Scoop: Charlie Sheen to Tell All to ABC!

And the plot thickens: Embattled (and likely unemployed) Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen has agreed to give an exclusive interview to ABC News’ Andrea Canning.

The on-camera chat — Sheen’s first since his feud with Men creator Chuck Lorre turned nasty and prompted CBS and Warner Bros. to shut down production of TV’s No. 1 sitcom for the remainder of the season — will be turned into a special edition of 20/20 to air Tuesday at 10/9c.

Will Charlie Sheen Go Dancing with the Stars?

The news comes the same day reports surfaced that Sheen is penning a tell-all book about his life on the Men set.

Thoughts? Do you still care what Sheen has to say? Or are you officially over it? And will you watch regardless? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Em says:

    Please…no. I think he has said enough. Pathetic now.

    • Tina says:

      He really is so ungrateful. 2 million an episode and he can’t keep his life in check or least quiet! Pathetic!

      • Victoria says:

        More money is more suitcases of cocaine for him. Not a chance he is “high on life”

      • sandy says:

        I have loved 2 and half men since the beginning Charlie is talented but he is out of control and the poor cast and crew have lost their jobs because of him, very sad

      • sharon says:

        frankly it should be his business what he spends his money on. Why is everyone worried about someone elses business and guarenteed u are just jealous u cant party like that.if it was just a regular joe no one would care.

    • marlene says:

      Something is up with Sheen, there is his behavior but there is something about the environment he worked in. I think it is good he is coming forward to talk about it on tv, it won’t hurt him but it may cast some light in on what really goes on behind the scenes of the show, maybe it was real nasty and he behaved how he did to relieve stress and strain. We will have to watch and see. Remember there are always two sides to a story.

      • david says:

        Charlie Sheen is no different than any other employee that works for a nasty man. Chuck Lorre has a bad reputation and an ego that works against him. How in the worlkd can you go publicly and say you do not care about your cast and crew. I for one will be the first one to buy this tell all book about what REALLY happens on the set of 2 and a half men. Chuck Lorre has a repution for being unkind to the people on his sets. It is against the law to fire a person that is undergoing substance abuse issues. Chuck has really shot himself in the foot on this one. His FEELINGS are hurt. It is imopossible for me to understand how Chuck Lorre with hiss feelings hurt, was able to convince Warner Brothers and CBS to go along with him. If everyone remembers, this feud was started after the Valentines day airing where Chuck started this feud against Charlie at the end of the show. Charlie did what any other abused employee would do…Go and defend yourself…I hope Charlie sues the heck out of Chuck Lorre as he has too much on his polate to do three shows and he has made a grave error regarding his emotional decision to stop the show.
        The real losers in all of this is the viewers. The show is by far the best show on TV and I will miss it Dearly. I will boycott any show that has the name Chuck Lorre associated with it as well as any CBS affiliate programming.

        • Josh says:

          I think Chuck Lorre put up with Sheen way more than he needed to-and enabled him to continue his downward spiral in many ways. There is no way you can say Charlie Sheen handled this situation well at all, so I’m not sure why you are only attacking Lorre. And Sheen doesn’t have a leg to stand on if he were to sue anyone.

          • david says:

            You have to remember that Chuck Lorre started this battle, Sheen is now on the offensive. If you are an abused actor for eight years working with this guy, you would retaliate as would anyone that has taken this script and an empty tin can and made it into the most popular sit-com on television. It’s Charlies turn and I will tell you that you will see what I am talking about Tuesday night on 20/20. david

          • John says:

            In any other industry, badmouthing your boss gets you fired, blame and simple. Charlie’s been a professional actor for what, three decades now?

        • alex says:

          Are you really Sheen’s family member? Sheen has had drug and sex problems LONG before 2 and a half men.

          Chuck Lorre put up with Sheen. And he never fired him. He gave him tons of chances. I don’t know where you are coming up with your information but it sounds like the enquirer to me.

        • SAM says:

          If you go to the E!Online, there is an article by Ted Casablanca quoting (unnamed) crew members.


        • Em says:

          This was hardly just Lorre’s decision. And please – why the heck are you believing anything that an addict says? Just because he’s famous? Just because you don’t like Lorre?
          The fact that you think the show is great though shows me your mentality. Charlie Sheen is not funny and not a good actor. He’s riding the coattails of his own bad reputation.
          But hey, what’s wrong with beating up women, shooting them and making wild accusation against everyone in your life who does not go along with you? Can’t you see this pattern?

