Ratings: Castle, House, Chicago Code, Gossip Girl on the Upswing

Turns out Brad Womack can be a force for good. To wit, look at the positive impact he’s having on Castle’s ratings!

Buoyed by a surging Bachelor (10.3 million viewers, up 11 percent) the first part of Castle‘s two-episode Adrian Pasdar arc attracted 9 million viewers to score its most-watched episode since early November. (It also probably didn’t hurt that it was a kick-ass eppy.)

Over on Fox, House was up a tick in both total viewers (10.3 million) and the 18-49 demo (3.5), while lead-out Chicago Code added 600K viewers (to 7.9 million) and two-tenths in the demo (to 2.2).

Elsewhere on Monday:

8/7c | While Chuck‘s demo rating remain unchanged, Team Bartwoski snagged its largest audience (5.5 million) in three weeks. CBS’ How I Met Your Mother/Mad Love combo was down slightly from the prior week. 90210, meanwhile, jumped 7 percent in total viewers (to 1.5 million) and 11 percent adults 18-34.

9/8c | Despite airing a repeat (the first to result from Charlie Sheen’s medical leave), Two and a Half Men ranked as the night’s most-watched program (11.5 million). An original Mike and Molly edged out Men in the demo (3.2 vs. 3.0). Gossip Girl saw the night’s biggest increases, up 23 percent in total viewers (to 1.6 million) and 20 percent in 18-34. (Dan and Blair, FTW!)

10/9c | Hawaii Five-0 led in viewers (10.2 million, down a hair from last week) and in the demo (2.8, flat). Harry’s Law placed third in both categories (8.7 million, 1.7).

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  1. AlistairCrane says:

    I watched Pretty Little Liars and Greek.

  2. Kennedy says:

    “Castle” was great last night and next week’s looks even better.

    • Alice says:

      The episode was great- even if it was kind of obvious what was going to happen when they ran into the ever-so-lockable container. From the preview that will give us some nice frozen drama.
      Besides, I loved the Serenity reference! Oh Castle, you’ll always be Captain Mal to me!

  3. Jenna says:

    Dude, Gossip Girl still has it’s SECOND LOWEST ratings. Wake up because your Dair ship is literally sinking this show.

    • Stephanie says:

      Not true. Dair has nothing to do with the show failing, blame that on every other character, i.e. Chuck and Bass Industries (someone tell me what that company does!?!?)

      I, in fact, stopped watching this show and just read recaps for the past fews seasons. But thanks to the awesome duo that is Dan and Blair I find the show has gotten its much needed breath of fresh air.

      Bring on Dair romance!

      And wake up people, Dair doesn’t affect the ratings. The plot does, and perhaps people are tired of the overdramatic antics of these characters. What this show needs is a relationship like Dan and Blair- one that is familiar but still exciting to the audience.
      What the writers need to do is stop tip-toeing around it and go for it- start promoting Dair and stop worshipping the abusive relationship that Blair and Chuck have. And, side note, I originally watched the show for those two alone- I loved it, but I then realized how volatile and unrealistic, not to mention unhealthy, that relationship was- and mix in the arc these two had in the story towards the end of the relationship I felt I was over GG. But they’ve reeled me back in.

      • Ok says:

        1) You are watching again but a lot or other people stopped watching. So, I am sorry, but you are alone can’t say if Dair is being well received or not

        2)If the dair relationship is so exciting for the audience why are the ratings dropping? We are seeing the dair relationship right now but the ratings are awful and they keep going down:
        4×12: W18-34: 1.9; 4X13: 1.7; 4X14: 1.8; 4X15: 1.3 and 4×16: 1.5

        3) All the writers did before the show came back was promote Dair. I cant remember how many times they said DB had amazing chemistry, and that that they loved to write them blah, blah, blah. They barely talked about Chuck or Serena’s SLs

        So, what is your point exaclty?

        • Riley says:

          A lot of people have stopped watching since before Dan/Blair had any romantic implications and/or more scenes together. A lot of people stopped watching WHILE Chuck/Blair drama went down or while they were heavily promoted; it’s been declining season-to-season.

          Dan/Blair is starting up when GG is on the decline while Chuck/Blair happened when the show was fresh and new and in its peak. You can’t compare… but any thinking professional with a brain like Ausiello can recognize the QUALITY and maybe interest pique ever since Dan/Blair is getting their time.

          • Amanda says:

            Dair is getting their time since 4×11 ( 5 episodes already) and the interest isnt growing, as the ratings dropping show.

    • Laura says:

      LOL U MAD

    • Wendy says:

      So freaking true! Dair is not saving this show, it’s sinking it!
      That and the crappy writing!
      And Ausi, I’d like to know, when did you sell your
      soul? DB, FTW?! Really? Seriously? I’m disgusted.
      Not to worry, the blip will soon be over… it’s nothing.
      I can’t believe anyone could ship a pair that this involvement
      causes the characters to act completely OOC!
      Where’s my real Blair Bear gone?!
      Nice job, writers!

  4. Jenna says:

    GG increased from it’s WORST LOWEST last week which included DB. Spin all you want. It’s in black and white and you pimping out DB has hurt the show too. DB are terrible so it’s nice to see GG SO LOW. All DB episodes are SERIES LOWS.

  5. Frannie says:

    Just stop Ausiello. You are embarrasing yourself. A 20% increase in W18-34 for Gossip Girl is pathetic when it means an increase from the series low demo of 1.3 to the second lowest series demo of 1.5.

  6. wickedfan says:

    Bland is not helping GG, Mr, Ausiello. As the poster above said the ratings are very low ,even in their prized demos. Dan and Blair end soon, so maybe the ratings will go up after that but you and Schwartz aren’t kidding anyone. Dan and Blair are possibly the worst promotion they’ve done for this show.

  7. Amanda says:

    Please Ausiello, inform yourself before making a fool of yourself. The ratings for gg (W 18-34) were awful. GG went to the lowest in history to the second lowest. All show the numbers to you:

    1.9 W 18-34

    1.7 W 18-34

    1.8 W 18-34

    4X15 (it was Valentine Day, that’s why the drop and the increase next week, DUH)
    1.3 W 18-34


    So please, stop pimping dair. I get you like it but a lot of people dont, like the ratings are showing. If only you looked at them before being a pupet for Josh and Stephanie. DB is just helping the ratings drop. Geez, do a resource before posting something so ridiculous.

