Blind Item: Hit Show May Give Diva the Boot

Gadzooks, I can’t tell you how much it pains me to have to write this Blind Item. But hey, at least it is a Blind Item, so unless you’re feeling especially insightful today, you’ll be spared the angst of knowing whom it’s about.

The reason this story so bothers me is that it pertains to both a show and a performer that I really like. The show is relatively new, but a hit; the performer, also new and also a hit. Unfortunately, I’m now hearing from multiple sources that the actor/actress in question has become the kind of diva that alienates fellow cast members and the crew… to the point that a pink slip is being considered.

Now, to be clear, let me reiterate that firing is only being considered. Because, as big a pain as the brat in question has become, he/she has also become a big star. So a whole lot of discussion will go into the matter before the axe is swung — if it’s swung.

Will it be? I wish I knew. I’ll tell you when I find out. But in the meantime, be glad you’re in the dark. And, if you’re in a masochistic mood, go ahead and guess below the identity of the ingrate. And to avoid some innocent folks getting caught in the crossfire, I’m going to go ahead and rule out all of these people. And here’s one more hint: This person’s first name does not start with “L.”

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tracey says:

    P.S. It’s not Chord Overstreet, he gets along really well with the cast, he doesn’t alienate them.
    They all seem really sad to see him leave from all the hugs I saw during the final live shows.

  2. Ashley says:

    IT’s so Darren Criss because he is new to the show and acting. Plus that one of the reasons I don’t like him anymore

    • tulip says:

      this is to Ashley, who posted right above me…
      Wait… ate you saying you don’t like Darrin Criss because he’s new to acting? That’s pretty much what you wrote, but it doesn’t make sense. Most of the Glee kids are realitively new to acting.
      Oh and did you miss the news this weekend that he was promoted to regular?
      To everyone else, did Ausiello say for sure the show in question is Glee?

      • Rebecca says:

        I agree with tulip 100%…and no, I don’t think Ausiello said it is definitely Glee…I hope it’s not :(

      • Pansy says:

        Plus, Darren’s not that new to acting. To the bigger business, yes, but he had a role on Eastwick and he’s been in professional theater companies from a young age. He has a BFA in acting from the University of Michigan which has one of the best theater/acting programs in the country. Not exactly inexperienced.

    • Tracey says:

      How can anyone think it’s Darren? He’s the nicest in the cast and close to everyone. He is so sweet. He just got made a regular so you’re wrong. He is nicer than anyone else in the cast. And this was written in Feb, Darren wasn’t on the main set yet back then, and the Warblers love him. Dom Barnes said he was shocked at how down to earth and nice Darren was coming onto a new show.

  3. Jon says:

    There’s no way it’s Darren Criss. I think it’s probably Heather Morris.

  4. Smarik says:

    I think it’s unfortunately about Chris Colfer. I asked Ausiello if it’s Chris, that many people think so and that it ruins his reputation but he has never answer… and he answers these questions sometimes like now that these bind item isn’t about Chord and some blind item isn’t about Supernatural..

    • Rebecca says:

      I highly doubt it’s Chris…He’s such good friends with Ashley Fink, Lea Michele, and just all of the cast in general. Plus, he’s one of the biggest people on the show right now, and he doesn’t really seem too high and mighty in interviews and whenever there are fans…

    • Tracey says:

      When did Michael confirm it’s not Chord? I never thought Chord was a diva, but I’m surprised Michael is still answering questions about this article.

      I think it was Chris too, but Ryan likes him too much to fire him.

      • SMARIK says:

        If it’s someone from Glee it has to be only Chris…

        Cory, Darren and Diana are nicest castmembers.
        Jenna seems pretty close with Kevin, Amber and Lea.
        Heather and Naya are best friends and are very close with others.
        Kevin seems to be loved by everyone, especially by Amber, Jenna and Lea…
        Mark is great friend with Cory, Chord and Dianna.

        Chris used to be great friend with everyone but lately he was only seen with Ashley, which is weird and he stopped writing his co-stars via twitter…
        And I have heard about his diva behaviour several times lately. Athough this article was written in ferbruary.. who knows… But I would really like to know.. If Ausiello confirmed it’s someone from Glee then we would know for sure it’s Chris.

      • SMARIK says:

        In the new article which I found on his twitter:
        Question: Does the news that Chord Overstreet will not be a series regular on Glee next season have anything to do with this Blind Item?
        Ausiello: No, it sure doesn’t!

