Glee Exclusive: Kathy Griffin, Loretta Devine to Play [Spoiler Alert]!

Let’s go ahead and start calling the judges for Glee’s upcoming Regionals “The Supremes,” shall we, because this one-two punch of casting scoop definitely qualifies them for the title: Not only Kathy Griffin but Grey’s Anatomy‘s Loretta Devine have been named to the panel!

Although a casting breakdown that’s being passed around like a love note in third period suggests that Griffin will be playing a Sarah Palin type, my source tells me that Tammy Jean, the D-Listed liberal’s home-schooling Tea Party candidate character, isn’t really anything like the controversial former Alaskan governor. (Besides, what would be the point of trying to out-Palin Tina Fey?)

Devine, meanwhile, will tackle a sister act — as in Sister Mary Constance. Though the character wears a halo and a habit now, she is said to have worn a lot less in her former profession, at least by the end of a shift: She used to be a stripper!

So what do you think? Sound like fun, or big fun? Weigh in below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin says:

    These “guest” appearances are the reason this show is failing recently. Just give us a plot line that makes sense. A story that has come flow and some kick ass songs by some very talented kids and we will be set. Seriously-we do we need this continual influx of B-list (OR LOWER)talent to bring into the story line. It feels forced, false, and just pointless. Get back to the basics. . .for example, when was the last time Mr. Shuester sang in an episode for an entire song? Been a while right? Get back to the basics!!!

    • Danielle says:

      I totally agree!

    • Brad says:

      Failing? LOL @ the rube. You obviously have never heard of these things called ratings. Do some research, hayseed.

      • Josh says:

        Thank goodness you got your little name calling out of the way since that big bad man insulted your pwecious Gwee. Here’s some research for you-go back and find out what the most recent guest stars added to the show other than star power. Storylines are halted by unnecessary guest stars, and two of the worst musical numbers-Nowadays and Ohio-were from guest stars.

      • Greg says:

        Yeah but he does have a point with the whole ratings thing glee has been getting really high ratings even more than their first season, And whereas I do agree the show has gotten a little stale I also have to say I have been impressed with the last two episodes. And anyways truth is that the producers can only do what they believe is best for the show and if having big stars on it gives them the results they want ( in other words high ratings) what do you expect them to do.

    • JDHetherington says:

      Your an idiot. 5 guest stars this season. Gwyneth Paltrow, Barry Boswick, Meatloaf, Katie Couric, Britney Spears. That’s 5 guest stars. Over 4 episodes. Out of 13. How dare a prime time show with armies of talented high profile actors want to appear on their show. How many other shows get this much interest from celebrities?

      People like you ruin television shows. You focus on 1 thing that has a hit or miss chance of working and you use it to drive shows in the ground. If we didn’t have the internet, I’m pretty sure Heroes would probably still be around.

      • Kent Straith says:

        He may be an idiot, but you forgot about Carol Burnett.

      • Hannah says:

        Also, very few of those people had very large parts- they aren’t really “thrown” at us, they are most just there to add to the polot. Gwnyeth was great, I (and most other people) probably would not have recognized Barry and Meatloaf at first glance, and Katie Couric and Britney Spears were both there for comedic affect. It’s not really like they are “HEEEEERREEEES BRITNEY SPEARS!” or anything. They are just there to make some laughs and go. Carol Burnett and Gwyneth were the best though.

        • gillen says:

          100 % agree, this b listed star acts are just side dishes, but the problem is this airtime should be use to further iron the storyline. i know how cool it is to be invited to the party, but what if the party is beginning to suck?(party=glee). the moment this has-beens enter the scenes, its the main characters line’s get chopped. and the regional is coming but the plot leading to it is not heard of. while Sue’s hiatus is proven to be as stupid as like nothing really change in her. her character is impossible and over thought. rachel’s moment on regaining back her star powers is a nonsense act.
          but i must give it to glee, when the story almost comes clean, that’s the time they’ll sloshed it. maybe that’s how they drive the story, a sudden break after a dash. makes premature ejaculation a wuss. and murphy must think deeper how could he stretch the time line on his one sentence plot. the guy’s head is as brilliant as brittany’s. a human cannon ball? really!