    • Jenna says:

      Dude, preach away! You are spot on and this guy is a puppet, I’m just glad DB will not be here from what people are saying.

    • M says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to blame the ratings on Dan/Blair (which is the only reason I’m bothering to even DVR the show). The show as a whole is horrible and has been horrible steadily for the past two seasons. The writing is awful and the show only cares about pimping guest stars and forgets about things like proper characterization and continuity. There’s no stabilizing force on the show. There’s no real heart. Anyone or anything can be thrown under a bus to pimp a particular plot. It’s a shame Josh Schwartz only cares about Chuck because maybe if he was actually running the show instead of Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran, the show wouldn’t be ruined.

      • wickedfan says:

        The facts are facts. DB are not helping and Chuck and Serena being thrown under the bus to prop them is not helping. Bland is part of the reason why because they are part of the storied being told. Their fans can be as delusional as they want but facts are in black and white.

      • Air says:

        Exactly, the show has no heart anymore. That’s the appeal of Dan/Blair. The heart is back. It is coming across as totally genuine, meaningful and not a prop or a device.

        Besides broken relationships between Dan/Serena (where she takes him for granted and he falls for it every time) and Chuck/Blair (where he falls for other girls and tra-la-la’s all over the place while she pines and tries to make herself better for him – yuck!) – there is no heart left in either of them.

        Savage and Safran should realize they have something promising here and plan accordingly. I would trust Schwartz to, but he really doesn’t do much at all on it anymore.

        • Amanda says:

          Air, something promising? The ratings just keep dropping (W: 18-34, the ones that matters to gg). How is it promising? What people are tired of is their favorite characters and couples being thrown under the bus to prop Dan (he is Mr perfect now ugh) and Dair. IS NOT WORKING. JUST CHECK THE RATINGS, IGNORE AUSIELLO BIASED POST). CB are barely interacting anymore, how the fail of gg right now is their fault? The only ones to blame are the writers that decided to ruin and isolate them to prop Dan and DB.

        • wickedfan says:

          If the “heart” was back viewers would have stayed not walked away. You just proved to me that people are not wanting DB. Ratings in the first half were higher and were on the incline. These are not. Please quit promoting something that is NOT working with the audience.You have nothing but the second lowest ratings in GG history to back you up.

        • Jenna says:

          Dan has fallen for more girls .Go count the number just this season. You are bad at arguing your point. It makes little sense.

      • Amanda says:

        I think the biggest problem was that the writers thought DB could carry the show alone while they isolated Chuck and Serena in lame SLs with guest stars. It’s not working. Unlike CB in s2 (that carried the show pretty much alone) DB doesnt have that power.

        • Jenna says:

          Dude, DB can’t carry crap.

          • Steph says:

            Dude, stop writing dude.
            And, dude, I just realized all this animosity towards Dan and Blair are from the same three people. Geesh. You’d think for such a so-called popular pair there’d be more than three of ’em fans here.

  8. Allie says:

    Yeah thanks god for Dair, otherwise GG would have been the worst show ever.

    • wickedfan says:

      Actually all Dan and Blair episodes have been series low. There is a trend here and it’s very evident. Dan and Blair cannot carry this show and they have turned more away. You cant’ ignore what is so plainly there.

      • Allie says:

        Ermmm, actually if you love the ratings so much, you should have known that eg. Dan and Blair’s storyline at NYU had the best ratings in S3, so sorry but your theory sucks.
        Dan and Blair carry the show right now, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts ^_^

      • E says:

        The highest-rated episode if the season was a Dair-heavy episode, actually. 411 – The Townie.

        And I thought you weren’t watching anymore, Megan.

        • sarah says:

          Well, since the show started focusing on DB it started dropping. If DB were so loved, wouldnt they keep the audience? But no, 4×11 that was focused on DB wasnt capable of doing so. THE RATINGS JUST KEEP DROPPING

        • Olivia says:

          Actually, 4.04 was the highest rated episode so far this season. Women 18-34 was 2.8 and 18-49 was 1.1. 4.11 only had 2.4 in women 18-34 and 1.0 in 18-49. Besides, 4.11 was the mid-season finale so it would have a high rating. After 4.11, the ratings went down meaning that 4.11 is the only DB-centric episode that had any kind of high. I do agree that all of the storylines are crap right now and contribute to the low ratings, but I wouldn’t praise DB for helping the ratings since they haven’t.

      • L says:

        I think people need to look at the big picture and stop letting their bias regarding certain pairings cloud their judgement. Doesn’t mean anyone has to be ok with a pairing they don’t like, but I don’t see why anyone should feel it absolutely necessary to use ratings to justify their own feelings when the reality is the relationship between a show and its viewers is much more complex.

        The show’s ratings have been dropping consistently for a long time now, before anyone even considered the pairing might actually happen. The show lost its charm and has been in steady decline. The business storylines are just crap, the recurring characters are dull and poorly developed, and the characters are all over the place. Chuck Bass suffered a double whammy in that we’ve all become de-sensitized to his antics over the years, *and* he lost whatever you might call his “mojo”.

        The show’s gotten to the point where it seems like there are a lot of Chair and Dair fans alike are just tuning into their preferred pairing’s scenes via their designated YouTube channel because the rest of the show is not worth watching.

        • Laura says:

          Actually, before the hiatus, the show was doing great. The demos numbers (W 18-34) were being constant. But after the hiatus they just keep dropping. To me it shows something is cleary wrong. Why cant they at least mantain the previous numbers? At least in the first half of the season the drops werent happening

          • L says:

            The show’s ratings look like they’ve been in a steady decline the last few seasons, but maybe only according to the overall numbers. And I have no idea about alternate and download numbers.

            But, yeah, it could be one single storyline making people tune out, or an army of Chair fans boycotting the show. I can understand a lot of people like Chair, I just think they’re giving Dair way too much credit when there are so many other completely uninteresting things going on in the show.

            The first half of season 4 spent so much time building up Juliet’s evil plot that by the time it came to an end it was like, whoops! sorry, we’re going to be anti-climactic (and I don’t mean in terms of what Juliet did, but how it ended). Since then, I’ve been completely bored by Ben and his storyline, Raina, and Chuck trying to save his company. Chuck should be out trying to consume every small business he can find, or something, not be doing things barely even questionable by the standards we expect his character to set in a storyline that involves saving his company.

