First Look Video: Huddy Plays House, '50s-Style!

It’s a veritable dream come true for Huddy fans: An angst-free House and Cuddy happily married with child. Unfortunately, it is just a dream — albeit an incredibly stylized, brilliantly staged and perfectly acted dream. It’s one of five TV/Movie genre-themed hallucinations experienced by the couple in Monday’s rapturously anticipated episode “Bombshells” (8/7c). It also happens to be my personal favorite, which makes what I’m about to tell you particularly exciting: The ’50s-inspired vignette is available for your (exclusive!) viewing pleasure below!

Other genres spoofed in the groundbreaking hour, directed by Greg Yaitanes, include the traditional sitcom, the big-budget Hollywood musical, the classic western and the B horror movie. The ’50s clip represents Cuddy’s interpretation “of the life she imagines the future could hold for her and House,” explains Yaitanes, who adds that the sequences “are not there just to be cute. They are all pushing the story forward. They’re telling us something about what the characters are going through. There’s a lot of hidden subtext and meaning.”

Thoughts? On a scale of 1 to 10, shat’s your anticipation level for “Bombshells” now?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alice says:


  2. Cleo says:

    F*** f*** f*** that was so good! LMAO at Wilson XD. And Cuddy is simply gorgeous in that 50´s outfit

  3. Karen says:

    LOL. Just… LOL. I HARDLY doubt that’s how Cuddy imagines her life with House.

  4. devon says:

    you CLEARLY don’t know House/Cuddy fans if you think we want them angst free and married.

    • Kim in California says:

      Devon, Angst free? Their relationship is a one note drama. These two go through each episode wondering if they should be together (ten months later) and Cuddy doesn’t even come close to smiling when she’s with him. She had more affection and laughs with Lucas. Someone ought to put her out of her misery and bring back Lucas who could be the supportive husband she obviously wants (see dream sequence.) Angst, their whole arc has been one big downer with each of them constantly trying to figure out what the other one wants.

      • Rachel says:

        Wow. So Cuddy’s never smiled and been happy w/House? Gee I guess I must have been “dreaming” when they were laughing, smiling, making love and talking openly about their relationship in the first ep of S7? Of course maybe I was dreaming again during ep2 when House & Cuddy were in bed together and again she smiled after he told her he paid the Nanny to stay late. That was a very sweet scene as was the other scene during the ep when Cuddy told House she missed seeing him. I also remember Cuddy caressing House’s arm……boy she must be miserable. Right? Oh and there was that cute face she made when House gaver her the “peace penguin”. Of course I couldn’t forget her smile when House gave her the pills (to dose her Mother during her next visit) on her birthday. Again she caressed his cheek( in a very loving manner) just b/f kissing him sweetly. I hope I proved some kind of point here but I doubt it seeings as how you and all the other “OC Babes” much like the Hamerons and Hilsons of this fandom are having to deal with the show playing out opposite of what you wanted. Fact is we get to see glimpses of both sides of the House & Cuddy relationship and to me their struggles along the way are perfectly “in character”. If everything were rainbows & sunshine 24/7 between them, the audience would be left to wonder why it took 7years for them to get together in the first place.

      • may says:

        I totally agree!BRING LUCAS BACK!!LISA IS UNHAPPY!!!;)

  5. jen says:

    Omg what? Lol i love it! Oh House you never fail to surprise me! House+Cuddy+Wilson OT3<3

  6. maria says:

    LOVE IT ;| i cant wait for the next episode !

  7. Tammy says:

    Ah ha… Now that explains GY’s tweet last week. Thanks Ausiello. Frankly, I’m expecting doom and gloom, but that’s just me. :) Avid Huddy but unfortunately a realist. As the Next Generation finale episode said… Well actually it was Q in that episode, “All good things…”

  8. Matt says:


  9. greta says:

    -10 yep now Grey’s anatomy is much better than house ,please give back old house md with his balls.. or give some “the bold and the beatiful” script for Greg Yaitnes

    • Ben says:

      I’m with you. I would give it a minus 10 too

      • Eve says:

        I’d give it a minus a million

        • greta says:

          also Paris Hilton could act so much better than lisa edelstein ..same face ,same expression in my opinion. I think she is good but with less screentime. where is house? stop cuddy md with all her drama family. where is house’s dad?i’m waiting..

          • Suds says:

            You obviously havent being paying attension for the past 2 years since House’s dad died in season 5! he also went to his funeral and everything with wilson…

          • David says:

            What a mature, insightful comment. What are you, 12?

          • David says:

            @Suds, his biological father is most likely still alive, though.

          • Suds says:

            Yeah true, but at the end of birthmarks house says “wilson, my dad died” meaning he considered John to be his real father and he was finally acepting of him. He investigated his real father in season 6 but i reckon if we were going to get any more developement on his bio Father it would have been then. Doris Egan was the one to deal with those sort of storylines but she no longer writes for house, her last episode was “Now What” 7×01.

