Dallas Alum Charlene Tilton: TNT Reboot Looks 'Fabulous,' But 'They've Gotta Bring Lucy Back!'

Dallas alumna Charlene Tilton is singing the praises of TNT’s upcoming reboot of the long-running primetime sudser, yet thinks it needs just a little something — namely her troublemaking tart, Lucy.

“I read the script for the first episode and it is absolutely wonderful,” Tilton told TVLine at the annual Night of 100 Stars Oscars viewing party. “It’s going to be fabulous.”

In addition to a “next generation” cast headed by Desperate Housewives alum Josh Henderson (playing J.R.s son, John Ross), Chase‘s Jesse Metcalfe (as Bobby and Pam’s son, Christopher) and Jordana Brewster (as a ranch cook’s daughter), original Dallas stars Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray are set to reprise their roles of J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen, respectively — and “theyre going to be amazing,” Tilton promises. Still, as fans of the original series know, a little Lucy could go a long way.

“They’ve gotta bring me back!” Tilton cheers. And she may know just the reason why. Based on the actress’ recollection, when Lucy was last seen, she had moved to Europe while still in possession of a 25 percent stake in Ewing Oil. So if there’s any major developments with or fights over the family business, Tilton suggests, “They’d have to have her come and vote.” (TVLine reader DallasFan, however, suggests that after Tilton/Lucy bid Dallas adieu, Bobby ultimately wound up with sole ownership of Ewing Oil.)

While Tilton has not gotten a call from the producers of the new Dallas, she at least is feeling Lucy love from fans. “People have sent me Internet petitions to bring her back,” she shares with a wide smile, “and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, thank you!'”

What do you think, old-school Dallas fans? Do you love Lucy?

With reporting by Michael Maloney

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  1. DallasFan says:

    When she was last seen she might have had a 25% stake in Ewing Oil. However, when she left was not the end of the story. If I remember correctly, Bobby Ewing was the sole owner of Ewing Oil to end the series’ main run (the family lost the business because the feds shut em down due to one of JR’s illegal schemes), but in the subsequent tv movie, Sue Ellen purchased Ewing Oil (trying to prevent JR from getting it) but while everyone thought JR was trying to get Ewing Oil he was planning a takeover of West Star. The point is, I do not believe Lucy has any stake in any family business at this point, as the family owned Ewing Oil was liquidated (and each family member got their share of the asset sale in cash, Bobby Ewing eventually got the name back but he owned it outright.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thank you for pointing that out; I’ll add it to the story.

      • DallasFan says:

        I did a little research, before the regular series ended Bobby had already sold Ewing Oil to Cliff Barnes. During the tv movie (JR returns), it was Cliff that was selling Ewing Oil not Bobby. Bobby ultimately bought back Ewing Oil with Sue Ellen as his partner. So, while my facts were a little rusty, Lucy was long out of Ewing Oil when the show ended. I am not going to look it up, but I don’t think Lucy ever had 25% of the company to begin with. I believe her share was 10%.

        (My recollection of the split after Jock’s death was JR 30%, Bobby 30%, Ms. Ellie 10%, Ray 10%, and Lucy 10% – unfortunately that doesn’t add up to 100%, I wonder if JR & Bobby’s shares were 35%, or maybe brother Gary had 10% – but I’m pretty certain Lucy never had 25%)

        • Michael Sacal says:


          10% shareholder of Ewing Oil (1981 onward)

          • DallasFan says:

            Thanks for the confirmation. That’s what I thought. So, the actress who played the character didn’t even know how much she owned. LOL!

          • Michael Sacal says:


            No problem.

            Whether it is 10 or 25, however, a possible storyline could have Lucy come back and demand to know how it was possible for Bobby to become the full owner of the company in the reunion movie when she still possesses that percentage.

            She could come back demanding what’s hers.

        • kk says:

          it was miss ellie 30,jr and bobby with 20,ray and gary 10 each,john ross 10 upon his 18th b-day,

        • fb says:

          actually,miss ellie had,30%
          JR had,20%
          bobby had,20%
          ray had,10%
          lucy had 10%
          john ross had 10% =100%

  2. Dave says:

    Lucy’s late 80s/early 90s return was pointless & a waste. They had no storyline for her at all … sure, a cameo on the reboot would be great … but then send her on her way. The point of a “reboot” is not to relaunch the same show that already aired with the same cast. Having Linda, Larry & Patrick on board is enough (although my personal belief is that Linda Gray should be in every scene, ever!).

