True Blood Exclusive: Look Who's Returning!

You already know that True Blood‘s upcoming fourth season will feature witches, werewolves and more Nan Flannigan. But here’s what I’m fairly certain you don’t know: It’ll also mark the return of vampire legend Godric!

TVLine has exclusively learned that Allan Hyde will reprise his role as Eric’s late, forever young-looking maker when the HBO drama resumes this summer.

The duration and exact timing of his stint are unknown. It’s also unclear what form the onetime vampire sheriff of Area 9 will take given that he succumbed to the worst sunburn in history during season 2. (He returned briefly from the great beyond in the season 3 finale to deliver a message to Eric.)

Blood EP Alan Ball isn’t offering too many clues, except to say that fans will see “a different side of Godric.”

Thoughts? Guesses? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alex says:

    I think he might return as an angel ?

    • Jessica says:

      He cant return as an angel…only fairies can turn into angels.

    • Mama_v says:

      He will come back as a white lighter as in the series Charmed

    • sharon says:

      No he will be making apperances in past memories of Erics, like when they showed how Eric was made. He will only be there as that.

      • robert mackie says:

        I agree with you.

      • Christi says:

        That’s what I was thinking, too. But, it would be cool if he did come back as something more other worldly. I think it’s all about flashbacks of Eric just before being turned and for so long after til he left Godrick.

        • Yolanda says:

          Yes I think he will return as flashbacks. Can not wait to see what happens next with Jason

        • Anna Henson says:

          Can he come back as a ghost? That would be so cool! I’ve seen it all and read it all in the books, but have I missed the ghosts? It would be a great twist and could even keep him in the show long term.

          • naturalseer says:

            Can an undead creature come back as another undead creature? Growing up in New Olreans we are raised with open minds, but I don’t ever remember that theory……. can’t wait to see though

      • Meghan says:

        i totally agree. that’s exactly what i was gonna say. they’re gonna flash back and show things about Godric and Eric’s past and how they got to where they are now, etc. i highly doubt he’ll come back as himself in present time unless somehow the witches can bring him back….or there is some weird thing that protected him from actually dying like a ring made by a witch that prevents the wearer from dying (like on vampire diaries). These are all possible, but most likely he will just be in flashbacks. ya never know though ;) <3

      • Terry says:

        I was thing the same as you Sharon. Think it will be in memories and not actually in character.

      • Nicki Tattoo says:

        I totally agree there’s a LOT of back story on trueblood. Especially Eric he’s over 1000 years old!

        • D. Reilly says:

          …’meow’,…I LOVE IT !!…anyway…Eric is 1,000 years old, and AB has not given us much ‘history’…He’s the MOST ‘interesting’ character in the whole story besides Sookie! So, time for some past history…Godrick would, of course, have to ‘appear’ in Eric’s past.He is a ‘viking’..and I would like to see True Blood ‘write’ some script with viking-like behavior for Eric !! Alexander Scarsgard is wonderful actor; and ‘perfection’ as ‘Eric’. Time to give him some ‘beefy’ roles..and room to ‘stretch’ those gorgeous long actors legs!! Scarsgard is ‘magnetic’ on screen.( and off). Alan Ball cannot afford to waste another ‘season’…The ‘fans’ WANT …MORE SCARSGARD/ERIC !!…Season 4: It’s about time True Blood DELIVERS !!

          • Sissy says:

            Oh yes…..Eric and Godrick, the stuff fantasies are made of!! But I wonder what “a different side” of Godrick could mean?

          • Bren says:

            I couldn’t agree more! Eric is the man and I would love to see A LOT more of him (naked preferably) and hooking up with Sookie! I also hope to see the werewolf that befriended and helped Sookie free Bill. He was hot and should be seen more as well. Sookie and he had a thing too! Maybe she’ll be in some sort of love triangle thing between Eric and that werewolf (his name escapes me at this time). Wishful thinking! We’ll see!

          • Mike says:

            My favorite character hasn’t made it into the show yet. I like Bubba from the books. They really should bring him in.

