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Question: Is How I Met Your Mother going to show us the “Mother’s” face in the season finale? Or are they going to make that the cliffhanger? —Matt
No idea. I bet if we knew what the title of the episode was we could extract a clue or two from it. THIS JUST IN: I can exclusively reveal that the title of How I Met Your Mother‘s sixth season finale is… “Challenge Accepted.” What does it all mean? I believe that’s what God invented comments sections for.

Question: Tell me something about How I Met Your Mother that doesn’t involve the mother or the mystery wedding. —Jill
The gang will suffer another devastating loss later this season. Hint: For the past six years, it’s been more up-close and personal with their privates, in particular their butts. I’m talking about their booth at MacLaren’s! A new group of friends enter the pub and steal their coveted perch. Cue World War III.

Question: Is Terri returning to Glee his season? I have a sinking feeling she won’t be back next year. —Rion
I can’t speak about next season, but I can tell you that Jessalyn Gilsig reported back to the set this week for an episode to air in late March/early April. And rumor has it Terri’s up to her old tricks again.

Question: Any clues about the big Glee death at Regionals? —Cindy
I never said the death was big — I said the fallout was. And the only other clue you’re getting is the gender of the victim: male.

Question: Any other cast additions to Boardwalk Empire in Season 2? —Jacob
In addition to the arrival of legendary gangster Bugsy Siegel, S2 will introduce Al Capone’s twentwsomething brothers, Ralph and Frank.

Question: Any chance I could get a Brothers & Sisters scoop? —Amy
The buzz around the Walker watercooler is that if the show returns next season, there’s a good chance Ryan Devlin will be upgraded to a full-fledged series regular — something the actor would neither confirm nor deny. “All I know is that I’m shooting the season finale in a couple weeks and have heard rumors that Seth will be back next year,” Devlin tells me. “Calista [Flockhart] said there are some surprises coming, but despite my prodding, she wouldn’t reveal what they are.” Wait a second — Calista Flockhart knows what’s happening in the finale and I don’t? That’s it. Heads are gonna roll.

Question: Have we seen the last of America Ferrera on The Good Wife? Hope not. It was really nice seeing her back on my TV. —Charlotte
Wasn’t it, though? Luckily her character Natalie is back for another two episodes when a guilt-ridden Eli convinces Lockhart & Gardner to help sort out her immigration issues.  A complication arises when her father, played by New York actor Jaime Tirelli, gets in trouble with the law and faces possible deportation. Speaking of Good Wife, was this week’s episode all that and a bag of Pop Chips or what?

Question: Please tell me that ABC Family didn’t totally spoil the Greek series ending in this promo! —Britney
ABC Family didn’t totally spoil the ending of the series in the promo. They only partially spoiled it. But under no circumstances should you let that deter you from watching the feel-great swan song. There are several fun surprises that weren’t teased in that clip, including this one: A Buffy vet makes a hilarious cameo in the first 30 minutes!

Question: is Keith from Desperate Housewives really leaving The Lane for good? —@LexieKarev
Unfortunately he is. Brian Austin Green scored the lead (opposite Lost‘s Harold Perrineau) in the TBS comedy pilot The Wedding Band, so he’s otherwise engaged (see what I did there? Wedding Band? Engaged?). Bree won’t be without male companionship for long though. The show is currently casting a new love interest for her, and rumor has it her suitor’s profession will cause problems for a certain Wisterian.

Question: When will Jenny come back to Gossip Girl? —Phillip
That’s the $1 million question. Officially, exec producer Josh Safran would only say, “You’ll have to wait and see.” Taylor Momsen is currently touring the country in support of her new album, although she is scheduled to make a pit stop in New York on Wednesday. Maybe she’ll drop by the UES for a quickie?

Question: Can you confirm that Michelle Trachtenberg is returning to Gossip Girl? —Jen
I can’t, but Mr. Safran sure can. “Georgina is coming back later this season,” the boss man tells me of the hellion’s one-episode encore. “We love Michelle. We love Georgina. We love coming up with new [schemes] for Georgina. If you’re a fan of [her previous stints], then this one will be very satisfying.”