  9. don't care says:


  10. Air says:

    Woooow @ the bitterness of fans who can’t admit it’s the REST of the show that sucks and not Dan/Blair. They are the only thing keeping GG from a rating of ZERO.

    I dare you to say you care about Bass Industries drama, drug muling Damien, or Serena’s fiftieth rushed relationship with a random we don’t care about. Go ahead, I dare you.

    Dan and Blair are saving this show from total oblivion and monotony. Nate being adorable last night helped too. In fact, what both story lines have in common are twenty year olds finally acting like they are 20! Struggling with an internship, school and life, developing a real relationship based on mutual interests and caring, ice skating and smoking weed and playing video games. All of that was realistic, fun to watch and more organic and natural than any of the other crap.

    And let’s face it, no one is interested in watching a show that promises Chuck and Blair will be together in the end, and they are either boring while together or gratingly annoying while talking about their “destinies”. Dan and Blair are new, UNPREDICTABLE, exciting to the point where you can’t catch your breath because you just don’t know what’s going to happen with them. It’s uncharted, beautiful, awesome territory. So deal with it.

    Dan/Blair FTW!

    • don't care says:


      • Stephanie says:

        Man, there are some resentful fans on here just because the show isn’t going their way. Let’s not throw tantrums, please. It’s very immature.
        I’m directing this to *everyone* not just you.

        People can blame the low ratings on Dair, but face it, this is the CW there are always low rating, it will *always* be a rollercoaster with ups and downs.

        Creatively speaking, thanks to the introduction of Dair,the show has found some much needed fuel to keep going.
        And considering the positive online reaction from critics, all of whom are adutls, it’s safe to say the whiners are the babies of the group- pre-teens that need some much needed growth and maturity.
        And I do exlcude those teens that are wise beyond their years ;)

        • ol says:

          And what do you say about the ratings? I am sorry, but when CB was the main story (like dair is now) they got a lot more good reviews and critic aclaim.

          • Stephanie says:

            This is absolutely pathetic of me to have clicked back on here…but c’mon now- no one “critically acclaimed” (learn to spell,by the way) Chuck and Blair- especially not when he basically sold her for a building.
            And to further my point, dear, let’s be honest- Gossip Girl has been praised, but never “critically acclaimed”. You need to brush up on some terminology here and stop flinging around terms like that with no foundation to back up your point.

            happy trails! :)

    • Amanda says:

      How are Dan and Blair saving the show if the ratings W 18-34 are just dropping. Really, Ausiello is just being biased, because if he did his work better he would realize that DB arent making the ratings go up, they are only making the ratings go down;. I mean, celebrating because gg went to lowest to the second lowest? WOW. And let’s not forget last week was Valentine Days, so an increase this week was expected. But if you look ratings for 4×16 they are worst than 4×12, 4×13 and 4×14. But whatever, if you think DB is saving the show lmao

      • wickedfan says:

        Exactly! These are the second lowest ratings. It’s on the chart she posted. Amanda is not making this up, those are facts. I’m sorry Dan and Blair fans but they don’t and have not pulled any viewers in. Ratings have slid this whole second half.

  11. John says:

    Wow, um, lotta angry GG fans on here today…k…


    Yay for Chicago Code ratings going up! Don’t hurt me, GG fans.

    • znachki says:

      I was thinking the same thing John – about the GG fans – but more importantly about the ratings uptick for The Chicago Code. Glad to see it.

    • sherimoonzombie says:

      Whew, finally a post I can relate to. Watched it twice and it’s impressed me more each time.

  12. Dirk says:

    I’m glad to hear about 90210. Last night’s episode was awesome. I think every episode should somehow involve Annie lunging after another character in the cafeteria and attacking them.

  13. Sourabh says:

    Am I wrong to assume most of the angry comments above were by the same person taking advantage of us commenters being able to use any name we want?

  14. T says:

    Um, I have no opinion on Dan/Blair (who??) but I did want to mention that I thought last night’s Castle ep was pretty fabulous! Good to see a little boost in the ratings, because I think the cast deserved it on that one. I love their two-parters… next week’s conclusion looks very intriguing!

  15. Jake says:

    Well ive been a GG fan since season 1 and i think the ratings going down has more to do with this seasons stories not being as good and not because of one relationship on the show!

    The Dan/Blair relationship is in my opinion one of the best things theyve done this season and one of the reasons im stil watching.

  16. Katie says:

    The reason ratings are down for GG is ebcause the show is four years old, getting repetitive, and lacking the charm and intrigue of the early seasons. However, Dan and Blair is the best thing the show has going for it right now, BY FAR. Actually, maybe one of the best things the writers have ever done. Chuck/Blair fans are just ticked off because the critics — and many viewers — agree.

    • Air says:

      Perfect, succinct, lovely post! Sums up everything I couldn’t say as well.

      • Amanda says:

        I just dont get it, if DB were so loved why the ratings keep dropping? Also, why the online buzz is dying too? I know some love them, I have seen good reviews about them, but I also have seen bad reviews and critics. But whatever , I think we all see what we want to see. But Ausiello celebrating gg’s second lowest ratings is just ridiculous LMAO

        • wickedfan says:

          Because they like to celebrate a couple that is sinking this show. I’m really surprised anyone can defend what is in black and white. Do your research guys, then get back to me. Your arguments aren’t adding up to these horrible ratings.

    • Jenna says:

      Dude, Dair are ending soon, so I’ll laugh when you guys get screwed over. Which you will, sorry to say. And if you have looked at ratings all Dair episodes are lows. You dudes need to face the facts.

    • wickedfan says:

      Chuck and Blair always had great reviews. We aren’t jealous and we certainly aren’t because the ratings for Bland are atrocious.If you look at the first half of the season ratings were going up and no where near these low numbers. Bland fans have nothing to stand on. Nothing. The audience is not interested and you guys celebrating low ratings for a couple running it to the ground is rather funny.

    • wickedfan says:

      Then why were the first half much higher and going up the more it went along? you have no valid argument.