  3. NEK38583 says:

    Maybe since Chris is not her will nephrew maybe they could bring her back later on and do a cougar storyline. After all she did sleep with her uncle.

    • Michael Sacal says:

      What happens in the hayloft, stays in the hayloft…

    • Douglashawk says:

      I thought JR fathered both Christopher and John Ross. I remember the guy that Bobby bought him off of and he was trying to extort money from the Ewings… I’m really surprised that they are not using Omri Katz… and the last movie had Pam Jr. in it via Afton Cooper. I really hope they use their rich history.

  4. Michael Sacal says:

    It’s not a reboot, dude, it’s Dallas: The Next Generation.

    A reboot means to start from scratch like nothing that came before ever happened, which is clearly not the case here as we already know that the show will focus on the grown-up kids from the original and feature appearances by three of the four original protagonists.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, as you have edumicated all of us numerous times :) But I stand by the use of “reboot.” When you reboot your computer, you are not starting from scratch, you are starting it up again. And that’s what TNT is doing, starting up the Ewings’ story again.

      But I will never use “remake” in this instance, nor “reimagining.”

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Actually now that I hear myself talk, what say we call this a “restart”?

        • Michael Sacal says:

          Why not just call it a sequel? heh.

          I mean, it’s not a reboot/restart because it doesn’t start from scratch, and it’s not a remake/reminagining because it uses the same continuity.

          It’s a sequel in the way that Jedi is a sequel of Empire, with the action picking up a few years after the last time we saw the characters, no?

        • Josh says:

          I like to think that they took a 20 year (13 since “War of the Ewings”) hiatus to let the kids grow up, and are returning now in 2011.

  5. Scott says:

    We want Victoria Principal back! Pam is one of the great characters, and her return would be the best

    • Michael Sacal says:

      Didn’t Pam die?

      • Josh says:

        She didn’t die. Last we saw of her, she had been found by Cliff after her accident, and she told him she was marrying her doctor, and he left. After he left, the doctor and her discussed her having 6 months left to live. After that, nothing. So she never was known to have died.

        • Michael Sacal says:

          I thought she had died in an explosion. May I be thinking of someone else?

          Anyway, unless they discovered a miracle cure, she died 19 years and six months ago, heh.

  6. Mark says:

    Maybe Pam’s death was a dream.. -:) I’d like to see Lucy, just so Charlene can get some work… her unemployment insurance ran out many years ago…

    • Michael Sacal says:

      Supposedly JR is in a mental institution now. It be funny if he started ranting about things that only happened in the “dream season” like they had really happened.

      • DallasFan says:

        Not sure but I think the story line with JR in the mental institution was part of the re-write because Larry Hagman was playing hardball during the negotiations. With him official onboard, I doubt you will see JR in the mental institution. This I’m not sure about, but that’s what I remember reading somewhere (but maybe I dreamed it).

  7. Scott says:

    Nope. Pam is still around, and her return would rock Dallas!

    • Liz says:

      Actually, Pam is probably dead. The last scene we had was of a Victoria look alike ( remeber Pam had surgery because of the car accident) and it was infered that she didn’t want to get involved with Bobby or Christopher because she was dying of some disease and didn’t want to put them thru the drama.

  8. Scott says:

    Your correct that a lookalike actress was the last Pam scene. But, this being a soap.. She could have been an imposter . Da Da Da

  9. Chad says:

    I just hope it gets picked up by a Canadian network so I’ll be able to watch it.

  10. DallasFan says:

    @Michael Sacal

    Lucy can’t come back and demand anything regardless of what percentage she use to own. When the feds liquidated Ewing Oil’s assets, each of the owners were given a cash check for the balance after a penalty was also assessed in accordance with the share they owned. Lucy received her check along with the rest. Everybody went there own separate ways they were no longer in business together. Bobby and JR chose to start new oil companies under new names, Bobby however was able to use his political ties to get the justice department to un-retire the Ewing Oil name. At that point Bobby had complete control of the name (which at that point it was just a name anyway, the original family company had been dissolved and liquidated). But since its tv, I suppose they could create any storyline they wanted, but Lucy is best left out of this show since her character just wouldn’t fit in. She was originally cast as the teenage eye candy, a role she really can’t play anymore – I think they will have a hard enough time finding storylines for JR, Bobby, and SueEllen, but given their direct connection to the leading characters it will be a lot easier than trying to squeeze in a role for a much older cousin who was not even central to original storyline.

