Idoloonies: New Leaders (Pia! Stefano!), Spinoff Ideas (Peggi Blu!), and a Chris Medina Chat!

Two months into American Idol‘s tenth season, and we’ve got ourselves what appears to be an extremely promising Top 13. What’s more, after last week’s semifinal performances, some unexpected power players have emerged on both the men’s and women’s sides of the competition. In the latest installment of Idoloonies, my cohosts and I talk about the rise of Scotty McCreery, Stefano Langone, and Pia Toscano; our problems with Lauren Alaina’s interview packages; some of Top 24 week’s most disastrous performances (hello, Jordan Dorsey!); and the big injustice of an otherwise terrific Wild Card round (Kendra, we won’t forget you!). Plus, I present an idea for a summer Idol spinoff starring “Vocal Coach from Hell” Peggi Blu, and catch up with ousted early contender Chris Medina about his Idol “journey” and his new single “What Are Words.” Press play below, and to get all my Idol coverage, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. remmez says:

    All and all this should be an interesting top 13 [10 whatever].
    My clear favorite is Casey Abrams, but i recon this is [indeed] the wrong season. For instance, the word ‘Artistry’ [cue monkey and Kristen] has not been used one single time by a judge so far this season. So Paul, Casey, Fladam Flambert and yes Kendra… all came to the wrong season. They should have come when we were forced to listen to Gokey, Covay and Federov.

    Thanks for the excellent coverage mr.Slezak. As always [mostly.. sometimes.. once and a while] you are on spot! ;-)

    • Michael says:

      Oh, I miss Kristen…

      • remmez says:

        Yes i miss Kristen also. How about a [multiple] comeback at idoloonies 4 miss Baldwin? There was so much chemistry between Slezak and Baldwin!

        Hell, i even miss Kristen with glasses..

      • Delirious says:

        Not sure if I’d define it as the wrong season for them. I mean, perhaps if they didn’t have a latino contestant like Karen, who lured Jennifer in right away, maybe it would’ve been the chance for Kendra to get in the final 13. But tbh, I think it’s good to have a good variety of artists there. If they were all “hip mainstream kids”, what’s the point in having the contest anyway? It’s like choosing the colour of the car, instead of choosing among several makes & models.

        Of course, I can’t avoid saying that I don’t get why James was in there, tho. Especially considering it might have left someone like Jun or Jordan out (or hell, yes, even Colton for the top 24!). Yeah, sad story, the kid has aspergers and tourettes, but sending someone thru for that, and then not even use it once? If it’s hypocritical to get someone in for their sad story, it’s even more hypocritical to forget about it once they’re in.

        Anyway, my top 12 after watching both top 24 performance shows was Casey, Jun, Scotty, Stefano, Paul, Jordan; Lauren A, Rachel, Naima, Thia, Kendra, Pia. I get how Rachel screwed up her performance, but she could’ve been a great finalist given the right songs and coaching. I get how Jacob is so over the top that it appeals to mostly, well, everyone, even tho I get tired of his theatrics and vocal slacklining. But I can’t possibly understand how we have people like Karen or Haley in there. Or Ashton, who has “all the makings of a diva”, but her singing is quite mediocre, imho. She compensates her vocal flaws with that attitude, and I don’t think that’s what it should be about.

        Cheers from Spain! Ever wanted an international idoloonie? lol

        • remmez says:

          Delirious, i actually agree with you for the most part.

          Cheers from the Netherlands [that’s where i life] there you have it, Idoloonie is an international institute – already! :-D

          • Delirious says:

            Heh… Michael, you should do an international edition of Idoloonies! Although I have to admit I’ve only started watching this year. The references I had previous to that was mostly being a Clarkson fan, and knowing a handful of past contestants (Daughtry, Iraheta, Carrie, Fantasia, etc).
            Anyway, hope I can watch this week’s performances and the vote-off tomorrow, so I can comment properly – for now, I’m avoiding all news to avoid getting spoiled. :P

  2. Teena says:

    Thank you so much, Michael!

    • Teena says:

      I kind of like that the judges didn’t offer a lot of criticism in this round. I think that they were trying to let the voting decide the singers on their own merit. Plus, I think that they are much more attached to the contestants this year than ever before. I have never seen so much hugging as this year!

