Ratings: Criminal Minds Spin-off Plunges, CW's Wedding Sheds Top Model Viewers

As — wait for it — suspected, CBS’ Criminal Minds spin-off lost viewers in its second week, dropping 23 percent of its premiere audience and plunging 26 percent to a 2.5 rating with the 18-49 crowd. That said, Suspect Behavior still led the 10 o’clock hour in viewers and tied SVU in the demo.

Elsewhere in newbieland, ABC’s Mr. Sunshine dipped further, and with a 2.4 rating is now down 35 percent from its premiere.

Over on The CW this Wednesday, America’s Next Top Model sashayed its 16th cycle in front of 2.25 million viewers and scored a series-low 1.1 rating. The new makeover series Shedding for the Wedding divorced itself from nearly half of that lead-in, mustering just 1.15 million viewers and a 0.6 (!) rating. The CW would like to note that Wedding was up sharply from the netlet’s previous reality-TV forays, Fly Girls and [shudder] High Society. So there’s that.

More Wednesday numbers:

8/7c | American Idol this week dominated the night with 22.6 million total viewers (down just 2 percent year-over-year) and a 7.9 rating. Both Survivor (11.2 million viewers/3.3 rating) and ABC’s The Middle/Better With You sitcombo matched last week’s numbers.

9/8c | Criminal Minds proper was tops in total viewers (with 13.44 million of ’em), while Modern Family (10.34 mil) led the demos (albeit with a season-low 4.1 rating).

10/9c | Up 11 percent week-to-week, Law & Order: SVU tied Criminal Minds: SB for the demo win (with a 2.5) and drew 8 million total viewers. ABC’s Off The Map attempted to shimmy off the renewal “bubble” with a 13 percent increase in both viewers (4.89 mil) and the demo (still a sad 1.7).

What were you watching Wednesday?

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  1. alex says:

    Re: Criminal Minds spin-off, I call it karma. Producers screwed up a perfectly good show (getting rid of good characters) to get this thing done. NOT WORTH IT.

    • rosemarie Piserchia says:

      RE: do not get rid of Emily Prentiss on criminal minds.

      JJ is gone and everyone seems to miss her so much.. but if Emily goes.. the story line can never grow into a relationship with Hochner and Emily.
      .. find a way to keep her.
      . she is the core of the story line..

      I vote to keep emily on board.
      ratings will go down if she leaves.. trust me.
      too many other shows are popping up.. as competition for crim. minds.. but I feel crim. minds is in their own league.. TOPS.

      • PRINCESS says:


    • LR Steed says:

      Can’t bring myselt to watch Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior because of Janeane Garafalo. Can’t stand that woman, but like Forest Whitaker. He’s a great actor.
      Criminal Minds is still great!

      • Lia says:

        I totally agree I don’t like the new criminal minds, suspect behavior, please bring the best show on tv, the old criminal minds with the original team.

      • sue cooper says:

        total agree she is such a bad actor to a great tv spin off … will not watch until she she GONE

        • Pappy says:

          Don’t care for the female characters in the spinn-off

          • Pete says:

            I will not watch the spin off any more. Bring the girls back and leave “Great” alone. TV has to many shows starting with a crew stepping out of the city to start the show. It has gotten tired.

      • Manny Urbina says:

        I totally agree about Jeneane Grrr-awful-O. I didn’t even finish the first episode. As soon as she first appeared, the channel got changed. Permanently at that time slot. It felt great too!

      • hunter45 says:

        Totally agree. She is the ultimate libtard. Has ZERO credibility as an FBI agent. AND she cannot even disguise her “dripping with venom” sense of superiority that is her true persona

      • gwyo says:

        Love Forest Whitaker in criml. Beh.,brilliant actor!! However, Mr. Whitaker needs to speak up and not at lightning speed!! Sorry Sir, I find it painful trying to understand what you are saying and you are their LEADER!! I do so enjoy the series and WANT it to go on,
        maybe this is a clue as to why the ratings sunk a little,just sayin!!
        thanks for the wonderful acting!!