        • gillen says:

          100 % agree, this b listed star acts are just side dishes, but the problem is this airtime should be use to further iron the storyline. i know how cool it is to be invited to the party, but what if the party is beginning to suck?(party=glee). the moment this has-beens enter the scenes, its the main characters line’s get chopped. and the regional is coming but the plot leading to it is not heard of. while Sue’s hiatus is proven to be as stupid as like nothing really change in her. her character is impossible and over thought. rachel’s moment on regaining back her star powers is a nonsense act.
          but i must give it to glee, when the story almost comes clean, that’s the time they’ll sloshed it. maybe that’s how they drive the story, a sudden break after a dash. makes premature ejaculation a wuss. and murphy must think deeper how could he stretch the time line on his one sentence plot. the guy’s head is as brilliant as brittany’s. a human cannon ball? really! but still watching it

      • Cappie says:

        I love you for bringing Heroes into this.
        P.S. I agree with you on so many levels.

      • Thomas says:

        You also forgot about Uncle Jesse there; aka John Stamos.
        And yes! Much love for bringing Heroes into it…that show rocked and I wish they hadn’t stopped it.

        • Wendy Ungar says:

          Just a note about Heros: did anyone else notice that there are so many of the Glee cast in Heros? Quinn, Teri, the former Glee instructor, (can’t remember his name), Emma, ….makes me wonder if someone casted both shows….

          • Hope says:

            OMG – was IMDBing the cast to see what the common factor is between Heroes and Glee besides a third of the actors! Who was the one to bring all these people from Heroes over to Glee? And Heroes should have kept going, it really is a great series.

    • Kris says:

      Their not getting episodes dedicated to them, they’re playing judges in the Regionals competition. They stunt casted the judging panel last year and it worked. Glee isn’t accomodating celebrities by writing stories for Kathy Griffin. Kathy and Loretta will be propping up the Glee club storyline.

    • anna says:

      Great…more stunt casting to cover the fact that the writers ain’t got no story left.

      Here’s a crazy idea, how about writing stories around your large ALREADY-EXISTING cast?

      • Suz says:

        this isn’t a new storyline. they are just playing judges. they did celebrity judging last year (remember josh groban?) and those celebrities didn’t have their own story line. also, who out of the existing cast do you expect to act as judges? sue again? mr. schue?? they aren’t any adults in the current cast who could play the judges since they all either coach a team or have a kid on the team.

      • Mel says:

        You obviously don’t watch the show because the story right now is really intense, more plots and story lines are being introduced each episode.

      • Dakota says:

        I disagree with you in that I want celebrities on the show BUT

        I agree. I feel like Glee is ignoring a lot of the pre-existing plot lines floating around. There’s a LOT of unresolved Emma/Will things in the air..heck, there’s still a lot of Will/Terri stuff out there. Mercedes had one episode where she was eating all the time because she had no boyfriend, but that plot fell flat on its face for some reason. I could go on and on with what unresolved plot issues we have right now.

        It just seems like Glee is focusing mainly on Kurt/Blaine now (which I love),the Sam/Quinn/Finn/Rachel triangle, and Puck and Lauren. Both those stories are interesting and all, but what happened to the rest of the cast’s story? I mean, when’s the last time Tina had any story time? It seems absurd to ignore the old members and let the new cast members take over the story.

    • albert says:

      Last year’s regional judges were Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John, playing themselves (badly). This year’s are Kathy Griffith and Loretta Davis playing characters who were cast after Glee sent out a casting call. This is not an example of Glee getting worse.

      • Jim says:

        The problem…Kathy has not had a good year. Glee pokes fun here and there and half the country (Republicans) and it’s cute. Sue can get away with that. Kathy has crossed the line in her attacks. If they are not careful – the writers will isolate a large chunk of their audience who actually appreciates their wit.

        • Janet says:

          I totally agree, I will not watch Glee any more if they cast Kathy Griffin in it. She is a bully and I can’t stand the site of her.

    • Nathan says:

      i think this judging panel is going to awesome. such amazing actresses who are strong alone…should be cool seeing them together. it’ll definitely be a regionals not to miss

    • Barbara says:

      Failing? Where do you get your information from: Glee is a success, but, of course, if you don’t like the guests you can NOT WATCH THE SHOW

    • Mark says:

      I like the format. Guest stars (even B-rated) never hurt “Love Boat”! Those stars want to be a part of the FUN Too! Light, airy, fluff is ok with me in this particular instance. I am generally TOO SERIOUS! The show has taught me a good lesson. Yes, life has it’s complexities and inequalities, but let’s not get bogged-down in them! Let’s help each other recognize the issues, and them MOVE ON! Let’s SING and DANCE! Why get sooooooo serious? Live life! Love each other! Those complexities will then begin to take care of themselves!

  2. Will. I. Learn. says:

    I really REALLY need to understand that SPOILER ALERT means “I’m not just going to give you one spoiler … I’m going to tell you more and and more and more. Until you know the whole episode before it airs!”