    • M says:

      Perfectly stated. Perfectly. I think the core demo has just gotten tired of the BS and turned the channel to other shows. It’s a combination of factors and it’s not really fair to blame Dan/Blair or any single one entity for the show’s continued downward spiral. There’s no way to prove that the ratings will automatically rebound if CB get back together. The show is in a much deeper hole than that and I think the damage is already done and therefore irreparable.

  17. Riss says:

    LMAO. Chair fans are bitter because Blair isn’t getting screwed over by her ABUSER these days. Don’t worry guys, i bet Chucky will find somebody else to rape or whore out soon enough.

  18. Air says:

    I’m also curious when viewers, the media and the networks will realize that the Neilson ratings system is ridiculously antiquated.

    • Amanda says:

      Well, if DB were “saving the show” (like so many dair fans said they would, LMAO), I am sure you wouldnt be doubting the system.

      • Air says:

        No, ratings are silly, even the good ones. How many of us actually own a Nielson box? I bet very very very few.

        I think the better way to track traffic and popularity of a show is by DVR recordings, forums, social networking sites, blogs and traffic on illegal streaming and downloading sites as well. It’s a new media collective these days and the ratings system just doesn’t reflect the facts anymore. And this isn’t about GG or Dair, it’s just about television in general.

        I’m a Dair fan, but I’m not here to stan or to tear down Chair. I love television and I love discussing and arguing about it. I’m not going to get involved in petty smear campaigns on Ausiello’s website. Oh well!

        • wickedfan says:

          You have no argument. None. You say ratings are silly- well, that is what gets these shows renewed. Don’t you understand that?It’s simple, ,you and other Bland fans have no argument here.

        • LH says:

          You make some good points. I’m a Nielsen boxholder, but it’s currently not tuned to GG & hasn’t been since before the winter hiatus. I HATE every story arc currently being explored. The show has lost its heart–IT NEEDS CHAIR DESPERATELY!!! When Chuck&Blair are back FULL FORCE, I’ll be back. Until then, I’m taking my Nielsen pts. elsewhere. CB FTW!!!

    • wickedfan says:

      That’s interesting but the numbers are still lower with Bland. You still have no point.

  19. Charlie says:

    I watched Chuck and The Cape. Chuck is currently my favorite show on television, and sadly, The Cape will only air two more episodes. I also watch HIMYM and Gossip Girl, but downloaded them later. I really hope that Chuck gets picked up for at least one more season. I also hope that The Cape wraps up the story within the next couple of episodes, rather than just leaving us hanging. Two and a Half Men is a crap show; I can’t understand why so many people watch it. HIMYM has had an uneven season, apart from the last few episodes, but is still one of my favorite shows. I’ve enjoyed the development of the Dan and Blair friendship because it seems to be the only ground Gossip Girl hasn’t covered yet. It’s more interesting because it’s the most unlikely pairing.

  20. wtf? says:

    YAY, let’s celebrate gg second lowest ratings in history! REALLY AUSIELO?

  21. LH says:

    GG SUCKS without Chuck&Blair!!! CHAIR is GG’s heart & soul. The show’s ratings are TANKING big time–in large part due to the Dan/Blair arc. Sorry but the show is NOT working sans Chuck&Blair!!! CHAIR drives the show, and we ALL know CB are endgame!!! When CB returns FULL FORCE, GG will get its audience back. Until then, the show will be hurting bacause there is NO reason to watch!!! CHAIR FTW!!!

  22. Darvy says:

    @Air – agree with everything you said. after checking out of GG for a year and half coming back this season, i would have stopped watching by now if it weren’t for Dan and Blair moments. But all the other stagnate plotlines this year did move forward (a little) in last nights epi.

    • Air says:

      Thanks! I agree the episode as a whole was much better. I was pretty interested in a lot of the story lines last night. It had some good moments all around! I was very impressed.

      I liked Nate, I liked Rufus/Lily (the shock!), I liked Eric and even Serena helping out Eric was cute. They had great interpersonal relationships last episode and the dialogue was zippy and snappy and the plot was so ridiculous I felt they knew it was and kind of just ran with it in a screwball comedy type fashion.

  23. Kristen says:

    Ya know, as much as people are saying that Huddy is ruining things over on “House”, not many shows still have 10 mil+ viewers in their seventh season. Just saying.

    • Liz says:

      Ya know, there are more than enough people who are on the edge of turning off because of Huddy and still stick with the show because of Wilson (me too btw, and no I’m not a Hilson shipper, I ship House/no one). And compared to the 20 mil+ the show had during its great times, House sucks now. Just saying.

  24. Sammy says:

    Chuck can not be cancelled. such a great show.

  25. Kimmie says:

    Good God, you Chair fans are morons and/or are living in a Twilight fantasy. How can you still ship Chuck and Blair after all he’s done to her?

    Dan and Blair are the only good thing about the show right now; without them it would be one huge trainwreck and the ratings would be even lower than they are now. Guess what? I didn’t watch Season 3 at all when Chuck and Blair were together. When I heard about Dair, I came straight back. So not everyone cares about your stupid ‘endgame’.

    Chair fans, just admit it. You couldn’t care less about Blair Waldorf. She’s just the character you all project yourselves onto so you can live in your pathetic little fantasies with your woobie Chuckles.

    Dan and Blair were written to show how a healthy, mature and adult relationship should be like. It’s sad that some of you aren’t grown up enough to realise it.

    • Jenna says:

      Dued, CB are coming back, You are crazy if you think with the ratings Db are coming back. She goes to the prince. Face it, DB are not going to last and the ratings say why.

      • Kimmie says:

        OK Jenna – tell me one thing. Forget about the ratings for a second. Why do you still want Chuck with Blair after he sold her to a rapist?

        • LH says:

          Personally, I don’t see how Chuck’s “arrangement” w/Jack was any worse than Blair’s “arrangement” w/ the Yale guy in 4.06 when he kissed Chuck in order to win a bet. C&B trusted each other not to take it too far, but both were wrong to do it in the first place!!

          • Kimmie says:

            Now that’s just sad. There is a WORLD of difference between Blair’s arrangement and Chuck’s. If you can’t see that, then… sigh.

          • Em says:

            Are you SERIOUS? Human trafficking vs. kissing a boy and you say they’re equal?

            I am speechless.