    • Carla says:


    • Bob says:

      I started watching the first episode until I say Janeane Graofalo at which point we turned it off. That women is a worn out lefty socialist. I would not watch a program she was on if it was the last thing on TV. That is not to mention the ridiculous story line. Once again Hollywood has shown it absolute contempt for facts and how it real life operations work. I know plenty of FBI agents and the y never dress like in this program, act like they do in this program or operate like they do in this program. IT STINKS!

    • TJ says:

      Love the original show and was very disappointed when Mandy left. But Suspect Behavior sucks, actors look and act stiff, liking reading their lines for a walk thru.

      Forrest Whitaker is a great actor,but not in this role. Appears almost hesitant in many situations, rather than taking charge of the team.

      Will not watch this show in the future.

      Best thing going is Prentiss.

  2. CM says:

    Who ever thought that CM: SB would be a HIT, obviously forgot about the original series fans! The ones who are about to stop watching when Paget leaves, the ones who stoped watching when AJ left, and the ones who will never want to ear from it again if Thomas and/or Shemar don’t comeback to the next season, because of the spin-off! We will never forget how SB ruined one of the best shows on TV!

  3. Nate says:

    janeane garofalo makes suspect behavior entirely unwatchable. Not her politics, she is simply a vile and disgusting person. Too tough to separate. Casting FAIL.

    • trista says:

      You can say that again. I really wanted to watch it until I saw that she was in it. I still watched the premier, but felt totally let down. I had a hard time getting past JG.

    • LOL says:

      GOP fears Garofalo.

      • DVPFLA says:

        What is there to fear? I actually enjoy the fact she is a screaming liberal. I want all liberals to be as open as she is. When they are the elections are pretty much over.

    • DVPFLA says:

      I agree. I tuned in for the first show because I had seen the Criminal Minds show which originally introduced the new lead characters. However after seeing Ms.Garofalo was on the new show I decided not to watch again. I had watched 24 for several years. Then they added her. Good night to 24.

    • Rose says:

      I watched the first showing and when I saw Janeane Garofolo was an FBI agent on the show I vowed not to watch it again! She needs to keep her hateful comments to herself. Sorry but until she is removed from that show, myself or my family members will not be watching! We are fans if Criminal Minds!

    • Barbara says:

      Criminal minds is an intelligent show – however – with Janeane Garofola now in the Suspect cast, I will never watch this show. Everything about her is objectionable to me.

    • lrs says:

      You’re right on. I feel the same way.

  4. Chmarin says:

    Hah, suck it, Criminal Minds! When I saw last week’s numbers for the premiere, I thought that this piece-of-crap-show would get The Good Wife canceled. But these numbers make me happy. Hopefully in the next few weeks, (now that Sweeps are coming to an end) without the original Minds lead-in the show will continue to drop and eventually settle somewhere between 1.7-1.9 so it gets canceled.

    I would be totally pissed if I lost two of the three quality dramas on broadcast TV in one season. Because, let’s face it, The Chicago Code is getting the axe. Parenthood, on the other hand, seems to be in a good position.

  5. Katie says:

    Amen to the other posters so far. They are sacrificing the original, AMAZING CM to make this load of crap spin off that I refuse to watch and give my support to. I’ll give CM a chance if Paget leaves but if Thomas and Shemar leave, I’m gone too. I’ll get my Matthew Gray Gubler fix from the re-runs!

    • ballerina says:

      mee too……….if the cast of the original CM quits then i do believe that it is over for many people…
      really sad though!!!!!!!!!!suspect behavior should be cut NOW..ASAP!!!!!!

  6. Pete says:

    Off the Map. Best new show on tv now. By far. Love it.

  7. Daniel says:

    I stopped watching CM once Mandy left. The show just wasn’t the same….I was glad when Modern Family started airing as a result.

  8. If CM: Suspect Behavior doesn’t make it, that can’t look too good on Forest Whitaker’s resume…

    • So? says:

      who cares? he has won an Oscar already!

      • Laurie says:

        So did Cuba Gooding Jr
        you think all you have to do is win one?
        try to keep up with a good career afterwards

        • So? says:

          if he wanted to keep his career at the highest level, he shouldn’t have accepted this job on CM:SB after all the things CBS did to CM just so the actors of CM:SB could have one season of a show that is most likely going to be cancelled. It’s not the actors fault is CBS’ fault, but the actors should have more carefull with what they choose to do.

