Exclusive: House Creator on the Huddy Bombshell and What Lies Ahead

Warning: If you have yet to watch Monday night’s episode of House, run — don’t walk — to the nearest emergency exit. Everyone else, onward and downward…

To all the Huddy fans out there, I am sorry for your loss.

In the closing minutes of this week’s much-hyped, retro-tastic House, Cuddy (played by Lisa Edelstein) pulled the plug on her months-long romance with Dr. Crankypants (Hugh Laurie) after she uncovered his latest deep, dark deception: He needs Vicodin in order to be a good boyfriend.

To make matters worse, the breakup triggered a full-on relapse for TV’s most prolific drug-addicted MD. In short, the long-running drama changed the game once again, and series creator David Shore is here with an exclusive post mortem.

TVLINE | Why did you break up House and Cuddy?
We knew it wasn’t going to last forever. We knew it couldn’t last forever. We had it mapped out since the beginning of the season that it was going to last almost exactly this long. It’s like anything else we do on the show. We go, “Let’s explore that. And once we’ve exhausted the exploration, let’s move on.” Now we move on to what it’s like for the two of them to be broken up, which is different than [anything] we’ve seen. And it all has to come back to the reality of these characters. I believe these characters are in love with each other. And I believe in a certain way they always will be. But I also believe House is not a good boyfriend. House is not a good spouse. He’s got deep issues, and the reasons Cuddy breaks up with him are very valid. Taking House down an ultimately happy road just seems unrealistic.

TVLINE | Is it fair to say the breakup will stick?
Yeah, it’s fair to say that. I can’t [say they’re done] forever, but we don’t want to jerk the audience around.

Lisa Edelstein on House‘s Uncertain Future: Nobody Wants to See it Go Off the Air

TVLINE | When you were outlining the story, did you leave yourself some wiggle room in case, you know, the romance proved successful beyond anyone’s imagination?
That’s always a possibility. You never know how things are going to unfold. My bigger concern was that putting them together was going to damage the dynamic of the show. But I think we pulled it off. It was a tricky thing. Keeping House as House and keeping Cuddy as Cuddy [while in this] relationship was important to us. And it was challenging.

TVLINE | Were the elaborate fantasy sequences a way to cushion the blow for Huddy fans? Like, maybe they’ll be too transfixed by all the pretty bells and whistles to be too upset about the split?
No. If anything I was worried we’d piss them off more with the sequences. [Laughs] Whenever you do something [different], you get scared that you’re going to do it badly and that you’re going to alienate people. And it was important that we do it in a House-like way, and I think we pulled it off. I don’t expect unanimous consensus, but I’m happy with what we did.

TVLINE | How did the idea for the fantasy elements come up?
There was talk at one point about doing each act [of the episode] in a different genre, which I think would’ve been bad; it would’ve worn thin. And then we realized that there was an opportunity to do that in a limited extent. We used them to throw little grace notes out there that were important to the story.

TVLINE | House, it seemed, officially fell back off the wagon at the end of the episode. Is he back to square one now?
He’s certainly back on Vicodin. Probably fair to say he’s back to square one.

House Casting Scoop: Cuddy’s Mom Returns!

TVLINE | So, was his entire recovery period all for naught?
That’s the [big] question. That’s the challenge going forward. It’s frankly a timely issue out there. [Laughs] Staying clean is an ongoing challenge. And it doesn’t happen without slips. Sometimes extended and serious slips.

TVLINE | Would it be correct to assume that if House can’t be happy with Cuddy, he can’t be happy with anyone?
It’s going to be a challenge with anyone. Cuddy, on the face of it, was his best hope. But hope doesn’t die easily. And striving for happiness is not something that you can easily walk away from.

Thoughts on this week’s House? Did you love the fantasy elements but loathe the demise of Huddy? Or is it the other way around? Share your thoughts in comments.

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  1. Drea says:



    • Cheery says:

      Well someone has a penchant for hyperbole…

      I am a HUGE “Huddy” shipper, but David Shore & co did this right.
      Bombshells is easily in my top 5 episodes, even with the breakup, because it was superbly crafted.
      Great writing, masterful directing, nuanced acting; everything came together. I can’t hate the show over a breakup when they’re doing justice to the story.

      • Charline says:

        I totally agree with you on this one.
        The breakup had to happen or the main story would have been compromised and the show would have been far less great to watch.

        • Michael says:

          why the new time , i mean me and my parents watch it at 7 cuz they have to go to bed at 8 cuz of there work schedule this sucks

      • Erin says:

        I agree as well. I love Huddy but look at any show where the main characters get together and stay together. The show starts going downhill till it crashes and burns. I want House to be happy but House isn’t the House we know and love when he is happy. Though I love Huddy, the show has been missing an element ever since they got together. They needed to break up to bring traditional House drama back to the show. Good job David Shore!

        • Brian says:

          Someone suggested looking at ‘any show’ that has a relationship in it….i can really relate to relationships killing shows. The best drama EVER on television, NYPD Blue stumbled thru the Bobby Simone romance and crumbled when it was decided that Andy S needed love. The show ended badly shortly thereafter. If it could happen to ‘Blue it will most certainly be the downfall of the House.
          ps What was the song played at the end of ‘Bombshells’?
          Carry on group…

        • Chris042 says:

          I totally agree that the show lost somthing when the medical drama became secondary to the romance angles. O’m not to upset about the demise of “Huddy”, but was it necessary to put House back on Vicodin?

          • Daniel says:

            House wasn’t taking vicoden at the end of the episode, it was hydrocodone (they made a point of focusing on it). The medical mystery was getting WAY too predictable (you know the diagnosis is wrong cause its not the third act). The relationships are what will carry the show (they know this). The falling apart of Wilson’s relationship (for basically the same reasons – what caused them to separate hadn’t changed) was foreshadowing the Huddy break up. Everyone seems to be divorcing thier discussion from the Holmes influence on House. House came close to going over the edge to his death in the small pox episode, I think they were foreshadowing there too… I think Foreman is going to play a larger role. Possibly become House’s Moriarty, since they’ve shown he’s almost as briliant as House with better people skills (witness the “Have you ever thought what you’d do to House?” question).

          • Lynda says:

            Daniel regarding your comment below, hydrocodone is Vicodin.

    • Liz says:

      Ever though about how Cameron fans felt? I’d say welcome to the club. I don’t feel sorry for you guys anymore though, knowing how mean Huddy fans are ;P

      • Michaela says:

        HOUSE writers, you did a great job with Huddy. I knew they’d break up eventually and that he’d relapse so none of that is a surprise, but it was still hard to watch. Even so you wrote that well too. You guys have done an incredible job with them. Better than I actually hoped you would do. You had so much more you could do with them, THAT’S how good you were.

      • CC says:

        Agreed – Huddy fans were vicious to Cameron fans. I think it’s ridiculous that they forced the whole Huddy thing in the first place, and ridiculous that Cuddy would get involved with him at all, let alone as a mother.

        • Cheery says:

          You guys are ridiculous, carrying a torch for House and Cameron after all these years when back in season 1 it was painfully obvious House wanted nothing to do with her.
          I believe a little episode called “Love Hurts” has him rejecting her in spectacular fashion. Time to move on–House certainly did and his relationship with Cuddy is NOTHING like the brief indulgence he showed Cameron when he took her to monster trucks at the last minute.
          You guys couldn’t see the writing on the wall then, which makes it all the more pathetic 6 years later.
          Is that mean enough for you?

          • tekkie says:

            How about this…the fact that any independent, strong, successful woman would take years of verbal and mental harrassment and borderline abuse from an employee only to dive into a self destructive relationship with said individual is completely bogus and quite frankly a man’s pipe dream.

            I stopped watching House and won’t be returning anytime soon. Why can’t anyone create a strong, successful well adjusted female character that doesn’t have a past history of drug abuse, stripping, being a stone cold witch to get ahead or taking flack from men just because “it’s a man’s world”. David Shore’s characters are lacking and flawed, especially the females.

          • ThisIsVicodin says:

            That was AWESOME!

        • Haley says:

          Cameron fans are vicious towards LE and OW, not just the characters they play.