Question: How will Prince Louis’s return on Gossip Girl affect the budding relationship between Dan/Blair? —Katie
By the sounds of it, Blair’s royal crush will figure into this season’s final salvo in a significant way. “I’m very proud of this season, but I’m especially proud of these last five episodes,” says Safran. “I feel like they go to all the places I would hope — if I were just a fan just watching — the show would go. And that involves Prince Luis. But in what capacity, I don’t want to say. Obviously there are [paparazzi] shots of him out there so people know he’s coming back, but I think they might be surprised about the way in which he comes back.”

Question: Any scoop on the arrival of Aunt Carol on Gossip Girl? —Craig
Yes, and it’s a doozy: She won’t be coming to town alone. As first hinted at by Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, she’ll be accompanied by her daughter (played by The Mountain‘s Kaylee Defer). I’m guessing producers have big plans for Serena and Eric’s cousin since her deal with the show includes an option to become a series regular next season.

Question: Ausiello, if you had to pick a comedy that airs at 8 pm on Wednesdays on ABC to give me scoop for, would you choose The Middle and what would you tell me about it? —Andrew
Well, although the competition among shows that air on ABC Wednesdays at 8 was stiff, I would in fact choose The Middle. So here’s your scoop: Axl will be going to the prom with a girl who is about as far from his type as Patricia Heaton is from Charo! And that may be an understatement. His date is so weird, she makes Brick seem normal. Well, normal-ish. Needless to say, there are extenuating (and presumably highly amusing) circumstances that lead to him asking out the school outcast known as “Weird Ashley.”

Question: Parenthood scoop? —Deb
Here are two words I never thought I’d include in the same sentence: Amber and prom. However, the former will most certainly be attending the latter this spring, but not on the arm of Greek‘s Scott Michael Foster. She attends the big dance with a friend of Alex’s (Michael B. Jordan), and the results are — no surprise here — disastrous.

Question: Modern Family scoop, please? –Carter
Since the show is currently casting a young Carey Hart type to play a go-kart racetrack cashier during May sweeps, I’m thinking Family members are about to make like hell on wheels. Either that, or Dylan has another rival for Haley’s attention.

Question: Anything on the new season of Hung? — Charles
Ray may be about to experience another first, even for him: The show is casting the recurring role of a knockout pre-op transsexual woman (in other words, a genetic male who is about to undergo gender reassignment surgery). Doesn’t matter to the show whether it’s a woman who can pass for a man, or a man who can pass for a woman; they just have to be pretty.

Question: I’ll take a Big Bang Theory scoop please! —Denny
Oh, you will, will you? How’s this? Sheldon is about to take the law into his own hands… and then put the law in the hands of a 40ish police officer. The crime: an online gaming robbery.

Question: In last week’s AA, you said that Community‘s Firefly reference brought to 134 the number of times the show was given a shout-out on a scripted series this season. Can you publish a list of the other 133? —Miranda
I actually can’t, but I have a very good excuse: I was exaggerating for comedic effect! Speaking of Community, Abed’s birthday is coming up and it’s going to be epic. Think **** *******.

Question: So what’s the deal with Two and a Half Men — is it over for good? —Andy
This could change, but the last I heard was that Chuck Lorre has a plan in place to save the show, which means he’ll most likely be needing this. And while we’re on the subject of Charlie Sheen, I do not appreciate him dragging Ask Ausiello into the mud pit with statements such as this one: “I was shackled and oppressed by the cult of AA for 22 years.” For starters, AA hasn’t been around that long. Second, who’s forcing you to read it? Exactly. Winning.

Question: House and Cuddy fans are just dying to see next Monday’s “Bombshells” episode. Could you share whether or not the episode ends on a positive note for Huddy and their relationship? —Lane
I’ll say this about the ending: There’s absolutely nothing ambiguous about it.

Question: I’m obsessed with 90210 — particularly the Silver/Adrianna plot. Scoop? —Nick
You already know that Adrianna’s going push Silver off the deep end by screwing with her bipolar meds. But what I’m pretty sure you don’t know is what will happen to Silver’s hair as a result: *t *u*** ******!

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing!

