American Idol Season 10 Semifinalists Revealed: Are You Happy With the Results?

Ryan Seacrest kicked off Thursday night’s American Idol with a question that I’m sure had you holding your breath since 10 pm Wednesday: Will Jennifer Lopez find the strength to go on? (Um, spoiler alert: J.Lo is under contract, and doesn’t appear to be a total nincompoop, either. But thanks for trying to ratchet up the faux suspense, Idol producers.)

Naturally, Jennifer took the requisite 30 seconds (a full five minutes in Idol telecast time) to compose herself after Chris Medina’s ouster, then turned her attention to the important work of naming the Season 10 Top 24. And I have to say, as a whole, this group of semifinalists is pretty dang promising. Even the obvious cannon fodder (hello, Haley Reinhart!) should be interesting in a Paige Miles “Against All Odds” kinda way, no?

Oh, sure, there were a few cuts that broke my heart (a certain rocker chick showed more personality making an obscene hand gesture than the collective crop of teenage female contestants have all season). And a couple “yes” votes left me scratching my head like a git whose headband constricts his overinflated noggin as he’s fantasizing about being the poorly dressed reincarnation of Adam Lambert. (Spoiler Alert Dos: Adam is still alive and well, and doesn’t need any reincarnation. But thanks for playing.) But overall, my atrophied speed-dialing muscles are tingling with anticipation for next week’s semifinal rounds. (I let out little squeeees when two women in particular — one whose last name sounds like a certain kind of mushroom, and one who gave a musical performance on an episode of my old EW Web series Idolatry — made it on through to the other side.)

But enough semi-spoilers while the west-coast Idol feed is still playing! I’ve got a full episode recap to write — look for it to post overnight right here at — and now I turn it over to you. Which semifinalists are you most likely to vote for next week? Who are you already rooting against? Sound off in the comments below!

What’s more, if you have some strong thoughts or opinions on anything you saw this week on Idol — pertaining to judges, contestants, trends or conspiracy theories — and you’d like to share them on the next episode of TVLine’s new Idol-related Web series, Idoloonies, email a paragraph or two to (and be sure to include a contact phone number). We’ll be selecting a handful of readers each week to join me in cohosting the Webcast via Skype or iChat (to tape on Friday afternoon). We’ll also be choosing a Twitter Question of the Week, so don’t hesitate to fire your best shots to me @MichaelSlezakTV. Be sure to tag it #Idoloonies!

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  1. Adam says:

    Love Rachel Zevita, Casey Abrams, Pia Toscano and Jacob Lusk, hope they all reach the finals

    • My favorite voice is Pia. My favorite character is probably Casey, but I can see that getting a little old, same thing with Jacob. Not a fan of Jordan or James Durbin. Other than James no guy really annoys me like Tim Urban did last year, so hopefully that will remain the case next week.

      • Jersey Jeff says:

        Pia is my favorite also, the women are pretty strong. The sad thing is that they could not find 12 MEN, and they filled it out the number with a number of fe-men.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Oh there were plenty of good men, Jersey Jeff. They just chose to fill slots with ANNOYING men for some reason.

    • Shaun says:

      Damn shame Colton didn’t make it! Hes so sexy. What shoes was he wearing that night? Looked almost like some girls boots, the white ones… but way sexy!

  2. MEL31602 says:

    No real surprises tonight. I was upset Scotty got through over John Wayne, and I don’t get the love for Tatynisa. It seems like I like more of the women this year- the only guy I really love is Robbie, though he is my overall favorite. And the other two guys I like won’t last long (James and Clint). Tim is starting to grow on me though.

    As for the girls, I am really starting to like Pia and Kendra, and Julie is quite good too. I hope those three plus the two Laurens make the finals.

    By the way, how exactly is it going to work next week? It sounds like the top five of each gender make it through and then each judge gets a wild card pick?

  3. sara says:

    A big yes for Casey, Tim, Jacob and Rachel.

    A big no thanks to James so not Lambert McScreamalot.

    Totally shocked than OtherLauren was put through and rather relieved than Jacee didn’t (waaay too young). Can we have Colton over James, please??