        If it is someone from Glee, it’s Chris for sure..
        Dianna, Darren and Cory are the nicest castmembers.
        Kevin seems to be loved by everyone, especially by Amber, Jenna and Lea.
        Jenna is very close with Amber, Kevin and Harry.
        Heather and Naya are best friends and seem to be close with others too (for example Naya bonded with Darren).
        Mark is great friend with Chord and Cory.

        Chris used to be great friend with everyone but he was seen only with Ashley lately, which is weird and also stopped write his co-stars via twitter. And I have heard about his diva behaviour several times lately. Alhtough this article was written in February. But if Ausiello confirmed it’s someone from Glee, we would know for sure it is Chris.

  5. Leah says:

    If we’re sticking to the Glee theme, I put my money on Amber Riley or Matthew Morrison. It’s obviously not Lea Michele, and I sincerely hope (and pray) that it’s not Cory Monteith or Darren Criss. However , I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Dianna Agron (and not just because I hate Quinn).

  6. Beth says:

    It’s not Dianna. She’s lovely. If it’s anyone on Glee it’s either Chris, Naya or Heather. The rest of the cast are genuine. Obviously they changed their minds about firing the person in question though, if it’s Glee.

    Michael, put is out of our misery! Who is it?

  7. Kat says:

    I’m betting it’s Darren Criss. I keep hearing about how arrogant he is. Or maybe Naya Riveria…I’ve heard some not so nice things about just how close she’s gotten to TPTB to get more airtime and that’s got to bother everyone else.

    Or maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new show already wants to kick her to the curb for being difficult. By the end of Buffy she was a total diva and even reneged on a handshake deal she made with David Boreanz that they would each come back for the other’s finale. He came back for Buffy’s last ep but she made some lame excuse about scheduling issues for Angel when Joss Whedon (the man who made her career) wanted her to come back for the second to the last ep instead of the last. I don’t think SMG appreciates the fans and she’s always been sort of full of herself. Yeah, she was great on Buffy but her movies have tanked and the character of Buffy would have been nothing without the incredible ensemble cast, genius of Whedon and amazing writers!

    • Chris says:

      Wow, when you are wrong you are really wrong. Re-read the piece – there’s no way this is about Sarah Michelle Gellar for so many reasons.

      Darren Criss was just elevated to a series regular for next season on Glee. He’s not going anywhere either.

    • Brook says:

      I don’t think its her, but you are SPOT ON everything you said about her, and thus are the reasons I won’t even give her new show a chance. She was so mean at the end, DB won’t even talk about her in interviews!

  8. Bailey says:

    Did you guys forget that Darren Criss got SIGNED ON to SERIES REGULAR????

  9. shawn says:

    Why is everyone so convinced that Glee is the show he’s referring to? Did I miss something?

  10. varjot says:

    You know, it makes me really sad to read through these comments because – for some reason – everyone is so convinced it’s a Glee cast member.
    But why? Because they are playing characters on TV that can be annoying? Lea is playing a really annoying, bitchy, self-loving hight school teenager … does this mean Lea is just as bitchy? No.

    Let me just give you an example: Think of Vampire Diaries everyone. It’s just as new as Glee is, right? And now think about Candice Accola, who’s playing the charming, sweet and sometimes naive Caroline, who got a lot tougher this season and thought she started out rather annoying in season 1 (she did, at least imo), she’s (very) far from a “Rachel Berry” or “Quinn Fabray”. But why couldn’t it also be her?
    Because she seems nice and sweet and cute in interviews? Well, so do Lea and Dianna.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course. But it seems to me that some people’s opinions get influenced due to whom the – in this case – actress in portraying on screen.

    Rachel’s a annoying. But it’s called acting, people. She’s not portraying herself. She playing a role. Someone she’s getting paid to play.
    It doesn’t automatically mean Lea will become just as annoying.

    And I wouldn’t have posted this if it was only some people naming Lea, but the fact that just about /everyone/ stuck with Lea and once Ausiello edited the article saying the person’s name doesn’t start with an “L”, everyone still stuck with someone from Glee … that’s just shocking. And sad.

    Someone playing the nicest person on TV could be a total bitch off screen. Yet you stick with those playing annoying characters on TV. Think about it.

    • Jessica says:

      I don’t think Its Glee. Chris Colfer is getting the most attention from the show and has some of the best storylines. People are assuming he’s snobby and has an above thou attitude just because Kurt does but off the show the guy is super nice and genuine. I think people get way too into the characters and forget that the actors aren’t their characters.Your always seeing people calling stars by their characters names and stuff like the person is actually the character. Case in point look at Archie Bunker. People hate the actor who played that character and he got death threats even though he was the complete opposite of his character!

