PaleyFest '11: Seven Surprising Spoilers From the True Blood Panel

You’ve probably heard that True Blood‘s fourth year will be the season of witches — but brace yourselves Truebies, because at tonight’s PaleyFest panel honoring the HBO hit we learned that it’s more likely the season of Sookie and Eric! Or is that Sookie and Alcide? This much we know for sure: It’s most definitely not Sookie and Bill.

Buh-bye, Bill & Sookie | If these two are your ‘ship of choice, I’d advise you to look away…now. True Blood showrunner Alan Ball revealed that Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) emotional breakup in Season 3’s finale will definitely stick, calling their road to reconciliation a “long journey,” and one that won’t happen quickly. “[Bill’s] betrayal [of Sookie] is so deep that I don’t think she sees a way back from that,” Ball said. “That’s why we need 17 seasons.” Alcide (Joe Manganiello) on the other hand, “doesn’t turn into a ball of charred fire in the daytime,” said Paquin.

Eric Northman, Who?! | Sookie’s going to be too tied up with the likes of Eric Northman to worry about Bill anyway. At least, we think that’s what ahead since Ball and Co. appear to be following the novels and taking away Eric’s memory. “Things are definitely not stable for Eric,” Alexander Skarsgård teased. “He doesn’t know who he is anymore. He’s very lost.” Without revealing how his amnesia comes to be, the actor told fans that “there are a lot of helpful people in Bon Temps” to assist in piecing together Eric’s past — maybe even a blonde fairy — but everyone’s favorite protégé Pam (Kristin Bauer Van Staten) “is obviously very helpful as his lovely daughter.” Ball wouldn’t divulge how exactly Eric’s long-deceased maker Godric (Allan Hyde) returns, but coyly explained that with these ancient vamps “you can go back [in time]…or they can appear in people’s dreams.” Skarsgård also promised an “amazing” flashback featuring Bill and Eric.

Sookie’s Fairy Playground | Last time we saw poor Sookie, she was wandering around some enchanted fairy land. Well, when we return, she’s back but “there’s some stuff that’s different,” Paquin said. (It must be said that Paquin is the tightest-lipped member of the True Blood cast.) Sookie will continue her journey to find herself — now minus Bill. Ball advised fans not to expect to meet her fairy “godfather” this season either.

A Wiccan Good Time | The Season 4 witches we’ve heard so much about “are not the bringers of evil,” promised Ball. “There’s an older entity that comes in.” The witchy Kevin Alejandro (Jesus) is also back as Lafayette’s boyfriend, and Nelsan Ellis says that they’re still happy together — if only because “he’s under Jesus’ spell.”

Shapeshifters Multiply | “Sam, he had a bad day,” Sam Trammell laughed when asked if his character would cool off a little following the finale. “But he’s getting another shot [at love].” Marshall Allman, Sam’s bad-to-the-bone little brother Tommy, is back and up to no good, per usual. Ball also offered that in addition to the witches, True Blood will introduce “a handful of new shifters.”

Tara Returns | Rutina Wesley assured fans that Tara will come back to Bon Temps after her rapid departure in last season’s finale. The place she went during her little hiatus from the supernatural is “cool” and will surprise people, she said. “We’ll see a new Tara,” Wesley added. “She’s a lot more stable and she may find some happiness.”

The Best of the Rest | Arlene and Terry are still “evil” baby-bound, and Carrie Preston told fans that “the problem grows exponentially.” Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) has some woes of his own this season, experimenting with all that V left behind in his office. That fight between Bill and Evan Rachel Wood’s Queen Sophie-Anne will be addressed early on, and, added Ball, “It’s not just the two of them in this fight.” In a scene shown to fans attending PaleyFest, Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) are still together but fighting for public acceptance in the post-Russel Edgington (Denis O’Hare) society. “The fairy tale can’t last forever,” Woll offered. “But maybe reality is better.”

How good does True Blood Season 4 sound? Thoughts on the latest Bill/Sookie/Eric/Alcide developments? Hit the comments and tell us!

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  1. Liz says:

    Well, I can only say I will really miss Bill & Sookie together… but at least Anna & Stephen are happy!
    Can’t wait for season 4!

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Me too, but I will wait it out for “Bookie” to get back together!

