It's Official: Ashley Judd Goes Missing For ABC

In what marks her first full-time series gig, Ashley Judd has inked a deal to headline the ABC action-drama Missing.

Originally slated to air over the summer but now eyed for a fall launch, Missing centers on a former CIA agent (Judd) who travels overseas in search of her MIA son.

Greg Poirier (National Treasure: Book of Secrets) serves as creator/exec producer. Emmy-winning Dexter director Steve Shill will helm multiple episodes, including the premiere.

Judd’s only previous TV work of note was a recurring role as Swoosie Kurtz’s daughter on Sisters and a two-episode arc as Starfleet officer Robin Lefler on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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  1. rebecca says:

    this is fantastic! it’s about time Ashley comes to TV.

    • s a b says:

      Why do the networks alway take off the good show….and then all they do is put on 30min
      junk……Missing is a good show…love it ….do not want to see it go…..everyone that likes this show need to post their remakes………………………….

      • JKC320 says:

        I AGREE with s a b ,this was the most awesome show i’ve watched in awhile.I think they should at least give it another season for people to have a chance to tune in.I picked up 3 new shows this past season,and 2 of them have been canceled,my least fav of the 3 is coming back,lol.Bring back MISSING and RINGER!!

        • Florence says:

          I agree with JKC320. I can’t see MISSING being cancelled. It was such an action packed show, that you never knew what was going to happen and my husband and I couldn’t wait until the following week to see the next episode. It reminded us a lot of “24”, which had you sitting on the edge of your seat. ASHLEY jUDD was great in the role. We really wish they would consider bringing this show back. As for RINGER, this was also aweson. Couldn’t wait to see it every week. There are too many Reality Shows on the air. We need these shows that have suspense and action in them.

        • Robby Fisher says:

          I am not sure what ABC is doing – I loved Missing – it has been a long time since i watched a show on primetime abc – i don’t watch abc daytime anymore since they cancelled all my children and OLTL- for more cooking shows – Ashley Judd did a wonderful job and her show was exciting and entertaining – ABC is really going down they need to rethink what they are doing – not sure who is telling them no one was watching Missing – wish this would get to the right people!

      • Kay says:

        I love Missing. It is entertaining and fast moving. Ashley Judd is great and I never miss a week and cant wait until the next to see what happens.

      • Liz says:

        I agree they always cancel the good stuff.

      • Freda says:

        I was looking for the show and couldn’t find it on my smartphone. I hate that the networks canceled this show. I don’t like the reality shows they are forcing us to watch. It’s such a shame even the cable shows sucks.

      • Sandy says:

        My husband & I watch this show & so does 3 other people I know, we love this show. Do not want to see it go.

      • GW says:

        Missing should not be canceled All I can say Is REALLY?

        • Kelly says:

          totally agree. I was already thinking about next season and what would happen next. I love this show and can’t wait to see it every week. Cancelled. that’s very sad

        • Bonnie says:

          So the idiots cancleed the BEST show on TV???????????? in the Fall 2012 they will put some garbage junk on!!! Makes one sick!!! BRING it back on in the Fall..PLEASE!!!

      • Juanita Alexander says:

        Amen! This is a really good show.

      • Corrine says:

        This is one of the best shows on TV, I’m going to miss it as well as my daughter, She gets very upset when I accidentally erase Missing after I watch it. I believe they should give it another try.

        • Laurie says:

          I was very upset to see Missing will be cancelled! My family, friends, and relatives all watch it. Ashley Judd is amazing! It was a bit different seeing a parent fighting for her child. A woman kicking butt! Please do not cancel it!!!!

          • Bonnie says:

            my hubby and I couldn’t wait till the next week to see what happened next..figures..they always cancel the GOOD shows on TV

        • Connie Schick says:

          Please, please give Missing another season, Ashly Judd is fantastic, a very good, exciting show
          always waiting for the next episode, why cancell this show when you keep other garbage!!

