'Rock Star from Mars' Charlie Sheen Wants CBS To Hike Pay, Apologize 'While Licking My Feet'

Taking a page from a negotiation strategy playbook that no one has seen before, Charlie Sheen is asking for a hefty pay raise to return to Two and a Half Men — this following a series of interviews during which he, among many colorful utterances, said he “vehemently” hates series boss Chuck Lorre.

Touting himself as a “man of my word” (as well as a “total rock star from Mars”), Sheen said he would oblige his contract to deliver a ninth — and even 10th — season of Two and a Half Men under one condition: that “because of psychological stress… what they’ve put me through,” his weekly paycheck is increased by some 50 percent. ”It’s three mil an episode,” Sheen told Today. “Take it or leave it.”

“Defeat is not an option,” the self-made motivational speaker added.

Charlie Sheen to ABC: ‘I Am On a Drug – It’s Called Charlie Sheen!’

Watch that exchange here, then read on for more:

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As part of his very special approach to sweetening the deal (?), Sheen says his bosses at CBS “owe me a big [apology] — publicly — while licking my feet.” (Though, doesn’t he have porn star pals who fulfll that service…?)

Defending his hardline stance — as he has argued, Lorre and CBS had no right to pull the plug on Men‘s current season, since Sheen declared himself ready to work weeks ago — the actor said, “They picked a fight with a warlock.”

If I recall my high-school D&D days right, that’s serious business.

Is Two and a Half Men Gone for Good? Who’s Out a Paycheck? Sheen to DWTS? Burning Questions Answered!

Watch this second clip from Today, then share your latest thoughts in Comments!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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  1. Jess says:

    For some reason, part of me wonders if this is a stunt like Joquain Phoenix (sorry I don’t think I spelled his name correctly). I really really hope not, because it is still way not cool that he put all the crew members and his co-stars out of work. If he is truly this delusional, why had no one locked him up in a psych ward or something already?

    • Heathet says:

      Actually, the crew works on 2 Lorre shows so while their paycheck has been cut in half, they’re still working.

    • stevenjaba says:

      He’s always been nuts – he’s just more nuts now.

      • J says:

        THey should film a finale that revolves around CHarlie Haprers funeral with old guest stars coming back like CHelsea and MIa. Then the fans get a real finale but Sheen doesn’t get the satisfaction of getting his job back. Everybody Wins.

        • SDTim says:

          I like it! Great idea.

        • pissed says:

          Thats just a GREAT idea, i mean common, i really like the work he has done, but this is to MUCH really bad, so let the rest of the crew of two and a half men get some cash!! and let this worthless guy get away with his drugs…

        • pissed says:

          Thats just a GREAT idea, i mean common, i really like the work he has done, but this is to MUCH really bad, so let the rest of the crew of two and a half men get some cash!! and let this worthless guy get away with his drugs… this is just to much

        • Matt says:

          i agree that is a wonderful idea. and the idea of putting john stamos on the show is cool i like him but its not the same without charlie…

    • lin333 says:

      Charlie is certainly delusional and needs intense therapy and medication-I agree with this. His antics and inappropriate behavior with 24 year old’s living in his house lend credence to his bizarre behavior. He needs to grow up and not be screwing around with girls that could be his daughters (WAIT-he has a daughter close to this age). His comments are nuts, and they should cancel the show altogether, or add another character to replace him. No one is indispensable in the acting world, despite their egos that say otherwise, but it can be done! The writer’s are what make the show and “Two and A Half Men” is great, but find a more stable actor. Jon Cryer, Jake, the Mom, Rose, and Berta are awesome so build another character around them. They deserve it-they are all talented and sober. Charlie-FIND ANOTHER LINE OF WORK-YOU CAN BE REPLACED DESPITE YOUR RANTINGS AND RAVINGS.

  2. Alex says:

    Wow, that is incredible. He’s gone downhill majorly. He looks like he’s around 70 now and you can tell he’s into some really heavy stuff. So sad to watch him crashing and burning like this… There’s no way this show can last now, regardless of how big the viewership is. He’s completely alienating himself from everyone he works with.

