ABC's V Raises The Stakes: Who Will Die Next?

ABC’s V (Tuesdays at 9/8c) last week raised the stakes and drew clear lines in the sand, as the death of Tyler’s dad and several Fifth Column members led Erica to accept Eli Cohen’s challenge and take a much more aggressive stance against the Visitors. When Ryan emerges from the literal rubble of that explosive incident, will he attempt to rejoin the Fifth Column ranks he betrayed? Or will he ally himself with his queen, Anna, assuring his ill daughter of unlimited Bliss?

Morris Chestnut, whom you may have thought died a traitor’s death, previews his V’s difficult road ahead. Plus: Get his take on the action-packed season finale that will say goodbye to multiple cast members.

V Burning Questions Answered: Real Lizard Names and More!

TVLINE | What goes through your mind as you read a script where Ryan is beaten, bloodied and tied to a chair in a building that blows up?
You mean after I leave the unemployment office or before I go? [Laughs] It’s a scary thing, man — I was like, “Wow, I guess my character is going out like this!” — but I think it was good for the story, because you never know who’s going to live, who’s going to die. Those sorts of unexpected situations keep viewers on their toes.

TVLINE | And this week, what, Ryan simply rises from the ashes?
Well, the thing about being a V is you can take off the skin and put it on any lizard. So I don’t know if I’m going to rise from the ashes or what. I’m going to tune in Tuesday to see exactly! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will his next move be to try and make amends with the Fifth Column, or ingratiate himself with Anna and work from inside?
I’m thinking he’ll definitely have to try to work both sides, because right now he has no one. He did some deeds for Anna, for his baby, and in doing so he betrayed the Fifth Column. He has to do something to get back in their good graces.

TVLINE | It could be that even though he’s now the weakest link in the Fifth Column, he’s in fact the greatest threat against Anna.
Yes, he’s a weak link because Anna has leverage [against him], but he also has leverage over her, in terms of being able to gather information. So as long as I’m in Anna’s good graces and I can run around that ship, I can be of use to the Fifth Column. If they use him correctly, he could be a great threat.

TVLINE | I was wondering if he and his daughter will forever be at Anna’s mercy, or might there ultimately be a “loophole,” some alternate remedy.
Well, considering what happened in the last episode, where Eli ended up dying because of what I did, I think Anna will consider that a pretty good deed.

TVLINE | Oh, so maybe she’ll give his daughter a “perma-blast” of Bliss…?
[Laughs] She’ll never do that, because Anna is a very savvy lizard-woman. She’ll always keep her options open. But what Ryan just did gained him  trust in her eyes.

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TVLINE | Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum told TV Guide Magazine that the Season 2 finale (tentatively set to air March 15) may kill off as many as three characters. I have to think that if Ryan survived this scare, there’s no way he’s in danger next time around.
I would like to think that, but you never know. The thing with V is no one is safe. It’s a great, action-packed season finale with a lot of cliff-hangers going on. I know a lot of people liked the last episode because there was a lot going on, there was a lot at stake, there was action and death. In the season finale, we ramp that up even more, and there are probably about three more deaths. It’s on and poppin’. It’s on and poppin’!

V-iewers, do you agree that the show hit an exciting new stride last week?

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  1. Alex M says:

    V Death Wish-list …

    Father Jack

    • AJ says:

      Ha, this is fun. My wish-list:

      TYLER – gods, please, make it happen. His non-death would be traumatizing to the audience
      DIANA – if only so Lisa’s character can be fully emancipated
      [insert Fifth Column Traitor here] – Hobbes or RyanSkin, for justice

      Basically, I just don’t want Jack or Chad to bite it yet.

  2. Guy says:

    V was awesome last week. One of the best episodes of the series i recon. Its hitting its stride and i must say i am very worried that hearing that cliffhangers are going to happen in the season final that we could be left hanging as we don’t know what the fate of V will be next season. Would hate that to happen i really would. Just praying ABC give it one last shot to wrap the storyline up but when does that ever happen.

  3. Henry Berry says:

    This season of V is much better than the first. The first season of V left me pretty bored — I wanted to like it but it was so slow. I DVR’d the second season, but didn’t get around to watching it until this month. Wow! They’ve really stepped it up. I’ll watch live from now until the season finale.