          • Anna Karina says:

            I would imagine Godricks return will be in flashbacks to illustrate Erics rise as vampire. Godrick alluded to Sookie he was to blame for Erics lack of emotions just before he burned, and perhaps we will see Eric telling Sookie about his past as they form a deeper bond. The way he feels for her makes him confront his lack of connections to anyone bar his progeny fabulous Pam.
            We know Godric was cruel and taught Eric to have no compassion so will we see his awakening to his humanity in season 4 ?

          • M Whitley says:

            Actually Eric is over 2000 years old because he told that idiot preacher that he was there back when his savior walked the earth and would have like to have met him, remember?

          • elizabeth says:

            no Godric was over 2000 years old. Eric is 1000 years old. He said this in The Fellowship of the Sun church in season 2 when Eric was chained with silver. I just rewatched all seasons last month. I know it gets confusing after not seeing it for awhile.

        • Layne Norris says:

          I’m with you, i think it will show alot of back story..maybe with Godric being more ruthless in his younger days!!

      • Amber says:

        He will either come back in flash backs of the past or his spirit will come back to help and guide Eric or even to help.

      • Erica Green says:

        i totally agree

      • Justen from LONG ISLAND says:

        I think sharon is right he will probably come back as Erics memories or conscience. Oh yeah and them being SS Waffen was an awesome touch.

      • Danielle says:

        I agree that could be. What I was thinking more than that is they might bring Godric back as Erics Jimminy Cricket so to speak. IF they keep the plot line from the fourth book in the series, Eric shoudnt be having many flashbacks.

        • Jenn says:

          That’s what I was thinking… if they follow the basic storyline of book 4, Eric won’t be having flashbacks. I’m really excited that Godric is returning, though. I think they realized they made a big mistake killing him off so quickly, and they’re trying to figure out how to keep bringing Godric back in. The fans of the show seem to love the guy!

      • Kevin_BGFH says:

        Yes, my very thought, he’ll appear in flashbacks but not in contemporary time.

      • waltersmom says:

        I soooo agree

      • misty says:

        i agree with you, besides it sounds better then fairies, sparkly vamps or angels

      • Laurel says:

        i agree, it will only be in memories and flashbacks

    • heather says:

      I thank he will return as a daywalker just like sookie is. And if I’m wrong there’s a chance he will be in between wearwolfs/vamp…because he was erics maker and if he comes back as a daywalker that’s gana give eric the urg so to speak..to change him bk to vamp. Or will eric end up with sookie? Suspencfull !!!

      • Megan says:

        Sookie is not a daywalker. She is a fae. Rewatch season three and pay attention to what you are saying before you post

        • Sandra says:

          Megan, you don’t have to be so nasty.

        • M says:

          Is the attitude really necessary?

        • Becky says:

          Megan… chill, hon.

        • Leann says:

          Thank you…………..

        • Steve says:

          Jeez, chill out… it’s just television

        • guest1 says:

          any species that can stand sunlight is a “daywalker”. The fae,were’s,shifters,etc.

        • jen says:

          Read the books! Sookie is only part fae!!

          • Kelleefornia says:

            You shouldn’t really compare the books to the show if you are trying to establish character history. There are so many discrepancies (not complaining, just sayin’) that they are too losely based to have hard facts from them.

          • Angel says:

            Yeah, Godric isn’t even Eric’s maker in the books. :/

          • shane says:

            i heard the books were called something else .Could anyone tell me what there called ?would like to look the books up.

          • Jen K says:

            The Books are written by Charlaine Harris, and they are referred to as either the “Sookie Stackhouse” Series or the “Southern Vampire Mysteries”. Each book has a different title but all of them have “Dead” in the titles. “Dead Until Dark” is the first one, then there’s others such as “Living Dead in Dallas”, “Club Dead”, “Dead as a Doornail”, etc…the other folks here who have commented about the similarities between the books and the Show are right, they have veered away from the books, they keep some details, but they are definately taking artistic freedoms on the show. I like them both, but you can’t count on the show doing the same thing as the books do. For instance, Lafayette was the one that was found dead in the car rather than that voodoo woman in the books, and the story line involving Maryann was much more elaborate in the show than in the books..etc…

        • Sippio says:

          Meagan i bet u think vampires and fae are real!…..and I think Godrick will comebac as TALKING ASHES….Muhaaaa

      • Evie says:

        ohohoh! (wait, SOPILERS) Eric and Sook are soooooooo together in the books!!!

