Sheen to ABC: 'I Am On a Drug; It's Called Charlie Sheen!' NBC's Today Also Books Actor

Charlie Sheen’s Career Destruction Tour 2011 continues this week on ABC, in the form of an interview with Andrea Canning — and we’ve got a first look!

Not one to be scooped, NBC’s Today also got some face time with the troubled actor, for an interview that will air Monday morning.

ABC’s sitdown with Sheen will air Tuesday at 10/9c as part of a special edition of 20/20; Good Morning America will preview portions of the interview on Monday and Tuesday. Based on the first official promo — which is posted below and will run during tonight’s Oscars telecast — it will be train wreck television of the highest order.

Today, meanwhile, tweeted that in their conversation with Sheen, he demands a personal apology from Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre and CBS. He also discusses drugs and his kids.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. chris says:

    you wish you were as successful as he is, michael ausiello, also you wish you were as rich

    charlie sheen is god, get it maggot?

    • Lela says:

      Charlie Sheen is an addict. Yes he has money but what does that mean in the long run? If he kills himself w his addiction what will that money mean? His children will be financially provided for but w/o their father. His family will be w/o their son, brother, etc.

      At this point money is hurting this man more than its helping.

      • chris says:

        charlie sheen will outlive you

        its his personality what makes him great, genious like he says, you ordinary people dont know what im talking about…

        with our alleged “rock stars” reduced to Apprentice contestants, Idol judges, and CSI soundtracks, we look to you, Charlie Sheen

        • Karen says:

          Half wits look to him, perhaps.

        • Delirious says:

          How do you know he’ll outlive her? I mean, how do you know her age?

          That alone shows… Sure, hype Sheen for his acting, for his way of being, or whatever, but why do you have to shoot others while at it? Don’t you have enough with “praising your god”?

          Oh, and if he eventually turns up as an Apprentice contestant, or a DWTS participant, can we call you out? (Save the “he won’t” answer, kthx)

        • iDuckie says:

          It’s genius, not genious.

        • Cathy says:

          I’m happy to be ordinary if it means that I’m not running around making a fool out of myself and costing other people money or their jobs. Genius? No. I don’t look to Charlie Sheen as anything other than an example of someone displaying bad behavior and getting away with it. It doesn’t take a genius to realize when someone is being selfish, and since he’s got a bunch of kids, he needs to get over himself. I think your “we” is more like “I”.

          • Kathy Clark says:

            I am a therapist and can tell you that either Mr. Sheen has relapsed or has had a psychotic break (a break from reality), or possibly both. This is very erratic behavior he is demonstrating. Someone from his family needs to step in and get the man some help before it is too late.

        • ST says:

          No, WE do not look to him. Don’t presume to speak for any of us.

        • Tania says:

          Charlie is that you, you maggot?

        • poster says:

          Troll, obviously.

      • Andi says:

        I agree with you. Money is the root of all evil and it looks as though it has gotten a hold of this talented star. I guess I can be one to say…celebrity life is not that grand. I pray this star gets some major help before he kills himself.

    • tracie says:

      nice try charlie… we know thats you pretending to be some ‘chris’ idiot

    • sara says:

      You only have to look at him to see he’s not well. Not one thing about his appearance says “good health”. He’s just thisclose to being one the “faces of meth” posterboys.

    • anna says:

      I see no reason to watch this. So the man thinks he’s god’s gift to the world. The man ALSO gets stoned/drunk and beats on women. that pretty much tells me all I ever needed to know about this loser.

    • Mark says:

      From the incoherence, it sounds to me like “Charlie” is here posting as “Chris”. Dude, punctuation is your friend; as is spell check.

    • Christy says:

      Wow. He really looks awful. All snark and judgment aside, I really hope he gets help. He is ranting like a lunatic and someone needs to really sit him down and get him some help. I know stuff like this loses its shock value but at the end of the day this is a person who is very sick. No matter what the fate of his show ends up as, I hope HE is okay at some point.

    • bigbadbri says:

      Dudes listen he is an addict out of control, he plays the perpetual victim, he downplays his drug use, he generates enough chaos to spin a universe, blames everyone around him , indignent and in complete denial. Anyone who disagrees is blind or an addict themselves. But so what if this guy wants to trash hotel rooms and drink or crack himself into ablivion so whatits his life just dont get behind the wheel of a car. Why do we care?

