Community's Return to Warfare: Exclusive Intel!

“Come with me if you don’t want paint on your clothes.”

Oh yeah, Community is going all “Modern Warfare” again, and we’ve got some exclusive details on the kickass season-ending showdown.

TVLine has confirmed that “Modern Warfare Redux,” as we have tentatively dubbed it, is definitely in the works (as a Vulture interview hinted last week), and in fact it is going to act as the two-part finale to Community‘s already stellar second season.

But don’t expect a carbon copy of Season 1’s smash hit. Sources close to the show tell us that while they expect fans to identify the episode as a sequel to the first installment, it is meant to be its own entity with a much different premise — à la not the same half-hour “action flick” we laid witness to last year.

This time around, the paintball war is not at all what it seems; there’s a bigger conspiracy afoot. The colorful game is much larger in scope, while the two-parter’s final twist is just too, too good to spoil.

We can reveal that Alison Brie’s Annie is central to the story — after all, poor thing was offed too soon in the original! — and will even face off against her very own nemesis, a student who happens to model herself after Greendale’s goody-goody. But don’t worry, the rest of the study group et al is involved in the fun, too.

As of now, NBC plans to air the new, yet-to-be-titled round of “Warfare” as an hour-long event, but there is still a small chance the network will parse it out over two weeks.

Side note: Check out the faux-news ticker scrolling the bottom of the screen during the February 24 episode. There may have been an Easter egg or two.

Are you as thrilled as we are to see Community break out the paintball guns again? Is there anything better than the promise of a two-part finale? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Jaymii says:

    A western, has to be. The latest episode stated it in the news-scroll.

  2. Tess says:

    Yet another Annie-centric episode, really? Color me shocked.

    • Travis says:

      Really? “Another”? Implying that there are way too many? So far in season two, the only episodes that could be considered Annie-centric are Cooperative Caligraphy (Which was a bottle episode involving every character), Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design, Celebrity Pharmacology, and Intro to Political Science.

      Oh my god, four episodes, talk about overkill.

      • Brooke M. says:

        People have calculated it and she has had a lot of screen time lately. While Abed and Jeff have had more, out of the girls Annie has had WAY WAY more than Shirley and Britta. Shirley had what like 2 lines in the last episode? Sigh. I love Annie though and I won’t mind seeing more of her if the Annie/Jeff b.s stops.

        • Brian says:

          I can directly correlate each episode’s quality inversely to the amount of Shirley and Britta involved. They’re just straight men now. Shirley should be relegated to minor character status like Chang or Duncan. I’d rather see more Leonard than Shirley. Britta peaked in the season 1 finale and ever since she’s been an analog for every college’s “idealistic” fringe – which no one can stand outside of their drum circle.

    • As the world-renown ‘Misanthropic Ficus’ my word is law…or perhaps lore. Annie is the most interesting character on the show. She is actually ‘real’, unlike Britta who merely pretends to possess feelings and views and beliefs. I think it has been demontrataed on multiple occasions that these are part of her rather grande-facade , also known as her personality. Annie, on the other hand, is majestic in her vulnerability and naivete. Moreover, the character has actually developed. She is maturing and forming her own non-schoolgirtl personality; more aware of her sexuality, more confident.
      So yeah…more Annie-centric episodes the better.

  3. JT says:

    I’ve had enough of Annie, to be honest. This is supposed to be an ensemble comedy. She’s an okay character, but nowhere near the best on the show, and when major members of the cast are ignored so she can be the focus of multiple episodes, it’s not cool.

    • christa says:

      With the exception of last night when was the last time an episode really focused too much on Annie?? In the episode where Pierce is in the hospital, she barely had any scenes, I’d say that the all the other characters had way more scenes and storyline in that episode. The Valentines episode, her entire role was to stand aside and watch Britta with the ‘lesbian’. Even in the episodes that focused on her there was always a lot going on with the other characters as well.