    • Suncatcher says:

      To be fair to Mr. Whitaker, he has won 35 major awards (Emmy’s,Golden Globes, Cannes Film Festival, and many more) and 19 other nominations – including winning an Academy Award for Best Actor for “The Last King of Scotland”. His roles have been in such major films as “Platoon”, “The Crying Game”, “The Shield”, and more.
      He also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

      Don’t blame Mr. Whitaker.

      The Academy Award for utter arrogance, stupidity and greed goes to producer, Ed Bernero, and CBS.

  9. kristen says:

    What was I watching? “Justified.” Awesome cast and writing. Could care less about the CM spin off, especially given how they keep ruing the original, a show I used to get excited about and now TIVO for viewing on the weekends.

    • LizA says:

      I’m with you, Kristen!!! Timothy Olyphant, Natalie Zea, and the rest of that cast over Janeane Garafolo ANY day! I don’t watch CM, but when I saw the ads for SB, I laughed. How did Janeane ever get started in television? Was it SNL? I couldn’t stand her on 24 and stopped watching it. She is a vile with her politics and I want to slap her silly.

  10. Suncatcher says:

    CM:SB should never have been created. I don’t blame its actors – rather, Producer, Ed Bernero and CBS for being so greedy that they killed the golden CM goose. There is also a lot of arrogance on their part for thinking the very discerning CM audience would:
    1. go along with their dumping AJ Cook and Paget Brewster;
    2. automatically buy into CM:SB

    Greedy. Greedy. Greedy.

    PS to ED BERNERO – For being a cop from Chicago, you sure do know a lot about the TV entertainment industry and your viewers… (not).

  11. Melissa says:

    I too am glad the CM spin-off is have a ratings slide. CBS should have left a good thing alone with the original. I love that show, but with AJ gone and Prentiss leaving, the show is losing alot of what makes it so great. Good to see Off the Map doing better, I am really liking that show and hope to see it stick around.

    • prish says:

      I agree that it was a BIG mistake getting rid of the AJ character. She was the normal, wholesome character. Her friendship with the other characters kept the show in balance. Some suit just shot down anything that was not dark. Obviously, the suit never took writing classes.

  12. blhack says:


  13. davej says:

    I am very disappointed in the Criminal Minds spinoff. There’s nothing new or good in the show and, yes, I am also tiked off that they replaced AJ Cook with a little clone for this. And are potentially getting rid of Paget Brewster. The new girl on Criminal Minds in different shots either looks like a little JJ (especially from the back) or like Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs.

    As far as Mr Sunshine goes, it has the same problem as many follow ups with West Wing characters – the pace of the show is just too slow. For the jokes to work, the characters have to speak much faster and not wait for a laugh like in sitcoms filmed in front of a studio audience. I love Alison Janney and Matthw Perry but the show is just not good enough for me to even DVR.

    • sharon says:

      Totally agree. Makes me think they know they made a mistake with the spinoff and getting rid of JJ but like most know nothing big wigs refuse to acknowledge it and bring her back which could easily be done. Instead they try to do a somewhat look alike clone who does not mesh with the cast and just makes the situation worse. When Paget goes, I will go. Same thing with CSI, NY. Got rid of Stella to save some cash but put in that talentless Sela Ward. Haven’t watched it since and have no intention of going back. As far as the CM clone, I prefer Justified. Awesome cast with awesome writing. If you are in the mood for some adult drama go with Justified. PS To me, Off the Map is just Greys Anatomy in the tropics with a lot of T&A thrown in.

  14. Jademarisa says:

    WOOHOO!!! That’s great news indeed. Hope CBS notices and not just to keep on screwing Criminal Minds (the original and only one) at this stupid thing that nobody wanted. Wish it does keep plunging and doesn’t get renewed, so that CBS takes back the money they have wasted back to CM. (but…to make that possible, there should be someone intelligent at CBS in charge…well, dreaming is free).

  15. Sourabh says:

    Almost the entire cast does not fit.

  16. tvfruitcake says:

    I watched exactly on episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and that was one hour too much. I will never get that hour back CBS. Drop this show and devote that energy to the original. Quit screwing with a much beloved show and eat crow in heaping handfuls—- bring back the characters that we all love!!!

