The Office: Will Michael and Holly Not Get Their Happily Ever After?

Well, this is a little unsettling. Amy Ryan says that Michael Scott’s soulmate, the lovable Holly Flax, isn’t even in Steve Carell’s final episode of The Office.

“I will say that I left the show before he did,” Ryan revealed to Access Hollywood when asked if the two will ride off into the sunset together — you know, like we were all hoping to see. “He’s actually filming his last episode right now. I [finished] a few weeks ago.”

What does this mean for Michael and Holly’s much-deserved happily ever after?

It’s highly unlikely that the absence means doom-and-gloom for the lovebirds. In fact, sources close to The Office tell us that Carell didn’t want a cookie-cutter happy ending for his character, which may explain why Holly if MIA from his final episode. But that’s not to say there won’t be some memorable moments between the two in his penultimate episode.

What else do we hope to see before Carell’s big-slash-sad send-off? For one, Toby (played by Paul Lieberstein) just has to come back to Dunder Mifflin for his nemesis’ last hurrah. And that would mean the Scranton Strangler case must have been solved and Holly is no longer needed as the branch’s temporary HR rep… right?

Thoughts on Holly missing Michael’s sad so long? Are you still hoping the two end up together? Hit the comments with your Flax reax!

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  1. Office Fan says:

    If Michael and Holly don’t end up together, this show is garbage.

  2. Em says:

    I will be really mad if they are not together. Why even bring her back then? I do not think they are that cruel.

  3. Josh says:

    They’ll be together. My guess is he hangs back to sell his condo, and she goes back to Nashua.

    I’m actually glad their relationship won’t be the center of his last episodes. I love them together, but we should celebrate just Michael.

  4. Landun says:

    I think they’ll be together — just because she’s not in Scranton anymore doesn’t mean her and Michael head off somewhere else. She could’ve been offered a job somewhere, and he decides to go join her?!?

    And the show’s success isnt predicated on whether or not Michael or Holly end up together.

  5. Matt says:

    They’re not soulmates, they’re soupsnakes goddddddddddddd. Also I’d be really disappointed if we didn’t have some huge Michael and Toby explosion in the finale.

  6. Carrie says:

    I think Michael and Holly will end up together. She’ll probably just go back home early because of Toby’s return and then Michael will follow her. Toby definitely has to be there on Michael’s last day.

  7. Jaded Devil says:

    “Leaving the show before he did” isn’t necessarily synonymous with “not being in the episode.” Maybe they shot a single scene with Holly for a later episode while Amy Ryan was still on the set, rather than make her come back another time to just do one scene. Maybe she’ll be a voice at the other end of the phone. There are a dozen different possibilities other than “they don’t wind up together.”

  8. Truthiness says:

    They don’t always film the episodes in order, this could be a mislead.

  9. amy says:

    if these two don’t end the show together i will go bonkers. i have been waiting for this for 2 years?! if he leaves and they are not together i’m gonna have a melt down!

  10. jill says:

    Why would they spend so much time on this arc and bring back Amy Ryan just to break them up? Nobody knows anything… not even gossip columnests. There was a pretty heart warming Michael\Holly promo last night on. Nbc… they aren’t that crewl.

  11. max says:

    she could leave first, and he follows her. Just because she’s not in the last episode dosn’t mean their not still together.

  12. John says:

    Personally I could see them ending up together, but truthfully I’m glad she’s headed off first, because I want the Michael Scott sendoff to be more about closure for the series-long relationships (Dwight, Jim, especially Pam). Also, Michael and Toby not having some sort of final showdown (or awkwardly missed one) would be more heartbreaking than anything feared above.

  13. Jason says:

    Maybe Michael gets offed by the Scranton Strangler….?

  14. Amber says:

    I’m probably completely alone in this thought, but I never found Holly to be lovable. Their entire relationship from the very beginning has felt very awkward to me, and not awkward in that way that The Office has of making awkward moments super funny, but just plain awkward! I always thought that The Office did its best writing when things didn’t work out for the characters, and having a happily ever ending for Michael Scott would completely ruin the entire series for me. I’m cool with Jim and Pam being together, but they are really pushing it by giving Michael the girl of his dreams. It’s too much. But I do really welcome the return of Toby, if only because it means I don’t have to look at Holly’s face ever again.

    • NlC says:

      Amber- I totally agree with you, I cannot stand Holly!!! And any time I bring this up it seems like everyone disagrees with me. I just think she is extremely obnoxious and any scene with her and Michael becomes a chore for me to watch as they are so juvenile. I much prefered seeing Michael being abused by Jan.

  15. Teresa says:

    This means that she will be the reason why Michael left the office.