  2. Bailey says:

    *SIGH* Just a train wreck. If this man isn’t under the influence and is talking the way he has been …. then he has mental issues.
    His children are the real victims. Growing up w a father like this who would rather feed his addiction than get himself clean …. if not for him than do it for your babies. <>

  3. Amy says:

    I feel sad for him. It’s easy to make him out to be a terrible human being but you don’t get to this point without having some kind of mental issues as well. Anyone remember Britney? He needs someone to step in like her father did.

    • Janet says:

      Agree 100%. His family needs to step in before they have to bury him.

    • Kim R says:

      I agree. He looks awful. I hope someone takes control for him before we read about him dying.

    • aperson says:

      Charlie Sheen is an incredibly talented comedy actor on the show, “Two and 1/2 Men”. The casting is great and everyone knows that Charlie Sheen makes the show and just about everyone LOVES THE SHOW. For the writer to cancel the show saying that Charlie’s friends will be out of work, well, got news for that writer, as the writer will be out of work. Charlie will be on another series or in the movies in two shakes and his actor friends will get other acting gigs. But it is the public, who absolutely love this show that will lose one of their favorite shows and we do need distraction sometimes so that we may escape our own sorrows. Charlie may have a disorder other than addiction. He sure is great though, cute and soooooooooo funny on that show! His family must step in time after time and help Charlie. That’s what family is supposed to do. They should never tire of it. They have not walked in his shoes.

      • Lois says:

        “His family must step in time after time and help Charlie. That’s what family is supposed to do. They should never tire of it. They have not walked in his shoes.”

        Actually, Charlie’s father HAS walked in Charlie’s shoes, in that he also had a substance abuse problem. Martin finally kicked his problem years ago. He has tried to help Charlie with his problems. But it up to CHARLIE to help himself. No one can save Charlie except Charlie. He’s an adult, and it isn’t up to his parents or siblings to save him. Charlie has 5 children that he is responsible for. He needs to grow up and act like an adult.

        Charlie Sheen getting help with his problems, and not ending up like Chris Farley, John Belushi, ect. is the most important thing. The show is secondary.

        The show can always cast a new lead actor. Charlie didn’t make the show funny, the writers did.

        • Amy says:

          Right, he has to help himself. But he obviously doesn’t think he needs help so it has to be taken out of his control. He isn’t making the decision, so adult or not, someone has to make it for him.

      • Scott says:

        1 – Actually, not everyone loves the show. Go to imdb and see for yourself.
        2 – Chuck Lorre – who you refer to as the “writer” – did not cancel the show. CBS and Warners cancelled the show.
        3 – Chuck Lorre already runs 2 other very successful sitcoms, one of which – The Big Bang Theory – just got a 3 year renewal. The other, Mike & Molly, is a shoe-in for renewal and like other Lorre shows, is expected to last at least 5 to 7 seasons. Chuck Lorre will not be out of work at any time in the near future.
        4 – As for Sheen getting other work, once the ABC interview has aired in full this Tuesday, almost the entire media expect 2 things to happen. 1, Two and a Half Men will get cancelled or continue without Sheen and 2, Sheen will never work for CBS – and most likely any of the Big 4 networks again. That’s not because of his acting skills but rather the guy is uninsurable in his current state of mind.
        5 – the only point I agree with you on, Sheen needs help. His family need to step in. The last thing we need is another story which won’t have a happy ending.

        • John Berggren says:

          His insurability is not the only factor – you don’t antagonize the people you work for publically and expect them to welcome you back with open arms – and nobody else is going to want to put themselves in the position of hiring you for fear the same behavior and commentary will persist.

  4. ck says:

    …charlie sheen is god, get it maggot?

    Never knew God to beat on women. Several times.

  5. Matt says:

    May be a trainwreck for him and to a certain extent CBS, but ABC will be thrilled with the ratings – we all know they need them

  6. Michael Sacal says:

    What I remember from before Two & A Half Men came on was that Sheen was in deep trouble, I think he stayed at a hospital because he almost died back then (the details escape me).

    I always thought that Two… saved his life.

    Having said that, Lore is as much to blame for the current clash between him and Sheen for the vanity cards he wrote. It’s called pouring gasoline on a fire. It was unnecessary and uncalled for. It was something that should have been kept private.

    • Em says:

      It was hardly gasoline. Sheen will take any excuse to go off on people who he feels are “wronging” him. It’s just like any other addict. After a while they get paranoid – remember how he thought his watch was stolen and tore up a hotel? I don’t know if the addiction has caused a mental problem or if he has always had one which means he has been self medicating – but the boy has problems that are all his own – no one else’s.
      And how sad that this guy is in his 40s and we still expect his parents to save him.