    • Sherry Di Sesa says:

      Yummy i will be glad to see him back. He is so fine

    • kisha says:

      Yea I really think so too….

    • cookiekakes says:

      He will come back because he is really Sookies Fairy Grandfather

    • Kai Lie says:

      Don’t you think he will come back the way he did b4 as like a ghost…if they did it once..don’t u think it will happen again..because he he did it when he hand cuffed him self to the dumb ass kind…and when they pushed him in the cement..so if they did it twice..i think they will keep doin that in the new season…

    • jodicorodi says:

      I hope this season will include the storyline from the books where Eric loses his memory and Sookie takes care of him; but, with AB’s spin on it. That would be a great way to bring Godric (whether real or imagined) to help Eric remember!

      • penstera says:

        Totally agree. My favorite part of the books was when Sookie found Eric naked on the road with amnesia. Whole new vulnerable side of Eric. Hope they use that storyline.

    • Sandy says:

      I need to know when does True Blood start the new season!!! I had to cancel my HBO for awhile PLEASE!!!let me know when so I can get turned back on can’t miss this its my favorite show!!love it!!

      • Kim says:

        If they stick with what the past 3 seasons have been timed as, then sometime in June 2011.

      • Gee Gee says:

        I believe I heard the new season was going to start June 12 but I could be wrong about that. If you are unable to get your HBO back there are several sites you can go to and watch episodes. ch131.com and fastpasstv.com you might try them.

    • Barbara says:

      Maybe a prequel to his being turned? I’ve missed Godric..he helped show a different side of Eric.

    • Susan says:

      He will probably seen in some of Eric’s flashbacks.

    • Susan says:

      He will probably be seen in some of Eric’s flashbacks.

    • PENNY says:

      i don’t care he’s comming back..i cried on the rooftop…wooohooo GODRICS BACK!!!

    • Joyann says:

      He will probably return in a flashback of erics past and be mean..

    • alexis says:

      omfg i miss godric i love him im sooooo happy for him to come back <3

    • Jillian says:

      Yeah, I think he will return via Eric’s memories… And we will see him as he was as Eric’s mentor. Not necessarily as a “second coming” kind of thing. But who knows??? Can’t wait to see!!

    • Erwin says:

      He’ll come back periodically in ghost form to speak to Eric and whoever else is privy to the sight of him. At least that make sense. LOL!

  2. merikat says:

    Perhaps we will see more of the Godfrey/Godric as he was in the book “Living Dead in Dallas.” That would definitely be a different (as in not heroic and not angelic and not good-guy) side of Godric. Just a thought.

    • Amanda says:

      If this is so then we’ll get some much needed Godric/Eric sex!

    • SFW says:

      Yeah, I am pretty sure they aren’t going to ever do that. Not that there won’t ever be a pedophile/child murdering ancient vampire, but I would 100% say that it won’t be Godric.

      • Colton says:

        In the books, the makers always had sex with their proginee’s.

        • Jackie says:

          In the books Godric was not Eric’s maker. In addition to his part in “Living Dead in Dallas” “madness was visited” on Godfrey in Russia by a Maenad and it required the help of quite a few vampires to “clean-up” the mess he made. This madness clean-up is mentioned again in “Dead in the Family” when we met Eric’s scary maker.

          • Ashley says:

            Yep, and the Romanov kid.

          • Kim says:

            That is something that has bothered my since Godric burned! According to Charlaine Harris the maker is that dang Roman… Appius Livious Ocella that turned Alexei Romanov. That was a fantastic book! Loved it!!!