  3. BP says:

    While I don’t watch the show and could care less how this turns out. HOLY COW IS THIS ENTERTAINING!!! He’s an absolute train wreck. I respect the work he has done, but this will not help any legacy in the future.

  4. Brendan says:

    That was like watching a train wreck and then realizing that their were really people on the train and then realizing that they were all war criminals….Doesn’t he realize that he is an employee? He may give life to the character, it may even be a great performance…but he did not create the character, the show or negotiate the deals with the network to get the show on the air in the first place. He is nuts and really appeared to be under the influence.

    • Maureen says:

      He looks so old and haggard now. We are supposed to believe this guy is a chick magnet on the show? Not even! He doesn’t write the show and the kid really made the show in the beginning. Jon Cryer is also the perfect foil for Charlie. This is an ensemble cast and Sheen seems to forget that. Without the others it would not be entertaining. The story line with the neighbor is too overdone. I would watch the show without him.

  5. Matt says:

    I would really hate to be in the room with him when he comes to a full realization of how badly he has screwed up his career

  6. Susan says:

    The people I feel sorriest for in this huge debacle is Charlie Sheen’s family.His parents, brothers,etc. Must be like that A&E “Intervention” show for them- you just hate to see a train wreck about to happen,but what can you do?His ego seems pretty monumental,all in all.Poor poor Charlie. Self-delusional is the worst delusion of all.Get professional help,Charlie,pretty sure you can afford it!

  7. Michael Sacal says:

    Any guesses on who’ll play Sheen in the sure-to-be-produced “Behind The Camera: Two & A Half Men” movie they’ll make a few years from now?

  8. Rock Golf says:

    Ever seen a Road Runner cartoon where Wile E Coyote runs right over the edge of a cliff, but doesn’t fall right away because he doesn’t realize there’s no solid ground underneath him?

    That’s Charlie Sheen.

    • hru says:

      WORD. I wonder if his handlers are not even able to handle him. Otherwise I would think they wouyld be running damage control on his mouth.

      • Aunt Sassy says:

        Well isn’t it obvious that his “handlers” are completely out of control? Seriously – they are all “yes” people who are bringing home a paycheck and letting him do/say whatever he wants. Plus, addicts are notorious for surrounding themselves with people that will rationalize and justify all of their whacked out behavior. It wont be until he stops paying them that they will stand up and start speaking out. Isn’t that how it always goes?

      • Luca says:

        What Handlers. He fired them all when they didn’t tell him what he wants to hear.

        They tried to tell him he needed real help, to keep his mouth shut, that CBS is legally in the right and he just ran them out with his tiger blood encrusted machete

  9. jrs says:

    I wish he’d just go away. No real kudos are deserved for the media who keep broadcasting this nutjob. They should walk away from him.

    • allie8 says:

      Totally agree. It is well past time to stop giving this wife beating drug addict a platform for his rage. I was a fan of 2 1/2 Men but would never watch it again nor will I watch anything he ever does. So over his bs.

    • jcjcjc says:

      A M E N!!!!! Everyone–media, fans, family—EVERYONE, needs to walk away from this idiot and stop giving him a second of airtime. As soon as the audience(s) that pay attention to his antics stop encouraging him, he will either 1) finish blowing himself out, and we can all get on with our lives or 2) he’ll realize just how insane he is and will get the help he so desperately needs.

      Personally, I don’t care which one happens, so long as the news and media attention can start being devoted to something that MATTERS. Sorry. His kids are proabably better off wihtout a whoremongering drug abuser as their father. I feel for his parents and siblings…but they too will have a happier life without this nonsense. It’s up to him…but moreover, it’s up to us to STOP giving him a platform to spin off of.

  10. Snsetblaze says:

    If I were the producers, I’d just recast the role. I’m sure there are plenty of actors who’d be grateful for the role. They do this on soaps all the time. While there are many times, it does not work out, this might be an exception … from reading the different boards, there are more people on Lorre’s side than Sheen’s and at some point, Sheen’s fans will not support him. Many would turn in to a revamped series.

