Michael Weatherly Talks About Directing NCIS and How a New Woman Will Revive Tony's Spirit

Michael Weatherly may have stepped behind the camera to direct this Tuesday’s episode of NCIS (CBS, 8/7c), but you’ll see plenty of DiNozzo – and perhaps see him in a new way – when a (pretty) new face evokes a blast from his past. Weatherly spoke with TVLine about calling the shots as director, and how Tony’s heroic spirit is about to be reawakened.

TVLINE | Was there a specific something that made you say, “I want to direct. I can do this”?
No, it’s been a building interest. I’ve been really lucky to work with some really great film people in the past, but television works on a much quicker schedule, and it’s the TV directors I’ve worked with that I looked to and became a big fan of. The Tom Wrights, Dennis Smiths, Tony Wharmby, Terrence O’Hara, Jimmy Whitmore Jr…. These guys each have done 30, 35 episodes, which is extraordinary. I know I’m geeking about it a bit, but I just love the technical aspects of it all, and this was an incredible opportunity in a very safe environment.

TVLINE | Did the script present you with any special challenges? Any crane shots, pyrotechnics…?
Oh yeah. They didn’t throw me a softball, let me put it to you that way. We had to do a car chase, and everyone was working 110 percent. There was so much action stuff, I was on pure adrenaline the whole time. We also had an incredible guest cast with JoBeth Williams (Private Practice) and Sarah Jane Morris (Brothers & Sisters), who’s playing this new agent, EJ Barrett. That’s not a normal episode thing, to introduce someone who’s going to arc out toward the end of your season and be a part of that epic season-finale situation.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS and Tony’s Take on Ziva’s Mystery Man

TVLINE | What’s the significance that Special Agent Barrett took the overseas NCIS job that Jenny Shepard offered Tony years ago?
It’s a nice wrinkle. And what it means for DiNozzo is he’s going to answer a couple of penetrating, deep questions, like, “Did I make the right decision?” Beyond that, he’s intrigued by the person that did take the job. It turns out she’s a pretty compelling adult, unlike some of the women Tony has been interested in in the past. [Their interaction] is unfettered by the complication of her being an undercover mark whose father is an arms dealer, to name one example. He never has made very good choices before.

TVLINE | If they were up for the same job, they must be equals in a lot of ways.
Absolutely. That instantly gets his respect and triggers his curiosity. I had a lot of fun working with Sarah on how to find this character, this EJ. It’s gonna be realllll good.

TVLINE | How does she differ from Ziva (Cote de Pablo)?
She’s the diametric opposite of Ziva – physically, and in her demeanor, her way of being. She has her eccentricities as well, which makes her adorable to Tony and highly irritating to Ziva.

NCIS Exclusive: See Who’s Playing Ziva’s BF, CIA Agent Ray Cruz

TVLINE | I saw a recent interview where you said that, with this episode, you felt as if Tony had awoken from a four-year sleep. How so?
What I meant is it was four years ago that he passed on that opportunity. Four years ago he went undercover, and after that the director of the agency, someone who placed a great deal of confidence in him, was killed — possibly because Tony wasn’t as on point as he should have been, so he feels some responsibility for that. Then he was sent away by the new director to sit on an aircraft carrier for four months to think about it. The way I’ve approached this is that Tony in Seasons 6 and 7 became a very reflective character, because he was floundering. He doesn’t have a strong sense of identity. You see that when Robert Wagner does these great guest shots [as Tony’s father], you see this “kid” inside Tony. Where’s the heroic agent? But, with the appearance of EJ, suddenly there’s a renewed spirit that Tony has always had in him – it’s what made him to go Africa and rescue Ziva with McGee. Sometime he acts like a goofball because that’s what people expect, but in this episode he comes away from that place. We’ll see what the audience thinks, but for me, he feels potential and possibility in a way that he hasn’t for years. EJ is a mirror, so he sees that hope for himself again.

TVLINE | Can you say what sort of season finale cliffhanger we’re building towards?
Hmm. I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the powers-that-be. I’m just a guy who jumps into the Tony outfit – though sometimes Tony’s not wearing any clothes! But not in this episode.

NCIS fans, are you looking forward to this new direction for Tony?

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  1. Alyssa says:

    I’m really glad we get to see this new side of Tony. It’s something that really has to be approached, considering he almost scted exactly like himself after all the terrible things that have happened in his life. Maybe EJ will bring something out in him that we haven’t seen, but I hope that’s all she’s really here for :) Kind of like a Hannah from Bones, but for Tony and Ziva. I’m so excited to watch his directorial debut tonight!!!

