Lisa Edelstein on House's Uncertain Future: 'Nobody Wants to See it Go Off the Air'

It’s no secret that a budgetary battle is being waged between Fox and NBC Universal over a possible eighth season of House. But that’s not stopping Lisa Edelstein from feeling bullish about the show’s future.

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“Nobody at work seems to think it won’t [return],” she tells TVLine. “Everybody wants to come to a deal, and I certainly am looking forward to a Season 8.

“I don’t think anybody wants to see [House] go off the air,” she continues. “It’s a big show for Fox and for NBC Universal, so it’s just a matter of everybody dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s.”

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If this does turn out to be House‘s final season, the show is going out with guns blazing. Monday’s groundbreaking episode “Bombshells” is proof of that. “There’s some great creativity going on, things you’ve never seen before,” Edelstein gushes of the can’t-miss hour. “It’s really exciting. I love episode 15, I’m very excited about it. There are some fantasy sequences which are really different.”

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Click here for an exclusive first look at one of those fantasy sequences. But first, hit the comments with an answer to this question: Are you concerned about House‘s future? Or are you (like Edelstein) cautiously optimistic that a deal will be struck?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. David says:

    Well, with the rumours that House and Cuddy are getting married, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are actually setting it up for season 7 to be the last.

  2. alepulsar says:

    This certainly would be devastating!!

    They’re going to have to reach an agreement sooner or later.

    • Jane2 says:

      I hope they do! I want another season with the OT3 House, Cuddy and Wilson. I’m not ready to say goodbye to them yet.

      I love LE for her positivity.

  3. Shari Howell says:

    House can’t go off the air! I would literally have a mental breakdown!!!

  4. DallasFan says:

    I’m with Lisa, this will not be the last season of House. Fox and NBC U are just playing hardball during negotiations. Even though I think it unlikely Fox would pull the plug on House, NBC would gladly find a home for House on its own network. NBC has been ratings challenged and adding House would probably be its number 1 rated show from day 1 (I didn’t look at ratings numbers, but if not number 1 it would certainly be one of its tops shows).

  5. Scott says:

    So if this current 7th season is the last then there can be about half a dozen episodes left?

    I would be very surprised and saddened if that were true. It would leave a big gap in my Monday night viewing.

    • Freya says:

      Well I certainly hope they come to an agreement and that we get a Season 8 at the least. I for one am enjoying this season and am looking forward to seeing what happens. Hugh, Lisa and Robert make this show for me and I would be desperately dissapointed not to see them and House back for season 8.

      • gina says:

        me too!!! I Love House, and the whole team! You never know what’s going to happen, and i love the suspense. This has been one of my total favorite shows on t.v. and i would miss it tons if they end it. please don’t end House!!! i ♥ it.

  6. Peter says:

    Of course she would like it. She has always been a person to want to grab the spotlight whether on shows she is in or on interviews. It is usually that way with mediocre performers who ride on other people’s coattails. She has been carried on this show from the begining by Hugh Laurie. The best thing the series could do would be to dump her and her character and put House and Laurie back in the forefront. It was not until she wanted the Huddy storyline and started begging for more airtime that this show got so screwed up. I would like to see Edelstein, Jacobs, Yatanes, the Taub guy and some of the writers gone. This show has done some pretty stupid things in the past, but this is the worst. There are other shows for this crap. This used to be a drama.

    • flowrik says:

      Thank you! For summing it up so I don’t have to type this myself.

      Let me add this:
      Another season of House MD – YES!
      Another season of Huddy Crap – NO, THANKS.

    • ada says:

      haha PERFECT comment, thank you for voicing my thoughts!

      I agree, I want to see Edelstein, Jacobs, Yaitanes, Hess and Peter Jacobson gone cause Taub is painfully boring.

      And speaking of these people, how when you had characters like Ridiculous Old Fraud , Amber ,the Mormon guy you chose the 2 most boring ones (13 and Taub) ? Clearly, cause Olivia Wilde is up and coming and hot and PJ probably had some connections.