        • Jenna says:

          I’m a fan of CB, they can get through anything.They are spic and, dude, you haven’t been watching for 4 yrs.They are amazing together and its my right to love them. Dan is a boring idiot, so i don’t like him. He’s been with three woman and will move to his fourth this season I bet. He’s as fickle as Serena and you DB fans live in another world if you don’t think he won’t go crawling back to her.

        • LH says:

          Chuck’s “arrangement” with Jack was no worse than Blair’s “arrangement” with the Yale guy in 3.06 when he kissed Chuck in order to win a bet while Blair watched!! Face it, they BOTH screwed up!

          • May says:

            A kiss is NOT the same thing as sex. What Blair did was wrong, but what Chuck did was definitely worse. There was also a lot more emotional pressure with Chuck. He yelled at Blair and made her feel as if she had to do this for him even though she didn’t want to.

            They both did things that were wrong to each other in the past, but Chuck screwed up worse.

        • lily says:

          No one should have to justify why they like a television couple. Please separate fiction and reality here people! I love how people always just call Jack a rapist as well. A rapist Blair had sex with willingly already lolol. Still it was a horrid thing to manipulate her for a hotel and I hated that storyline (even though it was actually well written and had some amazing acting). I don’t understand why people can’t just like DB without bringing up something about Chuck. Seriously, my god. I just can’t even with this fandom anymore. You’re all a bunch of lunatics tbh.

          • Allie says:

            So if a guy has sex with one girl willingly it means every other time he has sex with her will also be willing? Are you kidding me? People DO get raped by those they know, sometimes even loved ones who they’ve been intimate with before.

            Rape isn’t something to be taken lightly. Blair and Jack may have had consensual sex once, but since then he’s attempted to rape Lily and Chuck should know better than to send his girlfriend (who he claims to love) up to a room with someone like that. There is no such thing as blanket consent. No means no even if they’ve had sex before.

    • LH says:

      I’m 34 and a CHAIR fan to the core!!! And, I’m FAR from alone in that opinion. The CHAIR fandom spans many age groups & has the largest GG following by far. Not every GG fan is a tween. In fact, the median age of GG fans is 24-28.

      • Kiwi says:

        Oh honey, just because you’re 34 doesn’t mean you’re not living in a fantasy just like all the other Chair stans. Age doesn’t always guarantee maturity. Haven’t you heard of Twimoms?

        • Jenna says:

          Dude, I’m in my thirties and I love CB along with the rest who stopped watching.

        • LH says:

          Of course I have. However, I am NOT the one living in a fantasy. CHAIR & CB fans have 4 YEARS of rich build-up & history on our side. We have watched CB overcome incredible, seemingly insurmountable obstacles all on their journey to true & lasting love!! We know that CHAIR’s love will win out & we have EARNED our CB happiness!! And, we WILL get it & you ALL know it whether you want to admit it or not!!

    • Jenna says:

      Dude, just because you came back doesn’t mean about 600,00- 800, 000 didn’t walk away.Numbers folks. Numbers.

    • natasha says:

      yeah, we’re not grown up, but you’re calling people you don’t even know morons because of a fictional couple. right..

    • Laura says:


  26. amy says:

    It’s funny how you say that about gossip girl, seeing as it just received it’s second lowest ratings ever. Obviously, it decreased before because of Valentine’s Day, but now it’s decreased even from the number that were watching the episode before VDay. I think you should get your facts straight.

  27. ? says:

    Ausiello, you seriously love to create some drama? If I didn’t know better if would think that you love having ship wars in your comment section. As for Dan and Blair being the cause of the ratings improving…seriously? The ratings are still bad, they suck! Dan and Blair aren’t helping at all. Though, I do understand the hypocrisy. Last week when the ratings got down so much it wasn’t because of Dan and Blair, because couples don’t control the ratings, but this week’s increase is because of Dan and Blair? Get over yourself! Chuck and Blair are the core of the show. Ed loves them. Leighton loves them, it must suck at she still roots for CB when she’s filming DB scenes. I guess that Leighton lives in some sort of Twilight fantasy too!

  28. Vicki JBS says:

    Totally agree that last night’s “Castle” was a kick-ass episode. One of the fastest paced “Castle”s ever. “Hawaii Five-0” was pretty good, too. (I record that while I watch my Nathan.) I LMAO at Danny saying his name was Clarence Clemmons.

  29. Alicia says:

    I would ignore the Chair stans. They’re just bitter because Blair finally has a love interest that can compete with Chuck.

    My GG viewership always consists of me LOVING the show in the beginning of the season and then I miss episodes and miss more and then I catch up on DVD during the summer hiatus only for me to catch the beginning of the next season and loving it again. It’s an endless cycle. This is by far the longest I’ve stuck around to watch live.

    I hope the writers don’t give into the Chair stans (CRAZY!). They’re doing so awesome with all the build up.

    • Jenna says:

      Dude. I’ll ignore Db nut jobs who think series low ratings with DB is sucking in the audience. you guys make me laugh. You too, Ausi. you too.

      • Steph says:

        Oh sweetie. You have much to learn.
        I hope the GG writers aren’t threatened by these Chair fans. Those kids are starting to grate on my nerves. Seriously, so much anger over RATINGS. Ratings!!!

        • Am says:

          I am actually happy about the ratings. They suck. like an article I saw said, the audience is voting with their control. And let’s be honest, there are some crazy chair fans but there are some annoying dair fans too.

  30. Ashley says:

    I love how all these chair fans are trying to blame DB for the ratings dropping!! Dan Blair are the ONLY good thing about GG right now. The ratings dropping couldn’t have anything to do with Chuck’s wack ass storyline right? Or Serena, Ben, and her daddy issues? Everything else except for Dan/Blair is stale as hell. The only reason you guys are blaming DB is b/c you guys are so butt hurt that the writers aren’t catering to CB and their so called “epicness” anymore and that people/media are loving Dan and Blair. People are beginning to see Chuck/CB for what they really are.

    And Dan/Blair might end, but that’s fine because they’ll end as friends. And as long as he doesn’t end up trying to trade Blair to one of his family members it’ll still be a better ending than Chuck/Blair got.

    • Jenna says:

      Dude, you can’t ignore numbers. You and Ausi can live in denial but these ratings speak volumes. Chuck and Blair will be built back up. If you don’t see that, you are nuts.Dan and Blair amount to nothing.

