Johnny Galecki Sizes Up His New Big Bang Romance: Has Leonard Given Up on Penny?

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (Thursdays at 8/7c) this season is big on romance – or, at least, um, close relationships between members of the opposite sex (where Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler are concerned). Most recently, Leonard elected to pursue something of substance with Priya, despite the protests of her big brother, Raj. Will Penny, already bothered by her ex’s meaningful hook-up, have more to say on the matter? And if she does, would Leonard even hear her out?

Big Bang lead Johnny Galecki shared with TVLine his take on his character’s cracklin’ love life, as well as one pairing of characters he believes would be “unforgettable.”

TVLINE | I’ve been enjoying the new arc with Leonard and Priya. What was your reaction when you first got wind of it?
I thought it made a whole lotta sense. She did one episode this season, and we just really loved Aarti [Mann], and her work ethic kind of melded with everybody else’s. And it makes sense as far as the characters. She is Leonard’s sort of intellectual equivalent, so they’re able to communicate more effortlessly than Leonard and Penny (Kaley Cuoco), certainly.

TVLINE | I have to imagine we’ve only scratched the surface as far as Penny’s jealousy.
I don’t know if I would call it jealousy as much as her realization of her own limitations in the ways of love. I don’t think she didn’t return the sentiment of love to Leonard because she doesn’t love him; I just think she’s emotionally incapable of nurturing something like that. They’re young and so without the tools to really connect, especially because they’re from such different universes.

TVLINE | What will an ongoing relationship with Priya do to Leonard’s relationship with Raj (Kunal Nayyar)?
[Laughs] I don’t know, but it makes me laugh so hard. Raj is not handling it well! I love how the writers treat [the boys’] romantic relationships because it’s never fully convenient. The more Raj understands that this is not some cheap fling but a substantial relationship, he’s less bothered by it.

TVLINE | Do you ever look back on early episodes and find yourself with a new appreciation for how much Leonard has evolved?
Absolutely — and the show itself. It’s always interesting for me to watch the pilot of an established show because you see how the writers and actors weren’t really sure what the show was and what the dynamics were. If you look at the pilot for Seinfeld, for example, it’s practically unrecognizable. We’ve always talked about the growth of these characters being extremely slow — a lot of two steps forward, three or sometimes four steps back — but I did feel that Leonard having his heart shattered is a real defining moment in somebody’s life. After something like that, it seemed unrealistic for him to, for example, let Sheldon (Jim Parsons) exasperate him the way he did before. Leonard has now seen worse days than Sheldon being a difficult roommate. He’s maturing as slow as molasses, but he is a maturing character.

TVLINE | Would you say that Leonard is the most well adjusted of the boys?
[Laughs] I think it depends on the topic at hand, or the challenge. That’s what I’m told, but I still feel like he handles most things quite poorly.

TVLINE | As a viewer of Big Bang Theory, which relationship do you most enjoy watching?
I love the Howard and Bernadette relationship. There’s a sweetness to it that I find very, very touching.

TVLINE | Right. As we saw last week, it’s like they have these fleeting instances of “normal” romance, and then things get terribly abnormal.
Exactly. But that’s how we all are. People are complicated; you put two of them together and it’s generally a mess, but hopefully a beautiful mess. I love Melissa Rauch’s work; her readings on things make me howl.

TVLINE | Chuck Lorre told me that he hoped to have Christine Baranski (The Good Wife) back this spring as Leonard’s mother. Have you heard anything on that?
I’ve not, no. That would be wonderful though. I always have a really good time with her, and with Laurie Metcalf (as Sheldon’s mom). I would love to see the two of them together, maybe a Thanksgiving episode where the moms come visit. To watch those two play would be unforgettable.

TVLINE | Do you see Leonard and Penny gravitating back toward each other by season’s end, or is that too soon?
I don’t know if it would be by the end of this season, but I do feel they are the loves of one another’s lives. And with new evidence to show why that might be — and if Leonard had it a little bit more together — he might re-approach her from an angle that would warm her heart some. But I think that as far as Leonard is concerned, he doesn’t have a vote in the matter!

Big Bang fans: Do you want Leonard and Penny back together? Or are you happy to see him dating someone else?