      Honestly, I hope the show ends, especially if House and Cuddy get married. It would be sad though , that it ends so badly and uncharacteristically ,after they destroyed all characters and turned it into Cuddy MD, the soap opera

      Oh and let me make the Huddies save precious time :

      “oh you’re a bitter hilson/hameron/insertanyshipthatisnthuddyhere”
      “you’re stupid”
      “you’re not a real fan”
      “why watch if you don’t like it?” – answer, I don’t really

      • icu says:

        no one cares who you are, ada. i don’t know why hamerons or hilsons try to pretend like they aren’t shippers on here anyway. it’s like they think if they admit to being a shipper people will know that they’re biased and of course they will hate on the show and huddy. but the thing is, the haters who claim to be non-shippers, not one of them are any more objective than the shippers. their posts are full of the same insults and stupid comments like,
        “the show is so boring now”
        “blah-blahdy-blah soap opera”
        “shore and co are arrogant for not listening to fans about getting rid of the original team”
        “house is p-whipped!!!!xeleventy!!!!!!”
        “the show is cuddy md now”
        don’t you guys ever get tired of being trite? i know i get tired of reading it–so sometimes i just skip it. basically, the word is you are a hameron but who the hell cares who you are? you obviously are not even a galaxy’s breadth near any sort of objective viewpoint whether you’re a shipper or not. so it doesn’t matter who you claim to be, the content is what matters, and the content is always the same, lacking any real substance.

        • Ann says:

          And no one care about you, icu, lol. What? Are you mad because your huddy is despised by many? Your problem not mine. Even HL during the Ellen interview recognized that half of the audience doesn’t like this huddy mess so your effort to shoot people down are just a waste of time

      • ada2 says:


      • gina says:

        since you don’t even really watch it, like you said, why slam something
        you know nothing about? i think you DO watch it! so…make up your minds.

    • Cleide says:


      That’s exactly what I think.
      I echo his words.

    • Callie says:

      All actors like the spotlight or they wouldn’t be performers. Doing interviews is part of her job, it’s how TV shows are promoted. If other actors from the show aren’t doing as many it’s because they’re busy or just aren’t as in demand, LE isn’t stealing attention from them.

      She isn’t in charge of the shows story lines the show runners are. HL is the star and an executive producer he would have more influence than she or any other supporting actor would.

    • Allegra says:

      3 words. You. Are. Delusional.

      Actually, I lied, I have more. House has always been and always will be my favourite character but the fans asked for House/Cuddy, not Lisa Edelstein. She is a talented and lovely actress who stands on her own to feet and doesn’t need to ride on coat tails. For goodness sake, how bitter can you be? Are you a Hameron fan or something? Of all the characters, barring the new ones, over 7 seasons, Cuddy has got the LEAST screentime. She’s earned it.

      House was, is and always will be a great show. Get over yourself.

    • Jeffrey Hoffman says:

      You must be an anti-Semite

    • Cuddy's lawyer says:

      You saw Edelstein’s gone and the cancel of the show! I hope you are happy now,IDIOT!

  7. Liz says:

    I only want a season 8 if Cuddy is not there. So much for that. Huddy ruined the show beyond repair. And Hugh doesn’t seem very… well, enthusiastic anymore either. I don’t blame him.
    Of course, LE wants a season 8, House is her last chance for a bit fame.

    • Karen says:

      Hugh doesn’t seem at all enthusiastic about the show now, you’re right. He seems like he is more than ready to move on and he is a better actor than to have to deal with what has happened to the show. He has even spoken out about how trying it has been filming this Huddy business, and several times mildly mentioned his dislike of things. It is even apparent in the distance between him and Lisa Edelstein and the fact they now only ever appear at functions at the same time when they absolutely have to. He is no longer the champion of everything to do with the show. I think it should end so he has the chance to move on to better things.

      • Derdriui says:

        He’s got a lot of potential.

        He does still prat on about how much he likes the writing on the show, but hopefully that’s spin and he doesn’t have that bad taste. The guy was head of Footlights at Cambridge, surely his taste is even more discerning now. Unless he’s secretly in love with soap operas and bad sitcoms.

