Justified Scoop! Joelle Carter Says Ava's Headed for Something 'Pretty Spectacular'

If I learned anything with my recent feature on Natalie Zea and Justified‘s Raylan/Winona romance redux, it’s that many of the show’s fans are firmly on Team Ava, believing that Joelle Carter‘s scrappy and not-at-all-weeping widow is a better match for the man in the hat.

This Wednesday’s episode of the acclaimed drama (FX, 10/9c), though, steers scorned Ava in a new direction, when it’s revealed that bad boy Boyd Crowder is not only darkening his sister-in-law’s doorstep but also living under her roof. Has Boyd really changed his spots, making him choice companion material? Or should Ava mind that old chestnut, “You knew it was a snake when you picked it up”? Here, Carter offers a look at Ava’s “spectacular” Season 2 journey.

TVLINE | We haven’t spent too much time with Ava yet in Season 2, so share some insight: How hurt is she that Raylan took up with Winona, again?
Well, she felt pretty betrayed when she saw Winona come out of the house, and [per Raylan and Ava’s last] conversation, it didn’t look like he was in any place to commit to anyone. I think he and Ava haven’t seen each other since the [season finale] shootout. They went their separate ways, and she’s gone back to home, to what she knows. She’s trying to heal a bit.

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TVLINE | Do you think she has given up on Raylan? She won’t be pursuing him?
Where it is now, Ava is still affected by Raylan – and kind of probably always will be. They’ve never been cool to each other. I don’t think he did what he did to hurt Ava, and I think he really feels sorry that he hurt her. He just has a relationship with his ex-wife, he’s always loved her, and it just didn’t work out [the first time]. But yeah, we do encounter each other in this next episode, and you see that there’s still a lot of respect and caring.

TVLINE | What does Ava see in Boyd that she’s giving him the benefit of a doubt and now is letting him stay with her?
I think she knows that Boyd had a good heart, and she’s been involved with his family, the Crowders, for so long, that it’s familiar for her. It’s kind of like, “The grass is always greener, but once you get there sometimes it’s dead.” When she left Harlan to go to Lexington, the big town wasn’t really for her. She got a little lost, and the idea that maybe Raylan would show her the way got blown up, so… she’s gone back to what’s familiar, and Boyd is the only kin she really has around. They’ve always cared about each other to an extent. Like she said in the first season, people can change. I think she truly believes that.

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TVLINE | Ava tells Boyd she will have a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to his shady dealings. As they grow closer, do you think she might “waver” on that point?
Ava is an “act on the seat of her pants” kind of gal, and she wears her heart on her sleeve, so she tends to get in trouble. So she might open up to a few “exceptions.” But she will try hard to keep him to his word!

TVLINE | What do you like most about Ava? That she’s never shy to reach for her shotgun?
Yeah, I like that she’s really ballsy. And as for the gun, there’s some pretty dangerous stuff coming up in one of the episodes! She takes care of herself, definitely.

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TVLINE | Will we see her away from her front porch, dragging on cigarettes, anytime soon?
The best thing about Ava this season is it’s a slow burn, and it’s leading up to something pretty spectacular that I think the fans are really going to like. They’re going to like Ava’s journey “home,” in a sense of her finding herself and what she’s capable of. She goes back to her true character and embraces it. And I think that I can say that, yes, Ava finds true love.

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  1. Phoebe Raven says:

    Thanks so much for the scoop, Matt!
    I love Joelle and yes, I am firmly on Team Ava.
    I am gonna be sooooooo disappointed if that “true love” doesn’t turn out to be Raylan.
    Who’s with me?

    • Katherine says:

      I am! Definitely interested in seeing where Ava/Boyd goes, because it could be a potentially great story line and I do love both characters. But ultimately, I’d really like to see Ava with Raylan again at some point.

    • Elena Luttrell says:

      I am with you! I absolutely love the chemistry between Raylin and Ava. If they don’t get together, I’m quitting the show!! Winona left Raylin and she’s COLD!!! Ava deserves a good man!!! I want her to have Raylin’s baby!!!!

    • kasey says:

      I am TOTALLY with you! There is ZERO chemistry between Raylan and Winona. Besides the great storylines and terrific cast, the relationship between Ava and Raylan is what keeps it spicy. I feel like turning off the t.v. when Winona is around.

    • Mssankacoffee says:

      Phoebe, I too am on the Ava/Raylan Team. I just think Winona is not right for Raylan even though he’s still taken with her. She needs to go back to her husband, they seem to be two of a kind. I love the guts that Ava has and she’s sweet and decent even though she makes bad choices sometimes. I hope her true love turns out to be Raylan whom she had a crush on since she was young. GO TEAM!

  2. Kate says:

    I have to say, that I’m surprised at how many people seem to be “Team Ava.”