  17. Julie says:

    I knew that would happen. People tuned in to see what it was about, but now many know it’s not worth the video it’s taped on. They totally screwed the original getting rid of AJ and poor Paget’s character? The powers that be are getting what they deserve. Oh yeah, and that character Seaver? Ugh axe her!

  18. alphonse says:

    The first two episodes of Mr. Sunshine were terrible but last night’s episode was actually pretty good. Both my husband and I laughed out loud several times. Too bad they didn’t show this episode last week, maybe they wouldn’t have lost so many viewers. Hopefully the first two were just due to a new series trying to find it’s way but it’s too bad they wasted the chance with viewers.

  19. Suncatcher says:

    Has anyone got an update on the supposed offer Paget Brewster got a little over a week ago from CBS to come back to Criminal Minds?

    Paget had been considering a pilot for a new comedy and had not responded to CBS.


  20. Jenna says:

    I have several nights where the shows I enjoy are on at the exact same time… Wednesday is one of them. Nothing interferres with CM, but in the 10 pm hour L&O:SVU wins over CM:SB (which I do watch online the next day). & I’ve not kept up with Off the Map the way I thought I would either. CM:SB has so far been a good show… 2 episodes in and I’m not bored & can watch a full episode so that’s good news. But I’ll always watch L&O:SVU before it.

  21. Linderella49 says:

    I lasted through half of the premiere…the script was horrible…JG and Forest Whitaker were the best part of a badly casted show, but the big problem was the script. CBS has been so focused on Charlie Sheen (and how much he costs the network), they’ve dropped the ball with the CM franchise by trying to save a few bucks and cutting valuable cast members and settling for bad writing.

    • prish says:

      I have a hard time believing it is the writing. Most likely, it is the editing, directing, and/or a combination of both. By the time writers get to that level, it would be impossible to turn out a bad script, imho. Now, coordinating everything is another matter. When I really cringe is when the writers are the directors. That’s what happened to the second Pirates of the C movie, etc. As Samuel Jackson stated about writer-directors “Their words become too precious.”. just some thoughts, folks.

  22. prish says:

    I like Whitaker and will watch the show, unless it gets too gruesome. That is why I stopped watching CM. I like this more psych bent.

  23. anna n. says:

    the spin off sucks, the actors are horrible (and that’s polite). Forest Whitaker is such a great actor but not on this show. painful to watch…

  24. bcmom says:

    If they were going to spin off anything from Criminal Minds,it should have been a show with JJ and her husband, the cop from New Orleans. Love his accent.

  25. Jon says:

    I reluctantly tuned in to the second episode of Mr. Sunshine. And did not bother watching the third. Seems like most of America is figuring out the same thing – this show is not a winner.

  26. BrianR says:

    Well I’m watching Justified and DVR’ing Off The Map. I will never watch anything the citizen of the world Garofalo is in, ever!. I missed an entire season of 24 because she contaminated it with her traitorous presence.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    I just want to commend all who even attempted to watch a full episode of “Suspect Behavior” (ironically true title is ironically true); I can’t even get through a thirty second promo without wanting to gouge my eyes out.

  28. Ashley says:

    I hope CBS takes the ratings slide of CM:SB as an indication that they need to start taking proper care of the original show: re-sign Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, make whatever amends they have to in order to get back AJ Cook and Paget Brewster, let go of the Ashley Seaver character, and give the rest of the cast and crew some very nice fruitbaskets or something to apologize for all the unnecessary upheaval.

  29. Caitlin says:

    I love CM, but I gotta say…I find it a huge karmic kick in the butt if the spin off doesn’t do well. Instead of running the original into the ground to launch this hot mess CBS should have FINALLY showed CM a little appreciation and respect. They do next to nothing to promote it and yet for years now its provided solid numbers and had extremely vocal and loyal fan following, instead of taking that and building on it and giving fans what we’ve been saying we wanted (more character interaction, more of a return to character driven, not plot driven stories, more exploration of the core character interactions like in Seasons 1-3 for example) they axe AJ, and then “replace” JJ with Seaver, a completely ridiculous character. I remember when Prentiss showed up, Hotch’s exact words regarding profiling and the BAU were “we don’t just let anyone who wants to give it a whirl.” Its a shame when the fans recognize what makes a show work and the network is clueless.