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  1. Jen says:

    BYE Terri, its time to go, your useless.

    • Kris says:

      Terri is awesome. I wish she was on it more.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        Agreed. The fake pregnancy plot was actually my favourite thing about the first season. Jessalyn Gilsig is amazing as bitchy Terri, especially in contrast with the sweet teacher she played on Boston Public.

        • Juliana says:

          I also think she was great in season 1, but she’s been missing for so long that i just don’t know anymore!

        • lacey says:

          I love Terri and agree that the fake pregnancy was the best story in season 1. Terri is so awesome whereas Will is such a dud, can we keep Terri and get rid of Will?

        • Linderella49 says:

          Jessalyn Gilsig must be a great actress because I cringed every time Terri came on screen. What an awful character…and an emasculating nut job. Glad she’s gone…maybe Will will be able to develop his “manhood” – so to speak.

          • AlistairCrane says:

            She’s not gone. Jessalyn Gilsig remains a series regular. We’re just *speculating* that she might not be back next year.

      • Jenny says:

        Terri sucks. Glad she’s gone. I admit she added some twisted spice to the show, but she was just awful. She and her psycho sister can stay far, far away. I wish she wasn’t so awful because I like the actress very much.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          I loved her sister. It’s a shame that Glee has forgotten about its side characters like Kendra and Acafellas (Howard Bamboo, Sandy, etc.), and now solely focuses on the teens and maybe some of Sue’s wacky hijinks.

    • John says:

      Free Jessalyn Gilsig!

    • John says:

      Unfortunately you’re right. Murphy and co. couldn’t think of anything to write for her past her season 1 story and keep introducing new characters, so I think they need to let her go from her binding contract and let the talented Jessalyn Gilsig (who, by the way, I’ve heard has a great voice that’s never been used on the singing show!) pursue other opportunities. Time to let her escape from T.R. Knight-style hell!

      • Michael says:

        Yeah, Terri’s arc actually came to a nice end at the bottom of Season 1. She actually grew as a character, and while it was certainly too late for her to make things right with Will, at least she could be redeemed somewhat before taking her bow and exiting the show.

        The problem is, the main reason Jessalyn Gilsig is still on Glee is that Ryan Murphy loves Jessalyn Gilsig. And she’s a marvelous actor, no doubt, but when a story line and a character have run their course, let them go.

    • Robyn says:

      I think either Burt Hummel or Will’s dad will be the male who dies, but could also be Carl so Emma could be free for Will. Any of these deaths could have major impact for the group, especially Will if what I think will happen with Teri is true. I bet she is going to actually be pregnant as a result of her tryst with Will while he was sick and medicated. Remember she said he was going to regret rejecting her. What better way than to withold the child that Will always wanted?

      • Cath says:

        I’m thinking the same thing. As soon as they got together in that episode, I went “uh-oh”. I really think that it will happen, and it’s twisted enough that could happen. I guess we have to wait to see if it’s how it will be played out.

      • Cynthia says:

        Since it’s the “FALL”OUT from the death that’s going to have a huge effect on the show, I’m thinking it’s the coach of Aural Intensity, Sue tripped down the stairs, hence the “fall” comment. Since it’s on the “regional” episode, it may have something to do with the judges feeling sorry for them they’re going to “give” AI regionals OR something to that effect. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • Kristin says:

          It’s the bird. The warblers mascot. He’s male. The fallout is big. The death is little (cause he’s a little bird). ; )

    • Jacob says:

      I actually like her.

  2. Josh says:

    Waited for this weeks AA, nothing I’m interested in sadly.

    • Sally says:

      I love AA. That being said, I’m sorry, but this week was kinda lacking =/ Ausiello, how ’bout some scoop on Bones, Fringe, Grey’s, V, Cougar Town (and perhaps how badly Mr. Sunshine is doing)… You’re the best, so get back to the good stuff please =)

    • spikenalabam says:


  3. rip van winkle says:

    AA, Ask Ausiello… hahaha I get it

  4. Love your stuff… so glad you didn’t really leave us but just started your own site. Are you Following @CharlieSheen yet? lol

  5. Jeanne says:

    Challenge Accepted promises a great HIMYM episode!
    Hmmm that booth thing already happened once, in the one where Ted and Barney get in a fake fight? Ah, well, I’d love to see what happens :D

    • Joe says:

      OK have to take a stab at this. Barney always says challenge accepted when someone offers something resembling a dare. So my guess for the mystery wedding is. Barney and the new flame will be getting hitched after someone say something to the extent of “Barney will never get married” Barney says “Challenge Accepted”… Laughter ensues and we have the wedding promised all season.