    • Rowan says:

      You can’t recast the role. Primetime is not like daytime TV. It’s the reason daytime soaps don’t compete with the primetime shows for awards – they wouldn’t even get nominated for anything, let alone win. Apples and Oranges.

      Les Moonves will pull the plug on the series for good soon enough – and he should. Charlie has shown he’s unstable and $3M per episode is insane. Warner Bros. will continue to make a zillion dollars on the 8 year run in syndication (at this point, it’s pure profit since they have been syndicating for several years already – and don’t think Charlie doesn’t get serious bank from that!), Chuck Lorre will create a new show for CBS and all will be fine. The reason they pulled the show makes it clear that it isn’t all about the money at this point. It’s gone beyond that. He’s trying to make them look like idiots and fools – and no way they are going to take him back. To do so would give license to every actor to pull this crap. My prediction (and it’s an easy one to get right) is he’s done at this network – at least for the next ten years, or when Les retires, whichever comes first.

      • Teresa says:

        Yes, recast it! There are lots of good character actors that could do a drunk womanizer. That is why it is called acting. I would watch it if they cast someone else, but never again with Sheen.
        I swear he has bi-polar disorder, and that he is in a manic state. He needs to go on medication.

      • Courtnay says:

        Oh, you can’t? Go look at Bewitched. At Rosanne. It’s been done. Just because it’s not done as commonly on primetime doesn’t mean it’s not viable.

        • Luca says:

          Actually these days the union rules have changed so much that it might not be ‘legal’ to recast someone in the same role outside of a pilot to pick up switch or someone died. So they would have to drop Charlie Harper and put in another character.

          Which would be fine with me. CH stopped being THE character of the show a long time ago for me. I can lose him for good and not care

  11. Mac says:

    I’m sorry but actors are paid to much!
    The man gets 2 million a week to memorize 20 minutes of bad sex jokes. And now he wants more, Greedy Bastard!

    • Maureen says:

      He isn’t even in all the scenes and it’s less than 20 min these days..try 18. I always liked the kid the best..now the 1/2 man in the title is Charlie Sheen. this show made him a recognizable star, before that he had done a few movies but nothing great and would have fallen out of the limelight as he aged. Well he has aged a ton and killed a lot of brain cells since then. It;s the kid I will miss and Jon cryer. The kid lived around the corner from me for years..nice average family.

    • Luca says:

      Few actors make that much and generally work a hell of a lot harder.

      Personally I hope that CBS just cancels the show. The other actors can find work. THey could send the kid over to Big Bang for a little guest spot, Cryer could possibly do some drama work and so on.

  12. Linda says:

    I say they cancel the show for good and burn his contract in front of him!! Charlie Harper ended up with Rose which is probably the way it was always meant to be, let’s end it there! I won’t miss it if it doesn’t come back. Charlie Sheen has screwed up his life in a major way! Look at Mel Gibson…..his career has tanked and he’s delusional too! Must be on the same drugs as Charlie!!

  13. Tony says:

    Y’know, I was actually rooting for this guy for a while. I like to see people recover, reinvent themselves, and make things work. But my feeling now is that he’s loopin’ the comet. I mean, this actually sounds more like the results of what LEGAL drugs can do to a person than anything he could have been snorting or rubbin’ into his belly before.

    I mean … what the HELL is he rambling about. The trouble, as others have pointed out, is that not only has he alienated the rest of the cast, he’s also made the show rather … unpalatable, perhaps? I mean, I’m a major fan of the show, and I know that it just seems like anything from this point will be “forced” from all perspectives. Let’s see how this goes, I guess!

    • Rowan says:

      I think everyone was rooting for him. He has a disease and he falls of the wagon regularly, but was honest about it and did show up for show day and nailed his part. His problem is that he thinks people are still rooting for him, he doesn’t have a disease anymore (although he seems to think he’s a character in a game of D&D), and he has no idea that his rage and bad behavior is making people dislike him in a major way. He is completely unlikable at this point and a TV sitcom star needs to be likable. He’s jumped on the crazy train and will probably end up in a psych ward within the next six months. Maybe that’s what he needs. Either way – what he’s doing is not helping him get more work.