  11. Connie says:

    i think it might be Amber or Chris, but i really hope it`s not someone from Glee :/

  12. JohnDoe54 says:

    Christina Aguilera – The Voice

  13. Alex says:

    My best guess is Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. New(ish) show, and she seems to be somewhat of a break-out star. I aven’t heard any bad rumors, so I hope it isn’t true, but that’d be my guess.

    • Lauren says:

      I really don’t think it’s Sofia. I watched the Inside the Actor’s Studio with the cast of Modern Family the other day, and everyone seems to really love Sofia. And in every interview I’ve ever watched with her, she seems very sincere and thankful for this role. Who knows who it is. I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll ever find out.

  14. Laura says:

    I’m guessing Mercedes. I’ve heard she’s kinda been a diva on set.

  15. T-L says:

    one thing I’ve learned from this blind item and the postings afterwards are that Gleeks are CRAZY! Seriously, guys…CTFD!

  16. DanOregon says:

    The thing was posted in FEBRUARY! Five months ago! It’s not a new thing. And I’m sure there are at least two dozen actresses that have lost acting gigs since then.

  17. Anna says:

    It really sounds like he’s talking about Glee.
    I do know that Darren is an amazing sweet guy, and he is not extremely new to acting and singing – as new as, say, Chris is.
    It could possibly be Amber, if RIB hadn’t said that Tina, Mike, and Sam would be having big plotlines.
    It’s not Jane, Matt, or Jayma – they all have extended contracts.
    Chord is just not a diva. In any way.
    Naya and Heather have some big Brittana plots…
    Lea, Cory, Dianna, and Mark and graduating.
    Ashley is staying on but only will have a role like in previous seasons – guest starring, sort of.
    And that pretty much leaves us with no one on Glee…
    So I can assume that Glee is not the said show. :)

  18. Chan says:

    LOL I dont understand why he doesnt just tell us who it is :P

  19. DanOregon says:

    Well – it seems pretty clear now. It was the twins who played Lily on Modern Family.

    • Heather says:

      LOL! I love this post!! And I think you’re right Dan. That baby just got to be to big for her britches. She had to go!!

      And people, there are other shows out there other than Glee. Try to remember that! Maybe it’s another actor/actress on another show entirely.

  20. Emaincharm says:

    I think the fact that Michael said we probably won’t be able to guess it unless we were particularly insightful, makes me feel that Glee is too obvious a choice. Especially since his blind items tend to often be a little more obscure.
    Still if we’re looking at the show, we know Lea’s definitely out of it. And I really don’t think the other two “obvious” suspects: Chris and Darren are possible culprits as well. At the time they were filming at Warbler school so they can’t really alienate the rest of the regular cast if they are at a separate filming location. Furthermore Chris does seem to have a lot of support from the others about his win, etc. Similarly, Darren has collaborated quite a bit with his cast members such as Naya Rivera and Matthew Morrison, despite having little to no scenes together with them at all on the show itself. So I really doubt it’s them.
    I’m a little bit more worried about the other members on the show but again I do not think they are considered to be as “big stars” of the show as the previous three I’ve mentioned. So while I’m still rather torn about the blind item, I suspect it really has nothing to do with Glee at all and that Michael is deliberately trying to mislead us…

  21. Alison says:

    Chris Colfer is a good guess, since the GG win he’s a totally different person in his interviews. And he barely hangs around with the cast any more. Even the Warbler dudes hang out all the time, and he’s never with them.

    • erica says:

      I think you’re right. I’ve asked Ausiello several times if it’s about Glee or Chris and he’ve never answered and I saw that some other people asked him that too..
      I don’t think it would be so complicated to rule out one more person, he ruled out some people before and then even Lea with his “This person’s first name does not start with L.”. Why he can’t rule out Chris? It’s very suspicious. Also if he ruled out Glee it would be more interesting because people would have to make bigger effort with their guesses.

      • Anna says:

        It’s not Chris. Aside from him being a total sweetheart, there are some “light-hearted” storylines for Kurt after the darkness of S2, according to RIB. Also, Chris has been “lobbying wildly” for a certain Klaine storyline. Both of these facts, as well as how Ryan has talked about Kurt and graduating lead me to believe that it cannot be Chris Colfer. Also, Chris is hugely popular, and you can take Matt-the-rock away, but you can’t just have Kurt leave the show. The viewers simply wouldn’t have it.
        And the reason he doesn’t hang with the Warblers is because the man is so busy. He’s writing two books, wrote/is working on a movie, and sold a pilot to Disney. Also, the Warblers all joined the cast at the same time. Chris joined earlier, so he’s with the ND people.