      • p_c_r says:

        “Bookie”s a thing of the past. Charlaine Harris says that the only reason she didn’t kill the character of Bill is because fans didn’t want him finally dead. He was never intended as Sookie’s intended. Sookie has grown past his controlling, lying ways. Even after Book 10, he still is just a stalker in the forest and someone Sookie will always see as a friend.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          ^^^ Troll alert!

        • Kris says:

          Yes but the that’s the books. While the show may borrow storylines from the books it also takes new creative directions. Alan is a die-hard Bill fan and I honestly think you’ll see them end up together. They’ve certainly broken Bill/Sookie up to put her with Eric because there is a big fanbase for them, however, I think you’ll see Sookie back with Bill before too long. Television doesn’t always work the same way books do.

          • AlistairCrane says:

            Exactly. When the creator of the show is a Bookie shipper, you know we’re in good hands. :D

        • Rachel says:

          Charlaine Harris never said that.

          • tess says:

            Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt she said that-loud and clear at last years Paley fest.

        • Scooterstale says:

          Which is exactly why I stopped reading the books.

        • Tess says:

          Yes Charlaine Harris has indeed stated that bill and sookie are not soulmates and they are not endgame. Who will be Sookie’s endgame is still up for grabs but I’m betting either Eric or Sam.

    • True Blood says:

      I think it’s about time for Sookie and Eric to have a season together, otherwise how would we know if it’s the blood bond or themselves what’s drawing them together? Other than that I can’t wait to see more of the witches, Arlene’s baby and Hoyt & Jessica. And I hope Tara comes back sooner rather than later to Bon Tamps.

      • Tess says:

        I am totally pumped its the season of eric and sookie with some alcide thrown in. SO GLAD he’s following the books in this regard, I’m crossing my fingers for the shower scene.

    • Jessica says:

      I love my Bill and Sookie “fairy tale” and I also love Eric but Sookie and Eric cant really find true happiness cuz her True Blood flows through her veins for BILL and only BILL! :)

      • Mon says:

        Read the books baby girl!!! And then talk about sookie’s vains :d

        • cicitrubie says:

          When Sookie almost died in the hospital who transfused her? Bill. When Russell and Eric had a fairy crack-snack to sum walk — who saved her life (and was rewarded by a well-deserved slap)? Bill.

          Don’t talk about Eric, Sookie and blood bonds in the same breath if you are talking about True Blood. Bill and Sookie are the only ones blood bonded in the TV show. Even 1000 year old blood is evidently useless after all that blood swapping. Otherwise, why did Eric resort to dropping the proverbial dime on Bill re the Rattray beating?

        • Cindy says:

          The show only loosely follows the books…..THANK GOD!!!!! Bill and Sookie are hot together!!! I don’t mind an Eric and Sookie season…..or two, but I think she will end up with Bill!!!!!

          • italmom says:

            one of the reasons I stopped reading the books is because I loved
            Bill and Sookie together….don’t like them and now that I read
            charlene harris does not intend it to be I won’t go out and get the
            rest of the series.
            I hope the show does not follow the book …bill and sookie are
            great together.

    • Joe says:

      Crazy much? What does Anna and Stephen being happy have to do with Bill and Sookie? If you want to watch Anna and Stephen go at it, buy a sex tape or something. This is fiction. Bill and Sookie are fictional people!

    • Don says:

      Anxiously awainting the return of R.E.

  2. Andrea says:

    I hope they’re following the book a little more this season, cause the plot becomes reeeeally interesting, if you know what I mean ;)
    But yeah, anyway I’m sure they’ll do a good job (as long as they leave Tara OUT!)

    • Erin says:

      Oh I know what you mean, Andrea! This was my favorite book so I’m hoping it follows closely as well. :)

      I’m also not a big Tara fan. I prefer how she is in the books – barely there. ;)

      • maribe says:

        Lafayette died in the books early and I adore him in the series!! Tara I could do without but Lafayette is one funny mother*! Tara is a completely different person in the book

    • Coco says:

      Not me. I like it when Alan Ball deviates from the books. Otherwise it’s too predictable, and I’m completely okay with the idea that book Sookie is not tv Sookie, book Bill is not tv Bill, book Eric is not tv Eric, etc etc.

  3. zturk says:

    I think this season could be the strongest but they have to focus a little more time on the main plot lines because last season felt like we only got 6 or seven minutes from each plot each episode. Please tie the plots together a little more this season so we can watch a more cohesive show.