      • Michael Sacal says:

        Let us say that is true, that he will take any excuse to lash out. Lorre is still at fault for provoking him on a public forum so that he would lash out publicly instead of privately.

        Remember that movie The Late Shift, in which the NBC people waited for that producer they didn’t like to explode publicly so they would have cause to fire her from the Tonight Show?

        Lorre may have very well been baiting Sheen to get him to respond in order to give CBS cause to fire him.

        • Lois says:

          Please, Sheen is an addict. Addicts blame everyone except themselves. Lorre saved Charlie’s career. Charlie’s problem is Charlie.

          • Michael Sacal says:

            That’s neither here nor there, though.

            I’m not disputing any of your points, I’m saying that what Lorre did isn’t helping the situation, it’s only making things worse.

            Case in point, but for the vanity cards Sheen wouldn’t be giving this interview. You could argue that another stresser might have led him to give an interview and rant on the radio, but the stresser at hand is the vanity cards.

          • Lois says:

            The vanity cards are just an excuse for Charlie. He’s trying to make Lorre responsible for his behavior. Addicts always try to blame others. Charlie’s behavior shut the show down. Charlie would be talking to the press even without the vanity cards, so that he can try to take the blame off himself. The vanity cards weren’t a stresser, but rather a scapegoat.

          • sam says:

            Euh Lorre did not save Charlie Sheen career at all !
            He did quite well with Spin City just before Two and a Half Men and without Sheen CBS would have not aired Two and a Half Men and Lorre would not been able to create his two other sitcoms on actually it is more the other way around, Charlie Sheen being an addict or not.

  7. Sabrina says:

    Actually, his family needs to let him suffer the consequences as CBS and Chuck Lorre finally have decided to. Yes, they should have done this sooner and they are just as guilty for profiting from someone who clearly has issues. But it is only when EVERYONE in his life steps back and stops helping him that he will understand he needs help. And that includes all the deluded people out their who find this funny, amusing, entertaining to watch. Including those who have watched this farce of a TV show giving it such high ratings. I tried watching it once and it was not funny, not even amusing. I love Jon Cryer from many of his movies but I just could not stomach this show. So everyone, family, friends, co-workers and fans need to back off and let this man fail.

    • Lois says:

      Once before when Charlie went crazy on drugs like now, his father called the police and had him arrested. He did that so that Charlie would be forced into rehab. Charlie did get help that way and stayed sober and clean for a number of years. Martin Sheen is now reportedly trying to get some sort of guardianship over Charlie so that he can force him into rehab. It doesn’t look like Martin is going to accomplish this. I feel bad for Charlie’s children, more than I do for Charlie or anyone else.

  8. Laura says:

    The man looks awful! His appearance and his rants on various radio shows is not indicative of a healthy individual.

  9. Christine says:

    Commenters who are saying, Sheen’s family should have stepped in sooner need to stop it.

    The Sheen/Estevez family have been there for Charlie, again, again and again. His father has tried EVERYTHING to get his son the care he needs.

    Charlie needs to step back, get out of the limelight and heal himself.

  10. Dw. Dunphy says:

    You can look up to Charlie Sheen only if your life has not been ruined by an unrepentant drug addict. From that vantage point, he’s hardly a hero. More like a harbinger of very, very bad days.

    And if you happen to be a drug addict, none of this will move you in the slightest — not the harm you’ve cause to family, friends, yourself and your finances. All you care about is getting high, and to you, I can only say get as much in at one time as you can. Go out with a bang and, please, leave us be to recover.

    The only difference between a druggy and a corpse is that you only have to pay for the corpse once.

    • Julianna says:

      “The only difference between a druggy and a corpse is that you only have to pay for the corpse once.”
      WOW! Never heard that before but it fits.

  11. Mia says:

    what’s with his hair? is he wearing a wig?

  12. Cassie says:

    Wow Charlie. I get that you’re angry and you want to rant to everyone and anyone that will listen but… seriously? This is coming from a fan of yours. You look terrible! Put down the straw and get some rest.

  13. Luke says:

    I bet Charlie did this chick behind the pool during lunch break!!!