        • Erica says:

          Chris isn’t sweetheart. He used to be but he has been really acting like a diva lately. There were MANY reports about his diva behaviour from fans. Also you don’t see “the clossenes” between him and the rest of the cast (except for Ashley Fink).
          His demeanor has completely changed. He is much more confident, also lost his selfdeprecation.
          But you have a point. Although I believe he has big ego I doubt they would fire him. They (especially Ryan) love him. But it’s really weird Ausiello refuses to rule out him. MANY people have asked him that.

          • Anna says:

            Why do people keep saying Chris is a diva? He is anything but! Have you ever even met him?

          • Erica says:

            I haven’t met him but I read many negative reports from people who have met him lately. I think he’s changed after his Golden Globe winning.

          • Jo says:

            The issue with CC is he has a very sharpe and sarcastic way to him, and if someone doesnt get this, they may feel he is being a ‘diva’. Same if these reviews are from people who dont like the character of Kurt, they do anything to make him seem bad in rl. I mean… Ryan has already said a few weeks back they are working on something more fun for Chris is s3, and with Darren’s recent regular role and the factor this blind was posted in Feb and it would have been annouced before the scripts were being written that he was leaving, i doubt it is him.

          • Smarik says:

            I also have read several negative reports. The main problem isn’t with his sarcastic humour I think the problem is with his inaccessibility for fans. While his co-stars spends some time with their fans, he has been completely ignoring them all the time lately.

            “in Toronto he had 2 bodyguards on each side of him to walk litterally 20 steps to a restaurant & no fans were even outside & then the 1 bodyguard basically attempted to distract me from asking Chris for a picture & I told him “not to worry about it because I wasnt going to ask him anyway”

            “He was with Ashley and some FOX security woman. And we looked at them and said hey and Chris put his head down and walked off, Ashley turned away and the fox woman gave us a death glare.”

            “He used to be one of my fav Glee actors. For real. He seems to sweet in interviews and all that. And I’m sure he’s nice if you get to know him. But the thing is that he doesn’t let his fans get to know him. He doesn’t even try. I basicly lived outside his trailer when they were filming in NY. He did not stop a single time the whole week. He got our hopes ut by saying that he’ld try to make time for us, and then he ran off set early. Today he completely ignored us. Most of the cast members waved and said thanks when we wished them a good trip to England. Btw, we were only 6 people. No big deal. But Chris didn’t even look our way. I’m not saying he’s a bad person, I’m not saying that he hates his fans. But he is somewhat a diva. You guys maybe doesn’t get the “proof” thing, that was more personal proof for me that he will acknowledge us personally, not even by waving.”

            And others…

          • thevoiceofreason says:

            @smarik did you hear the story about how he was basically scared to death when he went to the movies alone and was attacked by “overly” excited fans? Do you know that Glee had to call extra bodyguards while they were shooting the NY ep because someone ripped a piece of Chris’ clothing?

            People think actors should always be accessible. And some try their hardest. But some of them need to create certain barriers so they can function properly.

            And being indifferent to fans who are waiting outside their hotel/trailer does not mean being a diva. Especially to the rest of the cast and crew!

      • Lily says:

        If he ruled out Chris, then we would have guessed that the diva in question is Cory Monteith.

  22. Christle says:

    I think, considering when this article was posted, he was talking about Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl. It’s a hit show, and judging from articles and interviews about and with her, she is very much becoming a diva, and she got fired from the show.

  23. Stefi says:

    Sofía Vergara, Modern Family?

  24. Nancy says:

    Has anyone ever guessed Piper Perabo from Covert Affairs? The show is new-ish, and other than her role in Coyote Ugly, she’s new-ish to TV. Could be her.

  25. Jo says:

    I don’t think this is about glee, tbh. Or Chris Colfer. It was posted back in Feb, when Chris was filming with the Warblers. On the glee tour, the Warbler boys seemed to love Chris, and if he wasn’t filming with the main cast, he couldnt really be alienating them. And since then, there are pictures of the cast together, and such. I mean… he may have become a dive, we dont know what goes on in these sets, but the timing of this post doesnt add up. I also doubt they would promote Darren and get rid of Chris – and in recent interviews Ryan has already said he loved writing for both Rachel and Kurt.

