Exclusive First Look: The Biggest, Boldest House Episode Ever!

Brace yourself for a House divided.

Unless you’ve been holed up in Doc Crankypants’ bathroom for the past three months, you know that this season’s 15th installment — airing March 7 — represents a radical departure for the Fox smash. The episode is one part traditional — i.e. there’s the requisite POTW story — and one part what the frak?!

To be more specific, the bold, ambitious hour — helmed by the show’s lead director, Greg Yaitanes — is interspersed with about a half-dozen fantasy sequences that find our Princeton Plainsboro faves spoofing a number of classic Hollywood genres, including the Western, the big-budget musical, the classic sitcom and, as you can see in the exclusive image below, black-and-white ’50s TV.

I had the good fortune to screen the episode earlier this week, and I can confirm that it’s a dazzling mind trip rooted in a poignant and momentous House/Cuddy story. (Let’s just say there’s a reason the episode is titled “Bombshells.”) I’ll be dropping more clues about the can’t-miss hour in the coming days, which will give me time to sneak in a few more viewings. In the meantime, hit the comments and tell me how you’re feeling about this episode. Excited? Scared? Both?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Matt says:

    Both. I don’t even know what to think. This could either turn out to be fantastic or a total disaster.

    • edwardnigma says:

      It will either be fantastically disastrous or disastrously fantastic!

    • Liz says:

      My money is on disaster. The entire season is a disaster due to Huddy. Can’t this just end?!

      • DL says:

        I like Huddy. Returning to the old patient-of-the-week format without some kind of meta-plot would have screwed the show, in my opinion. I loved this past Monday’s career day episode, which never would’ve been possible without the Huddy storyline.

        • sxiz says:

          uh, yes it would have. he could have been trying to break into anyone’s computer, and been doing a favor for someone in the school for any number of reasons.

          • CNel says:

            um… this is HOUSE we’re talking about… Granted he would break into ANY computer for his own satisfaction… but he wouldn’t do a favor for just anyone… he only does favors for those who are actually close to him (the few who are)…

        • Michael says:

          Thank you, DL, for clearing that up for me…
          I googled “POTW” and couldn’t make any sense of it.

          This IS my first visit here.

          ps – As much as I loved this series, I haven’t
          had access to it for the past two years. I’ll
          have to catch up on it in syndication.

          • Damian says:

            Likewisew this is my first visit. I’d usually assume that OTW would stand for of the week in a series like this. Given that it’s based in a hospital rather than anything else, I’d guess that P stands for patient rather than monster or murder as is the norm.

          • Jim says:

            “Patient of the Week”…

        • saz says:

          I got about half-way down this page, the thing that shocked me most is just HOW many so-called fans don’t even know the name of one of the main characters, it’s Cuddy people!! Dang!! Perhaps you need a trip to the doctors, get your hearing sorted perhaps?!

        • Lynne says:

          This episode was the first time I watched “House” and said yuk. Had it been the first episode, I never would have watch the show all of these years.

      • Tania says:

        Cameron is GONE, get OVER it.

      • Emgee says:

        Looks awesome. HUDDY RULES!

      • erin bowers says:

        No Liz it can’t not UNTIL Cuddy and House are married and they have a little House on the way

      • Michelle Bauer says:

        Who is huddy and why the blame-game?

      • michelle says:

        All they need to do ” jump the shark” is have house and cuddy get married and have a baby and then u can kiss this ONE GREAT shoe good bye

      • Patty says:

        Total disaster. What the hell? House the Musical???? This is supposed to be a drama! As with Moonllighting when they brought Dave and Maddie together, the writers forgot how to keep the spark between the 2. There is no spark left in House at all.

      • Greg's cane says:

        In total agreement with Liz – this whole Huddy relationship is a boring fizzler… she’s far too conservative for him, and he’s… well, he’s just not… There’s no spark anymore – it used to be playful, but now ‘the honeymoon’s over’ it all seems really uncomfortable for the actors… Maybe it’s all a hallucination/dream and the season finale will have him wake up from a coma from another overdose… Bring back Stacy (the ex-love interest) – she’s gorgeous and they had SO much more chemistry… Just a thought…

    • Jerry says:

      I think the writer’s and director are lining themselves up for a great disaster. The fantasy clips that were done in the past which depicted a visual description of House’s thoughts were very well done. Bringing “I love Lucy theme’s” or “The Honeymooners” into this show I think is ridiculous and will only guarantee that the show will be off the air in one more season. Two tops!! Stick to the basics, and keep the show going based on the theme that originally made this show what it is. It’s an excellent show! Keep it that way.