          • Martha says:

            So you think Lisa E can’t act, but she’s good when her screentime is limited? Sure, honey, that’s very reasonable.

          • greta says:

            biological father
            i think too much stortyline are open but now we know all about the cuddy’s family and it’s pretty annoyed . we have wilson’s brother to see on screen.. lazy writer or what??

          • Suds says:

            @greta no theyre not lazy writers at all, they’re some of the best writers on TV and they have the appropriate awards to prove it. You are right though, there are pleanty of loose ends, but there is a time and a place regarding when they will get tied up. They cant just throw in any random storyline at any odd time, there has to be a reason for exploring houses father and right now thats not at the top of House’s priorities.

          • Jane says:

            minus 10 for me ..every week House MD Ops I should say CUDDY MD is disappointment. I agree with less screentime for cuddy .I like cuddy when she walks into a room gives a medical case to house and disappears for the entire episode. these are the best acted scenes of cuddy.

          • Ben says:

            They USED to be the best writers on TV bar none. The writers they have now are very poor and are making huge mistakes.

          • luhhhouse says:

            it’s called a dream…it’s a mock of a 50s themed tv show..and it’s just one episode. I think it’s gonna be amazing!

          • Brooklyn says:

            No-I’m pretty sure they’re still the best-[H]ouse writers, that is. This episode looks like a triple threat: great acting, directing and writing. Bring.It.On.

          • Tim says:

            You are an idiot! Lisa is HOTT!!!!!! I would so nail her if I had the chance!

    • Kim in California says:

      You are so right. However, on the bright side, Cuddy realizes that House is never going to be the person she wants him to change into…and the word is CHANGE (something she promised she didn’t want.) I wish they would go back to a medical procedural and cut the Cuddy arc short…I’m tired of this being a Huddy show rather than a medical procedural. How far off the mark can they get these days? Last week was as close as we’ve come in a long time to a medical procedural and I actually enjoyed it up until the last five minutes. I want the brilliant and cynical House back. We saw a glimpse of him when he hugged Masters and made fun of her…ah, it’s sad when you think of Tritter as the good ol’ days.

  10. Loiter says:

    Cuddy was better just as House’s boss. Once she became his lover I found her annoying.

    • Ben says:

      She has always been a boring, annoying, unbelievable and miserable character. I wish they would bring in a new character to take over the hospital and liven things up again. The interaction between them as boss/employee used to be interesting. Now the interaction is a big *YAWN*.

    • Kim in California says:

      Can I have an AMEN! Boring and shrewish and incredibly sullen. She laughed more with Lucas than with House.

  11. Becca says:

    omg,this is amazing. i want monday now !

    • Charla says:

      This is fun…and why not? Shows some imagination…HOuse will always be House which is what makes this juxtaposition so wonderful. Can’t wait to see the rest of the show.

      • Ben says:

        If House was still House there would not be so many people complaining about the show and the character. I don’t care who the character is with or what they do in the show as long as it is done well and the character grows and develops within the limits of how a human being does so. People grow, they do not completely change, nor does love cure chronic and severe pain, and make everything suddenly okay, no matter what some of you think.

      • @Charla says:

        It does look fun and imaginative! Can’t wait till Monday.

  12. Mary says:

    What in God’s name is this?

    • Patty says:

      Good question. Maybe were are the ones who are hallucinating or dreaming and when we wake up, this show will still be the good show with good stories and acting that it used to be. If we must have this Huddy business at least replace Lisa Edelsteen with someone who can act please, and don’t deafen us with what you call her singing.

  13. David says:

    Who the hell would want House and Cuddy angst free and happily married? Seriously? No one. You simply can’t expect that from the show. House and Cuddy are screwed up and flawled, just how we like them. Huddy fans are actually making fun of this video. That’s how ridiculous it is.

    • Sherlock says:

      Just because Cuddy dreams or hallucinates this scene doesn’t make it true. The writers are by no means foreshadowing a happy, angst-free future for House and Cuddy in this clip, it is simply supposed to be a reflection of what Cuddy wants or eventually expects of their relationship. To be honest, I still really enjoy the show despite the fact that house is no longer at a mental breaking point like he had been for a good portion of the show’s history – the medical mysteries are still engaging, the characters are complex and (mostly) realistic and House is still a sarcastic, pushy type-A with a God complex. It wouldn’t be interesting if none of the characters changed at all in the last 7 years – I know I’ve changed a great deal in the last 7 years – why shouldn’t House find a little bit of solace from his pain in a fulfilling relationship? That much makes sense.