      • JFyan says:

        I agree one of the best shows on TV…..the crap their keeping doesnt make any sense…

      • jvpjr says:

        you got to be kidding missing is a great show lot of action i look forward to it every week now what dumb show are they going to put in its place if its gone keep Missing

      • Michelle Luppino says:

        I agree this was a great show, felt like watching a movie every week. My mom who is 65, myself 45 and my 11 yr old son love this. Please don’t cancel!

      • Shirley says:

        Taking off my favorite show missing, is a bad move on ABC ‘s part. Everyone i know loves this show.They should take some of the, not worth watching shows off, and bring Missing back.

      • bea says:

        Ho?w can they take a show as good as this one off is realy STUPID!, what is WRONG With ABC

      • i agree i looked forward to it ever week .don’t think i’ll get envoved with new show again if that are going to drop them after it stats like this one.

    • Terry says:

      I love this show. Leave it on. It is one of the few shows that is worth watching. Please, Please don’t cancel.

    • Connie says:

      Missing is one of the greatest shows EVER on TV. It’s like watching a great movie each week. I cannot believe they would even consider cancelling this show. You get to travel to different parts of Europe each week and it’s an “on the edge of your seat” program. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS GREAT PROGRAM! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

      • Georgia Cuthbertson says:

        I really like this show. Please do not cancel. I look forward to watching it each week. Georgia

    • BB says:

      Please don’t cancel this show! Right now it’s the most exciting tv show out there.

    • Sharon Hamann says:

      ABC is pure nuts to let this show go bye bye. I was totally hooked on it after the first episode and think it’s the best series to be introduced to TV in a long time. By all means, lets have more idiots like the Kardashians on TV. More of those, and I’ll put my foot through my TV and give up on TV altogeather.

      • chancie says:

        Totally agree, good show and the sad part is they probably replace it with stupid reality shows. Isn’t life a enough of a reality, don’t cancel the good shows which truly entertain people to replace with fake reality shows really they suck so much.

      • Laura Murguia says:

        I totalty agree with Sharon. We look forward to Missing each week.
        They continue to put crap reality shows on and cancel real dramas.

    • GH says:

      WHAT? Missing is the best show I have seen, Very good action show. A must to keep it on TV. PLEASE!!!!!! b,u,b,b,a

    • Megan says:

      I can’t believe “Missing” isn’t going to be renewed! It’s such a great show and it’s only getting better!

      • cms says:

        I’m upset that show is not being picked up by ABC, maybe another station will come to their senses! I love watching this with my husband and even my mother watches it! Come back MISSING!

    • Margie says:

      This is a great show! We can’t believe they are cancelling it. The plot is great, the actors are great…. why cancel a good show. We love “Missing”.

    • I can’t believe they are cancelling the best show on TV. What are the executives thinking??? It’s exciting and keeps me wanting to come back for more. Leave on Missing!!!

      • D Fisher says:

        I agreeMissing was like watching a action movie,loved that show,she got shot at the end, which I was hoping it was going to continue. That’s the best show I’ve watched in yrs. So,so dissappointed in ABC AND ALOTO F CHANNEL NETWORKS,BETTER OFF CANCELLING cable and just watch movies.

    • Heather says:

      I can’t believe they took this off the air! Why? Why do networks do stupid things like remove the good shows? Personally, I am a CBS watcher, I pretty much live on that channel. HOWEVER, I make it a point to watch Missing every week, I haven’t missed a show since it started and I am hooked on it…guess that’s going to end starting this fall. =( Thanks ABC, you’ve just lost me.

    • Suzanne says:

      Love this show. I am so tired of all the bad shows. Reality…..I have a life and my kids and grandkids give me enough reality. We finally get something that is good and they take it off. Come on….wake up CEOs. We are all not liberal between the ages of 19-49!!!

