Exclusive: House Creator on the Huddy Bombshell and What Lies Ahead

Warning: If you have yet to watch Monday night’s episode of House, run — don’t walk — to the nearest emergency exit. Everyone else, onward and downward…

To all the Huddy fans out there, I am sorry for your loss.

In the closing minutes of this week’s much-hyped, retro-tastic House, Cuddy (played by Lisa Edelstein) pulled the plug on her months-long romance with Dr. Crankypants (Hugh Laurie) after she uncovered his latest deep, dark deception: He needs Vicodin in order to be a good boyfriend.

To make matters worse, the breakup triggered a full-on relapse for TV’s most prolific drug-addicted MD. In short, the long-running drama changed the game once again, and series creator David Shore is here with an exclusive post mortem.

TVLINE | Why did you break up House and Cuddy?
We knew it wasn’t going to last forever. We knew it couldn’t last forever. We had it mapped out since the beginning of the season that it was going to last almost exactly this long. It’s like anything else we do on the show. We go, “Let’s explore that. And once we’ve exhausted the exploration, let’s move on.” Now we move on to what it’s like for the two of them to be broken up, which is different than [anything] we’ve seen. And it all has to come back to the reality of these characters. I believe these characters are in love with each other. And I believe in a certain way they always will be. But I also believe House is not a good boyfriend. House is not a good spouse. He’s got deep issues, and the reasons Cuddy breaks up with him are very valid. Taking House down an ultimately happy road just seems unrealistic.

TVLINE | Is it fair to say the breakup will stick?
Yeah, it’s fair to say that. I can’t [say they’re done] forever, but we don’t want to jerk the audience around.

Lisa Edelstein on House‘s Uncertain Future: Nobody Wants to See it Go Off the Air

TVLINE | When you were outlining the story, did you leave yourself some wiggle room in case, you know, the romance proved successful beyond anyone’s imagination?
That’s always a possibility. You never know how things are going to unfold. My bigger concern was that putting them together was going to damage the dynamic of the show. But I think we pulled it off. It was a tricky thing. Keeping House as House and keeping Cuddy as Cuddy [while in this] relationship was important to us. And it was challenging.

TVLINE | Were the elaborate fantasy sequences a way to cushion the blow for Huddy fans? Like, maybe they’ll be too transfixed by all the pretty bells and whistles to be too upset about the split?
No. If anything I was worried we’d piss them off more with the sequences. [Laughs] Whenever you do something [different], you get scared that you’re going to do it badly and that you’re going to alienate people. And it was important that we do it in a House-like way, and I think we pulled it off. I don’t expect unanimous consensus, but I’m happy with what we did.

TVLINE | How did the idea for the fantasy elements come up?
There was talk at one point about doing each act [of the episode] in a different genre, which I think would’ve been bad; it would’ve worn thin. And then we realized that there was an opportunity to do that in a limited extent. We used them to throw little grace notes out there that were important to the story.

TVLINE | House, it seemed, officially fell back off the wagon at the end of the episode. Is he back to square one now?
He’s certainly back on Vicodin. Probably fair to say he’s back to square one.

House Casting Scoop: Cuddy’s Mom Returns!

TVLINE | So, was his entire recovery period all for naught?
That’s the [big] question. That’s the challenge going forward. It’s frankly a timely issue out there. [Laughs] Staying clean is an ongoing challenge. And it doesn’t happen without slips. Sometimes extended and serious slips.

TVLINE | Would it be correct to assume that if House can’t be happy with Cuddy, he can’t be happy with anyone?
It’s going to be a challenge with anyone. Cuddy, on the face of it, was his best hope. But hope doesn’t die easily. And striving for happiness is not something that you can easily walk away from.

Thoughts on this week’s House? Did you love the fantasy elements but loathe the demise of Huddy? Or is it the other way around? Share your thoughts in comments.

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  2. heather says:

    just took House off my DVR list. i’m done. sick and tired of the “nobody can be happy forever” rule, and i quit. congratulations, guys, if you were trying to lose viewers, you succeeded here.

