Charlie Sheen Calls Two and a Half Men Firing 'Illegal,' As Costars Weigh In on 'Sad' Situation

In the latest and apparently last edition of his “Sheen’s Korner” webcast series, Charlie Sheen contends that his termination from TV’s Two and a Half Men was “a completely and entirely illegal and unconscionable act.”

But while teams of high-priced lawyers on both sides hash that out, some — though not all — of Sheen’s costars from the hit CBS comedy are starting to weigh in on the sordid situation that has been unfolding on TV, online and in the headlines over the past two weeks.

Charlie Sheen Terminated from Two and a Half Men

Sheen’s on-screen mother, Emmy winner Holland Taylor, was the first Men cast member to publicly comment on her experiences with the actor, saying in a statement to the Associated Press, “Charlie was cordial and polite with all of his cast mates and crew, sometimes even courtly — and always witty.”

Off-camera, she shared, “We watched movies at his house occasionally — warm evenings with interesting, spirited conversation. This is the guy I know.”

But as for the Charlie Sheen the public is being exposed to here and now during what she calls “a very sad and complicated time,” Taylor said, “I really have no comment beyond valuing my own history with Charlie, and my abiding affection for him.”

Marin Hinkle, who plays Sheen’s ex-sister-in-law on Two and a Half Men, told E! News the cast has been trading phone callings trying to find some way to get the word out on “how we feel about what’s happened with the show.”

“It’s so sad,” she says, “that this may be the end of something amazing all because of a lot of ego-fighting and pain, and obviously the sad condition of Charlie’s health.”

Video: Two and a Half Men‘s Jon Cryer Lands New Job

Sheen himself told E! News that while he has heard directly from Hinkle as well as costars Angus T. Jones (who plays Jake), Melanie Lynskey (Rose) and Conchata Ferrell (Berta), his No.1 scene partner remains mum.

“Jon [Cryer] has not called me,” Sheen claimed. “He’s a turncoat, a traitor, a troll.”

Trotting out his monotonous mantra, Sheen added, “You’re with me or you’re with the trolls. Obviously he’s with the trolls.”

And if and when Cryer does come calling? “I’ll tell him ‘You’re a little late. Goodbye, troll,'” Sheen told E! “When I’m starring in multimillion-dollar films and he’s begging me for a supporting role, I’ll say, ‘You left me out in the cold with all of your guilt and stupidity.'”

Should you so desire, the final installment of Sheen’s Korner can be watched here (warning: expletives, duh):

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  1. Ewa says:

    Sic transit gloria mundi…

  2. Buffy Freak says:

    So because Jon Cryer isn’t an enabler tossing Charlie’s salad is a troll? Can Charlie just OD and get it over with already?

    • Laura says:

      Though I understand your frustration and share your concern about others enabling sheen’s behavior, I find your comments promoting an overdose to be HORRIBLY insensitive and an insult to all those who have lost love ones to drug addiction. We should be hopeful that Charlie is able to accept the help he needs.

      • DL says:

        Charlie needs treatment for a legitimate psychological condition. He comes off as a textbook manic-depressive, and he may have been keeping things under control in the past by self-medicating. Now that he’s off of all the drugs (except for alcohol), he needs the proper medication to regulate abnormal brain chemistry.

        • lin333 says:

          I agree that Charlie has a psychological condition that needs to be treated. I am a psychologist and am familiar with mental illnesses and addiction issues. His ex-wives are taking the right steps in preventing him from seeing his children, and his family should also intervene to encourage him to seek help. He has become a lost soul, uncomfortable in his own skin, and should get immediate help to fill what is an apparent empty hole inside of him. No shame in this-it can only make him better about himself. Accepting help will make him a better person on all fronts and perhaps medication can help his extreme low self esteem and lashing out at others. He needs to accept that he has problems and only he can admit he needs help. Everyone deserves this opportunity!