      • Oh come on says:

        Hugh Laurie appeared on “Ellen” earlier this week to promote the show and a clip of House/Cuddy was shown to accompany his visit. Last night he appeared on Craig Ferguson’s late night show and a clip of the upcoming episode was shown then as well. He appeared a few weeks ago on Jay Leno which was a follow up to his Leno appearance last summer. Hugh also gave an extended interview to Tavis Smiley in the fall. In all of these appearances, Hugh has seemed relaxed, happy, and pleased to be seen promoting the show.

        n addition, the current week of TV Guide contained a full page feature on the already famous episode 15 which will be aired next Monday. I think it is clear that Hugh Laurie and the other show runners are particularly proud of the unusual and challenging storyline they are exploring this season.

        I do agree with you about wanting to see Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein interviewed in tandem again. Those past interviews were always excellent examples of their sparkling natural chemistry and I miss them so much.

  8. Allison N says:

    I’m optimistic that it will return. I will be devasted if there isn’t a season 8

  9. tara says:

    A season8 without LE would be a dream come true. I can`t stand Cuddy, I don`T like that they change House to fit the Cuddy show. This was never where this show started out to be.

    Bring back the focus to the brilliant House and then i`d have no problem with a season8. Let lisa go!

  10. E says:

    She’s delusional. Fox just ordered an extra episode, so there will be 23 rather than 22. Sounds like they are planning for a series finale.

    • Margo says:

      There have been seasons where Fox has ordered an extra 2 episodes, bringing the season total to 24. Ordering an extra episode doesn’t mean anything other than House is one of Fox’s highest rated shows.

  11. Zapi78 says:

    she’s really annoying!
    I don’t know maybe there is other actors to interview…just an idea !

    • tara says:

      Yeah right! Maybe these kind of question should be asked to a executive producer and not her. She is not a reliable source.

      I would like a David shore,Katie jacobs or a Hugh laurie interview. They know what is really going on.

    • tara says:

      You are right. She is not an exec. Producer. Her answer is not reliable at all.

    • Derdriui says:

      Hey, have you seen her interviews? She’s really charming, intelligent and funny.

      Her character, on the other hand, has been written so badly that it’s embarrassing for all involved.

      • dalilita says:

        Well, I must say that I´m with you on this (and also that I´m really glad you can see -and aknowledge- the difference between the actress and the character, something that a great ammount of people seem to be wholly unable to do).
        I constantly read these comments saying that House has changed completely, and I don´t really see that; for me, he´s the same selfish bastard (with redeeming qualities, of course) he´s ever been. Instead, I think it is Cuddy who has changed, to the point that she has become almost unrecognizable.
        Although it had very good potential, Cuddy´s character was never writen in a good way (IMHO), but up until season 5 it held a lot of appeal, at least for many people. Personally, I loved the fact that she was the only person who wouldn´t take House´s crap and that she responded to him in the same manner he talked to her. It worked great because, as Hugh Laurie once put it, House `likes to get as good as he gives´.
        Even if she was frequently underused and/or misused (I think Lisa Edelstein was right on this), she would have great lines now and then, and her chemistry with House was amazing and undeniable. Their interactions were funny, vibrant and edgy, and they used to be my favorite, along with the House-Wilson ones.
        So what happened? Cuddy used to have great sense of humor and both her retorts to and her interactions with House were full of it, wich made them highly enjoyable, but the writers took her sense of humor away -at the very beginning of season 6 (if not sooner)- and never gave it back to her again. They´ve turn her into a dark, gloomy, whinny person, who is always tense and/or upset about something. There´s no humor left in her nor in her relationship with House, and as a result, all the fun (and great part of their once wonderful chemistry) is gone. And this fact is more apparent, because their relationship is a significant aspect of the show this season.
        I´ve been hoping for the old Cuddy to come back for a very long time now. When season 7 started, I thought maybe things would change, but they didn´t, and I´ve almost given up all hope about it.
        Anyway, I don´t want the show to be cancelled, for I have come to love all the characters and the actors who play them, and since I absolutely adore Lisa, I hope she sticks around if there´s a season 8. Also, I will welcome every interview with her, because she´s always humorous, enthusiastic, exciting and unique, and she makes my day just by letting me hear that beautiful laugh of hers :).