      • KoKokitty123 says:

        I totally agree. I think they are about to “jump the shark”<

        • pam says:

          fyi- the guy who started “jump the shark” jon hein, happens to watch house and likes the way the writers are handling the “huddy” relationship…

      • Jane says:

        I agree with Jerry. If you want the show not to come back next year, keep going the way your going. Please get back to what made the show a hit in the first place.

      • Judy says:

        I agree that the fantasy thing sounds like it will insult our intelligence. I love Scrubs and they do a lot of that, but that show has a whole different personality to it.

      • BARBARA BURCHER says:

        I agree whole-heartedly with Jerry. The need for some character driven background stories is definitely there, but I find the fantasy aspect truly dumb, boring and stupid. These recent episodes are not what made this series the hit that it is. Enough already !!

    • cathy greer says:

      Haven’t missed an episode yet, so excited can’t wait, looks like it could be the best yet….. I love you guys

    • Kim in California says:

      Huddy is sucking the life out of this show. We want more of what made this series so great–a medical procedural with an interesting take on House’s interaction with his team, his best friend and the POTW. Instead we get a third rate Grey’s Anatomy with the featured couple looking miserable 99% of the time. I think I’m going to DVR this and watch something else. It’s sad to think that I’ve gone from rushing home from class (sometimes skipping) to watch this show to taping it and watching it days later.

      • Derdriui says:

        That’s the thing, in this area of romance stuff, Grey’s Anatomy nails it. That’s not what people watched House for though. They wanted House’s insights, the team’s insights, that dialog combined with input from the behaviour of the patient. Cuddy scenes tried to show the administrative side of things, Wilson scenes had some of House’s ‘relaxation techniques’ (stalking, eating and watching TV) and there was the chronic pain and the vicodin.

        Those different layers showing thinking processes used to work. And then the writing got lazy. Really, really lazy. Now they resort to relationships and gimmicks and it’s just. Really boring. I stopped watching this week (avid fan since season 2, didn’t miss an episode after and caught up with all of season 1). There’s just not substance to the show now, just repetitiveness and this shallow relationship stuff and overall bad writing when it comes to House and the team scenes. And if they want to do comedy, they should get some better writers in ’cause they’re not pulling this off. Maybe get the team from Community in?

        And the weird dramatic lighting just puts emphasis on how bad the show is. There’s no substance anymore. SURELY they can afford better writers?

    • Marilyn says:

      It’ll be fantastic if they end up married!! I don’t think anyone really expects this. But it would be a brilliant unexpected move, and totally out of the box, if the producers did this. It would certainly be a first in the standard tv romantic relationships .

  2. Helen B says:

    Feeling somewhat nervous about this episode. It could be spectacular or it could completely BOMB. Although, I would like to hear LE sing!

  3. Ming says:

    Of course, I’m excited! I can’t wait to watch it. It’s going to be awesome. Thank you for the update.

  4. Shalina says:

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooow! It sounds amazing. I need to catch up on House quickly but i´m really loving this season. This episode is gonna be different…hallucination or dream maybe?

  5. cath says:

    I want to watch this episode NOW!!!
    I’m scared but I can’t wait to watch it!
    This better be good!

  6. Diane says:

    I cannot wait! I think the ep is going to be amazing!

  7. dev says:

    a little scared you know what-less. especially since so many people are predicting ominous outcomes for one of the main characters.

  8. Jen says:

    OMG! LOL at that House&Cuddy pic! I want the episode NOW!

  9. federica says:

    definitely scared….i love them together….i would hate that the bombshell will cause a break up!!! fingers crossed and holding breath till then!!!

  10. Toby La Rone says:

    As seem as it is Cuddy centric not really bothered either way.

  11. buborek says:

    I cannot wait! I want to watch this episode NOW!

  12. Karen says:

    Lol at house and cuddy face and I am exicited and scared

  13. dora says:

    House, what’s wrong with you?

  14. Freya says:

    Excited. Excited and excited…..and the fact that you are keen to watch the screener a few more times after the first viewing Mike makes me feel even more excited as it seems to indicate its a pretty good show!.

    I’m really interested to see where they go with this episode. I have been enjoying the season so far so have high hopes that this will be an extra special extravaganza of an show. I hope the House/Cuddy bombshell is something I can deal with as I really like them as an onscreen couple (fingers crossed for a good outcome for them).