          • JITTERBUG says:

            Love, love,love Lisa E!!! I was hoping once 13 left she wouldn’t be back. OW is a lousy actress. Have no use for her. Wasn’t that crazy about Cameron either but she certainly was better than Masters. Masters looks like she’s 12 years old, and so out of place with the rest of the team. Thank goodness she’s only contracted for a certain number of shows, then she’ll be gone. GOOD RIDDANCE. I understand the powers that be were hoping she would stay. Shows what their thinking is. No wonder such a crappy ending to episode 15.

    • hughsgirl says:

      I love you David. Thanks for giving House another chance. Maybe next time with someone that loves him with out making him less of a man.

    • Sev says:

      “Yeah, it’s fair to say that. I can’t [say they’re done] forever, but we don’t want to jerk the audience around.”


      Shame on you, writers!

      Didn’t think that there’s no point going on or watching a show without hope, did you?

    • mildret says:

      odio a shore huddy forever…..

    • Laura Cummings says:

      I knew it was too good to be true, but House, being the ass that he is, had to do no less than he did. He would never be happy being her husband and she wouldn’t be happy with him either. I thought some of the dream sequences were out there but overall it was a good show. 5*

    • sandrine says:

      Hello, excuse my English but I am French! So I would say it’s nonsense, logically House is looking for the best and happiness and you present it to us in Vicodin and solitude! How do you think people who watch the show feel then?? House seeing a man completely bungled by life came to get out get over it because it made efforts and through the love of a woman end up like that after dropping all his efforts for an error, no second chance!! But you kill the hope of all people who identify with botched House is stupid and nasty. I sincerely hope that you corrected it and make out that Cuddy and House get together and help each other especially in treating their injuries and that House will have the right to live too happy, he has taken enough in the head from childhood until now …. A French fan really disgusted the lack of consideration by the fans and Yatan Shore!

      • Lilliana says:

        Absolutely agree!!! Why couldn´t the writers just let them together have fights like any other couple, separate and then come together again and most important, grow and overcome obstacles together!!! No need at all to have them melt in a pot of honey to keep them together. Their relationship could perfectly stay in a secondary level to keep the medical drama in the first place and everybody would have been happy! Writers screwed up six seasons and a few episodes in a horrible way

    • Pocket says:

      I agree. It was a terrible tease to put Cuddy and House together to break them up. Not having House grow is going to kill the show and I feel betrayed. I’ve been an avid House fan from it’s inception.

      To manipulate us and have us root for Cuddy and House, only to kill the relationship, means that you’re playing games in relationships like the writing in Grey’s Anatomy. Cuddy knew House is an addict. FOR YEARS. She knew what she was getting into. She has her own issues with intimacy, too. You have really blown the show David Shore.

      • Lilliana says:

        Perfectly said.

      • Pat says:

        really couldn’t have been said better… after 7 seasons of watching the show avidly to see these two get together they finally do it, and as a fan of the show you can’t help but feel happy for house and it this pooint want to see how the relationship will grow between the two, and before it does the writers end the relationship. Deeply dissapointing

    • Denise says:

      Yeah, I hate you too. I am deciding now if I want to continue watching. The whole reason I completely stopped watching soaps 12 years ago was because no one’s ever allowed to be happy. House coulda had the dream for at least a full season. You bite.

    • joseph says:

      I knew to a certain point that Huddy was too good to be true, let alone last. What I like most about the show is it’s constant touch with reality and, having House and Cuddy split, and House falling off the wagon is exactly what I was expecting to happen because it is very realistic. Two thumps up on the episode.

    • Debbie says:

      I did not like the fantasy sequences……but am glad I suffered through them to see the ending, I did not like the break up either. House was just starting to seem human…I thought House and Cuddy worked well together as a couple.
      Oh well, just goes to show what I know…

    • Shawn says:

      NOOOOOO, put house and cuddy back together. Dammit, this sucks. House needs cuddy and cuddy needs house, end of story.

    • Mary Kugin says:

      What horrible thing to do!! Not only the break-up but the worst of it all was House is back on the pills! You have a way of taking love away from all the players. House and Stacy; Chase and Cameron; Wilson and Amber; Thirteen and Forman; and now Cuddy and House. You’re turning this show into a soap opera.. My hope was that House and Cuddy would get married and have a child of their own and his life would turn around completely. I don’t like House on pills because it changes him. He’s still competent as a doctor but his life is nothing and if his life is nothing, what do we have to look forward to? House killing himself? Is that the way you plan on ending the show? It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Arina Sun says:

        Okay. I can accept to some extent all the gripes about House being a “bad boyfriend” and Cuddy’s character being ruined, but you. I seriously can’t tell if you’re trolling or not.

        First, House has always been a drama. You’re complaining that House and Cuddy breaking up makes the show like a “soap opera”, yet you were hoping House and Cuddy “would get married and have a child of their own” and everything would magically become better. Because children are the answer to everything, right? The fact that you’re equating failed relationships to the negative connotations of a soap opera tells me that you’re exactly the demographic of women that soap operas cater to with their boring, shallow escapism.

        Second, have we been watching the same series? The first few seasons thoroughly established that pain and loneliness, the very things which House obsessively tries to avoid by channeling that behavior into fixing his patients, play a large part in his diagnostic brilliance. My word. The Vicodin “changes him”? You mean to say that House hasn’t been an addict for the majority of the series? House taking pills is not new character development, House taking pills is a character that is relapsing into what he once was.

        What fans of House have to look forward to is an ending that stays true to the themes of the series, not some half-baked “let’s get married and live happily ever after” migraine.

      • Lilliana says:

        Yeah, what lies underneath all these breakups? why is it that no one can have a relationship in this show? You made us long for House and Cuddy being together to end it in such a foolish way? Cuddy could have just get mad at him, but the horrible breakup and its consequences from 15th episode till the end are just insufferable. The Cuddy you wrote at the end of season 7 is not the one of previous seasons. I feel betrayed.

    • tricia johnson says:

      You see-saw Wilson and House a lot, which adds dynamics to how the characters lean on each other for support. I think it is brilliant to show the other side of what really happens to a lot of recovering addicts. i do not think it was good to have House and his boss toss around with each other. that was not very realistic of life in a hospital. there are very emotional intimacy issues between hospital staff as they are taken to their emotional core almost every day. This love affair issue should end as it is affecting every issue of house’s doctoring. Let’s face it folks, House is a genius who is bored with everyday life, and needs to create drama to keep amused. if you tame House by domesticating him, he will fail as a brilliant doctor.

      • Mayela says:

        He could have appeared to be “domesticated” at the beginning, but it didn´t have to be that way forever. He already lied to Cuddy many times and was able to keep on lying to her. He was in the path of being the same character again. And this did not have to mean that Cuddy would leave him. I am sure there were so many different ways to keep them together and make the show more interesting for both medical and huddy fans. But they just blew it all.

    • pam says:

      I LOVE House, and I loved Cuddy and House. It’s okay that they broke up as long as the eventually get back together. Them being together was awesome. The fantasy elements were good, but as said Cuddy and House need to be together. There has to be hope…for someone to be able to change. Hope for someone to be a better person. If you just leave House miserable…it will ruin it for me! House was still a jerk even as he was beginning to be a better person and happy. It was cool! BTW…I’ll take House if Cuddy doesn’t want him! lol

    • Mary says:

      The romance couldn’t last with his addiction. She can not be second to his real love, the drugs

    • cb says:

      When was it really love? FOr Cuddy it was, but addictions speak more loudly than words. I think this is way more realistic – what the surprise was, was that it happened during last night’s show when the focus was on Cuddy having a possible terminal disease. Kudos o the writers and producers for keeping this on a reasonable track- they have now not closed the door for other avenues to explore on the show. The union of these two would close off a lot of writing options.