    • Amy says:

      Amazed at Colton’s performances, when he finally got some air time. Even Steven Tyler said he was crazy good and then WHAT! Brett instead. Colton was better than James, Brett & Junebug. Urghhh.
      Lauren your dress was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are 16!!!!!!!!! Stop taking every chance you can to hug on Steven Tyler it is disgusting and creepy.

      • mj says:

        she’s only 15. and i think she’s banking on ole stevy.
        she’s talented alright, but please enough with the suckup already.

      • Joseph says:

        Agree with you when they had the final 3 for the last spot , I was thinking this is a no brainer Colton was ready for the show and a possible carrer where are the other two and very much Brett were not.

        Major mistake not going with Colton who showed himself to be a very strong contender if allowed to go on , in some ways he could have been the Kris of the season , that person with no air time that had mad talent and a good attitude.

  4. Jason S. says:

    Slezak stop going after the most beautiful sexy contestants like Haley. She is as good as most of the other contestants. You did the same thing with Megan Joy and Kristi Lee Cook. I know you’re gay but don’t hate all the beautiful women like J-Lo does!!!!

  5. kes says:

    Casey/Robbie/Stefano/Ashton/Naima/Rachel/Karen KICK SOME ASS!!! <3 <3

  6. sara says:

    A big YES for Casey, Tim, Jacob and Rachel.

    A huge no thanks for James-s-not-Lambert-McScreamalot.

    And rather surprised that OtherLauren made it through and a little relieved to see Jacee not make it (waaaay too young). And can we have Colton instead of James please??

  7. CMJ says:

    The ever delicious Stefano is still in. YES! Jovany only wishes he were as hot as Stefano. Feh on the judges for putting Scott McCreery in over John Wayne, selecting Jordan Dorsey at all, and including James Durbin.

    On the womens side, Hayley and Pia I like…I’m jaded on Lauren Aliana because of da’ pimpin’

    • Sincy says:

      Wow, really? — Stefano has to have one of the most annoying voices so far this year. But perhaps you aren’t talking about his singing?

      • T2 says:

        What’s annoying about Stefano’s voice? I couldn’t remember him from the auditions but from what was shown Thursday night he was good. I don’t have a problem with him, but that scarf-tailed weirdy that screams ALL THE TIME has got to go. First.

      • alyssa says:

        Are you serious? he’s been my favorite since i first starting watching this season. I think he has a beautiful voice. And I think if he wasn’t on the show, i wouldn’t have even watched it again. he’s amazing. <3

    • Shmo says:

      Yeah, I was really disappointed that John Wayne didn’t go through. Loved him. I really liked Scottie’s final performance too, so why only have one country singer?

      • Jay says:

        I’m glad to see someone who is honest and is not hating on Scottie like most others do,I don’ like country music but if this guy comes out with an album I can tell you that I’ll buy it.

  8. Sharon says:

    I wish they had gone for Colton over dude with crazy, long red hair…

  9. Andrea says:

    I think everyone in the top 24 is talented, but so far most of the females seem pretty boring. Not sure how they’ll compete for votes with the boys who already all have fan clubs on the Idol Forums. It’d be nice to have a female winner, but not sure if it can happen ever again with the teen girls power voting for the cutest boy.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I agree re the females. Other than Rachel Zevita, many sound alike (and how did Tanisa get through – she was terrible?). The guys have several unique contestants (Brett, Casey, Tim, Paul).

  10. Marta says:

    I got a fever…and the only prescription is a Dosin’ of Rosen (and his nosen…..) I know a teen has what it takes when they can get me to ridiculously pun.
    But really- Robbie’s final performance was incredible.

  11. PBJ says:

    Colton was robbed!

  12. Tim Gunn says:

    Will likely send 10 votes to Paul McDonald, 9 to Casey Abrams, 8 to Naima Adepap, 7 to Kendra Chantelle, 6 to Robbie Rosen, 5 to Tim Halperin, 4 to Julie Zorrilla, 3 to Brett Loewenstern, 2 to Pia Toscano, and, yes, one to Jacob Lusk.