        • Alana says:

          Hey Charlie, eh,,,I mean “David”, Sheen might have a boss who is mean to him. (To which I say, suck it up like the rest of us who don’t have great bosses or quit. That’s why you’re paid the big bucks) But guess what–Lorre didn’t beat up Sheen’s wife. Lorre didn’t get arrested. Lorre didn’t get put under a psych watch. Lorre didn’t buy and snort the drugs, Lorre didn’t force the shut down on the show because of rehab (twice). Lorre didn’t hire the hookers. Lorre didn’t get put in the hospital because he’d poisoned his body. Lorre didn’t rip up an hotel room. So really, how you can claim “lorre started this” is pretty laughable. All Lorre did was finally start calling Sheen on it, something he should have done years ago.

          • sandy says:

            yeah Alana go!!!!!! so true -be accountable Mr. Carlos Estevez like the rest of us ..Grow up -the only reason he is in Tv is because like most of those people ,they are born into a famous family -their are a lot of those people that got in because they were riding the coattails of their parent many many of them —he is a no talent , loser that would be lost without his dad martin sheen –get rid of the dirt and clean house ..i would not watch that show if they aid me !

        • nat says:

          Oh yeah, Charlie Sheen’s rep has always been sparkly white. He has always been abusive to those around him. Just ask Kelly Preston or any of the other people that tried to help him in the past. If Chuck has such a bad rep maybe it was because he was dealing with this kind of degenerate on his other shows as well. As far as the cast and crew are concerned, Charlie is the one who forced the show to shut down, so Charlie should pay them since he is the highest paid person there.
          As far as Charlie being talented, didn’t he really just play a muted down version of himself. I have no sympathy for those who bite the hand that feeds them. Err rather the hand that feeds the cocaine into his body.

        • don says:

          Oh my god, there is no hope when anyone calls this vile cheap sex and drug driven show with a ludicrous laugh track(that should tell you all you need to know about this loser show) a hit show. Indeed.

    • Mark says:

      This is going to be huge for ABC, everyone loves to slow down and look at a train wreck.

      I suspect this is going to be as big a disaster personally and professinally that that interview that Britney Spears did with Matt Lauer a few years back in terms of presenting its subject in a most on flattering light–with the celeb’s full help and cooperation. (Some Celebs just don’t get that “OhPoorWiddleMe What I Have to Suffer for My Tens of Millions” doesn’t endear them to as many folks as they like to think) It will be painful, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t bring in the huge ratings.

    • Bill Jones says:

      Thee is a man auctioning his talent as Charlie Sheen Stand In on eBay. It is hilarious but he claims it is serious. Has 1 bid of $150,000.00

  2. Jacob says:

    I’ll watch, only if it’s not a softball game. Lob ’em hard, Walters, and maybe I’ll tune in.

  3. Skylark66 says:

    Oh, great, now ABC is enabling this drunk. just lost all respect for ABC if this is true.

  4. steve cates says:

    This guy is pathetic – out to chop off the hand that has kept him so well fed the last 8 years. He needs help, not publicity or a best selling tell-all.

  5. PJM says:

    Charlie Sheen will tell all…

    …and nobody will give a rat’s @$$ about it.

  6. jamie says:

    Love it I would tune in

  7. Carrie says:

    I would watch only from the stand point it is like watching a train wreck in motion.

    • forrest says:

      Sounds like the perfect setup for Barbara Walters. Anyone remember the Mike Tyson / Robin Givens invterview? Trainwreck was all there was to see.

  8. Kevin says:

    I hope after the interview Sheen is fired by CBS and also blacklisted by Hollywood

    • Tracy Murray says:

      That I will agree , being blacklisted , sorry to say , will certainly wake Charlie up to reality and make him change his life for the better and once he has proven to the world he has cleaned up and truly matured as an adult , then we , along with Hollywood , will welcome him back with open arms .

      • Trisha says:

        I doubt that would happen. If he’s blacklisted, he’ll just end up blowing all his money away and turn up dead in some hotel room.

    • ST says:

      I hope so, too.

  9. Amy says:

    Sad! Pitiful that ABC would even consider putting him on air. Anything for ratings I guess.

    • mandy says:

      I bet it pulls in ratings too. I mean look at how many headlines this guy has had this week! As sad as it is he is America’s new obsession.

  10. Scott says:

    Charlie who?

  11. mandy says:

    I would probably watch only because I need a good laugh!

  12. KC says:

    We usually put people like this in jail, not give them hour-long specials on TV and book deals. But I guess it’s ok because he makes millions of dollars and is soooo popular, right? (Justice system fail)

  13. ElizabethB says:

    oh good god… no… I can’t stand the show because of Charlie Sheen, so no way do I want to see him go out there and talk about how great being an addict is (so to speak). Somebody please throw him in rehab for about a year…

  14. Larrylar says:

    Heck yeah I’ll watch this is entertainment people !

  15. Annie says:

    Although the last thing I want to see is him trying to justify his deplorable behaviour, given a choice I would have preferred a sit down with Matt Lauer or Anderson Cooper, those two certainly would not pussy foot around….I do however agree with Kevin, that I hope CBS parks his ass for good….jmo

  16. Craig says:

    Not really interested in watching him descend further into “crazy, drugged out former actor”. I seriously doubt anyone will hire him after this.

