American Idol's Top 12 Guys Perform: Vote for Your Favorite, and Tell Us Who Needs to Go!

Speed-dialers, start your engines! The voting portion of American Idol‘s tenth season is officially underway, and by Thursday night, brutal cuts will be hitting us in the face like dodgeballs in a middle-school gym. But let’s start with the good news: At least eight or nine of the singers we saw tonight from the top 12 male contestants would’ve easily been in contention for a spot on the Idol summer tour had they appeared in season 9. In fact, I’d only call one performance (Jordan Dorsey’s truly unfortunate “OMG”) a complete catastrophe. The bad news? Only the top five vote-getters will get an automatic slot in the season 10 finals; the seven remaining hopefuls will be at the mercy of the judges’ wild cards in order to get a second chance to perform for the Idoloonie Nation. Like I said, break out the protective headgear, ’cause the dodgeballs are comin’!

Check out the full setlist for tonight’s show below, then vote in our polls for your favorite (mine sang something that rhymes with “Saggy Neigh”) and least favorite performances. I’m going to save the rest of my opinions for my full episode recap, which will publish overnight right here at Until then, feel free to hit the comments and sound off on which contestants impressed you, which fell flat, and which ones you feel didn’t get a chance to show their true potential. And for all my Idol coverage, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Clint Jun Gamboa: Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”
Jovany Barreto: Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be”
Jordan Dorsey: Usher’s “OMG”
Tim Halperin: Rob Thomas’ “Streetcorner Symphony”
Brett Loewenstern: The Doors’ “Light My Fire”
James Durbin: Judas Priest’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin”
Robbie Rosen: Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”
Scott McCreery: John Michael Montgomery’s “Letters From Home”
Stefano Langone: Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”
Paul McDonald: Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May”
Jacob Lusk: Luther Vandross’ “A House Is Not a Home”
Casey Abrams: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell On You”

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  1. Adam says:

    Can’t wait for Michael Slezak to eat his words in regards to James (I say this with love lol). He was great tonight.

    • PinBox says:

      Awesome, awesome, awesome!

      My other early favs are Paul and Casey.

      Most all of them are better than the whole male crop from season 9.
      I have high hopes!

    • Zoe says:

      Yes James can sing when he’s not wailing, but he doesn’t have the stage presence, nor the finesse of Adam Lambert. Still a pale comparison.

      • PinBox says:

        Yes, I agree. No one comes close to Adam’s near-perfection, he is that special. Just as no one comes close to Lady Gaga’s near-perfection.
        But this is a different season, and James did a good job.

    • b says:

      If I closed my eyes, James sounded great. But watching him, he really seemed to be trying way too hard to play the part of “rocker” – and it does feel like a part he’s playing more than who he is. Add to that some generally douchey comments in earlier episodes and copying Adam’s performances, and it’ll take a few more episodes of sounding just as good every time before I’m on his side.

      • Zoe says:

        I completely agree – if he’s gonna say he sounds like Adam Lambert, he better be able to match or sound better than Adam and he really doesn’t. James doesn’t have the kind of control over his wail that Adam does and he doesn’t have the stage presence to make it as convincing as Adam. It feels copy-cat and ingenuine.

      • Maybelle says:

        How can you say that James is copying Adam’s performances? So he sings high, so what? There is NO Adam Lambert here. I love Adam and I love James, but in no way is James like Adam. Adam is beyond anyone. James just wished he could be like Adam. I like James but he lacks Adam’s maturity. Give James a chance, is all I ask.

  2. Brittany Keener says:

    I think it is important to note that they edited Jordan’s critique from the judges and was asked why he chose, OMG. He said, “It was offered to me.” He did not want to sing the song and Idol went and edited that out! I was there!

    • Liva says:

      Good to know Brittany, because I was wondering why in the heck he would choose a song that did not suit him. The perils of reality tv. Poor kid.

      • The producers can be manipulative and try to trick the audience into thinking things, but they never tie up the contestants and force them to sing a song they don’t want to. Jordan could have chosen another one. He is upset it didn’t work, but after Hollywood rounds I don’t feel bad for the guy at all. He needs to go.

        • Liva says:

          I see what you’re saying and you’re right, we all know there’s some manipulatin’ going on. That most likely extends to the Hollywood rounds too. I can see the guy wanting to do whatever is needed to please Idol, hence Usher. We know he’s on their hit list; too bad he doesn’t.

        • IdolLuv says:

          And thank God that the producers are in there manipulating for a better show. Don’t want the kids to be victims, but don’t want a snoozefest either!