  2. Heather says:

    I hope this leads to a more long lasting Tony and Ziva are more brother and sister then a romantic couple to me. Not a Tiva shipper. Most of the time I am a shipper, but not in this case. I want somebody that brings out the best in Tony and EJ sounds like she will.

  3. Mel says:

    Yes! I’m all in for “heroic Tony”. Can’t wait to see the more serious, reflective,competent Tony that has been MIA for awhile. And if this EJ can stir Ziva up (especially since she’s with Ray now), and cause her to see this new Tony in a different, better light, then yay for that too. Can’t wait to see Michael Weatherly’s directorial debut, and meet this EJ (she irritates Ziva?!Could be fun!), and see the version of Tony that Michael envisions. Thanks so much for this interview !

  4. Allison N says:

    Oooh this is definitely going to be an intriguing episode. I cannot wait to see it!

  5. Jill says:

    I’m all for seeing Tony finally taking charge and growing up. It’s way past time for the character and the show.

    However, I hate HATE this ‘other love interests’ crap. It nearly ruined Castle this season and that show still hasn’t recovered yet. NCIS has been teasing Tony/Ziva since she arrived on the show in season 3. I didn’t ask for it but I got it and I fell for it. If they don’t carry it through, I’m going to lose a lot of my respect for the show.

  6. LLL says:

    I cannot stand this. First, Tony’s jealous (protective — they called it), and now it’s Ziva’s turn to be jealous (irritating). Do something or don’t. Jeez.

    • Roarrr says:

      Pfff Tony and Ziva jealous. Wonderful. I agree LLL, I don’t want Tiva, but maybe more than Tiva, I hate the galore jealousy. Give me some TEAM in spoilers!

  7. Hannah says:

    Awesome job on the interview! Love the insight into MW’s thinking. Thanks so much!

  8. Dan says:


    I’m happy to see a new Tony that doesn’t act like a clown or total jackass all the time so that is good…

    But this constant addition of new love intrests is getting as bad as in Bones now. Soap, soap, soap… Give us some Tony and Ziva already and stop with the annoying teasing!

    To me, the last really good episodes was when they rescued Ziva in Africa. After that NCIS have went downhill.

    For years now it seems to be all about Tony the clown, Gibbs attracting one women after another thats half his age and adding stupid love intrests. I miss the old days! Oh, and please give us a new director that can be as intresting as Jenny was!

    • Reenie says:

      “But this constant addition of new love intrests is getting as bad as in Bones now. Soap, soap, soap… Give us some Tony and Ziva already and stop with the annoying teasing!”

      And putting Tony and Ziva together isn’t soap opera-ish? Give me a break!

  9. AngelMoongirl says:

    Okay. So. I’m glad “heroic” Tony is back; I love that he can be competent, mature, AND a little goofy.

    But, I can’t say I’m a fan of EJ :/ And I *certainly* hope nothing happens between those two! As a fan of Tiva I’m begging TPTB, please let EJ and Ray be the last obstacles before Tony and Ziva FINALLY get together (because, really, six seasons is long enough! Please don’t pull a Bones.

  10. Kate says:

    As a Tony fan, I like it.
    As a Tiva fan, I hate it.

    I don’t understand why adults on an adult show have to act so childish for Teh Drama. If they’re going to play Tiva out then play it. Or if they don’t want to, then drop it but I’m not interested in this jealousy nonsense at all.

    • Tonyfan says:

      I’ve never yet seen a Tiva fan that was actually a Tony fan. You all love Ziva best and Tony just exists to be there for her and all her dramas and daddy issues. Tiva = all about Ziva essentially. That’s why this episode caused all the Tiva fans to throw their toys out of the pram and rampage around the interwebz in a giant frenzy. Ziva has had a boyfriend for months. Tony so much as looks at another woman and the Tiva fans go nuts and start calling him, Weatherly, and Jesse Stern a whole bunch of names. Yet if anyone else complains about any aspect of the show they’re whiners and antis and complainers. You have one tiny thing not go your way and you can’t shut up about it, tweeting Jesse Stern with your complaints, writing long blog entries about it, and generally throwing a bit pity party. I can see why you identify so much with Ziva – her life is one big pity party.

  11. Svenja says:

    I LOVE IT.
    Even as a Tiva fan.