  6. Sarah says:

    So sad Greek is ending. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. I know I’m going to ball my eyes out like a baby on Monday. lol

  7. Kristal says:

    I wonder if the death on Glee is Princpal Figgins. Him dying could be the death (so to speak) for the Glee club.

    • Kris says:

      He said it wasn;t a big death. Figgins is in like every episode. It’s probably a REALLY small character or a character that hasn’t been introduced. My money is on one of the regional judges.

      • k says:

        I’m thinking Karofsky is going to commit suicide. He’s not major character. But his death would have major fallout. Also, it would allow Kurt to return to McKinley next season. And it would advance their whole bullying plotline.

      • me says:

        the bully commits suicide. kirk comes back. blake misses him and transfers too. rachel has her signing partner and ND wins nationals.

      • Lace says:

        Higgins isn’t a big character no matter how many episodes he’s in. So I can see how killing him off wouldn’t hurt the show.

    • Trista says:

      I think the death will be the bully. He is very unhappy. Maybe Glee is going after school special on us. Think of the repercussions of a closeted homosexual killing himself after his friends find out he is gay. Think of the guilt that some will feel for not seeing what was behind his bullying of Kurt. Think of guilt that Kurt will feel for not reaching out when he knew that the guy was conflicted. It would be a tremendously powerful story – I think.

    • ELLster says:

      i bet it is the bus driver who is supposed to take them to the competition…. they finally make it there just as they are calling new directions forfeit for not showing up…

  8. Heather says:

    It Turns Purple!

  9. MKS says:

    Challenge accepted! There’s been a lot of speculation that it could be Barney’s wedding (who the bride may be…? Probably Robin or Nora. I’d be cool with either.) since Ted’s the best man. Granted, Ted’s pal Punchy is also getting married, but with this title in mind, I think it’s more likely to be the Barnacle. I mean, marriage would be the ultimate challenge for him once he gets past that whole distaste for it.

    • Amy says:

      I agree with you. Challenge Accepted as a phrase has Barney written all over it and it is the wedding episode. So it has to be Barney getting married because you are right it would be the ultimate challenge for him. Also, in the season premiere only Ted, Lily, and Marshall were in the scene so it seems pretty clear that Barney and Robin are the couple. Though HIMYM has been known (see this week’s episode) to do a mean fake-out. I think the only sure thing is this is Barney’s wedding.

      • Tracie says:

        I agree as well. “Challenge Accepted” has to mean Barney…. although, it would make sense if he didn’t go through with it though, because when future Ted sees Wendy the Waitress he says he was “at this wedding” making it sound as if it didn’t hold that much value for him.

        • Meg says:

          Or at the very least Wendy didn’t know the person/people getting married. If it was Barney’s wedding it seems Ted would have mentioned him by name, whereas if the wedding is for Punchy he probably wouldn’t mention him by name to Wendy.

          • Jenna Corbett says:

            People seem to keep going back to punchy but first of all there is no way that punchy would invite Ted’s friends to the wedding and ALSO Marshall is wearing a tux too! It makes sense that Marshall would be in Barney’s wedding but not punchy also it kind of looks like the dress Lily is wearing is maybe a bridesmaids dress. It is def NOT punchy’s wedding but I do think it is Barney’s I don’t want it to be Nora, I would love it to be Robin but I am not convinced of that either!

          • Amy says:

            I think the only reason Ted said “this wedding” is because the writers did not want to reveal whose wedding it is.

      • Carol says:

        Yes, Barney says “challenge accepted” quite a bit, even when no one has issued a challenge.