      • hard says:


      • Sheen is a Menace says:

        I don’t think so. Sheen is a menace to society and every day he stays alive promoting his destructive lifestyle is another destructive point against society. He doesn’t want help – he’s been abusing women and drugs for over three decades – he shot Kelly Preston, he beat up another GF, several others including ex-wife Denise got restraining orders on him b/c he was physically abusive toward women, he stuck a knife to his current wife’s throat. I don’t want to wait until he kills a woman before his followers think he’s a dangerous A-hole. His “winning” means order and justice loses. So no – I do wish he OD already as well. I have only ever wished that on Hitler and white supremacists – that is how disgusting and destructive I think he is. To think that he lives and a great and honorable man as Tim Russert died way too soon makes me sick.

    • teniba says:

      Jon could have called Charlie to tell him that he needs to be medicaly treated, that’s not enbaling, he could have called Charlie to say a millions things, like that he is not happy with what Sheen is doing etc…

      But being silent???

      • Scott says:

        I agree teniba. As the saying goes “if good people do nothing, evil triumphs”. The evil in this case being Charlie Sheen’s medical condition which appears to be going largely untreated, unless people consider the “power of his mind” to be the panacea? Seriously though, we all want Charlie Sheen to get better so maybe the firing should be a wake-up call for him, rather than a rallying cry to arms?

        But yes, in a case such as this where people are picking sides – or in Holland Taylor’s case trying to put as positive a spin on the unfortunate situation without having Charlie Sheen regard her as a negative influence – it is unfortunate that Jon Cryer has not said a word either way.

        I can see his point of view though, until Men began he was only ever a guest star on other shows and with Sheen fired, should CBS honour the 9th season contract for the show, then Cryer has the opportunity to be the lead in a show for the first time ever.

        While it would be interesting to see how Cryer does as a lead, I really don’t feel the show can survive without Sheen so I would be glad if CBS pulled the plug on it entirely and gave renewals to any of its other shows not renewed yet: Mike & Molly, Mad Love, Bleep My Dad Says.

        • Traci says:

          Well you know the saying: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I can personally say that there have been times that I have been so angry or hurt by another person’s actions that I have to wait a while before I speak to them, otherwise I may say something hurtful in a moment of anger. I’m guessing Jon has that filter and is actively using it, whereas that same filter is obviously broken in Charlie’s case.

      • Buffy Freak says:

        Maybe Jon Cryer doesn’t like Charlie Sheen. Maybe he’s sick of all the nonsense and is pissed at Sheen for putting his career at risk. Whatever it is, he doesn’t owe Charlie a phone call or email or anyting. I mean, would you call all of your co-workers if they had a drug problem? Just because they work togetehr doesn’t mean they have any other kind of relationship.

        • Mikos says:

          Most of what you said/typed is true Buffy Freak – but I don’t think it would have been that big a deal for Cryer to call. Given that virtually EVERY other regular of the show has called Cryer’s non-call seems very deliberate.
          On the other hand, Sheen’s “troll” thing is weak and once he starts going down the no forgiveness path he’s just a giant hippocrite.

        • sashay says:

          I agree completely with you, Buffy Freak. And anyone who is obsessed with Buffy is A-Ok with me. I actually think giving this sad man any kind of attention is enabling him, so I definitely count most media outlets and comics as culpable. Good on Craig Ferguson for stating on his show that making jokes about Sheen is like poking psychiatric patients for entertainment. I certainly believe that calling Sheen and giving him any kind of support will be translated into Sheen thinking he has even more followers. Did you notice that it’s a matter now of public record who has called him at home? Doesn’t make sense to show that kind of support, first because it supports his psychosis and secondly, it might make your employer wonder about your own loyalty. Actors are far from the top of the food chain in Hollywood.

      • Burgess says:

        Do you think the rants of a crazy person constitutes the whole, real story? It is possible that Jon called and said things Charlie didn’t want to hear. He’s not going to share that. It’s also entirely possible that Jon said things to him many, many times about cleaning up his act or getting help etc and enough is enough. Anyone who has dealt with drug/alcohol/mental problems with people they care about knows that you eventually just reach a saturation point. We don’t know the whole story and I certainly wouldn’t take the word of a raving lunatic as gospel on any subject. It’s just really sad that a lot of young people think this routine is funny enough to follow on twitter etc. Gives him a false sense that he’s OK. He isn’t about to get the help he needs as long as the Internet and the media keep making him think he’s a God.