        • Janie says:

          I agree. He chose that song because he thought he would “try and be sexy”. He is stuck on himself and thought he could pull off an Usher song and he obviously couldn’t. He is his biggest fan

    • I know that Jordan didn’t want to sing the song but he could have chosen another one. The producers can be manipulative, but they don’t tie up the contestants and force them to sing something they don’t want to. Jordan was annoying in those Hollywood rounds and he performed terrible tonight. He needs to go.

    • Kay says:

      Wow! Thanks for this tidbit. TPTB are still at it.

  3. Fizzy says:

    Anyone know why I can’t vote online. The show has been over for about a half hour and it says voting is closed.

  4. Carrie says:

    My top five were:


    In that order.

  5. Lindsey says:

    Loved James, Scotty, Paul, Casey and Jacob!!! Really want to see Tim pull through despite a bad night!! Hate Jordan, Clint and Jovany!!

    Robbie, Brett and Stefano could go either way…

    • Alina says:

      Same thing here, those 5 guys were really good.
      I still don’t like James too much but he chose the perfect song for him and this time did not overdo it.
      Scotty was great, although I must say I wouldn’t be caught dead with that kind of country album in my bag :D… I have a feeling though that if he doesn’t stumble with weekly themes, he’s your Next American Idol.
      Jacob – really nice, he reigned it in, what a voice this dude has.
      Paul and Casey = LOVE, I enjoy these two guys so much, excellent vibe from their performance, I just found myself smiling all the time.

      Robbie, Stefano, Brett and Tim were pretty much ok, but all could’ve done much much better (maybe not Stefano).

  6. Sandy says:

    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed James Durbin. He was really great tonight. I voted for him and Paul.

  7. Karyn says:

    There’s no way Paul McDonald would get my vote until I can understand at least 50% of the words in his song. He has a great voice, but learn to pronounce words like a human please!

    • Liva says:

      So his snazzy belt buckle doesn’t win him any free points? I know that song so well I think I filled in all the ‘un-enunciated’ bits in my head… while glancing occasionally at his belt buckle.

  8. Christina says:

    The 5 who will probably get voted through are :
    Casey, Jacob, James, Scotty, and Paul

    Brett, Tim , and Stefano may have a shot at the wildcards, but the others are done.

  9. Andrea says:

    Loved Paul McDonald. I thought his phrasing was awesome. He’s unique. Loved James Durbin too. My favorites were Paul, James, and Scotty.

  10. Karen says:

    It’s a shame we can’t pick more than 5 guys, but I would pick Paul, Casey, Jacob, Scotty and Brett.

  11. MSD says:

    Still rooting for (and voting for) Robbie and Tim despite not-so-good showings. I think they both have what it takes to entertain and impress in the Top 13. Bummer that the dodgeballs are about to fly, as Slezak so wonderfully put.

    • Justin K says:

      You’re a musical moron

    • b says:

      I think that they were both victims of absolutely horrible song choices – but unfortunately, the fact is that song choice is at least half the battle in this game and if they don’t get that then maybe it’s best to let them go early. I thought Tim’s choice was particularly clueless (as far as what makes a good Idol song), and he doesn’t have the excuse of being 17.

  12. l says:

    I liked:

  13. Snsetblaze says:

    I’m watching this late (Tivo is wonderful). Casey was amazing and he’s pretty funny but I can’t quite get to “sexy” yet as he still reminds me of Junior Gorg from the Fraggles (thanks cameraguy for that image). Paul was very good – he should do a Paul Simon song next (or James Blunt, Amos Lee, Ray Lamontagne).

    I thought the judges were way too harsh on Tim. Brett – I liked him despite the song not quite being right for him. He just sounds like Mick Hucknall. For the first time, Jacob bored me. Jordan – he was terrible – and Karma’s a ****.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree with your song choices for Paul Mcdonald (aside from maybe James Blunt). I think Ray Lamontagne with his voice with seriously rock the stage, as would Paul Simon. As for Amos Lee, we might see some of that because from Paul’s twitter he’s an Amos Lee fan, he was also hinting around about maybe doing some Mumford and Sons.

      God, he better get through to next week otherwise this will be a very loooooong season.

  14. Caroline says:

    I hate that they’re cutting semifinals short when so many of these guys are good. My favorites are Robbie, Scotty, Casey, James, and Paul. I will be pissed if Robbie gets cut.

  15. tyler says:


    were the best of the night
    brett is terrible.