  3. Luis M. says:


  4. Will. I. Learn. says:

    I’m okay with guest appearances, but how much better would have been to watch the show live and have NO IDEA Kathy Griffin and Loretta DeVine would be on there? ….. Those are the types of cool events that define a show as must-watch TV.

  5. Disappointed says:

    I am so disappointed in the casting of Cathy Griffin. She is absolutely awful! There are so many people trying to get on the show, why do they have to pick this loser! However, I do like Loretta Devine. But a hooker! This show is geared for kids, why are they pushing the limits on every show. Santana’s activities are pushing the limits….hope she gets her due!

    • Disappointed says:

      sorry, Kathy…

    • CAM says:

      I agree! Can’t stand Kathy Griffin!

    • I’m sure Kathy is “Disappointed” that you are unable to spell her name correctly. Also, Santana is the best part of the show, she keeps it real and she’s hilarious.

    • Bre says:

      this show is actually not geared for kids, and it hasn’t been since the first episode. It’s been geared for high schoolers and older, who certainly know all about these things.

    • Lorraine says:

      Really loser. I guess Kathy really has to be a loser to sell out madison square garden and a week long show on broadway.

      • Jason says:

        Agreed.. I like how you call her a loser… but what have you done that thinks you amount to so much as to pass judgement on someone who is internationally famous and is obviously good at what they do to keep media attention and continue in their career? Go Kathy!!!! Wooo!.. I also think you would find majority of teens, children, whoever that watch Glee because they understand and enjoy it.. already know about much worse things

  6. Peppy says:

    Great news! I love them both.

  7. HoneyBee says:

    I wanna hear Loretta Devine singing her heart out!

  8. Gleek says:

    I really wish Glee would stop with the guest stars and just focus on the cast! Every time a new face shows up, it takes away air time from regulars who are the only people fans actually care about! I’m sure it’ll be entertaining (when isn’t it?) but this is getting ridiculous.

    • Suz says:

      they are just playing judges. they aren’t taking away airtime. remember last year’s regionals? we had josh groban, olivia newton-john and sue as judges. they didn’t take away any additional time. just the time we would expect to see the judging process/add suspense. it’s not like we’re getting an episode dedicated to these two. relax.

  9. rolfe says:

    Can’t wait! Kathy is hilarious!

  10. Donna says:

    I love love love Kathy Griffin! So happy to hear it! :)

  11. Kevin says:

    Loretta should have been cast as Mercedes’ mother.

    • Disappointed says:

      That would have been awesome! When are we going to meet Rachel’s 2 dads….

      • Finee says:

        Never Ryan Murphy doesn’t have clue on how to write them… I bet they will show in what ever will be Lea’s last episode.

        Guest stars for judges doesn’t bother me. As long as it is like one scene and not too much, and extended cameo….

        • jules says:

          I nominate Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Derrick Baskin. They’ve already played EXACTLY the same roles in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” where Murphy clearly lifted the characters from.

  12. AndyLuvr says:

    Loretta Devine! The original Lorrell Robinson from Broadway’s DREAMGIRLS is showing up on GLEE! That’s cool. Kathy Griffin? Not so much.

  13. TintedLenses says:

    The best part about this news is surely now Kathy will blab all about her experience with the GLEE cast in some upcoming Bravo stand-up special!

    I want her to rip on Matthew Morrison’s smug, dancing-face more than Sue Sylvester rags on Will Schuester’s frizz-fro.

    • Bri says:

      I totally agree!!! I would love to hear her take on the show and the cast. Unlike those terrible gossip bloggers, she talks about people she has actually met, and she never brown noses them, but she’s not unnecessarily rude or negative either. I think what she says will be as close as it comes to the truth.

  14. leo says:

    Please find a way to let Loretta Devine sing on the show!

  15. Dee says:

    Umm, am I the only one who actually read the spoiler? They’re playing JUDGES. How much screen time did the judges from Sectionals and Regionals have last year? Maybe 2 mins. Let’s not all get our panties in a collective twist, shall we?

  16. Jenn says:

    Attention all whiners!!! If you don’t like to know what is going to happen beforehand on your shows, WHY ARE YOU READING THE SPOILERS?????? Here’s a thought, Don’t read it if you don’t wanna know! Kinda simple….

  17. Sarah says:

    Well here’s my thing. I’ll only watch this show IF a celebrity I like is guest starring. Can’t stand it otherwise. And I’ll definitely tune in just because I love Kathy Griffin. Cool that they’re playing judges. If anything, they’ll most likely be on in the very last 10 minutes or something. Chill, people.

  18. AlistairCrane says:

    Please bring Terri back to the show. She is the only character I truly love to see each week.

