Exclusive Greek Post Mortem: The Show Is Over, But There's Still More to See!

And just like that, Greek is gone. But what a sweet finale it was. Join me to find out why series mastermind Sean Smith chose to end the ABC Family charmer the way he did, plus get exclusive scoop on why and how there’s still new Greek to be seen.

[Warning: If you’ve yet to see Monday night’s finale, steer clear — West Coasters, this means you!]

Before we delve into the ah-mazing series finale, I have some exciting exclusive news: Greek may be over, but following its West Coast airing, fans can head to iTunes for the extended director’s cut of the episode, which runs five minutes longer than the broadcast version. Two additional scenes are available in the ep, including one in which Evan and Cappie (finally) making amends. A specific time for the iTunes posting isn’t available yet, but it will stick around for two weeks. And if you miss your date with iTunes, Netflix will also carry the extra-filled episode.

As showtime neared, TVLine spoke with Greek showrunner Sean Smith to discuss the final moments of his lovable coming-of-age story, which, let’s face it, was so much more than a series about fraternities and sororities.

TVLINE | How are you feeling now that Greek is officially over?
I’ve been a wreck leading up to it. It’s sadness and confusion and pride, and a gift to get to do as many episodes as we did with characters that I love so much and with people that I love working with.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the finale: How was it decided to make Kappa Tau and their house such a pivotal part of the last episode?
The spirit of KT is kind of the heart of the series. It represented everything that Rusty had started the series wanting, it was the growth place and coming of age location for Cappie — everyone had an experience there in the house and it felt like it was the thing that represented the series most. We’ve had tons of finales about whether ZBZ was going to lose their charter, or if Casey was going to be president, but we’ve never put the house in jeopardy, so I felt like we’d earned that after four years. I knew coming into this season that I wanted to put the KT way of life in jeopardy.

TVLINE | Following through on KT’s demolition was a huge shock and incredibly emotional. How did that come to fruition?
Destroying the set was powerful. We took bulldozers down to our sets and ran them through the Kappa Tau house, and when it first hit, I gasped. For the longest time, I’d imagined that they’d save the house in the end and it would be great and Lasker Parkes (Jonathan Silverman) would listen to them, but it just felt too familiar and too easy — not Greek enough. So I called our line producer and said I wanted to tear down the house. I talked to the network about it and they said, “No you don’t,” and I’m like, “I do,” and they’re like, “No, you don’t” and I’m like, “I really do. We have to!” It took a lot of figuring it out logistically and getting the network to see what it represented — it had to mean something. It wasn’t about destroying something, it was about overcoming this adversity and knowing that our kids were going to be OK. It’s giving them the biggest loss, but showing that they can persevere. And that’s what I wanted to do with Casey and Cappie with their relationship, saying that as long as they’re together, no matter what, they can pursue anything.

TVLINE | Speaking of Cappie, what’s the deal with his real name?!
Cappie’s name speaks to that [perseverance] as Captain John Paul Jones and “We’ve only just begun” — to be a rally cry for millennials. People tell you the real world sucks, and you can change that.

TVLINE |The finale finally gave fans a gracious resolution between Evan and Cappie. Was rekindling their friendship always part of the plan?
Definitely. We realized the power of the threat to the friendship of Cappie and Evan once we were able to make them friends and Casey was not an issue. The will-they-won’t-they couple became will Evan and Cappie going to be friends? We explored that in the Beaver episode, when he pointed out that as long as Evan has feelings for Casey, he’s never going to be able to be friends with Cappie. I wanted him to purge her completely, something that took him four years to say that this is not meant to be, goodbye to Casey Cartwright.

TVLINE | And I have to ask: What was the real deal with Evan’s sudden arm cast?
I had to script in Evan’s broken arm the day before production on the finale began because Jake McDorman actually broke his hand. Still hate him for that. [Laughs]

TVLINE | A lot of key scenes in the finale seemed to parallel memorable moments from seasons past — namely those sibling-stairway chats between Casey and Rusty.
That was emotional. When I saw an early cut of that scene, it didn’t capture the depth of what that represented — they were both arcing, so this was huge! The focus of the series, to me, was always about this brother and sister coming together. If he hadn’t gone to Cyprus Rhodes, they might not have this good relationship. And they’ve now gone through this adventure together and are always going to be there for each other. And that’s what I always thought was so winning about that relationship; for Rusty, part of him wanting to be in the greek system was him wanting to be closer to his sister.