  14. Amber says:

    Charlie Sheen is a very talented comedy actor and he makes the show Two and 1/2 Men. The casting for that show is excellent with all of the actors. Charlie will not be out of work if the show is cancelled as he will be immediately put in another series or the movies. His co-workers will also get acting gigs. The writer, who can’t take a few words, may lose his career, however, due to his not being able to handle “actors” and being willing to put everyone out of work. Who would want to hire a writer like that? There must be a great writing team though, as the show is great and a favorite of so many people. The writer should suck it up and take his money and go on vacation and return to continue writing and just shut up. Who does the writer think is actually making him all that money? Plus we need the show for our own pleasure. We count too. Don’t we?

    • Sarah says:

      Chuck Lorre REALLY doesn’t need this bs to make money. Ever heard of a little show called “The Big Bang Theory”? That’s his too. His career will be fine without having to cater to an addicted primadonna who refuses to get help. While many fans may miss the show, I think it’s more important to take a stand, as Sheen’s boss and as a human being, and refuse to stand for this type of bullying and insanity. There are plenty of other TV shows out there; I somehow think America will manage.

      • Scott says:

        To add (re: Amber), Two and a Half Men may be the #1 comedy on tv at the moment but Lorre runs the #2 comedy too, The Big Bang Theory, which has already been renewed for 3 more years. And if you spin the ratings a tiny bit, you could argue that another Lorre show, Mike & Molly is the #3 comedy (more than Modern Family or How I Met Your Mother).

        When – and not if – Two and a Half Men is done, the Lorre-opoly of sitcoms will continue for the next 5 to 7 years even if Lorre does not pen another new sitcom pilot. But we all know he will because of his past and current success. Even if Sheen hadn’t insulted the CBS bosses, does anyone seriously think they’d pick the highest paid actor on tv with only a year left on his contract over a guy whose career has been to create hugely successful sitcoms? It’s a total no brainer for CBS to choose Lorre over Sheen, after all the CBS bosses know who’s the golden goose and who’s got egg on their face.

    • FGarvin says:

      You do know who Chuck Lorre is, don’t you? Several posts here have said something along the lines of “Now the writer won’t have any work without Charlie and this show”. This is Chuck freakin’ Lorrie. Ever heard of “The Big Bang Theory”, “Mike & Molly”, “Dharma & Greg”, “Cybill”, “Grace Under Fire” or “Roseanne”? Yeah, he’ll be just fine.

    • Lois says:

      The “writer” is Chuck Lorre who currently has 2 other shows on tv: The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly. He previously wrote Roseanne, Cybill, Dharma & Greg, and other shows. He will have no problem careerwise.

      Charlie Sheen will not get hired by anyone unless he gets clean and sober.

      • ST says:

        “Charlie Sheen will not get hired by anyone unless he gets clean and sober.”

        Good then we won’t be seeing him again any time soon.

  15. Stacey says:

    Given he’s being so brazen with these attacks. Does anyone think maybe he’s doing this all on purpose. He has a plan. I can’t believe he’s being obnoxious without a reason. I do believe at the moment he’s sober. There has to be something beneath all this. It is trainwreck television. Like he’s doing this for a reason. He knows people are gobbling it up. And he’s now enjoying it and the ranting is like he’s playing a new role. The total turn from a week ago; when he seemed fine and all happy. Now he’s visiting angerville. He’s a actor. It seems like a role now. I am not sure it should be taken seriously.

  16. GOD says:

    Charlie Sheen is my Son.

  17. Rob says:

    I have started afacebook page to replace Charlie Sheen with James Spader. Why should the crew suffer from Charlie’s actions? Go to-!/pages/Replace-Charlie-Sheen-With-James-Spader/132832890119857

  18. Chris says:

    Wow, Charlie kinda looks like a mess in that interview, doesn’t he? And who are those ladies that are with Charlie? Are they his hooker pals or something?

  19. Midori says:

    Wow… He looks sick, really, looks like he needs to eat a hamburger.

  20. Sparky says:

    Whether you love him or hate him, I think we can all agree that the guy looks like crap and that clip that ABC released does nt do him any favors – he sounds like he’s on something. Feel bad for him and his family. I’ve watched 2 1/2 men on a number of times and while its not my favorite comedy I do find it quite funny and without Charlie I probably would nt tune in at all. The guy actually can act which can’t be said for 99% of the wannabe actors on TV in the crap that currently airs. He needs to get out of Hollywood, away from the hookers and drugs and just clean himself up before he ends up dead.

  21. Lois says:

    NBC News tonight said that Charlie will be on the Today Show tomorrow (Monday) morning.

  22. KC says:

    HE demands an apology?! Am I reading that correctly? This man is insufferable, he is the one who should be apologizing. DONE!