    Bottom line: I like Forrest Whitaker but quite frankly Sam Cooper is a bad, bad, BAD Gideon rip off and the rest of the characters are equally heinous. The only thing that keeps me from hoping the show gets cancelled is the fear that if it does the network will find some way to blame CM for it and ruin my show further. I have resigned myself to losing Paget, but if Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore or Matthew Gray Gubler leave they are taking me with them.

  30. Kat953 says:

    I think that CBS is dropping too many characters on CM. I’ve watched they’re so called ‘spinoff’ and I can’t get myself to be interested in it at all. I love CM, I’m a big fan of it. If they end up cancelling the original CM just so CM:SB can be filmed, Im going to be very upset, I won’t watch it. Heck, I don’t Want to watch it now. I’m uninterested, and will always be.

  31. rhii:3 says:

    absolutly REFUSE to watch suspect behaviour
    just watching the episode The Fight, which is where the spin off starts i am appalled by the dismal attempt for this group of actors to act like they’ve been working together for years.
    Criminal minds is really going down the drain, with this, firing AJ, and potentially getting rid of Paget
    Wise Up criminal minds!

  32. logan says:

    Criminal Minds is nothing, compared to
    1 season of Millennium.
    Criminal minds is getting old fast.

  33. Bangkok says:

    SB is nothing like the original CM. It won’t last more than 1 season. Weak story. No bond among team members. Sucks

  34. Ronk says:

    Hate SVU, too depressing. LOVE LOVE LOVE CM Suspect Behavior! My Wednesday nights include, TMZ, A. Idol and CMSB, then beddy-bye for me! Bye!

  35. Laurie says:

    CM spin-off is difficult to watch because of Garafalo. She is a total leftist who airs her views every chance she gets. She is no longer just an actress in my mind. The rest of the cast is fine.

    CM -get AJ back and keep Prentiss. The show is great the way it was.

  36. Meg says:

    I absolutely refuse to watch the spin off. As for CM if Prentiss (and in my day dream world, J.J) come back for S7 then I’ll be watching. If we are stuck with the horrendous Seaver character next season then I won’t be watching. Not even my Reid/MGG adoration will get me watching a Seaver filled S7.

  37. frank says:

    I don’t care for Garafalo, but I’ve been trying to give her and CM-SB a chance. Tonight’s show pushed me over the edge. Did they let Garafalo write the script? It was about a terrorist and — surprise, surprise — the terrorist was not an Islamofascist but was a Christian fundamentalist. Yeah, sure, there are so many of those running around bombing schools and school buses and hospitals (which was the premise of the show). At one point in the show, Garafolo declares that she may be outspoken and her ideas may run against the grain, but she’s always right. I just about upchucked all my dinner. This show just underscores one of the big problems with Hollywood: The people there live in such a bubble that they think their wacky, crackpot ideas and scripts reflect some kind of reality that normal people experience.

  38. James and sharon cowan says:

    Who ever decided to change the cast is retarded! The new cast is lame. I literally couldn’t finish ten minutes of an episode. without the original cast they might as well cancel the show before they disgrace their whole family. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice or something? RETARDED! And the only reason I even watched it for the first ten minutes is because I saw garcia.

  39. Rita says:

    On CM the show this week was intense I loved it. I honestly wanted it to wrk out btwn Prentiss and Ian. On CmSB the shows actually not bad if you close your eyes. Because no matter how many awards Whitaker has won I can never look at his face for long. and his heavy breathing is distracting. I’m shallow, I know. I like JG in this, her character is actually the most believable of the lot. I’m not sure what she has said politically to garner so much dislike but I tend to not judge a person fictional character with who they are off camera. Otherwise all actors would have to be saints and hold my morals and values.