  16. Brian says:

    Overall, it started off weak (performances and judges) and got better towards the end. A few people that were outstanding and would be a real shame to lose.

    Clint: Karaoke lead in was fitting. He sang pretty well, and tried to give a performance….but the performance reminded me of someone doing karaoke…actaully a karaoke host doing karaoke…at 7:30…with a half filled room of sober people…and two girlfriends cheering him on

    Jovany: Boring, not very good…goner

    Jordan: Was actually excited to hear a contemporary, popular song, until he started singing and dancing….horendous.

    Tim: I actually like him and thought he was ok, but probably not good enough in comparison, and won’t stand out. Bad song choice.

    Brett: Sang ok. Not nearly powerful enough. Found myself saying he was way too effeminate with his movements…then thought of Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Steven Tyler (random scrawny rock singer) and thought well maybe not…then looked at the screen, heard the lisp, and that was the end.

    James: I actually really like him. I appreciate singers who act like they belong in teh role of the best singer in America. Will he win…no, but he is good enough to be the lead singer in a band.

    Robbie: Did not like it at all…sang poorly and very boring. Good thing for him he is nice.

    Scotty: Thought it was pretty good, even though country is not my thing. Could see him performing to a crowd of drunk people at the end of the night after a day long float trip (there is good money in that right?)

    Stefano: Sang fine, kind of looks the part…but with the background music and his less tahn powerful voice, it made me think of a feature attraction at EPCOT (even though I don’t think they have singers at EPCOT) Ithought the song choice was good (especially for him) but he is too non-descript to do well against this group.

    Paul: Really like him and that he is different. Maybe not the best poerfoirmance, but looked like he belonged and I’d like to see more.

    Jscob: Not my style…but he can SANG. Of course I spent the first half of the performance wondering if he usually performs dressed in drag, then waited for the commercial break to see if he was the transvestite that tried out for Diddy Dirty Money.

    Casey: Like him, his performance and musicality. Not as good a singer as some others…but does it matter?

  17. Amanda says:

    Definitely Paul was by far my favourite. Aside from him, Casey and Jacob both had the next best performances. If I was allowed to vote, it would be Paul and then Casey. And I’m soooo glad that Jacob didn’t take Randy’s advice and just did the performance without over-singing.

    The other performances of the night were not up to par. I realize that it’s the first episode, so lots of them are struggling with the right song for their style/voice but you’ve got to learn fast. I admit, I dislike James Durbin but he had his best performance yet tonight. Tim Halperin I have a bit of faith in, if he can learn to choose the right song.

    Jordan, Clint, Stefano, Jovany and Bretty were all lackluster for me. And no matter what, I will not be able to give over the annoying sway Scotty has when he performs, despite his country voice being great, I can’t see him adapting to other styles of music on this show.

    They better keep Casey, Paul, and Jacob into next week. If I don’t see Paul next week that’s it, I don’t think I can continue watching AI.

  18. patti says:

    4 guys were better than average tonight — James, Paul, Scotty and Casey. Everyone else was mediocre to awful. Especially bad were Robbie, Stefano, Jordan and Jovany

  19. jef says:

    Paul and Casey FTMFW!

    More should leave than stay.

  20. Snsetblaze says:

    Loved Casey, and Paul, though I can’t quite get to “Sexy” for Casey as the image of Junior Gorg appears in my mind’s eye every time (thanks cameraguy). The judges were way too harsh on Tim. I enjoyed his performance. I also liked Brett – he sounds like Mick Hucknall from Simply Red – although the hair-tossing was too much – reminded me of the Glee episode Hairology. Though I don’t particularly care for James Durbin, he did well tonight (and his higher notes fit the song). The rest – meh (and I like Jacob – the song just bored me).

  21. amanda says:

    Seriously, Michael, you didn’t think Stefano’s and Robbie’s off-key performances weren’t train wrecks? Did either one of them hit a correct note? And how many unnecessary vocal tricks did Robbie try to throw into what is an absolutely gorgeous, melody? I thought both were total train wrecks

    • Jess says:

      Amanda, THANK YOU for bringing up that Robbie ruined the melody of “Arms of the Angels.” He sounded so whiny to me. I didn’t like the changes he made at all.

  22. Amanda says:

    Michael, you stated exactly what I was thinking halfway through tonight. These guys would have slayed the guys from last season… it’s unfortunate only five are going to go through.

    Oh man, Paul is hands down my favorite of the night. I could listen to him sing the phone book and be happy.

