Shocking House Videos: Is Cuddy Dying?

New promos for Fox’s hit medical drama forewarn of next Monday’s outing, “This is no ordinary episode of House.”

And indeed it certainly won’t be, seeing as the life of a major character hangs in the balance.

As Wilson himself puts it in the first promo shared below, “[Cuddy] could be dying.”

In this sneak peek, House and the team bat around ideas as to what is ailing their boss lady:

And in this one, Wilson conducts an ultrasound test that presents not-good news:

Whatever the outcome, the far-out script — which involves several fantasy sequences (and Hugh Laurie singing), as Cuddy fights for her life and House struggles to cope with this heartbreaking crisis — put a big smile on Lisa Edelstein’s face. “It’s really exciting,” Cuddy’s portrayer tells TVLine. “I love this episode.”

With reporting by Megan Masters

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  1. Ari says:

    You two are useless. I was actually hoping for some real scoop, not a bunch of videos we’ve already watched.

  2. sandra says:

    She seems to be very alive in the promo pics of episode 16 ;)

  3. lara says:

    give us the teaser and it’ll all be forgiven.

  4. Akiyama says:

    She better not die. >.>

  5. Kristine says:

    Cuddy dying would be fantastic for the show and create some great conflict for House. Making him more bitter and likely to be tempted by Vicodin again. Make him be HOUSE again.

    Too bad it won’t happen. House has been neutered.

    • DonT says:

      So true

    • mariska says:

      If you are a Hilson, and I don’t know if you are, but I’ve seen many Hilsons saying the neutered crap you’re saying here so it’s still relevant: know that I would never wish something like this for your fan group or for Wilson. Neither would many of my Cuddy fan friends. I have scruples and the sense to see the stupidity of this and besides that I would *never* want you guys to have to go through that–losing your favorite character. So tell me, why would you be the sort of person to wish that on me? Why are you willing to be that person? Wanting Huddy to break up is one thing, wishing and trying to bait TPTB into killing Cuddy is selfish and cruel.

      • DonT says:

        It is a TV show for petes sake! Give the character and all the Cuddy fans a spinoff, and let the rest of us get back to the House show. I am not a shipper at all, and don’t care about who House is with, although I prefer him on his own. But Huddy has taken over the show, and Cuddy is taking a bigger and bigger chunk out of every episode and is not entertaining at all. If Huddy was a very minor back story it would be fine with me.

      • Canuck21 says:

        Give me a freaking break. Cuddy is a fictional character, did you know that? You make it sound as though we’re talking about someone real. I don’t care about you Cuddy fans, I only care about House, the show, and if killing her would make it better, then I’m all for it.

        • @Canuck21 says:

          “I don’t care about you Cuddy fans”

          I know you don’t. That was my point. You only care about yourself. I care about the show too. Only in your world can liking Huddy or Cuddy and the show not co-exist. And what does it matter if she’s real or fictional? I like Cuddy. Just like I like House and Wilson. I would never want to see them killed off either. How does that make me think they are non-fictional? This is my favorite show, I wouldn’t want it taken off the air either, does that mean I think it’s real? I see no logic in your suppositions. If you want to be a jerk, I can’t stop you. And you apparently have no conscience to appeal to, so what can I do? I just hope TPTB care enough about Cuddy like we do to keep her on in spite of all the jerks out there.

          • awalker476 says:

            you know. i doubt they really care what is being said on here. if they did the show would probably be way different. i dont know for sure because i have never been to this site before, but the show would be boring if they did everything people said on here and not to mention it wouldnt make sense. i hope cuddy doesnt die, but if she does it would make a great plot twist. if there are any haters out there. put it all down since i wont be checking this ever again. and if you get mad at a hater of this. just say something like, “i disagree w/ you and your opinion” dont go starting any comment wars. they are stupid and i have already started one today. i dont want to start another.

      • Kristine says:

        Umm. Because it’s not real? Because it’s fictional? Because it’s meant to entertain? It’s meant to make money and get good ratings by being entertaining?

        You might want to go outside and check out the real world if you’re THIS invested in TV characters. You might have some sort of mental issue.

