Fall TV Preview

Human Target On the Bubble: Keep Or Cut?

Come mid-May (if not occasionally sooner), the networks will be making some tough calls as to which shows will return for the 2011-12 TV season, and which should start packing their bags. In addition to our ongoing “Renew Our Show!” Bracket Tournament, TVLine will single out some “bubble” shows and survey their prospects. The first one in our crosshairs: Fox’s Human Target.

THE SHOW: Human Target (Fox)

THE TIME SLOT: Most recently, Wednesdays at 9/8c.

‘Renew Our Show!’ Sweet 16 Bracket Tournament: Chuck Vs. Human Target

THE CASE FOR KEEPING: Most simply said, we need testosterone TV like this, and ever since the clock ran out on 24‘s Jack Bauer, it’s been Christopher Chance’s (Mark Valley) mantle to carry, and his alone. (Really, who else is walking away slo-mo from fiery explosions anymore? It’s a dying art.) Plus, we already “lost” the excellent Chi McBride once before, when Pushing Daisies got plucked. And thirdly, I give you four words: Jackie. Earle. Frickin’. Haley.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING: Some argue that Human Target misfired in its second season by adding to its manly mix two female series regulars (as well as subtracting the original theme song). I will argue that the character of Ames (played by Janet Montgomery), if thought out more thoroughly, could provide true value to the team. Indira Varma‘s Ilsa, however, seems to be on hand for primarily one reason: to stir up some “Will They/Won’t They?” angst-filled dynamic with Chance, and folks, this just isn’t the show for that. We were absolutely A-OK with Chance having intermittent romantic interests played by gorge guest stars (such as, swoon, Emmanuelle Vaugier).

Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

Hit the comments section to make your own case for keeping or cutting Human Target!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. catherine says:

    I absolutely LOVE Human Target! It has everything you want in a show, suspense, explosions, Jackie Earle Haley! =P
    But I do think that since they added Ilsa and Ames it has been a bit of an upset for me. Dont get me wrong, I thought 95% of the 2nd season was AMAZING! But I think they seriously need to get rid of Ilsa’s character. This whole “love” thing with Chance is totally homo! Human Target is about killing people and BOOOOMS! Not drunk kissing scenes! Eeeek! I say that they should have Ilsa break poor little Chance’s heart (like most girls do) and then Chance gets Guerrero on her ass! YES!! TORTURE!! =D Okay, Im done.
    But I dont mind Ames too much, she is a bit annoying, but I like how she bugs Guerrero! =)
    Im just crossing my fingers they get a 3rd season. I need my weekly Guerrero =P

  2. Buddy says:

    I say a BIG KEEP!!! I did like the 1st season better, due to same reasoning that Matt wrote. HT deserves a better opportunity. Fox moved the show around and tried to finish the season off too fast. Additionally, Fox didn’t promote it much, i.e. the only Fox scripted-series that didn’t get a plug during the actual Super Bowl game.

    Also, thanks TVLine for mentioning the show. There hasn’t been much love for HT in articles or on other places on the web. I thought people forgot about this series already. It’s a gem.

  3. Tanya says:

    Definitely KEEP – this is one of my “must sees” every week. Mark Valley is just yummy to watch, but I love me some Jackie Earle Haley!

  4. Jon Weir says:

    It’s a keeper. Give it every Chance.

  5. Kevin says:

    Keep, Keep, Keep!!! Human Target is a winner! I will be the first to admit that the last beats of the 2nd season finalej didn’t quite work. And, I think the first season’s score was immensely better. But the characters keep growing and getting better. Keep this show! Fringe is not on the bubble. It’s really not. Keep Human Target!

  6. Gwen says:

    PLEASE keep this show, if for no other reason so that we can watch the excellent and totally cool Jackie Earle Haley!!! But he’s not the only reason…we like everyone in the cast and the concept is original.

  7. Kyle says:

    Since 24 went off the air, Human Target is the only show to get one’s adrenaline fix. The show NEEDS to be renewed!

  8. Jennifer says:

    My husband and I love this show! I loved both seasons for different reasons, and would truly be happy with either format moving forward. I too sorely miss the S1 theme song and episode music. Please bring Bear back!! :-)

  9. Jennifer G. says:

    would love to see a season 3. Really enjoyed season 2 & the addition of the females to the cast. I like the addition of the Ilsa Pucci character and the humor & tension it causes with the guys. I think everything about the show was really starting to click towards the end of the season (short one at that). Like the combination of action, fun, humor, & adventure. Like how the writers have teased viewers with little bits of personal information about each of the characters that I can only hope will be expanded on in future episodes. FOX give Human Target a fair chance to build its audience by promoting it, run a full season and keep it at the same time every week. Hard for a show to build on it’s audience when it was bounced all over the schedule.

