Exclusive First Look: The Biggest, Boldest House Episode Ever!

Brace yourself for a House divided.

Unless you’ve been holed up in Doc Crankypants’ bathroom for the past three months, you know that this season’s 15th installment — airing March 7 — represents a radical departure for the Fox smash. The episode is one part traditional — i.e. there’s the requisite POTW story — and one part what the frak?!

To be more specific, the bold, ambitious hour — helmed by the show’s lead director, Greg Yaitanes — is interspersed with about a half-dozen fantasy sequences that find our Princeton Plainsboro faves spoofing a number of classic Hollywood genres, including the Western, the big-budget musical, the classic sitcom and, as you can see in the exclusive image below, black-and-white ’50s TV.

I had the good fortune to screen the episode earlier this week, and I can confirm that it’s a dazzling mind trip rooted in a poignant and momentous House/Cuddy story. (Let’s just say there’s a reason the episode is titled “Bombshells.”) I’ll be dropping more clues about the can’t-miss hour in the coming days, which will give me time to sneak in a few more viewings. In the meantime, hit the comments and tell me how you’re feeling about this episode. Excited? Scared? Both?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. David says:

    There is so much hype surrounding this episode that it will disappoint for sure, at least to some extent. We`ve been hearing about it for over 4 or 5 months now.

  2. Iván says:

    People who no longer enjoys the show feel free to grab the remote and tune otherwise.

    I think, 1, 4 & 5 are my fav seasons so far, I’m quite enjoying the 7th.
    I dont think the H/C story arc is cheesier than the Stacy or Lucas arc, I think is periferal enough and yet present.

    Diggin’ up eps like “1 day, 1 room”, “wilson”, “remorse”, “who’s your daddy”, “need to know”, “birthmarks”, “son of the coma guy” “softer side”…. my bombshell would be: House as we know him is a well built facade to hide his own demons, is not his real personality or at least not his whole personality, and unravels the rest of his deep deep real self

    question is, this evolvement, is intresting?
    or time to round up and depart?

    • James says:

      “People who no longer enjoys the show feel free to grab the remote and tune otherwise.”

      I know I should stop watching the show. I should’ve stopped right after the last episode of the 6th season. But it’s difficult to let go of a show that you’ve watched and loved for years (six years in this case). You get emotionally involved whether you want to or not. And you get attached to the characters. And no matter how much you wish you’d stop caring, there’s still a little part of you hoping that maybe – just maybe – one day the show would stop being ridiculous and become good again.

      The problem with this season is that the main characters seem to have turned into these completely different characters. It seems that Dr. House especially has been replaced by a zombie clone that has no spine or brain. And the things that have happened this season make no sense to me in the light of the previous six seasons. But I’m glad that some people are enjoying season 7. I’m not.

      • Karen says:

        At least you are being respectful about it. If only others were as grown up as you. For the record, I’m not particularly thrilled about this season but I like it MUCH better than S6, which, I suppose, is an improvement.

      • Iván says:

        Really? recaping from S01 forward, after each ep, I think “ahh that was that lose end from X ep” .. about everything, his relationship with Wilson, the ducklings, his women, cuddy before him .. how he come at things less insane but still himself …

  3. Margaret says:

    I bet she gets pregnant.

  4. Stacey says:

    GAH! Please let the Huddy end. I don’t think I would have minded so much if it hadn’t been the central part of each and every episode, and then so blatantly shoved down our throats. Please go back to the medical mysteries, I’m begging you. On a side note, can someone have the House MD writers/producers/directors actually pay attention to details so that there is continuity. It’s a shame that fans who have watched episodes once can keep track of the details and they can’t, it just shows how sloppy they are.