    • My mother in law and I love Ashley Judd so I was so excited to see the previews of MISSING and now that it is on I am addicted. I have to be home at 8 o clock every Thursday night just to see it. And Now to hear they are taking it off. That’s BS! This is a good show so please don’t take it off the air, She makes the show. Seems like the networks need to ask us viewers what we want to watch, instead of making their own minds us. We help pay there salaries.

    • J. Pennington says:

      Cannot believe that this show would ever be cancelled. It is absolutely fantastic and what a big loss. Cancel some of the other terrible shows but keep this one on the air!!!!!!!

    • Maria says:

      This was a great show! How can they cancel something that is worthwhile watching then replace it with something that isn’t worth watching. For an action series it keeps you on your toes with the twist to the plot. It is a fast pace hour of T.V.

    • Lori says:

      Ashley Judd is one of the best actors out there, this show was really a family show, and unfortunately that is the shows they always cancel, however, they leave shows on there like 1000 ways to die or survival. I think it is a tragedy that this show is cancelled, I think that this show they really didnt know how many viewers they had. However, we have to pay for the most of the most terrible tv that the critics feel we should watch, but we wouldn’t even let our children watch. I am not happly with this decision at all

  2. Bree says:

    Wasn’t her first major tv gig the show Sisters? That show is how I became a fan of her, Paul Rudd, and George Clooney.

    • pappy5282 says:

      no one must read all of these stories cause it said the first time for full time on a seires she only guess stared in the other two

  3. Wendy says:

    BTW not the first time Ashley has been on tv series. She made several apppearances as an ensign on Star Trek the Next Generation

  4. SheMail says:

    Whooooo!! You girls just READ him! Looks like Aussie fixed it!

  5. sashay says:

    I wonder if it’s loosely based on the movie of about 20 years ago that starred Sissy Spacek. That’s the only reason I could think of that they would use such a generic name. There was a Canadian show that aired on Lifetime about a psychic youth/early adult had the same title and went off the air in 2006. Catarina Scorsone had the title role, and it co-starred Viveca Fox (after Gloria Reuben left).
    I think these generic titles are one reason why new shows don’t get a lot of attention, and get cancelled before we have a chance to check them out. I like Ashley, but she’s had a pretty low profile the last few years. Usually you just hear about her when her racecar husband wins a race. I hope the show does well, because I really think she is a good actor, but the premise and title of this show doesn’t stand out. I could see it disappearing (or going missing!) before anyone knew it was here.

  6. Jamie says:

    This sounds really good and I love Ashley Judd. I’ll be tuning in!

  7. TBag says:

    I welcome this! I would watch Ashley Judd paint her kitchen.

  8. Jason says:

    Sold. Will watch. Not concerned about the shows that I currently watch getting canceled at this point. Apparently, there will be several shows with great actresses to take their place. Looking forward to seeing Judd, Gellar and Bello on my tv next fall.

  9. tenibadiawara says:

    really? they all are coming to TV… Whitaker on Suspect behavioir, kerry Washington on new shonda rhimes project, fishburn on csi, etc… who’s next?

  10. Cat says:

    I hope she does this. I’ve always liked her in movies, and this just sounds like an extended version of a movie she’d be in anyway.

  11. Igloo says:

    This is brilliant news. Ashley is a wonderful actress. Loved the show Sisters as well.

  12. Dave Rowe says:

    Missing is not only the best new show, but possibly the best show on ABC. Bad Call!

  13. cheryl says:

    Wow!! I really liked this show, maybe a cable station will pick it up.

  14. I think Ashley is a fantastic actress.. I didn’t know it was on already. What night is it showing, I will be sure to tune in.