  15. karen says:


  16. Jac says:

    Im super excited about it thanks for the heads up Mike!:)

  17. Scuddyrific says:

    Im a little afraid but more excited to see the whole thing. I love Huddy but know it probably won’t last, but I have some hope!

  18. FFN says:

    Meh, not excited. I think this episode is going to be a failure

  19. Midori says:

    And the shark is being to jump….

    • lol says:

      To put it in the words of someone else “it has already jumped the shark, and is now doing hopscotch on the sharks back”

    • Carol says:

      The pathetic repetition of this tired cliche reveals much about the legions of sloppy minds slouching through the web these days. Too lazy to come up with any original insights? Then just drag out this overworked trope and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Truly jumping the shark has jumped the shark.

      • @Carol says:

        Why would you need to come up with something else when the term “jump the shark” fits it perfectly? The definition of jump the shark sounds a whole lot like what has happened to [H]ouse

        “a term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality”

      • Ange says:

        The many repetitions of the term on the House boards these days is an indication of how many people have had it with the ridiculous storylines that they are doing these days.

        Use whatever expression you wish, the show’s good days are apparently past it.

        • Mmmmm... says:

          Unfortunately the show’s good days ended several seasons ago.

          I’ve never been a fan of the term ‘jumping the shark’, as, IMO, it’s been way overused and hardly used properly but, in the case of House, not only is the shark playing hopscotch it’s already got a kickball tournament going and has bets going on who will win.

    • Amy says:

      The shark has already jumped.

  20. Lindy says:

    Lolz i’m pretty excited for it. Another hilarious pic. I loved the Butch and Sundance pic that has been going around as well. Really hope the episode goes well.

  21. segfsre says:


    But the real fans are going to love it.

    • Mike – I am beyond nervous about “Bombshells” and yet still very excited at the creativity of this show in it’s 7th season. Multiple dream sequences with movie genres while Cuddy’s loaded on meds and unconscious? What’s not to like? I’m hoping House converses with Cuddy while she’s eff-ed up on meds and learns things she’d never otherwise tell him (i.e. her” first” marriage WTF? – yeah, I’m hoping for her to get married eventually to Dr. Crankypants)

      segfsre – you hit the nail on the head. Haters are gonna hate. If the show didn’t explore the Cuddy chemistry with House and the show didn’t do these innovative plotlines and in-depth character reveals, people would be bitchin the show had gone stale with the standard patient of the week and the minor parallels btwn the patient’s issues and someone on the staff’s issues. Nope, this show is good to go as the millions of viewers prove each week. As the actor noms and awards keep proving each year. Haters are gonna hate. Go Huddy! Go House! Bring on Season 8!

  22. Pat says:

    I am so unbelievably bored with Cuddy and the whole Huddy storyline. She’s not that interesting and she’s not that special.

    I think the original show was much better than the last few seasons.

    • revenue says:

      I agree. At this point, “new and different” would be going back to the original formula and, most importantly, the original quality. Hugh Laurie can carry a show; Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard can entertain us and make us laugh and cry for hours. Lisa Edelstein can do none of those things. House and Cuddy are not tender or funny or interesting or believable. I do hope the show goes in a different direction (back to quality) very soon.

      • Mmmmmm... says:

        I’m wondering what makes House ‘lobe’ Cuddy…and I have a feeling I’ll be wondering long after the show is done.

      • Alane says:

        I have never liked the Cuddy character. Can someone tell me why she has to have her cleavage in EVERY show??? And tell me House would go for her. She is a complete dud.

        • Barb says:

          Finally, someone else finding the “work” outfits on Cuddy totally unrealistic. Thank you, Alane. I thought I was just being an old fuddy-duddy, which is still very possible at my age, but really guys, as great a figure as Lisa (Cuddy) has, hospital administrators do not dress like high paid hookers.

      • erin bowers says:

        Who is us in “entertain US” I for one am not entertained by the juvenille antics of House and Wilson. PLEASE DO NOT PRESUME TO INCLUDE ME IN US. and I for one think House and Cuddy have EXTREMELY tender and caring moments while the House and Wilson moments are PLAYED FOR LAUGHS. I LOVE the character of Cuddy and I even like Hilson in small doses but I prefer House as Medical drama not a Sitcom complete with laugh track

  23. Rachel says:

    I am definitely excited. I applaud the show for doing something so new and original. It’s beyond a special musical episode, the way it seems like it will interpret so many different genres is fresh and original. Can’t wait to watch it and of course, so excited for Huddy!

