Gossip Girl Boss on the Big Dan/Blair Smooch: 'It Was a Long Time Coming'

After weeks of “Will they or won’t they?” suspense, Gossip Girl‘s Dan and Blair finally took their flirtation beyond flirtation with a big kiss in last night’s pre-spring finale. What’s more, the eventful hour also saw the departure of a major recurring character (Ben), the return of Serena’s pa (William Baldwin), and… did I mention a certain seismic smooch? To help us make sense of the madness, and tide us over during the seven-week hiatus, here’s exec producer Josh Safran with an exclusive post-mortem-slash-sneak peek.

TVLINE | After last night’s kiss, can we now say that Dan and Blair are moving in the direction of a romance?
I don’t want to say that or not say that. We made a very conscious choice to take Dan and Blair slowly. We’re well aware that we can put couples together and break them up much faster than other shows can. And we really wanted to build what we felt has been there since season 1 in “Bad News Blair,” when Dan and Blair had their little moment in the hallway where they talked about their problems with their parents. So we just sort of realized that they had this long brewing friendship-slash-whatever it was. So I think what you can hope for is that Dan and Blair will continue to be connected and that story will continue to grow.

TVLINE | You’ve explored every possible romantic combination over the past four years. What sets the Dan/Blair combo apart in your eyes?
We always knew we wanted to do this. We actually toyed with doing it last year, but we felt that it was too soon. We wanted to wait as long as possible — and that helped the story. Because it felt like it was a long time coming and you were ready to go there with them. We hope to continue following it, maybe in unexpected ways.

TVLINE | Skeptics would say this Dan/Blair thing is just a temporary diversion until Blair returns to Chuck. Did you leave open the possibility that if Dan and Blair really clicked — and for my money they have — that maybe it’s not all about Chuck and Blair?
One thing we are very conscious of — and I know some fans get upset about this — is we really try to treat the characters as living, breathing, well-rounded individuals. And we’re often surprised by where their journeys take them; they open new doors for us all the time. It’s not like we’re saying, “No, there’s only this one couple and that’s it.” We really believe in going on a journey with them, which I know for some people can be frustrating. But for us it can be creatively fulfilling to go, like, “Wow. Dan and Blair have had this connection that has always been there. And they are maturing and growing older and whereas before they might’ve looked down on that connection maybe they can now find some solace in that connection. That is a fun thing to witness. Chuck and Blair are always going to be connected in their way, and Dan and Serena are always going to be connected in their way. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be new roads to go down that might be different than what we initially anticipated.

TVLINE | Are you a Dan/Blair fan?
I’m a fan of all the characters. [Laughs] I really am. I love them all.

TVLINE | But when you watch them together…
I wrote that scene in “Bad News Blair” with the two of them in the hallway, so I’ve been a fan of them from the beginning. But I’m also very much a fan of Chuck and Blair and Dan and Serena.

TVLINE | Talk to me about the decision to do a freeze-frame of the kiss at the end of the episode as opposed to something more traditional, like a fade-to-black or just letting the kiss play out.
We’re off the air for seven weeks so we wanted to make a cliffhanger out of it. We often follow kisses all the way through and we stop after they pull apart and the question would be, “What are they thinking?” We really wanted instead to let the audience project what that kiss is. “How long does it go on for? What happens after?” They could be kissing for seven weeks. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will we pick up mid-kiss when the show returns or are we jumping seven weeks ahead?
We are not jumping seven weeks ahead.

TVLINE | So we’ll still be in that moment?
I am not going to say that.

TVLINE | Switching gears, was last night Ben’s farewell?

TVLINE | So have you pretty much closed the book on the Juliet story?
Not exactly. As you witnessed by Lily turning herself in, that arc will continue for the rest of the season, it just changes in certain ways. First they were going after Serena, then you realized it was really Lily who did it, then these six episodes were Lily coming to grips with what she did, and then the last five episodes of the season will follow that through. It’s one big arc about paying for your sins and what that means, which is paralleled by Chuck dealing with the sin that has come to light about his father.

TVLINE | Speaking of which, why did Chuck take Russell at his word? Isn’t it possible this was just another one of his manipulations?
Keep watching. What you are saying is not something that slipped by us. We have a plan.

TVLINE | Why was Chuck so desperate to connect with Blair after the bombshell was dropped on him?
Whenever Chuck learns information that impacts him, she’s the only one he can talk to. That’s the person he connects with the most. That’s the person he can let his guard down around and [confess] what he’s really feeling.

For more from Safran, including the latest on the rumored returns of Georgina and Jenny, stand by for this week’s Ask Ausiello. In the meantime, hit the comments with your thoughts about Dair, Chair, and other assorted GG mash-ups.

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  1. Jenna says:


    • Beth says:

      Come on. If you’re so sure that they’re not going to turn into anything, you don’t have to try and convince people to agree.

      & whether or not it lasts (of course though, I REALLY hope it does), I am enjoying Dan and Blair so much right now. No need to ruin it for me.

  2. mona says:

    I would rather D and B be friends and I still like Chuck so much more so Chuck and Blair will always be my ship.

  3. mel says:

    From the look of the ratings this show is not going past a season 5. The writers need to wrap this show up and just end. Get CB and DS back together already and put this show to rest.

  4. Mona says:

    I didnt know I wanted Dair to happen, but when it did, It make perfect sense. Ive been on the verge of giving up Gossip Girl so many times, and this just totally renewed my love for the show!

    Its something new and gossip girl needs it and I love it!

  5. Leigh says:

    It’s CHAIR 4 LIFE!!! They are endgame…No pair is more PERFECTLY matched than Chuck&Blair!! They are true loves & soulmates FOR LIFE!!!

  6. Virginie says:

    I LOVE DAIR. Besides the fact that I really dislike what Chuck/Blair & Dan/Serena have become (and I was a fan of them), I think Dan & Blair are actually the best pairing on the show. They’re the only reason I started watching GG again.

    Dan & Blair are such a breath of fresh air! They’re different yet similar. They can be hilarious and adorable with their love-hate relationship. I think, and this is only my opinion, that Dan treats Blair way better than Chuck does. Dan makes Blair smile (Dorota pointed out how happy Blair has been lately). He gets her to relax a little more. Blair trusts Dan with her problems. Penn & Leighton have amazing chemistry and I think the build-up has been great… It would be a waste of potential not to give Dair a real chance!

  7. aly says:

    WTF Safran! Stop writing Chuck and Serena like total morons and fix the mess that you and your writers have done!

  8. Kerry says:

    I loved it. I just hope they don’t pull the “no sparks” card after the kiss. They did that on Buffy between Cordelia and Westley. And I like Blair and Dan together. Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe Chuck and Blair are soulmates and will end up together, but until then I say give DAIR a try.

  9. Sara says:

    Ausiello, could you aske them about the ratings? Your precious dair is killing them, and not in a good way

  10. Mary22 says:

    Micheal Ausiello I’m a HUGE fan of you!!! Seriously, you always ask all the burning questions!!! It’s like you’re in the mind of the fans or something!!!
    You were asking everything I wanted to know about Daniel and Betty (from Ugly Betty), you have even named the unamable, that is the Shenny to the cast of the Big Bang theory and to Jim Parsons individually!!! And now you made all the right questions about my new, OTP Dan and Blair!!!<3<3 Will you stop supporting all of my ships???

    I definitely have to say this: I WOULDN'T BE WATCHING SEASON 4 OF GOSSIP GIRL, IF IT WASN'T FOR DAIR!!!!! I have been expecting the writers to DARE TO DAIR for so long, that now that it actually happened, I can't believe it!!! I've rewatched that AMAZING KISS one gazillion times!!! I'm so in love with this duo!! I really can't wait for the new episode to see more of that smootching scene!!! I used to be Chuck/Blair fan, but after that DAIR GREATNESS, I WANT DAN AND BLAIR FOR ENDGAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  11. herdem says:

    4 sezondur soluksuz bu diziyi takip ediyorum ve benim sayemde tüm okulda izlemeye başladı ama yemin ediyorum blair chuck’a geri dönmezse bu diziyi bırakırım ve dizinin çekildiği binayı bombalarım! ki bu ikizkulelerden daha feci olur..

  12. bkstar says:

    Keep Dan and Blair. They are amazing together and have been connected for awhile. Love it!

  13. Laura says:

    chair fans are just mad because there is a legit threat to their precious ship. there are now just as many d/b fans, imo.

  14. fiao says:

    although Dair is really cute, Id rather prefer the dynamic of their friendship than have it bloom into a full on relationship.

  15. esp says:

    HAHAHA!!! DB is killing this show! No matter how Safran, Savage, Ausiello and Co try to “sell” this absurdity, the people have spoken!

  16. Evelyn says:

    Please, somebody, SAVE BLAIR from the BlanD humiliation!

  17. Adrian says:

    first off i think everyone trying to say that Dair is the reason the ratings are low should chill. the ratings havent been great for awhile and i think that’s due to overall storyingtelling i agree the show needs to get back to its OMG roots and forget these stupid side characters and focus on the main players and only bring in characters when they are necessary to a main characters arc. If anything i’d say bring Juliet back she was the perfect bitch character that they need around full time. Also while i was and am a fan of Chuck and Blair. i am totally game for Dan and Blair their chemistry has always been quite evident. They remind me of the Seth and Summer opposites attract thing with witty banter. I think that Chuck and Blair were good when they first got together and i think we all just wanted them to get together but once they did they were kind of boring and it became a toxic relationship. While i wont deny their connection i really think Blair’s better off with Dan and likewise for Dan. People who have been comparing this to Pacey/Joey are completey right alot of people wanted Joey with Dawson and you loved the chase for one another but once they were together it got borring and then they broke them up and the cycle kept going. Until finally they got her with Pacey and it turned into an epic lovestory. So here what i think Chuck and Blair soulmates = two people who will always love each other and will always have a connection. Dan/Blair true love = endgame the people they will love always and have common intrests and passion for each other.

  18. Meg says:

    wow this Jenna chick needs to chill its just a show and if she is so right then we will have to wait and see if Dan/Blair work out. P.s if you don’t think their such a threat then why do u care so much they could just fizzle out like Nate/Jenny. Exactly because even you see that theres something special their but again only time will tell but until that time DAIR!!!!!

  19. Michael says:

    I began watching GG again this year, and man it’s been good. And with saying this, I’m also a fan of this new combination. But I feel like they could have held out a little longer with “Dair” or whatever. They were just starting to be comfortable just being friends. And there was nothing that showed they thought there was a romantic underscore to their relationship except for other people telling them in this episode. Several more episode of WT/WT would have greatly helped. I think a season finale of them freeze-frame kissing would have been much more believable. It would have allowed a few more episodes to grow on that. (I mean, I just wouldn’t believe that Blair was okay with Dan touching her shoulder like that… I was half expecting the cliffhanger to be that it’s a dream and one of them wakes up feeling differently about their relationship).

    That said, this probably is the slowest relationship they’ve done. And most exciting. Kudos.

  20. Manu says:


    He said ALL The perfect things to say… at least as a Dair fan :P

    Really, I am SO glad that the crappy endgame-talk is off the table. FINALLY!!

    But other than loving that, I loved everything he mentioned about Dair’s relationship. He really does get it and gets what we fans expect and love about them. He obviously is a fan himself…

    I’m so happy knowing that Dair has not only been slowly build up on purpose (though let me tell you that waiting four years wasn’t a happy task!) but will obviously continue to be taken care of properly.
    Amazing, amazing thing to read, thanks Ausiello :D

  21. Angela says:

    Any review notes that the Chuck & company storyline is what people find so boring, so I’m not so worried about that. Some Chair fans aren’t even watching to “show” the writers what DB could do to Gossip Girl, but honestly — the Dan/Blair storyline is the only good part of this show right now.

    I really really hope that they’re endgame; it’s been a while since a relationship on this show has seemed like a healthy one — a relationship I might actually wish for myself.

    I hope they’ll seriously give them a chance.

  22. Marissa says:

    I’m getting so much hope for Dair!

    Though I doubt the writers had it in mind originally, I think they could make Dair endgame if they find enough fan support and chemistry there.

    Well, I think they’ve already found chemistry there.

  23. Riannon says:

    I’m glad that the writers are exploring this pairing; it’s the best writing on this show I’ve seen in a while.

  24. Rose says:

    I thought I was completely done with Gossip Girl until I saw the later part of this season.
    I may not be too enthralled with everything that’s going on with Serena, Chuck, and Bass Industries, but the Dan&Blair storyline is enough for me to stay.
    Hoping it does stay!

  25. Molly says:

    No offense to that fan base in particular, but some Chair fans are starting to get really annoying. :/

    I guess it’s because they feel their ship is threatened, but I think if they seriously gave DB a chance they would enjoy. At least, I personally think this writing is definitely an improvement from some CB stuff I’ve seen. But anyways, it would be nice if fans didn’t have to threaten show writers or other fans just because their ship isn’t on right now.

    Still, I am really in love with Dair! They do deserve a chance.

  26. LH says:

    The show SUCKS without CHAIR!!! Simple Truth. It has NO heart sans Chuck&Blair. The fact is that CHAIR drives the show–always has & always will. I have ZERO interest in any of the recent story arcs. I find the Dan/Blair arc FORCED & dry beyond belief, and I cannot wait for Chuck&Blair to take center stage again. I’ll have a reason to tune in again. cannot stand the show in its current state. Too OOC & ridiculous for words!!! Bring on the CHAIR EPICNESS again ASAP!!! CHAIR=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!!

  27. Alex says:

    I hope the Dan/Blair storyline continues! I’m actually interested in this show for once.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Dair is much more amazing than I thought it would be!
    I was a previous Chair fan, but to be honest, I’m now kind of embarrassed for being one. If Chair fans looked at Dair without bias, I think maybe they could stop bashing it.

  29. Cecilia says:

    I’m glad they’re taking the DB storyline slowly.
    It’s something I had to get used to the idea of at first, but now I love it. I’m really, really loving it.

  30. Katherine says:

    I loved the cliffhanger, but all these haituses are still killing me.
    Dair is getting really good, and I hope they’re not over yet!

  31. Anna says:

    Yay for Dair!
    I’ve kind of been waiting for this forever, and it couldn’t have come a moment later. DB saved season 4 for me. Really.

  32. GGFan4LIFE says:

    Chuck&Blair are meant-to-be–no contest or debate. This is a blip. CHAIR is what the viewers are invested in & what keeps the fans tuned in. They are our endgame pairing. The ratings have been awful lately. The show is bleeding viewers & the fans are TURNED OFF in a major way. The only way to win back the viewers is CHAIR!!! They are the hook & the draw for the show!! CB FTW!!!

  33. CHAIRLover says:

    I’ve been tuned out of GG for awhile now. Just waiting for Chuck&Blair to become front & center again. When CHAIR returns, I’ll be back. Until then, I am boycotting. ZERO interest in CHAIR-less GG…Chuck&Blair ARE THE SHOW!!! CB=DESTINY!!

  34. CHAIR says:


  35. Mercedes says:

    DAIR remind me of Seth & Summer + Joey & Pacey!<3 I absolutely LOVE their witty banter and they have GREAT chemistry!<3
    Lonely Boy brings out the BEST in our Queen B i.e. she's a better and mature person with him With a kiss = Dair ENDGAME!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  36. Brianna says:

    Thanks for the interview! I think it’s great that Dan and Blair happened the way it did…now hopefully we get to see more of them together after the really loooooong hiatus. They are AMAZING together!

  37. Courtney says:

    I have been waiting for DB since the first episode of S1. And the notion that the writers have been planning them since makes me feel all giddy, and happy. I just can’t even express how happy I am that they are finally going there. And that endgame is possible for them. DB are good for each other, they make each other smile. They have unbelievable chemistry, and have the best buildup for a couple in awhile. The best for GG hands down. There is just something so genuine about them. Harry/Sally, definitely. I’m hoping for a season finale resolution, and season five to be the season of DAIR.

  38. S says:

    I can’t believe people really believe ratings are low because of Dair. lmao a lot of people watch GG in other ways instead of live you know. I agree with the person that said Dair are like Pacey & Joey from Dawson’s Creek because that is the couple they remind me of a little bit. I never thought I’d be for Dair but wow they won me over :D

  39. Rachel says:

    You know what? With the rabidity of Chair fans and the fact that ratings are getting low, Dair very well may die. But if a miracle happens and the authors decide to blindside us by ending Chair and giving us a Dair endgame, I will join you in your immaturity and laugh. And laugh HARD.

    (Ironically, I’m a multi-Blair shipper, so I do still ship Chair. I just think that some of my fellow Chair fans don’t deserve a happy ending after the way they’ve been acting. (Some, not all.) Sort of like Chuck doesn’t deserve Blair at the moment, TBH. Seriously guys, you make me feel ashamed.)

    And this shall be my first, last, and only comment to this post.

  40. Abby says:

    It warms my heart to read all the references to my beloved Dawson’s Creek. I thought the same thing while watching last night. Like Joey and Pacey, Blair and Dan bring out the best in each other. Dan is writing again. Blair has mellowed out. Everyone thought Dawson and Joey were meant to be, but really Joey and Pacey have more in common and connect on a more basic level. It’s the same for Dan and Blair. I love Blair and Chuck, but they don’t have as much in common as Dan and Blair. Dan and Blair are able to relax with each other in a way that she never did with Chuck. So much less drama with Dan, it is what makes them so cute and entertaining to watch.

  41. Rob says:

    The problem with GG has been that Serena is a horribly written character. She started off the show as the center of the GG world with everyone else off-shooting from their relationship with her, mainly Dan and her. Knowing that they couldn’t keep Dan/Serena as the main focus for the duration of the series, the writers started bringing other characters, especially Blair, into the forefront. Serena is now just portrayed as being incredibly flighty and only capable of making horrendous life decisions. If they continue to build Dan and Blair slowly, make Chuck be the a**hole that he was in the beginning, and finally give Serena some direction then I think they can get the show back on track.

  42. Lana says:

    I’m a huge Chair fan and I really hope they’re endgame but I have to say that I’m loving Dan and Blair, it is the only storyline worth watching right now.
    And I can’t understand how Dair is to blame for the ratings, their SL isn’t the only one on the show, maybe what’s lowering the ratings is the other SL that are complete carp!

  43. Michaela Parales says:

    I can’t believe I actually read all of these comments…

    First of all, to the CHAIR FANS (as a former CHAIR fan myself), I’m disgusted at the postings on this site from you. Please grow up. If you wanna type in all caps like an idiot or bash on DAIR fans without even making any sense, you’re so NOT helping your cause.

    Second, Dan and Blair are the cutest, healthiest, most charming thing on GG. EVER. I guess if you’re smart you understand that. And if you disagree, then you don’t know what real people with real feelings for each looks like. Sucks for you.

    http://exm.nr/eE1IW4 <– go to this site and learn something.

  44. Thais says:

    DAIR is the best thing that ever happened to the show! They should end up together, have a real relationship, get married and have kids. That’s what I think, lol. I LOVE them.

  45. Thais says:

    “Like Joey and Pacey, Blair and Dan bring out the best in each other. Dan is writing again. Blair has mellowed out. Everyone thought Dawson and Joey were meant to be, but really Joey and Pacey have more in common and connect on a more basic level. It’s the same for Dan and Blair. I love Blair and Chuck, but they don’t have as much in common as Dan and Blair.”

    That’s exactly what I thought when I finished watching the episode last night!!!!!!! :o

  46. mimi says:

    Thank you for this. I like how he said the character of GG are living characters, they GROW!! I wish people would pay attention to that word more often. Blair is no longer in high school waiting for hot sex. She is a woman, romance or no romance she has an amazing connection with Dan. That’s a very strong base for a very strong relationship. They understand each other, it’s wonderful.
    I love Dan and Blair and so do many others. With each episode more and more people are jumping on ship. Do continue with them please.

  47. Bijouette says:

    I totally agree with all the comments that are in favour of Blair and Dan as a couple. The actually development of their bond rather than the high speed romance that re show is notorious for is trully remarkable and wonderful to watch.

    The progression of their friendship and the tension albiet it be sexual is thrilling to watch and so as an avid fan I would be more than happy to watch Blair and Dan make babies!

    However when it comes down to it, chuck and Blair are poison and I love to see them repel and attract and take each others armour down to expose their true fragility, something that no other xharcters posess.
    It’s true chuck is abusive by nature but B can had right back to him, as she is the one who can trully hurt him.

    I love Blair and Dan together they’re revolutionairy
    But Chuck and Blair are epic.

  48. RBK says:

    I LOVE DAIR!!!!!!! <3 but I want JENNY BACK!!!!!!! I want NENNY BACK!!!!!!!!

  49. dair to dream says:

    OK so I was a real Chair fan. Seriously, I thought they were the heart of the show. Wow, this Dair thing is so weird but so so great. I’m completely surprised by how much I love them together. The writers are doing such an amazing job with their relationship, thank you. I love that it developed over time, it feels mature and real. Reading this interview I still think Chair is the end game but they will keep the Dair banter going. I didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek but I know about the Pacey and Joey thing… so I’m really really hoping that Dair can happen. What a great twist this has become! They are turning into my favorite TV couple of all time.

  50. dizzy says:

    I really enjoyed last night’s episode. This show has gotten much better recently, mostly thanks to the Blair and Dan storyline (although I also like Lily having one finally too). I have been a devoted fan since the beginning, and even with the unbelievable storylines and soap-standard dialogue that we’ve been subjected to over the last few seasons, I will probably continue to watch it no matter what. Loyal fans don’t threaten to stop watching the show because they don’t like a particular storyline and want things their way. I don’t believe the people who are commenting here that they are switching off actually are, because people who stop watching stop caring and wouldn’t make the effort to keep commenting on it. Besides which, if the show were cancelled, then noone would win as Blair, Chuck, Dan, Serena, and all the other UES-ers would simply disappear.

    I am really torn when it comes to shipping either Chair or Dair. I really just like a good heart-wrenching romance, which used to be Chair (especially Seasons 1 and 2), but the writers have kind of written them into a corner now. I don’t think with what’s been done to their characters, they could come back together until near the series end. After all, what is there left for them to do once they forgive each other and get back together but be happy, and how boring would that be to watch for a whole season or so. Remember Season 3? They were some of the most boring eps until they broke them up and there was all that angst and tension again. Loved the first half of the season (save the really bad dialogue – “My loins are burning with hatred for you” – seriously?) where they were fighting their desire to be together. Once they agreed to be apart so they could grow as individuals, it seemed there was nowhere left to go story-wise. Having said that, I feel that Chair is truly “epic” and a part of me will always root for them to be together.

    As for Dair, I’ve always felt they had a great chemistry since Season 1 when Dan and Blair had their first conversation on the hallway floor, after Dan had the argument with Serena, and Blair was upset that her mother rejected her as a model over Serena. I love the fact that they call each other out on their BS, and hope even if they end up not together, that their fantastic witty banter keeps on. Love the “When Harry Met Sally” and “Philadelphia Story” movie references too! I am also a sucker for classic Spencer Tracy-Katherine Hepburn style romances, and hope one day they can work that in too. Loved the scene last night where Dan rolls his eyes and tells Blair that it wasn’t necessary for her to come all the way to Brooklyn so she could yell at him – classic. So many storyline possibilities exist with these two: how they fit into each other’s social worlds (Would Blair have ever seen a hot dog? Would Dan know his soup spoon from his dessert or coffee one?); the inevitable discovery by Serena and Chuck; her penchant for world-domination, his for being judgmental… could go on for quite awhile.

    Anyways, I digress, this wasn’t meant to be an essay on Dair or Chair. I really meant to share what I think will happen in the next few episodes. From the promo, the kiss will have meaning for both of them (check out Blair moving her hands up Dan’s back!) However, before they can really talk about what it means, Chuck and Serena will show up and both need their respective shoulders to cry on: Chuck needing Blair because he thinks his father is a killer and liar, and Serena needing Dan because her mother will now face jail time. As a result, Dan and Blair will deny their feelings for each other for the next several episodes, but continue to stew over them. I think the whole line Blair says about how she “kissed someone and it changed everything” is while she’s comforting Chuck over his father. He’ll probably try to turn to her for more than just comfort, and Blair still hurt over the whole Raina thing, will tell him that she realizes she has gotten over him and doesn’t need him to be happy, and that as she stated at the beginning of the season, she will find love again. At that point, I don’t even think she means Dan specifically, but just love with someone else in general. It would be too soon for Dan and Blair to be immediately in love and be shouting out declarations like that. The whole part with Serena and the paparrazzi is probably because of the ensuing media circus that results from Lily’s arrest. Dan is probably at the diner to meet her, but Blair probably runs into him there too, and assumes he’s stalking her (delusions of grandeur, and other hilarious notions)! I think the second kiss will be in a future episode (Petty in Pink) after Blair tries to have a relationship with Louis which she would deem more appropriate for her station (I’m wondering if that comment Josh made about the way in which Louis comes back might mean he’s not actually there, but maybe just in a dream sequence? Hope not, I love to see some jealousy on Dan’s and/or Chuck’s part). She and Dan will probably have tension and angst for awhile which will blow up into a more passionate kiss. Not sure if the Vanessa thing is related to that part or not, but at some point Chuck will find out (since Blair will have told him she kissed someone, and he will be determined to find out who) – again probably in a later ep, and an all-out-war between Dair and Chair fans will ensue! The writers and producers will wait to see who’s more vocal and probably end the season with another cliffhanger as to who Blair will end up with before deciding which way it will go, and ensuring both factions tune in next season (if there is one).

    I for one can’t wait! Bring on the angst! Bring on the tension! May the best couple win, but whoever does, I’ll be good either way! Hope we get another season!