  14. Debbie says:

    I agree with so many who suggest that they cancel the whole darned thing… Please do us – and yourselves – a favor. Stop things now while they are already out of hand rather than pandering to his $3M an episode (but only if there is no Chuck Lorre) request. The show has been a cash cow for you for far too long and you will still make plenty of dough through syndication. Shelve it, say so long, and stop the madness!

  15. Svenja says:


    He has clearly lost his mind.
    He gets 2 million per episode for a sitcom… it’s 20 minutes.
    Mark Harmon is executive-producer and leading actor and “only” gets 500.000 for 40 minutes per episode.

    Charlie is outta controll and suffers from a superiority complex…
    Probably this interview killed the show.
    I am not sorry for Sheen. I am sorry for the rest of the cast and crew of “Two and a half men”.
    Their “rockstar from mars” has probably made everything worse for them.

    There is no way that CBS is gonna give in after Sheen’s show.
    CBS will come up with a new sitcom.. they do not NEED him. I think they should do a “Two and a half men” spin off next season without Sheen…

    • bjm says:

      You don’t feel sorry for Charlie? Haven’t you heard? He was treated like dirt for the entire 8 years he was on that show, like a 2nd class citizen. No respect, not a all, from anyone. Yep, thats what I heard. Oh, yeah, that was from one of Sheen’s rambling shout outs. He is going to write a book, he is going to start a ‘bidding war’ among the different book publishers. He expects TEN MILLION DOLLARS. Has a title already, but I forgot it. He says he will be NAMING NAMES. That should open up nice lawsuits. I will not be buying any book, but I do not think it will happen. I actually hope it does happen and someone else, it not two people pen a book from that entire time and those books can be compared. I am willing to bet that the books will have very little that is similiar other that the title of the set and the names of the actors.

  16. Todd says:

    I feel sorry for the cast and crew of the show because they are getting screwed over by Sheen and his ego.

    I would replace him with Martin Sheen. That would be a total, well-deserved slap to Charlie’s face.

  17. amy says:

    The number-one crewmember on “Two and a Half Men” that Charlie Sheen should be sorry he put out of work is whoever did the lighting. This video and recent pics make it clear how his addictions have ravaged his face and appearance; that lighting person was an unacknowledged genius, somehow making Sheen look normal and human despite it all. Now that person is finding other work, and his real face is seen. Maybe the makeup artist too. I think these are the unsung heroes of the whole thing.

    • Alice says:

      Agreed. The lighting and make-up people deserve an Emmy for transforming this crypt-keeper into Charlie Harper on a daily basis. They should be making millions per episode, not this guy.

  18. Lisa says:

    I honestly think he has brain damage. Even if he is, as he says, sober, the little grey cells are not working.

  19. Earl says:

    I’d say he’s a rock star alright, but not from Mars, from Uranus.

  20. Amandalynn says:

    While everyone comments on how “poorly” Charlie Sheen ruined his life, lets not forget ONE MAJOR THING….HE NEVER CAME TO WORK LATE, HIGH OR DRUNK, AND DELIVERED! While I agree that he needs a major life change, his profressionalism wasn’t the MAJOR problem and with that I do agree with Charlie. CBS and Chuck Lorre needs to butt out of his personal life! When CBS first decided to take a “break” from the show, it was handled professionally, they went to Charlie’s house and talked to him privately…WHY??? Because through his contract, they didn’t have a leg to stand on. As long as he passes drug tests and don’t disappear when it’s production time, they’ll have to honor his contract. That’s what separates him from the other “Acting Crackheads”, Robert Downey Jr when he was on Ally McBeal disappearred and got arrested, that’s why they were allowed to fire him…but that hasn’t happened yet with Charlie Sheen.
    While I’m not condoning his behavior and I do believe that he needs help…Two and Half Men will be back on or EVERYONE could sue to get some sort of paycheck.