    • erin bowers says:

      Much like Wilson in SEASON 6 or as I affectionatly call it “The Odd Couple Part DEUX” or “Bosom Buddies”. Who cared about Wilson in a Porno Movie, or Wilson who can’t buy furniture,or pretending to be gay to get laid by the girl next store. Well to each his own,I always say

      • FFN says:

        Wilson being in a porno took up about 5 minutes of one episode. Cuddy has had more screen time in season 7 than Wilson had in season 6. House/Cuddy has taken up pretty much the whole episode of every episode this season.
        And actually that was House who pretended to be gay, not Wilson. You really need to get your facts straight before you comment

      • @erin bowers says:

        Who cares about how Cuddy wants House to buy his own toothbrush, Cuddy wants House to babysit her kid, Cuddy wants her daughter in a special preschool

  5. Mark says:

    Looking forward to this one.

  6. When did watching this show become a chore? says:

    Whilst I think it’s good that the writers have been experimenting with the show’s (highly predictable) format (Wilson and 9 To 5 were both great episodes and I really liked the ‘out of order storytelling’ that went on in this week’s episode…if not so much the story) this particular episode sounds utterly ridiculous.

    I already have mixed feelings about this season. When the Huddy is left in the background, and House and Cuddy are just two characters who just happen to be in a relationship, the episodes are pretty good and I can totally get behind their romance (because the focus is on the story and the medical mystery and the ensemble cast and the relationship is neatly slotted around it). But most of the episodes that have focused on their relationship have been dull and uninspiring-far too forced (this was particularly noticeable at the beginning of the season and had tapered off until bogging down this week’s episode again-I will, however, say that I really liked how their relationship was written in the episode with Cuddy’s ill mother).

    But the only time their relationship works is when one of them compromises themselves (either Cuddy has to put up with House’s poor behaviour, his lying, his laziness, his chauvinism etc. or House has to change his very personality and continuously act fake). And no matter how much they care for each other, it’s not fair to either of them to always be someone they aren’t just for someone else-and it’s annoying to the audience to watch it.

    I’ve never really believed that the relationship will last forever, because if House couldn’t change for Stacey then I don’t believe he can for Cuddy, either. But watching House act like someone he isn’t is pretty much destroying the reason why the majority of people watch this show. We watch it BECAUSE House is a broken, irrepressible, manipulative man with the social skills of a sociopathic ant.

    I just hope that when they realise that they will never work we can go back to the snarky, power balanced friends/colleagues that House and Cuddy were in the first few seasons. I miss them and I felt like they had so much more chemistry back then. And then we can get some more Wilson back and have the awesome trio playing off one another again.

    • David says:

      No, that’s the reason why YOU watch it. Your opinion isn’t a fact. You can’t speak for anyone other than yourself. That’s certainly not the reason why I watch the show. I watch for House’s journey and character development. If I want to stick with the jerk, I’ll hold on to my S1-S3 DVD’s.

    • erin bowers says:

      AWWWWWW You know if it is such a chore you can always lay down your hammer or axe or paint brush and pick up the remote and TURN THE CHANNEL .

      • Katie says:

        Huddies need to stop instructing everyone who is frustrated with the show to watch something else. This isn’t YOUR show. You don’t have control over the content, and House won’t be able to continue without its strong viewership. Those of us who are sick of how boring the show has become have just as much a right to be appeased as the Huddies who threw a tantrum at the end of season 5.

        Get over yourselves and accept that everyone has a right to an opinion.

        • FFN says:

          I agree with you 100% Katie

        • erin bowers says:

          It isn’t yours either Katie

          I love this show more and more every week. I am even able to stand Wilson now that he isn’t living with House anymore. But , please for the LOVE OF GOD GET HIS A GIRLFRIEND OR A DIABETIC CAT. Even Chase has become bearable when paired with Masters or Thirteen,I have always like Foreman espically with Thirteen I do wish they would get back together. Loved Taub and his interactions with all of the other ducklings and House. Love MM and can’t wait for Thirteen to get back. I think she would be very happy about all the changes House has made.
          So all in writers DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING !!!!!!
          HOUSE IN SEASON 8

          • Katie says:

            My only complaint was constantly being told “change the channel” because my opinions don’t co-inside with the Huddy fans’. I didn’t say they didn’t have a right to be mad at the end of season five-I’m never going to tell other fans that also make up part of the viewership to disappear. Just because someone ships differently doesn’t mean that they aren’t still a value. House is an expensive show, it needs every single audience member that it has. Not just what I would consider to be “quality viewers.”

