Breaking: Charlie Sheen 'Terminated' From Two and a Half Men

Good luck putting a “Winning!” spin on this, Charlie Sheen.

CBS and Warner Bros. Television have reached a joint decision to fire the troubled actor from Two and a Half Men. “After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on Two and a Half Men effective immediately,” read the statement.

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A decision regarding the future of the series — i.e. to recast or simply cancel — has not yet been made. Men has one season left under a two-year deal CBS struck with Warner Bros.

Sheen, meanwhile, wasted no time responding to the development, telling TMZ in a predictably <del>manic</del> colorful statement, “This is very good news. They continue to be in breach, like so many whales. It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge because now I can take all of the bazillions, never have to look at whatshiscock again and I never have to put on those silly shirts for as long as this warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension.”

The formal dismissal means that Sheen is now free to pursue the myriad opportunities that have allegedly come his way in recent weeks. It also sets the stage for what is sure to be a dramatic legal showdown between the actor and Warner Bros. The studio’s case against Sheen was previewed in a terse letter sent to the ex-Men star’s attorney (and later leaked to TMZ) earlier today. “[Sheen] has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill,” the letter read. “[He] undermined the production in numerous and significant ways… Warner Bros. would not, could not, and should not attempt to continue ‘business as usual’ while Mr. Sheen destroys himself as the world watches.”

Thoughts? Did CBS/Warner Bros. make the right call here? And should a new actor be brought in to replace Sheen? Or would you prefer to see Men euthanized? Sound off below!

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  1. Crys says:

    Should be interesting to see who they cast for the job, but Jason Bateman or Eric McCormack could be really funny

  2. Vanya says:

    The show is funny. They do not have to cancel the show. Give it year with a new twist. John and the rest of the cast are great!

    The show can go on. Here are some ideas:
    1) Have some numbskull play Charlie who is always so wasted he does not have speaking parts in the show – some think like “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

    2)They could have Charlie killed in a drunk driving episode. Charlie’s will leaves all the money to his brother on the condition that he takes care of his son. He could have a twenty-year-old son. New person brought on the show.

  3. Texas T says:

    Good Riddance 2 Bad Rubbish!!

  4. Lynda says:

    Hey Carlos, you’ve lost your “sheen”..actually you never really had it..your big mouth stream of consciousness shows how ill and crazy you are not winning you are justifying and that never works…we are all tired Carlos so just shut the hell up…

  5. Jared says:

    Best decision CBS has made all this season!

  6. Scott says:

    Now with this change…the audience is Winning!

  7. Joe says:

    Since the show is on CBS, I say when NPH’s Barney from HIMYM finds his dad later this season, he also finds out he’s a half-brother to Charlie Harper. Then Barney could do double duty on T&1/2M and HIMYM. Now that would be legen— wait for it…. dary.

  8. Nicole says:

    Did anyone not see this coming? They tolerated a lot from Charlie in the name of the show. I can honestly say I wasn’t phased much by seeing the past headlines from Charlie considering that’s what I expected from him. It’s sad to say but it’s true. And he was still showing up at work and still doing his job and the show was still the top rated comedy.

    It was him opening his mouth against the network and the creators that was the final straw. They were disappointed in him before, but for the most part he was still a good employee. Once he did his interview tour, you can’t blame CBS for firing him.

    Is he right about himself being the show? I think so. I don’t think there is any Two and a Half Men without Charlie. I don’t think you can simply replace him and keep the same show dynamic and the same numbers. I understand them wanting to try, after all this is their cash cow, but I don’t see it lasting very long without Charlie.

  9. Alex says:

    So sad. Yeah, he’s a jerk and it’s funny to watch the crazy train, but everybody knows it’s only a matter of time before they find him dead. This has got to be a huge blow to him, because no one is gonna work with someone so volatile.

  10. april-ann says:

    The show was over the minute they introduced that drip Chelsea.

  11. Chris Halarewich says:

    fyi the blue read more hyperlink from the main page to this article is not there instead just 3 blue dots


  12. John Berggren says:

    Hopefully he gets his stuff together to return as a schill for anti-manic-depressive medication.

    I still think you can have 2.5 Men. Upgrade Angus to “man”, move in Berta – she’s 1/2 a man.

  13. Midori4 says:


  14. Jon says:

    Where’s Emilio? Just darken the hair (or unlighten) and he could step right in.

