Fall TV Preview

Human Target On the Bubble: Keep Or Cut?

Come mid-May (if not occasionally sooner), the networks will be making some tough calls as to which shows will return for the 2011-12 TV season, and which should start packing their bags. In addition to our ongoing “Renew Our Show!” Bracket Tournament, TVLine will single out some “bubble” shows and survey their prospects. The first one in our crosshairs: Fox’s Human Target.

THE SHOW: Human Target (Fox)

THE TIME SLOT: Most recently, Wednesdays at 9/8c.

‘Renew Our Show!’ Sweet 16 Bracket Tournament: Chuck Vs. Human Target

THE CASE FOR KEEPING: Most simply said, we need testosterone TV like this, and ever since the clock ran out on 24‘s Jack Bauer, it’s been Christopher Chance’s (Mark Valley) mantle to carry, and his alone. (Really, who else is walking away slo-mo from fiery explosions anymore? It’s a dying art.) Plus, we already “lost” the excellent Chi McBride once before, when Pushing Daisies got plucked. And thirdly, I give you four words: Jackie. Earle. Frickin’. Haley.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING: Some argue that Human Target misfired in its second season by adding to its manly mix two female series regulars (as well as subtracting the original theme song). I will argue that the character of Ames (played by Janet Montgomery), if thought out more thoroughly, could provide true value to the team. Indira Varma‘s Ilsa, however, seems to be on hand for primarily one reason: to stir up some “Will They/Won’t They?” angst-filled dynamic with Chance, and folks, this just isn’t the show for that. We were absolutely A-OK with Chance having intermittent romantic interests played by gorge guest stars (such as, swoon, Emmanuelle Vaugier).

Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

Hit the comments section to make your own case for keeping or cutting Human Target!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mikey says:

    I love the show, but some of the plots seems to be something the cat draged in…. In the event they make the third season i’d like to make the changes about Ilsa and Ames… Ilsa can be a character that only apears one ir twice in the season… And the same for Ames…. And for the opening i like season one better than two… So please bring the show back…..

  2. Laurie says:

    Keep Human Target! I started watching it b/c of Indira Varma and Mark Valley. Now, I’m hooked. Great dialogue, fun characters, James Bond-type humor, great chemistry among the cast members, and the good guys triumph.

  3. Tammee says:

    I love the show and even though it may be a long shot to keep it around for another season, I hope they do. The chemistry between the three main characters is great! It’s a show the whole family loves and watches together. There need to be more action shows like this!

  4. janet Murtha says:

    Please don’t axe Human Target. It’s outrageous, it’s fun. It is off the wall. I am sick of reality shows. I want entertainment and Human Target is the TOPS.

  5. J Wilson says:

    LOVED the first season. Loved the second season, but not as much. I think the addition of females was a great idea, just not the two characters of Ilsa and Ames. Nothing wrong with them personally, just didn’t seem to fit the “go for it at all costs” theme of the show that the guys had. Ilsa seems to fragile and the fact that these men “need” her money takes away from their strength. Then it got very weird for Chance to be interested in her. She just doesn’t seem his type at all. All that said, I love the show and would never stop watching it to get to see the guys every week. Don’t like Fringe as much, would definitely choose HT every chance I got!

  6. Steve says:

    Please keep both Human Target and Fringe going.

    You can’t beat good writing and both of those shows has it!

  7. shirley says:

    PLEASE keep Human Target coming. All my family looks forward to it.Love the action, the locales. The characters are great except we don’t care for Ilsa-too phoney and does not add anything. In reference to the other 2 shows in question, Fringe used to be a good show but now its gotten too complicated,and improbable. And Lie to Me–he’s just too cocky and arrogant. First show of the 3 to keep–HUMAN TARGET by a landslide!!!

  8. Mimi says:

    Please keep this show. My husband and I love it! I love the plot lines….and I don’t mind Isla….but the other woman needs to go…..
    Love Wilson and Guerrero. Hope FOX makes the right decision to keep this show on it’s lineup

  9. palnudb says:

    Human Target is a fun popcorn show. It would do much better if they put it on at a specific time and day and leave it alone. It will draw a crowd. I think it took major hits recently because of you never knew when it was going to be on. It needs to be on the same day and same time every week, not 3 weeks on and 1 off, every week. The networks are screwing up all the shows because they don’t leave the schedules alone, and they run short seasons of shows. Enough with the crappy reality shows too.