    Personally I think that the character of Tara should be much more of a supporting player in other peoples plots in the role of best friend, love interest or the like because I think her plots are the weakest on the show this may come from the fact that she is barely in the source material but I doubt that because Lafeyette is barely in the books and His plots are far more interesting.

    All that being said I think that True Blood is one of the most entertaining hours on TV and cant wait to spend more time in Bon Temps!

    • P says:

      Totally agree! Last season kinda all over the place. They tried to tell everyone’s story at each episode and i as an audience feels like i’m being rush thru the hour but only get to see a bit of everyone’s story. Stories and characters ain’t tie together thats the biggest problem. I also watch Vampire Diary(don’t judge! :) and there are tons of characters coming and going but the show feels cohesive, one storyline flows to another. Anyway, still a big Truebies can’t wait to see S4.

  4. Yunike says:

    Well, I do love Sookie and Eric together. I just love her being with a vamp. Not a Were. No offense, Team Alcide.. And with Eric, it means we’ll see his progeny, Pam, a lot too.. It’s a ‘yay’ for me as Pam’s biggest fan

  5. Lindsey says:

    I can’t wait for Season 4!! The fourth book was my favorite also, and I loved Sookie with Eric! Really hope this season goes better than 3 did! And can’t wait to see more of Allan Hyde as Godric!!! Thanks for the scoop!

  6. Lori says:

    Great article! looks awesome :) really hope Eric takes more centre stage, he’s my fav character from the books

  7. patty says:

    Ok Mr. Ball everyone knows that Eric is supposed to be NAKED walking down the country road… could you be so lame as to dress him in jeans….it is HBO for heaven’s sake…NUDITY is ok….

    • Danielle says:

      In book 4 eric has jeans on….bc when sookie gets him to her house she makes him take his pants off so she can throw them in the wash….

    • dora says:

      I thought Sookie discovered Eric running around in a red thong, I’d really like to see that!!! :p

      • The cats mother says:

        No, he’s wearing jeans but barefoot and shirtless while running down the road. She gets him home and washes his feet as they’re all cut and dirty, but tells him to take his jeans off so they can go in the washer, then discovers the lil red thong.

  8. Sean says:

    What about Jason???

  9. AlistairCrane says:

    I like Eric but not with Sookie, certainly not in any romantic sense. I’m Team Bill all the way, so hopefully at the very least the season will end with some hope for “Bookie” fans!

    • Terry says:

      I agree, Eric is more interesting as a sheriff, it doesn’t make sense for him to want to settle with one girl. And we know Sookie doesn’t like to share, even after she sends a guy packing. She’s a jealous girl.

    • Alonso says:

      I agree, I am disappointed of what is coming for next season hopefully they dont follow the book! It Sucks!

  10. AlistairCrane says:

    Personally I think Sam and Jason’s plots were the weakest of Season 3. Please backburner them or even kill off Sam! I also never want to see that were-panther ever again.

    I liked Tara’s interaction with Franklin but hated her as the captive damsel in distress. I’d like to see her back to her pre-Mary-Ann, pre-Eggs self. A Jason/Tara/Sam triangle would be good.

    Sounds like Season 4 won’t pick up immediately after the Season 3 finale as in previous years.

    • Kristin says:

      Hate to tell you but there will be plenty more of crystal if they’re following the fourth book.. definitely not a fan of her either though.

  11. mike says:

    Eric is wearing blue jeans in the book as well (and underneath bright red bikini style underwear).

  12. Joanna says:

    Can’t wait for anything Bill – his is the most interesting character in TB.

    Team Bill :)

  13. Rick says:

    More Lafayette! I loved his storyline and was so glad when he got his boyfriend.

  14. Donna says:

    Dead to the World is also my favorite book so far. My least favorite is Dead in the Family. I am ready for Sookie and Eric to have the show down with Victor Madden. But True Blood can stand on its own and change things. I enjoy the changes. They are not the same. But if they do change book 4 they will have to move away from the books more and more because book 4 is the book that did the ground work for what happens in the next 6 books. From Sookie and Eric, to what happens to Debbie, to even Jasons traumatic event that changes him the most. Of course I am one of the people who can’t wait unit book 11 and the rest praying that Ms. Harris sees the series ending with Eric as King and Sookie as his queen.

    • Lena says:

      well AB has already changed the dynamics of book 5 (DAAD) anyway. since Bill staked Long Shadow way back in s1.. so s5 on TB will be for the Bill shipper’s..