  24. Sourabh says:

    Is this the one in which Olivia Wilde returns?

  25. Melissa says:

    Bring on the Huddy!

  26. Cantare says:

    Please, please, please tell us House isn’t jumping the shark here.

    • Liz says:

      It already has, didn’t you notice?

    • Carol says:

      More sharks jumping? Please leave the poor beast alone! Original thoughts are much appreciated, but really this silly cliche needs to be retired for the good of us all.

      • Bored says:

        The show is unrecognizable to it’s former self. Does that make you feel better?

        Don’t attack people by how they express themselves because your opinion differs from them.

        Chew on these:

        If it looks like a shark, swims like a shark, and jumps like a shark, then it probably is a shark.

        Shark is a shark is a shark is a shark
        A shark by any other name would stink as bad.

      • erin bowers says:

        Bravo Carol, Totally agree.

        House can’t jump anything really he is a cripple with a cane !!

        • Pat says:

          When was the last time you saw House in pain? Or popping a vicodin, or any kind of pain pill? Or even talking about his limp or his pain?
          He’s been magically cured by Cuddy’s kiss on his scar.

          No wonder everyone is talking about shark jumping. Seems like the original character of House got eaten by one.

          • Grace Alexander says:

            He talked about his leg pain in order to get out of taking out the trash in last Monday’s episode. Get with the program.

      • erin bowers says:

        I agree CAROL
        First of all “House” can’t really jump a shark he is a cripple with a Cane he can’t jump anything,EXCEPT Cuddy of course but I’m sure she won’t mind that.

      • revenue says:

        I’ll retire “this silly cliche” if the show retires the “silly Huddy cliche.” Deal?

  27. Emily says:

    I’m so excited. I trust the writers. Sure it’ll be different but it’s right up my ally

  28. bhm1304 says:

    How did the low rent “House” become so much better than “House”? “Royal Pains” has a hospital administrator and doctor who handles unique cases involved in an on again/off again relationship that just is so much less nauseating than “House”. “House” has jumped the shark this year and it seems like its never coming down.

  29. Monica says:

    I couldn’t possibly be less interested. I used to love the show, House MD, that it, but I cannot stand Cuddy MD. No offense to LE, but I don’t care about Cuddy and don’t need to see her on my tv screen.

    When the show goes back to House M.D., with Wilson as the important friend, I’ll watch again, but this stuff, not interested at all, and I know lots of other people feel the same way as I do.

  30. Jess says:

    “Let’s just say there’s a reason the episode is titled “Bombshells.”
    OMG. This line scares me. Ausiello you’re an evil bastard! xD Please tell me that Cuddy/Huddy will be okay after this episode :(

  31. Alice says:

    I`m nervous. I don’t even know what to feel anymore. They better not ruin everything.

  32. Kim in California says:

    Auselio, is it true that episode 19 is entitled “The Last Temptation” because it is the last night before Cuddy/House’s wedding? If it’s true, then I’m done. My husband, who used to enjoy this show stopped watching about halfway through this season claiming that this House wasn’t the House he enjoyed watching. I’m almost there. If I get one more Huddy eccentric show, I’m history too. I want my POTW and medical procedural back. The chemistry between Cuddy and House is painful at best. I’ve never seen a more miserable couple.

    Sad, but they jumped the shark in the last five minutes of Season 6.

    • Kendra says:

      “Jumped the shark,” what an imaginative and thought-provoking use of language, snort! “House” was from season one a character study of an intense and troubled genius. David Shore has repeatedly stated that the medical mysteries are merely the skeleton upon which he has hung the complexities of his examination of Gregory House. The POTW and procedurals were never the heart of this show, but instead vehicles for unpeeling the layered psyche on his journey of personal development. If you are not interested in House, his character and his relationships with his friends and colleagues, then you are not truly interested in “House.”

      • Iván says:

        well said, kendra

      • Ange says:

        I am very much interested in House’s relationships to his friends and colleagues.
        The problem is that ONLY relationship he seems to have these days is with Cuddy and I am completely bored by that now. It’s the same thing over and over again, House lies and manipulates Cuddy, she gets mad, he lies so she will take him back. Wash, rinse, repeat. Bored, bored, BORED.

        What happened to his relationship with Wilson? With Chase? With the patients? The show got rid of Amber and Cameron so they are no threat to Cuddy being the super-female. Too bad, I thought House fencing with Amber and trying to find his moral ground against Cameron much more interesting than Cuddy’s enless family and personal dramas.