    I don’t think Scotty was the best of the night (somewhere in the middle), but I hope he goes through because I love the deep country voice that isn’t heard enough on country radio these days.

    James was a lot better than I thought he’d be. I loved him in the audition rounds but after that the Adam Lambert scream grew old. I’m intrigued to see what else he can do.

    I don’t think Brent was the worst, but for some reason I just don’t “get” him at all. I guess it’s just not my cup of tea.

  23. Saracen Riggins says:

    My top 5 TONIGHT were Casey, Paul, Stefano (and the last 2 were surprising to me that I liked them most) James and Scotty. But I was hoping Tim would be better and I just felt like Robbie was kind of forgettable unfortunately.

  24. Liz says:

    James, Scott, Jacob, and Casey.

  25. Karen says:

    I liked Paul, Scott and Casey. Don’t really care about any of the others. Clint sang ok….but from what I’ve seen of him on previous shows – don’t like him.

  26. Zeddy says:

    Well, I was totally surprised (to quote Paula, ‘and pleasantly surprised’); that was so much better than I thought it could be! There was quite a lot of talent on stage (Why didn’t any of these singers try out last year? They could have totally saved S9!), and I give it up for J-Lo and Steven, who have managed to infuse my once beloved Idol with a spark again. I wasn’t feeling the love for Clint; he should still try to find the melody once in a while. Durbin was actually good, and more controlled that he seemed in the earlier rounds – he seemed very authentic with JP. To me, Brett seems to be a reincarnated Geddy Lee from Rush (I liked him, but the hair thing was just annoying). What was up with Randy?!? Although Jen and Steven seemed at times to be too impressed, and not able to give constructive criticism, the Dawg himself actually gave critiques that made sense, and he used more than his standard repertoire of sound bites to express his opinions. I got to say that I loved the sound of Paul’s voice… kind of a male Adele or Winehouse – sweet! I kept thinking that the Latin bros (Baretto and Langone) would have done amazingly well on any other season before S8, but I wonder if their more ‘conventional’ pipes will be overshadowed by some of the others. Jacob had me crying; that dude is possessed! But Casey was saved for the pimp spot, and he did not disappoint. He has mad, sick vocals, that are just so unique!… And Dorsey, I think it is goodbye and goodnight.

  27. lessuse says:

    Pleeeeease, Michael, have Melinda on as a regular.She knows her stuff and she’s funny, too!!

  28. Vetle says:

    I think this format, potentially could screw a lot of good people. Like Robbie, Rachel, Kendra, Naima etc. I’m not sure if Robbie will make it… I kinda doubt it actually – and Robbie is probably the best 16/17 year old there.

    If there is a wild card round, I’m very curious. How about doing the top 16, like they did in the X Factor UK the most recent season? =P

  29. Princess Adora says:

    My fav is Casey, but I figured everyone would vote for him, so I’m rootin’ for Stefano Langone!! I love him too!!!
    Same with the least favorites, I figured everyone would vote for Jordan, so I voted for Jovany. Vocals were not very good and that song has been done to death!

  30. Lilly says:

    James is still a poser, but he did a nice job tonight.

    Jacob was very good, and uncharacteristically restrained.

  31. Davey says:

    I cannot vote for Jacob and James because they won’t win and don’t want to watch them for the next few months. None of them are going to be good the first night. James will be a train wreck in another two weeks.

  32. Davey says:

    I also don’t get why Casey is hyped so much. The guy is not unique.

    • Skitty says:

      I don’t get the Casey love either but everyone’s got their own taste. But, he is only unique in the context of Idol and then only if you forget about Taylor Hicks. Casey’s type of unique can be found in any college town or medium size and larger city.

      • b says:

        I will never understand this complaint. Of course he is only unique in the context of idol – the only contestant in Idol’s history who can maybe possibly claim to be truly unique is Adam. And even then it’s doubtful, just the closest you can come. When they call anyone else unique, what they mean is unique out of the subset of people who a) audition for Idol and b) make it past the meaningless cattle call where people are semi-randomly let through to the real judging rounds. Bitching because Casey (or Crystal, or Taylor, or whoever) is called unique when other people exist in the world who sing in the same style means you are just looking for something to bitch about. The mere existence of those other people does not make the person who currently gets to be on TV less good.

  33. morgan says:

    Am I the only one who noticed a ton of production covering up certain vocals? Most notably James? I think they smoothed a lot of people out with either microphone effects or in post production. Michael, look into this will you? I know you like conspiracy theories.