  31. Wow says:

    I am like so embarrassed to be a fan of GG sometimes, how old are some of you people? Fighting about a FICTIONAL couple, calm down, step back and get things in perspective please. I used to be a Chair fan but now I am a Blair fan only, I just want to see my girl wanted, loved, and appreciated, don’t care who does it.

    Also no one couple or storyline is dropping the ratings, the show is written overall pretty bad, I watch bc I loved Chair, but I just can’t support that anymore so I want to see if they allow Blair to get some diginity back and I am outtie. Everyone needs to learn the show does not care about shippers, they care about casual fans. who go with the flow as long as they aren’t bored. They cater to shippers but only enough to keep you hanging on not storyline wise

    • A says:

      The fact is, casual viewers seem to be bored. Have you seen the ratings? Especially W18-34? they just keep dropping since the show came back

  32. cookiemonster says:

    Hey, maybe the ratings would go up if Chuck sold Blair for a hotel again! Or wait, maybe he could treat his one-night stands and flings better than he’s ever treated Blair! Or maybe Chuck could have his eighteenth downward spiral because NOBODY LOVES HIM, POOR WOOBIE, and Blair will come to his rescue AGAIN, only to be abused by Chuck AGAIN. Chuck/Blair are DESTINY, you guise. Can’t you see how good he is for her? And they’re so good for the ratings, which have been falling since season two.

    Ausiello is right…Dan/Blair FTW. Everything else about this show is completely ridiculous.

    • wickedfan says:

      Blandfans are in for one big let down. Bland brings nothing. No drama, nothing. You guys will face the music son enough. In a year, we;ll see who is together and who it not.

      • cookiemonster says:

        I know everything on this show will be sacrificed at the holy altar of ChuckandBlair since that’s been the MO for the writers since season two. I’ll enjoy Dan and Blair for what I can get and then I’m out.

        I just hope Blair grows a spine and stops being Chuck’s doormat. His treatment of her is disgusting. It’s disgusting that her whole “powerful woman” arc turned into ANOTHER “Blair still loves Chuck, but Chuck doesn’t care about Blair” story.

      • Xoxo says:

        English. Fail. Read a freaking book instead of spamming this place with your pointless and nonsensical comments.

    • Jenna says:

      Dude, they were higher than what’s going on now. People like drama with CB.

    • ? says:

      I honestly don’t think that calling CB fans ‘crazy’ makes us offended. We know that we are crazy, so why be shy?

  33. Sasha says:

    LOL @ the Chair fans. U MAD?

    Bring on Dair I say! I started watching the show again because of them. They’re just so adorable.

  34. Kaibosh says:

    Glad to see Chicago Code move up in the ratings. I am enjoying this show. Castle: always enjoyable.

    Chuck seems to be holding for now. Hopefully it will improve but having The Cape as its lead out doesn’t help it. The last two episodes were an overall improvement but its essentially floating sideways and waiting to be flushed. Hopefully the next one will be the one Summer Glau.

    As for the morons engaged in a meaningless shipper war on the boards here over Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl… you guys are just stupid.

  35. AmazingPerson says:

    Chuck and Blair fans are nuts. This is a perfect example. Keep proving that you’re crazy and clearly threatened. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t feel the need to reply to every comment.

    • wickedfan says:

      I think most are annoyed with how terrible the show is (thus the ratings) . I like Chuck and Blair and Bland is just not delivering on any level.

      • Laura says:

        I am not threatened. I am just annoyed. The show just keep messing up with CB and CHuck so they can “stop and explore” DB. That’s whay pisses me off. If Chuck and CB were written with respect, no way Dan or DB would happen. Too bad all the Dan/Dair propping is not working. They thought DB were gonna be able to keep people interested, they were so wrong.

  36. Riley says:

    LOL love you, Ausiello. Dan/Blair are the best things about the declining Gossip Girl and it’s pretty obvious how threatened, delusional, and transparent certain fans are.

    Funny how they bring up the Dair promos as an indicator of ratings, but when was the last time a Chuck/Blair promo gave a positive in ratings? Didn’t that 2.12 episode with the Winter Dance that heavily featured Chuck/Blair flopped? Weren’t the ratings this season an absolutely failure and the only episode that did decently was one where Dan/Blair teamed up? And last weeks promotions/episode were more Chuck/Blair centric despite them not having any scenes together.

    • wickedfan says:

      Actually CB had much higher ratings than this. You and Mr. Ausiello have problems with reading ratings these days. These are the lowest numbers for a series of episodes in history. CB fans aren’t threatened- we are not interested and not watching, thus the bad ratings.

  37. Sarah says:

    I love how the same CB fans keeps posting here under different screen names. To say Dair is the reason the ratings have dropped is the dumbest comment. There is no way hundreds of thousands of people stopped watching when they haven’t even gotten together yet! Most shows that are on The CW have had a decline in ratings it’s not just Gossip Girl. Dan & Blair are the only thing saving GG right now. The rest is nothing but guest stars and pointless storylines. If anything Dan & Blair are bringing more viewers in. Those other storylines would make people tune out. It’s obvious Dair have created a huge fanbase. Critics and fans both seem to love them. Saying the ratings are dropping cause of them is just psycho Chair fans trying to make it all about their ship.

    • wickedfan says:

      Again one email account. People are upset and I think it’s funny that Bland fans think they are going to last with these ratings. You guys are kidding yourselves.

    • Jenna says:

      Dude, I could say same for dair idiots. Show is failing. Face it sometime soon.

    • LOL says:

      “Making it about themselves”

      What a very Chuck like trait? :P

      I kid, I kid. I just find shipper wars fascinating and hilarious/weird.

    • I says:

      Please, explain to me how DB are saving the show? THE RATINGS ARE DROPPING. Ausiello is celabrating gg’s second lowest ratings LMAO. Since the hiatus the show keeps dropping. If people were enjoying DB so much wouldnt they keep watching? Geez, it’s not hard to understand DB are not working for casual viewers. And I bet there are a lot of dair fans with multiple acounts too LMAO

    • Kate says:

      “To say Dair is the reason the ratings have dropped is the dumbest comment. There is no way hundreds of thousands of people stopped watching when they haven’t even gotten together yet!”

      Exactly! Dan and Blair didn’t even have any scenes together 3 episodes ago so it’s not like they’re getting that much time together, yet seeming them interact purely as friends so far is supposed to turn off thousands of viewers?