  3. prettyapathetic says:

    I literally cheered and got up and danced when Cuddy dumped House. Now maybe they’ll actually be IN CHARACTER again. I understand and like the idea of House trying to find happiness, but honestly, I can’t see him sacrificing his own self for it. Now he doesn’t care if his patients die as long as he has Cuddy? Pardon? That was like taking everything House ever was and throwing it out the window. The main reason I watch the show is because I love the characters and I feel that the last few months has completely changed a few of them, namely House himself. I’m glad they’re over and I hope it stays that way.

    • FFN says:

      I literally cheered and got up and danced when Cuddy dumped House.
      SO DID I. I’m so happy right now. Hopefully the show can get back on track now. I’m tired of whipped!House

    • DanT says:

      WELL SAID!

    • Blair says:

      I cheered and did a fist pump myself. I don’t mind House pursuing happiness or being happy either– just not if it totally compromises the character and thus the show itself. Unfortunately, pairing him with Cuddy did just that.

  4. Laura says:

    I tried to write a book once where the end was a disaster, and people ended up miserable. it was a challenge i set myself and i failed. You, sir, have so far done well in this mission of yours to leave House ultimately miserable, for that matter, ALL the characters miserable. Wilson, Cuddy, Foreman, Chase, 13, Taub, Cutner. so far, all their efforts have brought them purely to nothing. no everlasting happiness.

    You have an amazingly strong will to keep pulling that off, week after week, and to put one show on air, that doesn’t end up with people happy, showing what is real for many people in the real world.

  5. Melanie says:

    I can’t believe you David Shore!!!!! 7 years we waited for House to open up and trust someone and have someone to love and be loved!!! I cannot believe you broke them up!!!! Why can’t they be together!!! They have been through so much. Can’t you let House have some happiness??? He has nothing happy in his life. I thought you were doing such a good job with keeping the characters real. House being House, Cuddy being Cuddy. The banter, arguing, etc. was still there. It seems to me there would have been so much more to explore with them as a couple. It’s like you just gave up!!! As a FAITHFUL fan of the show, I am very disappointed that you ended it this way. Doesn’t it mean anything to you that Hugh and Lisa have won many polls and award shows voted on by the fans as favorite tv couple????? I will still watch the show, but it just won’t be the same. Thanks for getting our hopes up and then taking it all away…..

    • CM says:

      House had someone he trusted and opened up to, for most of the 7 years, both when he wanted to and when he didn’t. Wilson. And, arguably, Cuddy in a different direction… as long as they weren’t acually having sex with each other. I’m curious why Shore thought that getting rid of those relationships in favour of resolving – I don’t even know what, exactly, ’cause it wasn’t sexual tension – was a good idea. Not every relationship between two people who love each other has to be based in dating/sex. In point of fact, given House’s established personality, he’d be the worst person to try and forge a stable relationship of that type with.

  6. Sandra says:

    To all the HUDDY HATERS. It’s not about whether HUDDY needed to stay together. But do you honestly think that House is a one dimensional character that must stay the addict for the whole show? People evolve, they change, and hopefully GROW. It would be ridiculous to see the same House from season 1 again. I am not one of those people that wants the whole show to be puppies, and bunnies but I felt that House was evolving into an even more complex character as he challenged himself to be a better person. If they wanted him to relapse they could have done it in a different way. I hated that he relapsed because of Cuddy, and then that she dumped him because of it. Over all I am very disappointed. And if you want to see the old House so much then buy the DVDs. I truly hope this doesn’t ruin the show.

    • Sally says:

      Well Said!

    • DanT says:

      If House had grown and evolved IN CHARACTER we would have had no problem. He didn’t. There were barely shades of the man we knew for six seasons. It is not about drugs or about Huddy, it is about HOUSE and about how he deals with and affects the world around him. All Cuddy did was try to change him, and he pathetically tried to please her. That is not love at all.