    • forrest says:

      Thanks for an insightful interview. Good perspective of Mr. Medina. I loiked it. Alot.

  3. J says:

    I love Peggi Blu, and I keep hoping that we’ll see her again.

  4. Lunakit says:

    Aw, Michael! Love me so Idoloonies! Spot on as usual and I am glad that you called out Lauren (DJ Tanner) for being so presumptuous (“Peaches” uck.) and the fake, spontaneous deliberation moment from the judges. I actually think it could be positive for the contestants to have social media working for them this season. Maybe they will get a better reality check on their performances and public personas, esp. since the judges are not stepping up to give real criticism thus far. Chris Medina hasn’t given a bad interview yet, btw. So excellent.

    • stepmom says:

      I agree. I loved the interview with Chris. He is such a special person and he has brought out the best in so many just by watching his story. I would love to know how he felt about the JLo meltdown tough. Michael, if you asked that, please share with us his reaction!

    • darclyte says:

      Good episode of Idoloonies, but the interview with Chris was the best. It really serves to silence the “haters” and he seems like such a genuine guy that wishing him (and by extension his fiancee) ill would be like wanting to put puppies in a blender.

      • allie says:

        I was going to skip the Medina interview but I am so glad I didn’t – what a fantastic guy. I really hope he makes it in the recording industry.

  5. Quinton says:

    I love Jacob, Pia and America’s new sweetheart NAIMA. Jacob Lusk is going to empower people all across America.

  6. Andrew says:

    I think you’re spot with your critiques this year, Mike.
    Thanks for showing Paul and Kendra’s duet. It’s absolutely breathtaking and I’m terribly sad that we won’t get some more of Kendra.

  7. amy.. says:

    Props to how you are giving Lauren the benefit of the doubt. I’m not.
    Watching this made me realize that Karen is Good, Ashton is Better, and Kendra is Best. In a perfect world we would have heard Haley’s last growl and replaced her with Kendra. Starting to see how production skews reality….Kendra singing towards the beginning. Very little interview time, etc. I picked up on Tim’s ONE small shot in the interview and knew he was toast.

  8. Musica1 says:

    Jacob will inspire people to feel ill. His top 24 performance was totally drag queen. The way he looked coyly out of the corners of his eyes and smirked. All he needed was a dress and wig to complete the performance.

  9. Shari says:

    Great review. Kendra did sing really well. I think the girls’ field was strong. I would not have put Thia through. I haven’t heard the vocal ability of some of the other girls from her. Maybe in a couple of years. She doesn’t put her heart into it. Just her vocals. Nice but doesn’t touch you. I would have put Kendra through first.

  10. papoila says:

    Please get Kendra on the show! It was by far the most unfair cut and I have to say for some reason I’m not sold on Stefano…
    I’m a HUGE fan of the “Vocal Coach From Hell” though! :D definitely with you on the spinoff idea…

  11. Wyatt says:

    I was so disappointed to see Chantelle sent away, and in preference to such a terrible performance by Ashton. That told me that the decision was actually made before they sang. What a shame. She is the only one of departed dozen (or so) whom I would actually pay money to go hear her sing in person. She has some real artistry and maturity, unlike some of the others.

    Having said that, I also am a fan of Lauren Alaina. That girl has talent! Yes she is uncanny in her resemblance to Kelly Clarkson (both isually and aurally), but she is also in all likelihood a young star in the works, notwithstanding the A.I. pimping. She doesn’t even need the pimping. America is feeling her for sure.

    All in all a very solid and promising Top 12 (+ ashthon).

  12. Emma says:

    I started to like Stefano when I saw the almost tearful rejoining of James and him. Shallow, I know, but I like it when the contestants let their human show.

    Now when Kendra is gone, there is no women for me to root for. None. Lauren and Pia are the most talented of the women, but I detest Lauren because of the “Peaches” joke that someone fed to her, thinking that it would be cute, and I detest Pia because something in her just grates me. Maybe because personally I think that her face and boobs have costed a lot.