    • DG says:

      I really liked this episode! In the article they mentioned that they planned for the relationship to last exactly this long. I think they did a good job with the Huddy storyline, ups downs and everything else. A break up was inevitable and the fact that it ended with his addiction resurfacing was a good choice. The line at the episode when Cuddy said how could I even forget that you’re an addict was great, because this season the writers pretty much took away a huge part of the show (Vicodin) and made the viewers completely forget about it or at least in my case they did. Yeah there were subtle reminders like when he asked for the pill in the one episode, licked it, and gave it back but for the most part, I didn’t see the relapse coming. This is House were talking about and knowing him there was no reason to think he would stay clean and sober but because the Huddy storyline I was surprised in a good way that this is how it ended. I am extremely excited for what’s to come, the final episodes of the season are always the best. I was always a fan of House and Cuddy being together but just as glad to see house begin another one of his downward spirals. The ups and downs of the show and this character make it awesome!

    • Tanya says:


    • Vanessa says:

      I couldn’t agree more! This almost makes me not want to watch House anymore. I’ve been rooting for House and Cuddy since the beginning and now he’s suicidal! What’s with that? Cuddy was good for House. He doesn’t have to be a jerk to be great.

    • Romana says:

      I agree completely. They were doing such a great job of making their relationship real and in keeping with each of their characters. I’m so bummed. This sucks. I liked that House found love with Cuddy and I liked the way they were together. And I totally don’t believe that he needed a vicodin to be by her side. It was just a shameless copout because the writers had to work too hard to make their relationship last.

    • Sheri says:

      I hate hate hate that you broke them up!! There was so much more to do, so many more things to explore. You are going to lose viewers because you broke your contract with us. Breaking the contract is unforgivable for an intelligent audience. Sorry it was so hard for you to write the relationship for these past few months, but you need to bring them back together or your ratings will suffer.

    • Not amused says:

      The Come on Get Happy dream sequence was creepy. Hugh Laurie reminded me of the guy that ran the carnival on Heroes. At that point I realized he was on drugs.

      I really hate that they broke them up the way they did. I really hate the preview of House standing on a balcony. Should I continue? I was waiting for House to dump her because he’s a crappy doctor when he is in love. Then last episode when he said people might die but it is worth it, I thought they could last.

      I really hope this isn’t going to be all about addiction again. That was frustrating. I do think the new girl adds a balance to the show. 13 was okay, but it got old.

    • Amanda says:

      Bad! This season! I can’t believe it was a musical!! I own every season possible to own. I watch them repeatedly. I loved the witt. I loved the humour – WTF is it now? DOWNWARD SPIRAL – Season 2 was ALL TIME BEST EVER. Season 2 was about the medicine and homourous ridicule. This season has recycled lines, recycled issues, just BAD!

    • Perrette says:

      I had a little hope-just a little- that they would get back together, but this, this ruined it. See, i figured you know, they have to go and explore the whole boyfriend/girlfriend fake breakup followed by a make-up, but it looks like they got rid of huddy for a loooooong while. WHHYYYY???? Dude, one of the reasons I loved house was because of huddy and now that I know there will probably never be a huddy anymore…I feel kind of meaningless…Gee, thanks, Mr. Shore…:(

    • shelley potter says:

      i am so disappointed. not sure i want to watch at all anymore. seems too predictable. given the creativity of the last episode,, there could have been many opportunities to keep the hope/relationship burning. it’s just tv., but still disappointing.
      so much that had not been explored.

    • Tom says:

      Read Twilight.

    • Barbara Petty says:

      The fantasy sections were awesome…..AWESOME!!!! They were Mia Michaels miraculous. But I was heartbroken that Cuddy let him go. I hoped she was stonger than that.

    • Lois says:

      I AM DEPRESSED. Last night’s show had many excellent dream scenes … I was not bothered by them at all. But, if you want to KILL the show … this will do it. I was waiting and waiting for the relationship to develop … and … it finally did. But, to just kill it … nope … not prudent … not prudent at all. I thought the logical next step (drugs or not) was for the real salivation for House to be Cuddy’s little girl. When she crawled up into his lap and cuddled with him at the end of the SCHOOL show … my heart melted … and … so it seemed did the heart of House. That was an excellent opening for the writers to take another story line with more inclusion of the child and the power of a child’s love to soften even the hardest heart. Come on guys … do you really think that this is the way it has to be? Love wants what love wants. I know people in my personal life who don’t seem to be good fits and who have serious addictions and destructive behaviors … BUT … they keep it together enough to keep a relationship going. And … many times … the power of the relationship is a child or children. I beg you to give this another thought. People just do not give up on each other like this … they fight for the relationship … and … they keep on fighting. Please try again and look at exploring the POWER OF A CHILD’S LOVE perspective.

      I’ll keep watching … but … if the relationship does not continue … I will not be happy. :-(

    • Anita Evans says:

      Amen! I’m done watching. I spent the last season Not watching and then when I do watch, they break up. I’m done. I want to watch some happy! And if you think I’m not serious, come to my house at 8:00 pm on MOndays. I’ll be on History.

    • stacy says:

      I think it was not great that cuddy broke up, what going to happen with the show because it ended with house on drugs and now it going to go backwards and have him stuck on drugs that is soooo supid!!!

    • Stacy says:

      Hated the dream sequence thing. Kind of glad they broke up HUDDY.
      My favourite show was becoming quite lame and disappointing.
      Let’s get back to great medical stories and a totally stoned HOUSE.
      Bring back Olivia Wilde ASAP and get rid of the whiny boring new doctor on the team!

    • hatedthehuddy says:


      It was about time the killed the Huddy Arc. It ruined the show.

    • Lynne says:

      I am a hopeless romantic. I so wanted House & Cuddy to be happy!! The break-up really upset me. I was mad at Cuddy. I thought she was being far too harsh with House. He was doing the best that he could (Yes, he needed a “crutch” to get through the crisis, probably the worst event in his life!). He truly, absolutely loves Cuddy! She needs to accept him with his weaknesses, and try to help him. Sometimes, the Cuddy character is a pain-in-the-butt. That ending? Awful! The “fantasy/dream” sequences? Interesting, and fairly entertaining!

    • Fabulosity Chase says:

      I am so with you on this one!! I can’t believe you broke then up DAVID SHORE whats up with that. Why can’t House be happy is that to much to ask? WHAT THE HELL. Your fans have waited so long to see them get together and i understand that you have to keep us guesting. BUT WHY? break them up the show would have been so so so much better with them together.

    • Astrid says:

      I so agree. Yeah! I hate you, too, David Shore.
      Can’t you and your stupid writing staff be sufficiently creativ to preserve the “dynamic of the show”, the fun and the excitement without killing off every love story in the most stupid ways???? I never really got why Chase and Cameron had to end this way. And now Huddy. I really hate you.
      And why the hell did you kill off Kutner? Couldn’t he just move? Couldn’t House have enough reasons to hallucinate with Amber und Vics? And now Huddy. You must hate life.

    • Used to like the show says:

      This is such BS! F**K THE CREATOR who does he think he is! And a break up over the MOST STUUUPIIIDEST THING IN THE FREAKIN’ WORLD!! Like there are perfect people out there! TOMMY ROT! YOU GUYS LOST A VIEWER!

    • Blah says:

      Musical number was great but David needs to take a long walk off a short pier. I watch TV to escape from my awful life. House finding happiness brought me joy, now I feel like crap.

      AGREED ^^^^^^^

    • Jane M says:

      This was the most egocentric and unrealistic episode I’ve seen. I love these characters, but get real!!! OF COURSE House can’t deal with the love of his life possibly dying, and OF COURSE he’s too terrified to be with her. Even without his customary weirdness, these traits are SOOO predictable. And after months of being together, can you really see REAL people basing their breakup decision on poor judgment in a crisis? What he did sucked, but all of us suck sometimes. What they have (had—have–) should be able to survive their weaknesses. I would rather see forgiveness and growth than spite and drama. So much more nourishing. And real. Even saleable, in this case—I bet.

    • Chris says:

      I think you were stupid to break up cuddy and house. What you need to done is have house attempt to kill him self then at the last moment have cuddy realize if he willing to kill him self with out cuddy they get back together

    • CHOCHO says:

      Dear Sir,

      I came from other country. I am a medical person.
      First, Thanks, The TV show “House” are really good.
      Second, as the “House” are so popular, so you have
      responsibility for the world. Hope that “House” would give us-positive, encourage..feeling. You should give us -Gray, black, disappointment feeling.
      The last but not least, follow your 7-15, a have deep issues people NEVER fix?? A addition person “always” back drugs?? these feelinf are you want give us?????? You are wrong!!

