Idoloonies: Dishing the Top 24 (Paul, Good! Thia, Bad!) With Idol Grad Melinda Doolittle

The American Idol season 10 semifinals are upon us, and thank goodness the top 24 contestants are a talented bunch, considering we’ll be spending the next three months obsessing over ’em here on Idoloonies! On this week’s installment of The Internet’s Most Important Show*, Idol‘s season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle takes a break from her residency at Feinstein’s at the Loews Regency in New York City (where she’s playing now through March 5) to talk about which young contestant brings out her inner cougar, which teenage female should’ve gotten the “wait a few more years” treatment from the judges, and what she’d take as a consolation prize if Nigel Lythgoe & Co. won’t let her perform on a results show this season. (Spoiler alert: It’s got something to do with Steven Tyler, and it’s a little bit naughty!)

Plus, Melinda and I talk about polarizing howler James Durbin, J.Lo’s glowing skin, the Idol moment that made us want to muzzle Randy Jackson, and some surprise additions to Mindy Doo’s Feinstein’s set. (Hint: If ya like it then you oughtta buy a ticket for it.) So press play below on our four-part episode, and for all my Idol news and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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* According to my mom, anyway.

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  1. Adam says:

    Best Idolatry ever (even if I don’t agree with everything)!
    Love Melinda, she’s one of my favorite ever.

    The Jacob, Glambert, Zevita and Thia talk are all really fun.

  2. Robin says:

    Rachel Zevita all the way!

  3. TinCan says:

    Melinda, you are a real class act! Sooo good to see you and hear about your new show. Thanks for having her, Michael.

    • flyaway says:

      Yes! Melinda should be on every week! Love her. I have this wonderful Idol fantasy where Melinda, Michael Johns and Anoop perform something bluesy/soulful/rockin like Ain’t No Sunshine. Please find a way to make my dream come true.

  4. Cyndee says:

    James Durbin needs to find James Durbin. He doesn’t need to find Adam. Adam is owned already. Sophistication is inbred and nurtured, not something one can find in a few weeks.

  5. Denise says:

    Very entertaining,LOVE Melinda Doolittle and have missed her. Thank you!

  6. Sabrina says:

    She was fantastic!! Awesome as always Mr. Slezak.

  7. Lem says:

    Great Job on these videos Melinda and Michael !!

    I think Melinda would make a wonderful vocal coach on Idol !

  8. kt says:

    Love the clip of Lambert at the end….that my friend, James Durbin, is how it’s done.

    Can’t wait for more from Paul! Yeah, he’s another WGWG, but I love it!

  9. tlj says:

    I loved Melinda Doolittle in this episode. She is so much fun and so talented.

  10. Marta says:

    Melinda was wonderful! Love some of her reactions to Slezak- very wonderful chemistry! Its good to hear the perspectives of people who not only are fans of the show, but genuinely care about the show, too.

    Zero mention of my boy Robbie Rosen? I would have loved to hear Melinda’s take on what I believe to be one of the most innately talented voices of the Top 24. I’m getting nervous for him…his talent could very well get lost in the shuffle tonight- especially when there’s more “interesting” contestants to talk about.

  11. liz says:

    As always, funny and absolutely spot on. Can Melinda be your cohort every week? (Aside from loving Randy Jackson, she was perfect with her witty and insightful opinions!)

  12. R. Carr says:

    Is Melinda available to hire? She’s fantastic and adds perspective you don’t get from your other loonies. It’d be great to hear from her every week.

  13. Kathy V. says:

    What a fun interview with one of my all time Idol favorites! I hope her show comes to my city.

    • Floridajeff says:

      I agree, Melinda, if you come ANYWHERE near the Tampa Bay area, I would love to see your show… it sounds amazng!

  14. lovethemusic says:

    Dishing the top 24 with Melinda and you is amazing. The entertainment from the two of you goes way beyond the recap.

  15. Kathy says:

    I want a Doolittle/Abrams duet down the road.

    Michael, you know you can make it happen eventually.

  16. Carlito says:

    OMG Idoloonies is so freaking fabulous that I can’t stand it!!!! Love you Slezak and I am totally going to see Melinda Dooittle if she comes within 100 miles of my hometown.

  17. Christina says:

    Great episode! Melinda was awesome. You need to have a partner in there every week doing this with you!

    • JKap says:

      I completely agree; I love Michael but I feel the need for a guest co-host, not just skyping with multiple fans.