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  1. Sandy says:

    Like this storyline….but I really hope that Penny and Leonard get back together :-)

    • Celidus says:

      I like Leonard and Priya together. I think they’ve had more chemistry together in three episodes than Leonard and Penny in three seasons. Penny had her chance and blew it. Leonard is too good for her. And oh yeah, CURSE YOU WIL WHEATON!

      • Martha says:

        I totally disagree. Priya doesn’t fit in with the group as a whole at all. Priya seems to be above it all, and ashamed of Leonard, as evidenced by her unwillingness to tell her parents about her romance with Leonard. I’m hopeful that we have seen the last of Priya!

      • Georgie says:

        No, I disagree. It’s obvious that Penny and Leonard have chemistry, all through the seasons, the bits with them together have been the best, not cheesy but nice. I don’t like Priya, she doesn’t go, bring Penny back.

      • Chyloe says:

        You’re right, Leonard and Penny have no chemistry together and I think they actually bring out the worst in each other.

    • Dainne says:

      I agree I think Lenard and penny should get back togather.

  2. Kimmy says:

    Please.. no more Penny and Leonard. I do think the moms should be together on one stage. That would win an emmy!

  3. Lucia says:

    I want Leonard and Penny get back together but I would mind if Leonard and Priya had a serious relationship for while.

    • Lucia says:

      CORRECT: I want Leonard and Penny get back together but I wouldn’t mind if Leonard and Priya had a serious relationship for while.

    • Adele - England says:

      Penny and Leonard have to get back together. But i am enjoying the relationship with Priya tho.

  4. Dawn says:

    Personally, I’m happy to see Leonard in another relationship. I ship Shenny & think they have more chemistry than Leonard and Penny. And I think Leonard’s story of dating one of his best friends sister, is far more interesting than him pinning for Penny.

    • shirini says:

      Absolutely. I love Shenny. That poles apart chemistry between them is wow’s the word. Leonard in the meanwhile can date any chick. I don’t honestly care.

  5. Jason says:

    I hope they don’t get back together, I hate it when sitcoms go to the will they won’t wont they scenario to make it seem like the show has a deeper plot. (A.K.A The Ross and Rachel Effect)The Big Bang Theory is a smart comedy and should really just center around the awkward, yet symbiotic relationships, that these people have with each other and while the Penny / Leonard is vital to this mix, it is no longer the driving force behind any of the characters.

  6. MC says:

    I agree with Galecki about how Penny/Leonard are eventually meant for eachother. I do enjoy having them apart though with Penny maybe doing a little of the chasing. It’s a dynamic we haven’t scene all too much before. It would be nice for them to come back together gradually and slowly throughout the rest of the season. If they do it immeidately that would be absolutely awful.

    • Carmichael says:

      I agree, it is always the man chasing the woman for once it would both dynamically unique and humorous to see the shoe on the other foot.

  7. Sara says:

    Leonard and Penny are meant for each other. :)

  8. nicole says:

    I love Leonard and Penny, but I think he needs to date Priya at least until the season’s end.

  9. Travis says:

    While I do like watching penny and leonard, I never bought their relationship. It was all about penny getting sucked into the nerd world and leonard never got acclimated to her world. I find leonard and pryia at least more plausible.
    regardless, I watch the show cause it’s funny all around, and not about one relationship. At least that’s why I’ve stuck with bones for this long.

  10. jay says:

    I’d love to see Penny fight for Leonard a bit.
    Whether she won or lost, just see her make some running would be great.

    But really I just want Raj to find someone.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Never was a big fan of Leonard and Penny and don’t really want to see it again. My favorite Leonard “relationship” would be with Leslie Winkle. The chemistry was still there from the Darlene and David days, plus she had the snark and sass to deal with Sheldon.

  12. Mary says:

    In my opinion, Priya and Leonard are perfec together. They are both smart, hard working, with the feet on the ground, not sleeping with every person walking around and much mature compared to Penny. Now, let’s be serious, in real life Leonard and Penny would have no chance. No smart, serious guy would start a relation with a girl like Penny. Not only that Lenoard is much too smart and educated compared to Penny, but he is also a sensitive person interested in serious relationships and not in reaching the top 100 meaningless sex relationships (like she does). Penny deserves someone like Barney from “How I met your mother”, Leonard someone like Pryia. I know these is a TV show, but I think it should still have a reality touch.

  13. Mandy says:

    I would like to Penny and Leonard back together. I normally hate the “will they/won’t they” stuff, but I love it with these two for some reason. Am I the only one who can’t stand the moms?? They drive me insane, especially Leonard’s.