  14. Ben says:

    Is there a minus 10? Wilson is great, but otherwise the clip makes me dread the episode even more. Each clip makes it that much worse. There is not only too much Huddy, but too much Cuddy these days. Stick them on the back burner and focus just on House and the medical cases. House has lost his edge and his brilliance these days, and is always too distracted to be interesting. Don’t like episodes GY directs.

    • Tim says:

      How boring would that be!? Let me clue you in. Person comes in and they are terminally ill. House and the team cant figure it out until the last 5 mins of the show, when House has an epiphany. THAT’S BORING! It’s the interpersonal relationships in between, that make it interesting to watch.

  15. jenna says:

    lol that was so funny i wanna see part 2 to that lol

  16. Housefan says:


  17. Me says:

    wtf was that???

  18. Amy says:

    10 Its great, I can’t wait to watch it.

  19. EO says:

    i love it! and SOME house fans WOULD LOVE this to be true…i know i do! well, in a modern day kind of way.

  20. Natalie says:

    Wilson totally makes the video! Hahah! Can’t wait. But I agree with devon–I certainly don’t want Huddy angst free and happy. :)

  21. Michel says:

    House reminded me SO BAD about the ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie”… Good times were those…

  22. karen says:

    This will be an amazing episode.Cant wait. HUDDY HUDDY HUDDY

  23. Gobblin1980 says:

    OMFG, thats awesome!! I wanna see the dance now :)

  24. David says:

    FYI, that is hardly a Huddy dream come true. And, seriously? If that’s what Cuddy hopes her future with House could be, then they should write her character off, because, once again, it couldn’t be more out of character than this. And this coming from someone who actually loves House and Cuddy together.

    Wilson was great, though.

  25. Mary says:

    The clip is cool, but that’s NOT what fans would want for the couple. Pretty sure even the most delusional Huddy fan wouldn’t want this. People like Huddy because they are screwed up, immature and complicated, not because they are the perfect white picket fence couple.

    • charla says:

      That’s the idea behind the ‘illusion’ it IS so unlike reality- it is humorous.

    • Derdriui says:

      Never underestimate how delusional Huddy are.

      There are people who say things like ‘I lobed that episode.’

      Never, never underestimate them. They can ALWAYS go lower.

    • Derdriui says:

      THREE COMMENTS DOWN. I swear I didn’t see that before I posted.

      Someone called liza. THEY LOBE THINGS. And she’s not the only one, seriously. That fandom is nuts.

  26. @ says:

    “SHAT’s my anticipation?” Lol

  27. gillian says:

    LOL, just LOL at the ridiculousness of this. I’m glad they managed to include Wilson, too.

    Looking forward to it.

  28. liza says:

    I LOBE IT!

    Can’t wait for the episode, this scene is too funny! Huddy is lobe! :)

  29. kp says:

    This episode will be one of the very best.
    Huddy have the best dreams /hallucinations lol

  30. TheGoodFairy says:

    This looks like one that will be staying on my dvr for a long, long time. Really looking forward to it.

  31. Nathan says:

    Dear God what is this?

  32. Tiramisu says:

    For the people that are so upset at “Angst-Free” Huddy, try to acknowledge the ending of the scene. Cuddy clearly notices what’s going on. Trust me, we wont ever get to see an “Angst-Free” Huddy. Even this clip showed there was something *wrong*. If anything, this shows the extreme to which Cuddy has an internal conflict. I thought she was conflicted, but not THIS badly…

    • Huddy fan says:

      I am also a Huddy fan but it will never be a “normal” relationship! Seriously people. Tiramisu has it right here… this is a delusion! You really need to read into Cuddy responses to this dream, particularly at the end, it’s not possible none of it is, perhaps it’s what she thinks she wants for them but it’s not reality. I also gotta think about the end of last weeks episode where House is talking about how Cuddy makes him a worse doctor… interesting…

      • zabajone says:

        I think the only Huddies who are worried that this shows her real feelings or desires on the matter are just being insecure. No one wants Huddy like this and the writers are smart enough to know that. It’s clear that Cuddy sees it’s weird and wrong. I don’t know why anyone would worry about it.

  33. Suds says:

    Obviously we dont want them to be like this in the show, because thats not what kind of characters they are… but this is a one off episode and one off scene. I think i can live with it and enjoy it..i mean cmon how often do u see Wilson like that?! xD

  34. RSLfan says:

    Wilson always steals the show!

  35. unguibus says:

    People need to lighten up. This clip looks funny as hell. Just enjoy the show for what it is, escapism from your own life. If you no longer see the fun in watching, then STOP doing it. It is silly to try and frame this show into reality. It is pure fiction and oh so much fun.

    • Natk says:

      Agreed! (:

    • Charla says:

      Absolutely, I totally agree. Lighten up folks and those of you who will watch- have sme fun with it!