      • Linda says:

        I have to say, I’ve loved the Skyping. There are some really bright, funny people out there. I do miss Kristen’s viciousness.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I like the skyping. But I loved Melinda Doolitle. She knows exactly what she’s talking about and she has chemistry with Slezak. I am curious where they were shooting this – was it Slezak’s living room.

        • silkrose says:

          I am soooooo NOT going to miss Kristen. Her viciousness was deplorable and I’m glad she’s not on

    • forrest says:

      My Idol Week can now begin now that I have Idoloonies! Thank you for a wonderful show. Loved the chemistry with and insight of Melinda! Best review so far this season. All the elements came together for a wonderful presentation.

  18. Winnie says:

    Wow. I cannot love you guys more for making Glambert fans into Daleks. Could. Not. Love. You. More.

    • Teresa says:

      As an Adam fan, I laughed so hard when you showed the Dalek! Even better than Japanese robots!

      Daleks FTW!

    • Rosa says:

      I was crying tears of laughter.

      As an Adam fan and a Doctor Who fan, it was like all my prayers had been answered or something.

    • mars says:

      OMG YES! I absolutely LOVE the daleks reference! And as an Adam fan, I love the parallel in daleks identifying and exterminating the enemy! LOL


  19. Tereza says:

    EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!!! – LOl I laughed so hard at that bit :) it’s so well suited for the reaction of a lot of glamberts to Durbin, haha. well done!
    this was really the best Idoloonies so far; loved every moment of it ;)

  20. Crys says:

    Loved the Dr Who clips of the Daleks in the third pod.

  21. Ellipsian says:

    School. SCHOOL!! The Adam Lambert School of Hard Rocks. Recognize.

  22. Broadway Baby says:

    Can’t say that I agree with everything but, Kendra is my early favorite too. I thought Didi Benami (sp?) went too early last season and she’s kind of got the same vibe. I’m afraid Casey is the second coming of Taylor Hicks.

  23. Skitty says:

    Great Idoloonies Michael. Love the insight Melinda shared regarding the Idol process and her opinions of the contestants.

  24. TwigLA says:

    Love, love, love Melinda Doolittle! Thank you for having her on. I agree with everything she said. You need to have her every week. She needs to be a mentor on AI. And she needs to bring Love 101 to LA so I can see her!

    • calliesmom says:

      What a very classy lady and a talent also. She is the best. Thanks Michael for having her on Idoloonies!

  25. zaza says:

    I kind of feel sorry for James Durbin. Despite being 21 and a daddy, I think he’s kind of immature for his age. He’s going to get eaten alive by this competition, which is a shame, because he’s got some amazing pipes. He just needs to figure out who he is as a singer (instead of trying to be Adam) and learn some control. Maybe getting knocked around by the Idol experience will be just the thing he needs to grow up and become a real star.

    • Just Jules says:

      Or.. it will completely break him.

    • Rosa says:

      This. It’s not that he’s not kind of amazing, it’s just… he’s making very bad choices, more like.

    • Stepmom says:

      One thing no one is mentioning about James is that he has Aspergers. If you do not know this condition, he will not be able to show that “sophistication” you speak of. He does not know what is socially appropriate and what is not. It will take A LOT for him to get that. It is a big challenge to live with Aspergers and that will be hard for him to overcome in front of millions of people who do not understand it. I am not a fan of his vocally, but I have a son with Aspergers so I recognize some of the same traits.

      • rochelle says:

        i thought he had tourette’s

        • NorthernObserver says:

          James has both Asperger’s (a high-functioning form of Autism) and Tourette’s, so he is doubly challenged. Considering what he has to deal with, he’s doing amazingly well, and I find him inspiring.

          • NorthernObserver says:

            To clarify further, James’ facial tics/twitches are due to his Tourettes, and issues with social awkwardness or inappropriateness are challenges for all individuals with Asperger’s. I have a relative with high-functioning autism/Asperger’s, and contrary to what is sometimes assumed, most of them are highly intelligent. However, they’re not good at deciphering social cues and must learn (with difficulty) much that comes instinctively and naturally to more ‘typical’ people. I do admire James for having the courage to put himself out there and pursue his dream, despite his challenges.

      • MW says:

        Thank you, Stepmom. I am only watching sporadically this year, but I have been shaking my head at people, including some reviewers, who have been going on about James’ lack of social grace. They made a point of saying he has Aspergers, perhaps people should read up on what that is before the criticize him for things he can’t control.