  10. Jennifer G. says:

    would love to see a season 3. Really enjoyed season 2 & the addition of the females to the cast. I like the addition of the Ilsa Pucci character and the humor & tension it causes with the guys. I think everything about the show was really starting to click towards the end of the season (short one at that). Like the combination of action, fun, humor, & adventure. Like how the writers have teased viewers with little bits of personal information about each of the characters that I can only hope will be expanded on in future episodes. FOX give Human Target a fair chance to build its audience by promoting it, run a full season and keep it at the same time every week. Hard for a show to build on its audience when it was bounced all over the schedule.

  11. Wes says:

    KEEP – show is lots of fun.

  12. Stephen S. says:

    KEEP IT!!!

    It’s one of my favorite tv shows.

  13. g says:

    I thought the opposite about the new characters. Bring bacj Human Target, but get rid of Ames. Although I agree Ilsa was more there to create a will they/won’t they scenario, at least her character got storylines. Apart from the episode with her friend from her heist days, Ames did very little, and was very underdeveloped.

  14. Vanny says:


  15. Alan says:

    Keep it. Out of hundreds of channels, it’s one of the few I like to watch.

  16. KG1 says:

    This is a fun show to watch with my family, and it’s not just “yet another procedural”. I have actually enjoyed the new female characters, but they need to use Ames more and make Ilsa a little stronger. I’d hate to see it go away. That said, if Fox only gets to keep one “bubble” show, the pick FRINGE, by a mile.

  17. Vinny says:

    I love Human Target, it’s charming and smart. Love the cast, cut Fringe if you must cut something.

  18. Lynn says:


  19. Andrea says:

    Keep HUMAN TARGET. Do the half-season thing again if FOX has to. HUMAN TARGET is escapist action (in a good way.) Not every show has to be a gripping drama or witty comedy.

  20. Paige says:

    My husband and I love Human Target. It’s such an entertaining show to watch. Mark Valley, Chi McBride, and Jackie Earl Haley are incredible! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for its renewal!

  21. jessica says:

    Keep it but I think season 1 formatting worked a lot better. The addition of Ames killed the show for me. Bring back the music and opening credit music from season 1. Bear M shouldn’t of been let go.

  22. Rush says:

    This show would be an excellent lead-in to Fringe on Fridays.

  23. EveatEden says:

    Top of my bubble list for Fox. So much more enjoyable than Lie to Me and I’ve never been a Fringe fan. Lie to me this season just blew. I stopped watching it already. Loved it before but this season was just awful!

  24. TESS says:

    This show is a keeper!!!! Great action, like watching an hour long movie each week! Great all around! Cast is a wonderful ensemble!
    Even when moving it around in the time slot, got the ratings! Hope you will give another season!!!!

  25. Joann says:

    Personally — all 3 shows are very good — order of preference for me would be Lie To Me; Human Target and Fringe — I think Human Target got derailed this season with the introduction of Ilsa — if she had stayed in the periphery instead of being front & center, I think the series would have gotten better ratings, but then again, Fox put it on Friday night! What do they expect!

  26. Kimba says:

    Keep, keep, keep!!! I love this show and I love Mark Valley – ever since Keen Eddie. Please FOX, don’t cancel this show. Thanks so much!

  27. Kristin says:


    But unload Ilsa and Ames (and I love Indira Varma, but her character is annoying). If you have to keep them, at least make Ilsa less damsel in distressy or always having to be the boss of everything.

    I feel like the rushed the season premiere just to bring her character in; I wanted more resolution to S1’s cliffhanger.

    Plus, I still think Katherine (you know, the whole reason Chance became a white hat??) is alive out there somewhere (she died in an explosion and anyone who’s ever watched anything in the movies or tv [especially soaps] knows that’s a prime way to bring someone back from the dead) and I would love them to revisit that!

  28. Renee says:

    KEEP! However, seriously rewrite or get rid of the female characters. They detract IMO.

  29. Joven aún says:

    KEEP THE SHOW!!! Less romance and more action! And more of Guerrero

  30. Ellen in NYC says:

    I really like Human Target. Never thought I would take so quickly to anything with Mark Valley, but I like him in this and I like Jackie Earle Haley even more so. I like HT enough that I watch it in real time, not Tivo time.

  31. Natalie says:

    Keep HT!!! The boys are awesome, including Carmine!

  32. Sandy Cann says:

    Keep Human Target… only take away the romance between Ilsa and Chance, otherwise keep her too. She is comedic release most times, and a good source of trouble. The rest of the characters are perfect.. don’t change any of them, especially Guerro, and his back and forth with Ames is fun. I’m looking for Mark Valley to become Jack Reacher when those movies get made.

  33. Jen furru says:

    Keep it!!! One of the best shows on TV.

  34. GJV says:

    Keep the show. Looked forward to every week. The next best thing since 24 for the Fox Network.

  35. T-Vise says:

    Human Target and Fringe are without a doubt two of the best shows being aired today. We need solid alternatives to reality based television and the standard CSI shows of which there are just too many. An on going redundant formula that needs to change. Human Target has wonderful character interplay and levity for a dramatic series. Something that TV has lost. Fringe is a great sci-fi adventure with leakage and scientific entertainment value, as well as very good character interplay as well. Fox should definitely hang on to both, as this is a no brainer! Lie to me… really don’t tune in for that one. CUT!

  36. anonymous says:


    I can’t believe the list of shows they want to cancel. TV is recovering from a lot of good shows that were lost in the early to mid 2000’s and there are so many good ones now.

    HUMAN TARGET IS GREAT………..+ THE Story on Guerrero Jackie Earle Haley’s character just on it’s own is enough reason why they should keep that show running.

  37. David McKie says:

    Keep the show. Wife and I really enjoy it

  38. Tucker says:

    Definitely keep it. Season 2 showrunner Matt Miller said he made a definite mistake in changing the theme song and wanted to change it back but felt odd about doing it midseason. He would bring back Bear McCreary’s theme if the show gets a season 3.

    I’m one of those that felt like the addition of the two female characters, particularly Ilsa, was a drag on the great dynamic between Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley in the first season. There were moments when they reclaimed it but too often the focus was on Ilsa. If they come back for Season 3, they should move Ilsa to the role she should always have been, the money who pops in occasionally. There is simply no need, especially given the character, for her to be around constantly. And for me, the supposed romance between Chance and Ilsa never clicked. Spot on for saying this isn’t that kind of show.

    I could stand them having Ames around still if she has a purpose. She really brought very little skill to the team. All of her thievery stuff seemed like things Chance was easily able to do on his own in the first season. And the mentor dynamic with Guerrero fell just a tad short. If she comes back as a competent addition to the team, keep her. If she’s just going to be T&A, frankly, they could do that with guest stars. The little spunky comic relief thing also doesn’t quite fit. I’m not saying get rid of it completely but find a way to evolve it so it works in the fine stew of the chemistry between the three male leads.

    I really hope the show has another chance to prove itself and they are able to nail down the right tone and texture for it. That first season was really one of the hands-down most entertaining shows on TV that year. Get back to that and expound upon it in the right ways and I think the audiences will find it.

  39. PJ says:

    I really enjoy this show. Didn’t really think the woman added much this season, but I didn’t think they hurt the show either; no real impact. I love the story lines and feel the three main mail characters have great chemistry.

  40. Sandy says:

    Keep Human Target. I love the addition of Mrs. Pucci. The chemistry is great between Ilsa and Chance. The entire cast is first rate.

    I also like Fringe and Lie to Me but I would pick Human Target first.

  41. Phoenix says:

    Keep it!! Good God keep it!

    Human Target and House are the only two shows I ever really watch or make time to watch. I agree with Cass, I liked the second better than the first, seems like a rare thing. I like Ilsa and Chance together, and they do have great chemistry. Love Mark Valley. Jackie has wonderful timing and great dry humor. Please Fox, please keep Human Target.

  42. Keith says:

    KEEP IT, DUDE! Best, and one of the few, actions shows on television today. The three main characters are grgeat together. Addint the female complement made for a slow start, but the action is back. Besides, Guerrero has come into his own and really makes the show. Okay, they are all good. Just please, do not bring in some reality show to replace it or I’ll probably throw up. KEEP HUMAN TARGET!

  43. Missy says:

    This show must stay. The story line could be taken in so many different directions they just need someone to take it in one of the good ways. There is no show on that is action packed like this one. I loved when they were in different locations and the action just seemed more believable then many other shows. Please keep Fringe and Human Target I love lie to me as well but at times it seemed erratic which was fun for awhile.

  44. Tinker says:

    A total keeper. I love the Chance-Ilsa relationship. Want more of that. Season 2 was so HOT – loved the last 3 episodes. They were pumping. Showed a bit of Guerrero the “mystery” – loved that he got a whole episode too. Show more of his dangerous side :)

    Bottom line, don’t cancel this show. The girls brought in were integrated VERY well!!!

  45. Sheila says:

    Human Target is a great show, BUT, they should never have added the 2 new women. Totally unnecessary and they ruin the show. She is definitely not Chance’s type and is extremely annoying. We had a good thing going and then they had to change it for no apparent reason

  46. Teresa says:

    Please do not take away Christopher Chance and his team. I love this show. And my dvr never misses an episode!!!!

  47. Layali says:

    I love this show and would absolutely hate to see it go! It’s a nice mix of action , adventure and romance. KEEP THE SHOW PLEASE!!!!

  48. laura says:

    Keep Human Target – we so need a Season 3 – Love the show

  49. garlik says:

    Please renew Human Target. Show is just incredible, my favorite on any channel and in any time slot. It’s what I watch on Fox.

  50. Karen says:

    Just renew Human Target for a ENTIRE Season and watch it grow!!!!