    • Meshell says:

      Goodness gracious! I want Huddy back! I’m so heartbroken right now!!! We’ve been waitin for them to be a couple. You led us astray to fall in love with them and now you broke them up!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dustale says:

      I hate that they ended huddy, It brought me joy that they where together.

      I also hate that the show is no longer about doctors saving lives. It has become a soap opera.

      As much as I like house, he is a show actor, I really wish he could be a movie star.

      Kill the show, and let house live on through good movies

    • Michael A Manor says:

      “we don’t want to jerk the audience around.”

      Yes, well, that’s precisely what they have done and in doing so have also jumped the shark. It’s utterly ridiculous and an insult to loyal viewers. People aren’t looking for the next great twist. They like happy endings.

      I, for one, will NOT be along for the ride. I’m tuning OUT. I haven’t cared about the medical mysteries for years. They’re little more than background. The support cast is weak as water and dead boring. What has focused attention is this relationship and Cuddy giving it a realistic chance.

      She didn’t. This is not representative of an adult relationship no matter how dysfunctional the participants are. It’s another plot twist to keep viewers tuned in and I’m telling everyone I know who watched the show to forget it. Watch Monday Night laundry competition if that’s all that’s on or Dancing with Wombats, but don’t waste your time with this anymore.

  2. Shane says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t ask DS if the Cuddy cancer storyline will resurface. Rumors have been running rampant that she dies at the end of the season.

    Hopefully with the end of Huddy tonight, the show will get back on the right track and deliver great episodes.

  3. Tara says:

    Screw you, show. I’ve walked away from this show before, and I’ve always foolishly come back. But if you think six years of Huddy buildup for THIS crap makes for good drama, I’m going to effing RUN away from the rest of this trainwreck.

    Thanks for nothing.

    • Drea says:

      RIGHT ON!

    • suzanne says:

      Six years? No.

    • b says:

      Six years?

      I felt like Huddy was invented whole cloth around season 4. Before that, I was still hoping for the return of Stacey. (And you know what? It wasn’t until just the last few episodes that I bought for one minute that House felt for Cuddy anything like what he felt for Stacey.)

      • Tara says:

        What show were you watching? Because the one I was watching had House pulling Cuddy’s pigtails like a smitten schoolboy from day 1.

        Anyway, this “people don’t change” stuff is nonsense. People change all the TIME. It’s called growing up. But if this show’s so-called creative masterminds think that House can’t take even baby steps away from the pill-popping misanthropic loner he was in season 1, then why bother? Where’s the value of a show that drags on for seven years only to leave everyone *exactly* where they were at the start? Seems like the very definition of “pointlessness.”

        Anyway, thanks for the spoiler. I was fine with the crisis and breakup, but killing my hope of better times for the couple I’ve come to love has killed my interest in watching.

        • Mayela says:

          Absolutely agree. House was obviously in love with Cuddy since day 1. He slept with Stacy once just to prove she still loved him in spite of her husband. After that he just rejected her.

      • Amanda says:

        Downhill – the entire season. Bring back the past! I don’t care if House is with Cuddy. The writing is lame right now. I own every box-set season. I watch them repeatedly. Seasons 1 through 4 were by far — the best. The witt and ridicule was “the House” we used to watch. The medical stories were suspenseful and entertaining.

        Things I don’t care about:
        -house and cuddy together or not
        -rachel getting into a “pre” school drama – It might have been cool to see House train her to a prodigy but that didn’t happen
        -Taub and his life-wife drama
        -The new chick and her morals

        Needless to say, I am very disappointed. I used to say I was a fan proudly. There was a sense of intelligence before… now it is just a soap opera!

        Maybe I’ll “dream a musical” tonight that will be a replay of the past— oh, the nostalgia.

    • cb says:

      Hope this show goes on forever- love it’s twists and turns. And imagination. Watch what you want, but the rest of TV out there is a vast wasteland and House MD has infinitely more interesting characters.

    • badoedipus says:

      Why do you think traffic backs up when there is a crash in the lane going the other direction? People cannot turn away from a horrific accident, which lets be honest is what House’s life has been since day one. Sure he’s been prancing through the daisies as of late, but except for the few miserable saps that live vicariously through the Huddy relationship it has been less than entertaining. I see a lot of soap opera references, but those things have been on the air for 40+ years for a reason.

  4. Merissa W. says:

    I honestly am at a loss for words. I will say the musical number was FANTASTIC! It had a Baz Lurhman-Moulin Rouge feel to it, which I love. The end was heartbreaking! I definitely teared up. To me, it was somewhat unexpected, but at the same time, I felt Huddy wouldn’t last forever either. Wow, just, wow! I would say one of the best episodes of the season, definitely!

    • Zoe says:

      Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel about this episode. I loved the fantasy sequences, and the ending broke my heart. I was actually on the same page as House, being like “Don’t say it! Don’t you dare say it!” but I see where Cuddy is coming from. Their romance didn’t seem like it would end happily, but I kept hoping they’d make it work.

      • Annie says:

        I am still in shock, I am a die hard House and Cuddy fan. When the first episode of the season I was so happy it was in the air over so many seasons. So now just to walk away because of the drugs is now way to end it. I am a wife who’s husband is bi polar and when they are down walking away is a bad down fall. House will now spiral out of control to a very ugly House not the House we all fell in love with Pro or Con Huddy.
        I think this is what will make the show ugly. OR WAS IT A DREAM???????????????? She did say she did not want him to change.

        • Mayela says:

          Good idea. Producers fix this mess. Say that from episode 15th on, it was all about halucinations and nightmares coming from a disease either of Cuddy, House or Wilson and start over from episode 14th of season 7 with no more stupid breakups!!!

      • 10peeps says:

        I am still in shock, I am a die hard House and Cuddy fan. When the first episode of the season I was so happy it was in the air over so many seasons. So now just to walk away because of the drugs is now way to end it. I am a wife who’s husband is bi polar and when they are down walking away is the worst thing you can do. House will now spiral so out of control to a very ugly House and how are they supposed to work side by side.
        I think this is what will make the show ugly.
        OR WAS IT A DREAM????????????????
        She did say she did not want him to change.

    • sashay says:

      That’s probably why I was so disappointed with the musical sequence – I can’t stand Baz Lurhman’s work, and I found Moulin Rouge to be unwatchable.
      I was looking forward to it, having seen the previews of Hugh singing (loved it! Love his voice) and read about Lisa & Hugh’s dance coaching by choreographer Mia Michaels. I didn’t actually notice any dancing by the two of them – maybe she meant they would gracefully move their arms instead?
      Also thought the ending was lame. If David Shore really wanted to end the relationship, why didn’t he just tie it in with how unparent-like House is, and how difficult it would be to merge the roles of single mother and House mother (in a sense)? We saw House make great strides with Rachel in this season, but still not enough to make it as a father. THAT would have made sense. Or to have her back away since he seems to have control issues (or stalking tendencies). But to have her understand House better than anyone else (except for Wilson), have stood by him while he was addicted to Vicodin for years, and now she realizes he’s an addict and addicts aren’t good relationship material? Because of one slip? That doesn’t make sense, and it makes me think Cuddy lacks any kind of judgement or compassion.
      I liked seeing House in a relationship, with his twisted perspective on all, so I hope Shore hooks House up with other unsuitable women, and all the complications that would create with Cuddy and Wilson. I don’t think it made sense for House to be celibate for all those years (except when he was paying for it), and I don’t want him to go back to being a loner. I would prefer to see him struggle in a different sort of way, with lighter relationships that don’t work out while trying to fight his demons again. Definitely don’t want to see House redux.

  5. Damon says:

    Thank you David Shore. I can now remove “House” from my DVR recordings!