TVLINE | How did you decide what the final scene of the series would be?
I wanted this last scene to hearken back to our first finale which, if you’ll remember, was Casey and Rusty heading off for winter break together and she leaves Cappie on the corner and they drive off together. I really loved that moment and what it represented in their journey, as much as now it’s Cappie getting in the car with Casey as opposed to Rusty. There was symmetry there that I really liked.

TVLINE | You’ve said that you didn’t want complete closure in the finale so that the characters can live on in this world you’ve created. Where do you think Cappie and Casey ended up?

I’m fairly certain that Casey and Cappie died in a car accident — that they got about a mile down the road and then they got hit by a semi. [Laughs] I didn’t want closure so I could imagine where they were going. I think Casey and Cappie got to Washington, and I think he found something exciting and satisfying for him. I think Casey got to kick ass and I’d like to think that they ended up together forever, but it’s tough to say. For me, keeping it open allowed me to have the imagination to think of where I want them to go, as much as I want the audience to do the same.

TVLINE | What’s next for you?
I’m enjoying time off and I’m also developing whatever is next. I have a couple irons in the fire and a script commitment to Imagine Television, which I’m really excited about because I’m a huge Friday Night Lights and Parenthood fan. And hopefully I’ll get to do half of all the stuff I got to do on Greek, and have as good of an experience as I did for this show.

And that’s that. Post your goodbyes/thank yous/love letters to Smith and the cast of Greek below.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    I love Greek! I’m sad its over but all great things have to end. It will still be an amazing show to me, always!

  2. holly says:

    I would have been so mad if you didn’t bring back wade!

    perfect ending.

  3. Anahi says:

    There’s just one thing I did not understand about this note… When is this extended version episode coming out? Because I go on iTunes every 10 minutes and I don’t find anything :(

  4. Jessica says:

    Thank you for creating such an amazing show. The finale was great and the knocking down of the KT house made me cry my eyes out. I have ever chapter on dvd and can’t wait for this one to reach the shelves.

  5. Liz says:

    I remember seeing commercials for yet another teen drama that was coming to ABC Family and thinking that there was no way I was getting suckered in. But something told me to at least give the 1st episode a try. And I did. And as Patrick Swayze said in “Dirty Dancing” – I’ll never be sorry. In such a short time these characters became my friends and I lived through these great storylines with them. I cried when they did. Laughed when they did (or maybe just when they did something to laugh at). I can’t put into words how much this show has meant to me and it will be missed tremendously. Thank you for touching mine and so many others’ lives with the little piece of sunshine called “Greek.” :)

  6. Brynn Becker says:

    This show was absolutely amazing and it will be greatly, greatly missed. My husband and I (yes, my husband loved the show!) were so sad to hear that this was the SERIES finale. We kept having to ask ourselves, “Okay, look it up online- this is the SERIES FINALE? Not just the season finale, right? Seriously!??” So here we sat, watching it hand in hand, me crying, and him watching me cry lol Best show I’ve watched in a very long time. Thanks again!

  7. Emily says:

    I just wanted to say that I loved the con they all played to get the guy’s paddle etc. Throughout the show some of the characters hated KT but they all came together, even dale to save the house. It was great.

  8. Nana says:

    The show started in my freshman year of college and it’s ended now when I have a few months to graduate.So the finale was a very emotional moment for me because I can relate to it especially since I’m in a sorority I love dearly myself. Good Job and well done to everyone that made the show what it was. I will miss it.

  9. :( sad says:

    i miss it already :(

  10. lucy says:

    Thanks for such an amazing show, it was my ultimate favourite and I will really miss it. Long live KT!