      AB keeps giving show Bill alot of Book Eric deeds ..

  15. cook taylor says:

    I never have read the book but I love the series. I love Bill and Sookie together and hope they get back down the road. I know how it is to read the original book and want it just like it was written but it is always artistically ok to change the course. Thank you for Lafeyette! Also don’t get rid of Tara because she has much promise as the best friend and viewership. Eric is a hotboy and I do like the Sookie love thing happening but I still love Bill!

  16. toni says:

    Where was Michael? I missed his tweets last night, he has promoted the show since day 1.

  17. Laurel says:

    I LOVE Eric & Sookie together !
    Much more than Bill & Sookie. Bill is just so boring.

    Sookie is great with either Eric or Alicide. Or both ! lol

    Waiting does suck !

    • Tess says:

      I have to agree with you on that, I find Bill the most boring of all the vamps, I grew to hate him at the end of season 3.
      Sounds like this season will be good with Eric and Sookie, some Alcide and Godric thrown in.

  18. Terry says:

    I can’t wait to see what Bill will be doing, and Jessica and everybody that lives in Bon Temps. I hope Tara doesn’t stay away long. I don’t care about amnesia Eric – I want that part of the story to come and go quickly, it sounds like a tacky soap opera. Eric can’t stay a pussy for the rest of the series and real Eric is so obviously not the HEA for a girl that likes her small town life. Bill and Sookie are the real heart of the show.

  19. Red Snapper says:

    Book 4 is my favorite and the one I’m hoping they stick to the most. I absolutely love Eric and Sookie together. I never liked her with Bill, even when I read the first book. I hate how in the show it is Bill always saving her and not Eric. They made Bill too likable in the show. That’s why I think that the fans of just the show are having a hard time seeing Sookie and Eric together. The only thing that I must see in season 4 is the shower scene from the book. That would make my life.

    • trixie says:

      I haven’t read the books, but I don’t find Bill likeable in the show AT ALL! And I love the idea of Sookie and Eric. So it’s entirely possible for someone to dislike Bill/Sookie without having read the books!

      • Rose says:

        I have read the books, and actually find Bill to be much more likeable in them. He’s such a manipulative hypocrite in the show, much more so than in the books. I discovered the books after I finished season 3 of True Blood, and I was shocked by how pallateable I found him.

  20. Jill says:

    I love this book also with the intensity between sookie & Eric. I agree with everyone about Tara..less of her like in the book. Less of Jason too. mainly like the vamp stories. Feel bad for bill, hope they have sookie forgive him for I think he really loves her.

  21. Devon says:

    For all those who are wanting Bill and Sookie together, please read the books. You will see that Bill was never suppose to be Sook’s HEA. It’s Eric and it’s always been Eric. Also, has the fact escaped you that he was sent to seduce her? That he was sent to investigate her? That he was suppose to turn her over to Sophie-Anne? I know he claims all this “I kept you from her! I love what’s inside you, not your blood!” bullsh*t but would you ever trust that man again if it were you? I would hate to see anyone be sucked back into a relationship that was THAT toxic. I could go on and on and on about how much Bill is a liar, sneak and an arse but I don’t think this is the place.

    • Kris says:

      The show doesn’t always follow the books. Don’t be so sure Eric/Sookie are end game. Especially since Alan is a bigger Bill/Sookie fan than all of us.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        Agreed. The tv series and the books are too VERY different things. The Eric fans are grasping at straws when they rely on the “it’s in the books!” argument.

        • Leif says:

          The secondary characters are AB’s playground…Jason, Laffy, Hoyt, etc. We get alternating POV’s rather than just Sookie’s.

          The character arcs of Beehl, Sookie and Eric are very canon to the SSN.

          Beel with it!

          • AlistairCrane says:

            You’re ignoring the fact that Alan Ball wants Bookie together. Don’t like it? Turn off the tv and read your books, hon! ;-)

          • Alan says:

            Agree, Bill fans are delusional if they think Bill and Sookie get back together. Ugh, such a horrible couple. He’s a psychopath. Why would anyone want to get back together with a person who had them almost beaten to death?

      • kay says:

        I don’t understand how everyone just assumes that Alan Ball is a Bill/Sookie fan??? Excuse me, but are you a personal friend of his? He’s a writer/producer of a show that he needs to promote. Of course he’s a fan of the book series, why else would he want to bring it to life on screen??? jeesshh

        • Michelle R. says:

          No one is assuming anything. The reason why people think Alan Ball leans toward Sookie and Bill is because he has said so.