  19. Jill says:

    So for everyone complaining about the “stunt casting”: I don’t hear you complain when CSI(any of them), Hawaii 5-0, SVU, Grey’s etc, etc have guest stars on for an episode or 2. Why is Glee so different for you? You can’t really have episodes about parents w/o maybe bringing in an actual parent(Carol Burnett). Teachers do get sick, suspended, whatever and there are substitutes. People fall in love with people they don’t work with(John Stamos)

    I love Glee and what actually bothers me more is that Kurt was not on this past episode. The stunt casting, to an extent, adds to the character development as the season goes on.

    • mark says:

      Because other shows don’t depend on “name” guest stars on a such a regular basis. Other shows don’t completely ignore their existing cast in order to create a showcase for the name-of-the-week. They can’t give Kurt a storyline if they have to give 20 minutes of a forty minute show to Paltrow or Griffin or Stamos or Burnett or whoever.

  20. Kira J says:

    Sounds fantastic to me!

  21. Stephanie says:

    Eh, I have to say- I’m not happy with this Kathy Griffin playing some home-schooling parent. I just hope it’s not offensive- they’ve already made some derogatory jokes towards homeschoolers (so much for accepting all types of people) I was home-schooled for four years, during high school, and it was basically the same curriculum given at the best schools in the state. I had/have a very nice social life. My best friends are a mix of public, private, and home schooled students.I ended up with a good fun years, socially, while academically scoring high on my SATs and being accepted at every university I applied to. Now I’m looking into various careers in Science (even if theatre is where my heart is at, so still undecided…)
    Overall there was no weirdness during my homeschool years (but yeah, there are some parents that do a horrendous job at schooling their kids)
    Yes, maybe it’s meaningless or I’m jumping the gun here, but for once I wish a show could put homeschoolers in a positive light. Hopefully glee can do that, but I’m not holding on to any hope considering it’s track record.

    I sound like a whiner, eh? haha, I know.

    • steve talbert says:

      The problem with homeschooling is that the vast majority of people home schooled get a terrible education because one of the prime reasons people home school their kids is to make sure they don’t learn things about the world that they don’t agree with.

      Also, regardless of the quality of academic education, kids schooled at home miss learning socialization skills if they don’t have any group activities. This is somewhat offset by the large number of religious homeschoolers who have their kids go to sunday school and church group activities,,, but then those people are the ones who end up thinking the world is 5,000 years old.

      • CoffeeMom says:

        I agree with Stephanie, I groaned when I saw that one of the judges would be a homeschooler as it plays directly into the false stereotype that many erroneous believe. The majority of homeschoolers in America are not conservative, nor religious. They are families who want a superior education for their children and religion plays little to no part in their curriculum and life in general. Our children are not unsocialized nor are they uneducated. In fact, the opposite is true. Homeschool children interact with people of all ages on a daily basis, not just their similar-aged peers & teachers. Colleges actively seek out homeschoolers because they are better prepared academically than their ps and private schooled counterparts.

        On the topic of this spoiler, I look forward to Kathy Griffin’s portrayal of the Sarah Palin type judge. It should be hilarious. If Kurt & Blaine are singing a flirty duet together, such a judge could vote against them for being “immoral.”

    • steve talbert says:

      This is why homeschooling is typically not put in a positive light.. because it really fails the vast majority of kids that are in that situation. That is not to say that your’s wasn’t good, it’s just that is the vast majority. Our society needs the common bond of social education to be able to stay united as the future fractures into everyone’s special self interest.

      Also, I am not saying all public or private group schools are good. Many are bad and dumb down academics too.

  22. Jasin says:

    It’d be great to have Terri and Loretta Devine’s character interact and become a mini Boston Public reunion. yay!

  23. Rico says:

    This show has fallen badly from what it was in those first few episodes. Here’s hoping they refocus next season and get back to telling coherent stories.

    As for Kathy Griffin, the woman hasn’t been funny in years.

  24. Scooter says:

    this is amazing news! Kathy Griffin is a comedy goddess! and Loretta Divine is wonderful in every role she tackles.

  25. Doug in Jax says:

    Hollywood creates a one-dimensional evil conservative character to show the stupid peasants that they need to get back to work on the socialist plantation. Gosh, this is news?

  26. Cassidy Chambers says:

    now i see why kirsten only seems to make one face. she is not very flattering here…

  27. Lauren says:

    Id have to agree with both sides of the argument. While it is nice to see celebrity guests every now and then, they take away the attention from the main cast.
    I dont think they need to have one on every episode because the show was just as good without them.
    And lets be honest, they’re mainly singers or actors who arent making it big anymore.