  11. Alyssa says:

    Greek has been such a fun, cleverly written, entertaining show. I’m glad it got a proper send off and that the characters futures are left up to the imagination.

  12. Giselle says:

    To Sean, the cast and crew of Greek — I will miss you all so deeply. I’m very sad that it has ended, but I love the finale in which the end was left for the viewers to make up. I soooo love every detail of the finale ….as I’m crying right now. :(

    Thank you for helping me feel so young. :) This show has given me so much comfort, joy, sadness, and excitement !!!! I have enjoyed every bit of Greek to the fullest that its soooo deep into my heart. I love you all !!! Best wishes to everyone :)


  13. Tyler says:

    As far as TV series’ go, I think Greek was “average”. In saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was never bad. But the series finale was possibly the best I’ve ever seen. It was open enough to leave room for … personal imagination of what happened next, yet answered enough questions to make everyone feeling happy inside :) So yeah, the finale … wow, other TV shows should employ these people just for that lol.

    Very sad to see the series finish however. I might watch the old programs again lol.

  14. Lisa says:

    I’m still crying my eyes out… thank you for showing me what college was all about, this show began with my freshman year and now ends with my graduating year….. I feel like these characters were apart of my college experience just as much as many of my other experiences. This cast and these crew made this show real and unforgettable. Thank you for every single episode, every single laugh, and every single tear, and for all the great Cappie and Casey moments <3

  15. Sarah says:

    It is sad for the show to end, but as they say “all children…must grow up” (and unfortunately, all shows must end!). I am in my 4th and final year of college so it was nice (and scary!) to see the characters going through the struggles that I am. I hope things work out for the characters in the universe you created, just as I hope that things will work out for me in mine.
    I’m sure that I will watch and re-watch the series to remind me of the good times I experienced at my own college and to remember what it is like to be young and to have my whole future in front of me.
    I can’t wait to see your future endeavors and if you ever bring back Greek, I will still be a loyal fan.
    Best of luck! And thanks for a fabulous TV show (so few exist these days).

  16. sulllii says:

    Why it’s finish ?? love greek … Why we can’t watch more… we would have liked to see what am rusty at the end of his studies and if evan rebecca overcomes the curse … and all his questions or the answers we must imagine, sad ..

    best tv show

  17. Casey says:

    I am very sad Greek is Over! I literally cried during the last episode. I hope i can find another show i liked half as much as greek

  18. Stacy says:

    I’m another “grown-up” that was completely invested in this show from day one! The Greek system doesn’t change, and every college, in every era, has their very own KT, ZBZ & Omega Chi house…I relived my glory days at U of Iowa every time Casey and Ash went to Dobbler’s or they rolled a keg into the KT house. Thanks for the memories, and the fabulous characters that were real & heartfelt, and could’ve so easily been caricatures of a stereotype (see TBS Glory Daze – ick.) It was a fabulous 4 yr ride…just like college should be!

  19. miranda says:

    Thanks for giving us such a wonderful ending! I wish it never had to end. I loved the dynamics of the whole episode and having watched the entire show from the beginning I picked up on the small things like the scene in the stairs and the car driving away… I loved it, I wish I could see Rusty run the KT house “KT is a feeling”.

    GREEK for ever!

  20. Guy says:

    Amazing show, every bit of it. Everything happened the way I’d hoped, but even though the ending was amazing I still wish it wasn’t over!

  21. Claire says:

    Any chance the extended cut of the finale will end up on the DVD? International fans can’t see it otherwise…

    I’m really sad to this show go, what a ride… it’s been such a joy to watch.

  22. Kessie says:

    I have to say Greek was so funny, heart warming and well acted a brilliant ending (take note Josh Schwartz) and the fantastically written and acted FNL was equally brilliant, sad to see them gone, but memories are fond of both, I’m just grateful I got to indulge! (again Schwartz…take note).