        • michelle says:

          I dont think (most) reasonablly sensitive people are trying to make fun of James for his condition. You’re right, he cant control his social awkwardness and as harsh as it seems, thats an issue. The fact is that he’s trying to break into the entertainment industry where one does have to have a certain social skill set to do it successfully. That’s just part of being in the public eye and being likable enough to entice people to spend their money on you. It’s difficult enough for someone who HAS the social skills yet sticks their foot in their mouth or simply wears the wrong thing to an event. Im not saying he cant achieve success on AI or beyond. He’s talented and he’s brave for taking on such intense pressure and scrutiny, especially when it’s all happening so fast. But if he’s going to make it on AI or anywhere, he needs to get it together quickly.

  26. NYC gal says:

    Wow, Melinda was great. Such a funny idolatry. Great to see her working amd continuing to be successful. She is such a talent! Great job Slezak……

  27. Pat says:

    Thank god for some Aaron Sanders recognition. Dude owned Jordan in their song and we never hear from him again.

  28. James says:

    Great episode as always Slezak!

  29. SaraK says:

    Terrific episode of Idoloonies! Love Melinda’s perspective and your comments :)

  30. stevenjaba says:

    Love, love, love you Slezak! (PS, would’ve loved to have Melinda’s thoughts on Lauren Alaina – what does she think of her technical vocal skills?)

  31. Lemon says:

    Melinda is so charismatic, and should be one of the vocal coaches on X Factor. Simon–call her!

  32. eclipse25 says:

    Melinda was awesome. She knows music, she knows the show, but most importantly she can articulate her opinions beautifully. I may not share her each of her specific tastes, but she has reason and logic behind her arguments.

    Slezak, you MUST, MUST have her back. Several times. If not every week. You guys work great together.

  33. Michael says:

    Love Mindy Doo, one of my favorite contestants ever. Disappointed you guys didn’t discuss Ashton, who (along with Casey) is my favorite this season.

  34. dona says:

    you should have melinda on every week- she is very observant and sweet and funny and looks like u guys have good chemistry.
    also– really loved dorsey initially. he looked hot and so talented in his audition but sth about him unfortunately is not working. and considering the sexiness situation and the unfortunate exclusion of john wayne the only guy i can drawl on right now is paul…

  35. felixdcat says:

    Michael, I love your style. Always look forward to your post-show analysis. And Melinda, what a wonderful surprise. You two just simply CLICKED!!!! Bring her back, please!

  36. spilt_daydreams says:

    This was A LOT of fun. I love the Daleks so I have no probelem being compared to one. Durban lacks control and subtlety and training also the self awareness that comes from not having autism. I don’t hate on him tho.

    I love Rachel(?)Zevita. I also love Ashton or whatever. I like Naima’s look more than her voice.

    As I said on twitter: Aaron Sanders didn’t make it because he’s ugly. Stupid Idol should have dumped Jordan and his ego and put Aaron in.

    Lusk is not gonna make it I don’t think. Waaaaaaaay too flamboyant for the fundies who fuel the Idol audience and waaaay to churchy for the ‘liberal elites’ who use Idol as their guilty pleasure.

  37. SoozinCA says:

    I’m a Glambert who is willing to give James Durbin the benefit of the doubt, to believe that invoking the name of Adam Lambert and performing a song that had such a huge emotional meaning to Adam, came from admiration, not from arrogance. Yet that said, it is time for James to be himself, to find his own voice because trying to copy a master will keep him on the short end of comparisons. I am very, very worried that he will be emotionally slaughtered because his Asperger’s leaves him lacking social graces, unfiltered and unlikely to be able to understand why things he says or does may upset or irritate people.

  38. ZoniDuck says:

    Please can we have Mindy Doo as your cohost every week that she’s available??? She was awesome! And you two were great together. Best Idoloonies so far. :D

  39. Lunakit says:

    So FUN! Great episode, Michael. Loving the one on one feel of the conversation with Mindy Doo. The only thing better would have been if I were sitting here watching Idoloonies while eating Nutella off of a spoon… hang on, I’ll be right back… Seriously, I can’t get enough of it (much like nutella) and I like seeing you bounce thoughts and opinions off of past contestants who can speak from a ‘been there, done that’ p.o.v. Maybe that is why I find it so much more engaging than when we hear (and see!) you speak with the skypish everyman. Most of us are much more compelling when we sound off as faceless commenters. It is a little too real to peak into our worlds of compressed fiberboard in the “office slash bedroom.” Maybe we all just need some of J Lo’s angel dust…. Damn, I dropped the spoon…

    • Lunakit says:

      yes, I know, *peek*

    • Mary says:

      This hits the nail on the head – the skype co-hosts are amusing and fun as additions, but past contestants as real co-hosts bring a certain credibility to the table.
      and we could all use a little J.Lo.Glow!