    I think there was something seriously lacking in her character last year in general, and her chemistry with Raylan is no match for the chemistry with Winona.

    That being said, I’m glad we’re going to be digging deeper with her this season. But even if her character becomes more understandable/enjoyable, It will always be Raylan/Winona.
    I do NOT want this back and forth stuff.

    • SAM says:

      I have to disagree respectfully as I think that it’s the other way around. It seems to me that Raylan has more chemistry with Ava than Winona. Plus, I just don’t like Winona’s character as she cheated on Raylan and left him for another man who is kind of weasly. To me she lacks integrity while you know where you stand with Ava.

      • Erica says:

        I agree I mean Winona has now cheated on 2 husbands. Just because she’s cheating on her current husband with her ex-husband doesn’t make it any less unseamly

    • Victoria says:

      I agree that I’m surprised about the “Team Ava/Raylan” supporters. Raylan and Winona have GREAT chemistry! Ava is, and will always be, the secondary character in the story. She is interesting and I like her, but there is nothing there with Raylan. She is the rebound girl for him. By the way…did we ever actually hear that Winona cheated on Raylan with her current husband? I must have missed that because I thought they divorced, and then Winona married later (apparently while Raylan moved to Florida). Go Team Raylan/Winona!!

    • lolo says:

      I agree that Winona will win in Raylan’s heart. I also agree that I would hate that she be tossed from man to man like a slut. That is not what she is like at all. I think it is good she is with Boyd. He needs someone looking out for his soul and she needs someone to lover her.


  3. Pamela says:

    Team Winona. Tim has smoking chemistry with Natalie Zea. I always thought Boyd & Ava would make an interesting story arc.

  4. Pamela says:

    Team Winona. Tim has smoking hot chemistry with Natalie Zea. I always thought Boyd and Ava would make an interesting story arc.

  5. RP says:

    Raylan and Winona have the kind of chemistry where you believe they know each other well, but there’s a reason they got divorced too. There’s a lot of baggage there.

    Raylan and Ava feel simpler and more playful, but like they could be happier together too.

    I love the show though, and Ava’s reasons for going home make complete sense. Ava and Boyd have a lot of potential to be interesting.

  6. Valerie says:

    I adore Ava, and I think Raylon was a total a** to her. And I hope that he will one day realize what a big mistake her made.

    Ava, to me, feels like a real, flawed, but good hearted individual with many layers. A vibe I never get off Winona at all. I hope the shows writing continues to do Ava justice.

  7. Goku says:

    Team Ava! Winona is too boring.

  8. Karla says:

    Maybe I’m totally off base, but did anyone else get a sense that a pregnancy might be in the works with Winona? The scene last week when Winona was laying on the bed, and Raylan was talking about baby names and he put his hand on her stomach…..made me wonder if he was talking more than just in the abstract. Not sure how I feel about that, but I like the two of them together.

  9. maggie says:

    It’s hard not to choose Ava over Winona for Raylan. That kiss in the door of Avas house was a dreamy scene stealer. Haven’t seen that chemistry between Winona and Raylan. But I get what the writers are doing with them. I just don’t think it will last. Winona wants the Americn dream and I don’t think Raylan can give her what she wants, at least outside of the bedroom ;)

  10. MGL says:

    Team Winona! I like Ava, but I do see the chemistry between Raylan and Winona. I think Winona represents stability and Raylan seems to be starting to look for that

  11. Lady K says:

    Team Ava!

    I think Ava is the right woman for Raylan, but I think she definitely needs to make him work, and I mean seriously WORK!, to get back into her good graces. He broke her heart and more than that, betrayed her trust.

    As for true love, anyone else ever think that maybe it is Ava who is pregnant with Raylan’s child and the child is her true love? Now wouldn’t that just put everyone into a tizzy and make life interesting? Because Ava is more than capable of having the child, raising it, and taking care of it all on her own. She doesn’t “need” a man or anyone for that matter. She can take care of herself and anyone else who comes her way. Winona “needs” a man and has to be taken care of by someone else. That is the major difference between the two characters and why I will always be on Team Ava!

    • RP says:

      I think Raylan was just patting Winona’s stomach because he was thinking of the girl and baby who almost got shot in front of him that day.

      But Ava being pregnant and actually pushing Raylan away because of his flakiness would be a cool twist.

      Boyd would raise it like his own kid if they were together and she let him though, because he’s that kind of guy.

  12. Veronica says:

    Team Winona here too! Just smoking hot chemistry with Raylan whereas I see none b/t Ava and Raylan. Plus Ava looked to Raylan to be her knight in shining armor, God’s answer to her prayer (which I believe is what she even told him in S1). That’s a total turnoff IMO. Ava was all set to move to the big city when she thought that Raylan was her man but the second she discovered that he’s not that into her, she decides that all of a sudden she’s staying in Harlan. Even though she had spent the better part of S1 talking about how she dreamed of breaking free of her life in Harlan. Apparently she can only do that if a man is attached to her hip. Whatever.