  23. Milena says:

    This show was one of my favorite!!! And I’m not so happy that you’re ending it.. But thank you for amazing moments!! :)

  24. Sammarko says:

    I’m in my second semester of college and I could remember falling in love with Greek from the very beginning. I identified with so many of the characters who were colorful, real, and surprising not stereotypical at all when you think about frats and sororities. Although, Greek life is totally so much more than just partying and chasing skirts and the finale as well as many other episodes showcased that.

    Greek inspired me to have confidence and rush a fraternity, and now next year I’ll be pledge educator, well, now recruit educator, but what Nationals doesn’t know won’t hurt them.

    :) You really did a great job Sean and I’ll always remember seeing myself in Rusty and that awesome KT spirit. Greek will truly be missed, bus as a member of the Greek System, I am proud to say that I can still live the experience and this show introduced me to brotherhood.

  25. Jamie says:

    Truly a show that brought me back to my happiest days. Greek life made me a better person overall. Each character made me cheer and cry, the script could have not been done any more perfect. College is about self-development….there’s no text book for that. Greek displayed a reality we all have faced, we go from life chapter to life chapter. Hoping to grow to the person we dreamed we could become. Loved this show, THANK YOU!!!!

  26. Dave says:

    I just found out during the middle of the finale that it was the finale. I am surprised as I felt this was a great show. I finished my fraternity time 10 years ago but definitely could relate to the characters. I think the show helped project the true value a fraternity plays in the growth of teenagers. Lifetime bonds are created and trust is fostered. Thanks for the entertainment that Greek has provided in my life.

  27. Mayra says:

    I would never expect the Greek finale to make me cry. and it did! and ‘Forever Young’!!! totally fits the show ;)

  28. Jill says:

    I’m in my 30s and was a Sigma Kappa in college, and it brought back all of the great Greek memories.
    I’m sad that the Evan/Cappie scene available on iTunes was not in the final episode that actually ran and don’t understand why it wasn’t. I actually feel robbed of that. That’s a scene we should not have to pay extra money for, and at this time I don’t have the extra money to pay for small luxuries like that.
    Thanks for Greek, but I do feel robbed of that scene, since it became a pivotal resolution needed to be seen scene, and you even say that in the above interview. And was disappointed that the KT house was torn down.

  29. Anahi says:

    I LOVE Greek!! It was defenitaly one of the best shows ever!! Just one question: does anyone know when that extended edition episode will come out? Because I check iTunes every 10 minutes and I don’t seem to find it. :'( If anyone knows anything please tell me! :)

  30. Mason says:

    Love the show. Sad to see it end.

  31. Jen says:

    Such a charming show. Thank you so much for sharing your characters with us!

  32. Larissa Fernandez says:

    I caught the show Greek on my Netflix, it has been such a tuff winter and boring times that I decided to join the marathon of watching Greek. Well it started as just another show to watch and soon I could not get myself away from the TV, at times I would stay up really late after my son would be in bed sleeping and just keep watching Greek. This show has made the time fly, and the horrible storms not even matter. Just watching Greek made me feel excited and happy just to see what is next. I sure wish that ABC would keep the show running and just extend the series. Amazing story and as my husband says, makes you wish you were back in college again, but since we can’t do that atleast we were able to relive the college experience through Greek.

  33. Josefin says:

    I have to repeat a few things people have said earlier:
    1.This show has definitely helped me coming to terms with graduating from university.
    2. I have never in my life been so hooked on a show, and never so attatched not only to the main characters, but to the rest as well.
    3. I loved the tearing down of the KT house – it was absolutely horrifying to watch, and somehow very fitting. Also, the soundtrack to that scene was perfect.

    Thank you so much, Sean. You’ve made us laugh, cry and come to terms with different aspects of growing up. Not everyone can say that.

  34. Gloria says:

    I watched this from it’s inception. I laughed, cried and loved this show more than any other. I am so disappointed and saddened that it is over. It took me back to my college years and I lived vicariously through the characters on the show. It being over reminded me all too well that I can never go back to that time in my life. I crave new episodes! There was nothing like this on TV. Bring back GREEK!