  14. Fred Burns says:

    I really want to see a Penny/Priya romance. :P

  15. Mitemom says:

    I’d like to see Penny have a little success in her life. Perhaps get an acting job? Then if she chooses to be with Leonard, it will equal things a bit.

    • SAM says:

      I so agree. I would love to see Penny get some acting work, e.g. she gets to play a killer on “CSI” or play a witness on “Hawaii Five-O” and she could take Amy Farrah Fowler with her to Honolulu for the shoot. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

  16. Lam says:

    It would be interesting to see how the two moms interact. Penny is too immature for Leonard. They are getting along ok, but it doesn’t seem that they are in sync together. Sheldon seems to be close to Penny more than Leonard. Leslie Winkle and Leonard have some chemistry together; they understand each other language. Nonetheless, I would like to see Sheldon’s relationship with Amy to grow. And how can Raj have a girlfriend if he doesn’t talk to women?

  17. Sarah says:

    I love Leonard and Penny together! :)

  18. JyriRy says:

    I hope Penny and Leonard get back together, although Penny should fight over Leonard.

  19. Sherri Anne says:

    I really like him with Pryia. He does not have to much in common with Penny. A couple like them in real life would NEVER survive. Let’s keep it real. They should give her a new love interest also.

    • SAM says:

      True story: in an interview, Mrs. Einstein was once asked if she understood her husband’s theories. She replied, “No, but I understand my husband.”

      • Fer. says:

        But it’s not the same case you know, Leonard was no Einstein. The only similarities lie in the somewhat differences in intelligence. They are completely different people with completely different levels of depth and completely different complexes driving aspects of their lives.

        Personally I think Penny likes Leonard because she is clamping down on an illusion. I mean, she started to consider him more than just friend for the simple fact that he was “nice”.

        I like them as friends, and like a famous comic artist once said “Challenge something that is beyond your abilities, if you don’t and try to control what you are creating it becomes very pretentious”

        The writers should try that and drop the Lenny.

  20. Cora says:

    I think Leonard/Priya is essential to further the Leonard/Penny relationship. Leonard/Penny are meant to be together, and I love them as a couple, but we need to see her get jealous and have to fight for him before they can be in anything lasting. So I like where I think they’re going with this.

  21. Dan says:

    My girlfriend and I watch this show as she loves Leonard/Penny. I can see a little of us there. I for one like the relationship too.

  22. Valerie says:

    I really enjoy the Leonard/Penny relationship. It may be unlikely that all of it would happen in real life, but I’ve always loved how it’s been handled. I really want to see them together in the end, and I think they will be. But for now (but not past the season’s end) I like him with Priya. It needs to happen to keep Penny realizing what she’s lost.

  23. Jaclyn says:

    I LOVE Leonard and Penny. :) Like others, though, I don’t mind him being with someone else for the time being. It’s fun to see jealousy!

  24. Douglas says:

    Leonard and Penny will get back together, it’s inevitable. Considering they were extended for 3 more seasons, I’d be happy with them showing signs of life toward the end of next season (5). Right now, Leonard deserves Priya and Penny deserves seeing them together.

  25. Ella says:

    No more Penny/Leonard, PLEASE. Leonard/Priya is actually really cute, they have great chemistry. Leonard and Penny work better as friends. Sheldon/Penny on the other hand…now THAT would be awesome.

  26. mary says:

    Leonard and Penny do not work together. it’s so forced and fake. there’s no chemistry between them. He’s better off with Priya. and Penny’s jealousy is getting boring.

  27. Mary22 says:

    I was so sad to read this interview! I deslike the Leonard/Penny pairing completely! I would definitely be happier, if there was a statement or something that they would do the L/P anymore!!

    But the thing is that as far as this couple is concerned, everything seems to be predetermined!! I know that no matter how much I hate them together, the writers will have them as endgame!

    Well, I’m sorry but I’m not bying this “they are the loves of one another’s lives” thing! That might be Galecki’s pov, but for me they’re one of the worst couples of tv history! And what if they get back together? What’s the fuss really? They’re completely boring with zero chemistry! It’s not like I’m excited about any of their scenes together! I’ve seen them kiss and I’ve seen them in bed, so what?