  15. amber says:

    I loved this show along with two of the others you canceled…but u keep the fairytale crap…bad call again abc…best drama I’ve seen since 2006

  16. Love the show and am sorry to see it might be canceled.

  17. regina whitman says:

    i love this show it is so real & great actors

  18. Janet Napier says:

    I also love this show, but have to watch it online, because all the networks keep trying to put it new shows on an already well established Thursday night line up. So I still watch my already well liked thursday night shows and watch this one and Awake on NBC online. Why can’t they just move this show to another night, where it would have more of a chance to be successful. I really love this show and the premise allows many possible future story lines too, so if they would just move it to another night other than Thursday, I think it would be watched more.

  19. Jeff Peterseim says:

    This was a great show and one of the few that I actually looked forward to see….The drama and the excitement in thisshow was great ….once again a wrong choice and just another reason to watch another network.

  20. Tammy says:

    Love Missing….hate reality shows, that’s all these stations play anymore. Where’s the creativity?

  21. Di says:

    I can’t beleive this cancelingf “MISSING”. If you want to cancel something cancel Reality Shows, “Jerry Springer and alike shows. Gives our young people bad impressions and ideas that they don’t need to see. This is some of the reasons we have so many crazy’s in this world. TV feeds it to them..”, What U see is what U get”.
    MISSING” IS A GREAT ! show, very suspenceful: maybe the writers can’t keep the suspence up. Geat young actress! Very sorry to see it go>>>

  22. why would take a good tv show of the air .ashley Judd is alsome in the show from her fan arthur templin hamtramck mich. i will miss her. show god bless her

  23. Steve N. says:

    My wife and I have watched this show unfold each week. I can’t believe abc is canceling it. Bad move abc!

  24. Martha says:

    Should have known better then to get hooked on this show. Seems any show I really like gets cancelled! I love watching Ashley Judd.

  25. Elvira M Rizo says:

    I never watch any shows because when you are more into it it gets cancelled but I have been folllowing Missing and loved it! Ashley Judd is incredible in her portrait on the show is great! What better than this show is the station going to show? another dumb reality show?
    Sorry to see it go!

  26. MY says:

    I think the directors and producers of Missing should be the ones to drop ABC and got to another network like TNT, TBS or USA. ABC, your lineup sucks…you had a winner and dropped them! LAME! You had a winner and let them go.

  27. MY says:

    “GO” to another network…not “GOT”. =)

  28. Lauren Harrington says:

    Missing needs stay its a good enjoyable show considering others are silly like apt 23!

  29. Homeboy says:

    This is the best show my wife and I have seen in years. Seems everytime they find a show worth watching, it just last a season and is gone. We look forward to watching this show every week. Didn’t like ABC and all it’s liberal people aznyhow, this just makes me shy away from ABC all the moe.

  30. Susan Frazer says:

    WHO MAKES THESE DECISIONS ANYWAY???? Missing has been an excellent drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I’m so sorry. I HATE all the sit com that is replacing drams on T.V.

    • Homeboy says:

      ABC never has used good judgement in what they keep on the air. This does it for me and ABC. They are putting the ax to a very good show after just one year.

    • Sherry says:

      Exactly, and the reality shows are even worse. Guess they are CHEAPER to produce!

  31. Josh says:

    I give up on ABC!! You finally put on a quality show, then cancel it after just one season. Why should I waste any of my time geting into one of your shows ever again?

  32. john says:

    I rarely watch TV shows other than news…and I absolutely love to watch Missing…it is a great show and ABC should reconsider…if it drops Missing, a cable channel should quickly pick it up>>>

  33. Renee says:

    Missing is currently one of the top TV series! Whoever makes the decision to cancel this show needs to be axed. Bad decision! I can’t believe it! My favorite show!

  34. eugene bradshaw says:

    This is a very good show. I am totally disappointed in the network’s decision to drop it. What more do they want? MISSING is a class act!!!



  36. Sherry says:

    Please don’t cancel this show. It’s our family’s favorite show. Love all this unexpected twists. It’s one of the few shows on that shows some creativity!

  37. Michelle says:

    Im so upset they are not bringing MISSING back. My son and I love that show and can’t wait til the following week to see it again. It’s the only show I watch on ABC. Man what a bummer.