      • Blair says:

        Spot on. I want realistic evolution. Drug abuse and chronic pain were core issues for House’s character and both these story threads were completely dropped in favor of the House-Cuddy relationship. I personally thought House taking Vicodin to deal with emotional pain was very in character and also true to what a long term opiate addict would actually do. Now they just need to address the pain issue. Also agree with your points about the relationship dynamics and them not being love. It didn’t come off as love to me, it came off as dependence — need and not wanting to be alone. How sick and toxic. Beyond that, I personally didn’t feel any chemistry between House and Cuddy.

  7. bella says:

    Greg Yaitanes: “House & Cuddy is in the foreground for the remainder of the season.”

  8. me says:

    I’m loling at the Huddies who just last week were talking about how genious/great/perfect/etc the writing was and all the haters could turn the channel. Now the show sucks and it has the worst writing ever because things didn’t go well for your ship?
    Now they’re getting a taste of what everyone who doesn’t like Huddy has been feeling all season.

    • Crystal says:

      As a House/Cuddy supporter, I agree the writing was pretty darn awful at times. I just think they could have handled it A LOT better. Instead, now it just feels like a waste of time.

      • me says:

        I’ve never shipped those two, but I honestly don’t think I would have hated it if the writers could have done it without making House and Cuddy feel OOC, and only having Wilson on screen to give relationship advice. Oh and not having every episode centered around their relationship with the medical plot more of an afterthought.
        So yeah, the writers could have done this way better

    • Patty says:

      Yes it is funny how when the Huddies don’t get their own way you cannot get a rational word out of them. They said to everyone else when they didn’t like the Huddy soap it was just a show. Now they are making death threats? What happened to “If you don’t like the show stop watching”?

  9. erika says:

    Holy bananas, I got goosebumps at the end of this episode. I thought it was going to end happily. But hell was I wrong! D:

  10. Liz says:

    Thank you David Shore & Co., I love you right now. Bye Huddy and bye Huddy fangirls, I won’t miss either of you :D

  11. Nelson says:

    HA HA! Karma is a bitch, huh? Huddy fans should remember how bad they treated Cameron fans back then – do you really expect any sympathy now?!

    • lol! says:

      And the Wilson fans. Huddies got exactly what they had coming to them. I don’t feel bad for them at all

      • Blair says:

        And House/alone fans, for that matter. Yes, our “ship” exists too! Anyway, I am loving the reaction from the Huddy fans as well! LOLtastic!

  12. Long Live Huddy says:

    House is going to commit suicide in the series finale now! Thanks a lot david shore!!

  13. jason says:

    anyone who uses the word “shipper” needs to get a life

  14. NC says:

    Hated the episode with the fantasy sequences. Very un-House like. I liked Huddy. The relationship showed depth to House rather than just a strung out doctor who gets lucky most of the time with a diagnosis. Now, he is just back to a drug addict. Who wants to see more of that? I certainly do not. If this is the way the show will be, I guess last night was my last episode to watch. It was not even worth watching actually.

    • Blair says:

      I want to see well-written character evolution. But the evolution needs to feel in character and shouldn’t change the very things that make House HOUSE. Like or not, the House we were introduced to and have followed for years (up until this season) was sold to us as a unhappy, cynical, drug using chronic pain patient. That’s the character I signed on to watch. Do I want to see more of the same? Not necessarily. I DO think the character needs to evolve. However I will gladly watch drug addicted House over whipped, OOC House any day. Short answer: yes, I do want to see more of “that”– so here’s at least one person. I completely agree with you about the dream sequences though. I HATED them! I quite literally cringed throughout them.

  15. Rebecca says:

    I’m taking a break from the show for awhile. It’s too sad and depressing. I’m not saying this out of anger but it’s just the truth. Who watches a show to watch the main character who you care about circle the drain for seven years and his hopes dashed over and over again? After tonight, I had to think about what this show has left: more pain, more of House in the same place in his life he’s been in for seven years, of him hoping for something to pan out but, we know it really won’t? I might come back in a month. But I don’t know. I need to think about it. It’s just stupid to get invested in a character and a show when you know that’s all that’s left. And I really think that may be the case. I am not a sadist. I don’t get pleasure out of watching House in pain a million ways.