        • Kendra says:

          @age, I disagree entirely with your analysis, but I am delighted that you took the time to offer an intelligent take on this show. I am thoroughly enjoying unpeeling the layers of House’s character through the prism of his eccentric romance with Cuddy. Just as I continue to love his friendship with Wilson and his mentorship of his team. This is a great show and this season has brought the right balance of intense medical stories and character drama.

          I am super excited for this fabulous off-kilter episode 15.

      • Eleanor Rigby says:

        Wait a minute… I thought “Carol” or “Carla” usually came up with the “skeleton” comment. Doesn’t matter, though. It doesn’t make any more sense now than it did the other three or four times I’ve read it, but I’ll go with it for now. What has happened, Kendra/Carol/Carla, is that the backbone was completely ripped out of that skeleton, leaving a spineless, pathetic coward who is so afraid of losing his sexual privileges with Cuddy that he takes her shrewish nagging like a whipped puppy, then turns around and tries to amp up his pretense at manliness by becoming more vulgar (to children, no less) and more of a bully (to med students who are trying to do their job.) Who is this man? Surely the writers aren’t expecting us to believe it when they insist that House hasn’t changed? Bull****! It’s like watching Christian Bale’s sexy, dark Batman for half a movie, and then suddenly having him replaced in mid-film by the old, campy Adam West version.

        “Vehicles for unpeeling the layered psyche on his journey of personal development.” Honestly, Kendra/Carol/Carla, who are you trying to impress here? It’s odd that you are preaching to a higher level, yet the show itself has been dumbed down to the point that it’s barely recognizable.

      • Alane says:

        While I will concur with your analysis of the original format of the show, there must be consistency of character, or the premise is a ruse. While people do change as life changes, the draw of Gregory House was that his character was painfully static and had already been established due to life changing HIM. THIS was what drew viewers. We want the cynical, tortured loner. We don’t WANT his character to change. There is a comfort in familiar misery. Just ask anyone in a bad marriage.

        • Elizabeth says:

          I haven’t minded Huddy. Honestly, I was getting sick of the whole drug addict schpiel. I have a limited amount of patience for anyone who wants to take out their misery on the world, and House was approaching that limit. The whole Amber hallucination thing came closer to losing me than anything has.

          The one *I* wish they’d get rid of this season is Masters. Amber Tamblyn is Dougette Houser, M.D. Just nauseating. I don’t miss Cameron – I liked her at first, but her continual waffling over Chase and her increasing priggishness really turned me off — but I DO miss 13! She was a great character.

          Candace Bergen, however, has been great.

    • oceanview says:


    • oceanview says:

      Agreed!!!! (Meant to reply to you, Kim … my comment got posted further down by mistake.)

  33. Katie says:

    Can’t wait to watch this episode!!
    This 7 season is amazing!!!!!!!

  34. Ben says:

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous. Ever since it became the Cuddy show it has slid further and further into the toilet. The House character is non existent now, just a wimpy regular TV doc catering to the very selfish whims of Cuddy who wants to take away everything that made him, the show, and the character great, in favor of molding him into her little toyboy. Instead of being fun hospital banter her weak character has tried to take over the show. She practically gets more air time than House. Since there is no comparison in the acting skills of the two actors involved, it is natural the show is dying. Hopefully her illness will be fatal and we can get back to sensible real House stories and the cutting edge television this show used to be. Week after week now the show moves from one disaster to another,thanks to lousy writing and three people who have turned the show into a joke. The sooner those three get their walking papers, and David Shore gets some decent writers,and the show back on track the better.

    • erin bowers says:

      When you mentioned Cuddy dying I began thinking “What about Wilson” he and his diabetic cat haven’t been around lately. The ratings haven’t really taken a drastic downward turn with his absence so how about getting rid of him. Not dying or anything but perhaps deciding on a fresh start in another city maybe Chicago where Cameron is. They way I see he has become somewhat REDUNDANTor as Rachel from “Friends” would say “He lifts right out “.
      I just think the Wilson character has run its course and as far as House has come maybe he needs to start making his own decisions WITHOUT WILSON’S HELP.. think that this would be a very important step in House’s recovery and growth.He needed Wilson in the beginning to he his enabler and drug supplier when he was on vicodin. Since he no longer needs Vicodin unfortunately,Wilson is dead weight and character essentially useless.