  15. Steve says:

    Best. Idea. Ever.

  16. janebgood says:

    Very smart move. they need to bring in a cousin or other male character. john stamos would be perfect! i hope the show continues another season without him. With his total arrogant and beligerent behavior it is very hard to feel sorry for him. I hope he remains unemployed until he cleans up and shuts up. And finds some humility.

  17. SnazzyO says:

    This guy needs help. I’m really hoping someone who cares about him is keeping an eye on him. I also hope no one further exploits what appears to be a public mental breakdown.

    No one should make more money off of this – please.

    As for the show, I’m sure it’ll be crippled if it goes on but I think the show fans probably deserve some sort of “wrap” — like Charlie and Rose won the lotto and bought a French Villa or something and didn’t come back from EuroDisney.

    I don’t think they can pull off a season with a replacement but I don’t know how to get out of the mess w/ no ending.

    Hope the best for the fans of the show.

    Hope someone makes sure Sheen is safe.

  18. kelly says:

    Good decision and about time. now if someone could get cs locked up or some help asap.

  19. Renee says:

    I don’t watch the show, but maybe they should talk to Christian Slater.

  20. Suncatcher says:

    Many here are saying how the show is dead without Sheen. But more are making suggestions as to who they’d like to see replace him. It’s a fact of Hollywood life that everyone is totally replaceable – Sheen included. Wait till Charlie finds out!

    • Melody says:

      He should already know that, he replaced the seemingly irreplaceable Michael J. Fox on Spin City. So yes, with the right actor, it can be done.

  21. Steve says:

    Kill off Charlie’s character, have Alan inherit the house and move Herb in with a son who he fathered with another woman years ago.” Keep the title and give Ryan Stiles and Jon Cryer the credit they deserve.

  22. JohnDoe says:

    The only thing I enjoyed about Two and a Half Men were Berta, and the guys’ mom, who is great in that show. Other than that, meh.

  23. Melody says:

    I don’t watch the show, but let’s face it Charlie has gone off the deep end. This is in no way unexpected. It’s been sad to watch these trials and tribulations and I hope the best for them all on the other side, but it has been entertaining.

  24. anonymous says:

    Whatever. STILL WINNING!!!!!

  25. bob green says:

    they could continue the show saying he died in a car crash or something they don’t need to recast him.

  26. Barbara B says:

    It is true…the show WAS very funny..but Charlie Sheen’s character was getting a bit disgusting..Contrary to what he believes he does not turn on every woman watching him..He kinds sickens me..Charlie Sheen, by himself, is NOT very funny at all..It was the cast members on the show that made it funny!

  27. Ricey says:

    Its about time somebody did something we have to teach celebs just coz there famous there not untouchable

  28. Loveit says:

    I love this show. Hate to see it go. It is nice to laugh. Now on to reruns

  29. Terry says:

    Well………. So the star has made it a bust for all, So sad. But the real question in this cat and mouse game is who will the winner be? Or maybe the looser? This could become a new show in its self… We’ll all have to watch and find out.

  30. Lord says:

    Well since the main character was fired cancel the show dont make the same mistake ABC did when john ritter died and they prolonged 8 Simple Rules impending death

  31. Christopher says:

    The studio needed to do this, he was making the show a butt of jokes, not a comedy. They and the crew could well have actionable cause against him for ruining the show. They’re well shut of him, and now the other actors who have worked so hard to keep things going while he was in a drunken, drug addled stupor, can get on with making it back into a comedy that people enjoy, intead of make fun of.

  32. Bonnie says:

    It sucks for his costars and for fans if they pull the plug. To have no finale after eight years for all the fans who made it the #1 show would stink. You can’t recast anyone to play his role, not possible. The “whatshisc**k” comment, is he referring to Jon Cryer? If so that is horrible on his part.

  33. tazzy says:

    I don’t know how anyone could have expected a different outcome. My only surprise is that it took this long for CBS and Warner to act!

    I like the idea of sending his character overseas. Then have John Stamos show up as a “love child” that Mama didn’t tell anybody about. I think that would be great!