    • Michael Sacal says:

      I’m not going to question someone with the screenname of Dallas Fan, heh.

      • DallasFan says:

        LOL! I loved that show. In fact not only did I watch it during its regular run, I watched the entire series about 3 times when it reran on SOAP network as well. Needless to say, I can’t wait for this new show!!! Also, thinking about the Lucy situation a little more, the cook’s daughter (which there wasn’t one in the original) is kind of filing the young eyecandy role that Lucy filed in the original.

        • Michael Sacal says:

          I’ve watched the show, obviously, mostly in repeats.

          Once I ordered a Stargate SG 1 DVD set from Amazon and instead they sent me the first season of Dallas on DVD by mistake. I’ve watched most of it and it’s really good.

        • scorpo says:

          The “cook” they are referring to is the ever present servant Theresa.

  11. wooster182 says:

    I say yes to Lucy and a hell no Pam. I always liked Lucy, especially her interactions with JR. I’d love to see her again. Pam was an annoying biddy who screamed so much the child actor who played baby Christopher cried every time she came within walking distance of him.

    • calebJ says:

      Baby Chris might have cried because mom was usually upset by the latest betrayal or death of the day, but he really screamed whenever JR entered the room! Babies can sense the odors of pure evil… and JR reeked of it!

    • jonboi says:

      i’m for bringing back Lucy as well. I’m stoked at the restart/remake/reboot…whatever of Dallas…This was the actual all time favorite while I was growing up. It was the buzz and talk of everyone. Remember the tshirts…who shot Jr? I’m for bringing back as many of the veteran actor/actresses that they can write in…even if it is just brief appearances through out the new series…
      absolutely can’t wait for the first show…I will be glued to the tv with a bowl of popcorn and soda. kudos to TNT for bringing it back!

  12. RJ says:

    If this show does well, save Lucy’s comeback for the final episodes of the season, along with Gary and Val (cosmetic surgery and all) and set the stage for a Knots Landing reboot. KL was always the infinitely better show.

    • Dan says:

      I’d love to see a Knots Landing remake as well since it was the better quality series out the two but I’d keep Lucy out of it. The Dallas characters and their OTT mannerisms never worked on Knots which was always much more down to earth with characters more rooted in reality.

      I’d really love a few references to the California Ewings though when the new Dallas series airs.

  13. Michael says:

    A character like Lucy on the new series would be worth her weight in gold.

    Alas, Barbara Bel Geddes is no longer with us so Miss Ellie isn’t around to whip the young ‘uns into shape.

    But Lucy could fill that role with such snappy lines as: “I tried to pull this crap when I was your age only my Grandma wouldn’t let me and I’m not going to let you do it either!”

  14. fb says:

    They did it with 90210 and that “reboot” been on for a few, SO BRING DALLAS ON!!!.

  15. Douglashawk says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Sue Ellen will fill the Miss Ellie role since she is related to both boys. I would love to see Maggie Krebs and Lucas Ewing plus I think Lucy should have a young daughter to fill her mother’s young teenage role. It should be with Mitch of course.

  16. Mia says:

    Where ar JRs children-James, Terence with Carly and of course we sae John Ross
    Where are Bobbys Children-Lucas and Charlie(jennas kid)
    I would think that Bobby will show some love to Lucas rather than foolishly selling a family heritage simply to support christopher.
    Whatever John Ross the clown does is because Bobby is too stupid to acknowledge that the Ranch belongs to an ENTIRE family who have history in that house.
    Bobbie can never be a businessman anyway.
    This John Ross is rather vile, hope they can improve on the character to make him as least a little more powerful as JR.
    I cant understand how these two brothers (writers block?) can completely forget they have other children…WOW..the old Dallas cannto be beat!

    • Magnolia76006 says:

      Yes I to thought about the other children. In real life they would have a part in their family lives unless they were thrown out of the family for some reason. I have that in my family so I know how that goes, but I don’t remember anything like that.

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