  10. todd says:

    Keep Keep KEEEEEEP,

    One of the best shows fox has… If they take it off I’m not even going to watch FOX…. House used to be ok but got boring… Lie to Me lost its appeal… and bones (Brena gets on my nerves) is going down hill as well. So basically FOX sucks without HT. Even with the two new additions it is a good show. I don’t like the love affair between Pucci and Chance. I guess they put that in for the ladies…

    • Andrew Campbell says:

      Hey dude. I like the plot between Pucci and Chance. I am a guy and I like the romance side of it. Infact, I have thought about writing a Action/Thriller/Romance Novel. Human Target has given me a few ideas because of the plot. And dont go and assume that its just for the ladies. Its not. So Todd, I am just gonna guess that u are just one closed of male and sterotypical.

  11. derek says:

    i think all three should stay, its just a matter of keeping their time and fixing Human target up. it has potential to be a show that people can watch and be happy with, its just that the number of times that H.T. has been shifted around is just crazy. 3 times in 2 seasons. keep it on wednesday, please. i hate changing my schedule to watch a show…..

    i also agree that lie to me and Fringe should stay. a rough start for shows and rough patches happen.

  12. Lili Dombrowski says:

    Please keep Human Target. I love the action and sense of humor.

  13. Sandra says:

    Please KEEP HUMAN TARGET ON TV!!! We love the show, and each week we looked forward to seeing it. We love all the action and at the end of season 2 the hint of romance.

  14. Carla Ferreira says:

    Keep Human Target it is exciting, dramatic, and just the right mix of humor, plus it is one of two shows on tv that my husband and I actually watch together. If you cancel it you may be the cause of a rift in our family, you don’t want that on your concience do you?
    Keep Human Target
    Keep Human Target
    Keep Human Target………….PLEASE!

  15. frankthetank says:

    My wife and I loved season 2! Didn’t know about the show earlier so I can’t comment on season 1. But with that said we NEVER missed and episode of season 2. Would definately be sad if they cut the show! PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW! The new cast is perfect!

    • Andrew Campbell says:

      Dude watch Season 1. Then watch Season 2 over again and maybe by then FOX would have made a smart decision to keep Human Target on and create a third season.

  16. lynn says:

    Please keep Human Target with orginal cast please get rid of the two women added especially llsa she was annoying and doing stupid things all the time it really took away from Chance’s power which is what the show was all about. Then everytime he told her not to do something stupid she did it anyway then the rest of the show was Chance trying to rescue her out the messes she created doing stupid things he asked her not to do give me a break. They were doing fine without the money she has and when she first was added she was only to be a silent partner the one with the money and that was it then she started making all the decisions and taking control really not a good idea.

  17. RachelElizabeth says:

    i do not care what characters you keep (although it would be hard to make the women disappear completely) but i absolutely LOVE that show!

  18. Andrew says:

    KEEP IT!!! IT has been my favorit show since The ending of 24

  19. RMC says:

    Keep Human Target!!! But, rewrite a bit to add more suspense and interest like when it first came on!!!