  16. Grace says:

    I think Cuddy was very hard on House. He WAS there for her when it really counted, even she said that. She told him that she knew he was messed up but still loved him. So, even if she knew that he took a Vicodin in order to get up enough nerve to go to her in the hospital, I don’t think she should have left him. Did she just realize that he was messed up and have relationship problems? NO!
    I never liked Huddy. No particular reason other than it took time away from House, his patients and his angst. Hugh Laurie is such an AMAZING actor. Why waste it on a ‘soap opera’ type show. I want Hugh Laurie to blow me away again with his acting. Guess I’m selfish like that. P.S. Cuddy did not have cancer. It was a benign tumor.

  17. hypocrisy says:

    I like how this show preaches against suicide with the episode regarding Kutner’s death, but then proceeds to show how it’s not worth living through the main character.

  18. Jess says:

    Yeah… I like Cuddy and all, but if House is happy, the show is kind of boring. If Yu want to see a happy character, don’t watch House.

    I honestly think House needs to be with a younger woman (Lydia or Cameron – I will never lose hope, hah) – someone less mature but more willing to put up with his crap. I’m a woman and I think as I get older, I have less patience for BS than I used to, hence the younger woman.

    I shipped House/Cameron since episode 1, but I actually think Lydia and House could have a real future together, if she was available. She seemed to mellow him out in a good way.

  19. Jordin says:

    Don’t know who it was on here a bit ago who told me that House and Cuddy were getting married this season (like they really knew for sure) while I laughed, but if you read this I want to say, remember how I laughed at the the thought of it? Who was right? Thank you. Here’s a lesson for you, kids, never listen to fan rumours. Luckily for me, I knew the person was blowing smoke up my a@@.

  20. Serinde says:

    I think David Shore just killed my House fandom. How can I go from being do passionate, interested and excited about a show to not even caring if I see another episode in the space of 3 hours?

    I said I would keep watching the show long as Lisa Edelstein was there and I guess I’ll stick to that but man it is going to be such a chore. I literally have zero interest, desire or curiosity to see what’s coming next.

  21. Alienatedviewer says:

    HUDDY hell is not over. Do not buy it. While House suffers for her, and nothing but her… It will not be the same as it was originally. And I anticipate that he will continue devoid of dignity, and with his balls still missing.

  22. Kim says:

    I ship House/Vicodin, his one true love.

    Eh… I’m royally pissed, sad, and relived all at once so I’ll say this… I was ecstatic that H/C got together at the end of season 6, but S6 with the exception of Broken lacked any depth, the finale was great, but randomly Cuddy realized she loved House? That makes no sense… and what happened with Lucas? So many unanswered questions. I did see chemistry from the beginning, but I felt that they ( the writers. producers, shore, whoever!) went about with the relationship the wrong way. As a ‘huddy’ I am sad that they broke up, but damn… the relationship was written horribly, there was no real chemistry and just the incessant nagging, going back and forth, ‘I’m done, I can’t do this. I knew you’d come. I love you. You’re what I need, I don’t want you to change.’ Its a no brainer why House went back to Vicodin… maybe he was on VIcodin the whole time so he’d be able to tolerate Cuddy’s seesaw of emotions. It didn’t make any sense, maybe now that the relationship is over the show can explore why Cuddy doesn’t know what she wants and she dragged House into this mess, Rachel, the hospital and herself. House isn’t at fault here, he’s an addict, but come on… if your bf is a recovering addict and you’re constantly sending mixed signals and expect him to change, but tell him you accept him for he who he is and when he’s himself, you get pissed. What message does that send? The break up was done well, would’ve been great, if Cuddy hadn’t almost always called it off every two episodes… I honestly wish they never would’ve gotten together because then we wouldn’t have gotten this.
    It seemed like this is where it was going because I believe that the writer’s wrote themselves into a corner where they just couldn’t make anything work, there was sooo much potential and writing material for the House/Cuddy relationship that wasn’t explored and probably never will be. That’s a real shame that we got crappy writing for this particular arc. I’ll be ok if the show picks up, but with no word of ‘renewals and contract renewals’… it’s not looking good. :I

    As much as the future angst-filled episodes will hurt, I hope they’re beautifully crafted and written like previous episodes… maybe this will bring back Shore’s groove and House since it has been… ‘meh’ lately.