    I think they whipped it into everyones head to smile, move and don’t be as boring as season 9 or your out of here. I’m not totally in love with anyone yet, but at least it’s much more fun that last year’s deer in the headlights. Just want cleaner vocals so we can actually tell how well they can sing.

    • Lizbeth says:

      I just wrote about Bandzilla–and I think you are right. I bet Nigel & Co did some hocus pocus with the sound to help or hurt the singers. Hope Michael will look into it

    • Breeze says:

      Morgan – I totally noticed that. It’s hard to judge singing with such overpowering back-up singers.

    • Tuzo says:

      I noticed that too — the vocals sounded very “produced”. I’m not sure if it was just James but I heard it too.

  34. hooch says:

    Wow, almost everyone was better than everyone last season (except Jordan). My top 5 would be Casey, Paul, Robbie, Brett, and Scotty. James was surprisingly good as well though.

  35. Chipper says:

    Does anyone know if people cut this week can try out again? Is it only after contestants make it to Top 12 that they can’t come back?

  36. agrimesy says:

    I also noticed overproduction of the performances. Sometimes the band totally drowned out the singers all together. I’m going to chalk it up to first night jitters not only for the singers but for the production team as well. My fave tonight was Paul, and Jacob blew me away! I wanted to like Clint, Brett, and Casey, but they missed the mark. Scotty seemed super relaxed! I’m not a country music fan, but I think he will be successful. Oddly, I don’t want Paul to win because the radio is filled already with raspy folk singer types. Maybe I’ll cheer for Jacob. We haven’t seen old school R&B in a looooong time.

  37. c-bizzkit says:

    i am amazed that randy called out robbie after the other judges praised him on a weird, rushed, pitchy, squealy performance. randy is seriously stepping up his game!

  38. Ablo says:

    Some fun performances tonight — but some not so fun — (Clint, Jovany, Robbie, Stephano, Tim). I’m not sure we can get five good contestants out of this group.

  39. James says:

    My top 5 who I hope make it…

    1. Casey Abrams

    2. Paul McDonald

    3. James Durbin

    4. Scotty McCreery

    5. Jacob Lusk

    All the rest can go home kthx!

  40. NedPepper says:

    I hope this will end the mocking of James. The kid rocked out tonight. There was only was hot mess and that was Jordin. Paul and Casey are interesting. I want both to stick around and I want to see them pick up their instruments again. Jacob…just not my thing. But I do think he belongs in the top 12. Brett…he seems like a great kid, but the Doors only work if you can channel Morrison and waving your hair back and forth is not gonna get it done.

  41. Lizbeth says:

    Bandzilla was horrible. They need to tone them down–couldn’t here half the singers.

    Casey was my fave of the night–although he went slightly overboard with it. Still entertaining.

    Thought Jacob, Stefano, Scotty (good old-time country voice) all did very well.

    I bet the producers or someone was meddling in the song selection. I don’t think Robbie would have picked that song on his own. Same goes for Tim and a few others. Nigel and Company need to butt out.

    Not a fan of James–but he did a good job.

    • b says:

      What’s truly ridiculous is that since tonight’s show was pretaped, they could easily have fixed the too-loud-band problems in post-production… and didn’t! It’s one thing to have the sound mixing go horribly awry during a live show, but there was really no excuse tonight.

  42. lessuse says:

    We need to have Melinda Dolittle co-host with Slezak forever. She’s awesome.

  43. Andy says:

    Wow, the judges were beyond awful tonight. I can’t believe Randy was giving the best critiques. I bet Ellen DeGeneres felt good about her idol stint tonight.

  44. Justin K says:

    My top 5 who I hope make it…
    1. Casey Abrams
    2. Paul McDonald *FAVORITE*
    3. James Durbin
    4. Scotty McCreery
    5. Jacob Lusk (a male Jennifer Hudson)
    Not necessarily in that order but all the rest can go home

  45. Debbie says:

    I really wanted to love Brett, but didn’t. Wanted to hate James since he’s a Glambert wannabe, but again, I didn’t. Faves were Casey, Paul, James, Scotty. Jordan is too arrogant for his own good. Jacob has undeniably great range, but I was too distracted by the golf ball sized earrings to appreciate the singing.

  46. ohbabs says:

    it seemed like the judges liked pretty much everybody to some degree. makes it difficult to get the “expert” opinion. but as a consumer of music and idolwatcher-even tho would not download any of tonight’s performances, i look forward to watching:
    Scotty, James, Paul, Tim, and Colton (oh yeah he did not make it) ok then Brett.