    Could be swayed to send single votes to Ashthon Jones, Rachel Zevita, Stefano Langone, and Jovany Barreto.

    Would have to have a major idol moment to send votes to Lauren Alaina, Scott McReery, Jordan Dorsey, Jun Gamboa, or Karen Rodriguez.

    Will probably not be voting for James Durbin, Thia Megia, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Turner, or Ta-Tynisa Wilson.

  13. Sam says:

    The original songs were insanely good. Brett’s in particular was just stunningly mature for a fifteen year old. I hope America eats him up! (in a good way)

  14. J says:

    Still bitter about White House intern Molly.

    I *hate* James Durbin. My ears were close to bleeding after his screeching.

    • CJ says:

      Thank You, J. I agree with everything you said. I really, really, really miss Molly. And I really, really, really can’t stand James Durbin. I was praying for Adam Lambert to pop up from under the stage, grabbing the mike, and saying something to to lines of, “Sit down, junior. Let me show you how it’s done.”

  15. Wendeeloo says:

    Michael I assume you will let us know how Casey Abrams is doing since he had to go to the hospital last night. Please let him be alright

  16. Leyton says:

    Colton should have got that last spot – or James’.

  17. Mel says:

    Colton! ColtonColtonColtonColton!!! I love JLo and STy, but I. Cannot. Understand. This. I also don’t understand where Idol has been hiding this guy, or why. He is talented and gorgeous. His performance at the piano was just flat out great. He really has a presence. And he’s the whole “package.” Is there some kind of package backlash going on?? Because they ousted that other cute young guy yesterday, and we never saw him at all. And we only got a sliver of Colton’s performances. And now I am feeling cheated. Colton, pleeeease come back next year. I am seriously reeling over this. Michael, please say something wise about this in your recap. No, wait. Please have Colton on your web show!!!

  18. annab says:

    Really not thrilled about Thia Meghia – never got her, even from the beginning. If they wanted another young girl they should have gone with Hollie Cavanaugh instead (or yes, Rocker Chick! Slezak, you should have her on Idoloonies). Agreed that it seems like a better than usual top 24…I am feeling good about Paul, Casey Rachel, Tim, Karen Zevita, Stefano and Pia. And while I don’t think Jacob can win it I will enjoy watching him perform some more times.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I agree about Thia Meghia. Not only does she have a name like a cartoon character but why is she ready at 15 yet Hollie was not ready at 17?

  19. annab says:

    Also, if I were Lauren Alaina’s mother, I would be embarrassed to have my 16 year old daughter’s breasts displayed so prominently on national television. Although I did enjoy her final solo, it’s no excuse for over-cleavage.

    • Sue says:

      There is no way that I would let my 16 year old daughter wear a low cut, trailer trash, cowboy barbie dress on American Idol. No way. No how.

    • T2 says:

      That stage mother would let Steven Tyler ‘have’ Lauren (and you KNOW what I mean) if it would further her darling’s career. You know that’s true, and that mom said “when you get up there, make sure you hug Steven first”.

  20. darcy's evil twin says:

    No major surprises tonight, but I did find myself liking Karen Rodriguez and Rachel Zevita more than I did previously.

    I commented on Lauren Aliana’s outfit and my husband rhetorted with his standard reply when a woman is halfway attractive, “Yes, she needs to take that off right now”. When I told him she was 15 he said, “WHAT??? Oh, EWWWWWWW, forget it, EWWWWWWWWW…She looks so much OLDER than 15 …EWWWWWW” and then he left the room, LOL.

    Did anyone but me notice Julie Zorilla’s watch? Despite that frilly tu-tu dress and those ridiculous shoes she was wearing a very practical watch. I think I like this girl!

    I was SO disappointed in Jackie Wilson. And I don’t quite get Tatynisa, either. That was a bit of a surprise.

    Next year I want less drama, NO repeats of crap we’ve already seen, nd longer songs and more singing. It’s a singing show! I would just like to hear the singing and be surprised when people are chosen for the top 24.