        • Gillian says:

          Just because it doesn’t entertain you doesn’t mean the rest of the people who still watch don’t find it entertaining. You have to assume that it’s not to anyone but Huddy fans for your statement to be correct, which would make you a moron. And why be insulting to her? What’s insane about not wanting your favorite character killed off? You know how many people on shows throughout the years I’ve watched TV (35 years to be exact), throughout this year, have done the same thing? Were they all crazy? Were the Hamerons crazy for the campaigning to get JMo to stay? “House is not home without Jennifer Morrison” as I recall one of the campaign slogans went.

          • Laura says:

            Ok listen: I mean yes house is an awesome show: but characters dying is how a show works. I mean I agree they insaulted you and your feelings but it’s just thoughts being spoken. Huddy IS taking over the show and tho I don’t find it to be a bad thing they’re together I find it a bad thing that it’s being made so important. I mean I HATED Cameron with a passion and I lived chase. In my opinion I wanted cam to die, but no they got married and some people were happy. Whatever the writers put we all have to deal with it and none of us are ever gonna agree, so instead of trying to prove how we’re right I think we just read and write the options, and if u disagree then just I’m sorry u feel that way. No one is gonna change they’re mind. It’s just a show, JUST A SHOW

          • Amy says:

            You Cuddy fans were mocking and laughing about Cameron fans (ever heard of Chameron? There were Chameron fans out there too, just FYI), you don’t seriously expect anyone feeling sorry for you if Cuddy dies, do you?

      • Sally says:

        Did you feel any pity when Cameron fans lost their favorite character? I bet you were the one laughing loudest. We all know you Cuddy fans were more than happy to get rid of the competition. Ever heard of Karma?
        (BTW you do realize Cuddy is just a fictional character and LE doesn’t have to die when Cuddy does, don’t you?!)

    • Suzanne says:

      Here here!!!!!!!!! Yes he has been neutered….. the show is not the same… give us someone new.. Cuddy can go…..

    • drew says:

      Not neutered just whipped

  6. m&m says:

    seriously? that’s what we’ve been watching all day long.

  7. Ben says:

    Nothing could be better to breathe new life into this show than the death of Cuddy and the emotional fallout for House. As someone else said, give her a spinoff or have a variety show featuring the House actors but don’t turn the medical show into this insane nonsensical waste of time. This week they actually managed to have an interesting medical case with minimal Huddy and it was great to see shadows of the great show we used to watch,.

    • Kristine says:

      100% agree!

      They need to get back to basics. Quit this silly crap.

      More medical cases, more House as a jerk, and more Wilson.

      LESS Cuddy and “Huddy”.

      • Deblynn says:

        Yeah House is one of my favorite shows mostly cause I’m a nurse and enjoy the diagnosing of a condition. The show has become too wrapped up with the relationship between House and Cuddy. Becoming more like a soap– ugh

      • I Love House n have since season 1. Huddy storyline has showed a different side of smartaleck pill poppin dr house but i dont want 2 see bosslady dead. Maybe just very ill n breaking up wth house. Medical mysteries n house”s cynical wit was what made show interesting n entertaining 2 begin wth. Keep House airing !

      • karen benn says:

        I own every season of house snd watch it fithfully I love the show but it was so much better when cutty and house where nit together it is beginning to away from the orginal it was awesome befire go back to the way it was

      • Gena says:

        Kill off Cuddy?! No way! She is as vital to that show as the characters of Greg House and Wilson. Let her fall for someone else and dump House…but don’t “off” her!

    • Sharona says:

      Seriously? The last thing I want to see on this show is the writers lazily recycling Wilson’s (and Cameron’s, for that matter) tales of love cut off in its prime.

  8. Bianca says:

    Whilst I like Cuddy her dying (I highly doubt she will btw) would be quite interesting. Would House become Rachel’s guardian? That would be all kinds of hilarious.

  9. ada says:

    Oh I hope she’s gonna die or leave House, it’s the only thing that can still save this show and the title character (or has the name officially changed to Cuddy MD already?)

    After the latest episode where House declared that he’d let patients die just to be with her and that she makes him a lesser doctor, it’s pretty official that Huddy is in fact a KILLER combination in the most negative of senses, it’s a sick ,very sick relationship between two people that have nothing in common except for both their fears of being alone and the projections they superimposed over one another.

    Oh and not to mention the marriage spoilers. Now, I am not convinced at all that they’ll be getting married for real (it would be unacceptable short lived or not)but if it’s true than it better only be cause Cuddy is dying.

    Cue the “bitter [insert any other ship that isn’t Huddy] fan” cause clearly it’s only bitter shippers who can’t understand how awesome and intelligent House MD is right now and how beautiful and mature Huddy is.