    I think Tony NEEDS this EJ encounter… his character needs the awakening in order to impress Ziva. Ziva needs a confident man in her life.
    Of course Tony and Ziva will never get together in a “Grey’s Anatomy”-kind-of- way (I love GA, but NCIS is different), but I think that some sex and denial after that could be intriguing…
    Maybe they are building up something like that.

    I think those two people (EJ and Ray) could create a Tiva dynamic that brings them closer together…

    MW mentions that EJ will be part of the season- finale arc. That’s the serial killer one right? uhhhh maybe her character gets killed off… I could imagine that.
    I guess we will have to wait and see…

    • Sabrina says:

      Nah don’t kill EJ off if Tony really likes her. That would be like the Dana thing all over again. I’m a Tiva shipper, but they both need somebody who can make them happy and just stop the whole jealousy thing, the show doesn’t need that constant jealousy between Tony and Ziva.
      But I’m looking forward to EJ and Ray and I agree with you that it could bring Tiva closer together or let them except the fact that there’ll always be people who will appeal to the other.

    • luz marin says:

      I agree with you, toni accept more things missing in your love life, it seems the plot is safer to wait

    • Hahaaaa says:

      Qui Ej vas êtres tuer ?

  12. Jenna says:

    Totally stoked for this eppy tonight! I think he will do a wonderful job directing. I am however getting concerned about this whole EJ, Mr. Miami, Serial killer arc.


  13. Erin says:

    It’s about time. Quite a few of us fans were getting pretty fed up watching Tony the comic relief. Apart from a sprinkling of eps over the last few years, they’ve really done an injustice to Tonys character. It’s actually very evident in the fandom where with the newbies (half the fandom – it’s doubled in size), his popularity have taken a massive dive.

    I’ve missed the funny yet capable kick-ass agent. I hear the final eps may revolve around a serial killer. Considering Tony past in the force and the fact that they’re actually dredging it back up alongside this catalyst of a female character, I’m hoping Tony’s heavily involved. He’s way overdue a serious dramatic arc. Perhaps the killer is the one that got away? Maybe the person is from Tony & Gibbs first case together. That would be awesome!

  14. kymberlie says:

    I am forever loyal to Tiva. I genuinely would like them to end up together but I think they could play on it a bit more than they have this season. I don’t believe that them acting like there is nothing this season in particular is really believable. Especially after Paris it feels like it was done with and it just doesn’t make character sense.
    I hope this brings out a bit more of the personal passion in them. I miss it.
    Though of course a curveball always is interesting!

    • Jill says:

      Nothing about the way they are (non-)writing Tiva makes sense. The producers want to have it both way, they want to keep shippers hoping but they don’t actually want to show it on the show. It’s a lose-lose for me.

  15. Bob Jones says:

    The Episode was good. I actually liked the interaction between Tony and Magee for a change. I got from what I saw that EJ is there to replace someone on the team or someting like that. I hate when they break up the team.And I agree with an earlier post i saw. Love the show hope they don’t go off in some strange direction.

  16. Kate says:

    I liked the episode, I liked New Tony and I thought the directing was good.

    She’s the diametric opposite of Ziva – physically, and in her demeanor, her way of being. She has her eccentricities as well, which makes her adorable to Tony and highly irritating to Ziva.

    She’s irritating to me too. She’s Ziva x 10, intruding into other people’s conversations, thinking she’s too good for everyone who already works there. I hope they tone her down otherwise I’m going to be counting the episodes till she’s gone. I think Sarah Morris did a good job, it’s not her fault I don’t find EJ adorable.

  17. nas says:

    I just hope we’re not in for a psych out with Ziva/Ray and she gets some sexiness too. It’s not balanced if he gets to have some fun and she just gets angsty stuff and Ray’s nothing other than some friendly confidante. When’s the last time Ziva had some fun with a guy? I think what’s funny about EJ supposedly being the opposite of Ziva is that she is a LOT like early Ziva. Did the writers not realize that?

  18. Jason says:

    EJ is there to put a wedge between Tony and Gibbs. Vance wants both of them gone, but especially Gibbs.