    • Katie says:

      To Chore, I agree with you 100%. I miss what used to make this show sparkle.

    • GeeLady says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  7. Karen says:

    I’m both nervous and excited, to be honest. I really don’t know what to expect and sinceraly hope we are not left disappointed.

  8. Gina says:

    Ha! Hugh Laurie looks like Mr Little again. Fun. I can’t wait to see this one.

  9. Lauren says:

    Both. More excited than scared, I guess. But you never know with this show.

  10. Susan says:

    Just another letdown in a sad season, overall. I really miss Wilson – he and House are the best, most interesting characters on the show. Their relationship is amazing. Oh well, there’s always fan fiction.

  11. Sam says:

    It looks very interesting….I’ll be tuning in for sure.

  12. Jane2 says:

    I’m scared and excited!! Mostly by the episode title “Bombshells” and what it could mean for House and Cuddy. I have been loving the exploration of House and Cuddy together this season and I do not want it to end. Also, isn’t this the same episode that has Cuddy in a hospital gown?? Yeah I’m very, very nervous.

  13. GeeLady says:

    The previous 14 ep’s have been middlin’ to downright horrid. My money is on DISASTER.

  14. Tracy Murray says:

    I am hoping Cuddy’s condition is serious , yet , not fatal , House is going to stand by her , nevertheless , so don’t expect a breakup just yet . The episode itself , as some people have commented on , and I am giving my own two cents worth , will either be a wonderful story that fans will talk about for ages , or a well intentioned wonderful story that became a beautiful epic fail ( there is no horrible disaster in my book ) . There should be mention of the sideplot involving the young POTW , that will be worth watching as well .

  15. Cole says:

    Thank you for the [H]OUSE news. I always enjoy the spoilers you give us. I’ve watched this show from the beginning because it’s a great show. Unfortunately, last season I felt restless and made myself tune in because it started getting boring. It felt like I had seen House popping Vicodin, spiraling downward (once a year at least typically) and solving cases in basically the same way so much that there was nothing left for this show, or the character, to give me. The writing seemed uninspired and like the writers were just as bored as I was. Several of my friends stopped watching last season and haven’t returned and I almost did until the finale turned things around. I’m so glad that this year it doesn’t seem like that. I’m glad for the entertainment and energy and spark back in the show that this season has brought, especially with episodes like this one and that I hope they will continue along that line.

    It was starting to feel like this show feels compelled to keep everything status quo. They hooked Cameron and Chase up but broke them apart early in the next season. They got all the original ducklings off the team, but instead of rotating the ducklings, but keeping them in the hospital (I’d hate to see any of them leave) and going on with their lives like normal people would, they brought everyone back on the team except Cameron. They got new ducks and that was interesting for awhile, but now I’m used to them. They got Martha Masters, but I’ve read in these articles that she will be leaving and 13 coming back, which is just a repeat of what I’ve already seen. They had Wilson hook up with Sam, but they broke them apart again. So Wilson is the same he’s been all these years, as everyone is except House, Cuddy and Taub. Cuddy, well, she’s with House this season so she’s different and interesting like House.

    I think this show’s strength is the character development. And when the characters are all there solving cases in the same manner and in the same place in their lives they always have been, it gets boring after so many years. I’ve no doubt House will go back to his season 1-6 self (being miserable, popping Vicodin again and alone again, as I’m sure this relationship will fall apart as they all do in this world). I wish they’d work on developing all the characters more than just keeping them all in the same place. There are only so many interesting things you can do with these characters when you keep them all in the same position year-after-year.