      Then, House can then find a new friend who is not so whinny and needy and can treat House like a fully functioning adult. And maybe Wilson can begin the healing process from Amber’s Death. Maybe Foreman or Taub could be House’s new friends or even Chase he seems to believe in House changes based on his conversations with the POW last week.

      • FFN says:

        You obviously hate Wilson and don’t understand his friendship with House AT ALL if you think he is a dead weight. Who is the person House goes to every time he needs advice? Wilson. Because he trusts Wilson. Wilson is the only person who truly accepts House for exactly who he is and vice versa. They’d be lost without each other

        • Katie says:

          Agreed. Wilson is, for me, the only character besides House who must ABSOLUTELY stay for me to continue as a viewer.

        • erin bowers says:

          REALLY !!!!
          Is that why Wilson kicked House out of the Condo for the hot ex-wife.
          Is that why Wilson agreeded to testify against House during the Titter Arc.

          Is that why Wilson asked House to risk him life with DBS so that he could save his ex girlfriend Amber.

          With friends like this who needs enemies


          • Nathan says:

            And previously Wilson had ditched every one of his wives in favour of House. It was only after his girlfriend DIED that he thought maybe he needed to look out for himself for a change.
            Wilson lied for House constantly during the Twitter arc and suffered for it. Why should he risk his job when House had no problem screwing him over? Hey, remember the first season when Wilson lost his job over House?

            You need some kind of therapy erin.It must suck to have no friends:(
            Maybe you should ask the showrunner’s if they think House would be better off without Wilson. Better yet, ask Hugh Laurie himself. You probably wouldn’t like the answer though. Diddums. :S

          • FFN says:

            Because House can do no wrong right? Wilson puts up with so much crap from House

            House was sabotaging Wilson’s relationship with Sam (even though his heart was in the right place) who wouldn’t want him to move out?

            Wilson agreed to testify against House because House punched chase and almost killed their patient. House was being a total dick to Wilson about the Tritter thing too imo. Before Wilson agreed to testify he told House “You were either going to help me through this, or you weren’t. I got my answer” House could have been a little nicer to Wilson considering what Tritter was doing to him.

            Wilson lost his job in season 1 for House because he was the ONLY one who stood up against Volger for House because he LIKES House as a person.
            Yes, Cuddy did get House and Wilson’s jobs back, but it wasn’t because Cuddy liked House and wanted him around, she did it for his diagnostic skills. To benefit her hospital.

            I suggest rewatching the series so you can see just how much Wilson means to House and if you still don’t see it, then something’s wrong

          • oceanview says:

            Wilson never did testify during the Tritter arc. And, uh, remember how House was treating HIM? Shall I start a list of what Cuddy has done to House? Fake elevator malfunctions and tripwires so House would physically hurt his leg, sending him to an empty house miles away for Thanksgiving, telling Lucas that in House’s hallucinations, she is his saviour, telling him (twice) that he makes everyone worse just by being around him, agreeing with him that he’s the most messed up person in the world, always b*tching, never laughing … you get the picture. And she is constantly shocked that House is who he is. He deserves someone who likes and accepts him just the way he is. Wilson does.

          • @erin bowers says:

            This is a quote from one of the House writers:
            “But at the same time, they rely on each other so much. And they’re perfect for each other. They understand and accept each other.

            So I think it’s that acceptance: Wilson knows House and accepts him for all the messed-up ways that he is. And the same goes for House, who also accepts Wilson. And essentially that their friendship has survived Amber’s death and with so many of the other trials and tests that no matter what, in my heart, I just feel that this is a relationship that will sustain and that will survive for the two of them.”
            Sorry Erin, your argument is invalid

      • Bored says:

        Wow! You’re way off-base in your assessment of Wilson. Which fanfiction author brainwashed you?

      • oceanview says:

        If you’ve watched from S1, the House and Wilson friendship has inspired the most interesting stories and the best acting. Lately, the writers have purposely put Wilson in the background and made him the Huddy Whisperer so Cuddy is the only one front and center. Because they know that House and Wilson laughter and angst will outshine House and Cuddy any day. And RSL is going to star on Broadway in Born Yesterday, so I’m sure his screentime will be drastically reduced. The House and Wilson friendship has always been the core of the show; the best part. But I am happy that RSL is pursuing his dreams.