          “I do believe that Bill and Sookie are soulmates.” … “I think that Bill and Sookie of the show have become slightly different from the Bill and Sookie of the books. [And] I personally root for things to work out between them. I don’t know if they will, but I believe the love is true between them.”

          He’s also said Sookie and Bill are the core of the show.

          I don’t need them to end up together, but I think it’s the online equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and singing “la, la, la, I can’t hear you” to pretend like he hasn’t all but promised they’re THE couple, especially when it involves pretending like other fans are making it up.

          • kaye says:

            Well of course Alan Ball will say that about Season 1 or 2. Because at that point in time, they probably were. How can you promote a TV show by saying, …”this is the lead couple we have right now and they’re perfect for each other … , but ON NOH, they’re not going to be together forever because he’s gonna be an effing liar and betray her trust!?!?” So you might as well not watch Season 1 & 2 and just wait till later… if we ever get there. You have to understand the politics and money that goes on into making a TV show last!

            My point is … bill & sookie shippers are grasping at straws and are holding on to a comment that Alan Ball made when promoting the series. Of course he’s gonna be vague and coy and PC . BEcause Alan Ball is promoting a TV show, he wants to satisfy/appease ALL fan bases and make everyone interested in watching and waiting on what will happen.

            Heck… Sookie can end up w/ a completely new character on the show or in the books and I’m sure the Bill/Sookie shippers are still going to hold on to Alan Ball’s comment about being soul mates! *sigh*

        • Tess says:

          I believe the bookie fans are going by the comment that AB made at last years paleyfest that bill and sookie are soulmates and that led to Charlaine Harris speaking out that this is not the route that she is going (that was I believe before the latest book came out).
          I think at this point NO-ONE knows what endgame will be for the show and the books other than it won’t be bookie in the books, it might not be eric and sookie either she may very well have Sam being the one who wins sookie over. As for the show – AB does seem to be following the books a bit more closely and has stated it will be a LONG time before sookie can ever hope to trust bill again, so who knows – it may lead to a renewed romance on the show at some point.

    • Coco says:

      I hope she doesn’t end up with Eric. I read the books. I want to see a new story, so I can appreciate them both differently.

  22. Vem says:

    TV can’t always exactly follow the books… I like Tara and diversity of characters is a must for maintaining fan base and bucks. Remember these HBO series are really just night time adult soap operas, 21st Century Dark Shadows. Thanks and let’s all keep watching these great characters and outstanding writing together ;)

  23. Grant says:

    I hope that Ball starts to adhere MORE closely to the books than he has been. I really think that this last season jumped the shark in more ways than one. He may have lost me…and I was a huge fan of season 1.

  24. Kris says:

    Bill/Sookie are my favourite TB couple. Don’t know if I really want to watch this season.

  25. Leif says:

    The Beehl lovers are grasping at straws when they rely on the “AB is a B/S shipper” and AB is telling his own story.
    LMFAO – ya right!

    At Paley last night AB said “The books work” and that he is taking the ‘secondary characters’ to new places. Which is what he has said from day one, season one.

    That said, who cares? You dont have to read the books to know that Beehl and Sookeh are just wrong. They are toxic.

    I can imagine all the Sookie hate that will spring up from the Beehlbangers when Sookeh no longer falls for the cello music and ambient lighting.

    Season 4 = the season of the VIKING!

    • Alan says:

      I know. Beehl and Sookie are over and AB will keep dangling the soulmates carrot in front of the B/S shippers to keep them watching. I cannot wait for the series to end so that they will finally just shut up or the crazy people like the first poster just go away. I mean what does Anna and Stephen being happy have to do with Bill and Sookie. They are fictional characters! Please learn to seperate fiction from reality.

  26. S says:

    I don’t think Eric/Sookie will end up together at all. AB loves his Beel n Sookie too much for that so all he’ll ever do is tease us Eric/Sookie fans. I still love the show though regardless..

  27. S says:

    I don’t care that AB changes things and doesn’t always follow the books but one thing I feel he should stick with is Eric and Eric/Sookie. jmo

  28. S says:

    I love Jason so I disagree with some of you that he should be on less. Jason makes me laugh and I loved the scenes where he was there for Sookie and the scene where he told Beel to get out of his house.