  12. Crystal says:

    The malice and negativity of this fandom baffles me sometimes. I never get into debates about which faction is right/wrong (because no one is) but it just seems like we could conduct ourselves with a bit more etiquette and candor? Or at least think intellectually about your comment before you fly off of the handle or bash someone else.

    More on topic now: I still enjoy the show and have Edelstein’s optimism for a season 8 return.

    • Robin says:

      Crystal, thanks for stating your opinion in an intelligent way, it is much appreciated. I’m very definitely non-Huddy. I have friends who are into Huddy and we agree to disagree and enjoy a good debate/discussion with each other. But it seems like anyone who’s foolish enough to post a non-Huddy view on just about any public forum gets accused (in very shrill tones, usually) of being anti-House, or a bitter Hameron/Hilson etc shipper who doesn’t know what they’re talking about and needs to sit down and shut up.

      I’ve watched this series from the first episode and loved the shining brilliance of Mr. Laurie’s acting, enjoyed the witty, sharp writing, and delighted in the formula that had the focus on the medical mystery and how it reflected House’s life and mental/emotional state d’jour. Now we’re stuck with soap opera, and watching a great character twisting himself into a knot trying to be ‘normal’ for someone who seems to never approve of anything he does for her and just demands more of the same. House is HOUSE–a total curmudgeon with a heart of stainless steel, and that’s just the way I want him to stay.

      I can see what the writers are trying to do in this season, IMO anyway–House, the original addictive personality, is substituting Cuddy for Vicodin–but I don’t buy it. I haven’t bought it since he kissed Cuddy at the end of ‘Joy’; I don’t buy it now.

      I really, really hope this is the last season. I would love to see House finally get tired of all this nonsense, flip everyone at PPTH the bird and ride off into the sunset on his bike, free at last. (And Hugh would have a year to relax and write The Paper Soldier, here’s hoping!) All JMO, nothing more.

      • Renee says:

        Yikes! Y’all are vicious on here. Frightening. I can honestly say that this used to be a great show. Season 4 and 5 were sketchy, 6 was inching toward weak but got a good kick halfway through the season. I didn’t really buy the whole Huddy thing, but House is a prick and Huddy’s never taken his bull. It had the potential to be hilarious.

        It wasn’t, and I stopped watching after the first handful of epis this season because I couldn’t stand watching them massacre a show that used to bring me so much joy. I have the first three seasons on DVD, and that’s good for me. If they want House to come back next season they need to pull a rabbit out of a hat and make the rest of this season STELLAR. Season 6 and 7 are where a lot of shows start to lose momentum, and I think that’s what happened here.

        And yes, before someone starts throwing darts, I enjoyed seeing House with Cameron. Just like I enjoyed seeing them go their separate ways. The chemistry those two had was fabulous, but they never would have made it as a couple. She had a serious case of hero worship mixed with a healthy affection for the man, she was the girl he cared about but always knew was too good for him. Let it ride, Hameron shippers. Let it ride.

        So yeah. Writers, get it together. You’re falling into that sinkhole so many procedurals fall into where the case goes by the wayside and it turns into a mini-soap opera instead. You can do both. (Cough-Stacy-cough) Sounds like you made a good start, I may have to start watching again to see how good. Snap it together and we might get an 8th season after all.

    • E says:

      She needs to be optimistic, unlike Hugh Laurie & Robert Sean Leonard she doesn’t have any other job options for next year.

      • Jess says:

        But according to huddies fangirls she is the best actress, she should have plenty of options, shouldn’t she? So, where are them?

  13. Patty says:

    I would rather see House get cancelled after this season whether they manage to wrap up loose ends or not. After Monday’s episode, I’m done with it; I’ll be reading a book at 8 this Monday. I’ve been waiting for the real House to come back since he left Mayfield, and he’s not. This Monday’s “House the Musical”? Give me a break! This is supposed to be a drama. If this is an imitation of the dream sequence that was done with M.A.S.H., they’re way off the mark. Innovative? Nah. Just a bunch of writers who seem to have forgotten how to write drama.