        • FFN says:

          Luckily he won’t be missing any episodes while he’s doing the Broadway thing, and I am happy for him, but I hope he decides to return for next season if there is one. [H]ouse wouldn’t be the same without him :)

      • barb says:

        I guess we all have our favorite characters and those we dislike, which is normal, so I beg to differ with erin. Wilson’s friendship with House is special and real. It is not in competion with the Cuddy affair at all, since that is a male/female relationship and should not be looked at as a threat to the “boys”. I can’t wait for Amber to get lost and would welcome 13 back with open arms. Beautiful and a fine actress. Just my two cents worth, which might be overpriced at that!

        • barb says:

          I must have mixed up names here. Isn’t Amber the name of the actress, not the character, who plays that annoying little nerd? If not, please excuse my progressing dementia : )

          • Kate says:

            Amber Tamlyn (sp?) is the actress’s name of the new doctor (more like med student) who has temportarily joined the House team. Amber, the character, was Wilson’s girlfriend and also a contender for House’s team when he did the whole reality series schpiel to hire new doctors in Season Four. House nicknamed her “Cutthroat bitch.” Then, they killed her off in a bus accident at the end of Season Four.

  35. Bored says:


  36. Marie says:

    *Excited? Scared?*

  37. ella says:

    Totally MEH this has been done by so many shows in the past and this year every time GY says something is going to be great it has been boring at best and mostly annoying. This season has been a gift to one segment of the fanbase and the rest of us are really getting tired of Cuddy dominating the show week after week. He does something, she gets mad and cuts off sex, he apologizes and here we go again next week. Seriously!!!!!!

    The best news, last week’s writer, in his video, as much as admitted that House right now is unrecognizable but said that would be changing.
    Until then I will be waiting patiently in Wilson’s office.

  38. Dan says:

    All the Cuddy episodes are completely dead. This show has gone from great House to poor Cuddy. Sorry but neither the actress nor the character are good. We watched the screener yesterday and no one could believe that such garbage could be aired under the umbrella of this show. I don’t know how Shore could allow the show to deteriorate to this point. Edelstein singing is definitely something I don’t want to hear again. David Shore please either fix this show ASAP or pull the plug and put it out of its misery.

  39. Kathy says:

    I am scared & excited & I have to say this season of House is amazing. I love how the House&Cuddy relationship has breathed new life into the series! I must confess I was dangerously close to giving up on this show for good after seeing season after season of “emo” House. Now I look forward to seeing both House and Cuddy working on staying together. HL & LE are doing a great job with this “left of center” love story. I love them together and the way the team, Wilson and others have adapted to this new romance. Can’t wait for more!

  40. Sally says:

    Excited?! More like shocked and disgusted (and LMAO about how ridiculous this is).

  41. tanya says:

    i’m so super excited!!!!! c’mon to all the people that are trow it bad comments be objective the show is better now, and house still house but there’s other part of him that is discovered now , i love it!!!! i really want to wach it right now,, house and cuddy are one of the best couple of tv shows actually they have a magnetic chemestry!!!!

    • Martin says:

      Where exactly is your objectivity??
      People don’t agree with you because they have their own opinions based on things they like. Your opinion is no more important than theirs, so please refrain from acting like it is. Also, you spelt chemistry wrong. I hope it’s because you typed it on your phone.

  42. carter says:

    woooooooow amazing i can’t wait!!!!!!!

  43. Melissa Caroline Kane says:

    if Cuddys pregnant im done watching the show

  44. Andrea says:

    I don’t know about this one. I was one of the proponents of House & Cuddy getting together, but now that they are, all that’s happened is Cuddy keeps getting angry at House for acting like…. House, and he keeps going against his nature to make her happy, and it’s not only frustrating to watch, it can’t bode well for their relationship long term. I want them to be together, but I don’t want House to change who he is for that to happen. I want them to have equal power in their relationship. I’m afraid that this episode will be another step in the wrong direction for them, and that scares me. I wish TPTB would just leave them be, keep them together in the background and not have every episode be about some big damn issue. That’s just pissing everyone off, because the people who support them don’t like them fighting and the people who don’t want them to stop eating up valuable airtime.

  45. Laine says:

    Not excited. :(

    I’ve been watching House from the very first episode and I used to be a big fan of the show. I loved the Holmesian intelligence, the quirkiness of the characters and the bizarre medical cases. But season 7 has changed everything. All that once was great about this show has been replaced by the banality of two people arguing about a toothbrush. The feel of the show is off. I don’t recognize House’s once brilliant character anymore, POTW’s are weak and Huddy bores me to tears. Before this season I actually liked Cuddy, but the “romance storyline” has made me hate her bitchy guts.