    • Samara says:

      Kim, sorry, but angst-filled does not sound appealing. At all. I like a good mix of drama and comedy, not watching a dirge. Especially since I like House. Nothing ever goes right for him and all he does is go through one pain after another. It’s old now. Watching a retread of the old seasons-been there, done that, not appealing. Watching House go through pain yet again. Fail yet again? If I knew he’d get some real growth out of it, I’d watch. But he won’t. If you watch for character growth, real growth, not just watching House rubberbanding back and forth then there’s really no point to continue.

  23. James says:

    I think it’s quite funny that people have already made up their minds of exactly what happens next, and made those assumptions by quite possibly misunderstanding the quote of “He’s certainly back on Vicodin. Probably fair to say he’s back to square one.”

    Just means he’s back on vicodin. Doesn’t character development is back as square one. Doesn’t mean things are handled the same way. Doesn’t mean the same decisions are made all over again.

    Honestly, after seeing him about to break up with her for the sake of his patients the only thing that surprised me was this happening this quickly.

    Don’t know, i just think some people are reaching way to far and assuming they know exactly what is going to happen and how doomed the show is because they already know what course all the characters are going to take even before the writers do.

    • Kara says:

      After 7 years, you really think they’re going to have House not regress back to square one again and again for the rest of the series? What’s that saying, “fool me once–“? I really loved this show and all the characters and House is the best, but I just don’t think I personally, and it looks like i’m not alone, can bear to continue watching him spiral and crash every year. I like him too much for that. It seems pretty clear after this event that this is a zero sum game. If there were some real gains for him, even if the losses were more, I could take it. Not not this. And the next episode looks even worse. He’s on a ledge, popping pills again, alone again just like he always has been. And I thought at that moment, “That’s House. That’s all this show will ever be.” Sorry, but I can’t continue watching him self-destruct, watching his hopes get shattered, watching him get shattered. Like I said, I like him too much for that.

  24. Kisha says:

    My favorite love interest for House was always Stacey then in Season 6, the brief encounter with Lydia. I never liked House with Cuddy as I have never been a Cuddy fan. The best seasons of House were 1-3. I kept watching but my interest started declining in Season 4 then Season 6 gave me hope now hope’s been extinguished again. I find it appalling that this breakup has led House back to square one – couldn’t he at least have remained drug-free & mourned the breakup anyway? I have officially removed the show from my DVR listing. Cuddy knew all along House was an addict. Maybe instead of rushing the relationship, they could’ve remained just friends as he found his own way to inner peace that was no dependent on Cuddy loving him. I knew in last week’s epp when she had that spooked look after he confessed he loved her that something was about to go wrong & I was right.

    • Kisha says:

      **correction** “they could’ve remained just friends until he found his own way to an INNER peace that was NOT dependent on Cuddy loving him”

    • wtfisthisshow says:

      I didn’t like Stacy. I mean, she left House after his injury, came back into his life once her husband was sick, and proceeded to cheat on her injured husband with House. I just wasn’t feeling their relationship.

      The exploration of House with Lydia was alright, but I think it has already served its purpose and I wouldn’t like her back. Also, I don’t think House and Cameron would have worked either.

      House and Amber would have been hilarious, however. I can’t believe the writers passed that up.

      • Mayela says:

        House didn´t love Stacy anymore. He just wanted to make her cheat on her husband as the jerk he is. Once he got that he was not longer interested and sent her away. Lydia stuff happened on a vulnerable mood of House, in the middle of his rehab. It would not last outside in the real House world.