  13. The Wheeze says:

    Thanks for another great Idoloonies! I really appreciate your interview with Chris. I for one did not like all the hype around him and now I think he melted a little piece of my heart. Just goes to show you how much they really edit the show down to little bits and pieces. He seems to be a really great guy and I like his total honesty in his answers.

  14. jazzy says:

    You keep dredging up these ghosts of idols past who do not belong in the same sentence ….Megan Joy and Paul McDonald? Nooooo! And you have to be careful about homogenizing these people, they need to do have their signature moves as long as they are not contrived.

    Sorry to say this, and it may piss off a few people, but they had to get the sistahs on the tour this summer, at least one of them, hence the wild card vote. Agree with Ashton, not Naima.

    Also, Robbie was the resident hearthrob, can you imagine all the screaming girls on the summer tour. Missed opportunity there too.

    Yeah, too bad they didn’t have a top 16.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with your assement of why both Asthton and Naima went through over Kendra and the better Lauren Turner who was not even given a shot – although they haven’t actually made the tour yet. I never understood why the top 12 or top 13 was a big deal when only 10 go on tour. Yes, Robbie would have been a hearthrob but Steven is also pretty goodlooking so they still have one if he makes the tour.

    • sherimoonzombie says:

      I agree – I don’t want an artist who stays in a nice, predictable, safe box. I like how at home Paul is on stage, the herky-jerky movements are okay with me. Since he’s accustomed to fronting a band, I imagine he’s not used to having the entire stage and focus to himself. However, I do agree that he (and Scotty) need to watch the OTT facial expressions. I’m hoping one of the judges will find the cajones to actually provide a critique like Simon (to Clay Aiken, I believe) to stop pulling all the faces. Interestingly, Uncle Nigel is known for providing the same critique on SYTYCD, so I have hope….for now.

  15. Alex says:

    Fine work, Michael! I love that you didn’t mention James Durbin and his “fail wail” (tm. Cantiello) at all. Despite the disaster that is Lee DeWyze, I think Paul is a different kind of singer, and that’s why he got through. He may be low key, but something about him goes beyond the typical “white dude with guitar.” He’s only 25, but there’s an “old soul” quality to him, in his face and in his voice. I think he’s more than just a coffee house folkie; he’s a legitimate musician. If America gives him a chance, I think he can show off a sense of humor, too!
    Your evisceration of Karen was well-deserved. I think she’s already got the Latino fan-base mobilized, despite the face that she is BLAND and pageant-y. If she wants to go Spanish-all-the way, bust out some Shakira! I don’t see that happening, though. She seems to bland even for that. I expect to see typical diva songs from her. Typical diva songs from the ’80s and ’90s!

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Paul is also somewhat like another current artist – James Blunt, while having some Rod Stewart and Paul Simon mixed in.

    • Princess Adora says:

      I agree about Karen having the Latino fan base mobilized, which is how she got into the top 13 and probably will be on the show for many more weeks – remember Jasmine Trias? She had everyone in Hawaii voting for her and made it to the top 3!! :S

  16. SirJ says:

    I didn’t like Lauren A performance at all. She’s no Kelly or Carrie and I feel like all her success is riding on how much she’s being pimped. Maybe next week she can give a better performance and not shame a Reba song.

    Also after watching idol I listend to Jenifer Hudson’s version of AITIMNG Ashton shouldn’t have made it through, I didn’t notice Kendra much, but to bad she’s not a ‘diva’.

  17. James says:

    Good as usual Slezak…nice to see a chat with Chris Medina on here too! Wish you would of rubbed it in Clint and Jordan’s faces a little bit more…America does not forget class A d-bags who stole the spots of Jacee and Colton should of got in the top 24 instead of those cannon fodder!

  18. Cherry says:

    Another great episode. I totally agree with you about Karen.I wasn’t a big fan of Jovany, but if you’re going to embrace your “Latin flavor”, thats how you do it. I’m really excited about the boys this year, not so much about the girls. Kendra & Lauren T. getting sent home was a travesty. Anything can change, but i think there’s a good chance a guy could win AGAIN this year, especially if the girls don’t step it up. They definitely weren’t bad, but totally short on “it-ness”. But at any rate, this year is going whip last year’s you-know-what. :)

  19. RJP says:

    Slezak……get over Kendra!!!

