Exclusive Glee Video: Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Channel Her Inner Joan Jett

On Tuesday’s Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow reprises her role of McKinley High’s Will-crushing substitute Holly Holiday — and we’ve got an exclusive clip of the performance that will have tongues wagging.

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This time around, the Oscar winner is filling in for the MIA sex ed teacher. When she gets a tip that the glee club could benefit from a crash course in the birds and bees, she takes her little show on the road. Her first and only stop? Yep, the choir room.

This being Glee, the reproductive lesson is, of course, set to music — specifically the Gary Glitter/Joan Jett randy rock anthem “Do You Wanna Touch Me?” Now sit up straight, open up your notebook and press play. Oh, and no giggling!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Louise says:

    IT’S A BRITTANA SEX RIOT and nothing hurts ! IT’S ON in 4 days !!!!

  2. It's true says:

    Everyone does have a random. D: But I love her, I think they should be a couple for longer then two episodes. >.> I’m tired of Emma. And I FREAKIN LOVE CARL. D: I also lol’d at the single girls in the beginning kind of just sitting there. Ahaha.

  3. Jen says:

    This is a show about high school kids. This was way over the top.

    I agree with those who think Paltrow is horrible.

    • miker says:

      Oh, by all means–let’s shut the sex behind the bedroom door where it belongs and go back to those wholesome slasher movies.
      “I Was A Teenage Werewolf”, for example.
      That Michael Landon was one wholesome…………oh, wait.

  4. Kathy K says:

    This is the problem with Glee this season; too much stunt casting. Gwyneth is not a singer or a dancer. One a show with a talent like Lea Michelle it’s just dreadful to have to listen to Gwynnie by comparison. If you need to do the stunts or a “love interest” for Will bring back Kristen Chenoweth or someone else of her caliber. Also, we need more Heather Morris, she commands the screen everytime she sings and dances.

  5. ThatGuyThom says:

    Absolute crap. Joan Jett should punch Gwyneth in the throat to make sure she never ruins another great song again.

  6. dalphine says:

    I like her on the show, I think she’s doing a fine job. To be honest I didn’t really care that much for her. But since she’s been doing glee I come to like her much better.

  7. EJ says:

    Wills face lol he was lovin it.

  8. Levi says:

    Stop giving Paltrow the lead on every song when she’s on the show. Wait til you hear what other epic songs she butchers this episode -it’s just sad. Fox is cleary clamoring for another Forget You to shill on iTunes.

    Hate the Paltrow hype but love, love, love the Brittana and Faberry moments.

  9. hanacrizantemum says:

    Her voice is okay I think the song is not just suitable for her.. But i like her take on Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” very engaging…

  10. Mark says:

    Gywneth is an OSCAR winning actress guys. She has LOADS of work and can be as selective as she pleases. SHE IS AMERICAN. So enough of the “go back to Europe”. Be proud of her.Yes, her family are film royalty. But she did all the work herself. She is no slouch in the brainbox department.

    Seeing her on Glee is a real treat. And I say “More power to her”.

    Can she dance? No. Can she sing like Leah? No. But hell, can she make a song entertaining and when needed, sexy? Hell YES!

  11. Mark says:


  12. lar says:

    love Holly, loved the dancing, and best yet, loved the comments after the song. Glee doesn’t shy away from much.

  13. Chase says:

    This song rocks, but in spite of Paltrow not because of her. Naya, Heather, Dianna and Lea own this video.

  14. Love quinn says:

    FABRERRY! YEEAH I LOVE THEM BEEN FRIENDS (Brit+anna/Mer+ina/Fab+erry)

  15. Gleefan1 says:

    I dont wnat to be rude but Lauren Sizes (The little fat one) Need to go I dont like her i Want Kurt but and she need too gooo!

    • Tykat says:

      That is so rude …. give them a chance to expand the character a – in High Schools across this country of ours are all types of people and I like the character – and yes I miss Kurt but give the writters an opportunity to give us more to the stories that are unfolded and not told her

  16. Tykat says:

    Love the show and Gweneth Paltrow sure knows how to sing and looking forward to seeing this episode this week.. The storylines are getting finally better – but bring in the Broadway music like they had when they first started miss those tunes.. and love the show

  17. Rachel says:

    i love
    Glee and wish i could be a part of it its so amazing my school stared one but that school sucks compared to this

  18. Eric says:

    Did no one at the oscars tell her, that she’s not good at singing?

  19. Marc says:

    I don’t understand why many of you are hating on Gwyneth?! You know, she’s not in her 20’s, she’s in her late 30’s (close to 40) She’s not a 10/10 perfect pitched great voice, but a 7-8/10, i think it’s good considering how hard she tries to do her passionate works. People are complaining that she sang on the CMAs, the Grammys, then the Oscars and about her getting fame. FYI, she sang on the CMAs to promote Country Strong movie, she sang on the Grammys b/c Cee Lo invited her, she sang on the Oscars b/c the song was nominated for an oscar (an normally they sing that song). She’s a great woman doing a comeback! I know most of you will hate me for this….She’s not Joan Jett, but she is an amazing actress, an great singer and makes this so much fun to watch!

  20. shakethepoet says:

    Who the hell told her she can sing?

    • miker says:

      the producers?
      the directors?
      the audiance?
      It’s not that I disagree with you, but inanity belongs in childrens’ books. (and the occasional sitcom)

  21. abby says:

    Paltrow must get bored. She has had things come easy to her in life and at a young age. She won oscar, had babies, married the rock star, has money, Dad bought her $$$ necklace for Oscar night, Spielberg godfather, now @ 40 she’s singing, dancing. She must get bored never really having to work for anything because it all has fallen in her lap. When you have everything so easily it must be boring and hard to keep feeling challenged in life. She’s a princess with a life not based in most people’s reality. She’s probably very nice and just wanting to offset boredom by doing anything different. It sure is better than her doing drugs.

  22. oneatatime says:

    I like Gwynneth but don’t think this song was in her range; might have made a better mashup. Otherwise, happy to see her on Glee

  23. Georgie says:

    Kurt hummel I love you but I want to kiss you

  24. Craig says:

    Thank the heckgods they had Will write “Too Much?” on a piece of paper and flash it at Holly. Because, well, that kind of was.

  25. AbbaDabbaDookie says:

    Doesn’t anybody ever read here? Gwyn finds Americans stupid…. We are only seeing more of her because she and hubby Chris moved back from the UK – after fears of terrorist attacks and it probably didn’t hurt that her career had stalled.

    She has said numerous times how much smarter Brits are than Americans — I found this after googling her after the last time she was on Glee after I felt she was so fake.

    She steals the spotlight from the real singers. She’s horrible and she thinks you are dumb.

  26. Neil McElhannon says:

    What a performance by GP. All you haters need to take a better look. Then write your critical comments. GP ROCKS!!!!

  27. Andy says:

    Could somebody please explain why Glee is generating royalties for the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE that is Gary Glitter?

    Fox and Gwyneth should be ashamed of themselves!

  28. babygate says:

    I’ve never been a Paltrow fan. I don’t dislike her, just didn’t care much, although she was great in ‘Perfect Murder’. But I have to admit, I tuned in to Glee because of her. She really is good. Not a great dancer but her singing is good enough and she is funny as heck.

  29. miker says:

    it wasn’t quite as terrible as I imagined it would be.


    You imagined this, and not unicorns?