          • Del says:

            I have read all the books and watched all the seasons. The two while slightly related have to be taken in separately. They are so different. I didn’t start reading the books til after the second season and was so shocked to find how much was changed between the books and the television. Love them both though. I do think that Godric will return in flashbacks. Whatever they do though I am really looking forward to this new season.

          • reader says:

            that was a vamp named Gregory. not Godfrey.

          • me says:

            You’re spot on with all your comments. Agree 100%.

          • Ashes2011 says:

            ummm no, read the books again hun, That was a vamp named gregory, not godric… Gregory got staked then and there.

        • Ashley says:

          That’s what’s supposed to happen. Isn’t THAT guy supposed to be Eric’s maker? Not Godric.. otherwise there is a pretty big gap in something here, lol.

        • Angel says:

          I am sorry, but the maker does NOT have to have sex with their prodgeny. In the books Sophie Anne’s maker did not have sex with her.

          • Vic says:

            But Bill and Lorena (Bill’s maker) had hot wild sex all the time when they were together.

          • Julie says:

            The only reason Sophie Anne’s maker didnt have sex with her was because he was killed by the villagers before Sophie Anne rose on the third night…

    • TruthNJustice says:

      I think that the image of Godric from Living Dead in Dallas would be very interesting…good call!!
      I wonder if Eric will feel a little bit off kilter since he has been seeking to avenge his family’s slaughter since before he was made vampire. Now he has exacted some of that vengeance and may feel like his purpose is at least partially alleviated. He will have to find something new to renew his purpose and reason for being…living so long can be tiresome since I would imagine he has seen so much that nothing is really surprising anymore…Godric may play deeply into that…will he also have a self serving purpose to resurface? hmmmmmmmmm….I LOVE TRUE BLOOD!!!!

    • Sara says:

      I tend to believe that it will be more of the dark side of godric too. Vampires to begin with were evil to begin with especially with the thirst according to the books and the show. I think I’d like to see something more akin to the books.

  3. Amanda says:

    I guess just more flashbacks. I would watch an entire spin-off series of the escapades of Eric & Godric over the years.

  4. jess says:

    Eric Flashback?!! hey i’ll take Godric and way we can get him!!

  5. Sheknitsnicely says:

    Oh cool!! I hope they don’t get too tenuous with his return – I’m thinking perhaps this will be more of a return of the actor than Godric, like an identical looking, long lost blood relative? Either way, looking forward to it! Skn x

  6. Caprice Ord says:

    i think he will return as Human

  7. denise says:

    I’m sure its flashbacks, but with Mr. Ball bringing Godric back as some kind of angel who knows?

    How can you really tell what is going to happen in the show? If you read the books then the show makes no sense.

  8. Jp says:

    He will return as the doppelganger for Elijah’s sacrifice! Oh wait. Wrong vampire show. :(

  9. BillFangGirl says:

    I’m hoping it’s flashbacks. Would love to see what Godric was really like before he embraced his humanity.

  10. JustMe says:

    Really? Godric is the most boring of vampires.

  11. Lily says:

    Since Godric has been portrayed as mild-mannered and calm in all his appearances, I’m hoping for some flashbacks of Godric and Eric terrorizing people.

  12. Freyja says:

    I think he will return in a flashback and we will see the fierce vampire faces of Godric/Eric in different times :) I say bring it on!
    I hate/love that we got no spoilers for Sookie/Eric ;) I’m sssoooo excited for this season :D

  13. Shayla says:

    I think godric will return as a human also. Like he will walk back into Eric’s life but he won’t remember anything

  14. Jenny says:

    I think it will be in flash backs while Eric is suffering from memory loss.

  15. Menthol_suicide says:

    Well if ya’ll read the books ya’ll would know that Eric was also sexually involved with godric but the show has changed so much from the books i dont even know

  16. trubie2thecore says:

    Since Eric is reported to have amnesia, I think it is safe to assume that Godric’s return will be in the form of flash backs as Eric is trying to “remember” who or what he is.