    If the writers had the guts, they would develop the one and only OTP of the show, a.k.a the Shenny! That’s where the real spark is, and that’s truly an interesting relationship to watch! They’re polar opposites and yet they have an understanding of each other!! Shenny FTW, even it never becomes canon!!

  28. julnyes says:

    The writers and creators (and clearly some cast members) see Leonard and Penny as some grand romance, but that doesn’t translate on screen. They were boring as a couple and Leonard’s character acts like a jerk when he is in a relationship with Penny. I have zero interest in seeing them together again, but I’m sure the show will ignore that and put them together in the end.

  29. Jessica563 says:

    Please, please, please don’t put Leonard and Penny back together! They brought out the worst in each other while they were dating. These two are so much better as friends, that’s how they should stay. I actually hope Leonard stays with Raj’s sister for a while because he was turning into a bigger horndog than Howard (pre-Bernadette). He’s better than that.

    I love the idea of having both Sheldon’s mom and Leonard’s mom on at the same time. That would be hysterical!

  30. Britney says:

    I would be ecstatic if the writers finally dropped this pairing. They just bring out the worst in each other, and they just are not funny together. I can’t count the number of episodes that I was enjoying, and then it was ruined when they had to through a Leonard/Penny moment or scene in at the end, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. It ruins the dynamic of the group, and despite the fact that Johnny and Kaley were dating in real life, they’ve never had any chemistry. I guess Joey was right about actors doing it in real.

  31. Lindsey says:

    As much as I hate Leonard/Penny together, seeing Penny being jealous every episode is getting even worse. If they’re going to get together again (which sadly, is inevitable), just do it already, I can’t stand all this build up, it’s ruining the episodes for me. I’ve maybe genuinely enjoyed three episodes this season. Of course, that’s not ALL do to Leonard/Penny, but Penny being stuck with Bernadette and Amy, instead of hanging out with the guys – which was the plot of the show in the first place.

  32. Amanda Leigh says:

    Penny + Sheldon = OTP. That should be the end game.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    I really hope someone involved in running the show actually goes back and watches the third season before they decide to hook Penny and Leonard up again, because it was awful. They’re funny as friends but I didn’t laugh once in any of their scenes together as a couple and this is supposed to be a sitcom. Leonard’s so mean and obnoxious when he’s dating Penny and she’s shrill and two-dimensional when she’s dating him. We had an entire season of L/P and the writers obviously couldn’t figure out what to do with them then, so why should we sit through another round of unlikeable characters doing unfunny things? If the writers really can’t think of anything else to do with the show, how about, say, giving Penny a career or a life outside of her ex-boyfriend or a LAST NAME? Maybe the reason L/P is so flat and unbelievable onscreen is because the writers have never taken the time to figure out who Penny is beyond, “Hot girl I’d like to date, so I’ll have this character who reminds me of myself date her instead.” When the writers don’t care about her beyond that, it makes me feel like Leonard doesn’t care about her beyond that. I think he’d be equally happy with any beautiful woman who agreed to sleep with him and I can’t see any reasoning behind Penny’s attraction to Leonard beyond, “It’s in the script.” How does that scream “loves of one another’s lives” to you?

  34. sonia says:

    I never ever want to see Penny and Leonard together again. Really, I wish the writers just gave up on L/P already. The episodes where they were a couple went like a blur to me… a really lame and boring blur.

  35. Cin says:

    I love Leonard and Penny together. They are my favorite couple on TV currently. I hope they hurry up and get back together. This is the core romance on the show and I think marriage is in the cards. I completely agree with Penny’s dad on this. And I think Leonard’s mom is now a fan of Penny’s too. Bring this couple back together, please! And soon!

  36. JH says:

    I LOVE Leonard/Penny together! They’re absolutely meant to be, just not right now. Johnny’s absolutely right, they BOTH need to grow a whole lot. The thing I like about Leonard and Penny is that their relationship is REALISTIC. In the middle of crazy antics between the four guys, the audience needs some reality, and Leonard and Penny bring that, and they bring it well. Sheldon/Penny, on the other hand, would never, ever bring that, they’re absolutely NOT realistic, and they never will be.

    • Fer. says:

      That sounds rather closed off, like you are putting people under classification, you would be surprised at how many people I’ve known that work in health care that have found “quirky” persons working with absolutely normal human beings in a very good romantic relationship.

