Tricia Helfer Is Latest Battlestar Galactica Alum to Join Ron Moore's NBC Pilot

The more, the merrier. Battlestar Galactica developer/executive producer Ron Moore has tapped a third cast member from the hit Syfy series — Tricia Helfer — to join his latest sci-fi project, the NBC pilot 17th Precinct.

Set in the fictional town of Excelsior, where magic and supernatural elements rule over science, the drama project revolves around the cops at the local 17th Precinct. Helfer will play Morgana, a necromancer (the magical equivalent of a coroner) who is an expert at manipulating the potions, tools, herbs and spells of her trade.

Battlestar Reunion Scoop: James Callis Joins Jamie Bamber in NBC Drama Pilot

Helfer joins fellow Battlestar alumni James Callis and Jamie Bamber, who were previously cast in the pilot.

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  1. Billy Whitaker says:

    Keep Em Coming!!!! :) I’m already in love with this show!!! :)

  2. chattypatra says:

    Oh, this is getting better and better! Keep it up, Moore, please. Smallville is about to end, so you can sign Alessandro Juliani; and since The Closer is ending too, you can add Mary McDonnell to the cast.

    I’m so excited!

  3. SciFiShipper says:

    This is crazycakes! I can’t even imagine how this is going to work. I can’t ever remember being so excited for a new show. WOW! YAY!!

    • sashay says:

      I’m so excited, especially now that I’m learning more about the show. The premise sounds really good, and I’m thrilled that these three are in it. I hope Moore adds some alumni from Caprica too. Some stellar acting there. And yes, I just thought it would be great to add James Marsters. I see him in recurring roles all over the place, but haven’t seen him as a regular cast member since Angel.

  4. John says:

    Ask and ye shall receive! Mary McDonnell?

    Ron Moore sure seems to have figured out how to get BSG fans to watch this thing…

  5. Can we pleeeeeeeeeeease get Alessandra Torresani next?!

  6. Regann says:

    Ugh. Guess I have to scratch this pilot off my list now. I can’t stand Tricia Helfer, so I definitely won’t be tuning in to watch her on purpose. She almost made me give up on Burn Notice the season she recurred on it.

    • kellybelly says:

      Oh Regann…..don’t give up on Tricia Helfer yet. I agree, I hated her on Burn Notice. I was shocked she sucked on it and was glad when she died on it.
      BUT, I’ve been watching her on “Dark Blue”,a cop show on USA (or is it TNT?) with Dylan McDermot and she is really good. So, I have good feeling and hopes for her on this.

    • AJ says:

      lol wow. Don’t let the door hit you…

    • Brittany says:

      Did you even watch BSG?

      • Regann says:

        No, I didn’t, but what does that have to do with how I feel about this pilot which doesn’t have jack to do with BSG? I’ve seen TH enough to know that her acting does not appeal to me.

        • AJ says:

          Ron Moore, that’s what. So if all the joy you may derive from a show resides in how much you enjoy the actors in it, then I guess you probably can’t be swayed to give it a try. But if you also go for intricate, fully-developed characters, sensible exploration of universal and controversial themes, and poignant twists and interactions, then for the love of good television, TAKE A HINT RIGHT NOW.

        • T says:


          Yes, hate Tricia Helfer because she’s cast because of her acting chops and we’re to grade her on her acting skills.

          I hate Emeril because he’s terrible at football.


    • Jon says:

      I agree with you Regann. Can’t stand Tricia Helfer. Very limited acting range. And yes I was and still am a big BSG fan.

  7. jen says:

    Michelle Forbes! Bring in Michelle Forbes. She can badass her through anything!

  8. Randy says:

    Yes! Put the whole BSG team back together! This is what LOST should have done. Just put a show together with that cast. It makes no difference what it is, WE WILL WATCH!

  9. Kaibosh says:

    Very exciting stuff. I have full faith that Ron Moore will produce a quality show that is compelling and well written. Hopefully the pilot will be successful and the series will be picked up for a full series by NBC. If it is then perhaps Summer Glau might want to consider getting involved too.

    • KD says:

      Summer Glau’s involvement will result in cancellation, as would Jewel Staite’s. They tend to jinx things, no matter how much we love them.

      • Kaibosh says:

        Yeah I can see why you might think that. Their shows have been less than successful. But Nathan Fillion did Drive on Fox (which I did enjoy despite some of its flaws) and he’s doing very well on Castle. My point is that actors can only do what the producers and writers direct them to do. The Cape does have some good talent on it but its written and produced terribly and it shows, and viewers can tell. Ron Moore is a good producer and knows what he’s doing. Jinx or no jinx.