  21. Joe says:

    Stunned that Idol didn’t put Colton & Jacee through. Especially, Jacee only for the mere reason he would sailed through the competition and been very popular. Seriously. Jacee was the Susan Boyle of the season. I’m shocked they didn’t go there and play that up. What the Jacee cut tells me is we’re in for a different Idol this year. With Medina and Jacee getting the boot they are focusing on the best voices they have there. Jacee sings very well, but isn’t a recording artist.

    Which makes me not understand how Colton got cut over Jerome Dorsey. Dorsey is pure cannon fodder. He unlikable. His voice is not special. He just has a look about him that doesn’t connect. It’s a perpetual sneer. Colton on the other hand could have won this thing. For him to get cut, I think the Producers must be protecting some favorites. Colton got robbed. Again, if Simon can snap some of these contestants up for X Factor, I expect Colton to be high on his list.

    I felt the girl cuts were very fair from what they showed us of them. They avoided a big train wreck by not putting that one blonde who is dating the man in his 50’s through. That would have been very odd and creepy to see go down. I think her forgetting the words hurt her, but I think her significant other really sunk her.

    I will give Idol this much. I stopped watching last season and only got my recaps from Slezak because I hated Lee and the rest of the contestants with a passion. They’ve won me back this season. They put some serious polished and powerful talent through. More than I think they ever put through before.

    And Julie Zorilla better watch out for Pia Toscana. Pia has what Julie lacks. Pia sings with passion and connects. Julie is a robot. I think Pia stands a good chance of stealing Julie’s spot in the final 6.

    • annab says:

      Yeah, I was super-surprised and impressed at the actual good critique the judges gave Julie, that while she is pretty and good, she is really very robotic.

    • Sue says:

      While forgetting the words might have hurt Jackie, it did not hurt Scott McCreery or Tanisa. I’m thinking being a slightly plus-sized female hurt her more.

      • Joe says:


        I disagree a bit. I thought the brunette Lauren girl who was a maid from New Orleans who got through wasn’t the typical looking type to get through. She sang her head off and they kept her on the show.

        As for letting other people who blew the lyrics earlier through, I am just as surprised as you are, but I don’t think it had anything to do with looks.

        Scotty got through because he has a million dollar country voice and will be signed to a recording deal. He’s not gonna win the show, but his voice at his age in country music will make the producers a mint. If they let him walk out the door he would have been snapped up in a heartbeat.

        Tanisa I was shocked by. They showed several snippets of her and none of them were good. I think she got through to go home. The producers always let a few clear duds through to protect the favorites.

        I still the fact that Jackie was in a relationship with a man more than twice her age was not something Fox wanted to feature week after week. Her dropping lyrics opened the door to boot her out.

    • Teena says:

      I think next year’s big story will be Jacee coming back with growth of maturity and voice and all slimmed down. Talk about a major backstory in the making!

      • T2 says:

        Jacee does have an angelic voice. But our “American Idol” cannot simply STAND THERE holding the microphone and singing, without moving an inch. That boy must learn how to move on stage, and show some emotion. Without those two things, he’d be cut very soon.

        They did him a favor, so he can come back in a few years with an actual shot at winning.

  22. Sue says:

    All I thought when I heard the screeching coming out of James Durbin was “There is no way that I can handle weeks on end of THIS.” I got tired of Adam Lambert’s screech every other week along with Siobhan’s glory note every week. It will be the same thing with James Durbin.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Adam and Siobhan knew how to use their upper range effectively. James just screeches.

    • vee says:

      I agree with you about Durbin. Adam had more talent, more control of his voice, and had great moments. Durbin is a very poor man’s Adam. I would have rather seen Colton make the top 24 over McCreery or Jordan Dorsey.

      Jacob Lusk is talented kid and deserves to be in the top 24, but i’m already tired of his singing and phrasing. I just see a lot of over singing in the voting rounds from alot of the top 24. I’m still excited to watch. Hope Casey gets better though.

    • Beverly says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about! All the PROFESSIONALS agree Adam is one of the best singers around! He’s here for the long haul!