    • audra says:

      That is what I’m thinking, but that is according to books, and we all know how well the series is sticking to the books. Not that I mind, I like the differences, although I’m all for the the Eric/Sookie Nookie!!!!

      • DresdenMom says:

        OH my! LMAO with the phrase “Eric/Sookie nookie” !
        LOVE the books and the Series, totally consider them only slightly related.
        I’m going to enjoy seeing Godric’s dareker side in flashbacks, but going to enjoy the amnesiac Eric more I think…

      • Jen K says:

        Yes! I love the way the books did Eric and Sookie’s first “encounter”…very steamy! I hope they put forth as much detail in the tv series on this.

  17. Theresa Ann says:

    I agree with a lot of the comments that it will be flashbacks between godric and Eric and I also agree that I hope it shows the way godric and eric terrorized humans….I wish he wouldn’t of crisped to death in the second season cuz I would like to see his reaction to what Eric is doing and how he is handling this….

  18. Kimberlee says:

    Awesome,I love Godric! Im thinking that he may have the opportunity to return to live as a human since he tried to make amends for all he did against the living mortals.He may have a chance to live as one and feel their fears and also their joys. Imagine if that was it and then after living the season as a human,the season finale could be him getting the opportunity to become a vampire once more.Will he take it or won’t he?! Just an idea,LOL!!

  19. Michele says:

    I don’t care how or why… Just can’t wait to see him!

  20. Chelsey says:

    I already kno! Read the books ;D

  21. Kimber says:

    After reading the books I think Godric will be back in the form of flashbacks due to Eric’s amnesia. BUT I hope it’s more than that. Maybe we will even see the side og Godric we read about in “Living Dead in Dallas”.

  22. Terri says:

    I don’t really care about Godric…I’m just looking forward to some Sookie/Eric amnesia action;-)

  23. virginia says:

    i can’t wait every sence i frist saw the show i was hooked then my faviorte people started dieing off and now you guys are bringing back godric now i am reaLLY SITTING ON PINS AND NEDDLES can’t wait to see what happens this secion

  24. Lloyd says:

    Yes probably he will come back as a human, like a recycled form since Godric came out of the world a long time ago and Eric will spot him and probably have sex with him before he turn him into a vampire. Lol! But seriously I can’t wait for the next season….I’m so excited!

  25. Booyasbaby says:

    I think he will return as he did in season 3. He will help Eric with Sookie.

  26. angie says:

    Who cares as long as we get some Sookie Eric time and less Bill. God if I hear SUUUkie one more time I may puke.

    • Nicki says:

      I know right! I can’t stand Bill. He is gross and yucky and I can’t wait until they get rid of him. He is the ugliest vampire I have ever seen.

  27. Amber says:

    Oooooo! I can’t wait to see it!

  28. doris h. says:

    I think Godric,does come back as a good guy havin seen the other side He believe in what Sookie told him before ending his life.think he has a plan for Sookie and Eric.maybe to guide Sookie with the witches and angels .werewolves dive in to help balance things out..the Faries are lookin after Sookie and Godric..maybe

  29. Bubbles says:

    He’ll comeback hunan. Eric will seduce n get Sookie n Bill will find human Godric n turn him so he will b Bills which will piss Eric off cause he does love Sookie but he also luvs his xmaker n now he has to lose one cause he can’t have both. Will b a great Eric Bill showdown

  30. person says:

    Godric isn’t even Eric’s maker in the books. But I’m going to have to agree with those who’ve said flashbacks. It’s the only thing that would make sense. Who knows, we’ll just have to wait for the season to start and/or more spoilers.

  31. Veronika says:

    I’m guessing it will be in flashbacks. In the 4th book aren’t there flashbacks of Eric’s early vampire life?

    I just want to see Eric and Sookie hook up finally.

  32. Peyton says:

    He’ll appear in flashback, of course. And the different side we’ll see will be the less kinder/gentler version than the one we saw in current day. More than likely he was a vicious killer in the past.

  33. Skarsnix says:

    I so can’t wait to see Godric in any form. He could come back in flashbacks or any form for that matter, I think they made a big mistake killing Godric off so soon in the show.