    • Ben says:

      It used to be an escape from real life, and an hour of good television and very well written. Now it is ridiculous. Some of us are waiting and hoping that David Shore can get it back on track, and stop the soap, the Cuddy takeover, the personal stories taking over the whole hour, and get back to the flawed genius doctor who used to be the best and most unique character ever on TV.

      • Kara says:

        Why continue to watch if it bothers you that much? Go watch the old seasons over again. >.>

      • dalilita says:

        Well, good luck with that. I think that, given the fact that David Shore walked out on his “baby” (for whatever reason), we shouldn´t (and couldn´t) expect much from him, even when he returns. Besides, it´s not like he has no idea about what´s going on in the show.

    • Kara says:

      This may be the best comment on here so far. xD Seriously.

  36. sabrina says:

    i dont think you guys get it. that’s the life cuddy wishes she could have: perfect. She’s always strived for perfection, we’ve seen it in multiple episodes. This is like a realization that her life will never be perfect in the traditional 50s way like she’s always dreamed.

  37. Mario Sánchez says:


  38. Scott says:

    That was definitely interesting. Thanks for the share.

    I haven’t seen Hugh Laurie look more like his Blackadder characters than Dr House in some years.

    Clearly Fox are going for an Emmy here. Good luck to them!

    • Derdriui says:

      The Blackadder characters were a LOT more charming. Including the German guard at the end of season 2. ‘Apologies’.

      This… thing, Cuddy’s idea of perfection, it’s gross.

  39. Zosia says:

    Anticipation level? 1000.
    Everything about this ep looks amazing. Is it Monday yet?

  40. Sun says:

    Really looking forward to this episode! Really creative group! I like how they are moving House’s journey forward and the exploration of House and Cuddy! HL, LE and RSL are so versatile and talented and it’s nice to see them anytime they are together.

  41. Lyla says:

    Wtafaaak… i’m soo exited for this episode, i’ve never been more exited for a episode before!! :D:D its seems reaaly fun.
    I sometimes don’t like how the show has kinda changed.. too much relationship stuff.. but it’s beter than last few seasons ( ofcouse you cant compare it to the first 3)

  42. CTB says:

    On a scale from 1 to 10???? HOW ABOUT A 100000000???? Why can’t it be Monday already??? Lisa looks fantastic in the 50s outfit and Hugh is so funny with the apron. I can’t even begin to comment on Wilson because he is ridiculously funny!!! lol!! Kudos to the House team, they have outdone themselves! This episode is already Emmy worthy!! Let’s hope its ending is good for House and Cuddy!

    • Sam says:

      Let’s hope there will be a break-up, that’s the only good ending for Huddy. On a scale from 1-10, Huddy is a zero.

  43. Candy says:


  44. yoli says:


  45. red says:

    -10: Seriously? That’s it? What are you people psyched about? This is absolutely rediculous, it’s friggin lame, who’d watch this crap?

  46. brittafan says:

    Mrs House? Dear Jesus.
    I can’t barely get anything done anymore. That’s how excited I am for this episode.

  47. Jennifer says:

    I was at level 10 of exitment when I saw House in black eyeliner and singing{hot) after mondays episode. Now i’m at level 15

  48. Carol says:

    This looks spectacular! I can’t wait for this episode. Cuddy becomes aware, even in her dream, that the idealized life that she could imagine for herself and House could never come to pass. They are too screwed up, too damaged, and too complex for that simple, cardboard life. What an extraordinary episode. The angst and deep romanticism that is at the heart of this couple will continue fully. As a strong supporter of House/Cuddy, I am delighted that the torment and the heat of this pair will be preserved even in this off-beat episode. Can. Not. Wait. For. It.

  49. Liz says:

    WTF?! There are actually House fans out there who want to see this kind of crap?! OMG. I’ll skip this, it’s too ridiculous.

    • karen says:

      skip it then. you wont be missed

    • charla says:

      That’s your right to do so – but I say, lighten up, it’s humorous and enjoy the ride. I loved seeing Wilson at the door with the cake. Am looking forward to some variation on the formula used to find the disease of the week. This is just a brief ‘fantasy’.

    • Amanda says:

      You can catch Jennifer Morrison guest starring on How I Met Your Mother. Bye bye.

      • Lou says:

        Won’t catch Jennifer Morrison guest starring on HIMYM for long! Her episodes are over. Finally HIMYM can get back to awesome without her there to ruin it!

    • Unguibus says:

      Then please feel free to do so, Liz. You have the right to watch whatever you want or really no TV at all. All TV is crap. Just pick the crap you like.

  50. Alyson says:

    Words cannot express my excitment. I’ve been on the fence about House for quite a while. Season 6 nearly ruined the show for me, but it’s slowly picking up and an episode like this is just what the show needs in my opinion. I really miss those and can not wait for this one. Definitely a 10.