    I like Father Jack, unlike most people, it seems. Could there be something between he and Erica? Love the action and gross alien stuff. Maybe this show has learned something from Walking Dead. Keep it up!

  4. Jessiekins says:

    I hate this new V, but most of all, I hate Tyler, and I’m not overly fond of anyone else in this lame reboot. It’s gotten better, and if they keep the kid from “Reaper” around, which really helped, imho, it might have a chance. I’m thrilled to see Jane Badler, and if the show were nothing more than her sitting on her swampy mushroom eating guinea pigs, it would still be more entertaining than it is now. I was riveted by the 1980s “V”…it holds a dear, dear place in my heart, but this has been an insult to its memory, and I will NEVER forgive the theft of Juliet from LOST for the piss-poor waste of her on “V”s first season-ette.

    • AJ says:

      Are you frakkin’ serious? I highly doubt anyone had a gun to Elizabeth Mitchell’s head when she chose to do V. Excuse me, but LOL.

  5. allie says:

    I don’t think Ryan is the biggest threat w/in the 5th Column – that honor goes to Kyle now. I agree that last week was the best episode of V but it still isn’t living up to its potential. Tyler is SUCH a lame character – who treats their mother that way??? Also, why are the writers repeating story lines already? Ryan betrays the 5th b/c Anna has his daughter and now Kyle does the same b/c they might have someone he loves? And we are supposed to believe that Erica will be a stronger, tougher and more ruthless leader than Eli? lol. We want to like this show which is why we keep watching but I don’t think we’ll miss it if it doesn’t come back.

  6. AJ says:

    Definitely agree, last week’s episode was truly excellent.

  7. Kaibosh says:

    V is not a bad show but its not a good one either. Mostly its just not very compelling. The producers need to take real risks with the characters (who seem to mostly just talk and not do much else).

    1) No offense to their respective actors but Tyler, Lisa and Ryan need to die and fast.

    2) If they’re going to cross the taboo barrier with Erica and Jack and go all “Thorn Birds” then do it already. There would be enough emotional fuel with each of their guilt and loathing to sustain the drama of the show on the relationship level.

    3) Get rid of the human soul plot thread. Its ridiculous and you can actually tell that Morena Baccarin is having a hard time keeping a straight face when she talks about the dastardly plot to destroy the soul.

    • John says:

      The Jack/Erica ship is about to sail…probably why they went through all the trouble to de-frock Jack in the first place, lest they offend anyone. Though I remember reading an interview with Elizabeth Mitchell last year, to the effect of how she’d love to see poor Erica have a horribly misguided fling with Jack, that it would just be so beautifully pathetic. In that light I think it would make for good TV and contribute to a good “downward spiral” for Erica towards the end of the year.

  8. Doug says:

    I am a huge fan of V and this reboot. I understand why many have not been. Last week’s episode takes the series to where action and story can really take off. A strong showing in S2’s finale could set up a pickup and great third. (An Erica/Anna girl fight wouldn’t hurt things.)

  9. Joe says:

    V is entertaining, but not a great show. I watch it when I literally have nothing else to do and just want to veg out.

    That said, if they kill Tyler, I promise to watch it live on Tuesday nights from here on in.

    That actor and character is atrocious.

    But his death would actually make Juliette from Lost’s character quite motivated to destroy the V’s and take out Anna. I know the ex husband dying is supposed to do that, but we were not invested in him so while the writers think that death was meaningful, it meant nothing to the viewers.

    Kill Tyler and you’ll have a show about a mother’s revenge and how she has to balance that drive with saving the world from attackers.

    I also think it’s time to see the lizards walk around without skin. It just strikes me odd that all the V’s on the ship have human skin. Makes no sense.

    I still don’t think ABC renews it though. This is the network that cancelled Invasion just as the series became must watch TV. I think V will be 2 seasons and out.

  10. Chris says:

    End of season 2 15 March? Does it mean May?

  11. mrswinchester24 says:

    Tyler has got to be the most annoying character in history. I think he should be one of the deaths. I just really hope Father Jack, Erica, Chad, and that new researcher don’t die. I’d be sad about Lisa and Cobbs (not so sure about Ryan). They could always kill Marcus for good lol or what about the Queen being held captive, or even Anna? That would be awesome.