  38. NANCY says:

    Missing is the best show that has been on in a long time. The best show seems to always be the one that gets the ax. Not renewing it should be reconsidered.

  39. Janet says:

    I’m upset that ABC is not renewing Missing for a second season. It’s the best show on TV since 24. Always fast paced and terrific surprise twists every week. These kind of decisions are why I’ll stop watching ABC, it’s one of the best shows they have in their week lineup.

  40. Nadine says:

    I love Missing! It’s like a new Bourne movie every week! I do, however, think it was a little too violent for the time slot. I dvr’d it to watch after the kids were in bed. I hope another network picks it up!

  41. MFK says:

    I love Missing! This is very bad decision on ABC part. Please bring it back for a second season.

  42. Patricia says:

    Thursday I was sitting on the edge of my seat watching Missing.Its my favorite show. Can’t wait for the next one to come on. Its too good to cancel

  43. Bella says:

    So sad to see Missing go, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen on the network, it had the plot, the action, and great views of Europe. It’s hard to imagine what criteria they use to ax shows. Maybe it didn’t get good enough advertising/exposure? Then again, so many shows and sitcoms needed way more than a single season to become hits (Friends, Sex and the City) and all they had in common were the few raving fans who spotted the show early on and just couldn’t stop talking about it.

  44. Barbara Ervin says:

    Cancel MISSING? A good show, story-line, fast paced plot, interesting characters and unpredictable action! What more could you want to entertain you? I really like this show, could hardly wait for the next episode. Good ENTERTAINMENT.

    Oh, I forgot — apparently TV producers think their viewers want to watch people eat bugs (slime, guts and worse), prove to the world they would do ANYTHING for a few bucks or few minutes of “fame”, try to exhibit the lowest form of human behaviors for the world to watch. Personally, I find all that disgusting — therefore not to be watched, so I just keep scanning the schedule for something else — or just turn off the TV.

    I wonder how they generate the “ratings” TV execs present to prospective sponsors for those shows, and cancel the shows that qualify as entertainment. Obviously no one has asked me to rate the shows.

    Put decent shows on if you want me to watch and see/buy products offered by sponsors.

  45. dawn says:

    Such a sad decision to see this show removed from the lineup, another network should pick this series up the acting blows away the garbage that is shown on realty TV that is blasted into our homes daily. I could care less about the love lives of a single person yet they continue to air the silly shows they do. Bring back shows that are worth the time I actually take out of my life to watch otherwise I won’t bother.

  46. Fred Stover says:

    Do NOT cancel this show it is one of the better show this year . I LOVE IT

  47. sd says:

    I agree with everyone else. “Missing” is a great entertaining, action packed show! Please do not cancel this program! If worse comes to worse… hopefully another network will pick this fantastic show up so we all can continue to enjoy the actors and the action!!

  48. Polly says:

    Hate to see this one go! Love it! So hard to find good tv anymore and this show truly keeps you coming back for more.

  49. Harold says:

    When i just read Missing is not comming back i couldn’t believe it,but then again that’s what they do they keep a lot of junk and get rid of something worth watching. I thought Ashley was great and the whole cast played there parts great. BUMMER

  50. peter says:

    im sorry what are you guys thinking,misssing gets better and better each show.ashley kicks ass,.this is the best show ever .THE ONLY THING THAT SHOULD BE MISSING IS THE GUYS THAT CANCELLED THE SHOW….THIS SHOW ROCKS KEEP IT ON

    • connie says:

      it would be very upsetting ,to take one of the most exciting shows off and,replace it with un-wanting negativity keep us happy!

      • we tuned in to this show ONLY because of Ashley Judd starring in it and soon fell in love with all of the characters…. I only watch 3 series on tv…. Body of Proof…. Once Upon a Time and Missing…. I want to watch quality tv with great actors without all the sex and fluff…. Don’t cancel Missing.