      • Ivet says:

        What about this? Robin was not shown because writers didn’t want to spoil it and wanted to keep fans guessing and hoping for Robin.
        Thats just a theory…. but i hope its not barney/robin.

    • Laura says:

      Actually, I don’t think that Ted would be the best man at Barney’s wedding. Wouldn’t that be a job for his brother played by Wayne Brady? I could only see Ted being the best man if they (the HIMYM writers) came up with some plausible excuse for Barney’s brother to not be present at the wedding.

      • Khyati says:

        it is possible that its a Barney-Robin wedding with Barney’s brother as his best best man and Ted as Robin’s best man…remember she asked him to be her best man in False Positive.

        • David says:

          Any considered that it could be Robin’s and Don’s wedding they’re talking about? I mean… from the beginning where Ted introduces him to his kids by his first name as “And that’s when Robin met…. Don”… Maybe he comes back and that’s why Ted’s nervous. Cause it’s someone he used to love

          And I have this theory that the mother will show up at the wedding, but it’d be the wrong one… She’d have ended up at that wedding by accident… You wouldn’t want to give Ted the slightest doubt that he might be related to his future wife

  10. Pedro says:

    *t *u*** ******!
    it turns purple! ?

  11. K says:

    I wonder if this means the Prince is some sort of cover for Dair. Probably not though.

  12. Bee says:

    ryan devlin series regular? that’s exciting. except idk how they can afford it when they’re making cuts lefts and right. that BETTER not mean sarah, kitty, justin, or kevin leave. anyway, hope the show returns next season.

  13. Tyler says:

    Am I the only one who thinks “Glee” actually needs Terri? I mean, she makes Will sympathetic/likeable, much like he was the first season. Now, he’s a total creep that obsesses over Emma and Carl. Plus, I think the show needs another good foil besides Sue Sylvester. Could be just me though.

    • Taylor says:

      I completely agree! I know no one likes her, but if you think about how good the first season was compared to how “eh” this one is, the main difference is mr. schue was someone to root for before and now he’s really unlikable.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      You’re not the only one. Terri’s one of the only characters on this show who’s got some depth. Plus, she always spices things up, and any good show needs a good villainess! But she’s been isolated from the main action for so long that I feel like her time is up, unfortunately.

      • Tyler says:

        I agree that her time is probably up. If they aren’t going to use her, they should let her book other pilots. She’s consistently good, in my book.

  14. Jacqi says:

    Anyone else hoping for a good girlfriend for Rusty by the time Greek ends next week? I thought they were suppose to be pairing up Rusty and Ashleigh, but it only happened for 2 episodes. :(

  15. Emgee says:

    Here’s hoping for HUDDY!

  16. yma says:

    My guess is that Karofsky commits suicide and that is the catalyst for Kurt to return, with bittersweet feelings over the death, to McKinley after they win regionals.

    • mirvin365 says:

      I’m thinking the same thing about Karofsky – except that Blaine and Kurt will end up at McKinley afterwards as a way to support other LGBT teens at the school who may feel alone or afraid to come out. Just a guess though…

      • Lina says:

        Since it’s not a big death, I’m more inclined to think it’s the Warblers canary that Kurt is taking care of, as other posters said. That would likely throw off their performance, wouldn’t it?

    • Doug says:

      That would be good but he is involved in at least one episode that take place after regionals and therefore cannot be the one.

    • Anya says:

      I think I read somewhere that Ryan Murphy said he wants to give Karofsky a happy ending and that he would probably not have him commit suicide because its “supposed to be a happy show” or something like that. So I doubt it’s Karofsky commiting suicide, though that would be a very interesting storyline if it were ever to happen.

  17. Tabitha says:

    Not a Terri fan. Does silver start having more fun as a blonde??

    AA slams, uncool. AA, hilarious as ever!

    Are you an OTH fan yet?

  18. Emgee says:

    When will Ausiello give some scoop on “Pretty Little Liars”?

  19. Rebecca Parker says:

    I definitely think Karofsky will be the one who dies – maybe a suicide? The fallout from that would definitely be big.