    • David says:

      Clearly, as expressed by your thoughtful and mature comment.

    • mariska says:

      And now the Hamerons join in. (If you try to say you’re not I WILL put up a link to your blog with your name proving you are, Ada) You guys lost Cameron and there’s nothing you’d like better than for Huddies to lose Cuddy. I’m sorry for feeling sorry for you guys when you lost Cameron. And retweeting the tweets you guys asked people to retweet in defense of her character. Not all Huddies are jerks. But you Hamerons are so twisted and bitter that you make us all evil and stupid so you can feel guiltless about wishing something on us that, if you were any sort of a decent person, you would never do. You guys are unbelievable. And I just hope that TPTB love Cuddy more than you guys do.

      • Canuck21 says:

        Although I find Hameron interesting, I’m no Hameron and think that little House, aka Chase, is a better match for her. Anyway, that’s beside the point. Cameron or no Cameron, Huddy is awful.

        You hope that TPTB love Cuddy more than us guys? Hello!? Isn’t it obvious that they do, hence Huddy? Seriously, are you 12 years old?

        • Jake G. says:

          I don’t get you, Canuck. Are you just trying to be a jerk? You’re going around picking on one girl and making boorish and insulting comments to her because of what? Because she doesn’t want Cuddy killed off? At least be witty and smart if you’re going to do that. It’ll give your posts at least a grain of tolerability. You just look stupid and mean-spirited. Stop picking on the girl. I’m not a shipper either. I could care less about any ship. But Hameron interesting? No. I think the teasing that Wilson did in ‘Love Hurts’ was right. Talking about a young ingenue and the grumpy doctor. It was a mentor crush and I’m glad they never went with it.

      • MICHELLE says:

        I had enough of this crap.Whoever decide that house/ cuddy should be togather needs their head checked by a” real” docther.No,its not because I think that house and cameron belong togather, but because this season has proveD THAT CUDDY IS A SHREW. I find it intresting that house called STACY by her first name, but he STILL CALLS CUDDY BY HER LAST NAME

  10. Lisa says:

    I’m enjoying this 7th season!

    House and Cuddy rules!!!

  11. Karen says:

    Why should House go back to the way he was? That’s ridicolous
    If you missed last nights ep you’ll know he’s very happy with Cuddy .
    Hilsons be happy for Wilson and his pussy :) it’s true love

  12. Layla says:

    We know she is not dying and we know they aren’t going to break up. Fans aren’t idiots. Clips and pictures have been floating around all day.

  13. nietemar says:

    Hilsons are worse than Hamerons..only thinking about House and Wilson as a gay couple. What show are you watching? Here’s an idea, Glee!

    • Liz says:

      From a non-shipper’s POV: There’s only one fangroup worse than Hilsons and Hamerons in this fandom, and that’s YOU Huddy fans. Too funny that even people outside the fandom know what a mean bunch of fangirls you are LOL

  14. Alice says:

    Ah, haters. Why don’t you go back to reading your fanfiction? It’s much better suited for you.

    • DanT says:

      I for one HATE fan fiction but this is the level of what we have been forced to endure this season when HUDDY, Taub, and Faub have overtaken the medical/HOUSE show. Poor writing poor directing = poor show.

    • u care because says:

      i agree full on they need to just SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH THE PRESENT and by the way do u now what song there singing

    • Amy says:

      Wait, I thought the show is a fanfiction these days?! Written by a 12 year old Huddy fangirl. Looks that way to me, hm.

  15. Luke says:

    kill cuddy
    bring back cameron
    let the black guy run the hospital
    have house start using again
    get house involved with that leighton meester character (remember her)
    have wilson attend an orgy where he finds his next wife
    have chase screw taub’s ex wife
    and so on and so on

    now that’s good television and it’s not even that hard to write, what we have now is bull crap.

    • Kristine says:

      Oh man, that would be hilarious. Though I don’t really care about Cameron and like her fine on How I Met Your Mother.

      Though I do prefer 13 over this too honest intern. Christ, is she annoying as hell.

      I know, how about everything gets rewound to the day Kutner killed himself and he actually turns out to be alive and it was ALL a dream by House.

    • Crystal says:

      Sounds more like “Nip/Tuck” than House M.D.

  16. Maxxie says:

    Seriously? Those clips and promo pictures for ep 16 were released earlier today. We know she is not going to die. How about some REAL scoop?