  19. Kathy says:

    I like NCIS just the way it is, no new characters please. Other then replacing Director Vance. If a team works well together don’t spoil it.It’s good to see a little clowning around at work sometimes.(Tony)

  20. Editor says:

    I am totally frustrated and last 2 minutes of last nights show was the straw for me. Tony goes to Africa to find and rescue Ziva. She gives him a peck on the cheek as a thank you. It takes him 4 years to tell Ziva he was offered a position in Spain. This “EJ” arrived and Tony spills his guts to her in one day and sits in the shower waiting for her.what up with that ???
    I adored my Tony but I can’t trust him anymore.
    A pretty face and he is gone. I will not watch another 2 years and not have something happen between Tony and Ziva, other than them always turning to someone else. How can anyone believe EJ is a threat to Ziva ? The writers (Jesse ?) haven’t given us any UST between Tony and Ziva in forever. As Tony says “come on!!!!!”

    • Jase says:

      At least EJ acts like she likes Tony. Something Ziva never does.

      • Michael says:

        Tony and Ziva have a more complicated relationship than the two dimensional snore fest that looks to be EJ and Tony.

    • MW fan says:

      Tony did not go to Africa to rescue Ziva. Why can’t people get that straight? And he did not say “life had no meaning”. He said “business as usual had no meaning.” He was perfectly willing and eager to pick a new agent, female preferred, in the beginning of the episode. He was, however, concerned that no one had heard from Ziva. That’s called caring about a teammate (former or present)

  21. Pennagirl says:

    I watched the episode, I really don’t like the new character E.J., hopefully she’s a “bad/rogue” agent and is gone by the end of the season. Stop screwing with the team dynamic. It was too quick for Tony to get involved with her, showing up at the shower at the end of the episode. I don’t like the woman lawyer that TPTB keep throwing at Gibbs. He’s old enough to be her father, ick factor.

    • Laurel says:

      I will consider not watching anything but reruns if she is not a rogue agent. I didn’t like it at all. I agree it disrupts the team dynamics.

    • nancy says:

      ODIO A EJ !!!! Quiero que esa rubia teñida flaca e inexpresiva sea la asesina en serie y termine muerta en la serie !! Aguante TIVA !!!

  22. Cathy says:

    I do not like the new character E.J. Tony would definitely benefit by having fewer slapstick moments and more serious/mature moments. However, all I could think of with Tony and E.J.’s shower encounter was give me a break…you have got to be kidding. It was just more of the same old Tony. Does E.J. go after every guy the way Tony goes after every woman? I also got the feeling that a regular cast member is going to be replaced. I really hope that is not the case. I hope the show is not headed in some strange direction.

  23. Valerie says:

    I have been waiting since Season 4 for the REAL DiNozzo to return after the last couple of seasons of him being just a moronic sidekick. So happy to see the smart Tony to return! Bravo!

  24. MARGE says:

    If its not broken dont fix it!! Tony did a great job directing a show that I think the writing needed help! Forget EJ leave well enough alone adding another agent will upset the apple cart. Whats with the shower scene? Ridiculous! the swow is and has been #1 lets keep it that way!

  25. Tonyfan says:

    It was fantastic seeing a return to the heroic agent Tony from the earlier seasons. I wonder if people newly coming to the show now even know what he used to be like. I’ve missed him! I think NCIS is retconning some bad writing – several seasons of idiot, humiliated Tony was a bad way of treating a fine actor like Michael Weatherly. I hope going forward the writers are listening and don’t just shove him back into the humiliated idiot straitjacket again.

    Contrary to what the Tiva fans think, NCIS isn’t about Tiva. Ziva is the worst person for Tony and I love that EJ is her diametric opposite. She really is too – in that she likes Tony, sees something in him, wants to be with him, finds him attractive, and doesn’t constantly put him down all the time. She also hasn’t physically abused him or tried to get him thrown off the team yet. So I am ALL for her.

    I can’t stand Tiva. I really hope they stop fooling around with the Tiva anvils and allow Ziva to be happy with Ray and Tony to be happy with EJ or in his job. The jealousy schtick has got really OLD and to those of us who hate Tiva with a passion it’s extremely distasteful to watch. Jealousy isn’t a pleasant emotion and Ziva’s constant accusations that Tony HAS to be jealous of a new man in her life are just plain nasty. No surprises there coming from her.

    And Tony’s journey isn’t to make him somehow a worthy consort for the great Princess Ziva. It’s about him being the man he had the potential to be before his career got derailed because he was too caring about his team to take a promotion he was offered. He never got any kudos or thanks for that.