  23. Jenn says:

    He’s a total freak!!! He’s out of control and I applaud the Two and Half Men PTB for finally putting a stop to everything even though I feel awful for all those that are now out of a job thanks to him. I used to love this show but honestly his behavior has totally turned me off on it. He just needs to go away, like yesterday

  24. kyla says:

    He looks so bad!! & hes in such denial he will be dead with in the next couple of years i predict, reminds me of River Phoenix and how his looks started to decline before his death

  25. jamie says:

    I think it is horrible that they are actually interviewing him on tv. Obviously he is sick–so why put this out there? Even if it was his idea–the networks should have passed on it. It’s like nobody can wait for him to keel over and die. I bet tv and the tabloids would love to air that live as well. The more publicity he gets–the more folks are feeding his sickness. My guess is he has depression or bipolar issues and he medicates himself or something. But, he is bad off–and it’s not a joke. He needs help–not interviews.

  26. forrest says:

    finally – the end of Two and a Half Men – thank you Charlie for clearing space for a better program. I never watched a full episode because it was so sophmoric. Begone Charlie. Enjoy your millions. If you make another movie it will be easier to avoid than all those CBS promos that ran during your ‘success’.

    • Tania says:

      While I agree with you about the series itself, I feel bad for the workers on of series such as the rest of the cast and crew. What an a$$h**e.

  27. godzilla_foil says:

    Some TV psychologist said it the other day and, for all I know on the subject, he’s spot on (which is kinda weird, considering he’s a TV psychologist): Charlie Sheen is most probably bypolar, is clearly goin’ through a manic peak. And I say for myself: things’ll look pretty awful for him in a while, when he “comes back”.

  28. hug says:

    I don’t know if charlie sheen reads are stuff or not but if you do i wan’t you to look at the video here of your self because i had a grandma past away not to long ago and i am telling you charlie the look i see in your face is the same i seen in my grandma’s face and it pains me to see that in you so please get some help you are to good of a actor for this i just hope you get the help before it’s be to late.

  29. Tania says:

    It serves CBS right. This is what happens when you look the other way. So long as those ratings gave them first place, it was ‘what problem?’.

  30. Burgess says:

    So appalling that the other networks have stooped to the lowest common denominator -looking for ratings- and giving voice to this loser. I hope it backfires and nobody watches either show. CBS too has gotten what they deserve by sticking with a drug addict/woman abuser/mental case just for ratings. I watched the show when it was new but I don’t continue to watch things when the so called star is someone I wouldn’t want in my home. This guy needs help and may be beyond help at this point because it sounds like his drug abuse has finally affected his mind. Prolonged drug or alcohol abuse can and often does lead to psychosis and he may have finally gone too far. It’s very obvious that he is showing up in several article comment posting areas under several assumed names. Very sad. I feel very bad for his family.

  31. Kim R says:

    Remember Cory Haim? He appeared on TV, ranting in exactly the same way…blaming everyone else etc. Where is he now? Exactly! Charlie is heading down that same road.

  32. Not Charlie Sheen says:

    The terms “drug addict” and “johns” when used to describe men who solicit for paid sex will now be referred to as “Charlie Sheens”

  33. Dr. Matera says:

    A Ba second agoCharlie Sheens recent interview on NBC was very interesting. He displayed a significant amount of over anxiety, over anxiousness, and on edge body language. He also did not blink as often or as one would on a usual basis. He chain smoked for the most part of the interview, while also requiring something to fiddle with such as the red elastic band.
    All these signs are common reactions to prescribed medication such as Modafinil or Ridalin. My professional opinion was he fueled up prior to the interview, & did not have a good nights rest the evening prior. His body language also demonstrated a revved up or charged upstate also common with these meds. Although I havn’t met Mr. Charlie Sheen nor have I had an opportunity to conduct a formal examination, he is displaying strong signs of narcolepsy.
    Having been a psychology examinor expert witness on numerous trials, I would also like to add his verbage, although quite imaginative is a sign of a lacking of ones self control. He is unable to exercise proper judgement toward what he is communicating. From extensive expertese in this area, I can also confidently state he has started to alienate himself from peers, co-workers, friends, family members, and anyone who might have an involvement in his life.
    It was also very dissapointing to see how he used his children as props or trophies in an attempt to display a sense of normality alongside his permiscuous relationships, one of which appeared to have herpes simplex in the corner of her right lip, conceled with makeup.

  34. sandra says:

    I think we should give him a chance. He should do a skit and not talk about drugs, can he sing, where is the piano, Id like to see the piano and some nice music