    • Margo says:

      House has always been a drama with lots of humor. Music has also played a big part. As for Monday’s episode, I would rather wait until the episode airs before deciding if it’s good or bad.

    • Jen says:

      Oh look, OC Babes strike again. Wow pathetic.

      • Jess says:

        Nope, stating your opinion in a polite way is not pathetic.
        I don’t know who these oc babes are but the fact that you’re able to link the op to them speack out loud about you: this is pathetic!

  14. KC says:

    I used to be in favor of the Huddy relationship, but having seen what a total mess they have made of it I think either it needs to go, or they need to make this the final season. It has ruined House — both the character and the show. It is unfortunate that now it will be remembered as the show which went down the toilet or jumped the shark instead of going out as a great drama. We don’t need to see people in their 50s fawning all over each other for an hour. If we want a soap we can tune in to General Hospital or Desperate Housewives.

  15. John says:

    O.K. I love this show. I think House is hilarious in his special way, and is an irreplacible part of Monday Nights. I’ve already helped save one show (ahem, Chuck), and I don’t want to go through that again.


  16. MGL says:

    “Huddy” killed “House. It used to be a great show. Get rid of Huddy and bring back Cameron.

    • Derdriui says:

      Why would you want that?!

      They’ve ruined Cuddy. They’re practically ruined House. Wilson’s in the background so he’s a little safe. They’ve utterly destroyed Chase.

      Why would you want them to bring back Cameron? If you like the character, then enjoy that! Appreciate the decent canon that you have!

      Wilson should go live somewhere else. Chase should be prosecuted. House… I don’t know how to save House, there’s a lot of suggestions of vicodin but even that wouldn’t do it because he’d be a ‘miserable druggie’ instead of someone with legitimate pain issues he didn’t know how to deal with like he was at the start. Cuddy… I don’t know if they can salvage that character now, the way they’re written about her professionalism, her weird relationship expectations etc.

      So ffs don’t ask for more Cameron. Save yourselves. Wilson’s going to hop out soon. I feel sorry for people who liked Chase but what can you do? Even Foreman who is constantly in the background was screwed up by the stupid way they wrote him handling the Thirteen situation. Taub’s still okay but they’re working on screwing that up too.

      • dalilita says:

        I have to say that I´m liking Foreman this season very much, to my great surprise. I´m actually liking him for real for the first time, so I have to thank season 7 for that.
        But I totally agree with you about Cameron, although part of me would like to see her back regardless (her dismisal from the show was one of the producers big mistakes, IMO).

      • dalilita says:

        I have to say that I´m liking Foreman this season very much, to my great surprise. I´m actually liking him for real for the first time, so I have to thank season 7 for that.
        But I totally agree with you about Cameron, although part of me would like to see her back regardless (her dismisal from the show was one of the producers big mistakes, IMO). And I don´t know why (cause they`re all very talented), but I also think that the writers haven´t been able to write any character properly.

  17. Tilly says:

    I agree with others on the Huddy thing, it has taken two interesting characters and made them boring and trite. I also really wish they would not bring back 13, never liked her and found her Mary Sueness boring. I will say I do hope House gets a 8th season, and maybe it can rebound from Horrible Huddy tv and become House MD again. Hopefully they will stop borrowing the plots from Harlequin romances and actually care about what they are writing next season

    • Windbags 'r Us says:


      Thanks for that nap, Tilly. Needed it.

      • Jess says:

        You don’t have valid arguments so you go for stupid comments, thanks for the laught!

      • Tilly says:

        w/e, I liked House and Cuddy much better BEFORE they started knocking boots. Also, I just really wished that they could have a story-line about one of the women on House without sexualizing it. Cuddy was more interesting for me when she had more going on than who she is boinking, I really wished that they could have explored her issues with fertility and adoption a little more. The writers/producers USED to do a good job exploring the other characters with House as the main character in seasons 1 – 3 without resorting to just unneeded romantic angst.