    I don’t think it’s Ziva who couldn’t ever be worthy of Tony, He has shown himself to have a far bigger heart and sense of integrity than she has ever given the remotest inkling of possessing with her violent temper, and “me me me” approach to everything. She’s a violent, spoiled princess who flies into a rage whenever she can’t have what she wants. I hope we’ve seen the end of Tiva for good.

    • anna says:

      This….every word of this…

      Personally I loved EJ as well as the shower scene. Hope EJ annoys Ziva to death & then the season ends with Ziva & Ray flying off into the sunset together never to be heard from again.

      • Reenie says:

        I’m with you Anna and Tonyfan! Great job Michael! and I find the character of EJ intrigueing and refreshing.

    • sophie says:

      “….in that she likes Tony, sees something in him, wants to be with him, finds him attractive, and doesn’t constantly put him down all the time….”

      They knew each other less than two days. Tony was working full-time on a case during that time & they barely spoke. So we really don’t know how she thinks or feels about him & she really hasn’t had enough time to put him down. This is the main reason the last scene bothered me so much. They dont know each other. Gibbs does not seem to trust her for whatever reason & his gut is usually right. I’m hoping that Tony is only getting close to her because they dont trust her & want to see what she is up to. Otherwise, its not much different than picking up a stranger for a hookup and just a few episodes ago, he was going to be more serious when it comes to women. If this is meant to be a real relationship btw him & EJ, I think it would have been more believable if it had evolved over time. Its hard to take it seriously the way it was done.

    • Bobbie says:

      Well lets do be fare now! I think the writers have pretty much written Ziva character into a corner! Started when Rivikin came along.Yes Rivkin did play Ziva but she did not know.He was also sleeping with another woman in Legends in LA. Only Callen saw the picture the girls phone. Tony has always interfered with Ziva and Damon Werth ( which I kind of liked that pairing.)All three times he showed.When he worked with Bell and he helped Tony and Ziva.When he drove the truck with Ziva and when he had the steriod problem. Roy,Michael Locke. So in all fairness they have not allowed her to have a normal relationship.I believe they still aren’t with Ray. He will probably be the serial killer.They put her in a desert for 4 months and have eluded to torture and rape than just dropped it.Her father is a piece of work and not to be trusted.I be angry to!I feel she pushes Tony and others away she feels like She is” broken(as Vance told her).The person I actually thought would have been good with Tony, was the last girl they interviewed to replace Ziva.The girl that her dad and three brothers were cops.Tony told her she did want to work there she already had a good thing where she was.She was cute and funny and light hearted.

  26. Joni says:

    What a great Q&A with Michael.
    I’ve watched 3 times now and liked EJ right away and the more I watch it I like her even more.

    It was finally nice to see Tony interact with a woman who didn’t feel the need to talk down to hm. He and EJ interacted as equals and it was a beautiful sight to behold.

    The question about Tony’s “4 year sleep” really intrigued me because I’ve seen the same things Michael has about his character over the last 4 seasons.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing “Classic Tony” return full-time.

    Could the serial killer story be connected to the Tony-origins story? Perhaps the guy that Gibbs/Tony put away escapes and comes after them.

    No more UST ever with T/Z would be my preference. Let both characters be happy with relationships outside Team Gibbs.
    Rule #12.

  27. jambler says:

    I loved the episode. Kudos to Michael for his first directing achievemnt! Wonderfully interesting all the way through. He has a lot of talent to contribute and the show is finally tapping hihis potential. EJ is an interesting character and there is plenty of room for uniqueness. NCIS has always tried to keep the dialogue sharp and funny and also keep the team interplay on top ,, despite what the whole procedural crime is all about. If people want more action, less romance and humour, there are plenty of other shows a that are all about that. That is why NCIS is so popular because people get invested in the characters.

    Good job MW, cast and crew. Whatever is in store for us viewers, whether we are Tiva shippers, McGee/Abby tech nerds or just in love with the whole vibe of the show, I’m sure it will play out great.

  28. emeli says:

    No puedo crrer que ahora aparezca una nueva NCIS que se engancha con Tony !!! La serie está cada día mejor en lo que hace a los argumentos, pero en cuanto a las relaciones, nos fuimos al c….. !!!Odio este giro que se le dá a la relación. La de Tony y Ziva es una relación seria basada en hechos muy dramáticos y que aparezca esta mina en toalla y le gire la cabeza a Tony ? me embola !!!!!