  10. XK says:

    As someone who did not like BSG at all, reusing the entire cast in his new show is just decreasing the likelihood of me watching it.

    Glad the BSG fans are happy though!

  11. Jayde says:

    If they add Katee Sackhoff to the mix, I’ll be in heaven! Please, please, please, Katee needs to be cast.

  12. John Berggren says:

    This is the alternate-universe 13th colony of legend, apparently.

  13. Ian says:

    Well they are intentionally going for the BSG audience now huh? So then they need Kandyse McClure for affirmative action reasons, and because we need a new incarnation of hers and Bamber’s tragic romance from Galactica. My heart blew apart when Dualla shot herself on the show.

  14. Joe Jackson says:

    This is beyond stupid. I loved BSG and I love all the actors that are in this PILOT. But this is a PILOT and all pilots have about a 30% change of becoming a series. When the comcast execs see this pilot they will be turned off by the fact it is a BSG reunion show. BSG was never a ratings juggernaut, SG: Atlantis got better ratings and was canceled. BSG was a critic success (until the finale episode) but it never got good ratings. Moore should have gone with just Bamber for the pilot and then added the others if it was picked up as a series.

    • jo says:

      Yeah, you’re right. it could definitely turn off some execs. But hopefully, they will give it a shot. I’ll keep my finger’s crossed because I’m really looking forward to it.

    • TheJadedJames says:

      This argument doesn’t make any sense. So what if this is a BSG reunion? BSG wasn’t a ratings powerhouse. So people who watched that show might be drawn in by the casting. And everyone else just won’t notice the casting.

  15. Kathryn says:

    When this title showed up on my rss reader I squealed out loud. All of my coworkers heard and asked if I was ok. LOL I can’t imagine another project that I’m anticipating more than this show….you had me at Jamie Bamber I was in, then you annouced Callis I said this is great. Then this morning I read about Tricia…FRAK-TACULAR!!!!

  16. Amy says:

    The only thing that I am worried about is that this is a pilot for NBC. I know USA and SYFY are part of the NBC network – wouldn’t it make more sense for this to be on one of those channels? I would feel more confident about its chances.

  17. Other Meredith says:

    This is making me really want to rewatch BSG.

    • The Poopy Head says:

      We just started watching it last week for the 3rd time and it’s still just as good as the first, and this way we can catch all the little things you miss the first time through.

      I suggest re-frakkin’ if you can. (Don’t have the ability to re-watch, ask your Library!!)

  18. The Poopy Head says:

    I think this is horrendous mistake :( I love all these actors, but don’t push them back together again. I don’t this will work.

  19. Tom says:

    I wish they wouldn’t have so many BSG cast members on one show, it makes me miss BSG and i finally made peace with it being gone. ps caprica was crap

  20. Gavin says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds like a stupid idea for a show no matter who is in it?

  21. DryedMangoez says:

    This is absolutely awesome! I was looking forward to the series before, but with the BSG alums, I am even more excited now.

    How’s about Mary McDonnell join the cast, yes?
    I hope NBC picks it up. They’ll get plenty of positive buzz from just the cast alone.

  22. Bekkah says:

    Love the premise, love the actors… I hope this gets picked up!

  23. Scott says:

    Holy frak this show is looking good.

    First Jamie “Apollo” Bamber, then James “Baltar” Callis and now Tricia “Six” Helfer? If there’s any chance of getting Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Tahmoh Penikett or any other BSG vets then yes, please.

    Also, if ex-Firefly casts members like Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, Alan Tudyk, etc are available then yes, please to those. I’ve got my fingers crossed Chuck gets renewed for a 5th season otherwise Adam Baldwin would be available and I hope Ron Moore has Adam Baldwin’s phone number.

    I haven’t been this excited about a tv pilot since Castle and that was just about Nathan Fillion. It’s almost a shame Castle’s been renewed because to have had Firefly vs BSG on the same show would have been awesome.

  24. Kaiulani says:

    I’m in!

  25. Vince says:

    Good choice this is one HOT LADY, I hope this works out better then that bomb in the small town where the Sheriff might have been Satan

  26. Tim says:

    Okay now this looks good.

  27. MotherFrakker says:

    Lets go my man Edward James Olmos!

  28. Juke Early says:

    In no specific order of spontaneous simultaneous creation – the list of what are essentially crime solver shows w/a dose of supernatural expands. Doage will vary depending on size of producers sack v. suits. Will Callis still make that face in this one too? I think adding Helfer answers that question. . ..

  29. The Man they call Jack says:

    All I want to know is, where is Michael frakking Hogan? He needs to join this show.

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