  23. DenverDave says:

    I’m loving that deep bass voice of Scotty McCreery and can’t wait to hear him deliver next week!

    • Eolra says:

      Me too, but we seem to be in the minority lol. I’m a rabid classic country fan, so I just love the throw-back quality his voice has, and it’s refreshing to hear someone sing without all the vocal affectations, theatrics and runs (also enjoyed Paul for that reason). Truth be told, Scott wasn’t great in the Hollywood rounds – I really hope he’s able to pull it together cause that voice could do some great stuff under the right guidance. He’s only 17, so I worry that he might end up drowning on the live broadcast…

    • tvlover44 says:

      I agree with y’all. I don’t even like country music that much, but Scotty’s final performance really won me over. That ‘old-time’ Johnny Cash sound is what I like. So now I’m actually glad he’s in the top 24 and am looking forward to hearing him.

  24. Alex says:

    A bunch of the guys are really promising. I really like Robbie and Paul, and James will surely be entertaining if nothing else. Cant stand creepy deep voiced 17 year old guy. The girls are very meh. I especially dislike that Hailey girl, and pink poofy dress girl. I love Rachel Zevita, she seems all kinds of awesome. Julie Zorilla was pretty good too. Can’t wait to hear who Slezak’s favorites are, and see how the judges will do during a live show.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Most of the girls sound somewhat alike – too many diva types (or Maria Carey wannabees). I liked Rachel Zevita. Was sorry the rocker chick got cut for a really bad 15 year old. The guys are more promising.

  25. darcy's evil twin says:

    there are a lot of contestants I like but I think I need to hear more than a few lines of one song before I make up my mind who I’m really rooting for. Is it my imagination or was there less actual singing than ever before this year?

  26. DJ says:

    I’m not emotionally invested in anyone yet, which is really kind of a relief. I thought there were some questionable selections made for the top 24, but I’m used to that after all these years. I wanted Deandre Brackensick and Colton Dixon to make it. I wanted to hear more from them.

    That was terrible that rocker chick got cut on her birthday. Her response was kind of refreshingly honest after all the other people who sounded like runners up in a beauty pageant.

  27. juls says:

    My favorites in the Top 24 are Paul, Robbie, Jovany, Pia, and Karen. The ones I could do without are Clint, Haley, Tatynisa, Scott, Jordan, and most definitely James. I wish they would bring back Carson, Aaron, John Wayne, and Colton. I loved young Jacee but he needs a heck of a lot more confidence and then try out again in a year or two if Idol is still around.

  28. Titina says:

    I am loving Casey Abrams so much. What a genuine talented guy.
    Love his music. Cool jazz vibe and he is so funny and liekable too.
    He won´t win but I do hope he makes Top 4 at least. My fave!

  29. Eolra says:

    Ended up liking Rachel quite a bit even though I hadn’t known who she was until now- enjoyed her final performance (what we saw of it)a lot – glad she made it through; girl needs to manage her accessories though- kind of a hot fashion mess tonight.

    Disappointments: Wish that Aaron (last-name-forgotten) who was in Jordan Dorsey’s Beatle group had made it. Though we only really heard him that one time, I thought he was SO much better than Jordan! Wish they would have picked him for the pre-ordained “African-american man” slot instead of Jordon- who has only been a’right for me dawg. Also thought Colton should have gotten a shot – wish we had seen more of him all season.

    • tvlover44 says:

      Yes, that Aaron guy who totally outsang and outshone Jordan Dorsey in the Beatles number – that was the one I was hoping for, too! So much better than Dorsey, who they must’ve only chosen for his outspoken, almost smug, personality. They surely had more talented African-American male singers in the soul/r&b vein from which to choose, including Aaron.

  30. JW says:

    Love the changes to this season so far. The reveal of the top 24 has been excellent, giving us a chance to see not only what they did throughout the audition process, but that final private performance for the judges. Don’t really mind that they mostly telegraphed the fact that they would move though by showing that performance. I’ve never voted all these years watching Idol, but I would vote for Paul and Casey.