      I think that this show is great about focusing on the ensemble. I think that Troy and Abed’s storylines and scenes are generally the funniest and I love that they are always focused in every episode. I love that in the last several episodes we’ve really been able to see different sides to Pierce’s character, and I liked the focus on him. I think that there was a lot of focus on Britta last season, and I think they’ve still given her a lot of focus this season.

      On a totally different note, I’d love to see Theo (Shirley’s husband) hang around the group a little bit more, I thought he was pretty funny, and it can allow us to focus a little bit more on Shirley and her character.

      What I’m trying to say is that I really do think that the show focuses equally on everyone, you may not see everyone equally focused on in each episode, but if you look at the episodes through out the season I think everyone had been given equal time and emphasis

      • sashay says:

        Agreed! I’m surprised at so much anti-Annie feeling, not so much here, but on other sites. She’s not my fave character but she is an essential part of the mix. Who hasn’t met that kind of over-eager, young and passionate over-achiever in real life? Not sure what I think of her as a love interest for Jeff, but I appreciate her presence at Greendale.

      • rob says:

        Annie haters to the left! I don’t understand where all this is coming from.

      • Mikos says:

        It’s two posts, and the second one is probably a troll. Just ignore them.

    • John says:

      She’s actually not featured any more or less than the other characters…the reason you think she is is because the character grabs your attention and sympathy, and Alison Brie is just eminently watchable, no matter how little she is doing. Which, actually, would be a great reason to feature her MORE.

    • Stay says:

      Ok, you clearly hate Annie and therefore think that there has been more Annie then there actually has been. So you wine and complain like a little bitty baby.

    • Jon says:

      I can NEVER get enough of Annie. She’s too hot to not have on the screen at all times. Way hotter than Britta.

  4. Sharada says:

    This will be fantastic! But then again, when is Community not?

  5. Teresa says:

    I’m thrilled that Annie will play a larger role this time. : )

    Hopefully they keep it as an hour-long event instead of making us wait a week to see what happens.

  6. RP says:

    Everyone gets their time to shine but I love Annie so I’m glad she’ll play a big part in these episodes because they’re sure to be especially awesome.

    The only downside is that it will be the season finale, but that means Season 2 DVDS too. If there’s every episode commentary again I’ll be buying it on day 1. :)

  7. Kendall says:

    I wonder if there is ever going to be more mention of Annie’s desire to transfer to a university. That could be one reason why there might be more of a focus placed on her in the last episode of the second year at Greendale.

  8. christine says:

    I love that people are complaining that Annie is focused on too much. Britta was the main female focus of last season, so I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal that Annie’s hotten maybe 3 episodes this season. And even the episodes that focus on her, there are plenty of group interaction as well. I don’t have a favorite character, and I really think that the entire cast is focused on equally, maybe with the exception of Shirley.
    People will really complain about anything. This is going to be an hour episode and I’m sure that everyone will be shown in it. The Modern Warfare episode last season was basically the Britta and Jeff show, so I think it would be a little redundant to focus soley on the two of them again. This show is great about using the entire cast.

    • sashay says:


    • Dustin says:

      “I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal that Annie’s hotten maybe 3 episodes this season.” I know it’s just a typo given that g and h are next to each other on the keyboard, but I think “hotten” is an awesome and appropriate typo.

  9. topoopon says:

    Alison Brie ftw. She’s great (and hot), and I like the way the others personalities bounce off hers. She almost allows them to amplify their own characters… a scene with Annie and Britta, you can feel the Brittaness in Britta. I think it’s because of the way she plays Annie’s wide-eyed innocence.

    Maybe I’m not explaining well.

  10. Jamie says:

    Yes!! This was my favorite episode of season 1, so glad they’re revisting the concept and going all out!

  11. Raksha says:

    Yeah!! I love COmmunity, and Alison Brie!! I hope the two part Modern Warfare-esque bring Annie and Jeff closer!!