  16. Ange says:

    A very accurate picture. House is so whipped by Cuddy.

  17. Samantha says:

    This episode sounds so awesome. Can’t wait to see it!

  18. Jill says:

    Having watched this show since episode one, I am still loving it. What I love most of all is the fact that they are not afraid to mix things up once in a while, and go beyond the normal POTW story. I can not wait to see this episode. Sounds like it will be in the same relmes of “No Reason”, “Houses Head & Wilson Heart” All of which where some of the best TV I have ever seen. This is Houses jorney, we have seen him go from the drug taking bitter SOB, to still being an SOB, but wanting to do something more positive with his life. If thats with Cuddy or anybody else, I am all for it. I have not fallen into that ship trap, (thank goodness!) I watch for House and those who are in his orbit. I am going to sit back and enjoy what sounds like to be a very enjoyable episode, which will countiue to showcase the amzing talent of this cast, and esp Hugh Laurie.

    • Jackie Amoruso says:

      Well said Jill! Whether people like it or not, this show is called HOUSE md, and it’s about House’s personal journey. It’s a shame people don’t like the new, happier House. :/ I still think he has the old House SOB personality in him, he’s just learning to moderate it. The man’s been through so much in his life, why not give him a break and let him be happy with a woman he cares about for once? Oh yeah, he’s ‘boring’ and ‘whipped’ now.
      ANYWAY I’m looking forward to this episode alot. Can’t wait to see Hugh and LE singing!!

  19. Sarah says:

    I’m puking just now. This suck. They’re destroying one of the most amazing characters on tv, to do Cuddy M.D.-Woman, doctor and dominatrix. House looks pathetic there.

    • Foster says:

      It’s a dream, you moron, in which they’ll pay an homage to Hollywood movies/tv shows.

      • Bored says:

        It is Cuddy’s dream, and she envisages House smiling sweetly, wearing an apron. How is that not emasculating? Same with her breaking up with House over a toothbrush. But I’m wasting my time explaining this to someone who resorts to name calling. Analyzing the reason behind an image must be beyond your comprehension.

        • lari says:

          She did not break up with House and the episode was told through House’s point of view, hence why everything was exaggerated. But if you were actually smart and had a mirror, you’d know that.

        • David says:

          “Analyzing the reason behind an image must be beyond your comprehension.”
          Wait, is that why you didn’t get this week’s episode was told through House’s POV?

  20. Gina says:

    I can not wait. This episode will air on my birthday. Hopefully I’ll be pleasently surprised.

  21. tahina88 says:

    This is going to be a crucial episode..there will be a 3 week hiuatus after it airs..I dont think Cuddy will die, though some prefer this to happen, and the dismay for others, but whatever, it will I think, change drastically the show storyline. 1_ Cuddy is sick, but nothing serious; 2) pregnant; and 3) wedding bells..4) all of the above..5) none of the above. We’ll see..

  22. taylor says:

    People who’re criticizing the huddy are soo pathetic!!
    Damn! House is still house :O
    and stop watch the show just because he is happy are stupids!
    PLUS why would cuddy be uninteresting ? I mean she’s a part of the show ! House is not the only one!
    and the huddy gives something to that season whitch would have any specific storyline without it! house is not becoming a “sweet person” he is just in love.
    We’re expecting to house to move on with his life , not to be the same person as the episode One … in pain , angry , lonely and junky !!!
    that’s why this episode is going to be great ! Original! the show needs some different episode , as the last one !!!! go huddy !!!! an amaziiiiiig couple !!

    • FFN says:

      How is anyone who doesn’t like House/Cuddy pathetic? House is like a completely different character this season because of “huddy” The House of seasons 1-6 would never have insulted his own intelligence by calling himself a moron. He’s turned himself into a groveling, self-deprecating lapdog for Cuddy and it’s disgusting to see a once great character being assassinated as badly as he has been this season

  23. Katie says:

    I am really excited about this episode. Season 7 has been really great and I love that House & Cuddy are now together. I also love Lisa E and thinks she’s a great actress.