  3. Midori4 says:


  4. sammy says:

    the way he seems, upset about it. I’d say the too have bonded like brothers, and in some cases it’s hard on a brother to reach out to another in difficult times. Maybe he just doesn’t know what to say to sheen. Yeah, a sorry man about getting fired. But what else can you really say. Maybe Cryer has things to say to him, he just doesn’t know how

    • Meg says:

      According to some other reports (and maybe possibly this was Jon’s representation speaking), Jon Cryer has reached out to him. If that is the case, maybe Charlie didn’t like what he had to say? But I do agree with a previous poster who commended Jon for not feeding Charlie’s ego and enabling him even more so.

    • Kelly says:

      I always got the impression that those two got along good onset but weren’t hanging out/friend away from the stage. Sheen never commented when Cryer had personal problems,like that story of his exwife putting a hit out on him. In Jan, Cryer spoke nicely about Sheen. Right now I think it is smart of Jon Cryer not to comment. Charlie would be scary to reach out to and it’s a good thing not to enable him. Also I assume that his bosses who he’s under contract with and his costar could end up in court and he could be a witness,it’s smart to stay mum.

  5. Randy says:

    This is how Hollywood works. Charlie Sheen is in a power position and he can make or break Jon.

  6. Jaclyn says:

    Charlie Sheen is a sad demented little wannabe who let his minor television role overwhelm his ego. He’s such a sad little man that he thinks everyone owes him – Frankly I hope Jon Cryer has the dignity to ignore the little idiot and get on with his life. Sheen has little talent anyway – had he felt talented perhaps like his brothers he would have kept his fathers name, not aped the one his Dad used for fame!

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Isn’t this the same thing Isaiah Washington did when he got fired from Greys Anantomy blamed everyone but himself for being an idot I mean he called everyone there a racist and uncle tom he attacked Patrick Dempsey Shonda saying that she was a puppet and so on so what sheen is doing is also stupid and idoitic and the media needs to just leave him alone because he is feeding off of this mess

  8. Mia says:

    warlock? lmao

  9. Larry says:

    Is it at all possible that Charlie and Jon did not have an amicable relationship off screen already. If there was anyone more exposed to Charlie’s antics -that would be Jon. I think Jon should just take the high road and stay out of this mess. Obviously, Charlie is the one who destroyed any professional relationship they may have had. He shouldn’t had called out Jon -it just shows the public how contemptible Charlie Sheen really is. I’m glad the show released him.

  10. Rush says:

    Jon Cryer is funnier than Sheen. No one disses the duckster.

  11. Rob R says:

    Who is Isaiah Washington again?

  12. Brent says:

    I applaud Holland Taylor for her classy comments.

  13. So Sorry says:

    Charlie will be doing the 12 step apology to Cryer. If he ever sobers up.

  14. Linda says:

    Charlie starring in multi-million dollar films??? I don’t think so. He’ll be lucky if he ever works in Hollywood again! One day, God willing, he’ll get himself the help he desperately needs and he’ll look back on Charlies Korner’s and this whole mess and wonder why no one forcably put him in a straight jacket and carted him off to an institution!

  15. hossein says:

    I guess the thing that bothers me most about all of this is that even if the show continues without sheen it will never be the same, and I can say for a lot of people that it was really good, you have to understand that sheen is angry and he has lashed out on a lot of people but just because he did doesnt mean that he is entirely wrong I think maybe in the next few years sheen, lorre, cryer and the other people involved will sit down in a talk show and then you’ll know the truth, till then lets not forget that sheen has done some pretty good work along the years (if you dont look at his personal life)

    • Batmantra says:

      Of all the comments I have read on Sheen the last few days yours is the most balanced and sensible. It is just a tv show after all…the drama will fade in time.

  16. Kris says:

    Does he know what he is saying?
    Or does he know it and think it is brilliant??

    Dear God, dear anyone, PLEASE go to his house and freaking HELP that ruin of a man….PLEASE….. (and if you can, shut him up in the process…. but PLEASE HELP him…that would be the best for everyone!!)