    • Katie says:

      I agree with you 95 percent (the other five percent being because I really have nothing against 13)

  18. Derdriui says:

    For the sake of the crew, I hope House gets renewed. The job market isn’t the best at the moment.

    The writers and the producers, however, have ruined the show and the great and complicated character they themselves collaborated with HL to make. HL can’t carry the bad writing all the way, dammit. This season has been so bad. The warning signs were all there but the mad and hormonal House/Cuddy faction keeps cheering this stuff on so razzle-dazzle-no-substance gets promoted all over twitter etc.

    Of course, there’s no blaming that fandom for the bad taste of the producers and writers.

    So, in terms of substance, this show is gone. But if they want to keep doing it then why not, it’s making some hardworking people behind the scenes some good money, hopefully. I wish they’d write the show better but we’re 14 episodes in, either they think this is good or they’re just phoning it in and don’t give a toss.

    It’s a shame though. Could’ve had a great following for years after it ended if they did it with dignity, this show.

  19. BHM1304 says:

    I don’t think anyone will care if “House” went off the air. It went completely off the rails about 2 seasons ago and has now we have this House and Cuddy love fest which is so trifling and boring. “Royal Pains” is the show that most resembles “House” and it is such a better show. You actually have a cute couple in the hospital administrator and Dr./diagnostician on “Pains” and the fact that there are more than one or two sets makes “Pains” more fun as well. Plus Jill Flint makes Lisa Edelstein look like a shoe.

  20. Carol says:

    How sad it is to read all the negativity and bile spewing from some people here about this television show. “House” has delivered seven seasons of exceptional drama as we have followed the journey of the lead character. He started as a tormented,isolated medical genius, whose belief in his own self-worth and capacity for love had been damaged by the terrible accident of his infarction and the end of his relationship with Stacy. Over the years we have watch House emerge from this tramatized state to undergo a variety of experiences which have brought him to a new understanding of himself and his potential to love and be loved in return. The transition has been organic, carefully staged, brilliantly portrayed by Hugh Laurie, and completely believable at every turn.

    Now in season 7 we have entered a new phase of House’s epic journey. He has come to realize that he deserves to be loved, that he is capable of giving love to someone else and that it is not his lot in life to live in misery, despair, and loneliness. House knows now that he can be both a medical genius and a man whose life is enhanced by love.

    I find that “House” continues to entrance me even into the seventh season. Its twists and turns challenge me and entertain me immensely. I admire David Shore, Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, and the “House” writers for having the courage to explore House in love this season. They have done this difficult work with delicacy, honesty, passion, humor, ingenuity, and crackerjack artistry.

    It is so sad that some people feel the need to expose their tiny minds and mean hearts by condeming this great show in such vile and immature terms.

    “House” deserves better fans than these haters.

    • Ari says:

      You’re boring just like the show.

    • wtfisthisshow says:

      How dare people have differing opinions!!!1111

    • Carla Loy says:

      Carol, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I love the show and the Huddy storyline and I think it will be a great loss if Lisa Edelstein leaves the show. I’ve been a Huddy fan from day one. But I don’t bash and insult people who aren’t Huddy fans, not everyone likes the same thing. Also, I have been in the medical profession for 32 years, so the “soap Opera” aspect of it is sometimes a nice break for me. What really trips me out is why people continue to watch a show they apparently dislike immensly, there are just too many other shows to watch on TV. And yes, I know alot of people will disagree with me and I really don’t care. I think Lisa Edelstein is a beautiful, talented, witty person and an awesome actress. I think anyone who bashes someone as badly as some of these people have bashed Lisa are probably just extremely jealous. Why don’t some of you just read House,MD Fanfiction, it has Hameron, Huddy, Hislon, Wuddy, Luddy, Chameron, really something for everybody. Get a life people, and if you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it, nobody’s holding a gun to your head. Wow, I didn’t mean to write so much, but I feel very strongly about this!