  20. Cy says:

    Ooh, good ep, Slezak! I liked the chat with Chris Medina–good to hear his side of things. I guess we forget when watching the show that the Idol editors want to tell a story and we assume that the contestants are as in on the agenda as they are. But I can see (and believe) how Chris told his story with Julianna with as much “drama” as he could, not knowing he was being pegged to be one of the “stars” of the auditions, just hoping to get a little airtime, which really is so instrumental in doing well over the course of the show. I do still think the judges made the right choice cutting him (vocally, he could never have won), but it was nice to hear about the experience in his own words/without the Idol editors’ agenda.

  21. Snsetblaze says:

    How are they doing the cuts this week? By genders? By who gets the most votes? Is there a possibility that there are giong to bemore of one sex in the top 10 than the other. How many are they cutting this week?

  22. Deb says:

    Kendra and Stefano were hands-down the performances of the wildcard round. I hadn’t really paid any attention to him up to that point while she was the only female I found interesting at all. Ashton was given that spot over the other wildcard contestants who all out sang her. if she wants to be a real diva she has to put out some Patti, Aretha, Dione type performances or she’s just a wanna be. I want Karen, Lauren and Ashton will go quickly but they probably won’t. The guys should outlast most of the girls if this is actually a singing competition, but its not – its a reality show.

  23. zaza says:

    Slezak, your continued pimping of Kendra is…….GREAT! Maybe if we continue to talk about her (and see that wonderful duet) someone smart will give her a contract. I’m so sad that she didn’t get picked in the wild card round and that we are stuck with Lauren Alaina (annoying), Karen Rodriguez (pagenty) and Haylee (just plain wtf!).

    Kendra not only had great vocals but her performances were also very polished. She will be missed!

  24. Amy says:

    Please get Kendra on Idoloonies!

  25. Ablo says:

    Michael — please go back and listen to Georgia by Kendra. Her wildcard performance hurt her. I would have liked her in above the other two females — and perhaps she could have made it — but that performance doomed her. Seriously — listen to it again — especially the last 20 to 30 seconds (or just the little clip you have in the video).

    • sherimoonzombie says:

      I have to agree. Kendra has beautiful tone in the lower range, but when she goes for the super high notes, the quality of her tone disappears. She’s still head and shoulders above the growling, consonant slurring Hayley, though.

    • RubyBaby says:

      Yes! Glad to see I have some company re Kendra’s performance. Though she wasn’t alone in her higher notes going rough. Alot of the girls lost tone as they reached the upper part of their range. I suspect because they don’t know how to support the voice, as a result their voices desolves into a thinness which can lead to screeching. Maybe they don’t know how to get the warmth required so just belt without the technical knowledge(bit like Siobhan from last season). If that Peggy Blu aka the vocal coach from hell actually teaches them something, rather than just yells at them, she could start with that!

      That said, I’d have kept Kendra over wailer Hailey, and especially over Miss Pageant Princess Karen. Those hand gestures she resorts to are seriously going to drive me insane before too long.

  26. Amy says:

    Great episode as always! Idol wouldn’t be worth watching without you, Slezak! I especially enjoyed your interview with Chris Medina! What a wonderful, intelligent and sensitive individual. No wonder it was so hard for Jennifer to deliver the news. I hope he does well outside of idol…

  27. Leela says:

    Even though he sounded sincere, not buying Chris Medina’s explanation of anything. Facebook went from under 100 to over 4K and he didn’t think it would do the same when aired (Inter)Nationally? He had to look up the definition of exploitative? B—-, please. He didn’t do well on his Hollywood week song becuase Steven asked about Juliana? Isn’t Chris doing this for Juliana? Not saying he can’t be emotional, he should just pour that into his music instead. This is the kind of stuff that turns people off Idol completely. Even to see the genesis of stars like Adam, Kelly, and Crystal (to name but 3), people would rather miss out than submit to the emotional torment (real, manipulated, or created) that Idol producers inflict on us every year. What is this, Queen For A Day? Seriously considering this is my last year as a viewer.