    • anonymous says:

      I’m sorry but addicts lie. Even if he never came in to work late, high or drunk, he did wreck havoc on his personal time. You can’t tell me that doesn’t have ramifications into other parts of your life at that point. He’s disrespecting everyone around him and he really needs to get a clue. He has completely gone insane, if you ask me.

      • bjm says:

        I agree with anonymous. He lied about ‘coming to work late or not at all’. He said he did not COST THEM ANY MONEY. He said he DID NOT SHOW UP TO SOME and he rambled about marks, etc. He was talking about rehersals. So, he should up for ALL THE FILMING. That is how he did not cost them ‘any money’ buy not having to pay for makeup artists, hair, camerman, and other union people and have them sit there. BUT, he did not show up for some rehersals, and those people, the actors, assitants, stand ins, etc., I guess those people were all salary, so, NO MONEY WAS BEING LOST. But, HE MADE PEOPLE SIT AROUND, WORK AROUND HIM NOT BEING THERE, ETC. He was being selfish and his drinking, partying, etc. DID EFFECT THE SHOW.(I am sure many castmembers were complaining or thinking about how this overpaid ahole got to do anything he wanted) And, all this CRAP IN THE PAPER, INTERNET, TV, it DOES EFFECT VIEWERSHIP. People who do not believe in PORN, HOOKERS, DRUGS, ALCOHOL, ETC. will NOT WATCH A SHOW if they believe one or more of the actors IS AMORAL. They will boycott the sponsers.

        • Amandalynn says:

          When did anyone (besides Lorre) ACTUALLY come out and say that they didn’t like working around him???? NO ONE! Every article out says a “SOURCE” from the show…heck I could be a “source” from the show, how can you prove that I’m not? Like I said, he was there and doing his job and that’s all that matters…PROFESSIONALLY!! But thank you, you have displayed the exact attitude that I was talking about..people that can’t separate “personal” from “professional”! Who cares who he screws on HIS OWN TIME? Who cares how much money he spends? WHY SHOULD WE CARE??? As long as he is putting out the product, we shouldn’t care about what he does when he is on his own time! As far as boycotting is concerned…WHY? He plays a character on a show that GETS HIGH AND DRUNK ALL THE TIME! Who honestly would have a problem with him now and not his character on TV?
          Until Lorre said something about him, Charlie Sheen NEVER said a word about him…Heck he was praising him and CBS. And lets not forget that Sheen isn’t the only star that Lorre has outted on TV. If anyone ever watch “Grace Under Fire”, he was the producer and when the star (can’t really remember her name, but she played Grace) didn’t agree with him, he did the same thing to her!!! Pulled production twice until they had to close the show down…just saying, the writing is on the wall!!!

          • Clay says:

            It’s clear to anyone who has ever dealt with or been in a room with an addict that the guy is not well. And if this is Charlie Sheen, “sober,” imagine what he looked like when he was showing up for work. The character of Charlie Harper is supposed to be a hard-partying playboy. Sheen looks frail, sweaty and jittery. CBS had every right to stop production for as long as they want if he came into work looking half as bad during this interview.

            Additionally, the fact that Sheen seems to think everything in his life is about “winning” or keeping track of the “score” is really sad.

          • Margo says:

            Brett Butler starred in Grace Under Fire. Butler had a bad prescription drug & alcohol problem. She made life on the set horrible. Her co-star Julie White quit rather than work with her. They gave Brett a chance to go to rehab and come back to the show. But she went right back to drugs & alcohol. They shut the show down a 2nd time to let her go to rehab. Finally, they decided to cancel the show.

            Butler is now clean and sober. Part of an interview with Butler on fearlessbooks.com

            QUESTION: What ended it (Grace Under Fire)?
            BUTLER: Me, by my failure to address my active addiction – by that I mean taking drugs almost to the point of dying.

            Hopefully Charlie Sheen can one day be clean & sober like Brett, and own up to causing his own downfall.

    • Elisa says:

      They didn’t fire him; they stopped production. They have every right to stop production at any time and they don’t have to give a reason for it. He could get some money if he had some kind of guarantee in his contract.