  12. Jeff says:


  13. melissa says:

    WOOHOO! So excited

  14. John says:

    I’m actually a little disappointed that they’re going to be pushing away from making it a direct sequel of sorts, because I was sort of hoping for an episode that would make fun of sequel cliches.

  15. christine says:

    I love Community, and this is one of the reasons. I feel like most shows would shy away from doing another paintball episode, in fear that they wouldn’t be able to live up to the hype of the first one. I love that Dan Harmon is going to revisit the epic paintball game, and put a different spin on it. This really is the most consistentely funny and well written show on tv. Why isn’t everyone in America watching this?!

  16. Scott says:

    “Modern Warfare” was the greatest 22 minutes of tv last season for any sitcom in the last five years. It had literally everything you could ever wish for. And then some.

    If Community isn’t going to get renewed for a third season then making their season/series finale a two-part sequel to their best ever episode is one heck of a way to go out.

    But obviously, we all want Community renewed because it’s one of the smartest and best written shows on tv today. Why it gets poor ratings is beyond me, and all common sense.

  17. Aileen says:

    Looking forward for this “hour long” episode. Community is so good that half and hour seems like a few minutes each time, and it probably going to go quickly as well, I wish it felt longer though.
    Have to agree that the stories are not that center in Annie like some people seem to think, as Troy and Abed seems to be the ones with more time (which I love) Annie wasn’t feature that much in the begining of the season. I do agree that Shirley hasn’t been much, and a lot of time have been given to minor characters that could/should had been used for her. That said, I hope Community gets renewed and that EVERYONE is back in Greendale for a third season.

  18. Becca says:

    Finally!!! Modern Warfare was awesome last year! My one major disappointment was I was not able to see Annie shoot her paintball gun. I LOVE Annie!!! I thing one of the reasons why some (I said some) people hate Annie, is because they are Jeff and Britta shippers. I know others don’t like her for other reasons. I just love her though, and yes I do love Jeff and Annie, I also love Annie and the rest of the group.

  19. RP says:

    Hmm. I wonder if the big twist will have something to do with all the little hints that Jeff & Britta have been hooking up on the sly for a while still?

  20. Sarah says:

    Oh, I am so excited! This sound amazing and I think this sounds like the perfect episode to feature Annie. She hasn’t had as many featured episodes as other characters have,but her character really “pops” no matter where she fits. Maybe that is why people think she’s had more featured episodes. Alison Brie is just so charismatic, as an actress, your eye just naturally goes to her in a scene (even when she has a tiny part). Plus, my goodness, she is seriously gorgeous. Can’t wait for this episode!

  21. hello says:

    here’s hoping for some paint landmines if it’s going to be paintball again

  22. Cath says:

    Eeee! Another paintball episode! And one where Annie doesn’t die right away! Her garbage can camouflage in Modern Warfare was hilarious. The one complaint I had about the Modern Warfare episode was that the study group numbers dwindled down way too quickly. An hour long episode should help rectify this aspect this time.

  23. communityluver says:

    I’m sooo excited! I can’t wait to see this! It’s going to be so cool! I don’t get why there are so many Annie haters… I think Annie is a funny character… :D Although she can be a bit uptight at times, it doesn’t mean that she actually IS like that… Oh well… I CAN’T WAIT!

  24. Pete says:

    There’s actually another easter egg pointing towards this, in the episode where the girls turn Abed into a ‘superbitch’. When he goes into his ‘robot mode’, a large amount of writing appears, and buried in their is ‘convince the guys to play another round of paintball’!! Looking forward to this… :D

  25. Dak says:

    I wanna see a Community college vs. City college showdown! :D

  26. Clinton says:

    The possibility of a ONE HOUR Community special? How could I NOT be excited!!!!!!+!!!!!