    Team Winona all the way!

  13. Anteaus says:

    No no no Team Winona!!!!!!!!

  14. Jacob says:

    Team Ava all the way. Ava and Raylan have more chemistry and passion between them. Winona is plain boring and too calculating, like a politician.

  15. ode says:

    Ava, Ava, Ava, all the way. Raylan started out with Ava and lead her to believe in some way he cared about her. So he should have a relationship with Ava. Winona is holding on to Raylan for the physical attraction only. She should go back to her husband.

  16. Kimmy says:

    I love Winona/Natalie. Can she get anymore beautiful? And I love Ave and Boyd.

  17. Jeri says:

    Not sure what team I’m on – it’s a great show and I’m anxious to see where they take it.

  18. christine says:

    Team Ava all the way. Winona did cheat on Raylan with her current husband. She was suppose to sell their home and meet up with Raylan, instead she divorced him and marry their realtor. I sure do hope that Ava and Raylan get back together by the end of the season.

  19. ode says:

    I think the idea Ava being with child is a good one. To stir up Raylan’s true feelings, she doesn’t have to have the baby just the notion or the possibly she might be expecting would be a great story line on Justified. I really like Ava and she should be with Raylan not Boyd. Boyd Crowder is dealing with alot of demons and Ava has comes to terms with hers. So let Boyd resolve his demons with someone else other than Ava. Let Ava complete her journey with Raylan.

  20. Sherri says:

    Ava is a whore, she didn’t even get the blood off her floor before she was trying to get into Raylan’s pants. I know she was an abused spouse but she needed to get her life put together before trying to bed Raylan. Give me a break people, I’m not team either. Team NEW CHARACTER.

  21. chinny says:

    I don’t really like this whole team “bla” or team “blu”. It’s often what’s destroys a good show, cause the fans can get so intense about it. I liked Raylan and Ava at the beginning of the first season, but what was exciting (relationship wise) was the chemistry between Winona and Raylan. There is so much history between them, and a kinda playfulness that comes with knowing someone for a long time. Putting all the hate on Winona cause she left Raylan is IMO kinda unfair, cause we don’t know what happened between them up to the point where she left him. I thing the baggage is what makes their relationship more interesting and exciting, and in a way more realistic. They just keep boomeranging back to each other, it just kinda has an epic feeling about it. Pretty soon in S01 Raylan showed that he still very much cared about Winona, and Winona seemed to be fighting with herself cause she too realized that she still had feelings for him, maybe always had. And I do think that leaving the 2nd hb for the first, is different than leaving him for some other guy she met. Why is it that most of the hate in these “couple” games goes to the females? I think most of the time we are too critical on the female characters, Raylan has his flaws too, but it’s mostly the females whos every word gets weighted and twisted. I would like to see Raylan and Winona stay together (I mean everything that comes too easy doesn’t mean much to us), and for Ava and Boyd to get together (they kinda are like Winona and Raylan, also a lot of baggage, but there too it’s what’s making the whole thing interesting for me in the first place). Ok, a reply is welcome, just don’t hate on me cause I like Winona and Raylan together :)
    ps: this was my first posting ever on one of these boards, so sorry if it was too long…>_>

  22. Hank says:

    Ava is ‘special’ because she’s honest and beautiful. Raylan will recognize this soon..Winona has already shown her true colors. The writers had better put their word processors to acknowledging this fact!

  23. Sarah says:

    I would like to know how Ava is a whore? Her husband was beating her. And before you make nasty comments about how she was stupid for not leaving him, I am sure the writers of the show did it the way they did because in most cases, the wife does not leave an abusive spouse. This does not mean she stopped loving him. I am sure she lost all love for him a while before she shot him. When Raylan came along, he was that small span of hope that she needed. She had always had a crush on him. It’s not like she woke up and said “I am going to shoot Bowman today.” Then she does it and Raylan comes “Oh look a stranger, let’s have sex.” That is not how it happened and kinda makes it look like you don’t really watch the show if that’s what you think. Winona is the one in the wrong here, plain and simple, she only wants things that she can’t have. She will lose interest in Raylan and either go back to Gary or find some other man. It is obviously the way she works. Ava is clear about what she wants when she wants it, nothing is wrong with that. Winona also seems to me like a weak character. Ava will just say screw it and grab a gun. She doesn’t need anyone to come and rescue her because she can more or less rescue herself. Winona seems to have this oh poor me persona. Like she needs help, she runs to Raylan because he will bail me out. I just feel that her character needs to grow up a little. TEAM RAVA!!!