  12. Ingrid says:

    I don’t think ANYONE likes Tyler. Everything they make his character do is beyond terrible and extremely irritating and unsympathetic. Either stop making him a hugely unforgivable jerk, or kill him off. I actually like Lisa a lot when she’s NOT with Tyler. She has potential to be a really great character. I hope Ryan dies too, sorry to say… this baby plotline is just not interesting to me. Jack, Hobbes, and Chad must live though!

  13. Bobby says:

    V has gone beyond stride and is galloping. The show is so great this season that I’m hoping they’ll at least give us one more season and wrap it up with no loose ends.

  14. Michael Sacal says:

    Diana is a gonner for sure since she is only a guest star and not one of the regulars.

    The other likely candidates are Ryan and Chad.

    This only works, however, if they add new characters to replace them, or else we’ll end up with a repeat of Earth Final Conflict, which by the last season mostly had one good guy and one bad guy.

  15. Nicky says:

    My Death Wishlist:

    1.) Tyler. This guy is so annoying, it’s not even funny. Not only that, but I think his death would be something that would propel Erica’s character forward into more action. Currently, Tyler is weighing her down. With his death, he would push her forward.
    2.) Ryan. His baby storyline is so damn boring. It was boring in season 1 (along with Valerie) and is even more so in season 2, since it’s getting so much screentime.
    3.) Doesn’t really matter.

    Personally, I think the deaths will be Tyler, Diana and Chad. Tyler as a definite because his death was already foreshadowed in the season premiere “Red Rain”.

  16. cocochanel says:

    Tyler, and Hobbs needs to die. I actually like Ryan and hope he gets his baby away from Anna, it is sad. Morris Chestnut is a great actor I hope they will give him more to do. Love Erica, and Jack. They can do away with Chad also, dont like him, he is boring.

  17. thepinkllama says:

    Oh please please be father Jack. I HATE him so much. He is the most annoying whiny character. Plus he’s and IDIOT, how many times has he gotten the fifth column in trouble because he trusted the wrong people/ incited bombings, etc. Either kill Tyler or somebody fill him in about his lizard girlfriend cause if that was my kid I would have slapped the attitude right out of him. I don’t really care who the third one is, just not Kyle, I need to look at him in his tight black shirts. I don’t care if Anna has leverage over him, he is nowhere near as annoying as most of the characters on this show.

    • Vanny says:

      Seriously – you think Father Jack is more whiny than Tyler? Really? Kill Tyler and Anna, she is annoying. Just put Diana back in as the evil leader. I agree with everyone else here, Tyler is ridiculous.

  18. LizardQueen says:

    V deaths should be as follows:

    1) Tyler – He is the most annoying character on that show and the biggest brat ever. His storyline would prove more interesting if they added more depth to his character, but since that isn’t happening – the whiny kid’s gotta go.

    2) The whole plot to destroy the soul – Seriously, this is the most ridiculous thing ever. The fact that they’re attempting to convince us that the only thing that is in the way of alien-lizard extinction is the human soul is pathetic. The writers must’ve run out ideas real bad if they had to resort to this. Even the actors think it’s silly, you can see it on their faces when they say their lines.

    3) Diana – She adds nothing to the show.

  19. Rob says:

    I think the is an amazing show and i hope its renewed. On account of the deaths i think it will be:
    1. Tyler- as somebody said it was foreshadowed in red rain.
    2. Lisa- As much as i’ll miss her as a little eye candy but in the preview for the last episode you saw anna say she’ll do to her as she will to a traitor.
    3. Diana- i think Ana is going to go down there and kill her , just in general.
    i could also see chad probably dying but i don’t see Jack or Ryan going any where they would of wiped out Ryan with Eli
    Besiides that this show is great and there will be a romance between Erica and Hobbes! He is my favorite character in this show, well both of them! Hobbes did not want to betray erica i think he sincerely cares for her and is now totally commited to the war

  20. John says:

    Hmm….just about every comment that I’ve read on here says Tyler should be killed off….couldn’t agree more! That’s why he’s number one on my list on the V character chopping block. No offense to Logan Huffman’s acting skills (although I’ve honestly never seen him in anything else), but his character is lame, disrespectful, and self-centered. As somebody else also posted on here before, who talks to their mother like that AND GETS AWAY WITH IT…EVERY TIME?