  28. Joseph says:

    I do not agree about Kendra, I actually found her performance to be a bit rough. Was she bad enough for Ashton to move on , no but then again I think that Ashton was really bad.

    • lunakit says:

      Gotta say, I agree. She can have sort of, well, dead shark eyes when she sings. She didn’t draw me in. GOMM song had a few highs but def some lows (literally some very low notes). It was a rough ride. Side note: After seeing her interaction with Paul though, woulda been nice to see their relationship play out on Idol. Sumpin’ goin’ on there…!

  29. let_it_be says:

    Enjoyed it as always but please, let that be the last we hear from you about Kendra. Not everyone loved her, she just didn’t seem that relevant. Let it go.

    • Lunakit says:

      Don’t worry, just like Uncle Nigel, Michael has his pets too, but he does eventually move on…. well, sometimes (Bow-er-SOX!) He hasn’t mentioned Sarah Sellers in awhile. We just need to let him have his grieving process.

  30. lar says:

    As usual, great fun to watch! re: the judges not really offering critiques this last week… 24 singers, ten + wild cards… Constructive criticism is almost wasted when so many will be going home. Technically, “America” was supposed to pick the finalists, and I think the judges were being careful. We’ve all seen over the years how a well-crafted critique could either catapult or kill a contestant. However, IMHO, if the critiques stay generic this week, the judges will lose all of the goodwill that they deservedly earned through the audition/hollywood week rounds. Now that Steven and Jennifer have had the experience of both the “live” audience behind them during critiques and Ryan’s back-talk banter, hopefully they can prep a bit and be as effective as they were up to last week. Here is hoping! :)

  31. jt says:

    no. keep mentioning kendra. i don’t mind :)

  32. ErixN says:

    I’ll be happy if I never have to hear Kendra’s name again. Yes, she has talent, but I get the feeling she only sings what she thinks people want to hear. I am glad she’s gone.

  33. sherimoonzombie says:

    Good heavens, I about wet myself laughing at Michael’s impression of petulant Laurenalaina saying she didn’t want to talk about being cut. Perfect pouty lip re-enactment!

    • Skitty says:

      Haha! Michael’s impression was funny. Also like the Walmart analogy. Lauren is my least favorite contestant and I dread seeing her each week. I can hope that backlash from OTT pimping and the fact that she is looking older each week will lose her votes. The sooner she is gone the happier I will be.

  34. Joseph@rtvc says:

    What is with your hatred with Haley, Slezak? Even that clip of Haley where you suggested she should not be on Idol was completely in tune and awesome! LEAVE HER ALONE! All the top 13 are amazing. Not one are even close to Sanjaya awfulness, not even your precious Megan Joy! GO HALEY! KEEP ON GROWLING!

    • b says:

      No kidding – Haley might get a little over the top sometimes, but her vocals were spot-on, unlike, say, Ashthon’s. And she was actually getting into her song and connecting and letting loose, unlike Karen or Thia. It’s a lot easier to learn to reign it in a little than to grow a personality out of nothing.

      • amy.. says:

        Haley cannot pronounce her words. It’s like Kendra after a few beers.

      • Ken says:

        I’m sorry, but I think I’ve had a grudge against Haley ever since her Beatles performance.

        You do NOT. HOWL. A BEATLES. SONG.
        Bad Haley! Bad! Down girl!

  35. Kelm says:

    I really don’t get your hate for Haley.

    Sure, she’s not perfect but she has actually the most interesting & distinctive tone of all the girls. With some advices (what the judges should do…) she could be phenomenal.

    When you have something perfect, you end up with Pia, Thia, Lauren or Karen. Some beauty pageant queens raised to be that since they were children. I don’t like it. I don’t see any differences in their voices.

    I like raw talent like Haley, Naima or even Ashton who seems more interesting to me than the robots.

    This year, I’m rooting for the underdogs !! Go Haley/Naima/Stefano !! W00t W00t !

  36. flyaway says:

    “I think Paul is a different kind of singer, and that’s why he got through. He may be low key, but something about him goes beyond the typical “white dude with guitar.” He’s only 25, but there’s an “old soul” quality to him, in his face and in his voice. I think he’s more than just a coffee house folkie; he’s a legitimate musician. If America gives him a chance, I think he can show off a sense of humor, too!”