    • luzma says:

      tranquila…hay celos departe de los dos esperemos al cap 20…ya veras el tivasiempre ha estado ahi desde que se conocieron…muy buenade las escritores de meter a otros agentes…a la final..tiva es mas fuerte…

  29. Truth says:

    Liked this episode, didn’t like the new girl. The old adage “if it ain’t broke, dont’ fix it” certainly applies in this case. You can tell a show is on it’s last leg, that the writers are running out of ideas when they start throwing in characters, hoping that one will stick and breathe new life into the show. NCIS has gotten stale, but rather than bring in one love interest after another, how about focusing more on the characters that made this show great in the first place.

    They have seven amazing cast members (eight if you count Palmer) and so far they’ve only really focused on 4 of them. Give us an Abby storyline, or McGee or Ducky, even Palmer. Anything but a random, unnecessary addition to the show, and an annoying one nonetheless. We saw how well that worked out for that lawyer woman (I can’t even remember her name, that’s how little of an impact she had on me).

  30. lexa says:

    I am expecting it glandly. Tony is a great character and we need 2 see the other side of him that he doesn’t show it veru often. It is iportant 2 see that Tony is a hero, a patriot, a hansom man, a goofball (like Michael W) said but also a very serios one, mature. I can’t wait!. KISES 2 NCIS!

  31. Misha says:

    I do not care for the new character EJ Barrett . She just doesn’t fit . Gibbs , Zina , Tony , McGee , Abby and Ducky are irreplaceable . They work so well together . It never gets old only better. But, this new character is annoying and she just doesn’t fit. Ziva and Tony belong together …. EJ just doest cut it.

  32. sam says:

    oh no i HOPE the new agent isn’t staying for good! she so annoying too me and not in a good tony way :(

  33. Bev says:

    Ziva is a dynamic character. EJ’s character is dull and superficial. Ziva projects a tremendous amount of warmth and compassion which is intriguing because of her toughness. Ziva has depth to her character. She and Tony complement each other. The show is character driven because of their sexual chemistry and tension. You can respect Ziva, she follows the rules unlike self-centered EJ who does as she pleases. Ziva has a natural and unique beauty that improves with time. EJ is attractive but with out her hair her beauty is a dime a dozen in Hollywood. When her hair was pulled back in one episode it demonstrated how she is no one special. Ziva is beautiful and sexy with no make-up and her hair pulled back. Ziva’s personality and passion is part of her beauty. EJ has no personality, boring to watch.

    Tiva is what the fans want, it made the show number one. The writers can create experiences that pair Tony and Ziva and demonstrate their love for each other without making them a married couple. Don’t mess with what works! Get EJ and her team out. I for one will lose interest in the show because what allured me is the Tiva fantasy. Lose Tiva and I predict the ratings will eventually go down.

  34. lawanda fitzjarrald says:

    ziva and tony are ok but mcgee rules

  35. Ramona deshields says:

    There should be a continuation of the real love of tony’s life. Jeanne! Where is she? How has she fared?

  36. Eula mae bettis says:

    That EJ woman is not for Tony she is not classy enough. A woman for Tony is Jean the woman he fell in love with while undercover. She was classy and she bought out the romantic side of Tony. I like Tony ways he is funny and smart. Gibbs is still a good looking man. Ziva is like Tony sister but they would make a great couple but flirting with each other is awesome. Abby is so cute with her red lipstick. Ducky is adorable. McGee look like he is sick. But the whole team is awesome. I donot watch ncis la. I just love Tony

  37. Eula bettis says:

    Yes yes I would love to see Jean come
    Back. Please let Tony stay the way he is I love it when he get caught by Gibbs he makes the show. That new team GO AWAY. Vance is still a mystery but overall I love NCIS I can watch it all day. Only the seasons when ziva arrived. Love u Tony

  38. Mere_Falcone says:

    I’m really looking forward to watching Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo this season. Though I may not have seen the first couple of seasons, I think he is a great and funny character and I hope to see this new side of him in the upcoming episodes!

  39. Junior VB says:

    I am very intersted and excited to see this episode with Michael Weatherly’s directorial debut. Not so interested with the new story line in terms of a relationship with EJ. Rather think that the character of Tony and EJ are really unsuited for each other romantically. Would rather see a return of the character Jeanne Benoit and have Tony work on that relationship which appeared to have a real romantic substance to it. The character of Jeanne Benoit gave a real relationship aspect to the couple and forced the character of Agent Tony to grapple with a real life outside the agency and the emotions that required.

  40. Imran Khan says:

    I couldnt think you are more right.