (and I don’t think it’s necessarily her acting ability or lack thereof) there is just something about KK that puts me off. I actually stopped watching Smallville because of it and anything else she’s been in that I’ve tried to watch I’ve ended up changing the channel. Just as their are some actors I like no matter how bad the material/character/performance, this is an actress I can’t seem to like no matter how good the material/character/performance.

      • GeekGirl13 says:

        I meant to say ….some actors/actresses I like….

      • Hope7 says:

        you know for someone who hates or dislikes this actress, you sure have a big part of your life evolve around her!

        are you sure you hate her that much? and if so, why the hell are you making it your life mission to ruin anything beautiful for her and her fans? you dont like her, you keep it to yourself, I am sure the world is not hanging over any hate word that you or her haters would like to spew, as the case to other actors and female actors!

      • hopefloats says:

        you know for someone who seems to hate the female actress, you surely are spending alot of time just posting about her news!

        if you hate her, you simply dont post. I am sure her fans and her readers dont care much about your hate and venom towards her!

        you dont like her, you simply dont watch her and there is no need to talk bad about her, if you cant contribute with good stuff, just dont contribute period, it will only make YOU look bad. just sayin!

  22. SJ says:

    KK haters go DIAF no one cares what you think.

  23. dee123 says:

    Please no! she’s a pretty face but can’t act for ****.

  24. Magnus says:

    In the words of charlie sheen #WINNING!
    I like Kreuk hella lot.This is super!!!!

  25. Mikos says:

    How are this show and Grimm going to co-exist on the same network without confusing the bejeezus out of people???

  26. ZmaXcharmvill3 says:

    This is great news, i will definitely watch this show

    Kristen is a great actress.
    for those who thought she did bad in Smallville are wrong
    she did great with the stroylines she was given.
    People tend to explain their dislike for a character due the actor’s lack of talent, which is usually not the case, especially in this situation with Kristen/Lana.
    Kristen is an awesome actress and seems like a real down to earth person…and of course, incredibly beautiful.

    best of luck to her.

  27. Dan says:

    Kristen is beautiful and I don’t think shes a bad actress just cause I hated Lana in Smallville.
    People have already mentioned her on Chuck and I thought she made a good job there. If anything her role made me hate Chuck more then her.
    And speaking of Chuck… At least be thankful it’s Kristen they want for this show and not Brandon “I have only one face for every emotion” Routh. Now HE is a bad actor!

  28. Craig says:

    Smallville fans can just go f**k off.Kreuk > Smallvile

  29. Melanie says:

    I dont think Kristin is a good actress but I wish her the best of luck. I hope Allison Mack gets on a show and is regular, she’s awesome I really need to see her again, miss her so much.

  30. Annie says:

    Can’t say I’m a fan. Had no problem with her character on Smallville for the first few seasons, but it got to the point where every time she appeared onscreen I wanted to toss my TV Set out the window. I TRIED to give her the benefit of the doubt in other projects but I think, when it comes down to it, she’s just too much sugary sweetness for me. She’s definitely better when she’s badass, but when it comes to playing anything else…

    The BSG alumni are enough of an attraction to draw me into 17th Precinct, but seriously – they would need to be giving KK some GREAT material to work with in order to persuade me not to consider anything she’s in an automatic pass. JMO.

  31. sohappy says:

    Congrats to Kristin for staying away from Smallville. She’s so much better than this ****! All the best Kristin & fingers crossed for this new series if ever the pilot is picked up.:)

  32. charlie says:

    Hush Haters,This isn`t Smallville article.!!!!!
    Kristin is <3

  33. wayne says:

    KK please back on chuck.I miss nerd herd Hannah :(

  34. Derek says:

    I think KK gets a bad rap for her acting by some. Let’s face facts I hated Lana as much as the next person, but I don’t blame KK’s acting for the problems with the character. I liked her in Chuck and she will always be Fiona to me. I personally think her agent would be smarter trying to get her into comedy myself.

  35. Julie says:

    Hopefully the show will do well and she becomes a regular. I liked her on Smallville (even though I quit after Season 5) and I loved her on Chuck. She and Jamie Bamber will be a very hot couple.

  36. abba says:

    love KK, she’s an amazing actress, personally I loved her Lana Lang role

  37. chuckme says:

    get back on our show,chuck.You and Zac were sparkling together.

  38. michelle says:

    I am so gonna watch this if it get picked up! Love Kristin Kreuk!

  39. aloefera says:

    For all Lana Lang’s haters…Get over it! Many people LOVE Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang. The fact that many people support KK all these years is mostly due to her role in Smallville. It’s just Lana Lang’s lovers are a lot less loud-mouthed than her haters.

    Anyway…I’m so EXCITED that KK will likely be in a new show. I hope this show will get picked up. KK has been busy lately with some new projects. Glad to know she’s still doing other great things. She said it herself that now she just wants to take minor roles as she doesn’t really want to spend most of her time doing shooting. KK is an amazing actress and she CAN ACT!!!

  40. lanalangrocks says:

    I am really weirded out by the amount of hate to Kristin Kreuk and her role as Lana Lang, I know it is out of topic, but really, who did not from the above posters???

    I adored her as Lana Lang, and like “aloefera” said, just because I am not loud mouth about it, does not mean that it is a common fact that Lana Lang is the most hated character in SV, because she definitely is not! the show sustained for eight years when she was the leading lady,,, and guess who couldnt maintain it for more than two years when a certain character became the suddenly leading lady???

    this only shows, that the silent viewers who are less than loud like the online haters truly love Lana Lang and Kristin’s outstanding performance tht guaranteed her character an eight years of powerful ongoing and amazing job!

    as for the new show,,, she only guest stars in it, and to me that is enough to tune in and watch it,,, Kristin has a tendency to make the guy next to her look good and hot and just incredible,,, LOOL!

    I KNOW if the show picked up, she will be great enough to ensure her maybe more than one episode!

    gooooo KK!

    and haters,,, please dont uglify something beautiful and please get a life!

  41. Tony Bouchard says:

    I will watch the 17th Precinct because of Kristin Kreuk. I liked her in smallville and chuck.

  42. hmmm how about this …. you guys are bashing a very good person who can definitely act …plays the roles as are given. the space for expression is stifled by the director (the whole do it my way syndrome)
    if you ever want to see her depth watch ***PARTITION*** WHERE her talents shine in a more open expressionist forum…if the brainless people at nbc do this right 17th-p will kind of epic (nerdsrejoice)!!