  31. madonnaga says:

    OMG Slezak, just watching on DVR and they show the last three guys in the waiting room and no Aaron Sanders … seriously? They showed him earlier in the night, raising my slim hopes that they might actually put him through. But we didn’t even get to watch a JLo breakdown when they booted him out! Please please please please please bring Aaron to Idoloonies!

  32. Elena says:

    I am really exited for this crop of contestants. I still think the judges had a couple of misses though. Colton really should have gotten a shot at the top 24. James Durbin?? Really?

  33. mc5 says:

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the song is that is playing at the end of the show? The lyric went something like, “I’m not hurt just hurting..”. Thank you if you can I dig that song.

  34. CINDY says:

    I really don’t understand why the judges picked Ta-nysha or Thia megia over Hollie Cavanaugh? It’s just does not make sense! Probably the producer requires at least 1 Asian in the top 24? I am not racist, I am Asian myself. I only think that Hollie deserves the spot rather than Thia or Ta-nysha. She has such power & good control over her voice. I hope she will be back next year & make it to the top 10.

  35. AB says:

    Yuck James Durban! Love Casey Abrams!! Still like Lauren Alaina, if they could just tone down the pumping. Lots of very good females this year (better than past years) I think Ashthon Jones has a real shot at it.

  36. notmzbehavin says:

    I have no idea why they kept in (paraphrasing how @sara put it) Sir James Sreamsalot and left Colton out. It just didn’t seem right.

    There were times when James was screeching that I was sure he was going to get the axe–but no, the judges were rocking right along. I mean, come on–when he couldn’t hold a tune, his screaming was downright painful.

    Made me wish for last years screecher; at least she was in tune most of the time.

  37. aaron says:

    not that he is my fav, but Tim or stefano will win, teen girls votes

  38. Tim Lynn says:

    I agree with all of the decisions except for Carrot Top vs. Colton- JC was too green but please, Colton is clearly a HUGE talent- I realize they are casting a TV show but I really wonder if Colton washed less and wore his hair in a big orange mess of curls if he would have made it through…

  39. McComment says:

    OMG that Paul McDonald is a disaster just waiting to happen. Boring, thin voiced Lee DeWhatever type. The judges will regret their stupid decision if he made it to top 12.

  40. Jason S. says:

    Anyone else think they’re using American Idol to find the next cast of Glee for when the current cast graduate. Brett, Robbie, LAuren, Jacee could all be on Glee.

  41. James says:

    There was no point in let Clint or Jorden go through…they both will be gone in week 1 or week 2…colton and jacee would of been a lot better…

  42. Christina says:

    This is probably the most promising a group of semi-finalists there has been. The only cut I was really surprised about was John Wayne. There are definitely some fodder in the group ( Haley Reinhart,Lauren Turner, Tatynisa Wilson) and unlikeable characters ( James Durbin, Jordan Dorsey, Clint Jun Gamboa), but overall its a pretty good group and the potential for a great finals is there.
    Rumor has it that it will be a top 13 finals. I’m guessing that 10 get voted in, and the judges get 3 wildcards. So it looks like we will probably be stuck with James Durbin no matter what.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I have to disagree on Lauren Turner. I’m not sure how America will like her but wow, the girl can sing!

      • T2 says:

        I like Lauren Turner (the REAL Lauren) too. She’s got a big voice, but wasn’t a show-off like some other ‘big’ voiced singers that try to make every word have many more syllables than they have naturally.