  20. Sjda says:

    Loving Gossip Girl this season! Thank you Ausiello for the spoilers!! :)

  21. Allyson says:

    If Karofsky were to die, I think I would too. Max Adler is God’s gift to…me. & I love him in my TV.

    & I am really pumped about next week’s House. I love Hugh Laurie singing anytime, so this is great :) I think the fantasy sequences will be really interesting too :)

  22. Kyle H says:

    For Abed- Pulp Fiction?

    And the Glee death, it’s too obvious to be a Karovsky suicide, yet I’m still dreading it.

  23. Kelly says:

    I think the glee death is Carl. Granted I like Carl and would be sad to see him go, but then Emma would be a widow and she and would probably get together. It makes sense.

    • Kelly says:

      Emma and Will***

      Sorry for my typo

    • John says:

      It’ll probably be the bird. However, if Carl died:

      It would put Emma in mourning, thereby delaying Wemma another year or so, which Murphy will want.

      It would be an opportunity for Stamos to peel out on a motorcycle and have Emma sing Leader of the Pack.

  24. me says:

    what ambiguous mean? sry english no good

  25. maddie says:

    Silvers hair…
    It turns silver!

  26. mmartian says:

    great im down to getting one or two scoops from the ask Ausiello about glee and gossip girl shows column

    • Mike B says:

      4 Gossip Girls scoops? Come on! Do we really need that many? We get some many Glee week after week it’s not funny. There are so many other shows that deserve more than they get.

      • mmartian says:

        upon further calculations scoops have been calculated at
        40 percent glee scoop
        30 percent gossip girl
        15 percent HIMYM
        5 percent fringe
        5 percent smallville
        5 percent all over shows

  27. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the House/Cuddy scoop. Here’s hoping next week’s edition has some juicy Castle and Bones spoilers!

  28. noballsaus says:

    way don’t you grow a pair aus and tell us some news about a mindwipe for lois on smallville are you scared of us fans.

  29. AlistairCrane says:

    Glad to hear we’ll be seeing more Terri. According to Jessalyn Gilsig’s Facebook, she’ll be in next week’s episode as well.

  30. Abie says:

    Clearly, Hung should be hiring Candis Cayne.

  31. Mooshki says:

    I thought Taylor Monster had been fired? Haven’t missed Little J one Little Bit. I just wish she had taken her brother with her. Dan is BORING and so beneath Blair it isn’t even funny.

  32. AlistairCrane says:

    Maybe the Glee death is Jacob Ben Israel. They’ve done all they can with that character.

  33. Becca says:

    I’m trying to think about the Community spoler but I just can’t figure it out. All I have is that the first word could be Abed. Unless it’s a movie or t.v. show. Oh is it Kick Puncher?!?

  34. Cari G says:

    FYI – AA was founded well over 22 years ago – in 1935. :)

  35. Doug says:

    Since it’s the fallout and not the cast member that is huge and there are only 3 non regular cast members that are male I would say that the death is either Carl or Higgins. Burt is slated to appear in 6 episodes in season 3 so obviously it’s not him. It would have an impact if it goes with either of the remaining two. If Carl dies, it leaves Emma to think about her feelings for Will but in a cruel twist of fate, she winds up being in Wills shoes in terms of being a third wheel so to speak because he is involved with someone else. Of course, this does not seem like it would have a fallout that affects a lot of people. Maybe it means it would be massive a massive fallout for one person?? If Higgins die and Sue somehow manages to become principal like she did when he took ill, it would cause major problems for the Glee club. There is also the idea of someone more nasty than Sue becoming principal and that would make things hard for the Glee club as well.

    • Samantha says:

      I hadn’t thought of Higgins dying but that’s a good guess. I actually loved Sue when she was principal though and I would love to see her back in that role. She was actually pretty kind and understanding in that position, especially with the whole Kurt being bullied thing.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m thinking Higgins too, but like other people said it could be a character we haven’t seen before. A relative’s death could cause a fallout. Will’s dad?

  36. Samantha says:

    What if Karofsky kills himself on Glee? That would defintely cause some serious fallout and I wouldn’t put it past Ryan Murphy to keep the gay bullying storyline going with something like that…

  37. Julia says:

    The death on Glee is Pavarotti, the fallout is Kurt returning to McKinley.

