Exclusive: CSI Vet Is Back With a Bang!

The return of serial killer Nate Haskell isn’t all bad for the Vegas crimefighters of CSI. Rather, his latest reign of terror will actually set the stage for the return of former series regular Louise Lombard!

TVLine has learned exclusively that the CSI alumna will reprise her role as the well-liked Sofia Curtis during May sweeps — and one major thing has changed since we last saw her back in Season 8.

“Sofia’s a deputy chief now,” executive producer Carol Mendelsohn reveals. “She’s gotten her shield and she has a real ‘take no prisoners’ attitude.”

As such, when Sofia gets introduced to Langston (Laurence Fishburne), things do not go smoothly.

CSI Brings Back Lady Heather! But What About Gil?

“Langston becomes involved because Sofia wants to call in the feds, since they’ve now had Haskell sightings in Mexico and all over, which means he’s clearly not in Vegas. Of course, Langston begs to differ,” Mendelsohn previews. “The episode is really about where is Nate Haskell.”

“Sofia actually blames Langston and Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) for Haskell’s escape,” the showrunner continues. “And she blames Brass (Paul Guilfoyle).”

Ultimately, Brass blasts back, “‘Hate to rain on your tirade, Deputy Chief, but we’re not going catch Haskell debating ancient history.'” And presto, the team is reunited! Kind of.

As of now, Lombard is only set to appear in one episode, but seeing as Mendelsohn “loves Louise,” she tells TVLine with a knowing grin, “You may see her in the finale, too.”

Ready for CSI‘s jam-packed episode this spring? Happy to see Lombard back in those detective duds? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. AP says:

    I loved Sofia and always wanted to know what happened to her. I honestly haven’t watched since she left, but I’ll probably tune it for this.

  2. jc says:

    If TPTB are looking for a strong series regular, which they probably are, bring Sofia back full time ASAP!

    • Mac says:

      YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! IIIII LIKE it! :D

      Why the unnecessary drama/conflict? Bah, they just should have brought her back sans the team conflict.

      If Marg leaves, Louise could replace here as a regular.

  3. diana says:

    Sofia, Lady Heather, Grissom (kinda) returning! CSI is getting better. When are they going to get rid of Langston once and for all?

    • Amanda says:

      AMEN to that, I say! So excited about Louise returning… But if they needed a well-liked character, why didn’t they just keep Wendy!? Still confuses me…

    • maddie says:

      I’m totally with you! Do they really think anyone likes Langston? I still watch CSI, but that’s just because I’ve been watching the show since season 3. The best episodes in this season were the ones with cases he hadn’t participated, such as Wild Life. But maybe Nate Haskell will kill him during the finale.

      • Robin says:

        I do. You must mean another episode, because he was in Wild Life. The scene where he had Catherine sit on his lap to re-enact the balcony sex scene was in Wild Life. Please try again.

        • jules says:

          Well, he was in Wild Life, but I think what made the episode good wasn’t him at all. The other case was much more interesting.

    • Dominique says:

      Amen to that! Langston’the leats interesting character of all and it is beyond me why th eproducers/writers keep shoving him in our faces, when it’s obvious EVERYONE loves Catherine, Nick, Greg etc way more. Ultimate low-blow was when the 200th episodes was all about Langston. He’d been there for just 5 episodes, and the milestone of that season, of the series, was about HIM. WTF?

      So glad we’ve been able to see some of the former castmembers again, now all we need is Liz Vassey back.

  4. Juliab says:

    I would love to see Louise Lombard back as a series regular.

  5. Sara says:

    Oh, yes, Sofía!! I love Louise Lombard! I’d love to see hee again!!

  6. Cheery says:

    Yay, I love Louise Lombard! Too bad they didn’t keep her around on NCIS:LA, maybe then I’d watch the show.

    • Lorie says:

      ITA. I was bummed when I learned she wasn’t going to be in NCIS:LA after all. Wonder why they didn’t keep her.

  7. mamamimi says:

    YEA!! I’m happy she’s returning! Deputy Chief–that sounds good and maybe she’s a real boss this time. When did we see her last? When Sara was kidnapped? Has it been that long! I hope she comes back to replace Langston after she fires him!

  8. JohnDoe says:

    Until they announce that Gil Grissom is coming back after being bored scouring the rainforest for bugs, I’m just getting more worn out with CSI…

    • Karen says:

      I certainly agree with you. Watched from the very first CSI until Grissom left. Tried the “new” CSI, but it leaves much to be desired. The only good thing since is that Sara seems to be back.

    • abbybailey says:

      Amen to that! Grissom was the show! The only other cast member I would like to see come back would be Warrick Brown. Now I know that that would be impossible since he died. Maybe they found a way to bring people back to life!

  9. Graciela says:

    Julia Holden, Lady Heather, Sofia Curtis, Terri Miller need to go back and laboratory technique that went out with Grissom in the first chapters and do a chapter called Grissom and their wives. They return all but one who has the return the soul and heart of the show GRISSOM. A few tricks will use the writers. Pathetic.

  10. hillary says:

    Ugh. Not a fan. That was one character who the writers couldn’t figure out what to do with. First she was investigating Grissom and the team and got into an immediate standoff with each of Catherine and Sara.

    She got demoted to work under Grissom, even though she was in line for Ecklie’s job.

    The GSR fans hated her in fear TPTB were trying to pair Sofia with Grissom.

    Then Lombard got pregnant, got written out, and when she came back, she’d been reinvented as a cop. But as a cop, she was largely monotone.

    They almost exclusively paired her with the Nick character in season 6 & 7, but she proved to be the one actress who turned George Eads, who’s normally an emotive actor, all robot/automaton.

    Finally she disappeared without mention.

    And now she’s back with a new job — possibly demotion again?

    That says to me the writers really never knew what to do with her. It’s going to be more of the disasterous same.

    • Mac says:

      Sophia Curtis (Louise Lombard) was GREAT in the episode where she DOESN’T do what Ecklie wants and expects (to find fault with Grissom’s leadership.) and instead BACKS Grissom. That costs her and she’s demoted to a CSI. However, I respect that; she’s a straight shooter. Later, she went to Brass’ side of the dept. as a detective, but IT ALL WORKED. She and Capt. Brass were GREAT in the two-parter “A Bullet Runs Through It.”

      The writers may have shuffled her around a bit in the LVPD, but it all worked, and she was always one of my favorite characters. She always had good chemistry with Grissom and he respected her. Sara saw her as threat, and was obviously jealous/territorial where Grissom was concerned.

      The characters that most get on my nerves are Ecklie and Hodges. Never could stand kiss-a**, conniveers.

  11. Joneses says:

    Seems like CSI is running out of ideas. It’s ridiculous how they’re bringing back all old characters, some with ridiculous new titles (Lady Heather, dominatrix, ex-con, suicidal, sex therapist and now Dr. Heather Kessler, all in the space of what? three years? Can I say, please!?).

    And now Sophia, and I seem to be in the minority here, but I like Ray and I am not a Sophia fan. I’m not even indifferent; the character annoys me! My reasons are probably lame, but my main beef with Sophia is her voice/accent. The worst thing CSI did with this character is cast her as an American when she would have been far less annoying if she hadn’t tried (so badly) to cover up a British accent.

    Finally, I’m also wondering what CSI is playing at. Grissom is married now, but they’ve got exes coming out of the woodwork. Where are they going with that? It can’t be simply to keep Grissom top of mind since Sara is already there and doing that much more effectively than anyone else could.

    I wish CSI would get on with the stories and end the ridiculous, over-the-top, characterization of secondary characters. Hodges, Henry, even Doc, are turning into caricatures of themselves.

    • Say No To CBS says:

      Amen! Don’t know why it took me so many years to find your posting! Couldn’t agree with you more.

      They should have killed LH off in TGTB&TD as the original script was penned. Too bad that Petersen wanted to give this character a good closure by reuniting her with her granddaughter. I was — still am — so sick and tired of her ‘fortune cookie’ type of wisdom.

      Now for Louse Lombard, aka Sofia Curtis. I don’t think she deserved to be one of the regulars because this character didn’t bring anything special to the show. The talented Lombard could deliver if you give her the right materials she can sink her teeth in. She’s great in the two-parter of A Bullet Runs Through It. She would have been great just to come in as a guest star. Doing the ABRTI, then left.

      Guess the writers should shoulder the blame for not knowing what to do with Curtis. So in the end, she just didn’t fit at all. Always an extra that the show could do without. (But I don’t know why Lombard had problem sticking with other shows, though. Like in Lottery, after the pilot episode, she was let go but her character stays.)

      CSI was supposed to be carried by its ensemble. But they spent the first eight or so years promoting Grissom and Catherine, and didn’t pay enough attention to the rest of the cast members. The show suffered a great deal after Grissom’s departure; that was a shame, really.

      LF’s Langston stepped into an unenviable situation when he took over. He soldered on bravely for two years. TD’s DB Russell was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed watching him very much, and I am grateful he managed to keep CSI on air for three more seasons. He was a great supervisor. Liked him.

      Now CBS has cancelled the show. We all have our DVDs if we don’t want to watch it on Hulu.

  12. Mikos says:

    Yay, love Louise Lombard and glad she’s coming back. Really sucked how she got focus grouped or something out of NCIS-LA.

  13. Jase says:

    She’s terrible.

  14. Shane S. says:

    Love Sofia. Love Louise. This is great news!!

    Thanks again to Meg for delivering the scoops of all scoops! :D

  15. Jaclyn says:

    It’s about time! Louise Lombard is awesome and she really was a loss when she ‘disappeared’ since they never addressed where the hell she went? I’m still unsure.

    Her kick ass attitude and go get ’em spirit is brilliant for the show – which seems to have lost its stride a little in recent months. I will renew my interest with Louise back in the mix – CSI NY is still kicking the originals butt though!