    • JohnDoe says:

      Right. We’ll see you back in the next few episodes. Who the heck stops watching a show after a brilliant episode and a complete turn for a character? The show would be BORING as Hell if Huddy stayed together forever like some of the fan-fiction sappy soap fans around here want.

      • Gretchen says:

        What turn? It’s called a u-turn. Been there, done that. Show was okay, but after all the wonderful things Cuddy said to him at the end of the season and beginning of this season, I thought her justification for the break-up was weak. Yep, I’ve no desire to go back to “square one.” I’m outta here.

        • JB says:

          This is how I feel. Up to this point, the show has seemed like an interesting character study, and we have gone through the growth/change process with House. Just overturning the board and putting things back to square one seems really tired and trite. David has erased 7 years of character growth. Really disappointing.

    • Just me says:

      I’m done with it. You won’t see me back. I liked Huddy. She’s a strong character who would have tried much longer in the relationship with someone she’s loved as long as she has loved House. She knew who & what he was. I completely disagree that she would have ended it now. DS, you missed the boat on this one.

  6. Olivia Woodworth says:

    I don’t watch House, but I was very aware of Huddy. And being a shipper, I do feel your pain alongside you at the breakup… LOL.

  7. Laura says:

    I totally LOVED it. It was an AWESOME episode. Hugh was amazing.

  8. Allyson says:

    Truth is, I want House and Cuddy together. Always have, always will. Truth is, I think this breakup was legitimate and the right move for them right now. I’m excited to see the way this plays out, the rest of the season and beyond. The writers are doing an excellent job and I’m proud to be a fan of this show. Will House ever get a happy ending? Probably not completely. But can House ever be capable of loving and being loved in return? I like to think so, even if it’s not the way the rest of the population views love. I have hope for a Huddy reunion before series end, but if I have to wait a few years for it, I won’t complain because I love the show and I want it on the air until it’s exhausted every option.
    And on that note, I’m off to bed to dream about House seeking solace after his breakup with an adoring (almost) 21 year old fangirl. Goodnight :)

  9. Ange says:

    If Shore thinks that the Huddy this year didn’t spoil the dynamic of the show or ruin both Cuddy and House as characters, he’s watching a different show than I am.

    Hopefully this means that the show can go back to being House MD instead of Cuddy MD. Maybe even go back to what it was in the good years. Just as long as the next episodes are neither post-relationship Huddy or Thirteen heavy.

    • Renee Malove says:

      Wow. Okay, I wandered over here out of morbid curiosity, but now I may actually have to start watching the show again. I’d dropped it after the first 4-5 eps this season because quite frankly, with the whole Huddy mess this just wasn’t House. The show hasn’t been the same since the third season ended, and the following seasons really failed to catch that dynamic but were at least worthwhile in their own way. This season has landed quite firmly in my “Crud I’ll watch on DVD next time I’m bored brainless” pile, but now that I know there’s hope we might actually see HOUSE again I may have to tune back in. Thank you so much, David Shore. This is the best thing you’ve done for House all season.

    • Mindy says:

      I agree that the House/Cuddy relationship spoiled the dynamic of the show and ruined the characters, or at least ruined House. Look no further than last week’s episode wherein House said that he didn’t care if he was a crappy doctor who was killing patients as long as he had Cuddy. Total BS. I would have stopped watching then and there if I hadn’t known this episode was immediately following.

      • Mayela says:

        I think that if he prefers being happy than saving lives this is purely House stuff because he is putting his well being before others’. Or would the real House let Cuddy fall in the arms of other man so that he can continue helping others? Any way, writers could have perfectly keep his skills while being in love, or even improve them, but they took the wrong path, at least for me.

    • Amanda says:

      Cannot agree with you more. House was written totally out of character this entire season up until the last scene of this episode. I mean he was totally emasculated and downright pathetic. “Mindy” is right- the House I knew would never compromise his diagnostic ability for “love”. Barf. This might sound sick but I cheered when House and Cuddy broke up and the again when House downed those Vicodin at the end. It’s ridiculous that the chronic pain and drug abuse issues have not been mentioned for 16 episodes. I’m hoping the latest advancements will get the show back on track but, honestly, with Shore saying that they will now explore the break, it’ll probably all still be House-Cuddy centric. I’m not holding my breathe for a sudden return to quality writing despite beyond ecstatic that “Huddy” is no more.

  10. Crystal says:

    Completely, utterly disappointed. I admit that I had a somewhat delusional and romanticized view of their relationship, how it ended was heartbreaking. I would be alright with him going through a relapse and them finding their way back to one another later on. But writing them off for good? Seems like a very bad move, considering that the House/Cuddy supporters are a pretty large fanbase. (I know, not the largest, but a big one nonetheless)

    Anyway, disappointed, sad, bummed. Whatever. But I guess it doesn’t matter much anymore.

  11. Leigha says:

    Lets just say i literally cried when they broke up. And saying that we most likely will not see “huddy” on the screen anymore made me cry more because it was so amazing for me personally to see 2 very likeable people not be able to be happy with each other. I do hope they do a little more huddy because the huddy fans loved it and i also think a lot of people like it because its somewhat what they maybe want for themselves in terms of a happy relationship with 2 people that are just as screwed up as the rest of us.

  12. Misha says:

    Gotta say, I’m not actually surprised they broke up nor am I upset they did. No one stays happy on the show and I never did like the way House/Cuddy’s relationship was being played out, considering House’s issues. It seemed forced and every time they kissed, it felt like I was watching somebody kiss a relative. Hopefully the show can get back to what it used to be. Next week looks pretty good.

  13. Amber says:

    House doesn’t need Cuddy to be happy. He needs to figure out how to be happy on his own, than find a partner to share that happiness with. I hated Huddy from the moment it started this year. The chemistry wasn’t there. I think he could have been happy with Lydia, and was definitely happy with Stacy. My personal preference, of those left on the show, is Wilson, because Wilson accepts him for who he is, and won’t walk out on him now that he’s relapsed, like Cuddy did.

    I don’t think the writers understand their main character anymore.

    • Drea says:

      But Cuddy had to walk out on him because she has a family.

      • Ange says:

        Cuddy knew that going in. She had a guy who was great with Rachel and who would drop everything to be with her when she needed him and who wanted to marry her, and she dropped him for House.

        What the producers don’t seem to get is that Cuddy is as much at fault for the relationship failing as House is. More, in my opinion because he never tried to pretend to be anything he wasn’t while she pretended to accept him for who he is.

        • Sally says:

          I agree – Cuddy has plenty of issues with relationships that never got addresses. I guess it is too easy to blame everything on House.

        • b says:

          Just because she knew that going in doesn’t mean that she isn’t allowed to change her mind now that she’s really realized the possible impact on Rachel. Was it probably a mistake to get involved with an addict in the first place, even if he’d been sober for several months? Yes. Does that mean she needs to STAY with that addict and continue putting her daughter in danger? Uh, NO. I agree that she is partially “at fault” – but I also think she absolutely did the right thing and that the relationship ending wasn’t a bad thing, so I’m not sure I would use the word fault so much as responsibility.

      • Amber says:

        You’re right, but she could have at least called Wilson.

    • Derdriui says:

      Loved Stacy, and the Lydia bit was actually interesting.

      They couldn’t seem to hit the nail on the head with Cuddy. Perhaps because it never made sense at all, could be becaue the approach they adopted was ‘lets see House try to play house’ instead of doing something complicated or nuanced, but who knows.

      lol the other theory from an old sitcom is that the two actors had a shag and lost all acting chemistry together, but I’ll stick to the more mainstream blaming of the writers, who do deserve it, and the producer types of handed out the ridiculous plots.

  14. Drea says:

    gahh I just wanna say that this all feels like a big stunt. Leaving “wiggle room” is code for “waiting to see what happens to ratings.” Seriously, if they don’t resolve this thing, I won’t be able to watch.

    You should have seen me watch CSI after Sara left – oh, wait, I DIDN’T!

    • Marley says:

      Well played on the Huddy breakup, congratulations fellow passengers, we’re now back on track again!!! That’s the best part of the show, as for the dream sequences, fancy and well sorted out as they were, they seemed a bit jarring and random, since we seldom put that much thought into how we actually reach a logical decision, but they’re well crafted nonetheless. Hugh Laurie singing and dancing in the musical sequence? Just WOW!!!