    • steve carbary says:

      Right-On Chas!!! You followed the contract!! You have the right to free speech!!–I say ( BOYCOTT C.B.S. ) Who do they think they are?

  21. Kelly says:

    I am becoming more and more convinced that this is a calculated effort to get out of his contract. If they fire him, they can’t go after him for breach of contract. If he quits, they can. Ergo, go “crazy” and make over-the-top demands that leaves him uninsurable.

    Why he wants out, who knows.

  22. Ashley says:

    This is awful – not only Charlie Sheen’s horrific downslide but also the networks’ eagerness to cash in on it. Everyone needs to stop offering and granting him interviews; it would save his family from further public humilitation and maybe if he stopped getting the attention he would have to start facing himself and his problems.

  23. Dw. Dunphy says:

    He’s done with drugs because they bore him. We’re done with Charlie Sheen because he’s an asshat.

  24. LP says:

    I hope he never works again.

  25. Larc says:

    If ever a jerk has deserved to be fired summarily, it’s Charlie Sheen!

  26. Erica says:

    Is this real or an SNL skit he’s clearly insane. If this is him sober go back on the drugs. Also I don’t understand why Carlos Esteves is so interested in telling everyone about Chuck Lorre’s real name.

  27. Rush says:

    The dude is obviously on meth.

  28. Alex says:

    I guess a constant diet of coke and hookers really does make you delusional.

  29. Vince says:

    He makes a disgrace of himself and he wants more money?

    What a nerve!

  30. AM says:

    I’m with you. Not sure about the ranting, etc., but I’m positive the $3m an episode demand is a thinly-disguised ploy to get out of his contract. Others asked why he would want out, but don’t forget, there was concern last season that he wouldn’t renew and at the last minute, signed a sweetened two-year deal. He hinted that he wanted out THEN, but they met his demands.

    I’m pretty sure we can stick a fork in the show now.

  31. Rasha says:

    Yes, CBS, give him more money to spend on drugs and hookers. Please. Cancel that horrible show.

  32. tvfruitcake says:

    “You can’t process me with a normal brain”. No, Charlies is exactly right because normal brains don’t speak heroin. Or smack, or meth, or vodka. Three million for that? Ha! I would not give him 3 bucks. And that is just sad. His poor family should ask for a raise from him!!!

  33. Scott says:

    I’ve seen both clips and being as objective as I can, maybe even borrowing Lie to Me’s Dr Cal Lightman from Tim Roth, although what Sheen says in these interviews can be interpreted as somewhere between madness and insanity… if you watch his body language, particularly his eyes, Sheen is absolutely sincere in his belief about what he says to be the truth.

    And that’s what truly scares me: I don’t believe Sheen is aware that what he’s doing is not in his own best interests and will ultimately be his undoing. I dread to think what will become of his “defeat is not an option” mantra when CBS back Chuck Lorre and tell Sheen that his services are no longer needed on their network.

  34. jb says:

    I am very curious as to why we have not had one single comment from the likes of John Cryer, Conchatta Ferrell, etc. It just seems very odd to me that nobody else associated has even made a peep, even if just to say “no comment”.

    • maggie says:

      Jon Cryer said something on a talk show recently about how he had to look at the tabloids to see what Charlie was doing, so Jon would know if he had to show up for work.

  35. beth says:

    Charlie is the poster boy for an alcoholic/addict. His complete denial is astounding. His belief that he is superior to those who have od’ed and his obvious physical decline make me sad because if he doesn’t get help addiction may well take his life.
    I feel badly for his family. I know Martin Sheen has worked tirelessly to save his son. Still, if a person doesn’t want to be clear there is nothing to do.
    – and what is with his hatred for AA?