      Alas, sometimes I think the writers are not so sure of what show they are writing, you don’t have to throw off characterization just for the sake of the funny, which they do a lot, but they want to sell us the Lenny, as if it is something deep and meaningful.

      It’s either a light sitcom or a more complex sitcom, people, decide which one.

      The problem is, Leonard and Penny would enter in the light sitcom, because I sure as hell don’t see anything realistic in it, the premise is realistic, but the story represented on TV is not. I can’t buy it at all.

      • JH says:

        How exactly am I “putting people under classification”? Did I say that every single quirky person on this entire planet can’t have a realistic relationship? I said Sheldon and Penny, specifically. I think they would not be realistic because of THEIR individual personalities. I’m basing this on the way they interact with each other, and the way Sheldon interacts with others. I don’t expect Sheldon to change, and I don’t want him to change. So if they were to get together, the way Sheldon is, it would not be realistic.
        A light sitcom can have complex qualities, and a complex sitcom can have light qualities. The writers don’t need to restrict their own story to one kind of sitcom. Leonard and Penny are realistic because of their conflicts. They struggle with being so different from each other, they struggle with commitment, they struggle with simply being young and immature. I think they’re realistic, but I guess that’s just my opinion.

        • Fer. says:

          Ok, it was my mistake to make generalizations, but the allusion of their general personalities “not matching” made me think it like it was for everyone. I’m sorry for the misinterpretation. A light sitcom with complex qualities is not longer a light sitcom, it’s very simple to look out for the concept meaning. You cannot say light can have darkness too (in its most strict concept, of course).

          If you put color in white it’s not longer white, but something close to it. It’s not even about the story behind the sitcom, or their motivations, but the people writing it. The thing is, they make the differences very clear, everything in there has been the way it was before, but they want to give Lenny development? As for me, they never gave me a reason to like the pairing.

          In fact, some people tell me I shouldn’t analyze it because it’s a light sitcom, but others tell me there is something behind it, whether is it what the writers intend to convey or not (as Johny here clarified) I never felt it.

          In fact, if I open myself to think there is something deeper in their relationship, you should read Chuck Lorre’s vanity card #328, it’s exactly how I perceive it, it’s quite awesome really, but I don’t like it for this sitcom. Especially because I just never bought their relationship (but like you, it’s just my opinion)

          There is also to consider that not all episodes are congruent and use a continuity from others. How come Sheldon became meaner? How come Leonard became a ladies-man but Raj stays the same way he was before? That’ why I was talking about, if they are going to add something deeper to the sitcom, they should do it for every aspect, not just the self-insertion pairing they want.

  37. Beth says:

    With a show that’s been renewed for several more seasons already, I’m perfectly happy with Leonard dating Priya rather than Penny. The show has plenty of time to put the two of them together, which they’re likely to do eventually, so I’m just enjoying the ride for now.

    Though, as far as maturing characters goes, it would be really nice to get a last name for Penny.

  38. Jasom says:

    I think Leonard & Penny should eventually get back together, but Penny needs to gradually get past the jealousy. Her seeing Leonard happy with another woman is perfect for her development.

  39. B A says:

    Blah…no more Leonard and Penny. It’s boring and all they do is the dance with no pants on. Oh, and fight. I forgot how much ~excitement that brought to the show.
    I’d rather have Penny/Career. Or better yet, get a last name.

  40. Jenny224 says:

    Seriously who cares about Leonard and Penny?? Boooooring!!!

