CSI: NY Video Exclusive: Danny and Lindsay and Lucy, Oh My!

Hmm, are there any fans of CSI: NY lovebirds Danny and Lindsay out there? Oh wait, there are about a zillion of you — and that is why I’m thrilled to deliver this exclusive sneak peek of this Friday’s Messer-centric episode of the CBS drama. And get extra-excited because it also involves little Lucy.

To be clear, Lucy doesn’t put in an appearance during the jaw-dropping hour, but she is mentioned — a lot — as the couple wage an adorable battle over their daughter’s future.

As TVLine first reported, this Friday’s CSI: NY (CBS, 9/8c) guest-stars Life Unexpected‘s Austin Butler and focuses on a sexually charged murder at a ritzy Manhattan prep school. Of course, the case leads the Messers to think about where Lucy will receive her education.

“We are in scenes together. We walk down a hallway together. We mention Lucy’s name together,” a playful Anna Belkap laughs, knowing full-well the power of the Danny/Lindsay fandom.

Elaborating on the storyline, Carmine Giovinazzo says, “We’re at a private school and Lindsay’s thinking it’s a good place for Lucy. But Danny says she’s not going to a school like this — I want her in a good ol’ fashioned public school.”

How do things net out? Take a peek at the clip below, then read on:

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“Somebody winds up dead at the school, so that helps Danny win that decision,” Giovinazzo reveals.

Fortunately for CSI: NY fans, the scene above isn’t even the best one. Danny and Lindsay will actually have to, um, recreate one of the sexy acts committed at the crime scene, and as Belknap puts it, “It’s pornish.”

Has your Danny/Lindsay love grown since watching our sneak peek? Are you ready for Friday’s episode?

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  1. Rush says:

    A better lead question to the article would be, “Are there any CSI:NY fans out there?”

    • Ana says:

      In my opinion, it’s the best CSI. Why? Simply because of the actors.
      Always looking forward to Danny-Lindsay storylines, so I’ll make sure to catch this episode.

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        Agreed. CSI:NY is the only one I watch any more.

        • Stacie says:

          Same here. Although with Anthony Zuiker writing for the original again, I’ve become more interested in it. But still my heart/loyalties lay with NY!

          • Jess says:

            The first one I got into was CSI: Miami, now I can’t stand it. Once I tried CSI: NY I never went back. ;)

          • Lauren says:

            Oh, I’d love for Zuiker to come back to New York for awhile. he had such a strong grasp on who the characters were and brought out so much of their personalities while they were working. You didn’t need a centric arc to appreciate the value of every character in every episode. I’m excited for this Danny/Lindsay centric episode, but I want to get back to enjoying all the characters every week. Its been too long since Danny and Lindsay have been let lose together, and they’re the reason I started watching and the reason I stop to watch now.

    • Sally says:

      Of course there are. More than CSI: Miami fans, I’d bet.

    • Brick says:

      That’s dumb Rush. CSI: NY won’t last 7 seasons without the fans.

    • Lynn says:

      CSI NY is the only one I watch now too. Love the Danny centric episodes although I always wish they gave him more meat to work with. Hope this one does. Love Sela – a much better real world detective than Melina’s variation on Dr. Syd…

  2. Jess says:

    Hey, we fans are out there and here! I adore Danny/Lindsay!!

    They are so cute and funny.

    Thanks Megs, for not forgetting that there are CSI: NY and Danny/Lindsay fans wanting entertainment site to cover the show. :)

  3. jycanucks says:

    Oh thank you very much for this exclusive! Missed this interaction between Danny and Lindsay so much! Thanks again!

  4. CD says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it! you’re the best Meg!

  5. Rhylee says:

    I agree. There are heaps of NY fans out there.

    Thanks Meg for the article and video. I love Danny and Lindsay. Cant wait to see this episode.

    • Stacie says:

      There are heaps of fans out there loving Danny and Lindsay! This article is awesome! I’m looking forward to it too.

  6. DLsuperfan says:

    I love them both soo much (:

    we need more DL SCENES AND LUCY! :)

    Love Superfan xx

  7. Megan says:

    Um, totally a Danny/Lindsay fan and I adore you for bringing this sneak peak! From one Meg to another, THANK YOU! <3

  8. Laurzz says:

    Ahh, this is brilliant! I was going through some Danny/Lindsay withdrawals for a while there, but a Messer centric episode? Bring it on – another to add to my favourites if this scene is anything to go off!

    Thanks for this sneak peek! :)

  9. Allie says:

    This is so awesome!!! Thank you so very much!!! Love it!!!! Danny and Lindsay make CSI: NY so awesome. It’s been such a long season without this kind of banter. In fact, this is the kind of banter you see in the early reruns. Love it!! So excited for Friday!