    Maybe he can start his porn career now. It seems to be all he’s interested in these days.

  17. Vicki says:

    Noooooo I’m over him. I don’t care. He didn’t care about the cast and crew of his show losing their income. He doesn’t care about how his antics will affect hid kids. He doesn’t need any more publicity. Plead make him gi away.

    • david says:

      Vicki, how can you say he doesn’t care about his cast and crew…He offered to pay one third of all 300 employees salaries if Warner Brothers and CBS would contribute the other two thirds. ChucK Lorre is the guy that does not care about his crew…david

  18. Katie says:

    Minus 1000 points for ABC if this is true. Gross.

  19. Libby says:

    So ABC is going to once again dump Detroit 1-8-7, a show it has mistreated all season and then will cancel and say its ratings suck. And instead they will show an interview with a bipolar drug addict who cares about no one but himself. Yeah, good plan there, ABC. Sadly this interview will get better ratings than Detroit 187 which says a lot about the mentality of America these days.

  20. John says:

    C’mon ABC, really?

  21. Belinda says:

    Good lord no, he’s had more than his share of publicity and people need to stop catering to the crazy. I feel bad for his family, I love his father Martin and this must be a nightmare for him to watch go down and his poor kids.. sheesh.

  22. Cathy says:

    OMG…When will he finish crashing and burning? I doubt that Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer, as respected as they are, will ask the hard questions, or push him into saying something even more ridiculous than he all ready has. Just go away Charlie.

  23. PaulH says:

    If he doesn’t OD/die before then.

  24. Kelly says:

    I’m just super pissed cuz I wanted to see how the whole Charlie & Rose relationship would play out! :/

    • linda says:

      me too. I loved the show. I wish he had not been so stupid and messed everything up but it is what it is. what an idiot who does not know when to shut up!
      cosidering getting a t-shirt with “free charlie” (from himself) on it.
      i hope one day after he realizes that he is done, he actually gets help and comes back crawling to the men’s producers to get them to do one more season.

    • Chris Scalf says:

      Me too! And the fact that he has screwed a lot of people out of their jobs, including the actress that plays Rose.

  25. Jugg says:

    I think he said enough stuff about Chuck lorre on That radio show . We shouldn’t pay attention to him . Chuck lorre should work on Tbbt and mike and molly and leave taahm . I feel Sorry for the rest of the cast anyway.

  26. LP says:

    The guy’s a drug addict. I wouldn’t believe him if he said the sky was blue.

  27. amy says:

    ABC is just going, “Here, Mr. Sheen, we have a nice long rope for you. Just wind it around your neck like so ….” And CS is so stupid he’ll do it.

  28. ggny says:

    ABC isnt stupid they know if they give Charlie the chance on air to run wild and bash on CBS/Chuck Lorre that they will be first in line to book him on one of their new pilot and lets face it Charlie Sheen is a TV superstar and fans will follow him to a new show

  29. Sara says:

    Someone needs to tell Charlie that when people start pasting quotes from your drunken rants under lolcat images, public opinion has shifted and you’ve become a laughingstock, not an idol.

  30. Dirk says:

    This is genius. The plan is two-fold: ABC News and 20/20 gets higher ratings because of this trainwreck of a TV star, and if Charlie Sheen implodes on himself like we all know he will, then it will make it more likely that CBS won’t continue on with Two and a Half Men, meaning less ratings competition for ABC. Whoever managed to swing this at ABC should be promoted.

  31. Sara says:

    Also? I agree with the above. ABC, PLEASE give us Detroit 187 instead of this trainwreck!!!

  32. Mitch says:

    You know I think this whole thing is funny. I seam to recall that Charlie want to quit the show earlier in the season but CBS and everyone said no and begged him to stay. No I am not in anyway approving of what he has said or done, but it sure is funny to me that everyone now thinks he should go, but when he wanted to go no one would let him. Oh well i guess that’s life.

  33. famous artist says:

    oh. let’s all watch Charlie Sheen make an ass of himself one more time. The more we listen, the more pathetic he becomes. If we leave him alone at the edge of a dumpster, he might decide to get well.

    • Linda Ciccarono says:

      Amen to that!! I was homeless for quite a while and greedy people like that turn my stomach! The poor little 2m he makes would take care of a whole county of homeless for A YEAR and if WE did this crap in front of our children DCF wouldn’t think twice about taking them!! THINK OF THEM GOOD TIME CHARLIE!! And I hope your dad is SUPER ASHAMED of YOU!! Take responsibility for YOUR actions and GROW UP!!