  36. SLeigher says:

    Watching that was interesting, I would not be shocked if what Charlie said about Chuck Lorre not writing scripts etc. and basically refusing to work with Charlie. Chuck Lorre had similar problems with one of the stars back in his early days and by reading his vanity cards you sort of get the idea that he has just given up, just like Charlie he feels that he’s gone out and created 3 very successful tv shows and some other decent ones and he still is getting no respect from anyone, not Charlie or the media. I am still of the opinion the show is done as Lorre will likely refuse to work with Charlie and he’s already stated he will not recast Charlie’s character and as much as it saddens me to say it, there is no 2.5 Men without Charlie Sheen.

    • maggie says:

      Chuck Lorre has worked with an alcoholic/drug addict before, Brett Butler. Butler’s out of control behavior was the reason her hit show was cancelled.

      They don’t need to re-cast the role of Charlie. They can write Charlie off and have another character come in, like a cousin or long-lost brother.

  37. allie says:

    This guy’s a whackjob.

  38. emmit west says:

    Wack-a-doodle crazy. Bat-feces insane. He is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

    I have a hard time believing that he wasn’t drinking cranberry and vodka during the ABC interview, and chain smoking is in front of someone else is just plain rude.

    My 12yo daughter said, “He thinks he has super powers or something…” I replied, “I guess only Chuck Norris can bring him down.”

    • Luca says:

      Chuck Norris taking down Charlie Sheen. Oh i would pay to see that happen. I would pay a lot.

      My guess is that is would be over the Tiger Blood comment. Cause we all know that Chuck Norris really does have Tiger Blood. ANd Chuck Norris doesn’t like anyone trying to steal his thunder.

      Time to pay Charlie Sheen!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. tvfan001 says:

    How much money does the network & the producer (Lorre) make from Two and a Half Men? Not only from the prime time run but let’s not forget the reruns. I bet it’s a lot more than any of us would ever guess.

    Maybe the pay raise Sheen’s asking for is not so out of proportion. Remember when the cast of Friends (all 6) received 1 million per episode? What if Charlie’s show is making the equivalent revenue without requiring 6 people in leading roles? He is able to do it with only himself in the lead role.

    The dollars Charlie is talking may sound unreal to those of us who work 9-5 jobs, but we don’t know how many millions & millions the network & the producers are making from this hit tv show. Charlie’s been a money-making machine for them all for years.

    Perhaps they have filled their pockets with so much money that they don’t mind ending the show & their relationship with Sheen now as they have more money then they ever dreamed they would receive from one tv show.

    I may not like how Sheen says what he says – but I get the gist of one of his points which is that he’s making them all rich – so don’t bite the hand the feeds you!

  40. Tuneman says:

    Sheen sounds like EVERY bipolar addict. They all talk that talk. For that he has my compassion. Because I can’t imagine having to be him. I’m not talking about the money or the fame or even the hookers and hooch; I mean having to be so out of touch from reality, and having to some day realize what you’ve done and how many you have hurt. That boy needs some Jesus and a lot of medical help.

  41. Bob says:

    He’s already been fired, he’s toast.

    He’s making the huge salary demand (after being fired) so he can try and say that when it was not met, he quit.

    Just trying to “save face”.

    But, he’s already been fired, and he, now, is old news.

  42. Scotty says:

    Apparently this guy never heard of the word “humility.” He’s so full of self-worship and greed (now he wants $3 mil per episode) without ever acknowledging he did anything wrong.

    He’s obviously a train wreck judging from his last few interviews. He’s clueless about what he’s done and is simply a man in denial about everything–it’s all everyone else’s fault.

    He comes across as a shallow, vain, bitter man who is really his own worst enemy. Not even Dr. Kildare could straighten out this case.

  43. Lizardlady says:

    When is dad Martin going to intervene legally? His son obviously needs help in a bad way – he should be given a psych eval./competency trial and have someone take care of his affairs and make sure he gets the treatment he needs. I love “Two and a Half Men” and am so sad to see it end this way. No one is served by letting Charlie Sheen publicly immolate himself.

  44. sheenfan says:

    Am I the only one wondering if “rock star from Mars” would make an ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT movie? Seriously. it wouldn’t have to cast sheen as the lead (obviously, although it might be hilarious) but the idea is percolating and sounds awesome.