    I always disliked this guy a great deal…. but how could I hate on him now…. now that it is CLEAR that he is out of his mind?? think logical…. he CANNOT be sane…. or…. if he really IS sane…. well then we really should be afraid…. :/

  17. Alice K. says:

    He should do a reading of Howl. Or at least publish this speech as a poem of our generation,

    • Cannery Rogue says:

      Yes Alice K., this is exactly what I was thinking as I watched this video is slack-jawwed awe! Wouldn’t it be funny if a generation from now he is considered a poetic genius by the literati!!

  18. hila says:

    Do I think Charlie Sheen has mental health (like possible bipolar, since I know plenty of bipolar people I see the symptoms all the time) and/or addiction problems? Hell yeah, but wow it looks like he’s reading from cue cards and acting in this video. Maybe all of it is scripted for him like one big joke “How can I ramp up the crazy sounding factor today and keep myself in the news? Oh and I better not forget to wave my arm around randomly”. The difference between him and when Joaquin Phoenix acted like a nutter is Joaquin didn’t really affect anyone but himself. Also Joaquin doesn’t need a script to read off of and is a better actor IMO.

  19. holdyoear says:

    I love this show, and I am very sad to see it go down hill. Egos and men. What would you expect. Charlie Harper/Charlie Sheen, you can try to replace the lead character, but it will not work. He is an institution and this character is branded with us after 8 plus years. Rob Lowe, or John Stamos will not even come close. You would have better luck with Charlie’s Mother and Berta being the main focus of the show. Good luck, but yall have your hands tied fixing this. just KISS AND MAKE UP! Please.

  20. Tim says:

    The moron doesn’t understand that people find him funny because of how insanely unstable he is.

    No one actually supports him.

  21. Aidan Williams says:

    That man is awful he canot call Jon Cryer a troll what a horrible man.

  22. Irene says:

    And Charlie Sheens says, I’m Important. I can get away with anything and if you don’t like it you are a troll.

    Yo Charlie. Troll here/

  23. Amber says:

    I think no matter what your issues are in life with addiction and maniac depression, you have no right to go out and be a jerk and say jerk things to people or about people. That’s how Charlie Sheen is acting. He’s a huge jerk. A lot of people with maniac depression and addiction problems would not go out and attack a person simply for staying quiet. I’ve known plenty of people who have those same mental problems in life as he does, and they don’t go on the attack in quite the public way he has. A lot of them are smart enough to know not to s### where they eat the way Charlie has. A lot of them don’t treat women the way Charlie Sheen does either. That man treats women like they are nothing more than a receptacle for his semen, and for that alone, I would never give him my sympathy. It’s just a jerk way to act in life. He’s a spoiled, rich, meglomaniac playboy who likes to blame everyone else for the problems in his life and refuses to get help. And I think it’s going to be a very long time before any tv or movie studio is willing to give him a job and deal with his antics, so I hope he’s been good at managing his money…though with all the money he’s spent on coke and sports cars for his harem, I doubt he has been.

  24. Amber says:

    I think no matter what your issues are in life with addiction and maniac depression, you have no right to go out and be a jerk and say jerk things to people or about people. That’s how Charlie Sheen is acting. He’s a huge jerk. A lot of people with maniac depression and addiction problems would not go out and attack a person simply for staying quiet. I’ve known plenty of people who have those same mental problems in life as he does, and they don’t go on the attack in quite the public way he has. A lot of them are smart enough to know not to s### where they eat the way Charlie has. A lot of them don’t treat women the way Charlie Sheen does either. That man treats women like they are nothing more than a receptacle for his sperm, and for that alone, I would never give him my sympathy. It’s just a jerk way to act in life. He’s a spoiled, rich, megalomaniac playboy who likes to blame everyone else for the problems in his life and refuses to get help. And I think it’s going to be a very long time before any tv or movie studio is willing to give him a job and deal with his antics, so I hope he’s been good at managing his money…though with all the money he’s spent on coke and sports cars for his harem, I doubt he has been.

  25. katrina says:

    years ago i knew someone online who was an extra in one of Jon Cryer’s movies and she said that he was an A**hole and very egotistical.I believe Charlie Sheen needs serious help and it is lovely his co-stars have reached out to him.He does seem like a nice guy so i hope he is better soon.Jon could have spoken to Charlie and tell him to get help if he wanted to.