  17. bette says:



  18. pat says:

    we couldnt be so lucky and she drop dead this huddy crap has killed a once great show.

  19. alicia says:

    We wait all day for scoop and you recyle sneak peeks? Is that it?

  20. Sydney says:

    You guys are all pathetic. Stop fighting and complaining and just let whatever happens happen for god’s sake.

  21. SR says:

    Wow. Some of you sure are bitter! HUDDY makes the show better, makes House more human!! The cases are still interesting, and Lisa Edelstein is FINALLY getting the air time she deserves. You all need to step off your high horses and quit complaining.

    • DanT says:

      If Lisa Edelstein wants more airtime let her have her own show, instead of using her character on this show to ruin the series. House is not human any more, he has turned into a glob of playdoh for Cuddy to mold. She shows over again that she is nothing but selfish and self centered. She doesn’t care for or parent the child she adopted, she doesn’t care about her job, and she doesn’t care about House at all as shown over and over again by her actions. He is just a cause or a project for her to try to cure him. Nothing she does with regard to him is love. Even when he tries it is never good enough. The relationship takes up far too much of the show. In very small doses it would be fine.

      • FFN says:

        I agree with you 100% EVERYTHING Cuddy has ever done for House has been to benefit herself in some way. The only thing she’s actually done for House that hasn’t benefited her was in the season 4 finale when she stayed at his bedside

  22. SR says:

    PS. Forgot to say that I’m SO excited for this episode, it looks absolutely epic!!! Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein singing is going to be awesome! Gives them a chance to show off their wide range of talent!

    • Ben says:

      Hugh Laurie singing and dancing is one thing. He has all round talent, but have you ever heard Lisa Edelstein? I hope she has no plans to give up her day job.

      • zerocool says:

        I have. Honestly, I thought she did ok. As did Hugh Laurie. Neither did fantastic with the singing, but the musical number itself is amazing.

  23. zerocool says:

    Watched a screener of this one. Although I’m not a fan, I am a regular viewer and I honestly thought it was the most outstanding episode in years. Great acting all around and the final House/Cuddy scene is beautiful. A+

    • Ben says:

      Beautiful? This show could be an hour special with no connection to the show but it does not belong in the regular time slot. I have heard badly directed, horrible script, and very unmoving Cuddy story. One guy said the only good thing in the entire episode was Hugh Laurie, and even he didn’t make it worth watching.

      • zerocool says:

        You know what they say, to each his own. I watched it in a room with 10-15 other co-workers and they were all moved and entertained.

      • Carol says:

        Since you admit you haven’t seen this episode yet, I find your comment to be both meaningless and pathetic. I trust the judgment of the commented who has actually seen the screener. The A+ grade doubles my excitement.

    • Paul Cadir says:

      I have seen the screener, also with several colleagues, and we all agreed it was completely out of place in this show, and that it was a waste of an hour. the character of Cuddy is not interesting to begin with and cannot carry an episode. Look at 5 to 9. Forcing these two characters together is painful. The ending of this episode felt as out of place as the ending of the otherwise brilliant Help Me. Changing House to fit the Cuddy show was never where this show started out to be. David Shore needs to shake up the conglomerate a bit, fire a couple of cast members, and a director or two and employ some good writers, or write the show himself, and get HOUSE back on track as the great character he was.

      • zerocool says:

        Your comment alone is proof that you haven’t watched the screener at all. Sorry, pal.

      • Carol says:

        @paul cadir, your scum-filled comments makes me even more excited for this new episode. If you hated the moving ending of “Help Me” and you hate the ending of “Bombshell,” then that confirms that it surely will be an astounding work of art. The more Shore and Co. give an honest exploration of House/Cuddy as they are doing so successfully this season, the more I admire their imagination, artistry, and insight. Now I am sure the outcome of “Bombshell” will be beautiful and positive. Thank you for confirming that the best is yet to come.

  24. m s g says:

    Whatever happens in the show there are always going to be people that like it and people who dislike it, i admit i like Cuddy and would not like to see her killed off, but would like to see “Huddy” take more of a back seat role. :)

  25. Swyve says:

    Those who say that the death of Cuddy would bring something fresh to the show because it would make House alone and miserable are forgetting that’s not fresh, that’s how the show started out! Remember, this is not a show about a drug addicted lonely doctor, this is a show about a flawed doctor who doesn’t follow the convention of typical social relationships. That is still happening. This season has been really good! And no, I’m not a shipper, I just like seeing this character emotionally develop while remaining essentially the same frustrating person he always was.