  10. Stacie says:

    Thank you so much for the clip!!! “We are in scenes together. We walk down a hallway together. We mention Lucy’s name together” is officially my favorite quote of the week.

  11. Lisa says:

    Thank you so very much!! And yes, there are plenty of us DL fans out there, from all corners of the globe. The clip is greatly appreciated. I would love to see Lucy again, but a mention is just as nice. Gotta love DL’s bantering! And of course the nice little tidbits from Anna and Carmine. Again thank you so much Megan. You have made a lot of DL fans, including myself, very happy. Friday cannot come soon enough!

    • Stacie says:

      I think I’m just as satisfied with Lucy mentions as I am with actually seeing her. It’d be nice to see how much the little girl has grown up (or with TV magic, if she’s even the same little girl anymore), but it’s even better to just see them acknowledge they have a kid together. And now I’m reminded of Anna’s comment.. it’s like she knows we’ve been complaining of this!

    • Stacie says:

      I’m just as satisfied with a Lucy mention as I am if we’d actually seen her. Although, it would be nice to see how much she’s grown up since we last saw her (the season opener I think?), and to see (with the magic of television) if it’s even still the same little girl!

      Oh well, at least they acknowledged her and remembered they actually, you know, have a kid together. And now I’m reminded of Anna’s little sarcastic quote.. it’s like she just knows

  12. JoeyDC says:

    Hilarious article. I can’t state it often enough that there is absolutely ZERO chemistry between Danny and Lindsay or the actors for that matter. Carmine Giovinazzo is a brilliant actor whereas Anna Belknap contributes nothing but boredom to the show.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I have to agree. I’ve noticed lately that she’s become a very boring character.

    • Tara says:

      There are a lot of people who disagree with your opinion, and think that Anna and carmine have great chemistry. I happen to think Anna is an excellent actress and she’s had a couple great epsiode this season to prove that.

      But the fact that you would purposely seek out a Danny/Lindsay article and comment say a lot about what type of person you are.

    • Megan says:

      I happen to get more bored by Carmine whereas Anna always makes me tune in. So, HAH! I laugh at your statement.

      And I laugh at your stupidity, too. You need to get your eyes checked.

    • JoeyDC says:

      The character Lindsay doesn’t convince me or seems appealing the way she was written. I found it uninteresting how she acted out the scene in the library. She should have flirted more playfully. Like when he moved towards her, she was leaning back. Anna could have pulled him closer, as you would naturally do with your partner in an empty room, full of books no matter if at work or not.

      • Hannah says:

        @JoeyDC. Why are you blaming Anna? Don’t the actors take direction from a director?

        And lets be honest, if they had have been all over each other, you and others would be complaining how unprofessional they were being at work.

        • JoeyDC says:

          The director can only do so much and is in charge of the big picture behind the cameras. It’s the actors job to portray their roles convincingly and they are handed out scripts with their lines. It doesn’t tell them how to act out a scene, it’s their own interpretation of their characters in a certain moment. For example, the introduction of the character Lindsay in “Zooyork” was good especially when she knocked down a guy later on. I thought that was enjoyable as it showed a part of the character Lindsay. The D/L pairing made both characters and their distinctive traits disappear.

          • Ava B. says:

            I can see your reasoning with the way the DL are portrayed in this scene, JoeyDC, and the one later with the butt print. I wish that the writers and actors could show that Danny and Lindsay are still attracted to each other. Sadly the only thing that brings these two together nowadays is Lucy. No flirting with each other, Danny seems to have a stick up his butt now that he is a father. As for Lindsay, the writers stopped writing for her character at the start of season four.

            …and before anyone does ‘yell’ at me, I’m a DL fan. Have been ever since season two, I’ve only a different view of how strong a couple they could be. I love seeing them involved in solving crimes and wish we could see them romantically, instead of being Mom and Dad all of the time. We missed that in season four, their days as a single couple. Why is it that CSI LV has Catherine in bed with Vartan making love and DL (the married couple) only get to banter about their kid?

          • Laurie says:

            I agree with you ava–though I like this scene and like that their characters are used, the idea that we’re supposed to know things happen off screen when there is no reference or tie on screen is a stupid now as it was in season 4. It’s confusing. besides, the D/L chemistry is on screen. and flack has gotten a lot of playful, romantic moments where as the first D/L romance we get in years is in a reconstruction of a crime scene. So all we have to wait for now, is Mac to be kidnapped again or Mac to be nearly killed again. That’s the excitement in New York, even though on the wall of the writers room it says something about young. Ah, young is Danny and Lindsay. Young is not Mac and Jo. The writers seem a bit confused.