    • Sassy says:

      He seems like a nice guy? What planet do you live on? If you’re confused by my comment I suggest you read Amber’s comment again. She summarizes it succinctly & accurately.

  26. Igloo says:

    I bet all the warlocks in the world are furious with Charlie for making a mochery of them. 

  27. Sue T says:

    I’m really sorry to see this show possibly end……it’s one of the funniest I have ever seen and every character is great! However, Charlie has really lost his marbles this time. This man makes more sense on his sitcom than he does on his rants here on video and on the radio. I can’t even figure out what he’s even talking about! If he is trying to tell us that he is sober and NOT on drugs OR booze………he is seriously full of it….only a drug-induced mind would rant like that and then think he’s God. No one loves Charlie as much as Charlie, I’m afraid he’s dug his own grave this time, and it may just BE a grave in the near future if he doesn’t get some much needed help.

  28. Val says:

    Mr. Sheen suffers from a combination of drug addictions and SERIOUS mental health deficiencies. I think that due to the money he has made and the fame he has received as a result of his TV sitcom, he has a false sense on entitlement(common in certain mental illnesses). His show just seems to be a mirror of the lifestyle he already leads.There is no great acting “skill” required to do what he does on this show- drink like a fish, and pursue women as sexual “conquests”(a well-trained chimpanzee could match him on any given day). I see NO reason why another qualified actor (maybe John Stamos as is being whispered as a possible replacement) can’t replace him while he is (hopefully)in rehab drying out. I think that Mr.Cryer is smart to remain silent. What does he have to gain by doing otherwise? Who knows how Mr.Cryer may feel about the prospect of losing his livlihood due to Charlie’s crack addiction? Charlie needs to get his s*** together..In other words.GET SOME REAL PROFESSIONAL HELP! So pathetic that he is getting all of this media attention..CHARLIE IS HIS OWN WORST ENEMY!

    • ChiChi says:

      If the producers want to continue airing the show, I think I have a better replacement for CS: Gary Busey. Equally crazy, but not overly nasty and doesn’t have a reputation for hurting women or knocking his bosses, as far as I know. Who knows, maybe he’s the winner of this year’s Celebrity Apprentice and could carry some new fans with him.

  29. Stephanie says:

    Nobody puts Duckie in the corner!! I would like to see the studio who would give Sheen a multi-million dollar movie after all the crap he has pulled lately. From what has been reported, Jon Cryer is a consumate professional and a lovely human being. So let’s just see who’s calling whom, when he needs boost…

  30. DL. says:

    I am sick and tired of everyone saying Charlie Sheen is a,
    Manic depressive or bipolor, that is all great excuses for him,
    and the way he act’s. excuses is not good for anyone with addiction.
    It only let the person with the addiction, get off with out addmitting that they have a server problem, and that they need help.
    qualified help. Not street hookers.I belive that the ppl who are saying that Charlie Sheen is a manic dpressive or bipolor, Is not,
    at all qualified to give such a diagnosis. I do know for a fact you,
    Do need a Medical diploma to make that type of diagnosis.
    As far as John cryer is concern I do think that he might just be trying to give everone the respect that they deserve, By staying,
    Out of the whole ordeal. So they, (Charlie Sheen and the Studieo’s exct’s) can streaghten out their problem with each other with out , interfreance from other that can create more harm than good.

  31. Cheeze Cake says:

    They should write his rehab onto the show and kill 2 birds with one stone. I love the show and Charlie Sheen. I would miss them both. It is clear he needs help. It is up to him to get it. He is in denial as addicts often are. They seem to be cornering him and he is reacting. Everyone makes bad choices. He has made many. All this press does not help.

  32. Lauren says:

    I think I feel the most for Jon Cryer. I remember when he said in his Emmy speech that Charlie Sheen deserved an Emmy. And now Charlie Sheen is calling him a traitor? What an ungrateful little man. And Cryer is just showing his professionalism by not commenting on the trainwreck Sheen has become.

  33. Lauren says:

    The best thing about this whole debacle is that maybe, FINALLY, Two and a Half Men will finally be cancelled. What a terrible, offensive show; it makes me sad that so many Americans support it. It’s like CBS always has to have some awful, high-rated sitcom on. As soon as Everybody Loves Raymond finally went out, Two and a Half Men came right in to takes its place as America’s worst sitcom.