  24. anna says:

    Yeah, I’m a little of both. Mostly excited. The musical bit sounds great, as do the horror film and western parts, but I’m still on the fence about the sitcom part. Could go either way.

    The episodes thus far this season have been kind of hit of miss for me. I do like Huddy, but the patients haven’t been that interesting in my opinion. Some have been great. Some not so great.

    Anyway, looking forward to this episode (I’m super excited to hear LE sing! :D) and crossing my fingers that it goes well. :)

  25. taylor says:

    there is always patients less interesting than others!
    on every seasons …

  26. Ashley says:

    Obviously, from a ratings stand point, people are loving this season. #1 in it’s time slot. They must be doing something right. Way to go House! Don’t know how I feel about the layout of this ep but I’m sure it’ll have some charm. Love me some House and Cuddy as well. Incredibly real relationship. I’ve had the toothbrush argument and it’s refreshing to see a fictional couple take on such a realistic relationship. Finally. :)

    Also, there’s no way you can jump a shark. It would immediately eat you. Silly kids.

    • Jill says:

      It’s actually behind HIMYM in ratings and fairly low on the Monday list in terms of overall audience. The show has lost 35% of its audience over the past 3 seasons.

      The May sweeps will tell the tale but I wouldn’t be surprised if the heavy emphasis on Cuddy and Huddy this season will take its toll.

      • Ashley says:

        You must have a lot of time on your hands to be responding to so many posts. Good lord. I wish I had your time. You know you don’t have to watch the show if you don’t like it right?

      • Carol says:

        These numbers are not accurate. But then, you knew that, didn’t you?

  27. dan says:

    I am very happy
    Performances will be episode
    I do not want the series continues to fall
    I like huddy but I do not want cuddy is ill humor.
    I want to change a little cuddy. not angry. and house is so. I do not want sloppy, lying, dirty and a toothbrush. I like neat, concentrated in cuddy and rachel but still the same person. if they separate but back together again?

  28. Alienatedviewer says:

    Someone please tell House that this phase of his “journey” (—-) has become too long. That better take the train to the next station, where he will be waiting for his balls who fled at the end of last season.

  29. Kris says:

    I don’t see what exactly has changed that makes House less like himself. I would appreciate it if someone could explain the huge change House has made from last season to this one. He’s still selfish, he’s still immature, he’s still funny, and he still saves a patient every week. We’ve seen House be nice before to the people he is fond of. (Alvie is the first one that comes to mind.) House is in love, but he’s been in love before so I don’t see how that makes him out of character. The biggest difference this year is we’ve never seen House in a relationship before. We’ve seen him in jail, we’ve seen him overdose, we’ve seen him detoxing, but we’ve never seen House in an actual relationship, so some people are freaked out. From what we’ve seen this year though, I don’t think there is anything to worry about. House has drawn a line with Cuddy, just as she has drawn a line with him. They will both compromise until they get to a certain point. House will still lie to her to save a patient, and Cuddy will only stand for his disregard of her feelings for so long. (House was over the line last episode)
    I’m very excited to see this episode by the way.

    • Derdriui says:

      He’s not as perceptive anymore.

      The people who watched House and thought ‘oh, he’s an abrasive yet funny guy!’ will still be happy, but the people who liked his INSIGHTS are just bored.

      Just weak and boring writing.

  30. Lauren says:

    I’m enjoying this season so far, and I’m looking forward to this episode. The episodes that go away from the show’s normal formula have been some of my favorites. Three Stories, One Day, One Room, The Mistake, Baggage, and Help Me, just to name a few. I don’t see how anyone can complain about the formula of this season seeing as House has always been very repetitive, and formulaic. If this season’s formula is; House does something, Cuddy gets mad, he apologizes, she forgives him and they do it again next week. Then the formula for the first five seasons of House was: ‘House is in pain, he takes vicodin, everyone tells him he’s an addict, he keeps taking them anyway.’ The show has always been repetitive, but I’ve always enjoyed it, and still do.