  27. Fritanga says:

    Oh my God, this comment list is rife with Jeff/Annie shippers, and that’s why this season hasn’t been as good as last season. Harmon has been pandering to you and you love it, which I suppose is fine, but also has turned Community into a more of a run-of-the-mill sitcom than it ever was, lame Halloween zombies and Rankin-Bass characters notwithstanding. Focusing on certain relationships will do that to a series.

    As for Annie/Brie having more screen time than the other two female characters, add it up, kids. She had more screen time in “Mixology Certification” than DONALD GLOVER, and it was HIS episode! She’s dominated nearly every episode this season, and I think she’s had more screen time than McHale, and he’s presumably the star. Someone in production has a huge woody for her and it shows. She’s a fine actress, but she was used to much better advantage last year. Everyone has said that Pudi and Glover are the breakout stars of Community, but I think the producers want it to be Brie and are shoving her up front accordingly.

    I’m also sorry they can’t leave “Modern Warfare” alone to stand as the show’s apex. “Revisiting” it smacks of desperation.

    • Dan Marrin says:

      And there is no WAY Annie’s had more screen time than McHale. What the hell kind of planet are you on?

    • Christine says:

      I find it interesting that you brought up ‘Mixology Certification’, because I really didn’t think Annie had all that many scenes in that episode. I thought way too much time was spent on Britta and Jeff arguing and being childish. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be Donald Glovers episode, because I think his role was to sit back and watch everyone acting like idiots. Just because it was Troy’s birthday, doesn’t mean that the episode should focus only on him. Like people have said, I think that Troy and Abed probably get the most screen time per episode, but it seems people don’t complain about that.
      Personally, I like the idea of Jeff and Annie as a couple, but I don’t want or anticipate that happening anytime soon. I do however, enjoy their scenes together because I think their personalities being so different allow each of their characters personalities to really shine.
      The only episode that really focused ONLY on Jeff and Annie was this past weeks episode, and all of the political satire was so funny, that I think it made up for it.
      You say Annie was used better last season, so I guess what you’re really saying is that she should barely be focused on while Britta is the main female lead of the show??? You may not like Annie/Alison, but there are PLENTY of fans who do. I;m not that crazy about Britta, but I didn’t whine and complain after every episode of last season because she got most of the storylines.

    • Sarah says:

      Bitter much,…much! It is obvious that you would find something to hate on regardless of the conversation at hand. So, to that I say, next!

  28. Dan Marrin says:

    1.I don’t think Brie’s been shoved up front too much. It’s more that they haven’t known as much what to do with Britta and especially Shirley.
    2.I don’t see how this season’s been at all hurt by Jeff and Annie’s chemistry. Conspiracy Theories was fun, as was Asian Population Studies. This last episode was a little too Jeff and Annie-centric but that hasn’t been the case in general. Anyway one of the reasons those two play off each other well is that their philosophies towards college and work are the exact opposite.
    3.Speaking of what’s been shoved, how about CLASSES? When the hell are these people ever in class? These guys need to avoid what happened to Seinfeld: Seinfeld and Larry David’s genius was in mining the ridiculousness of ordinary life, but they lost my interest when they started just making up completely bizarre stuff. Community runs the same risks: there’s plenty of bizarre material to mine within every ordinary college experience. No need to always think up a wacko twist.
    In junior year, let’s head back to class!

  29. Nick says:

    Personally, I wanna see Rich come back. Under his squeaky clean exterior, that guy’s got some demons and I’ll bet the writers could have a heyday with that.

  30. jim halpert says:

    Oh, how I long for the days when Britta actually had more than one line an episode.

    I know how much Community hates Glee, but that’s the only show I can think to compare it to now. Great first season, and now unrecognizable.

  31. Ashley says:

    Britta is my least favorite character. I think her having less screen time is a good thing. Her contradictions and hypocrisy is obnoxious, as is her voice. And here character definitely brings the least amount of laughs.

    There haven’t been that many episodes that focused on Annie. I’m really happy they are focusing on her in the finale. I think she’s one of the most interesting characters on the show along with Abed and Jeff.