Walking Dead Scoop: Whisper Mystery Solved?

In the final moments of The Walking Dead‘s first season, suicidal CDC scientist Jenner whispered something to our hero, Rick. But what?! That’s the $1 million question — and, at Friday’s PaleyFest ’11 panel honoring the AMC smash, we got exec producer Robert Kirkman to answer it!

“Jenner said, ‘I’ll miss you,'” he deadpanned to TVLine before letting out a loud cackle, thus revealing the spoiler to be a (sigh) foiler.

All kidding aside, Kirkman told us that the much-buzzed-about mystery would not be torturing fans for much longer. “That’s definitely something we’re going to be dealing with in the second season,” he said. “It’s not a tease that we want to go on too long, so we’ll definitely kind of wrap that up in this season.”

And if you read between the lines, it would appear Kirkman all but ruled out the unanimous theory that Jenner told Rick that his wife was with child when he added, “I think people are going to be kind of shocked at what was said there.”

One of those people will not be leading man Andrew Lincoln, who already knows what the answer is. But he’s not telling anyone. Admitted the actor: “Even my wife doesn’t know.”

What do you think Jenner told Rick? And are you counting the days until Dead‘s second season comes to life next fall? Hit the comments! (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Daniel says:

    It’s Lost in Translation all over again.

    • Jace Redwood says:

      Yup, next season the next person who dies will turn into a big mass of black smoke and anything that is envolped in it is instantly zombified, and also they find a time machine in the presidents bunker, and they are also faced with the president being bitten..then they go back in time and everythings nice while the smarter people are figuring out when the first person got sick and how

      • Roger Hayllar says:

        stop with the spoilers, you just ruined it all for me, I know I should’ve stopped but I started reading and now I think I know the whole bloody story :(

  2. I know what he told him

    He told him his test came up positive for the zombie virus. He is a carrier but did not become infected – so he may be useful in finding a cure.

  3. Joe says:

    I think it’s that they (the living) are all already infected, and that when they die, they will become zombies.

  4. dex123 says:

    That everyone on the planet has infected with the zombie disease? If you live you are human, if you die you are dead man walking.

  5. Justin k says:

    I agree with the earlier post, my first thought was that his blood was tainted but he’s immune somehow, Alice from Resident Evil style.

  6. Ashlee says:

    I still think he told Rick that his wife’s pregnant, which means the truth’s gonna come out and she’s gonna have to fess up about Shane.

  7. Delirious says:

    Yeah, I’m with the “someone’s a carrier, but immune” theory too… Although I’m going more with the idea of Carl or Lori being the ones infected, hence his shocked expression when told. Especially Carl, that’d be quite “wtf?”.

  8. Athena says:

    “You’re all infected,” I’m guessing.

  9. By Jove! I Think I've Got It! says:

    “Dang, Guy! Go find Charlie Sheen. He was a zonbie long before all this crap! The two of you will make a great couple!” }B-D

  10. Hopper says:

    If any of them are carriers then they would not be able to share ANY bodily fluids with anyone who is not a carried or they would infect them. So if Rick was a carrier, his wife would have to be as well or she would be infected already and turning/turned already… which she hasn’t.

  11. Brian says:

    As a fan of the comics, I’d bet money on the fact that he told him that everyone on the planet is infected, but the virus doesnt activate until you die. Thus meaning no end to the Zombies until the end of man.

  12. Tru Slayer says:

    Have any of you read the comic???

  13. Jessi says:

    We made the virus.

    Although that seems a little obvious.

  14. Sarah says:

    I can’t believe we have to wait until Fall! The first 6 episodes were soooo great, but it almost seems like a tease!

  15. Matt says:

    Spoiler, because I actually follow the comics: Rick’s wife is preggo.