  21. wtfisthisshow says:

    I hope either they end Huddy or end the show. I don’t ship House with anyone, personally, but this season and half of the last one has benn just bad overall. It isn’t just House and Cuddy being screwed here, though – they’ve destroyed Chase and made Wilson nothing more than a Huddy cheerleader. Sad. The only thing I’m liking right now is Foreman, but I wonder how long that’s going to last after how they messed his character up last season with that 13 crap (I hope she does not come back, she bored me since day 1 and I still can’t fathom why she was chosen over all the other interesting characters in that storyline).

  22. Charlotte says:

    I don’t know, I am a big House and Huddy fan. BUT… the show does feel a little tired in the last couple of seasons. I find myself DVR-ing it, and then letting quite a few weeks go by before I get around to watching it. It doesn’t really compel my interest anymore. I want to see Huddy end up together, but, I wouldn’t mind that much if this was the last season. It feels like it’s just run it’s course a bit. Just my opinion.

  23. Mary says:

    House is also still a top 10 and 20 show Alex. Interesting to also note that Greys is also doing their musical show, copying House, how interesting! For some reason you appear to have some kind of hate for Lisa E. Did she kill your puppy or something! I am still loving this show after 7 years, (yes I have watched since the very 1st episode). I love the character of Greg House, and those who live in his orbit. This is his jorney and his story. Its still House MD. Always has been. I just guess some dont see beyond their ships, or hate of, and that is what can spoil your enjoyment of the show. I love that the writers can take us out of the normal now and then, thats what keeps the show fresh in my eyes. I really belive there will be an S8, Houses story is not finished, all those hating this so called Huddy, (I really hate that title), do you really think this is going to be all white picket fences, and 2.2 children with a dog? David Shore knows this character, and knows where he is going, and I am enjoying the ride. Why do we watch TV? I for enjoyment and entertainment, my one hr of the week I can relax and not be disturbed. I countiue to be entertained, by this wonderful group of talented people even if some of you are not.

  24. Stephen says:

    Royal Pains better show than House? HAH!

    In what bizarre and twisted universe does that hallucinatory opinion hold air, let alone water? House could lose 3/4 viewers and still kill that “other network” wanna-be-house show. Give us a break.

    House continues to kick a** and explore new ground, and deliver great entertainment with intelligent writing and emmy-level performances. The haters here are clearly top-notch writing talents just yet to be discovered, or maybe they’re just hating on the folks that excel at what they can only dream of doing. “Should have kept this character” and “I never liked that character” and blah blah blah… turn the channel if it’s not just the way you think it ought to be. Just turn the channel, and while you’re at it, go post your whiny, negative spew on your own blog, where I’m sure tens of folks will love to know your ideas on how to write good television.

    Then there are the shallow-minded spewers that gravitate toward the “beautiful people” T.V. After all, it’s what the actors look like that matters. Same folks that watch the pretty-kid shows like “One Tree ..” something, or… “The O.C.”? … and other shows that come and go every couple years, as their viewers graduate H.S. and leave their fav shows behind.

    Ups, Downs, good moves, bad moves. Few will agree with every little thing, every episode, every character change. It still works for a lot of people. Works for me.

  25. Bar says:

    as much as i adore Huddy it will realy suck if they get married now becouse actoully house md will have to end and its just to easy

  26. Louise says:

    End Huddy! It’s like a boring soap opera. I want the snarkiness and edigness of the earlier House. I suggest killing off Cuddy due to House’s love for her causing him to lose focus as a doctor. Give her a fatal illness that he screws up the diagnosis of. Then, have him return to drugs and bitterness. Get rid of Taub and that boring, unidimensional young girl, and add some interesting characters. I wish Cameron and 13 would return. I miss them.

  27. ana claudia rigolin says:

    I think is wonderfull this show,huddy for ever

  28. Kat says:

    Honestly, the show hasn’t been the same since Cameron left. The cast chemistry was so perfect and Taub, Thirteen and Masters just aren’t cutting it. I never liked House and Cuddy together and feel like every ep is the same. House is always grumpy, the character never grows, Wilson is always the same and so is Cuddy. It’s just blah at this point. They should cut Thirteen lose and bring Cameron back. She always challenged House and I’d love to see how Chase would react to House and Cameron getting together. Especially since Cameron’s absence would let the producers stretch her character in different ways on her return. As the show stands I don’t really care if it comes back for an eighth season or not.