    • Maria says:


      I don’t know why people bag on him so much – by far my favourite character – he has me laughing all the time! Laughter is needed in dark place such as Bon Temps and True Blood…all stories need light and shade.

      GO JASON!

    • Coco says:

      Agree! He’s not my favorite book character, but he’s played by my favorite actor on the tv show by far, so I hope they give Jason something new and awesome to play on the show.

  29. anita says:

    I prefer Claudine in the book. And I definitely do NOT like Spookier having special powers. She’s special enough without the super power embellishments. It makes her less human this way.

  30. AlistairCrane says:

    I can’t wait for the series to end so all the Eric fans will be MISERABLE when Sookie ends up with Bill. :-D

    • trixie says:

      Sorry but I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen. Sookie may not end up with Eric, who knows, but sure as hell it won’t be Bill. I would like to know where you get your absolute certainty from…

      • AlistairCrane says:

        I love how insecure the Eric fans are, and how they overcompensate with cockiness. ;-)

        • trixie says:

          I’m sorry if I sounded cocky, that’s not my intention.
          I told you I’m not sure Sookie’s gonna end up with Eric, how is that cockyness?
          Ok maybe it was my statement about Bill? Then I’ll say I personally have a strong feeling Bill is out of the running. Just my opinion of course.
          I hope you’ll agree that yours is a personal opinion as well, and NOT FACT.

    • Tess says:

      wow thats a bit twisted, it is just a tv series after all. But then again one can say that Charlaine Harris the creator of these characters knows that they don’t end up together in the books which are the lifeblood of this show. Sookie in the books will end up with whoever Charlaine Harris decides she should be with, and I’m fine with that.

  31. Racquel says:

    What about lafeyett?!

  32. jesy says:

    Taras my favorite character in the world. bill and sookie over we can all get over that. cooking eric now that’s what I wanna see.

  33. A.Tom says:

    I don’t think Alan Ball is going to necessarily follow the books relationship wise for Sookie. What I mean by this is, yes Alan Ball does seem to be a Sookie-Bill fan. That being said he is at least attempting to provide other love interests and this includes my favorite character and love interest Eric. At the moment I am happy and thankful Alan Ball is doing that. Who knows what his future plans will be? He had said the end game is for Sookie and Bill to end up together. But maybe fans will take a real liking to Sookie and someone else together.

    • rosamund says:

      Alan Ball is SNEAKY! People give too much weight to what he says.
      And anyway, he has never clearly said Bill and Sookie are the endgame. He wants to keep people guessing and hoping.

      That said, Yay for an Eric/Sookie storyline! Far more interesting pairing if you ask me.

  34. Melinda says:

    I officially can’t WAIT for some Eric/Sookie scenes! This is what the fandom has been waiting for. Here’s the truth (as I see it): Alan Ball is trying to be a Bill/Sookie fan because of Anna/Stephen. If he sticks with a Eric/Sookie storyline, then the great three-some will be a lonely one-some (just Eric). Alan won’t risk upsetting his main actors.
    I actually don’t care if Bill/Sookie comes back, cause I know they will cause of Ball, but as long as Eric/Sookie are endgame (like in the books)…I’m good.

  35. dctoronto says:

    I go to these comments because I love reading what people like/love/hate about the show and their speculations for next season. What I don’t like reading is people writing about what happens in the books without putting a big SPOILER ALERT at the beginnig of their comments.
    Come on people, be aware please that there are a number of us who have not read the books.

    • emhjacam says:

      Thank you! I feel the same! I haven’t read the books so I don’t want spoilers for the show. Keep those comments for the book sites, or at least warn us!

  36. Mabenjamin says:

    TRUE BLOOD, I love period. Last season was wild and crazy. I do hope that Sookie ends up with Eric, but dows have a special fling with Alcide. I would like her todevolpe a respect bond with him, she needs someone other than her brother to be in her corner always. Eric is one of my favorites, well he is a Vampire and they are always number one with me. Just can we have a Vamp that is crossed over with a Witch? That is if they are in the books. I have not read them, and I do believe in stay true to the storylines. Tera, please let her comeback with some special strength of her own.Lafayette I do hope that he has love with this Jesus somehow.All in all I think the TrueBlood series is a winner, entertaining fun captivating. Waiting somewhat patiently.

  37. O says:

    Loads of great news for season 4!!
    I CAN’T wait!!!

