CSI Brings Back Lady Heather! What About Gil?

Melinda Clarke is due to make her sixth appearance as CSI‘s Lady Heather this April. But will Gil Grissom be on hand for his sexually charged “friend’s” encore?

Though William Peterson recently and somewhat secretly reprised his role on the CBS procedural, Clarke says, “Unfortunately, no,” he won’t be a part of her upcoming visit.

Nonetheless, “I think the storyline’s pretty interesting,” the actress told E! Online, which first reported on her appearance.

Ratings: Justin Bieber Gives CSI a Boost

How interesting is the crime at hand? In a twist that would arouse Saturday Night Live‘s Stefon, the episode — penned by CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker and Ed Whitmore — is set in an offshoot of the dominatrix world that involves “human pets.” (I hereby coin the term “hets.”) When a murder occurs within this subculture, Dr. Lady Heather is brought in to consult, EW.com reports.

CSI Surprise! Did You Enjoy Grissom’s Visit?

Clarke, who now appears on The CW’s Nikita as Amanda aka “The Inquisitor,” last visited CSI in November 2008, when Lady Heather offered Gil her (ahem) expertise during the investigation of an S&M club killing.

Will you still make a point to tune in for Lady Heather’s next adventure, even sans Gil?

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  1. eskeigh says:

    Love her and her character on CSI! Will be looking forward to it. Would’ve been great to have Grissom back as well, but oh well. I really liked their dynamic.

  2. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Eh, her character lost steam when she became somewhat pathetic in The Good, The Bad, and The Dominatrix. It won’t be a good Lady HEather episode without Grissom anyways.

  3. Mikos says:

    So she’s out of jail after whiping that guy who killed her daughter? Or did they already sort that out? I’m way behind on my CSI watching.
    Either way Melinda Clarke rules and Lady Heather is one of those roles she can knock out of the park.

  4. Dennis Dziadowicz says:

    I love Melinda Clarke. I’ll watch for sure. Who needs Grisson/

  5. Graciela says:

    Lady Heather, really? Whithout interacting with Grissom? It would be like back Dr. Lurie without interacting with Grissom. Ridiculous. The more cheaps tricks of the writes we stand? Do Not me wrong. I’m fan of the relationship of Grissom and Sara and Iam glad are finally married. But without Grissom, Heather does not attract me. Ah and all needs Grissom so much. Grissom was the heart and soul of the series. It was and will be a unique character.

  6. James. says:

    Will mindy use her whip again? Miss seeing Lady Heather on csi and I will be watching to see what happened to her grandchild. Maybe she show us her skill for singing come on Melissa I know you can!! XOXOXOXO. JIMMY D.

  7. Juliana says:

    Oh, well, I’m not a fan, but she’s way better than Justin Bieber. Maybe she’ll hook up with Ray now that Grissom’s gone.

  8. naazneen says:

    Grissoms true soulmate. Sarah who?! Thats how LH will always been viewed by me. An epic character! Love all her episodes on CSI. Too bad Grissom wont be in it!

    • Teresa says:

      It’s spelled Sara, no h.

      • Becky says:

        Who cares? Sara’s a boring character anyways, why should anyone remember how to spell her name…

        • holly says:

          don’t be a ditz. Many people love Sara and the role of a strong woman. And the word is ANYWAY not an s in the word anywhere

        • Not Impressed says:

          In reply to: Becky says:

          February 24, 2011 at 6:17 PM

          Who cares? Sara’s a boring character anyways, why should anyone remember how to spell her name…

          You have every right to call Sara the way you want; but let me ask you this: how many people in your circle of acquaintance managed to go to 2 Ivy League universities? For someone like her coming out of the foster care system, I think she did great for making a productive life for herself. She’s resilient, intelligent, resourceful and she brought so much humanity and empathy to CSI.

          Let’s see if LH can make her way out of the Nevada desert in her full corset-high boots-leather skirt getups. If you take great joy to live through this ‘interesting’ character, by all means. On the other hand, there are many fans who do admire and care about a science geek/nerd like Sara.

          Grissom could be a weird duck; I liked him for the better because he could see Sara’s true worth. So in the end he got the only woman – Sara – he ever loved back by his side. All is well in the CSI world.

    • Not Impressed says:

      But not according to Mr. William Petersen. So whose opinion I should give credit to? Guess I have to go with Petersen since he knows Grissom best. Now with the benefit of hind sight, I do feel sorry for this Lady (I am Dr. Kessler) Heather in the series finale. CSI made a mistake by letting her go mainstream. It’s rather a stretch to make her a therapist between TGTB&TD and LOAR. Which diploma mill did she get her credential?

      Still CSI managed to further diminish her in the series finale by having everybody calling her Lady Heather. Grissom’s soul mate?! LH? Really. Grissom would rather go away ALONE then having himself shackled to her whip and chain. Them being good friends notwithstanding.

      Guess that’s the common fate of a device plot character.

  9. Ben Phelps says:

    A Lady Heather episode without Grissom just doesn’t seem right…