      As for the ratings, I honestly don’t think a few crying Huddy-shippers swearing never watching again would harm the ratings more than the Huddy storyline already did. I say we might actually see the numbers go up in the coming weeks. Forget your troubles com’n get happy.

    • Derdriui says:

      Did you come back? ‘Cause Sara’s back now and she’s written to be calm, decent and intelligent :) one of the best female characters on TV.

      … A complete contrast to Cuddy, though, who can’t seem to do Admin without flashing or actually going behind other doctor’s backs to switch meds (Family Practice, another ‘gem’ from this ridiculous season).

  15. Sara says:

    I wonder why Shore thinks to be extremely unpredictable. He showed the usual elephant sensitivity and chose the most banal way to go on. Back on square one? Congratulations Shore this is exactly why Sorkin wins Oscars and you can’t get another show done. Keep treating fans like idiots is not a good move.

    • Corinne says:

      Being a recovering addict, I appreciate them going back to square one. It is rare that someone that severally reliant an drugs would just go to rehab and never struggle with it again. When life is easy, it is easy to stay clean, but in a very human way, they have shown that when things get hard, some people need a crutch. The bad thing is, now that he’s going to be dealing with a heartbreak, I don’t see this as a brief relapse.

      • gmainou says:

        As a recovering addict, don’t you think that not showing any sign of struggle before taking again the damn pills is a HUGE mistakes ?

        • Corinne says:

          I really don’t. I think relapses can occur when you least expect them. Feeling that you have regained control can be a huge weakness in the road to recovery. I loved that on Rescue Me, Tommy started drinking again the day he got his one year chip from AA. Also, as far as being a viewer I found that to be more of a surprise than him and Cuddy not making it. I will miss the scenes with House and Rachel.

      • Derdriui says:

        Have you seen the Teddy storyline on Queer as Folk?

        That had him almost-relapsing, but he had a support system.

        House just… doesn’t. He pushed Wilson away or Wilson got sick of him, and Cuddy just can’t handle all his drama. I can understand that relapse is logical when he just doesn’t want to be reasonable, rational or actively empathetic.

  16. Spoilerchicka says:

    Why does Cuddy’s mom Arlene resurface at the end of the season in episode 20 Changes? Cliffhanger? Shore, put them back together once House grows up. They did need to break up because he was a lousy boyfriend and Cuddy shouldn’t have to tolerate this. Would like to know more about Cuddy’s first marriage and House’s child abuse. Will we see that in this season? Just renew Lisa Edelstein’s contract pronto, dude!

  17. KC says:

    DS: I hate to love him and love to hate him.

  18. Ashley says:

    Very well done, and very well played. I loved House and Cuddy together, but we all knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. I wasn’t really surprised. The episode was called BOMBSHELLS for a reason. now we get to see the aftermath and whether or not the House can move on, and Cuddy for that matter. at least he has Wilson.

  19. Finally says:

    I am glad the entire mess has been finally broken up, and now we can hopefully get back to watching the actual show, House, not some fictional soap opera that replaced its previous genius. I don’t think Huddy was in character at all, sorry, David Shore. But I hope to enjoy the rest of the show in character, and as brilliant as usual–thank you for ending the fiasco for those of us who aren’t Twilight-obsessing teenage fan girls, but watch House for HOUSE, not Cuddy.

  20. Jen says:

    I cant believe this. we’ve been waiting 7 years for this…and you guys gave us 15 episodes. i knew the break up would come…but 15 episodes, really? :(

  21. K says:

    Not excited to being going back to square one.

  22. Curious says:

    I wonder what’s left? House pined for Cuddy for years. House gets Cuddy. Cuddy breaks up with House. —

    Does this signify a jumping of the “shark”? What is next? Another season of him struggling to get to (or away from) old behaviors? How much of that can we possibly stand before we admit that maybe a Swan Song is in order?

  23. Faz says:

    It was so silly. Goodbye House, I will miss you :S

  24. Katie says:

    This was a fantastic episode, though I’m sure the Huddies are flipping out. FINALLY we’re back to House MD instead of Huddy MD. And no reconciliation in sight? Best night ever!

    • Sally says:

      I haven’t seen the epsiode yet, but boy, I’m looking forward to it now. I’ll actually celebrate the comeback of House MD. RIP Huddy, I won’t miss you AT ALL.

  25. Mike McStay says:

    I can now remove “House” from my DVR recordings! Thanks for killing the show…

  26. Tyler says:

    I don’t know if Shore should be bragging that the character is “back to square one” after seven seasons of development. To me that says he’s not actually interested in exploring things with the characters, he’s interested in keeping them the same, forever.

    Also, this season has delivered great episodes, because for one Olivia Wilde is (for the moment) replaced with someone who can actually act, and for two “Two Stories” was the best episode they’ve ever done.

    • svaldu says:

      Lie!!! Three Stories is the best episode they’ve ever done… all the episodes on this season are just part of the spin-off Cuddy M.D (not a good show)

  27. Sally says:

    I say this with all due respect, but David Shore is a world class pessimist who has never acknowledged that anyone can rise up, overcome limitations and be happy. It makes me sad for him that the only truth he can see for this character is misery, addiction and pain. I think House has grown, and to take him back to square one does feel like a huge screw you to the people who have followed him through this journey. I will never understand why writers think that they have to reset everything to tell the same stories all over again. So now we are back to essentially the pre-Mayfield days. Now you get to spend 2 years recycling old storylines instead of developing new directions for your character. For me, although I am a Huddy fan, it isn’t just about the end of the relationship. You basically pulled a Dallas – House just woke up in the shower and the last 2 1/2 seasons were a dream? What an unbelievable cop-out. Was this episode beautifully produced? Yes it was, and it was a riveting hour of television. But I believe this was the death knell for the show. There is nowhere to go but right back along the same path of destruction and recovery or straight towards his death by overdose. I expected better, but like so many showrunners before him, David Shore looked at the uncharted path ahead, and ran back to the comfort of the familiar like a scared rabbit. It would have been nice to see the road less traveled, but I shouldn’t be surprised that House will never walk it. This show was once so groundbreaking that it won a Peabody award; how the mighty have fallen.

    • Brittany says:

      Sally, thank you so much for your comment. I was trying to compose my thoughts and got frustrated and gave up. Then I saw your comment which so completely and elegantly summed up my feelings.

      After everything House has gone through in the last couple of seasons and all the development we’ve seen, I cannot believe that we’re going “back to square one.”

      I know the fans who have whined about House not being less of a medical procedural will be happy about this, but I suspect that they majority of the fans, the ones who have grown to care about this character and are rooting for him, are going to have a hard time swallowing this. I know I am.

      • Allyson says:

        That’s where I think a lot of the problem lies. There are a lot of people who watch House for the medical mysteries being solved by a cranky doctor. But House ISN’T a medical drama. It’s a character study that happens to be set in a hospital, and the character happens to be a doctor.
        yes in the early seasons, the POTW were interesting cases, but if you didn’t notice, many of the themes revolving those patients (honestly, relationships, etc) always somehow reflected back on House and his situations, giving us an insight into his psyche.
        And in these later seasons, they’ve begun exploring the characters closest to House because people are made up by the people that surround them. It’s important to understand the people House surrounds himself with in order to understand who House is.
        I get really tired of the comment “Now we can get back to House MD and not Huddy MD, Cuddy MD etc.” House MD has ALWAYS been House MD. But learning about his history with Cuddy, and exploring the relationship with her was IMPORTANT to his character. It was important to understanding who he is, the things he can change and the things that he can’t. It’s the same thing as the whole House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart thing. We had to have that dramatic tension with House and Wilson in order to explore the way House maintains a friendship.
        Now the whole thing with House returning to Vicodin? I think it was a little predictable, and DS may have made a mistake in going there, BUT we don’t know what’s coming in the rest of the season, so it’s easy to criticize it all now…but as we watch the rest of the pieces come together the rest of this season, maybe it will make more sense. So I’m not willing to say that DS is a cop-out and that the show is ruined until I see where they are taking it.
        And that’s all she wrote.

    • Tess says:

      So true !!!

    • Ginger says:

      Amen! You said it better than I could. I can now remove House from my DVR. I am not interested in a reboot.

    • Chrissy says:

      Well said Sally!

    • JohnDoe says:

      You are the most naiive person ever if you believe for one second that addicts with serious issues don’t put on an act like House has and pretend to love someone, but all they really care about is themselves. Not to mention, I’m guessing you don’t know any addicts, because that’s what many and most addicts do: relapse. Several times. They go from being pseudo-happy, back down to sinking lows. David Chase is just being realistic with the character.

      • Sally says:

        If 100% realism for the character was the goal of a TV show, House would have lost his medical license somewhere during the 2nd season due to his drug use. That is, if he hadn’t already lost it years before due to a lawsuit by a patient. This is a TV show, not real life. My comments are directed at a writer/producer who is setting what I believe to be a disastrous course for a character in a fictional show. I have no issue with the idea of relapse – it is reasonable issue to deal with. But Shore has said that House is basically back to square one, and in a fictional TV show, that means a lack of freshness, creativity and forward plot movement and character development. In real life, addicts with serious issues cannot really be brilliant doctors while stoned. If I were looking for a realistic portrayal of a relapsing addict, I would just watch Charlie Sheen on TMZ. I watch House to observe a fascinating – again, FICTIONAL – character grow, develop and evolve through time, despite serious issues and personality flaws. If I wanted to watch the same thing happen to him over and over, I could just watch the first few seasons on an endless loop.

        By the way, David SHORE is the creator of House, Robert CHASE is a character on the show, and David Chase is neither one.

        • Tess says:

          Well David Chase is the one behind The Sopranos !
          Aside from that, I totally agree with you in your two comments.
          A characters need to evolved, not regress. He could have relapse…but not more than 2 years being clean. Actually, I think it would be a better Season 6 to watch him struggle for not taking any pills, then, step by step, going back on pills..and off.and on…
          Aside from that, yeah Fictionnal Characters don’t have to represent reality.

        • DrJaysusChroist says:

          I agree with everthing, again, except for one thing: addicts with serious issues who happen to be geniuses can in fact be brilliant when stoned, provided they aren’t on a large amount of hallucinogens. In fact, the number of doctors who are actually taking things like vicodin or amphetamines or methylphenidates is alarmingly high…it’s quite common to self medicate to stay awake, or get through medical exams.

      • becky says:

        But he DOES care about Cuddy. He said that he would choose her, evry time.

      • DrJaysusChroist says:

        Yes addicts relapse, but he was on vicodin, not chrystal meth or heroin, there’s no reason to think he was pretending to love her and he cleaned up in a large part because of his feelings for Cuddy. Why do you have to tell others they are the most naive person ever? If you think that all addicts are the same, and even all addictions are the same, producing the same behaviour and motivations in everyone, then perhaps you might be being a bit naive yourself.

    • Sally says:

      Well, I am NO Huddy fan at all, and I’ll celebrate the Huddy break-up. There are more than enough people out there celebrating. Bye Huddy fans, the fandom won’t miss you.

      • Sally says:

        Maybe this is another person named Sally who doesn’t like Huddy fans, but this is not the same Sally who posted the long comment above. I suspect it was actually just posted by someone who thinks it is funny to post under a false name.

    • Jane 2 says:

      I’ll add my thanks to you Sally for saying it so much better than I could. What a cop out this is. Boring, predictable and unimaginative are the words that spring to mind when I think about yet another storyline with House back at square one and alone. The real challenge would have been to keep House and Cuddy together, it would have driven a lot of new story and opened up character exposition across the board. They didn’t even scratch the surface with these two. I’m so disillusioned with the show. I believed it was better than this.

      I’m also worried about the future of Cuddy. Those Hilson spoilers from the “super secret” source had House and Cuddy breaking up for good (right on point so far) and Cuddy being killed off at seasons end. With Episode 19 being titled “the Last Temptation” and Candace Bergen appearing in episode 20 entitled “Changes”, are they really killing Cuddy off? That makes me sadder than I can say.

    • Aiza says:

      My thought exactly!!! So not looking forward to House anymore. RIP House :(

    • DrJaysusChroist says:

      agreed! well said. Better said than my attempt above. Totally copped out, and went for the familiar, already chartered territory over the new, more tricky ones. plot decision totally based on fear of the unknown. Pretty disappointed, this was the only tv show I liked, not much of a tv person but House was really good and has had brilliant moments. Also think they’ve cornered themselves now and the show is all over, although I liked this episode, can’t believe Shore is stupid enough to give us this spoiler that he’ll be retracing old ground from now on.

  28. Autumn says:

    David Shore.. YOU SUCK!!

  29. LOL says:

    Now the terrorists have won.

  30. Fran says:

    I’m done!

  31. Sally says:

    I absolutely LOVED this episode! I even think that it was the best episode so far! David Shore somehow managed to do the impossible; let the main characters be in a relationship like most fans wanted, yet he didn’t ruin the show because of it and found a really good way to get back to how the show originally was. So I say kuddos to him on a job greatly done!

  32. Drea says:

    David Shore – are you there? Are you listening to your fans? When House is happy, we are happy. When House solves puzzles, we solve a puzzle, and when House relapses, we also start to do drugs BECAUSE WE CAN’T TAKE THE PAIN!

    • PJ says:

      I had to take drugs to get through the Huddy episodes. I’ll probably have to take more if the next episodes are about House and Cuddy working through their separation.

      Bring back the show of the first seasons.

  33. Bere says:

    5 seasons with vicodin,
    1 more in rehabilitation,
    and the 7 he faind the love,
    and….they return…to the season 1….
    are you insane…???

    its no logic…

    really….is incredible, for the money they make this…

  34. Sally W. says:

    I absolutely LOVED this episode! I even think that it was the best episode so far! David Shore somehow managed to do the impossible; let the main characters be in a relationship like most fans wanted, yet he didn’t ruin the show because of it and found a really good way to get back to how the show originally was. So I say kuddos to him on a job greatly done! =)

  35. Maria says:

    Nooooo!!!! Huddy was the best thing of the show….I hate you David Shore, because I was really looking forward to see it all the way….I want Cuddy to get pregnant from House because she always wanted that and it’ll be awesome to see House dealing with the fact that he’ll become a father and I was hoping this news were the season 7 finale surprise!!!

    Please David Shore, u have to get them back together now!!!!

    • Sam says:

      You never really watched the first seasons, did you?! Otherwise you’d know that Huddy was the worst thing in this show. You really think this is a good relationship? Then good luck for you.

    • Genuinely Bored says:

      I want Cuddy to get pregnant from House because she always wanted that and it’ll be awesome to see House dealing with the fact that he’ll become a father and I was hoping this news were the season 7 finale surprise!!!

      That’s what fanfiction is for. Seriously- that kind of soap opera writing has no place on TV after 4 PM.

      What season did you start watching? Because this whole season has been one big anomaly when you look at the series as a whole.

      • Linda says:

        I too, think that a pregnancy would be really a good avenue to explore the dynamics if you keep true to the character behavior. Interesting.

        • Genuinely Bored says:

          if you keep true to the character behavior.

          Which they haven’t been doing at all this season. I seriously think that pregnancy would damage this show beyond repair…which it’s dangerously close to already.

          And this is coming from a fan from Season 1.

          As I mentioned before- I don’t want to dump on any Huddy fans, but if the writers had let them happen organically instead of shoving them down our throats this season, I wouldn’t be so pressed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyway- I’ll have to wait until the end of this season to see if the next is even worth watching *ugh

        • Mayela says:

          House needs to have a kid with Cuddy, because there could not be just one House in this world. And it must be with Cuddy because she has been THE one for him all these years.

  36. Sally says:

    Sorry for the double comment.. My bad, sorry =/

  37. Gillian says:

    I am really hating Mr Shore and Co right now. How could they do that, it sucks big time. House gets some happiness at last and they just do that to him. I have loved this show since E1 S1, I adore the character of House. If all they are going to do is end him in comiting sucide or dying a death of liver failure. Then there is no point in it all. People are suposed to find some kind of meaning in their lives are they not!