  38. fharman says:

    This season if Eric has amnesia, then the story is in book four of the Sookie books. Ever since we were given the hint that there would be witches, I have hoped that the show would follow the book. It gives us a chance to see Eric and Sookie as a couple and to see Eric in a more vulnerable light. He has no memory of who he is, but is drawn to Sookie. They have a fabulous love affair-until the end of the withches storyline. He gets his memory back and returns to being the normal Eric who doesn’t remember that he and Sookie had a sexual relationship. But, he still shows that he cares for her. Let’s hope it is that story–bring it on!!!!

  39. pv says:

    As long as Hoyte and Jessica are still together, they can do whatever they want with the rest of them. I love H+J

  40. paul says:

    I love eric and sookie together they were awesome in the books so i hope they stay close to them plus i really don’t like sookie and bill fan. im NOT team bookie

  41. kaye says:

    I love Eric and Sookie. They make great scenes and stories in the books, as well as on TV. Let’s face it, when Eric and Sookie fight and banter on screen, they’re funny and addictive. Bill and Sookie just makes me want to go ZZzzz.. Bill and Lorena were fun on screen though.

    And I don’t understand why everyone keeps stating that Alan Ball is only a Bill/Sookie fan? I mean, are you his personal friend or an insider who knows this for a fact? He’s a writer and producer. He knows how to make a TV show interesting. He chose this book to bring to HBO because he was drawn to the BOOKS and found the BOOKS interesting and funny. It’s a big world that he can expound on. Personally, I don’t believe he became a “school girl fan” of Bill & Sookie when he first read Dead until Dark. If he wasn’t interested in what happens in the books, he could’ve made his OWN vampire world.

    As long as True Blood stays fun and interesting, I’m all for it.

  42. nadege says:

    I am so excited for season 4. I can’t wait for it. And for the record I hate bill and cookie together. So I am excited to see where the show is going.

  43. chris says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ERIC AND SOOKIE :) I think this will be my favourite season so far although I did enjoy all the teasers of the last few seasons, and the KISS last season WOW. I’m crossing my fingers and toes for THE shower scene, that would be amazing.

  44. Greta says:

    Have been waiting and waiting for the Eric and Skokie time in books hope he gives us what we Eric fans have been waiting for!!!!!!’

  45. CateT says:

    Eric and Sookie are a great combination. Love Pam’s one liners… blah blah vampire emergency blah! I love both the books and the show. Like it was said earlier – two different entertainment experiences. Funny, sexy and dramatic – what more could you ask for?

  46. Vicky says:

    Sorry any bookie fans but I’m pretty sure your gonna be disappointed, I doubt they would stray top far away from the books to change who Sookie ends up with. That would irritate too many people. I and most of my friends who have read the books now actually hate bill, I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you guys. (and btw, I was shocked at just how much of a good couple Sookie and Eric actually make, season 4 is by far the best of the books so far)

  47. erika says:

    team eric and sookie!

  48. DJ says:

    I really don’t ‘ship’ Sookie to any of the men on the show. They’re either too controlling (Bill) and/or manipulative (Eric) or they’ve got issues (Sam) or they’re hung up on someone else (Alcide). I’d like to see Sookie grow as a person by herself for a while and then meet someone who would be better for her and would focus on her.

    Still, Eric comes closest only because the scenes between them simply sizzle!

    As for what anyone said during Paleyfest–well, their job right now is to mislead and misdirect us so I wouldn’t give any of it much weight.

    • jes b says:

      I love Alan Ball, and i can’t wait to see how he develops the character of Sookie, but unfortunately in the books, she never grows as a woman, or a person, just stays stuck in the place of always wanting, needing a man in her life. not that she needs a man to protect her, she is a very head strong character, even in the books, but still completely dependent on a man in her life. i hope alan ball and anna paquin grow her character into more of a self sufficient heroine than the writer of the books ever did.

  49. Tess O'Neill says:

    Bring it on…..can’t wait.

  50. Jes B says:

    people read the books they are fantastic, its like McDonald’s for the mind, cheap, fast and oh so bad for you its good, can’t put them down. and trust me first season, i was Bookie fan till death (no pun intended) but Sookie and Eric, oh the hot hot hotness that will ensue, if they stay true to book, which Alan ball has done quite well so far. so hot, and that was just reading it, i can only imagaine how hot HBO can make it. can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!