    Seriously, how is it that shows which are truly clever and funny like Arrested Development struggle so badly in the ratings, yet shows like this are so immensely popular? Blows my mind.

    • Cobie says:

      It’s a sad commentary on the educational system, perhaps. As in young kids don’t attend school and learn life skills on the street. They grow up thinking it’s “cool” to spend your time being drunk and stoned, and treating women like garbage. It’s so sad how many people, and especially women, support the show and Sheen.

  34. taylor says:

    I think two and a half men worn out and love to see all resurface in new gigs and john cryer class act and some dancing around the elephant in the room Now we know who is the half man Heard Kelly said Sheen good guy deep down but I think deep down seeing not Ego preeminent and destroys humanity and has to win so look at all the losses and it does not balance out . Check.

  35. Val says:

    I stand by my original statement.. Mr. Sheen has a severe mental disorder in addition to being a crack addict. No medical degree/ medical background is required to see that-only a good set of eyes and common sense.No matter what happens regarding the show, Mr. Sheen needs to get IMMEDIATE PROFESSIONAL HELP before we hear about him dying from a drug overdose(since we seem to be hearing about him EVERY DAY now in the media). I hope he can get his demons under control.Mr. Sheen has proven in the past that he has good acting skills (I liked him in “Platoon”). Maybe Mr. Sheen can regain his self respect by seeking professional help. He may also be able to earn the credibility that he has lost with the public. It’s hard to feel compassion when someone is in total denial about his issues and won’t seek real help..FYI to Mr. Sheen-Rehab in your home is NOT really rehab..if it were, there would be no need for Betty Ford Centers and others of it’s type.Once again..MR SHEEN IS HIS OWN WORST ENEMY. Good Luck to Mr. Sheen in getting himself on the road to recovery.

  36. jeremy says:

    Its easy when you don’t have an idiot that is producing a show.. if you have never been in this situation i suggest bowing out of the conversation. Sheen’s an idiot just because he didn’t consider self preservation.. but dealing with an idiot producer is something he probably couldn’t take much longer. There would have been something in the background that WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT which sparked all of this. All of you so called sh*t how psychologist… give it up.. you only see what the camera wants you to see.. and that is the only person you will ever know unless you meet him personally. There there is the issue with drugs.. now we know his past true.. but if you are mad about something.. and you open your mouth about it.. then the first thing someone does is accuse you of being on drugs because you have expressed your opinion.. I hope the same happens to all of you.. then you will understand. Sheen’s got issues.. but your narrow perspective is that of a camera man.. not reality.. get over yourselves!!!

    • DL says:

      Jeremy, What are you, Between the ages of 14 and 25, Because you can’t be any older that that, for you to be saying the word, Or,
      Should I say Lack of knowledge about Mr.Charlie Sheen.
      Mr Sheen has had a substance abuse problem since the 1980’s.
      He is an alumni of the brat pack! Mr. sheen has had this problem,
      for years and years. By his own amittance in the 80’s.
      But Mr. Sheen does not think he needs help to solve this problem.
      He thinks he can handle his substance abuse problem on his own.
      But he has not been able to do so almost 25 yrs, Nore will he ever be able to with out help. So Jeremy, I think you better shut up,
      and start searching the archives ABOUT CHARLIE SHEEN PAST DRUG,
      & ALCAHOLO ABUSE. Befor you open you mouth, To reality not camra.
      You need more past knowledge to really know what your talking about.
      With out that, You know nothing about this issue.

  37. They don’t even have to kill off Sheen’s character. Just have him move away for some reason or another. That way you could still have the character “appear” in the series via one sided phone conversations with Cryer.

    Of course if they were really nasty they could try to recruit Emilio Estevez as Sheen’s replacement. I haven’t paid enough attention to the whole farce to know where he stands on his brother’s antics. It would certainly make a plastic surgery plotline easier.

  38. begley123 says:

    Charlie sheen is a legend, two and a half men will never be the same without him. they are wankers for firing him, one of the best actor ever, this is a sad, sad time for anyone who appreciated sheens incredible acting skills. he will always be my hero, no matter what!