    However, the worst thing about this season isn’t Cuddy or even Huddy, but the terrible writing. And even if (when?) House and Cuddy break up, the writing is still going to be as lazy and awful as it’s now. I’ve lost all my faith in the writers. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think this show can be saved anymore. Let it die already.

    • Libby says:

      I agree with almost all of your critique, except I do so want HOUSE to be saved! I so love the series, but not this season! New writers can save this series!

    • dude says:

      The writers of this show have CREATED medical mysteries for 7 seasons. They didn’t look up past medical cases and apply them, they straight up created them. In an interview with Hugh Lawrie, he told the interviewer that the writers called brilliant doctors to ask if the medical situation that they had created was possible and with most of these cases THE DOCTORS HAD TO LOOK UP IF IT WAS POSSIBLE. So it only makes sense that at some point the writers are going to run out of stuff to write about and the show will die. But untill then, instead of bitching, we can enjoy what is left of the brilliant Dr. House.

      • Derdriui says:

        What’s left?

        Look, Sherlock Holmes getting married and having kids might be interesting to some people, but it didn’t fit with the overall character. That’s why there’s stuff like fanfic; people can have their darkest fantasies to their most domestic fluff.

        But the show itself should stay with its characters. House is just some guy who is in a relationship, acts like an ass and solves puzzles. The layers in his perceptiveness etc. just aren’t there like they used to be.

        And Cuddy’s written like a trainwreck.

        So I don’t know what’s left of House, but I think it’s better to stop watching at this point to retain the previous 6 seasons and forget about… this guy before he gets written even worse and screws up the narrative of the previous House even more.

    • MFB says:

      In House there was power, an ability to solve the unsolvable with a disdain for personal feelings, an addict of not just vicodin, but of puzzles. In Huddy there is mediocrity and the forced feeling of entertainment.

      The only logical step is to kill off Cuddy and either have house lapse back to medication or not care at all and be tormented as to why.

  46. Dani says:

    Yeah, big bombshell that Cuddy is still married. Wow! Come on writers you can do better than that.

    • lari says:

      What? Didnt we learn that she was married once in episode 8?

    • erin bowers says:

      Really I was hoping she after her one night stand in College with House she got pregnant and had there love child Martha Masters
      and that she why she hired her to work with House.

      How”s That

      • Spoilerchicka says:

        Erin B, that would be a major bombshell! I’d love to think that could even be possible but Amber T is leaving the show at the end of the season so its unlikely but what a cool idea (tho some haters would call that a major shark jumping idea!).

        Bombshell probably has to do with Cuddy’s health issue and how that affects House in the standard selfish “what does that mean for me if she’s gone?” House mode. I hope he evaluates his life realizing its worth the risk (“better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all”). Still, it would be cool if Cuddy were somehow married still and House and she have to deal with that but I doubt its the issue since Cuddy’s too determined to have let that happen to her. I’m sure we find out something worse about her first marriage and its short shelf life having to do with possible domestic abuse or something dark. Who knows.

        Wish Aussie would do us all a favor and give us more spoilers info fast. Can’t stand waiting for March 7th!

      • Libby says:

        Good plot!

    • dude says:

      Can you?…No? Not suprised.

  47. Carol says:

    Extraordinarily excited for this episode! I am always thrilled with an episode which allows us to go inside the mind of one of the key characters on this exceptional show. The work of director Greg Yaitanes (“House’s Head”)has always been top-quality and this new episode looks to be equally provocative and intelligent. I love any chance we get to see the mold of the medical procedural broken in ways that expand our understanding of House’s character. This season has been one brillian highlight after another and I can’t wait for this one!

  48. ana says:

    I do not like G.Y and K.J have damaged the Caddy House is pathetic not have any acting chemical worse than children please end this farce soon

  49. limoncello says:

    Biggest? Boldest episode?

    Rather pathetic.
    So destroy the most fascinating character in TV. Where is dr House?

    How ugly she is here …

    • Constanza says:

      Are you high? This comment makes no sense at all.

    • Alice says:

      Go back to kindergarten, please.

    • spoilerchicka says:

      Limoncello, quitcherbitchin and go watch Greys or some other show full of standard tv types. Cuddy/Lisa E is far from ugly. We should be so lucky to all be this “ugly.” If you dislike the show, why are you posting any comments? Change the channel and move on. The rest of us are enjoying it immensely!