  34. Crosshair says:

    Being Human and The Gates aren’t bad shows. You get alittle Vamp/Werewolf fix.

  35. willow says:

    THAT is the BESTTTTTT news of all!!!!

  36. juana says:

    it don’t really matter how why and who he comes back as the show is the greatest vamp show since interview with a vampire and i don’t like imataions like the vampire dries. true blood is the beast i cant Waite for the new session.and goddrik is a beautiful character and maybe sookies goodness will bring him back ;D ;*

  37. Maxine Chavez says:


  38. Vampiress Magdalena says:

    I think its awesome who is returning to Ture Blood.. I am a fan sence Day 1 season 1.. I have to say my favorite Vampire on there is Eric but I do love Sookie an Bill as well.. Keep up the great work on True Blood.. I have read all the books also

  39. ashley says says:

    I think he’ll come back as the evil side of himself! No more living civil with humans and he probably will come bak as a puppet or sumthin from a god or the devil >:) just random thinking lol

  40. Gina says:

    I’m not sure i like how much they are straying from the books. Especially when they say that Godrick made Erik.

  41. Mike windiate says:

    I bet goddric will be BROOTAL!!!

  42. bethey says:

    I think it will be flashbacks, but I must say alan follow the books eric n sookie! And have eric fix her driveway!!

  43. Shari says:

    I think Godric will come back and guide Eric what to really do with Russell Edgington; because I think some how Godric wants his revenge on Russell too maybe. Either way I want to see Russell get his just desserts one way or the other; wether Eric or Godric finishes him off!

  44. Amanda says:

    He will be in Eric’s head!

  45. Robin Young says:

    He’s coming back in Flashbacks i’m fairly sure they wouldn’t make him some fake creature… he’ll be in Eric;s flashbacks so we can learn more about Eric.. plus Skarsgard implied as much in interviews and such.

  46. Guy’s and Gal’s you all will be surprised to learn that he’ll return as a Day Walker to really help the Truebie’s cause on a political level.

  47. Sarah says:


    He’ll come back as an angel, but I hope not.

    Or, he’s only come back in ghost form to attempt to give Eric more advice. Maybe he’ll appear to Sookie and convince her that Eric is deep down… not completely evil, which will eventually lead to Sookie dating Eric. (It’s bound to happen at some point, it is a drama- happy couples can’t exist for too long)

    Possibly Eric could face some emotional breakdown and begin seeing Godric everywhere.

  48. Lady says:


  49. gmsmith says:

    I think Godric will be revived throuogh Eric’s memory. Therefore guiding him to do the right things and maybe warning him of future events that will take place between him and Bill. Afterall he did bury Eric in cement. Maybe this is how he will embelish his revenge on others!!!!

  50. The One says:

    You’re all wrong. He comes back as a flash back as a bad guy and a child molester.
    This I truly believe.

    • Charity says:

      If they follow the books he wont be a very fun dude to be around,eating children and makin it with Eric and I do agree with flashbacks. ta da. I loved every book and I hope so much that she graces us with more. I also love the show and everyone in it. Calm down, they will do right by the books and the fans of the show so everyone is happy. If they don’t, then we’ll talk again.

      • Nan says:

        Do you have a list of all the True Blood books as I have only 8 and it sounds like there are more?

        • Julie says:

          1.Dead Until Dark
          2.Living Dead in Dallas
          3.Club Dead
          4.Dead to the World
          5.Dead as a Doornail
          6.Definitely Dead
          7.All Together Dead
          8.From Dead to Worse
          9.Dead and Gone
          10.Dead in the Family
          11.Dead Reckoning (coming out in May 2011!!)

          • flirtineyes says:

            if you go to Charlene’s web site you can read the first chapter of the next book, comming out in May.

      • Lisa says:

        We all know they aren’t going to follow the books. Otherwise Godric wouldn’t even be Eric’s maker since Avius Livius is.

    • sandy says:

      someone who read the books!!!