  34. bk says:

    I think all actors should be drug tested, especially if they are making 1.8 million dollars an episode. Thats insane! And you can only imagine what the producers are making. And as far as feeling sorry for the other actors, crew, etc., there are millions of people right now who are without jobs right now, wondering where their next meal is coming from. People need to quit feeling sorry for the rich. Seriously? The show was very funny starting out, but like the rest of the good shows, they had to start getting nasty, I guess they think intelligent people like that stuff. One more thing, those women who married Charlie, were out for the money, nothing else, so quit feeling sorry for them. Pity them for bringing innocent children into all of this. And im sure they were right there doing drugs with him.

  35. Mel says:

    Good on them. I know they probably won’t win the lawsuit but i really hope they do and don’t have to pay him anything. He is definitely sick, and really needs to come to terms with that fact and get help. It is sad to see the brilliant actor that he is, drop so fast

  36. brwm says:

    Sheen made that show and with out him there is no show…..He will bounce back from his personal problems and show WB that he does bot need them

  37. trespea says:

    I just pictured charlie the tuna at the bottom of the sea with a bowling shirt on and a rolled up dollar bill suckin white stuff up outa the can an into his nose- good tshirt idea

  38. Sophie says:

    I am not going to watch it. It won’t be the same without Charlie.

  39. Ali says:

    CBS/Warner Bros. definitely did the right thing. They were very patient and extended CS many chances that he blew off. It’s a shame that it came to this, but they must look out for their interests and in a way, they are looking out for his as well. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks his camel back and gets him into therapy and gets him the help he so desperately needs. I feel so badly for all of the people involved with the show. This decision was obviously not made lightly and the key words in the leaked document mention his health. That is what all of this is sadly about. I hope CS will heal and thrive and someday, possibly, be able to work with CBS/Warner again.

    I think recasting the role would be a wonderful opportunity for employees as well as fans of the show and a lucky, deserving actor should be able to settle in nicely. It’s worth trying.

  40. Jeanne says:

    John Cryer is the real star of that show anyway. Bring in Will Arnett to take Charlie’s part.

  41. Jill says:

    Get help Charlie before you do more harm to yourself or others.

  42. Nate says:

    WBTV, CBS and Sheen will be is a lengthy court battle for a long time to come. I don’t know much about American contract law, but here in Australia, Charlie would have a solid case against them for the termination of his contract. Isn’t his lawyer currently arguing a matter that his contract was tampered with. If this can be proven, then WB will not have a leg to stand on, and will be required to pay out the remainder of his contract based on contracted amount per episode, multiplied by the average number of episodes from past seasons, and any loss of income that Charlie may have been able to earn during the time spent In court. And any fees administered whist in court.

  43. Holly says:

    He is starting to remind me of Anna Nicole Smith just before she died surrounded by enablers, drugs, booze and yes men, the whole saga is just sad, reallly really sad. I can see a crash coming…………….

  44. Casey says:

    Seriously, if this is the direction they’re going in, then they just need to cancel the show. I love the show, and I tune in weekly, but without Charlie Sheen, the show will not last. Replacing him would kill it. And recasting the character would be even worse. Recasts are so stupid. So do everyone a favor, and just cancel it. I’m sure the rest of the cast can move on to something else.

  45. mike says:

    good luck anyone watching 21/2 without charlie. he is the show.

  46. Maggot says:

    I personally would rather see Two-and-a-Half Men put out of its misery than see a replacement for Charlie Sheen. I’m not condoning any of his actions, I just think he was a great actor in that show.

  47. Anna says:

    I’m not surprised that he was fired but they’ve known all along what he was like. This has to be more about the name calling then the drugs or sex. His behavior helped make it the number one show. Hopefully they all have lucrative deals to live off the reruns.

    I read in only one place that many stars of Mr. Lorre’s previous shows were not very pleased with him but they didn’t exhibit the behavior that Charlie Sheen did.

  48. Renee says:

    My favorite part of the show is always Alan, Berta, judith and Herb. Prettt much anybody but Charlie. So I defenitely think they could bring in another charachter like a long lost cousin or something. Other shows have done it. Even if 2 1/2 men lost half of their ratings they would still be above other really good comedys like Community.

  49. Alyx says:

    Sad….but he is gone and will be the better for it. No money coming in means no hookers and no money for drugs. Perhaps he can save himself now. Otherwise, it will be the end of more than a show that had pretty much run its course. Time to let it go and try to fix him.

  50. Jay says:

    They should just kill charlie in the series and continue without him.. But if not 8 years is a good run, move on!!