  35. Madel says:

    I’m so sad it’s over but what a fantastic show! Thank you so much for the awesome experience and completely perfect ending

  36. Chris says:

    Great Show! Great characters! Great finale! Thank everyone, cast and crew who made this show something I could not stop watching. This show, like college was over too quickly but it was great while it lasted. I’m glad you left the finale open ended. It gives it a sense of time and movement, like I might see one of them on the street someday. Again, wonderful show! So I guess the only question left is when’s the movie due out?…

  37. eva says:

    To the producer thumbs up for creating such a wonder word which i’ll miss sooo much…
    Cappie, Ashliegh,Rebecca,Casey and Rusty were my best casts…luv u all!

  38. eva says:

    To the producer thumbs up for creating such a wonderful world which i’ll miss sooo much…
    Cappie, Ashliegh,Rebecca,Casey and Rusty were my best casts…luv u all!

  39. Michael says:

    Started watching this show when I started at my new high school after my old one was shut down for lack of funds, students etc so in a way my old school was sort of like the KT house in a way. (it was an all boys school)
    Then I stopped watching coz fox8 the channel it was on he in austalia stopped showing the show at the end of the second season which was devastating, I just assumed that the show was cancelled. But i’ve just picked up the show again after going on a site my girlfriend showed me, and now that I’ve started uni I have got some free time. I just watched the final episode. And it was amazing, I hate to see it go but it is such a great show, the best ever actually. I’ll say it again though, this show will be missed.

  40. zobs says:

    I only just caught up and ended the show..was shocked and heart broken to see it end..I absolutely loved it..would probably watch it all over again…Cappie 4 EVER!!!

  41. Jasmin A says:

    Any chance at all that there will be a new series for Rusty and friends to finish up their senior year?? Pretty please!!!

  42. missy says:

    I am so sad!!!!!!!!! This show was so wonderful! I just finished watching it on Hulu…and I was like “Why is this acting like a finale?” then I read in the description that it was! I’m not a young college kid either. But I really enjoyed the show and all of the charachters. Was the plan for the show to last only such a short time??

  43. Jack Guckert says:

    I want the show to come back and show were everyone ended up in the end such as how cappi and cassi are doing i just want to see
    What they are all up too haha

  44. Lilac says:

    What an awesome show and I can’t believe it’s over! I honestly felt like I was part of all of them since the first episode came on. Seeing them go through so many obstacles and grow up together. The finale was amazing. My heart just sunk when they tore down the KT house and I was tearing up but I totally get it. Spitter was right…the house was just a house but what makes them, them is the people they surround themselves with. I love how everyone just stayed together at the end. It was seriously PERFECT.

    Thank you for the amazing 4 years of Greek. KAPPA TAU FOR LIFE!

  45. cjay sean says:

    sad though why did it end so soon can you just continue writing the script and broadcasting it!

  46. Carolina says:

    Once again, I’ve become very emotionally attached to fictional characters haha, That says good things about your show though. You did an amazing job, and as much as I wish it would’ve run longer, I LOVED the finale and think ending it on this high note was a smart choice rather than letting it die down. Thank you so much for the 4 seasons.
    I cried like a baby knowing it was over.

  47. Jack says:

    I never thought that a TV show could change my opion on life. Because of Greek I’m starting to get interested in college and I also started to become a more social person.

  48. nicole says:

    i literally had never heard of this show until a week ago.. i started watching it on netflix and watched all of the episodes in a week.. and fell in love with everyone.. i cried like a baby when they tore down the kt house and when it all ended. im so sad there will be no more greek, but im glad i found it because i feel like those characters became a part of me. i loved them :(

  49. Quintonia says:

    I think you should bring back Greek just until rusty, Dale and Rebecca graduate. that would be great to see Casey and cappy come back for christmas and i want to see how rusty and Ashligh are doing. You kinda left us hanging with everything i think it would be great to do just one or two more seasons :) really consider it.

  50. hany says:

    Greek was definately the best show ever ! I would watch like 4-5 episodes every night on netflix it was just so addicting & honestly I have to say I was sad when it ended , the last episode even made me cry , but I have to say I loved it (: