Shameless and Episodes Earn Second Seasons

You can count on spending more time with the Gallagher family and “Matt LeBlanc,” now that Showtime has renewed both Shameless and Episodes for second seasons.

“The viewer loyalty and critical acclaim that has met both [these shows] since their January debuts makes it clear that these two brash and sophisticated series are burgeoning hits,” Showtime entertainment president David Nevins said in announcing the pick-ups. “[Shameless EP] John Wells is carving out a tone that is truly unique in the television landscape — equal parts drama and comedy. And Episodes marks the universally embraced and hilarious return to television of an inspired comedy triumvirate: Matt LeBlanc, and creators Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane. We are thrilled with the response to both series and eager to start planning for their second seasons.”

Shameless — which with nearly four million weekly viewers across multiple platforms is on pace to be Showtime’s second-highest rated drama series (behind Dexter) — was granted a 12-episode order for Season 2. The episode count for Episodes is at this time “TBD.”

Production on both shows’ sophomore runs will start later this year with an eye on 2012 premieres.

Which of these renewals most thrills you?

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  1. Laurel says:

    Episodes was hilarious !
    I was actually suprised that Matt LeBlanc could carry a show after the epic failure that was Joey but he did a great job.
    The show was really funny.

    • Sash Fan says:

      I really love Shameless, but I’m pleased Episodes got renewed too. HOWEVER, I’m just waiting for the return of Nurse Jackie!!!!!

  2. jake says:

    both shows are great, very different, but I love both! So yeay Showtime!

  3. AlistairCrane says:

    I really like Episodes! It started out quirky and charming and remained quirky and charming but also became hilarious!

  4. Jill Levy says:

    I really loved Episodes. The cast were all brilliant and was so impressed with Matt LeBlanc as we hated the series Joey. More please.

  5. Phil says:

    Episodes is Terrible These People posting here must be shills for the shpw

  6. Alex says:

    I really enjoyed Episodes immensely. Every episode felt like it ended too soon, which really tells you something.

    And Phil, I ain’t no shill. Have you even watched it? Maybe it’s just too highbrow for you. There are probably According to Jim reruns on someplace that might appeal to you more.

  7. Mallory says:

    I’m so glad Episodes was renewed! I loved this first season- I loved Tamsin Greig & Stephen Mangan’s chemistry on Green Wing, and it’s just as good here. I also love the exaggerated “Matt LeBlanc” and his enormous… talent. ;)

    (And despite what Phil thinks, I am not a shill for the show. Though, if Showtime *wants* to pay this poor girl from Omaha, NE a little something for recommending/praising the show, I’m not gonna say no!)

  8. M says:

    Gotta say that I am happy that both will be back for season two, but I am more thrilled for Shameless, which I LOVE. It brings something new, funny and interesting every week.

  9. xwiseguyx says:

    Glad to hear the news about Episodes… the supporting cast is great on this show. Love John Pankow’s character a lot… LeBlanc gets to play a great version of himself.

  10. Taylor says:

    I’m absolutely thrilled about both of these renewals, but I’m especially excited about Shameless being renewed. Shameless being renewed for a second season is definitely the best news that I’ve heard all day. I really like Episodes, but if it had been canceled, I wouldn’t have been to devastated. I love the character that Kathleen Rose Perkins plays, Carol, though. Next to Matt Carol is my favorite character. Sometimes I even love Carol more than I like Matt. I would have been beyond devastated if Shameless hadn’t been renewed though.

  11. Laura says:

    I love episodes. I did wonder if it was renewed considering pucks was greenlit in last weeks ep. A bit surprised though I thought it’s ratings were pretty poor even for showtime. No complaints here tho. The mix of subtle an obvious humor make this show something else. Looking forward to seeing what they do with the story next

  12. godzilla_foil says:

    Joey was so horrible because of the loose cannon scripts and even the whole conception of it. The people who wrote Friends were hardly genius, just watch seasons 7-10 with a more judgemental eye.

  13. BHM1304 says:

    Great news about “Episodes” after the horrid premier episode which was to put it mildly, boring. I’m glad I stuck with it because it became much much better. It was the forgotten show sandwiched between two better shows “Californication” and “Shameless” but it finally found its way into the sun. How many television execs in Hollywood sit at home and worry that someone is going to figure out that they are “Merc”? Veteran character actor John Pankow has been awesome in that role.

  14. John Berggren says:

    It took the entire run of first season Episodes episodes for it to win a place in my heart, but it has. I look forward to season 2. Shameless was fantastic from jump. I can’t wait to spend more time with the Gallaghers.

  15. Mayra says:

    I’ve only watched the pilot of Episodes. I hated it, haha
    But if you guys are saying it gets better… well, I might check it someday.
    I really love Shameless, though. I’m glad it got renewed.