  38. Mo-bound says:

    Love your column…..any scoop on the best show in tv, that would be Justified, would be appreciated!!

  39. Emma says:

    Will there be a Klaine kiss in the near future on Glee? Will they finally get together?

    • Tom says:

      I fudgin’ wish! Darren was being coy when asked about a Klaine kiss in a recent interview, so who knows … maybe it’s already filmed!

  40. Joe says:

    where’s the smallville scoop?

  41. Jill says:

    Glad that America Ferrara will be back on The Good Wife. Love the ambiguity of Eli’s feelings about what he’s doing to her.

    No ambiguity on House these days. Ever. What a change from the original show.

  42. sean says:

    for abed think “Kick puncher” ?

  43. liz says:

    Just a short question: Do TPTB (and you) even realize that there are tons of fans out there who can’t stand Huddy? Who don’t care about Huddy at all?! How about some good (!) scoop for them?!

    • FFN says:

      Ellen: The affair with Cuddy, I understand some people are for the affair, and some people are like “why did you do that?”
      Hugh: Yes. I mean you know, it’s much like real life and you know a couple get together and half of the friends of the couple are going “that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life” and the other half are sort of cheering for it.

      If Hugh knows, obviously TPTB know

    • Jill says:


      • Tracy Murray says:

        Yes to that , but for a change , I would like to hear some non Huddy spoilers for House , like an upcoming episode or multiple story arc involving all of the characters .

  44. midge says:

    About HIMYM: Isn’t it so clear that Barney will say these two words at the end of the episode? I mean he’s the one who’s going to be married or is there any doubt about this? Instead of a simple “Yes” this is the answer one can expect from a real Stintson. :-)

  45. Tom says:

    Everyone already knows that the death on Glee is Pavarotti. There are even pictures from the funeral floating around.

  46. If the Glee death is the f**king bird, it will be beyond lame.

    We know it’ll be a guy, so that rules out all the ladies.

    Due to contractual information, we know it won’t be Blaine, Mike, or Burt.

    Carl, Karofsky, and Figgins do seem to be the most likely candidates, though I don’t like the idea of Carl leaving the show that way, because dramatically, it would just be a cheat, removing the problem instead of forcing the characters to solve it. The only way this would work for me would be if Emma decided she didn’t want to be with him and then he died. Having someone die who you kind of already wanted gone leaves with a whole different set of horrible feelings, and that would be interesting to see someone as lily white as Emma play.

    As for Karofsky, I like his character a lot. There’s a lot of potential there. Ryan Murphy said his storyline would have some kind of happy ending. I don’t think a death in high school would allow for that. Murphy could be lying. It’s possible. However, I think that to have Karofsky kill himself at this point, when so much has gone into developing his character, would just be unsatisfying.

    The tension between Kurt and Blaine right now is delicious, especially now that Blaine is starting to fall off the pedestal in Kurt’s eyes. I think it would be really interesting if Blaine did end up at McKinley and realized his feelings for Kurt, but not before Kurt started macking on Karofsky, which would set up a really interesting conflict for Season 3.

  47. I says:

    I wish AA would give some Chuck/Blair spoilers! I’m so sick of hearing about Dan and Prince Louis.

  48. Nelly says:

    VERRY CRAP ‘Ask Ausiello’!!!

    i mean why are all these shows still on the air, yet Fringe and Human Target and HEROES have had BAD luck latley!

    Fringe has like a 70% chance of being cancled

    Human Target has a 99% chance of being cancled

    and HEROES!!!!! CANCLED


  49. nellycooke@hotmail.co.uk says:

    VERRY CRAP ‘Ask Ausiello’!!!

    i mean why are all these shows still on the air, yet Fringe and Human Target and HEROES have had BAD luck latley!

    Fringe has like a 70% chance of being cancled

    Human Target has a 99% chance of being cancled

    and HEROES!!!!! CANCLED


  50. kiks says:

    THE GOOD WIFE WAS FANTASTIC last night…One of the Best Episodes of the season to date…I was on edge for the full hour and that makes for good tv