  16. Jaclyn says:

    Just read some comments above – Bloody Shippers really spoil every single show I’ve watched – demanding their own vicarious jolly for characters. I just find the whole notion of ‘love interests’ in procedural shows ridiculous. Frankly the ‘damaged needy female’ is a lame and easy get out for a one off.
    And other comments just show how the different perceptions of characters can manifest. Sofia Curtis was given a role by Ecklie and when she refused to endorse his power mongering she was placed on Grissom’s team. Due to making every lab rat a CSI in the field, they clearly needed another squint – then decided they were short of cops so moved her to that role – she was always a cop, hence why she behaved how she did at crime scenes.
    I am starting a ‘I hate shippers and slashers’ fight back!

    • Mr. Wolf says:

      Count me in! I hate the whole 6th grade schoolgirl attitudes of these so-called “shippers” as well. These people should treat their significant others with as much swooning romance as they post online for fictional TV characters. Oh, wait. That would probably be as creepy and insipid in real life as it is online. A can we stop the stupid mash-up of names as well? Not clever…just stupid.

  17. hillary says:

    The problem lies with the writers, mostly Mendelssohn. She decided to bring Sofia on as someone who got in the faces of the women on the show, not the men. It was Catherine who spoke the first angry words about Sofia and then Sara played jealous any time she found Sofia with Grissom. But they already had Sara and Catherine at odds with each other much of the time.

    Mendelssohn later brought on Riley Adams with a similar antagonism for Catherine. Just last month she had Sara facing off with Grissom’s mother and another ex-girlfriend.

    What is it with Carol Mendelssohn writing females who hate each other? Yet the males didn’t get in each others’ way like this.

  18. EJCG says:

    Wow – interesting comments. I didn’t care for Sofia at first but she grew on me and it will be good to have her back. I think hillary has a good point. All of the female characters have started off as antagonists, which I don’t think is how life really is. As a Fish non-fan, I’ll be hoping she really puts him in his place to the point where he decides he really should go back to teaching.

  19. Jasmine says:

    NEVER really liked this character, I was hoping it would be Gil or a a much missed Warrick, somehow!

  20. Bob says:

    Stopped watching when Petersen left. Caught one or two episodes with Fishburne. He doesn’t fit in, so they could easily lose him. Maybe the season finale this year should be the series finale. It’s run its course.

  21. time lord says:

    i loved her on c s i. i thought she had great chemistry with gil. good to see her back.

  22. john says:

    My family hasnt watched the show since Petersen left. We are all hoping that he will return and be in charge of the lab. He made the show nothing against the other characters, but Petersen’s character was the glue to bind that show in our opinion.

  23. Kelly says:


  24. John says:

    I think it’s a GREAT idea to bring Sophia back. She evaropated from both CSI and NCISLA. The writers found her dead in NCIS, I guess to close the book on her. Fishborn is a class A actor, but the writers have failed to bring him into the fold of CSI. The “Eddie” Haskel plot is like a warmed over “Silence of the Lambs” job. I think Liz got slighted when she lost opening credits to Fox. I don’t know but I wished they devoleped her chareter futher. She developed two epiosodes with her lab rat love intrest pal. She is sharp and cute, I wish her the best of luck. CSINY, has taken on new life with the idea of Sela Ward. I think the idea came from the 4 epicsodes the Liv Sherider did with CSI. A little profiling along with evidence. Even with a return from Grissom I feel that CSI Vegas has only one more year in the run. It’s been stale with guest stars and the leads. The writers are done. Hats off to the cast! Helenburger should get her millions from Sam though. IM hope they all get good money from reruns for years to come.

  25. Tomic says:

    Fishburne is a great actor but the Langston character does not seem to fit either in the field or the lab. They should have left him as an academic and called him in as a consultant.

  26. e says:


  27. joey says:

    wish grissom would come back,fishburn doesnt work.bring gack sophia.get rid of catherine.she dosent do any thing for the show. bring back vassey,dump hodghes.

  28. KAREN says:

    is going to be super cool to have Sophia back, even a little bit, I love CSI it sincerely and need someone like her arrogant and defiant. Now go to Sub boss do it forty Ingul Brass frogs to talk to her. “Revenge of the blonde excluded” that should be the name of the episode.

  29. Sam Santos says:

    The only reason I watch CSI Las Vegas is because of Sophia Curtis (Louise Lombard),Until they dropped her out. Glad to see her back.

  30. Not Impressed says:

    Sorry to all you Sofia lovers. Sorry to rain on your parade. CBS made a mistake for having her back as DPC. Brass would be the more qualified one to take the post. Not this Sofia. What did she bring back with her to the show? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. A complete miscalculated move on the CSI TPTB. CBS was very patient with the actress who played Sofia; but CBS got nothing back out of it. Knowing now what they did with Brass in S14, I so wish they had made him DPC if CSI wanted to cut back some salaries/budgets. Brass didn’t have to show up in every single episode, but knowing he’s around would be enough for me. Hated the way they dismissed Paul. An unforgivable travesty.

    Sofia’s still no where to be found!

  31. Tazzie says:

    Down with a terrible cold, and couldn’t sleep. I was up, going through the old CSI article and found this.

    Just a couple of curious question heres: Why Sofia Curtis went AWOl after she was brought back and made DPC? Also it seems a lot of fans think Sofia Curtis/Louis Lombard is great, then, why she couldn’t make the cut?