    Oh, but I’d love for Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) to stay as she’s nice to look at, would honestly shut off the TV if her character were to die. Anyhow, Chad (Scott Wolf), Ryan (Morris Chestnut), and the now demoted Father Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) are all useless in my view, take them off as well.

    On one last note, for some odd reason, I would like to see Diana (Jane Badler) stay, although I don’t see that happening as she has been continuously listed as a “guest star” ever since appearing in the Season 2 opener, perhaps that is a warning that her character will only be temporary? I guess we’ll have to wait and see as this season of “V” plays out!

  21. Sera says:

    This show is so terrible. I wish it was canceled already. I’m getting tired of the characters I use to somewhat like-Joshua for instance is now very boring. Although Lisa has the potential to be an interesting character, I can’t understand what she sees in Tyler. There are plenty of other Earth males who are ten times as appealing as that annoying jerk. I’m also disappointed in how they’re using Jane Badler. She was so entertaining in the 80s miniseries-you hate and love her. Now she’s just staying down in her swamp pit and having ridiculous conversations with Anna.
    The rest of the characters don’t really interest me at all-Ryan, Chad, Jack, Erica, Anna, Tyler. I tolerated Hobbes the most, but his recent actions were unforgiveable. I guess the scientist guy is fine. Maybe all the characters in the show should be killed off except for Lisa and the scientist.

  22. ripleyaeryn says:

    My V death wishlist :
    -Tyler : we all know why
    -Jack : he’s useless, boring and his relationship with Erica is so weak. Was a soldier once and can be a soldier again? I have serious doubts!
    -Chad (and his aneurism) or Ryan (whose baby storyline was just awful).

    And I want Thomas dead!

    I don’t want Diana and Lisa to die. Diana is so unpredictable, so great to watch. Lisa is a great character and I can’t wait to see her more rebelled and independant from what her mother or her grandmother wants.

    Those who will be safe :
    -Hobbes : he’s a warrior, a really interesting character and I want more Erica/Hobbes
    -Erica : female protagonist, can’t be killed off.
    -Anna : female antagonist, same as Erica.
    -Sid : Fun and smart guy, could be surprising.
    -Marcus : he survived and he’s a really interesting character

  23. greta says:

    Any character BUT Diana. She stays, the rest can go all in one big bang.

  24. math says:

    Hobbs and Anna are the most interesting characters. Tyler and the priest are useless wimps, always sobbing for one thing or another. I can’t take much more of them, in a perfect world they both die. But if I had to take a pick, Tyler. I just dont get how a woman like Lisa can be attracted by such an intense cry baby, he needs a mommy.
    Most underated characters are Marcus and Joshua. I supect Marcus will change sides.

  25. Derek says:

    WOW! What a finish for Season 2!! A lotta cliffhangers and a surprise appearance by Marc Singer! The MAN! Did Ryan and tyler die?’ I think Hobbs and Sid (I think he’s the lab guy) found away to get Lisa back from the mothership? That’s why they couldn’t take the call from Erica’s phone call. GREAT job to the producers of the show!

    • HealDiana says:

      After Ryan failed to bite the dust after the building exploded, killing Eli- the orig. 5th leader (Chestnut’s name was on the credits the very next week), it was just a matter of time that he’d die anyway. Hate that it was his own daughter though; by the way. If she’s so intuitive to her abilities (like the bliss first apparent when she wanted to help “mommy Anna” feel better and having bad dreams as to warn “mommy” to stay ON the ship), Ryan possibly could told her that he loved her and perhaps she may have felt something; that, or tell her the truth so she would sense if it was later in Anna. It would have been a more believable death. Hobbs leaving was probably due to him worring about his own brood. Truth should come out about how his “F” up killed Erica’s ex in the first place! And I wasn’t thrilled that Anna returned to the ship rather quickly to slice her Mom up. Not cool, but they didn’t show Diana’s dead corpse (just as Joshua was “revived” by Marcus et. al. in Season 1’s finale). But with Marc Singer in the mix, Jane may no longer be on the show (!). Kinda think the Project Aries scenario would fit Michael Ironside’s persona more that Singer’s, but maybe he needed the $$, while Ironside’s busy with other projects…
      Chad better be prepared for torture, ’cause he’s going to be squealing up a few 5th column names– not that it matters much now…

      …because the world is all blissed ;/! Bunch of heathens ;).