    Absolutely agree with this and think the “chicken arm” will be a non-issue with the guitar in hand.

  37. Linda says:

    Slezak –

    I agree with some of your critique, but not all. I know Karen’s bland, but her voice is PRETTY … not nearly as grating to me as Haley’s. I adore me some Naima …. that girl is funky … check out some of the YouTube videos. I could see her bringing reggae and funk to the Idol stage and would welcome it.

    Lauren Alaina lost my support with her continued kissing up to Steven and her whiny, baby voice. I don’t appreciate whining in children of ANY age …. and if she’s serious about trying to make it in the music business, I don’t see her whining serving her well. It certainly won’t garner her any respect.

    I liked Ashthon’s earlier performances better … the last two haven’t been that good. I would have rather had Denise in the diva role … but I don’t think Ashthon will last that long this season, unless she can correct her pitch problems.

    Casey’s performance disappointed me. He and Jacob were my favorites going into this past week’s performance. Jacob’s pitch started off a little iffy, but he came around and did a fabulous job. But Casey’s growling seemed to be more clown-like than true musicianship. It contrasts so much to his incredible beginning of “Georgia” – which is one of the best things I’ve ever heard on Idol. I hope Casey calms down and starts SINGING, because I really like his jazzy voice.

    I thought PIa was off a little pitch-wise and didn’t like her performance all that much. I was surprised that the judges raved for her like they did. And I really really liked Thia’s understated performance. The beginning with little Thia singing a cappella was really stunning, I thought. I’m surprised that the judges hit Devon (earlier contestant) so hard about her “non-star” look in her audition, and allow Thia to get away with her horrendous sweaters. I hope she’ll have a stylist work with her and that Thia will LISTEN to the stylist. Also, she doesn’t appear to be very upbeat personality-wise and I think that will keep her from going very far. She often times looks bored to me.

    • errr says:

      more like scared and nervous than bored to me ^^;
      and those sweaters were her mom’s who was in the hospital at that time… at least according to the article o.o

  38. sophie says:

    I do not understand all of the Kendra and Paul love. They both have these quirky, raspy voices that would grate on me after one song. Kind of like running finger nails down a chalk board. Having said that, I would have put Kendra through before Ashton. She is a diva-wannabe, but she has miles to travel before she can claim the diva crown. I was thrilled with the other two wild card choices. Both Naima and Stefano gave great performances. I love the raw quality of Naima and I love that Stefano feels every word. I agree with you Slezak, Stefano is growing on me in the same way he is on you. I have a felling that all the tough love we are longing for from the judges will come from the producer who is going to work with them, Iovine. In the brief glimpse we got of him in Vegas, he seemed like a real SOB. He doesn’t need to worry about image like JLo and Mr. Tyler. Finally, while I agree that that Lauren A is getting on my nerves the way a chihuahua in a Louis Vuitton bag does, it was nice to hear you giver her a little break. She is 16 and her mommy looks like trailer trash Mama Rose.

  39. Skitty says:

    Agree with you Michael (and guests) regarding the lack of constructive feedback from the judges. This is disappointing, after what we heard during auditions and Hollywood I had high hopes of actual advice being given. As you stated this is the point in the competition where good advice taken to heart can mean the difference between confetti shower and also ran.

  40. john t. says:

    i find stefano’s vocals to be the most interesting of the guys, all thanks to his enunciation. kendra not making the wildcard still stings. i like that she showed off her range in GOMM (starting off low then ending on a high note). there were a few off notes in her lower register, but i can honestly say that NONE of the other girls can do that.

    aside from haley, james, and thia, i’m pretty content with the top 13. even scotty is starting to grow on me!

  41. jef says:

    Idoloonies FTW! Keep up the good work Michael.

  42. dina says:

    How disappointing. I just read that this week’s AI and also next week’s is not going to be live. That’s kind of what makes it exciting. So what happens when a producer favorite screws up, they have them sing again and again until they get it right, then just show the best performance. It’s obvious that the judges are being told what to say…none of them is that good an actor to pull it off. I’m even starting to doubt the vote totals. I’ll start watching again when it’s live.