    • Carol says:

      Thanks for this excellent comment. The swarm of hateful, misinformed, and irrelevant attacks on this thread is mind boggling. Haters need to step off. The rest of us are enjoying this great season. I am looking forward to next week’s stunning episode.

    • Barney says:

      Oh, you mean like the show was WHEN IT WAS POPULAR.

      No one said “fresh”. It’s just BETTER.

  26. Marley says:

    Re: House writers, Producers & Greg Yaitanes,
    You know why every single House spoiler post would turn into a massive battle ground these days? BECAUSE YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG WITH THE SHOW!
    That’s all I’m sayin’.

    • Matt says:

      These days? It’s been that way for years, sweetie. People have always had issues with the show. It got worse during/after season 3.

      • Marley says:

        Please don’t sweetie me, it’s kinda creepy.
        I don’t know much of the situations back then but I would imagine at least there were not as many people crazed about labeling people bitter “other” shippers just because they don’t like “the” ship the show’s promoting. It’s so pathetic in manipulating audience in this way, the seriously think this is gonna get more people watching the show?

      • DanT says:

        It is because instead of letting the House character grow and evolve, they tried to turn him into something completely different. People do not change into someone else, they stay who they are and develop. What you want for a real person in real life is not what makes for interesting and watchable television.

        • Marley says:

          Well said! And also we don’t even WANT House to become what he is becoming in real life. A doctor whose happiness is paid for with other people’s lives? Gee I for one would NOT want to be his patient.
          The show’s problem right now is what is more important, House as an extraordinary person, brilliant doctor or the nippy-nappy cliche of House being saved by a woman’s love (which would sound like a joke even to House himself in earlier seasons). It’s such a crying shame they decided to go with the latter.

  27. awalker476 says:

    i would also like to offer you some discount leather goods like a sofa. i dont know where you are going to get them, but i’m offering them to you and that is that. also, to keep it on topic, i bet house would like some discount leather goods.

  28. dee webb says:

    It will be ok I think. I need all to call 800-333-dish and tell dish network to sign the new contract with LIN TV CORP by friday. Or all of us her in the U.S. That have dish network will not be able to see any new HOUSE episodes. It’s not fair to take away 27 channels. Please HELP and call. Today and tomorrow try to get your point across. Thanks. Hugs

  29. Cramer says:

    I have read through most of the posts and honestly I did not know that so many were invested in the show (which I love and have watched since day 1) enough to have an entire discussion and more entertaining- arguements with each other…

    But I have a great episode in mind inspired by the debate… Cuddy comes down with some odd malady and House and the team try to solve it, because he loves her so much- which makes him a bad doctor (his words) he does not solve it and therefore Cuddy dies from some flu bug or flea bite- sending House back to his old self that we all know and love.

    FYI- All but that new girl (OMG-get that look off your face girl) are faves of mine- that new girl really needs to have something great happen or they should just write her off- very weak character.!!

    LOL- I’m one of you now ! :)

  30. Dan says:

    Hugh Laurie singing in the fantasy sequence shows an obvious influence from “All That Jazz”, the great movie from the 1970s with Roy Schieder.

  31. gaby says:

    this episode looks amazing! cant wait :D

  32. Naty says:


  33. botsgirl90 says:

    Love it or hate it, we’re all talking about it…endlessly. That’s the definition of good television.

  34. nicole says:

    I Love Cuddy she is perfect for House

  35. kelsey says:

    does anyone know the second song that is played in the first promo?

  36. CIII says:

    I don’t know. I’m pretty excited about it. Hugh Laurie singing..=] As characters go, I really like the House character. I like how he’s becoming more of a fleshed out character rather than just a 2 dimensional ass. I kind of miss the drama of trying to figure out the medical stuff though. But that’s just coming from a person who works in the field and I like the House character enough that I can enjoy watching him confronting and figuring stuff out with himself to get past the medicine stuff a little. It’s a bit like a really uncomfortable puzzle he has to solve knowing that there’s no solution.

    Anyway, I don’t have much interest in Cuddy as I find it hard to care about a character you know little about outside of the mother and child thing….and loving house for some reason? Either way, I think it’s going to be fun, but what do I know. =P

  37. sheila says:

    They blew their chance at an awesome opportunity to really get people interested and talking. They should have only shown the last one and made everyone think she was pregnant!! Still looks like a good episode though.