  16. Mark says:

    I have no idea what a shill is but as an English viewer I really enjoyed Episodes and the clash between UK and US cultures. I found myself hoping that Matt Le Blanc on the show is the ‘real’ Matt. The man is a talented actor away from the Friends histrionics. Can’t wait to see how the plot developes, more Merc please, is there no depth to the man’s shallowness

  17. Michael says:

    Episodes really started off slow, and the first few episodes almost had me deleting it from my DVR. By season 4, it really started to get funny, and the season finale was hillarious. It really pulled it out in the end. I’m looking forward to seeing what it has in the second season. I love how Matt still has no morals :)
    Shameless though is regularly surprising me. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, and sometimes just downright shocking. Overall, I think I’d miss Shameless more than Episodes. The large cast of characters really works well together.

  18. caulder says:

    Shameless is soooo unique-definitely my favorite new show. I hope they keep this show just as “shameless” in season 2!

  19. Jeni2470 says:

    Yay shameless can’t wait :)

  20. jess says:

    I absolutely love shameless. I was very excited to find out there’s going to be a second season. I can’t wait for it to come back on I watched it every sunday never even missed a show. Now that this season is over I don’t know what I’m going to do on sunday’s I’ll have to find a different show to watch till it comes back..


    • jess says:


  21. yvon says:

    shameless is absoloutley amazing !!! phenomenal writing and graet acting. havent seen epesodes yet but will check it out. super happy to see that shameless has been renewed for a secon d season HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jerry F says:

    Shameless, absolutely the best drama show ever! All the cast is spellbinding, no exceptions!

  23. Patricio says:

    I really like episodes, i’m from chile, that show is hillarious…

  24. sylwia says:

    I love shameless seems like a regular dysfunctional family in Chicago can’t wait for second season

  25. Kristina says:

    EPISODES was great! Being a devout “FRIENDS” fan I watch all of the cast member’s work. This show was a very very good. I LOVE Matt Leblanc, however the supporting cast as well as the lead couple were fantastic as well. Very entertaining. I also watch Weeds and Dexter. It definitely ranks up there! I, however, subscribed to Showtime JUST to see Episodes! I will for sure get it on DVD.

  26. Htownbrat says:

    So glad to know that both Shameless and Episodes will be given another season. We’re a little behind you guys [I’m in NZ], but I’m one of those that get it online anyway. I have to say that although I do like the U.K version of Shameless [now at season 8 so lots of material there and pretty much verbatim with the U.S version] I found myself LOVING the U.S Version. No idea why, just did. As for Episodes, I like the blend of American and English humour. I get it!!! LOL… And tbh, don’t think it would have had the same kick with a different actor in any of the roles. So well done, you chose well Showtime, keep it up.

  27. emily says:


  28. Doug says:

    Yes, SHAMELESS, GREAT SHOW. Simply just a great television show. Really looking forward to upcoming 2nd Season.

    Episodes is OK, but would not be too upset if it went, no offense. Really though, in all fairness I did miss last three “episodes” of the show. So….. But made sure to watch every episode of Shameless when it was on.

  29. Theresa says:

    I love Shameless, can’t wait to see what the Gallaghers get into in season two!

  30. Lee Brown says:

    Got to say I aam enjoying the American Shameless VERY MUCH. It’s great to see drama about ordinary American people trying to get by…And very funny and honest too. Very American but like the UK version,proving we are all the same deep down. Don’t mess it up,change the cast or bow to people wanting all the rough edges and human stuff taken away to produce anodyne pap – and people will be watching it for decades.

    Episodes, I am surprised they want another series. It was unmissable,but it seemed to be a self enclosed story in 6 parts- am curious to know how it can be extended and improved upon. Nice to see British influence in US comedy and drama continuing. We work well together.

  31. Roberta says:

    Phil…..its ok if u dont like it, its allowed. But, just allow the smart writing and the extreme creativity come through your doors that u have closed

  32. Lex says:


  33. kayla says:

    I love all the sulfides that come weekly. And funniness that presents itself you never know want gonna happen next I can’t wait for the second season… sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for an actual date n hopefully many more seasons after that

  34. Jenifer says:

    Ohhhh! Am soooo excited to see Shameless is coming back!! Think it’s the best TV show around. Makes you laugh, makes you cry sometimes but always leaves you hungry for more.. actually still have the last 5 episodes on DVR cause i didn’t want to be without my “Shameless” fix!!!

  35. Ebony says:

    Shameless is by far the best thing to happen to television since sliced bread debut it’s permanent culinary mark in the world. On american television their is not enough shows that depict the ghetto life without it seeming so harsh. Everyone don’t live by the gun and die by the streets. Some people actually have families who love one another and struggle together to make it through life.

  36. TheGreek says:

    Episodes was one of the best shows last year.

  37. Kim says:

    I love shameless can’t wait for the second season to start

  38. Alicia says:

    Episodes is HILARIOUS! Smart and funny.. I hope the show runs for years.