  40. Fartefhagnugen spuelunker says:

    I think the new crim minds is great, Je Gar perfectlh plays a good doj employee she is brilliant

  41. tv girl says:

    I have to vent. I consider myself socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I think the left media is slanted to the left and the right media is slanted to the right. Whichever one you watch makes you think the other side’s nuts. It’s tragic. I’m not a Christian but believe in a somekind of God. I always liked Jeanine Garofalo but don’t listen to her as I know we’re on different sides of most things political except maybe gay marriage and the right to choose. Regardless, it’s her right to have her beliefs and speak them out loud.

    Okay, now to the show. I watch tv for mindless entertainment. Love CI and tried to give the new CI Suspect Behavior a chance. It seems like the 4th episode (HERE IS THE FIRE) was a chance for her to respond to her critics. The whole thing about her ‘rant, theory’ and her characters problem with loudly and correctly speaking her mind seemed to be about her personally, not her character. Fine, I get it. What I found bothersome is that they had to make the crazy terrorist bomber a Christian. I know the point they are trying to make (that crazy terrorist bombers are crazy and not representative of a whole religion) except lets count the number of Muslim / Islamic terrorist bombing in the name of religion and compare to the number of Christian terrorist doing the same. I think instead of making that point it came off as typical Hollywood Christian bashing. Epic Fail for me.

  42. Larry R. Thompson says:

    The following post is a repost i made back in march! I have watched all CMSB episodes on dvr in hopes it would get better…..NOT!

    I think if the brass (which rymes with @$$) in charge, would take the money they are throwing a way on CMSB and put in “Criminal Minds”. ( They and we would have a killer show (which they have already, but it seems they are dead bent on self destruction by getting rid of A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster.) They could take the money they are wasting to get A.J. and Paget back and hire some killer guest stars. That is not to say that the guest stars todate are not great, because if they weren’t the show wouldn’t be as popular as it is. My Grandmother used to tell us as children….If it is not broken don’t fix it! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SO DETERMINED TO DESTROY YOUR OWN SHOW!? …IT’S A HIT, QUIT TRYING TO TURN IT INTO A $HIT!

  43. Larry R. Thompson says:

    This a repost!
    Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior……Has some good actors: just not on this series. Are you all competing with Forest Whitaker for “Drama Queen ” of night-time drama TV? You all are good actors, and yes I know ..F/W.. is an accademy award winner. The problem is he knows it and he has let the introduction of A/Award Winner Forest Whitaker go to his head. Just because he won an award for his one time performance in whatever does not make him the best actor for this part. The show could be good but the lines are lame and extremely obvious. You all seem to be competing to see who can be more serious and solem in your roles and reciting your lines. F/W is at the head of this class. If you don’ dump him and the lame writer of the first three episodes, you guys are going to fall by the wayside (probably to late). F/W you are not GOD’S gift to melo-drama. Climb down of you potium..scratch that…soap box…scratch that….orange crate and just act….and quit acting so fracking stupid!!!!! As for the rest of you guys, If I were You I would keep F/W out of the writers room. I think he has been sneaking in there behind your backs!

    I dare you to contact me, and try to convince me that I am wrong!

    P.S. If you could, watch the episode of “Two and a half men” where the ex-second wife got the job of acting on a TV show similar to CSI. She has a line asking her how is she going to process an almost impossible crime scene…..Her silly cliche line is ….I GUESS I WILL HAVE TO TAKE MY BEST STAB AT IT……That nis what you guys sound like!…..THE TRUTH…THE TRUTH…THE FRACKING TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. cathy says:

    Well, finally watched an episode of CM..SB. This show has no natural flow to it. And all the political correctness…come on! The actors just don’t have the chemistry to make this show what the original CM is. Also want to know if they are letting JG contribute to content…the script wreaks of her ridiculous Hollywood left wing politics. If the show is to ever have a chance, first step is to get rid of JG!

  45. Larry R. Thompson says:

    You people are wasting your time and effort,posting comments on TV/Line. Only a handful of people read what you post, and nobody replies to your post. They evidently have placed this on line as an appeasement device to allow people to vent! TV writers, directors,producers, and actors do not care what you write here, and it is for sure Ausiello does not care, because I have seen no evidence of any kind of report or feedback on anything that has been written in this forum! It would seem That Ausiello is only interested in what Ausiello has to say! So long Ausiello and TV/Line….HAVE A NICE DAY!(SARCASIM)