  29. marc says:

    If House goes off the air, it will be the last of my favorite shows (24, Lost, Heroes), which can’t be replaced and this will force me to cancel cable and call it the end of “traditional” TV.

  30. Paula says:

    After last night, the show is “over” for me. As I point out in my comments to a related article, I think the relationship deserved more time – at least a full season – and I don’t think Greg House HAS to be mean to be great. I really liked the healing that was beginning to occur during the fall/winter of this season. It was good for the characters and good for viewers to see. I think we all need to be reminded that healing is possible. I was angry at the scriptwriters for having him take the Vicodin. House revealed a great deal of heart and soul and ability to love during the (too few) new episodes this year.

    I think the writers have given up on him too soon and I think they’ve convinced me to give up on THEM. I felt that this plot change was too drastic and artificial. It did not feel justified; there was not sufficient build up. Big mistake.

    I would just as soon see the show end at this point. I don’t look forward to it much any more.

  31. Ash123 says:

    i do hope they reach up to some agreement …i love House and i want many many more seasons of it to come on air!!!!!!!!!

  32. Willow says:

    of course there would be another season. Fox and NBC must be insane if they cut off one of their successful programs.

  33. I want HOUSE MD back no matter what. I’d like to see him and Cuddy together again, but would equally be happy with a return of Stacy. I’d also like to see Cameron return and finish off her love affair with Chase. I know she still loves him/vice versa.
    Let’s have more of this wonderful show, less back biting.
    Best to you all.

  34. Jeffrey Hoffman says:

    House is a well done show. I do think they need some new/original ideas. But those of you who want to see Jacobson and Edelstein gone make me realize that we still live in a country of bigots. All of the actors are fine professionals and stop all this hatred

  35. Aldo Rodriguez says:

    WHAT!!! – Seriously, this is one of the few shows left, if not the last one that is worthwhile watching. This show still has that original captivating spark that TV shows long lost. There will always be people with a low neuron count that mostly due to the lack of understanding and taste may want this master piece gone from the air. I truly hope that the people in charge of moving things forward understand that this show with a little bit of new ideas combined with its original “HOUSE” flavor it would easy go to a 10th season.

  36. sean says:

    taub had all the motive to kill cutner in season five…reveal that as a subplot along with replacing cuddy with cameron as new dean of medicine…thirteen should just nail chase already and foreman should t come out of the closet…ive seen every episode of house 50plus times…could write a season 8 that blew season 7 out of the water…besides the episode where house gets sent to the principal, two stories i think, the wholeeee season was awful…plenty of material for next year, really hope they dont let details derail it…cuddys a fading factor on the show so lether haggle, but without wilson the show will suffer tremendously…

  37. Josh says:

    You guys know that Lisa will not be returning for the next season? Couldn’t come to an agreement on terms for the contract.

  38. marianne says:

    jeg håber også der kommer flere sæsoner af house jeg elsker ham og lisa når de ikke vil gøre ved at de elsker hinannen

  39. Bob says:

    Dam don’t let season 8 be the last. This show (House) still has at leaset 2 or 3 good seaseon left in its bag of tricks. I think it would be a very big mistake for fox/NBC to end this show now.

  40. Harry Shinigami says:

    i think a very fitting end to the series as a whole would be: House contracts Lupus… about time SOMEONE does, his team (what’s left of them :/) try to cure him… the treatment causes him to have some neurological side-effects, which make hime rethink his life and see it from a different perspective and yadda yadda… then when he’s cured, he is a changed man…
    i know it’s clichéd, but i really really want it to happen, i mean we’re so used to House being a sarcastic grouch, and we have seen hints (through VERY unlikely measures) of him being ‘normal’

    the again ‘Normal’ is overrated xD.

  41. dalilita says:

    Wow, that´s really insightful, thoughtful and deep. And you express yourself with such a nice vocabulary too!