  43. b says:

    Thanks for the Chris Medina segment – it really humanized him for me and made me feel much less cynical toward him. So glad to hear that his fiance is aware and responsive and knew what was going on – they didn’t make that clear in the show (though it seemed she was from the way she was waving the golden ticket around), so I think a lot of people were worried he was doing all this without her consent, if she wasn’t able to consent.

  44. Debbie says:

    Ah! Great episode Sleazak…and i like that you have Adam Baranker back from season one (with a shorter hair cut). you guys have great chemistry.

  45. silkrose says:

    The reason Paul has a “chicken arm” is because is usually strumming a guitar and is not sure what to do with his arm when he sings without it.

  46. Kendall says:

    Love Idoloonies! But man oh man, it takes me double the time to watch it because of loading/buffering. My patience is waning. I’ve tried everything on my computer to address it and used different internet lines, but it is soooooooooooooooo slow. I’m not sure I’m going to get to continue to watch — booooo! Can’t something be done? Can’t it be loaded onto Itunes, something, please? Pretty please!

  47. JayK says:

    Slezak, you have a knack for gettin me all riled up. Haley! Gah.

    Loved the interview with Chris. Just that little snippet about his first performance in Hollywood revealed more about what the Idol experience is really like then anything we’ve ever seen on the show. Very interesting! Thanks!

    • JayK says:

      (Sorry, I replied to Notmzbehavin just below but it didn’t show up, although when I tried again I got a message that it’s already there, so sorry if it shows up and this is a repeat.)

      I totally agree that’s Casey’s performance was awesome – I loved every growl. Casey’s musicality is a thing of beauty. He’s so ridiculously talented – I thought every second of his performance was intentional and exactly what he wanted it to be. I get goosebumps every time I hear him hit that last note.

      Also wanted to add that I know what you mean about Lauren, Slezak. I feel like I hate her because she’s rammed down our throats, but it also may be because of crap like “I’m just Lauren.” Shut up and take the compliments.

  48. pfitzDC says:

    Are Idol performances going to be available on iTunes this season? I hope so, but the last few years they started with the semi-finalists (cuz, yes, I have Lilly Scott and Mishannova Henson….). I haven’t seen them–anyone know anything?

  49. K says:

    I disagree that Kendra owned Wild Cards. I actually thought she gave the least passionate performance of the group. Technically superb, yes, but compared to the others, most of whom had stellar vocals as well?

    I would agree that Kendra should have replaced Haley though.

    • pfitzDC says:

      I agree. I was not overly impressed with Kendra–I would have switched Ashthon for Robbie, actually. Indeed, watching the Idoloonie playback, those notes that Slezak is praising are a bit sharp. But also agree that Kendra should have been in there instead of Haley….

  50. Notmzbehavin says:

    I disagree about Casey. I’ve listened to his last performance several times, and he just keeps growing on me. I’ve also watched the original artist, Screamin’ Jay, and I think Casey stuck to the spirit of the song.

    I think he almost lost the script for a moment during one of his growls, but pulled it back in time. I think that there were others in the top 10 who actually were more pitchy than him. Also, the growls and snarls are part of his charm.

    Like him or not, at least Casey comes across as having a personality. I honestly think we’ve not seen what Casey is actually capable of singing, and can’t wait for his next performance.

    • JayK says:

      I totally agree – I loved every growl. Casey’s musicality is a thing of beauty. He’s so ridiculously talented – I thought every second of his performance was intentional and exactly what he wanted it to be. I get goosebumps every time I hear him hit that last note.

    • Betsy says:

      Seee….THIS is the key to what makes a great performer.

      To explain it to all the Haley defenders out there, when she growls there’s no heart and soul behind it. When Casey growls, he’s putting his whole heart and soul into it. Music is not just something to be performed, it’s supposed to be an emotional experience. If there’s no emotion in it then it really doesn’t mean much. Haley’s growls may even be technically superior to Casey’s, but her audience didn’t feel any real emotion (except maybe “ugh”)