  25. fff says:

    To all of the people saying that killing Huddy is going to kill the show/ratings: The show survived 6 seasons without Huddy and most people aren’t going to stop just because House and Cuddy broke up :/

  26. Huddy says:

    Breaking a couple up is the easiest way on a TV show.
    Instead analyzing an uncommon relationship like Huddy to death,you chose to spoil it with irrational reasons.You don’t even know the characters anymore.Just 15 episodes ago she told him he could get back on drugs..bla bla..and now this..there are alot examples of this.Maybe you writers are the ones that are getting drunk while writing the episodes,that’s where this inconsistent writing comes from,huh?

    Whatever,that was very expected of you,you are not smart enough to write a Huddy relationship.You can keep boring viewers with your Season Six Boring House instead developing him.

  27. wtfisthisshow says:

    Not a shipper of House/Anyone, and I am so glad this Huddy crap is over with for now. I hope they never get back together, and that House stays alone yet learns how to cope with pain and get off of vicodin. That’s the kind of growth I want from him, not something that has him relying on a relationship with someone in the end.

    Also, needs more Foreman storylines and Wilson doing things besides being a Huddy cheerleader, and I wouldn’t be closeminded to a Wilson and Cuddy relationship to be honest. It would bring extra angst to House, but I imagine if he could deal with that he could deal with anything.

    13 needs to stay gone and Taub needs to follow her, Cameron needs to come back, and Chase needs to… well… I don’t know about him.

  28. Derek64 says:

    I guess it’s time for his TRUE love Wilson to pick up the pieces now. Hehe.

    • :) says:

      So looking forward to that. I hope House realizes how much better Wilson is for him than Cuddy.
      Wilson’s reaction: “House, it’s okay. Almost all addicts relapse at least once.” (from when he thought he relapsed in 7×01)
      Cuddy’s: WE’RE OVER.

  29. AJ says:

    Absolutely abhorred all of the fantasy sequence b.s. but cautiously appreciative of the House/Cuddy break-up. Hope it sticks, and the writers can get the show back on track!

  30. prestwick says:

    Come on! David Shore doesn’t want “to jerk the audience around”??? What the heck does he think he is doing. Cuddy and House COULD have been happy together. It wouldn’t be easy but it was possible. Cuddy could have accepted a House who was both true to himself and trying to include her and her daughter in their lives. The writers and David Shore DID jerk us around and I for one don’t care much to see House go back to what he was, with no hope for him to build his character and expand beyond the obvious self-absorption.

  31. Raquel says:

    I will not spend too much time on them, but for me is House over

  32. dan says:

    YESSS.. no more mr. Niceguy! HE IS BACK!! Great episode and love the fact he can now concentrate on being the jerk we love :) I hated it when he was never doing Vicodin ever again because it took away the underlying meaning of his character and turned the show into too much of a soap opera.. I hate Greys Anatomy thank you very much. I hope he doesn’t go back into a horrible tailspin and he can actually just function the way he use to whilst taking the drugs. Really great episode :)

  33. jane says:


  34. Housefan says:

    what a joke.

  35. lipsticksocialism says:

    i’m a total Huddy shipper, but i found the episode true to Huddy and the complexities that they face in their relationship. I have loved House’s development throughout the seasons, and also exploring Huddy. I don’t actually believe Shore in everything that he says here……….I have been happy with the writing for this show for a long time, and I will continue to have faith until they prove otherwise. Even as a Huddy shipper, I can see that this is just another part of the Huddy and House’s journey. And I totally doubt that House is back to square 1

  36. Lurker says:

    What was it you Huddies were screaming at the rest of us when the premiere aired? Ah, yes. I remember now. IT’S CANON, BITCHES! Amazing how some things can come back to bite you.

    I’m stoked about the upcoming eps. It’s going to be amazing. So long as House doesn’t whine and mope for too long about Cuddy dumping him. Which, if the writers are true to his character, he won’t. He’ll pull an “I’ll show you! :P”

  37. Matt says:

    Could care less about Huddy, but House being back on drugs is lazy writing and a easy way out of the relationship. I’m sorry, but after 7 years, I’m not on board for yet another reset.

  38. The real Jean says:

    lol at the people who take this seriously, it’s only a tv show.. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  39. Tequila says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. This Huddy mess was just awful. Here’s looking forward to a lot more Wilson, now.