  47. Amy says:

    Clint won’t make it based on personality
    Jordan won’t make it based on personality & voice
    Robbie,was a Fan, but he is up against some HUGE talent
    Scotty has his own niche of fans & I enjoy his singing and facial expressions.
    Tim still did the song well, he misses his piano I think.
    Stefano has a likable personality and a great voice.
    Jovany has a great voice and tries to hard on the personality.
    Jacob can sing, but I can’t handle all those notes, sorry.
    Brett, nice kid, but I don’t like his voice or hair tossing.
    Paul, wish he would have sung something we haven’t heard.
    Casey, liked his song, missed his Bass, the best note was the very end. I love that sound.
    James sang really well, I feel bad for him, but he isn’t for me.
    TOP 5, I Hope:
    1. Casey
    2. Tim
    3. Paul
    4. Scotty
    5. Stefano
    If Robbie can redeem himself, he could be the wildcard, but would PREFER COLTON.

    • Jess says:

      I agree — I don’t see what everyone sees in Jacob. I guess it’s just not my style. I just think he’s overdone.

  48. Joe says:

    My favorites for tonight were;
    1. Jacob-He is the real deal and he will be the Jennifer Hudson/Daughtry shocker cut of the season.
    2. Casey-I’m terrified he’s going to become Taylor Hicks, but let’s hope Idol lets him bring the bass back on stage and stay jazzy.
    3. Stefano-Up until now he didn’t do much of anything for me, but he nailed the song and has a terrific voice. He’d be a huge loss. He was easily one of my favorites of the night.
    4. James-I’ve hated him up until now, but he sang Judas Priest and he sang it very well. If they let him stay in that sweet spot of hard rock 80’s metal, he can do very well.
    5. A tie between Paul & Scotty – I think Paul & Scotty are both very similar guys in that they both have an extremely specific style that they both are great at. They’re not the best singers, but in their specific milieu they are ready to make records and money in this business.
    As for the rest of the guys, Jordan, Robbie, Tim were the bottom 3. Robbie was not good at all. The arrangement was atrocious.
    Brett was just bizarre and got to be uncomfortable to look at and watch after awhile.
    Clint was cruise ship.

  49. b says:

    Casey is my #1 favorite, followed quickly by Jacob and Paul. Putting those three together at the end was great, after so much mediocrity.

    Beyond that – I would never buy Scotty’s CD, but damn he is good at what he does so I hope he goes through. James was the best vocally of the rest, hands down, (maybe even the best vocally of the night, on a purely technical level) even if I don’t like him much performance-wise or personality-wise. Brett has so much potential and didn’t do badly, but if his level of self-awareness is really so low that he thinks Light My Fire is an appropriate song for him then I think it might be best to let him go now before he really crashes and burns. :(

    Beyond that, I don’t care that much about the rest… Tim and Robbie had shown a lot of potential before but had awful song choices that they sang poorly tonight – maybe one of them as the wildcard so they can redeem themselves? The rest can, and probably will, fade into obscurity very quickly.

    • notmzbehavin says:

      I agree with you about Brett; it’s not that he sang badly, but it was a really poor choice of song for him.

      I’d be interested what how he does when he gets some age/experience on him. I’ll bet he does just fine!

    • donie says:

      I’ve liked Brett and wanted him to wow tonight. Terrible song choice, but I read it as maybe him picking a song he likes singing and thought he could pull off not in a Jim Morrison way, but just a more powerful and nice sounding vocal (like his audition with Bohemian Rhapsody). I would imagine getting on that huge stage may have wilted him.

  50. notmzbehavin says:

    My faves:

    1) Casey
    2) Paul
    3) Scotty
    4) Jacob

    Sorry, can’t get into James AT all. I assume he’s good at what he does, I just don’t like the sound.

    Jordan was painful to watch. I muted him. Thank god for mute.

    I thought at first that Robbie had a good thing going, but he didn’t just sing it and let the beauty of the song and his vocals carry him. The riffs were covering for pitch problems. In the end, I felt let down by him.

    The rest were just kinda meh.

    I liked the fact that Casey covered a song by a man who, though he was obscure, was a legend in the music world. I don’t think I liked the song as much as I did him singing Georgia, but either way he’s got that great bluesy voice that I just know will mellow and ripen with age. Whatever happens, I can imagine him making some wonderful, classic blues/jazz/soul recordings. He’ll do it with or without American Idol. Preferably with.