  31. Kris says:

    He would never say he was a moron about his medical opinion. He knows he’s the smartest guy in the room when it comes to certain things, but not about relationships. House knows he is just plain bad at relationships, that’s why in Season 2 he drove Stacy away after trying so hard to get her back. He knows he isn’t good at relationships. He knows he’s selfish, and puts his own needs before other people, so he pushed Stacy away because he assumed it could only end in misery. House is a moron when it comes to dealing with people’s feelings, and I think he would have admitted that in season 1-6 also.

  32. taylor says:

    why do you want house to be exactly like he was in the others seasons ? you saw him like that in 6 seasons !
    he is still interesting . he is trying to have a relationship with cuddy that’s it ! Did someone see house different at the hospital ? No! he is just acting differently with CUDDY!
    Yeah , and he said he was a moron , because he IS! but he was talking about his behaviour with cuddy! may be house is changing a little bite . but if you really like the show you wouldn’t completly stop to watch it … it’s stil funny , cases are not that bad (7×03,7×08,7×11 and 7×12 were good) , house is still doing the way he wants he is STILL A MORON!
    that simple if you don’t like that , why are you still watching ? to criticize ?
    and there is just like … 3 or maximum 4 huddy scenes in an episode , that’s not always THE story !! exept for some episodes , but the last one had a lot of others qualities !!
    the concept of the 7×15 will give us a great episode not just becaause it is about huddy!!!

  33. Bob says:

    OK, everyone on here saying they’ve had it with the show, and this season is terrible, and Huddy is ruining everything…LEAVE. Just stop watching the show and go find another series to fawn over. Then we won’t have to read your continual harangues about how bad it is. The show is still well written and well acted. Buh-bye.

    • Eleanor Rigby says:

      That isn’t going to happen, Bob. These people have invested too much of themselves in this show to simply disappear. They actually CARE about it, so they are hanging on as long as they can. It would be much simpler if you would simply stop reading and/or responding to comments that you dislike, since you obviously don’t have the emotional investment in US that we do in the show.

      I find it amusing that the Huddy fan stance is always, “If you don’t like it, SHUT UP and stop watching.” It doesn’t matter who it is, whether it’s a someone who posts on a website like this one, or whether it’s a professional writer who makes the mistake of saying something negative about Huddy, and is subsequently deluged with nasty, childish rantings – in all capital letters, of course! It’s one thing to skew polls the way the Huddies do, which drastically misrepresents the general public’s view of the House/Cuddy pairing; it’s quite another to demand that all negative remarks be silenced. I’ve noticed some creative deleting at the Fox board as well if someone dares question these absurd poll results. They’d prefer to believe that everything is all hunky dory in Huddyville, while the falling preferred demographic ratings say otherwise.

      • FFN says:

        These people have invested too much of themselves in this show to simply disappear. They actually CARE about it, so they are hanging on as long as they can.”

        This. I’m sick of being told to “change the channel” by the huddies if I don’t like what they’re doing the show. I’ve been watching since the Pilot and it makes me sad to see my favorite show being killed by horrible writing and having a ship I don’t like being shoved down my throat every episode

  34. Bob37 says:

    I can’t wait. I’m personally tired of the boring/predictable patient of the week formula and love when they do something unusual (within the context of the show). Looking forward to it.

  35. erin bowers says:


    There is a global promo out and supposedly House says “you’ve made me a worse doctor” to Cuddy, and there was a clip where he was resting his head on her lap.

    What do you think of that

  36. Eleanor Rigby says:

    So, let’s see what we’ve got here… House tells Cuddy that he makes him a worse doctor. Cuddy has told House repeatedly that people are worse off for being around him. But, HEY! House puts his head in Cuddy’s lap, so that proves how much they love each other, right, Erin?