    • heather says:

      really?!?! i havent read them yet. i thought maybe he was telling him bout where he might find some more living people and to pass on that he “was” close to a cure.as well as what is was. but her being prego sounds good enough to me. wonder how he will take it. i would leave her high n dry. i mean really??? he wasnt in the hospital all that long and she was already sleeping with someone? wtf. let alone that is was his bestfriend. i also think she has no right n any way to be mad at shane like she was when rick came back. after all if you lie down with dogs you wake up with flees. so she just as much in the wrong if not worse

  16. Jen says:

    Since I read the comics my obvious answer would be the Lori is prego, but since they spend quite a bit of time in the comics realizing and dealing with the fact that they are already infected and will turn regardless of how they die that’s the big issue that Rick & co will be dealing with next season. All has to lead up to future events where a bite doesn’t necessarily turn you.

  17. Rox says:

    Lori’s Pregnant!! Who would know besides Jenner or Lori???!!!

  18. Zach says:

    Lori dies in season two! And her baby dies too when they are held up in a prison and the crazy governor dies too.

    If you read the comics it will tell you exactly what he said!

  19. Marco J. frisbee says:

    It’s got to be that they’re all immune. Sure, that’s a neat coincidence with the writer of The Stand coming on board, but it’s the most plausible. We already know The Governor won’t show up until Season Three, so we’re left with the Prison and Herschel’s Farm as story arcs – and if you read the comics you know what hanging around each of those.

  20. Daniel Pohaku Osorno says:

    Dr. Jenner told Rick Grimes… “Season Two doesn’t start until next year!”.

  21. Rlynh says:

    I think the scientist told Rick that he witnessed Shane trying to get it on with Lori via videofeed, and that it looks like they’ve been having an affair. It would explain the look Rick gave Lori in the van just before they took off.

  22. Jon says:

    Just watched all of Season 1. I reckon it was that during the blood tests, it was discovered that Carl is not Rick’s son, but Shane’s. Lori and Shane had an affair ages ago and then Carl was born.

  23. Moogipree says:

    I reckon they will deviate a lot from the comics like they do with TV adaptations. If it was a film they’d stick to it but they want longevity and shock value so they’ll have made something up that’s better than the world being infected. At least I’d hope they would. I reckon they will go to the prison, but they’ll change the events such as *SPOILER*

    Lori won’t die and Carl won’t lose an eye.

  24. John Doss says:

    I think Jenner whispered something like ‘They’re dropping a bomb on Atlanta and you and your family only have but so much time to get out.’ or maybe even ‘worldwide decontamination’.

  25. Garrett says:

    I think he told Rick that he was infected with the zombie virus, but was able to access all his mental faculties. Watch season 1 finale again and you’ll hear Dr. Jenner talking about the virus. Just a theory…

  26. E.J. says:

    I think he told Rick that the CDC expects the virus to mutate and become airborne.

  27. Mike says:

    I think that one o them is a cure, maybe the children, but that they are the best hope to get a cure, or that we made the virus and their is no cure possible cuz we made it that way

  28. Kim says:

    That would be cool if Carl si not Ricks but Shanes! I also think that Rick is immune to the disease, and that is what Jenner told Rick!

  29. Austin says:

    I think you’re all nuts with the “The wife is pregnant.” theory….but then I have to realize most of this was probably posted before season 2 part 1 came out. I don’t think its the “Everyone is infected” story either. Just seems…pointless to the point of redundancy. “Oh, yea, everyone is infected, so try an live longer!”

    If anything, I would guess he said that the French….Was it the French?…Or whoever he talked about just prior is still working on a cure/has found a cure, but it’s hard to make/rare materials (Think ” Andromeda Strain” mini-series). But now, that even seems like a stretch.

    Is it man made? Probably. Perhaps it’s ET’s first visit.

    All I know for sure is that whatever the good doctor said, it was about the zombies, and not Mrs. Grimes being pregnant.

  30. louzannalady says:

    I think, he told him it was now airborne. The guards in season two had no obvious bite marks and barely noticeable scratches.

  31. louzannalady says:

    Oh! And, I think we will find everything happening is just part of a coma dream that Rick is having. He got shot. Is laying there in a coma and this is all in his head as he lays in the hospital. Life is not turned upside down by a zombie outbreak. : )