    I think it has something to do with another newish show. I mean… glee isnt the only ‘hit’ show out there.

  26. bwah says:

    Alison Brie.

    That would really suck if it was her but it fits the profile somewhat.

    A name that doesn’t BEGIN with an L but it certainly follows the first letter with one.

    • wickEd says:

      I cannot even picture her behaving like a diva… which of course does not mean anything, but still… seems so far fetched :)

  27. sarah says:

    Chris Cofer from Glee…..lots of reporting about the trio of cast members graduating after next year??

  28. Tracey says:

    Only Harry, Lea and Alshey tweeted about Chris Colfer’s Emmy nomination. Very strange. This have definitely changed that’s for sure.

    • Rola says:

      Itt’s strange Amber and Jenna were tweeting but didnt’t mention emmys nominations.
      But Kevin, Dianna, Jane, Max Adler and some Warblers mentioned that too, not ony Harry, Lea and Ashley.

      • dfaf says:

        Don’t forget Naya! Lol, is that really that important!

      • Smarik says:

        Strange, Amber and Jenna used to be his best friends!

        • fsgf says:

          Ok, people, “not tweeting”=/=”we aren’t friend anymore” may be they used the phone? I know I use the phone pretty often. But, hey, they didn’t tweeted Jane Lynch too. May be she’s a witch! But hey no tweets from Darren either – he must hate them all – the show, Chris, Jane, etc. But here’s something even more interesting – Matt Morrison is not telling a word via twitter! I bet he’s bitter and jealous that Chris is nominated and he isn’t. May be he’s the diva. Lol

          • Anna says:

            Absolutely correct.
            Besides, even how they act around fans isn’t how they act around cast and crew. Maybe we should hire a couple spies to videotape everything they do. THEN maybe we’d know…

  29. skrable says:

    Has anyone guess Stana Katic yet?

  30. nina says:

    It’s LILY from Modern Family!

  31. anonymous says:

    Wow I must really suck for posting on an article from February now. After all, it was Lea Michelle, wasn’t it? ;)

    I had a question though: Do Sofia, Ed, Julie, Eric on Modern Family really despise each other?

    1. Defending the actress who plays your wife with regards to Emmys to me suggest Sofia’s not a jerk. And she seemed pretty damn happy when Steve Levitan won his Emmy last year.
    3. Julie does come off as a type A person, but then again, personalities can be deceiving. After all, Claire is quite funny in her type A personality.

    As long as the blind item wasn’t on any of the main cast from MF besides Lily, I don’t care.

    • anonymous says:

      And yes I realize my grammar and numbering is bad. That’s what happens when you get too excited to post. Yeah, I suck.

    • lacey says:

      Sofia and Julie had a supposed feud going but it’s hard to say if it was ever real. In an interview with Chelsea Handler, Sofia “forgot” Julie’s last name. Then when Julie interviewed with Chelsea, she trashed Sofia. Six days later the two presented at the AMAs and made fun of each other, so it’s probably safe to say the feud was all a gag.

  32. Lau says:

    I might get insulted for this. I don’t want this to be true though.
    Jim Parsons.
    The show has been in the air for 4-5 years, he’s a huge new star since then and if, in real life, he is kind of like Sheldon, it’s him.

  33. annabelle says:

    it’s thursday

  34. 1humbleopinion says:

    I’m going to diverge from the slew of “Glee” related guesses. Mine is a guess as well, but I’m thinking it might be January Jones. I, personally like her a lot on Mad Men, and I have no idea whether she is a diva. So hopefully I’m wrong.

  35. Lori says:

    Was/is it Chord Overstreet from Glee?

  36. a says:

    My guess, seven months later, remains the same as one of the three people I thought it originally could be–Matt Morrison on Glee. The Blind Item said they were considering dropping the person, not that they were actually going to, so the fact that he is remaining on the show doesn’t prove things one way or the other. But he sure got a lot of his story line cut back/cut out in the second half of Season Two, and he definitely came across as a diva in interviews, where he frequently made a point of trying to differentiate and distance himself from Glee when talking about his new album. He didn’t seem to be bringing his A-game to the show last year, coming across as being very disengaged in almost all of his scenes.

  37. AJ says:

    Charlie Sheen lol.

    Seriously, you ever going to reveal this or you afraid of someone sicking the lawyers on you if you get it wrong? I don’t see the point of having written this if there was the potential it would never be revealed. I still say it’s Sofia Vergara btw.