  38. Kali says:

    I love the house and curry relationship I hav enjoyed the idea of them being together even since I started watching the show what shOuld Change is how house acts it’s not the relationships fault or cuddys he just needs to act like himself so stop hating on cuddy yes killing her would make house bitter but hav u considered he gets so depressed he commits suicide?! He just needs to act like house more he hasn’t been whipped or neutered jesus!!!!

    • y do u care says:

      its CUDDY and haters be haters but think about this hilson or hameron HAVE NOT BEEN ESTABLISHED HUDDY HAS so blech

  39. House is good “entertainment” its not REAL life. Get it understood we watch fictional TV and “most of us…understand it IS FICTIONAL, and fun to follow and guess what will happen next. Lighten up people. Have to side with BEN, Kristene and Marissa. Go on with all that hater stuff. That’s SICK. Would not like to be a friend to u in the real world. Heaven knows how Mean you must really be! Lighten up its just TV. Love and Peace to ALL. ~j~

  40. Akiyama says:

    I don’t get the hate for the House and Cuddy relationship, or the show in general lately. I mean.. it’s not the *best show ever* or anything, but it’s most certainly entertaining.

    People who complain about the plots also don’t make sense. The plots are generally the same, as long as we’re talking about the patient/doctor bits. House gets a case, the crew figures out what the symptoms are, House has a ‘Jimmy Neutron Brain Blast’ moment when he figures out the problem, and the case is solved. Whether the patient lives or dies, that’s up in the air. Still.. same formula over the years, and it doesn’t really bother me.

    Anyway.. eh. I’m looking forward to the ep. At first when I saw the ultrasound getting used, I figured it may be a pregnancy or something random, but I suppose there’s a chance that this could be something that splits the “Huddy” relationship up. At least then it’d please some fans..though I won’t ever understand why some of ya hate it.

  41. Kellye says:

    Cuddy better not die…didn’t wait this long for her and house to finally hook up and it all come to an end. What is it with these shows? Two characters that have great chemistry finally get together and tragedy strikes!?!?!?! DON’T KILL CUDDY!!!

    • Dani says:

      Chemistry? In what universe? Cuddy always looks miserable no matter what, and House is House. An addict and an enabler. I have never seen an ounce of chemistry. House has more chemistry with the giant tennis ball on his desk.

  42. Jayde says:

    House and Cuddy were so much more interesting when they were not together as a couple and when there were all the fun exchanges at the hospital. He yanked her chain, and she got frustrated. Now they are together you have all the negative side with none of the fun. I liked them paired together but apart. Their relationship has completely ruined the character of House, taken over the show, and is boring as hell.

  43. Realpersonwithreallife says:

    wow…an entire thread about fictional people. Seems like a great deal of them need to take a break from their TV and step outside into that other really great show called L I F E ! Ever heard of it? It is amazing! Real people living and breathing and *gasp* working too! Shocking!

    Lighten up folks you are debating a TV show. These are not real lives here so drop the drama and haters club and deal!

  44. crying if cuddy dies says:

    does anybody know what song there singing please i want it sooooo bad

  45. k says:

    mmm…singing hugh laurie..

  46. Jay says:

    Cuddy’s death and House’s downward spiral and eventual OD would be a great way to end the series.

  47. Don’t kill of Cuddy. That will be a mistake. Viewers are sick and tired of being hung out on a edge and having characters die. We lived rushed lives everyday and all I want you to do is entertain me while relaxing at the end of the day. Tension isn’t a good way to keep a viewer interested. For some reason television producers it is. It’s what CAUSES a show to lose its audience to wane.
    House has been believable so far. Have Cuddy get a job offer to good to turn down and show their struggle to hold on or let go; have her get fired have her on every so many shows. Come up with something that is unconventional like the show itself has been. Please show a couple of really crappy doctors… such as these exsist in the real world. Keep it real folks. House has got more seasons in its future if someone doesn’t panic. M

  48. Cellucci says:

    House wasn’t always a bitter depressing sack guys, in the first season he was an ass but he respected people. It’s ok for him to have a realtionship he’s human. Just because he was miserable doesn’t mean that made the show. It didn’t house did. House is still here and his not neutered. He’s happy.

  49. Sue says:

    I bet she’s preggers!