  37. arkangel says:

    let’s hope its not a ‘jump the shark’ thing … love House …

  38. Kris says:

    Spoiler: Cuddy is pregnant announced this episode.

    This will lead to the eventual breakup at the end of the season, ensuring at least 2 more seasons based on how House handles being a father through an estranged relationship.

  39. anomymous fan says:

    What show is this? Are people really buying that he is in love with Cuddy?? NEVER EVER was there any indication of that in a series that has has some of the most unique,innovative,and amazing writing in a long time.Unfolding was a brilliantly written medical drama and the most ambitious love story ever on tv-House and Wilson! I have no idea what happened to this show. I see brief glimpses of the brilliance but then mediocre plots like this,Im convinced someone is in a coma , on drugs, or mentally ill ( and Im hoping its not any of the writers or others involved in the show!!) Im over 50 and thought I finally found something of quality and value again on tv but?? And oddly if you asked me at the pilot if House and Wilson could be looked at romantically I would have said its crazy and be repulsed by the notion, But these two changed my mind and i feel like it has opened my mind to all kinds of possibilities. Love is love, That doesnt change no matter what generation, I just cant see these two with anyone else, Tv is there to entertain but also touch on current topics by way of art. This show used to be bold??Now?
    I was lucky to have found a real in love /soulmate relationship( sadly hes gone) and what is going on with House and Cuddy IS NOT THAT, But House and Wilson.Amazing!! Well its not over till its over!!!

    • David says:

      Why am I not surprised? A bitter House/Wilson fan. Why don’t you go seek comfort in fanfiction? That’s the only place you’ll get it from.

    • ebowers says:

      I hope you understand HOUSE AND WILSON ARE NOT GAY !!!!!
      House loved Stacy and lived with her for 5 years. Wilson has beem married 4 times and cheated with WOMEN during those marriages. House frequented hookers “FEMALE HOOKERS”
      . Actually they are more like brothers to me. There friendship is OKAY but for a TRUE friendship check out Michael Westin and Sam Axe on Burn Notice those two would do anything

  40. ATrivellas says:

    Yuck!I know I wont like it!

  41. Nick says:

    Is this the last episode of the season??

  42. Kelcie says:

    I’m SO excited! I love HOUSE no matter what!

  43. Sharon says:

    I agree completely! I love them together!!!

  44. dekko says:

    Bring back Cameron And 13 !

  45. Euskaltel says:

    I see it this way: who cares if the show’s jumped the shark or whatever you want to call it? We had four or five really good seasons and so what if it’s on the decline now? We should appreciate the good work from the past (DVD box sets people!) and just sit back and enjoy the ride. If nothing else, we can at least laugh at it :D

    (And, IMO, when Huddy happened the show was over. I do sail that ship, but it was way better when the seas were rough and the crew drunk out their minds. Ok, metaphor, too far. But anyway, without the UST, it’s rubbish, basically.)

  46. Alyson says:

    I couldn’t be more excited for this one!

  47. Laura says:

    When is 13 coming back?

  48. purrz says:

    NOOOOOO! I hate those fantasy episodes every show is doing. Just give me a cool disease to be cured, classic smartass House remarks, and a funny low blow to Wilson or Foreman. Dr. House can carry it without ridiculous fluff !

  49. Louise says:

    I hope that due to some mistake by Cuddy, her child dies. Then, Cuddy becomes bitter, resigns, and breaks it off with House, who then is tempted to start using drugs again, but instead becomes single mindedly focused again on curing patients that would die without his help.

    I’m sick of Huddy! I’m sick of the kid! I’m sick of the kinder, gentler House.

  50. The WolfMan says:

    All these people crying about Huddy. Boohoo, the show evolved over the past few seasons. You don’t like the way it turned out? What a shame, stop watching.