  41. Claire says:

    It’s quite fascinating : even though Leonard drooling all over Penny for two seasons never let show anything more than sexual attraction and need for ego boost, they were really good together. I especially liked them as close friends when Leonard was dating Dr Stephanie. But as soon as they got together, it turned out that there was nothing there. I either saw a friends with benefits relationship or two persons with no real connection. So what if they brought a “realistic” aspect to the show? Firstly, who watches TBBT because it’s “realistic”? We watch it because it’s funny as hell (well, was, because it got boring on the edges for a while, now), and because it presents four nerdy guys with no attachement to realiy. Secondly, they are not realistic. A relationship where the couple doesn’t have anything to say to each other and only seems to share sex is not realistic. They would have been better off staying friends and having sex when they were lonely, it wouldn’t have made any difference. Penny spent more time with Sheldon when she was dating Leonard, for Christ’s sake!
    Now, I enjoyed the nerdy guy/beautiful girl struggling with her career ship in “Friends ” and in “HIMYM”. The “Will they – won’t they” worked in “Friends” for me, but not so much in “HIMYM” as it turned out that Ted and Robin weren’t made for each other. We know she’s not the mother, after all, but there was also something missing. This something that, on the other hand, happened to exist in a non-canon ship, Barney and Robing. Their relationship was awfully handled by the writers, but they deserve better than that and they’re surely not over.
    However, I don’t need to see once again this kind of relationship developed in a TV show. “Friends” already exists for the endless will they – won’t they relationship, we don’t need to see it remade and remade all over again in other shows. If TBBT returned to the high level of comedy and smart writing of its beginning, Lorre and Prady wouldn’t try to forcefeed us Leonard/Penny for three additional seasons, but would realise that people in real life don’t stay stuck in dead-end relationships, but move on with their lives. Moreover, I think that Sheldon/Penny deserve some elaboration. Not only because Jim and Kaley have amazing chemistry, but also because the show proved that it was able of developing very unexpected and not “normal” pairings, and doing it wonderfully, i.e. Howard and Bernadette.
    TBBT is an intelligent and funny show which proved that it was able of being different from other TV shows. I therefore expect it to stay smart, funny and different, and not stay stuck in its canon schemes.

  42. steph says:

    Of course Leonard and Penny belong together! But I don’t mind him dating Priya for a while. It makes Penny realize what she’s missing, so now the Leonard/Penny relationship isn’t so one-sided anymore – now she has to do something to get him back from his pretty perfect girlfriend, before it was always him running after her hoping she’d choose him ;)

  43. janneke says:

    Leonard and Leslie!!!!!! I think they had great chemistry, I like Penny and Leonard as friends, I dídn’t mind them flirting but that was all, I specifically enjoyed how Penny helped him in becoming more desirable to other women albeit his geekiness, but that was it! Season 3 was awful with those two as a couple. But Leslie and Leonard were really good together don’t know why they stopped these two or won’t bring back Leslie. Call me weird but for some reason I think Penny and Sheldon would be better suited if Sheldon wasn’t so asexual (which I think is a little creepy at times). It just seems these two as characters really fit, where Leonard and Leslie really fitted.

  44. Cheryl says:


  45. Angie88 says:

    Even though we haven’t seen a lot of them, I actually like Leonard and Prija together!! For me he and Penny are wrong for each other! I used the idea of the 2 of them at first, but then when they actually got together, it wasn’t like I was expecting it to be! All we could see of them were fights and hook ups. So, I’m definitely not feeling the Lenny!

    Also I believe that Penny can’t be with Leonard when she has that absolutely amazing chemistry with Sheldon! Even if it’s completely against the odds the Shenny makes sense to me! It’s a true Paradox, but at the same time it feels so damn right!

  46. Mia says:

    I’m digging the Shenny concept as Penny would put it.

  47. Brandon says:

    Would definitely like to see Penny & Leonard back together. I would agree with Galecki that they are the loves of each other’s lives.

  48. xony says:

    Ugh, seriously? L/P? No, thanks! I don’t want to be bored to death. They already tried it once and I just didn’t like that shallow sex-based relationship. I honestly think both Leonard and Penny deserve to be happy with people that really cares about them and have a conection with… not just sex :/

  49. Danielle T says:

    I ship Shenny all the way…they are bust a gut funny together and their banter totally make the show!! I would like to see how Sheldon would act if he found out that Penny was interested in him since she is now feeling lonely…Maybe she could be daydreaming about it at the end of an episode and its an ahhh what the hell, give it a try moment…

  50. bbob2003 says:

    I like Penny & Leonard together and adds a friction point to Sheldon. The fact is the show is built around Leonard wanted to have something more then a geeks life and the catalyst is Penny. If Penny isn’t interesting to Leonard, she has no reason to be around. In fact that is the problem right now with Priya.

    Once they started done the path of dating at the end of season 1, you have take the rest of the way. If you don’t them to end up like Ross/Rachel from friends with one or both being pathetic. Until two weeks it was Leonard being pathetic now it is Penny’s turn. Friends learned from it’s mistake and put Monica and Chandler together for good. Instead of having breakup/get together time we got to see them grow together.

    My own opinion is that Leonard and Penny should get together and we see start see the gang exist in her world too. To me those were the shows that were funny like the costume party where nobody understood Sheldon being the Dopler effect.