      If anything most of the recent episodes have given Chuck’s business problems a lot more focus, but god forbid anyone point the finger at his storylines boring viewers into changing the channel

  38. Stacey says:

    I watched How I Met Your Mother and Chicago Code and Harry’s Law.

    I DVR Castle (waiting to watch till next week so I can watch it all together). I’m missing Lie to Me though!

  39. T says:

    With Louis coming in a couple of episodes, Dan will be tossed aside like a used tissue. Better stock up on your own tissues Dairers cause you’ll be needing lots of them when the story goes back to CB.

  40. M says:

    All of this arguing over GG ratings doesn’t even matter. They’re already shooting episode 421. They start the season finale next week. Whatever’s going to happen is going to happen. I hope they can fix the show for season 5, but I’mm not gonna hold my breath.

  41. Em says:

    All you butthurt CB fans are making me laugh. Keep crying about your failing ship. To me, CB ended Season 3 when Chuck slept with Jenny (though it should have ended with him selling her to his uncle who previously tried to RAPE LILY and Chuck saved Lily from it happening). And DON’T say that Blair is just as bad as Chuck. She IS NOT. She’s a bitch, but Chuck is just plain evil. Anyway, that was the final nail in the coffin. You CB fans are lucky the writers even gave you your Piano!sex (OMFG SEW HAWT, RIGHT?) just to shut you up. And now you’re all whining, attacking @norbuck and @joshschwartz76 (who has nothing really to do with the show lately) and being completely immature. I’m glad Norman Buckley put all of you in your places.

    With that said, I am squealing at DB. They are so cute and not destructive or petty like CB was. They have things in common that don’t include scheming or games. They can actually carry on a conversation with each other not like DS. Dan is supportive of Blair and does more for her than Chuck ever did. Holding onto a ring while being shot doesn’t count as redemption in my eyes, especially after he turned around and got with Eva. “You’re just JELIZZ that she changed me and not you.” That’s what Chuck said to Blair! What an asshole. Sure, she forgave him for reasons unknown to me. Their other relationships with Serena and Chuck were so high school. DB is an adult relationship. You CBers need to grow up and OPEN YOUR EYES. Do you all love Bella and Edward, too, because it’s such a ROMANTIC, INTENSE relationship?

    It’s called emotional abuse. Look it up. Maybe you’re all in one and don’t know it? Eek. I weep for this generation.

    As for the ratings, GG has been on the air for four years. Ratings are going to slide, that happens with shows. Don’t know if you knew that. The show still does well with iTunes and there’s the DVD sales to consider as well. Nielsen ratings are going the way of the dinosaur and should not be considered an accurate measure of a show’s success anymore.

  42. don't care says:


  43. ggny says:

    GG was on a rating up swing when D/B started but tanked out because of Vday and that was barely a D/B episode it was more Chuck and Rina so if anyone is to blame for rating falling it the horrible new cast members like Rina/Ben…I think GG ratings would be fine if they didnt keep adding boring love interest for Chuck and Serena and focus more on the main characters hanging out together

    And wth happen to Dan and Nate? Werent they like best friends? I dont think they have had a scene together really in forever and Rufus has been nothing but a prop for the whole season its time to get ride of the new characters and get back to what worked for GG

    • Jenna says:

      Dude, ratings have been bad in all DB episodes. It’s in the numbers. Check the numbers.

      • ggny says:

        yah i did and you are wrong…check yourself the lowest was vday episode and it was a Chuck/Rina episode

        And btw im not even a D/B shipper its just the C/B fans are idiots

        • Luisa says:

          Chuck/Raina was only a prop to DB. I mean, COME ON, he didnt even care with Nate/Raina. So, Chuck and Serena’s SLs are being used to prop DB. The show wanted to do DB and forgot about the other characters or are using them as props. And 4×15 had a lot of DB too.

  44. keni says:

    GG fans are stupid like their tv show.

  45. Allie says:

    WOW. This post is full of CB trolls. But seriously, you’ve had your ship crap on the show for 3 and a half seasons (and let me remind you ratings have only gone downhill since GG became the ALL ABOUT CB show as time went on) and DB hasn’t EVEN HAPPENED YET. NOTHING HAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    So just SHUT UP because really, you’re complaining? Your ship has gotten SO MUCH. Why are you bitter when DB shippers get their barely five minutes per episode? Is it because you know that DB is better written and that if DB ever happened Blair would not go back to Chuck because she’ll realize she can do better than that asshole?

    I ship DB, but I know the writers suck and will continue to throw everything under the bus for CB, so I’m just enjoying what we can get right now (which is a handful of awesome scenes but it’s not even a relationship or anything). I’m tired of hearing CB fans complain. You’re freaking out over NOTHING because the writers will continue to be crap and continue to prop CB. Just let us DB fans have our five minutes. Is that so much to ask after THREE seasons of nothing?

    • Jenna says:

      Dude you’re ship has tanked the ratings in 4 episodes.Dair have the LOWEST numbers. Just check instead of spouting off dribble you can’t back.

      • Allie says:

        DUDE. First of all, I’m not even addressing recent ratings. And there have been other episodes in previous seasons with Dan and Blair interaction that have done well, not to mention one of the higher rated episodes this season was the one DB centric one. These past few episodes have had literally 5 minutes of DB out of a 45 MINUTE EPISODE. THEY WERE NOT FOCUSED ON DB AT ALL. How do you know all those people didn’t watch cause of the focus on Chuck’s business storyline? Or the Serena/Ben/Eric/Damien one?

        • Luisa says:

          Fact is, DB is the only main relationship between mains going on (which to me shows how contrived they are since they have to put Chuck and Serena with other people to prop DB). DB is a huge part of the show right now. and please, cb carried the show alone in s2. The show started going downhill after 2×15, when the show stopped focused on them. In s3 they were together but they were cleary in the background, the season was pretty much focused on Serena, Dan and NYU. Look what happened.

        • Em says:

          You’re right – they’ve only had FIVE minutes out of a 41 minute episode. These CBers are absolutely insane, delusional, and can’t spell worth a damn.

    • natasha says:

      it’s actually the other way around, they throw CB/chuck under the bus all the time. (hey, like this time, to prop DB. because obviously, if chuck wasn’t a bad guy, DB would never ~happen)
      you seriously think CB fans have nothing to complain about? have you been watching the show?