            You want a sexy couple, then use Danny and Lindsay! This clip is the perfect example. This is the first chance we have to see them act like this in years!

  13. Sam says:

    Thanks for the scoop and the vid Meg.

    Joey DC. Whether there is chemistry or whether Anna Belknap is a bad actress is a matter of opinion. Just because you don’t see chemistry or think she cant act doesn’t mean that’s how everyone feels. So stop posting your opinions as if they are fact.

  14. Hannah says:

    Love, love, Danny and Lindsay. They make the show for me.
    Thanks for the info Meg. A lot of Danny/Lindsay fans really appreciate it.

    • Jayne says:

      The danny and lindsay moments are what got me hooked and why I love to watch! So hope this means there is more to come! :P Thanks again for the preview and interview!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the video Meg Love CSI:NY and has been a Danny/Lindsay fan since S2 and so glad to fianlly get a Lucy mention too.

  16. Julie says:

    Love Danny and Lindsay Cant wait to see this episode.Lindsay is a great actress!!To say there is no chemistry between them tells me you have TWO very bad eyes!!LMAO As a long time fan thank you for the info.megan

  17. Christina M says:

    Anything with the Messers is pure gold! I adore them and little Lucy! You bet your ass I’ll be tuning in!! – Christina

    • Jayne says:

      I can’t wait! This clip just shows how great they are as a team and how easy and natural it is for them to be a team, and a family. Love the banter. Simply adore them. :p

  18. Stacie says:

    Kind of random, but I love that Danny seemed to have shaved since the last episode.

    Again, thanks a heap for the clip of Danny and Lindsay!

  19. Jayne says:

    This banter is why I fell for the season 2 and three pairing/partnership of Danny and Lindsay. Love it :p So excited to see it on Friday (finally)! Thanks so much for posting the interview and clip!!

  20. Tasha says:

    So Team Messer!!! I love it! They are so cute… I miss these scenes between them! Thanks!!!!

  21. Juliab says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Danny and Lindsay are what sets CSI/NY apart from the other CSI shows. Yes, there are lots of us our here and around the world. Is it Friday yet?

  22. Melyia says:

    I don’t know if my love for Danny and Lindsay has grown, but I’m loving Meg and TvLine! lol. Thanks so much for posting. Love the article and clip and I’m looking forward to watching CSINY on Friday! Thanks so much!

  23. Ellen says:

    Thank you Megan for the awesooome article and video. Love watching Danny and Lindsay on the show, they are one of my fav. couple on tv. @JoeyDC- Anna Belknap is a good actress and she has a statue/trophy to prove it. Look it up and GROW UP!!!… I am sick and tired of you JoeyDC posting all over the web trashing Anna Belknap.

  24. Julie says:

    Its been a long time waiting for an episode like this… I miss all the Danny and Lindsay scenes and the two case episodes when Danny and Lindsay would work together. I’m going to love this episode (well I love all of them :P)simply because of D/L!! can’t wait!

  25. rhymes81 says:

    It sounds like us Messer fans out there are finally being rewarded for our patience all season long. Woo hoo! Thanks Meg for the article and the clip. It’s nice to see them bantering like this again… missed that for most of this year.

    While we are all allowed to have our opinions on the chemistry/skill of the actors, let’s do it in a constructive way, shall we? Personally I love the vibe between Carmine and Anna but if you’re not a Danny/Lindsay fan then you may not feel the same way. I think they both do a great job and have each had an episode this season to really shine… but it will be nice to see them working on that good old chemistry in an episode again.

    Can’t wait until Friday!

  26. ioanhoratio says:

    Thank you! This is awesome! We DL fans have been waiting all season for a decent episode and it seems like it is finally here. This is exactly what I have been waiting for in an episode, to see how the domestic life works into the professional life. Hearing them discuss Lucy as they discuss the ramifications of the case is awesome! It really gives a sense of roundness to the plot, an added depth that I have been desperate for.

    This pairing is the reason I started watching this show, and they are the reason I’ve stuck around during this “dry spell.” You’ve made this fan girl happy! Thanks again!

  27. Brina says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome article! And for the clip as well! Anna Belknap and Carmine Giovinazzo portray the relationship so wonderfully. Danny and Lindsay are such an adorable couple. They have an amazing chemistry. I’m happy to see a whole article about them! And you’re right, there are a zillion of people who love them! ;)

    • afrozenheart412 says:

      AH! Do my eyes deceive me? Lindsay out of the lab, and with Danny?! Oh I think I’m actually going to have to tune in this week, LOL! Now all I need is my blueberry muffins and I will be set. Thank you so much Brina, for giving me the links to the clips and this article! *hugs*

      The article was fun and its great to know that the actors are having fun with the material they are given. Thank you, Ms. Masters and CSI NY!