  40. Ada says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it because TPTB on this show have been jerking the fans around continuously in the past years and because, even more importantly, they are all Huddy fanboys/fangirls + the only loyal fanbase left is the Huddy fanbase.

    I did love that they broke up! I’m not a bitter shipper of any kind but I hate what this show has turned into and sadly, the romance ,in this case it happened to be Huddy , was so poorly written and so illogical ,so childish that it ruined the show ,even more so when it became the sole obsession of the writers and every episode was centered around stupid soap opera like scenarios. Maybe now House can get back to being a smart show with witty (instead of slapstick)humor ,philosophical debates and a generalized struggle of a man with a brilliant mind …all centered around his biggest talent, medicine

  41. Brian says:

    They need to cancel this show, pronto. That ‘Dallas’-like ending completely ruined it for me. If I want to see House back at square one, I’ll watch my DVD’s, thank you.

    Ken Tucker is right on his review: http://watching-tv.ew.com/2011/03/07/house-bombshells-two-and-a-half-men-charlie-sheen-fired/

  42. Ellen says:

    Is it finally safe to watch this show again? Seriously, if “Huddy” is over, I will actually start watching again.

  43. ursula says:

    Thank GOD the writers stopped beating the dead “Huddy” horse…

  44. David says:

    I loved the episode – including the ending (we all knew House and Cuddy would be breaking up). But this interview just pissed me off. We’re back to square one? SERIOUSLY? Oh, well, thank you very much, David Shore, for being such a coward. I’m done with this show.

  45. BERTHA says:

    I love House. But that was a mistake.


  46. Mike says:

    And the main issue critics have always had with the show is still there. It will always be a issue of “People don’t change” with House. All of the producers bold moves and step forwards in the past 2 seasons feel like a huge slap in the face, because it’s like they quickly pulled and plug with the ending of last night’s episode and started all over again, which is something they have been doing from day one. One step forward, a mile back. I could care less about what happens to House/Cuddy because they prettu much assassinated Cuddy’s character and the entire foundation of their relationship these last couple of years. It’s season 7 now, I’m not interested in being jerked around any longer.

  47. Mickey says:

    I thought the episode was good. But for House to go back to square one is stupidity beyond stupidity. Why does it seem like every character develops except House? As far as the Huddy situation I really thought it could have been written better. The writing was beyond bad for that relationship. For Shore to say they explored the relationship he must be off his rocker. They didn’t even scratch the surface. Every time they were on screen together they were either at each others throat or not talking. I think I’m the only person to think that Huddy did not take over the show. But the writing is what made Huddy so unlikable and made it feel like it was dragging the show. I actually feel sorry for the Huddy fanbase, I think that if the relationship was written better(i.e happy moments) the breakup would not be such a slap in the face.

  48. dddh83 says:

    i totally agree what modpost i say.i thought tonight and this morning i don’t want watch anymore anymore.they give me hope for this 7 season but after this episode and especially the break up thing i can’t take anymore.
    they ruined my show.the show i watch for 7 years.
    i think is time, after tonight for close the show.and after lucas phase, they again let me hate cuddy character.
    it’s about 6-7 episodes than she search and excuse or mistake and whatever for break up with house.
    the last week is good an this week not.
    bleah, bleah, bleah, bleah!!!!!!!!cuddy character you deserve to be alone forever.you don’t deserve house.and if he have from this episode and on is only yur fault.from today i hate you!!!!!!
    you don’t deserve to be happy!!!!!!!
    from today is over!!!!thank david shore for the worst episode ever!!!
    fro today you lost one viewers (but i think from now more and more)

  49. jaded says:

    I think this show should end already. The show is getting repetitive and boring. I’m so tired of depressed, vicodin addicted House! House should commit suicide and Cuddy should just marry Lucas and have her perfect little family. Tired of the BULL!!

  50. Taurwen says:

    So pissed right now. If you’re gonna end it on that note, don’t bother starting it in the first place. Thanks for giving me the reason to skip the rest of the season altogether.