  43. Jessica says:

    No matter how they are trying to improve the show, it still sucks that they can’t let ALL people with talent go through instead of an idiot just for ratings! The wannabe Adam, scarf tail wearing Tyler guy-don’t know his name, don’t care- true Adam fans won’t vote for this guy. He can’t even sing and has been let through when they let Colton go! Very irritated and it’s hard to really enjoy a show that does stupid moves like this. Oh and Thea over Jessica?? If she has gone through this many times she must have talent and she got let go so there wouldn’t only be one 15/16 year old. That’s not letting people in based on talent they are just looking for age groups, genres, and nationalities. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but AI has not improved. Good stuff is I’m not a Casey fan but his final performance was very good :)

  44. Bill says:

    The way they teased us with the superb Colton and then went with the redhead anyway is typical of what I DON’T like about Idol. Naima is by far the best woman in the pack, though I also like Rachel, Pia, Ashthon (whose name Slezak keeps misspelling). Otherwise the women are no great shakes. Casey is really talented but the goofiness is becoming tired already. Robbie is marvelous and then there’s my favorite, Paul. It’s a good group but seriously damaged by the likes of James, Thia, Tatinysa (sp?), Haley (!!!???), and the egregiously and wildly oversold Lauren. She is setting my teeth on edge. It sucks that Jessica was cut on her birthday for Thia, who is (in Slezak’s term) cannon fodder. First order of business: get rid of Haley!

  45. Bill says:

    Just to be clear, I meant Lauren ALAINA, not the other–also overpraised–Lauren.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Bill, if Lauren Turner has been overpraised, I missed it. I thought they almost kept her hidden away. It kind of reminds me of the year David Cook won.

      • Bill says:

        I guess I meant that I wouldn’t have picked either Lauren, so both are overpraised IMO. Letting Hollie go, and never letting us hear Molly’s Hollywood Week performances at all, were major missteps.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I agree about Hollie – I was liking her and I like her much better than Thia or Redneck Black Swan Lauren. I personally wasn’t wild about White House Intern, BUT – I would have liked to have had the opportunity to hear her sing at least ONE more time so I could determine if I was missing something! Perhaps if we didn’t have to sit through James Durbin’s sob story for the umpteenth time or all the film clips of stuff we’d aleady seen we could have seen more of Molly. And WTH was it with showing Ashley’s wedding? WHO CARES?

          I am warming up to Lauren Turner. Her choice to sing “Steal Away” was a bit unconventional, if not risky. I think her voice has more character and depth than some of the other diva women.

          Perhaps if we get to hear more actual SINGING we’ll find out which one of us is right about Lauren Turner. :-)

  46. Mo says:

    Let me preface by saying I like Brett, but his little speech at the end “We are all shining stars” while holding hands with Jacee & Colton . . . it totally gave me a Richard Simmons vibe. A haircut, some short shorts and there you go.

  47. McFudge says:

    Colton Dixon was robbed. Brett got through on pity for having been teased for being gay forever or something…….his original song was no better than Rachel Berry’s My Headband song on Glee and hi his voice is average. He has the stage presence of a bottle of Coke; tasty and fizzy at first, but flat before very long. And the holding hands and “we are special” speech at the end? Gag.

    • MaryS-NJ says:

      Poor Brett. Blamed because the judges and producers decided to create “drama” by pitting him against two other fan favorites who are not even musically similar. But they do this every year don’t they?

      I wonder if people would feel Brett undeserving if Colton had been pitted against one of the other guys who are musically more like him (singer/piano players) like Robbie or Tim.

      I think Brett and Colton are both good enough and BOTH deserving of going on the top 24. But given a choice between only these two, I think Brett has more potential and is more entertaining.

      • McFudge says:

        Well, for Brett’s sake, I hope I get proven wrong. But I still maintain that Colton should have made it through over, say, James Durbin or Jacob. Or Jordan or that kid with the glasses whose name I always forget.

  48. Pat says:

    What happened to Aaron Sanders? C’mon judges!

  49. Ghost of Kelly Clarkson says:

    Question: When did 15 year-old girls start dressing like disco square dancers? Between Lauren, Julie and Thea, I saw more crinolines on last night’s show than at a Mississippi cotillion.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      “Disco square dancers” Made me laugh. :-)

      Still loved that practical watch Julie was wearing with that dress (cute, but a little short) and those ridiculous shoes. I think it says a lot about her.

  50. T. Hutchinson says:

    I think they made abig mistake by letting Deandre go. Anyone who can give you chills like freddy singing a queen song has talent. And what a cutie pie, I thought for sure an american idol what were the judges thinking!!!!!!!!