  20. Frank DuVaLL says:


  21. Andrew Campbell says:

    I am now a huge fan of Human Target and I am from N.Ireland. In the UK we dont have the channel FOX, but, we do have a channel called Syfy on Sky that Human Target is on that channel. I looked at the snippets from Season 2 and looked lethal. Now I couldn’t just start at Season 2. No thats just ridiculous. I started watching Season 1 online via tv-links. And I got into it. I loved the opening theme. However when watching Season 2 and listening to the opening theme, I didn’t like what they did with it, but, the show itself was very interesting to watch in the terms of story and where it was headed. I liked the idea when they brought Ames and Isla into picture because lets face it, watching men who are chasing men and going to shoot other men, its just gay. Not that I have anything against gays lol. No, it makes things more exciting. And new twists developing. But if it was the same thing happening it would just be boring. I like Isla and Ames, especially Ames because No.1 she is funny (you cant say that about every women can u? lol) and she is hot. So they are trying to make the show appeal to women more, but, its bringing a lot of guys in at the same time. I like that balance when it comes to TV shows because one day you invite your girlfriend to your house. Chat a little bit. Make her some tea and watch TV and snuggle on the sofa, but, hang on….after all that, an arguement is going to happen. Why? Cos she wants to watch what you dont want to watch. ITV2 American Idol???? No chance. How about watch some Jason Bourne, or James Bond on screen. And because you love your girlfriend very much and don’t want to break up over TV preferences. But hang on, do you really need those arguments? No. Human Target is that perfect program to watch if u are inviting ur girlfriend over to snuggle on the couch. There are other programs that have that balance and thats NIKITA and Burn Notice and I watch them all and love them all. But the Human Target plot is very juicy and you get an adrenaline rush by just watching it. I think Human Target has potential to thrive on and be a No.1 favourite by all. Plus I am a Young Actor and when I get my name out there and be recognised as an actor. Human Target is a show I want to be on. Plus it also has potential to make a great game as well. So if Season 3 comes out, which I hope it does. What could happen with the show? Not only is Ames funny, but, I have never seen her fight. How to change this? Chance train her?? It certainly will kick up the ratings, plus the girl who plays Ames will gain new skills which she could probably put on her resume. Though Bottomline. I just finished watching Human Target Season 1 and 2 and I like the way Human Target is headed. So FOX, use your head, keep the show. I dont want to see Chuck. Cut Chuck. I never watch it and it just looks terrible. If I want comedy and less action, but its an action genre. I would just watch Johnny English. Though Johnny English is better than Chuck.

  22. Cheesesteak says:

    Please, please, please keep Human Target. I look so forward to watching this show. I love each of the characters. Each of them bring something special to thier characters. The love tension between Chance and Llsa is great. Every cast member very attractive. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!! Once of the best action shows on tv today.

  23. Pam says:

    Keep It!!!!!
    Love Human Target and Fringe – don’t care for Lie to Me that much. I like the second season much better than the first and was really looking forward to the third and the development of the characters! I think that America needs a hero who is imperfect like Chance and who is trying to make the world a better place! I talked to a lot of people who came to the series late in season 2 AND were excited about it! I think that FOX is making a big mistake! It seems that “Reality” TV is taking over and not everyone is a fan – some of us like good old fashioned escape into action and seeing the good guy win!

  24. Diana says:

    I Love Human Target with or with out the girls. I would really hate to see such a good show be cancelled because of such a silly detail. After cancelling moonlight, which was a really bad decission that Fox made cancelling Human Target would be a really really bad decission. I heard ratings were high last season.

  25. sam says:


  26. suzq says:

    I love love love this show just the way it is… ames and Guerrero are funny b/c they are so smart elic.. but I love chance so plzzzzz don’t get rid if it…. me and my husband enjoy watching it together.. can’t say that about other shows but definitely this one

  27. Bet says:


  28. jo says:

    **KEEP IT** ..my husband and i love the show it is one thing we looked forward to watching every week… we liked the first season and fell in love with the show in the second season….. i am not big on action cause it’s always gory but Human Target is different….. and that’s what we like about the show…. Also Ames and Guerrero have awesome chemistry and Winston cracks me up as for Mrs. Pucci i like it how she is always up for the adventure even if she doesn’t agree in the case…..and chance well i absolutely love his role in the show his strong bodyguard i untouchable funny character….. So yeah i would say *KEEP IT* cause the adding of Ames and Pucci not only pulled me into the show it also made the show better……

  29. b bushnell says:

    Keep Human Target. It’s a fun action show and we don’t want it to go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. sheldon says:

    Human target is a suspenseful show its not like fringe where its just another beyond world encounters show. i like realism in shows and fringe isn’t one of them. i admit its a good show but human target has something going for it. along side with Lie to me is an awesome show it can some what tell you how to read peoples emotions and reactions towards being questioned or just looking at them. its reminds me of the show the mentalist just further in depth. if i had to make a list i would have to have 1.Human Target 2.Lie to me 3. Fringe