  40. Billie says:

    OMG, L O L about the glambert comments. Those old women are NUTS. I actually stopped being a fan of Adam because of them and their insanity. Also, who wants to go to a concert that’s full of women over 50? Not cool.

    • Linda says:

      Ah, the desperate uncoolness of having lived too long. Well, I wish you a long life and that it happens to you. :)

    • Tereza says:

      you weren’t that much of a fan to begin with then. too bad for you :)

    • Rosa says:

      I kind of don’t understand how you can stop being a fan of a person for reasons that have nothing to do with the person themselves?

      I’m 20, and when I went to see him in concert most people were around my age….

    • Beverly says:

      You’d better check again!! That may have been true at first, but now Adam has more younger fans than older!!

    • jean says:

      Adam doesn’t need fans like you!! Unlike most artist, Adam’s fans are very deverse in age and EXTREMELY loyal to him!! All over the world he is idolized, so who needs you? By the way hope your remark comes back & bites you in the a__ IF you’re lucky to make it past “50”!!

    • Daniel says:

      Hmmm! Interesting comment Billie. But you’re a bit behind the times mate. A lot of older women watch Idol and loved him via that show 2 years ago. His audience these days has moved beyond that (tho he still appeals to a broad cross-section of society) which you would know if you knew anything about Adam Lambert at all. So anyway, you only like artists who have audiences full of young people? Fascinating. Is that your only criteria? Even if they’re rubbish? How young do they have to be? 30? 20? 12? And what ratio of males to females would you prefer? LMAO Perhaps you shoulda been a Belieber – or maybe you are – they’re mostly kiddies. I am not over 50 (or a woman) and nor were most of the people I saw at Adam’s concerts. But even if they had been – so freaking what? We are all supposed to curl up and die once they reach 50? Sheesh!! What a ridiculous comment. ANd no, you were never a fan of Adam’s, if this is your attitude and your level of commitment to music you supposedly like, I wouldn’t even call you a music fan. Not cool Billie!!

  41. jazzy says:

    Didi Benami, really? Frightened, little doe in the headlight? She could rise to the level of Carrie or Kelly? Get out!

    She stayed too long as did all, I mean, all the others of last season. Should’a had one elimination and started all over.

    Great Idolatory, er, Idoloonies. And great season thus far. Yeah, bring MD back every week, that is if you can’t get Kristen to defect, you guys are the Stiller and Meara of the internet.

  42. Teresa says:

    I loved having Melinda talk about the singing. She’s so intelligent and she knows what she’s talking about – as a performer and as a performer who has been through the Idol machine. I could listen to her commentary every week.

    Please have her on again when she can make it. And please give us a link to her website when she starts on her tour. That show sounds incredible!

  43. Eolra says:

    Really love seeing the Idol alums this season, not just to perform, but to offer opinion – enjoying it! Other idol alums I would love to see on future episodes: Shioban Magnus (Loved her exit interview last year), Allison Iraheta (obvs), Blake Lewis, Jason Castro, Matt Giraud and Mishavonna Henson.

  44. Tom says:

    Slezak, PLEASE get Siobhan on one of these. Your interview with her last year was amazing and I would love to hear her opinions on this season.

    Great episode this week. Rachel and Casey are my favorites.

  45. Linda says:

    Great installment of Idoloonies. “God bless the child who has his own segment.” No wonder I’m in love with you, Michael.

  46. susan says:

    Kristen Who? I kid, I kid, but Melinda was an absolutely fabulous co-host. Thanks for another spectacular production of Idoloonies!

  47. Tuzo says:

    OMG, great episode! I wouldn’t mind at all if Melinda was on every week. I’m not dissing previous Idoloonies at all but this episode was really crackling with energy — much more so than with the viewer segments on other episodes. I don’t know if it was the rapport or the difference was having a live person to interact with as opposed to on a webcam. I’m going to go with the live-in-person-one-on-one-interaction. Whatever it is keep it up. And let’s try to work in some Dr. Theopolis along with Twiki. :)

  48. zzz says:

    Yes, how dare those people be older. You should just kill yourself if you’re 50 or over. Ageism FTW.

  49. mercedes says:

    melinda rocks! I am going to judge jordan on his singing tonight and not on what he did in Hollywood. cos I actually think that scotty baby lock them doors deserved it cos he did the same thing to the chic no one wanted in their group. everyone seems to forget that.

  50. ErixN says:

    Thanks for finally bringing in a past contestant that I actually like and care about. Melinda was my favorite in her season. I am glad she brought up how J.Lo was when she mentored during her season because I really liked J.Lo as a mentor.