  38. Andie says:

    :'( i don’t like this. actually I don’t like that there’s no hope for future happiness. I mean I understand you need to throw catalysts into tv to keep things interesting, but ruling out reconciliation sucks. Can’t take that. That’s worse than seeing the breakup/vicodin.

    • Crystal says:

      Completely agree. I think that is what I am having the hard time with, not the fact that they broke up.

  39. Curtainsfree says:

    I don’t care about the break up…enjoyed the “à la stargate 200th epiode” mini-scenes… But…I really care about characters development.
    House hadn’t show sign of slips or relapse, last week, he was very fine after licking a Vicodin pills.
    That implied that he was very fine and other it! And then…today…he relapse ?? WTF ?
    Not only that isn’t really great but please. I don’t feel a character need to regress. Au contraire, I really think, for a good story, your characters need to evolved !
    Please David. You wanted House back on pills ? Why not, but you should have shown signs of it for weeks !

  40. asg says:

    bye House! :S

  41. Alexa says:

    The least you can do now is bring back Lin-Manuel….please!!

  42. JB says:

    This episode was terrible! Heartbreaking! Depending on how the rest of this season goes I don’t know if I’ll be watching even if there is an 8th season. They were doing great up until Family Practice and after that they suddenly went downhill. It made no sense. David Shore is making a huge mistake by writing off the possibility of a reconciliation. I’m just really upset that he took my favorite show that was so important to me and just killed it like this. I bet they’ll lose a lot of viewers over this.

  43. Julia says:

    “Taking House down an ultimately happy road just seems unrealistic.” So very true. House and Cuddy might be in love with each other, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they belong together. I’ve never wanted them to be a couple, and I have to say, I think tonight’s episode was the right move. It was inevitable, just like it was inevitable that they’d get together in the first place.

  44. Jack says:

    Loathed that it took this long for the demise of Huddy. It was way overdue. As for the dream sequences, they were gimmicky, distracting and redundant. We could deduce all the emotions going on between House and Cuddy without them.

    Have to admit, this episode coinciding with what’s been going on with Charlie Sheen and Two and a Half Men was impeccable.

  45. Kylie says:

    David Shore you will regret the day you allowed this to air. Our community will boycott if need be.

    • Genuinely Bored says:

      OMG- not everybody liked this pairing and the ratings prove it. I don’t want to dump on your ship (if you are a Huddy fan), but the writers really screwed up this season.

      And if you’re going to stop watching just because you didn’t get your way then you weren’t really a fan to begin with.

    • Jack says:

      Boycott. Yeah, please do that, and hold your breath while you do it.

  46. P Piteo says:

    By by I’m done with house.

  47. huh says:

    “everybody lies.”

  48. Me says:



  49. Drea says:

    Is there just an over-representation of Huddy fans here or is this the general consensus of the House fanbase? Mr. Ausiello, can we take a poll?

    • JohnDoe says:

      Look at the names in the comments section for this show. Bunch of chicks most of the time, who want their unrealistic portrayals of soapy romance. Of course there are an over-representation of Huddy fans here.

      • KC says:

        “Bunch of chicks?” Wow, well not all “chicks” enjoy soapy romances, in fact some of them may be intrigued by the developments so far and want to see how things will play out. JohnDoe=coward, right?

      • Mindy says:

        Hey, I’m a chick who hated the House/Cuddy relationship. I thought it darn near ruined the show. I am now very excited to potentially be getting back the show I once loved.

        There is an over-representation of Huddy fans here because Ausiello is one. And a lot of non-Huddy fans quit watching the show because of this. The dip in ratings is quite obvious.

      • g says:

        I’m a chick- and WTF- not all of us are fans of 27 Dresses, if you catch my drift. And I think PJ is on the right track when they stated

        Probably an over-representation of Huddy fans since Ausiello is a well-known Huddy and Cuddy shipper.

        Most of my friends who aren’t Huddy shippers have given up on the show.

        I tried to give this stupid show a chance but they screwed up every chance they had: they made Lisa Edelstein the star of this season, they rewrote everyone’s character, and, most importantly, they forgot about the medicine. To be quite honest, now that they’ve gone down this “Grey’s Anatomy” type of road, the medicine while never take priority- the way it used to, that is. It will take some strong back-bone, ruthless wit and sleepness nights for those writers to save this mess of a show.

        I’m hoping they can, but given all that’s happened this last season….I’m not holding my breath.

    • PJ says:

      Probably an over-representation of Huddy fans since Ausiello is a well-known Huddy and Cuddy shipper.

      Most of my friends who aren’t Huddy shippers have given up on the show.

  50. Krista says:

    I enjoyed the episode, and the entertaining change of pace with the dreams.
    I think it’s tragic that they didn’t use Robert Sean Leonard in a singing and dancing number, what with his theater background.
    It’ll be interesting to see where the show goes from here. :)

    • Genuinely Bored says:

      I agree about the RSL comment- the man was amazing in Tom Stoppard’s “The Invention of Love”! Why the hell would the writers overlook that?

      Also- Butch and Sundance belonged to House and Wilson; I mean, I’ll admit I’m a Hilson shipper, but I am realistic (I doubt they would ever go there) but the whole Butch and Sundance reeks of House and Wilson and to jam House/Cuddy into that scenario is just reminiscent of what they’ve been doing this entire season.

      I love this show but I hate what it has become.

      • SFJ says:

        Good points – especially about House and Wilson epitomizing Butch and Sundance.
        I liked Huddy – but the more I think about it, I agree with those who say it was natural progression for it to end – but it seemed rushed and not completed.
        I want to point out as well – House is unlike any other character I have ever seen – so why must things be predictable by him (i.e – exactly how he recovers from his addiction, relapses, failed relationships)?
        He is a fictional, high funtioning and brilliant addict.
        There are no confines to his character!
        He could have looked at his relationship as a puzzle and eliminate the human emotions and interaction aspect – then he would know exactly what he should be doing! No need to piss off Wilson!
        No, this was forced because of the writers need to not stay in unchartered territory and go back to more familiar – albeit – higher ‘rated’ grounds.
        I will accept this when David Shore addresses the acclamations Wilson made in jest – but nevertheless are ringing truer and truer with every episode.
        Does anyone remember when House was shot and NEEDED his carpet with the blood stains – back in his office?
        Wilson in a play to get Cuddy’s cooperation states that House has Asperger’s Disorder.
        I am married to someone with this disorder and 2 of my 3 kids have the dx as well.
        Minus the brilliance aspect – I LIVE with 3 Houses!
        The inability to understand human connections, emotions, the lack of concern with his appearance and the need to say what HE needs to say – regardless of how it comes off.
        Unable to prioritize the feelings and needs of those he cares about and his outward attempts of displays of affection are clumsy and awkward. His intelligence does not assist him one iota in making correct moral or social decisions – because all he can focus on are the black and white.
        He can’t see himself as wrong because he cannot empathize.
        Nope – until they address this issue as it it is portrayed – don’t like going backwards after all these years of watching it once before.

        • Bueller says:

          I have been diagnosed with asperger’s and I don’t see how that has to come into play in the show. I do want House to be happy however. The show should expound upon House’s inability to fully emote, and introduce a character that can balance him out.

          Honestly the best potential character that he should have ended up with was Cameron. Her naivety and faith in humanity completely balanced House’s shortcomings. She has been the character that has changed House the most and he had done the same to her. Her ending up with Chase was too boring.

          To look at the cast objectively, every time since Cameron has left the show the writer’s try to recreate the Yang to House’s Ying and it continues to not fit. The closest any character has come to accomplishing that was Cuddy, but Cuddy did that through being a boss and not empathy.

          Since Cuddy can’t help House I’m reverting back to hoping Cameron comes back on to help the poor soul.

    • sashay says:

      RSL and HL together would have been amazing. One musical act, and they could have skipped all the other fantasy scenes (except for the zombies, I loved that).