      • Allie says:

        Uh, let’s compare the number of ~romantic scenes CB have had to the number of ~romantic scenes DB have had.

        CB have kissed. CB have had sex. CB have exchanged ILUs (even tho it ended up being kind of messed up how that happened).

        DB have… gone out for coffee? Is that why you’re all so threatened by them?

        And ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How many people have been used to prop up CB in the past three seasons? DB have nothing to do with Chuck. Seriously, their storylines aren’t even connected.

        • natasha says:

          their SLs aren’t connected? then why was dan there to watch chuck and raina (about who chuck didn’t really care next episode) with her if it wasn’t meant to prop DB? you’re just being manipulated by the writers. good for you, i’m just not that easiyl manipuled.

          and i’m not threatened by DB at all, i know it won’t lead anywhere. and you know, just because there’s one male and one female on the show doesn’t mean there has to be kiss, sex and ILY between them. they chose CB to happen from the beginning, deal with it.
          and after they screwed CB and their fans over so many times, it’s just crazy to say we have nothing to complain about.

      • Luisa says:

        Exactly Natasha, they are never afraid of throwing CB/Chuck under the bus to prop DB and Dan. It’s the other way around, no way Dan would be an option if Chuck was well written and in character. But of course they have to sacrifice Chuck’s character to prop DB and Dan. The show is trying so hard with Dan. He is not a popular character as CHuck, he doesnt trend on twitter LOL. For Dan to be an option for Blair they have to keep Chuck messing up, because no way Blair would choose a redeemed Chuck over the Brooklyin boy. That’s why they are delaying Chuck and CB sl so much, and that’s what piss me off.
        And Alice, if you think you are being more polite than CB fans you are just wrong. You are just being as immmature. I think everybody here is.

        • Allie says:

          Chuck hasn’t been in character since S1. Though I guess he does follow on the promise of being a creep who tries to sexually assault young girls in the more recent seasons. It’s one thing to cry being OOC for a few episodes, it’s another thing for someone to be awful for almost THREE seasons and say OH NO they’re just OOC.

          And thanks for getting my name wrong. Allie’s short for Allison.

        • kristen says:

          I completely agree! They want the CB fans to get on board with DB so they need them to feel bad for blair that chuck is such an a hole anddd want her to be hapy etc. If she is happy with Dan than good for her… I’m not going in one direction or the other. HOWEVER, Allie, you are crazy for saying once she is with dan she will never go back to chuck. How did you let that slip out of your mouth and then follow it with the writers decisions…. it is the writers decisions and in the end scheme of things, blair is m2b with chuck and dan is m2b with serena. Whether it happens or not is their decision but this series will not end with d & b riding off into the sunset….

          • Laura says:

            Exactly Kristin. It’s clear the writers are manipulating the audience. They dont want people to root for CB right now so they just keep destroying them and throwing Chuck under the bus. I honestly dont get their logic.

  46. Liz says:

    Fact: Stephanie Savage has been promoting the DB sl as the A-story.
    Fact: Ever since the show came back from hiatus, it has broken it’s series low rating in demos at least twice in less than a month.
    Fact: With the exception of 4×14 all other post hiatus episodes have been DB heavy.
    Fact: All core couples are broken up, leaving DB to carry the majority of the show.

    Need I say more?

    • Luisa says:

      No, you dont. You just said everything. At least CB was able of carrying the show alone in s2. DB….. the ratings just keep dropping.

    • Allie says:

      FACT. DB have only had only about a combined screen time of 5-10 mins in the past few episodes out of a 45 minute show. That’s DB heavy? Really? The one only actually DB heavy episode was the W magazine one. And the promos for the most of the eps weren’t DB centric at all. They were a lot more focused on Chuck/Lily.

      • Luisa says:

        4×13, 4×15 and 4×16 promos were focused on DB. 4×13 was fully focused on them. It’s the only relationship between mains going on. Cleary, they cant carry the show alone.

      • natasha says:

        5 – 10 minutes is a forth of a 40 minute episode, and if one forth of the episode is dedicated to two people interacting.. it IS heavy for them. especially since they’re like the only two mains who keep interacting repeatedly for like 6 episodes now.

        • Amanda says:

          Exactly Natasha

        • Kate says:

          The most you can fairly argue is how the ratings do next week after the trailer was promoting them romantically with suggestions of a kiss, and let’s see if that causes ratings to drop or rise then. But to put them up against Chair now as a rival ship is ridiculously unfair. So far Dair focused trailers have only been about Dan and Blair sharing friendship or rivalry scenes, there hasn’t been one hint of either of them developing romantic feelings for one another. So to argue the ratings have anything to do with the Dair “ship” is clearly false

          And if you think Blair finding a friend is enough to crash the ratings, well I don’t know what to tell you. Take another look at where the focus is really going too in these episodes, hint it’s Chuck and his business problems and numerous scenes discussing it with Nate, Lily, the Captain, the new guest stars etc. THAT’S what’s really boring the pants off viewers and sucking other characters into the vortex of suck

          Dan and Blair didn’t even interact in 414, and so far it’s just been fun storylines of them competing over interships and learning to tolerate one another. They’ve been about 5 minutes worth of scenes in an episode, I’m sure that’s not enough to make people stop watching. Let’s wait and see how the shows do if the writers actually do switch it to romantic

  47. kristen says:

    All increases from last week to this week definitely have to do with last week being Valentines day! I was not home last Monday to watch one of my normally favorite nights of tv. Mondays have always been a great night for tv. That being said, good for Castle! It is my favorite Monday night program and I’m glad the ratings are high! I also watch gg… and even the idea of dan and blair makes me nauseous sooo would much rather watch Castle and beckett (if they were on the same time slot)

  48. Lisa says:

    Castle was great again last night, and damn for that Canadian promo for next week!
    I cannot wait!

  49. Chloé says:

    Please GG writers fix and REDEEM Chuck Bass it’s all I ask atm.
    And yeah, I miss CB a lot. ;'(

  50. Joy says:

    ”Gossip Girl” on the upswing? Lol. That’s just pathetic, Ausiello.

    Here’s one for your statistics: I stopped watching GG as soon as I heard a DB spoiler from a confirmed source. I guess I’m not the only one.