      • Jayne says:

        totally my favorite thing! I love Lindsay out of the lab, photographing, interviewing, doing her CSI thing. I have missed it so much!! So glad she’s out in the field! This is Lindsay at her best– playing with Danny while she does the CSI thing!

  28. Cindy says:

    Danny and Lindsay are the main reason I watch CsiNy. Thanks Meg for making a lot of Danny/Lindsay fans very happy.

  29. Leigh-Anne says:

    Thank you so must for the clip and article Meg. It feels like Christmas again with this unexpected gift. Roll on Friday!

    Of the 3 CSIs CSI:NY is my favourite and I never miss an episode. I still watch the odd CSI but stopped watching CSI:Miami a few seasons ago, one of the reasons was the amount of split screen stuff really drove me nuts. The team on CSI:NY are more than just a team, they are like family,Danny and Lindsay (and Lucy) is just the icing on the cake.

    Thanks again Meg, if I could I would hug you!

  30. Naazneen says:

    CSI NY is the only CSI i still catch occasionally – i dont watch any of them faithfully any longer. I always had a soft spot for Danny & Lindsay though, so its nice to see this clip. Might tune into Vegas soon cos i hear Lady Heather is back! WoohoO!

  31. Sasha says:

    CSI NY is so underated!

    Its the best one yet people say its boring…

    Its not…the aura of the CSIs have always been different from each other…

    I love NY the best and i can honestly say I’v been hooked to all 3 at one point or another but I dont watch the others anymore except this one.

    Although not as often as i should have since it’s on Fridays :(

    I am watching this Friday though

    I am a humungous D/L fan…LOVED the pariing since day one….

    EXCEPT for the brief period in season 4…(its pretty much blocked from my memory)

    I can’t wait for the MESSER-CENTRIC episode!!!!

    EEEEEEE!!!! (its the little fan girl in me)

  32. tiniey hasbi says:

    Thank you so much for the clip and article. Love Danny and Lindsay. i miss seeing Lucy again:( But with lots of Lucy mention, it will makes me happy too.

  33. Laurie says:

    Thank you for the interview and the clip. I’m so excited for this episode. I wish we didn’t have to wait for a singular Messer centric episode. We used to get strong Danny/Lindsay several times or more during the season (like we used to get strong Adam, Hawkes and Flack and everyone) with two case episodes. I so hope they’ll go back to two case episodes, so we can enjoy the banter more than once every few seasons, because I LOVE this! This is so much better than an arc or a personal story. This is what makes Danny and Lindsay so very awesome, just them being them. And can I tell you how much I love Anna? In the interview and as Lindsay. She is just awesome! Thanks again, so much, for the interview and the clip!

  34. IPF says:

    NY is by far the best CSI on right now. Original CSI is very slow and the story lines are regularly too far fetched. Miami was pretty weak to begin with and then for whatever reason the first 6 episodes or so this year were pre-empted without warning (for reasons I still can’t figure out -first I thought football but it never ran over time) so I bailed until repeats because I missed so much.

    Unfortunately the only thing I dislike about NY is Lindsay. She was so contrived as a character from the get go. She doesn’t fit with Danny as a couple and something about the actress is inherently annoying. That said I think all the rest of the characters are the strength of the show and more than make up for her.

    • Megan says:

      Is it so hard for you to express your opinion about Lindsay/Anna without you making it sound like everyone agrees with your opinion?

      And I think it’s the opposite. Anna carries the show for me. Her passion for her character makes up for Hill’s snootiness, Carmine’s wooden delivery, Sela’s overexcited delivery. etc etc. You don’t like Anna? Good for you, but don’t bash on her as if everyone is going to agree with you. Some people like her and think she is a quality actress!

      • Hannah says:

        Well said Megan.

        @JoeyDC. Should I assume by your remarks about the the actors not being told in their scripts how to act out particular scenes, that you have never seen an actors copy of a script?

  35. Sarah says:

    Awwwwww. I love Danny and Lindsay! Big CSI:NY fan.

  36. Cate says:

    Thanks for the article and the sneak peek of the episode. Great of you to do this for NY fans, and also D/L fans. Much appreciated that you take the time to get us a preview like this!

  37. vitoria regina says:

    meu deus nossa eu amo muito essa serie mec taylor,stella bonasera,denny messer,lindsay monroe,aiden burn,sheldon hawkes,don fleck csi:nova york é a minha paixão,maravilhosa beijos victoria regina do brasil muitos bjs bjs bjs bjs…