  34. Henchmanc says:

    Charlie Sheen is my hero. He’s a method actor, living the life of the womanizer he became famous playing most of his life. Banging hot broads, yachting and private jetting around the world. Whoever faults a guy for that is a jealous twat. The drugs are just a bonus and a necessity to get those lovely coked up whores.

  35. Brad says:

    I’ll because I want to see him stick his feet further down his throat. He is way too self centered and did not care who he hurts and the people on the production and putting the show on are hurt and Sheen should pay their salary for the rest of season, better yet until they find other jobs.

  36. FunnyBrit says:

    Oh Charlie, just shut your frickin’ gob already.

  37. Denise says:

    I know I shouldn’t but I can’t stop watching!

  38. Charlie says:

    Don’t you mean March 4th? That’s what the ABC website’s schedule says? I hope they don’t preempt Detroit 1-8-7 for this clown. Tommy Flanagan is going to be on D187 soon and I need my Chibs fix, dang it!

  39. sunshine says:

    I can’t wait to hear what his whackadoodle a** has to say! All the ppl saying that they don’t care and won’t watch and blah blah blah are lying becuz if you didn’t care you wouldn’t read this article nor would you comment. Americans sop this sort of stuff up…we always love to hear/see ppl doing worse than us.

  40. Charlie says:

    Guess I was wrong. Seems it’ll be air on Tuesday. This is why I don’t watch ABC. You try to get invested in one of their shows and they keep yanking them off the air for nonsense like that. Why bother to care?

    This is why I stick to cable networks.

    • Dirk says:

      If you’ve monitored the ratings for Detroit 1-8-7 at all this season, then you should realize that the show’s a longshot for renewal. The only reason it’s still airing new episodes (and why it got a full season order) was because ABC doesn’t have anything better to put in its timeslot — and when it does have something better, they preempt Detroit 1-8-7. See how this is working now? Detroit 1-8-7, regardless of the quality of the content (which I admittedly know little about), is being used purely as filler. You should be thankful you have a full season to watch, because its ratings for the fall really didn’t even deserve a back nine order.

  41. Erica says:

    How can he even be doing this interview with a rival network. I would think that whatever contract (it’s still binding, right?) he has with CBS would prohibit him from doing so. I thought it was standard that first “dibs” for interviews or appearances go to the network for which the actor/show is aired on.

    I remember several years ago, this very situation occurred that had an actor going to a rival network for an interview and was sued by the network that they were contracted with.

  42. Jay says:

    It leaves a bad taste that someone in the middle of a breakdown is being used for entertainment.

  43. Scott says:

    Even if you don’t watch 2.5 Men or the ABC network, this is a huge coup for them as it will deliver huge ratings. Whether we like it or not, this interview is effectively reality tv and I dare say many people will tune in to see Sheen expectedly crash and burn.

    So for Sheen’s sake, I hope the interview is live and will not be unedited or censored apart from the obvious bleeping of any expletives to abide with the US broadcasting regulations.

    However, I expect CBS to pre-empt this interview and make their decision about the future of 2.5 Men on Monday, not waiting for the upfronts at May sweeps when the new schedules are announced.

    If CBS cancel 2.5 Men and fire Sheen, I expect this interview will have Sheen being even more candid and angry than he has been over the past few weeks, almost guaranteeing a crash and burn which in the long run will only hurt Sheen more.

    After all, it’s not CBS will fire Lorre. Where would that leave The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly and Lorre’s future pilots which would almost certainly be big hit shows that would make CBS – or other networks – a lot of money in the future.

  44. marjack says:

    ugh Detroit 1-8-7 bumped again. And for this trash….

  45. Lisa says:

    I think this is a morality play. A man with addiction problems trying to shape the world to his view so it appears others are all wrong. This interview isn’t worth watching.

  46. Beth says:

    No interest in what he has to say, and will not watch any interview with him until he completes a real rehab and has been clean and sober for a year
    To do any less aids his addictions and damages the man still in there somewhere.

  47. Alex says:

    Charlie, we’ve already watched the train wreck that is your life. We just don’t care anymore.

  48. Jerry says:

    Gotta admit. I’ll be watching
    out of a morbid curiosity to see
    just how far this trainwreck will

    Arrogance, threats and goofy
    comments do not come from people
    in recovery. Selfishness and
    hurting the people in your life
    doesn’t come from someone in
    recovery. This man is in
    serious trouble and deep denial.
    I hope he gets the help he needs
    before we lose him altogether.

    • Henchmanc says:

      Arrogance, threats and goofy
      comments do not come from people
      in recovery. Selfishness and
      hurting the people in your life
      doesn’t come from someone in

      Maybe when you follow the traditional form of recovery they don’t. But Charlie Sheen is far more superior to take those steps. He’s a Vatican Ninja. He follows a method that the average human being could not begin to grasp.

  49. Peter Grad says:

    An ignoranus