  38. Amanda says:

    I think it’s probably not a lead character in this show. Maybe Mozzie from White Collar? Based on the way this season’s storyline seems to be going, it looks like they’re preparing for Mozzie and Neal to part ways.

  39. Annie says:

    What about Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck? She’s a new star, although I don’t know if they consider Chuck to be a hit show, but Ausiello likes the show. The scenes between Chuck/Sarah have been a bit dull lately, so maybe it’s her.

    • Jim says:

      “Chuck” is neither ‘relatively new’, nor a ‘hit show’. Also Yvonne Strahovski has not become ‘a big star’.

  40. Muireann says:

    For all the people saying it’s Naya Rivera. Really? Those rumours that she keyed Mark Salling’s Lexus and that she’s sleeping with one of TPTB to get more screentime are completely ridiculous! Mark himself denied the allegations (he said he doesn’t even own a Lexus), and while Naya has admitted that they were in a relationship last year, she said that it was never serious and that Mark is still one of her best friends. She comes across as being genuinely nice and humble in interviews and on Twitter and has done great work for the LGBT community. She seems to be very close with her castmates (Heather, Kevin, Dianna and Jenna especially) and since those four come across as being the most down to earth of the group, I doubt they would be friends with her if she really were a raging psychopath. I hate the way people assume actors share their character’s personality. Just because Santana is a bitch doesn’t mean Naya is. Just because Santana is a lesbian doesn’t mean Naya is either (which some reports have suggested). Same goes for Lea Michele and Chris Colfer.

    As for the people suggesting Heather Morris, what the hell are you smoking?!

  41. Donna says:

    Christina Aguelera on “The Voice”

  42. wbmill says:

    Nina Dobrev

  43. Lily says:

    Chris Colfer might have alienated some people because he is too busy working on his new movie “Struck by lightening”… He said in an interview that during the Glee Live tour, he did not always joined his friends for sightseeing while they were abroad because he was still working on the movie.
    Ryan Murphy once said that he himself received death threats…What about the rest of the cast ? Chris Colfer said in an interview with Piers Morgan that there were security issues back stage of Glee. And as mentioned before by a poster above… In the same interview, Chris said that he was semi-mobbed by fans and was left bruised.
    Conclusion, being too busy on side jobs and security issues may be an explanation for Chris’ “diva behaviour”… and the fact that the blind item has never been revealed is because the diva is eventually not fired.

    • Lily says:

      On second thoughts… Chris Colfer is fired…but so are Lea Michele and Cory Monteith… They only will be “guest stars” on Glee Season 4. If there is a Season 4. The Glee spin- off is shelved for the moment…
      Unless they will make Kurt not a senior.. but he was in one class with Finn (Season 1)… But then again, because Kurt switched schools too often and was depressed because of the bullying… they could easily make him flunk for 1 year.

  44. NoChance says:

    Was this ever revealed? Hey MA, are you still checking this Blind Item? Can you let us know IF it happened or if the show in question changed their mind?
    Thanks. You’re the tops.
    Be safe with Irene coming your way.

  45. Linda says:

    Is it Brooke Elliott from “Drop Dead Diva”?

  46. Linda says:

    Oops, I’m changing my guess to Jada Pinkett Smith from “Hawthorne”! Just read that they cancelled the show.

  47. Lily says:

    Or is the diva Cory Monteith ? Remember Ryan Murphy saying in the Hollywood Reporter interview that he talked about the actors “graduating” with Chris and Lea but not with Cory. And check out the following but this can be also a hoax.

  48. Lauren says:

    What bothers me about everyone saying that it is Lea is that she very clearly gets along with the rest of the cast. She and Dianna Agron were roommates and seem to be great friends, Chris and her seem to be very close, and contrary to what everyone seems to think about her seeming snotty she has never come off that way to me. I think it’s possible that people who dislike Rachel Berry and transfer that to the Lea.

    On the item itself, no idea. And frankly I think that posting them leads to people making hurtful comments about a lot of different people.

  49. Dude says:

    Maybe it’s Kat Graham? She only appeared for a second in the premiere of TVD and not at all in the second episode. I wouldn’t exactly say she’s a huge star though.
    Either way, despite the fact that it’s been months now, I’m dying to know who this is referring to. At least narrow it down or rule it out. ANYTHING!

  50. Craig says:

    Folks, it’s Stana Katic from Castle. Confirmed a couple other places. The shot to the heart was her “warning” at the end of last season.