  28. Patrick says:

    I just can’t wait to see Kathy Griffith as a conservative tea party, it will definitely be interesting…

  29. Kathy Who?? says:

    Sorry, I have much more important things to do that night than watch this hatefiul biotch. It was a toss up betwen watching a nobody actress(actress????) or washing my socks.

  30. Jane says:

    Who said this show is geared for kids? In one of the first episodes Will gets the quarterback to join Glee club by saying he found marijuana in his locker. Santana’s character has been a slut since the beginning. I love the show, but why would you have your kids watch it? You never know what way the script will go next. I love Kathy Griffin, but I do agree that they don’t need so many guests on the show to be great.

  31. jennifer says:

    hola me gusta son los mejores

  32. Rachael says:

    Kathy sucks. Man face needs to crawl back into the cave she came from.

  33. Bobbi says:

    You guys are taking this way out of proportion. You realize all shows have guest stars right? And the plot line is still there? Chill guys and enjoy the musical numbers. :)

  34. g r says:

    It’s a fun show people! Just enjoy the antics, all the talent and flow! Guest stars? They like to have fun too!
    Life is too short to analyze all the details of a 1 hour show that has wonderfully talented people singing and dancing!!

  35. maureen mendillo says:

    I can;t wait to see Kathy Griffin on tne show. she;s hilarious

  36. Rena says:

    IloveGlee..i really wanna be in the show..email me and ill prove dat im good at singing..im ur biggest fan…

  37. Meg says:

    I worked with Kathy Griffin and I can tell you she is the same person in real life that she portrays – a biotch! Just ask any stand-up comic what they think of her. I will definitely miss this show and if they are going to take shots at home school kids and anything deemed conservative, they need to balance it out the other way too. That’s what made SNL great. But then again, it should be a show about the kids and singing because that’s really what makes the show special.

  38. wow says:

    its geared towards high schoolers, the cast is in high school. and any teen knows way worse stuff than what glee ever shows anyway, theyre keeping it real because no one wants to wach a show that is uber fake. if younger kids are watching it. its their parents fault the shows.

  39. Ella es muy linda y también toda la gente de GLEE

  40. Emily says:

    Its gonna be a great show! And if you dont like guest stars then you dont need to watch the show. There cast is great and adding a few celebs sometimes is fine. Since if there ratings go up that means people liked it……duh. Also this shows audience is based for high schoolers and older so stop complaining about it.

  41. Chris says:

    I Agree^

  42. Gleekster says:

    Would have been great to see them use the original American Idol judges…Randy, Simon and the Ditz… Just sayin’…

  43. ChrisLe says:

    I love Kathy and she is perfect for the show! Loretta, too. I think both of these actresses/comediennes are excellent guests and will fit right in with the satire and smart ass remarks. Overall I love the show, but with one complaint – as talented as the writers are, why do they have to “copy” music videos? I’d like to see a Glee take on Madonna’s Vogue or Britney Spear’s Toxic videos, but instead they tried to copy them as if they wanted to prove they could do it. I’d rather see some humor or parody.

  44. Jae says:

    Devine is so amazing. I totally see her on Glee. I hope they give her a good song.

  45. Doug says:

    I agree with Bobbi. I don’t understand how people are complaining about the show so much but are still watching it. If you don’t like what’s going on in the series just stop watching. It’s just that easy. As for the unresolved plot issues, the season is not yet over so who is to say that those plots won’t be addressed later on?

  46. Chris says:

    I find Kathy Griffin bitter and annoying. Her ‘humor’ consists of trying to belittle people. Not cool. I DVR Glee, but any episode with Kathy Griffin will be deleted without watching because I find that witch that aggravating.

    BTW – Recent college statistics show that homeschoolers not only average higher SAT scores but often do better than public schooled students in adjusting to college & graduating. Just compare the % of homeschoolers that have become Rhodes scholars to % public schooled students. This storyline sounds like a bad idea.

  47. BEN STIGELMAN says:


  48. Eron says:

    Wow, you’re all taking this way too seriously. It’s a good show, but also a young show. There are going to be kinks. Maybe have a little faith, and stop being such a lime green jelly bean about everything. Santana is lesbian! It’s definitely a day to celebrate. :D

  49. ralph says:

    I cannot believe that a delightful show like Glee allowed itself to
    be degraded by the appearance of a low-life, foul-mouthed skank like
    Kathy Griffin. What were they thinking? It was about the most unimaginative, uncreative, unfunny casting – and dialogue – I could think of. Even if they just HAD to invent an opportunity to bash the Tea Parties, it could have been done much better. It stained an otherwise really nice episode. BTW, their bashing of the Catholic Church wasn’t any better. Pitiful dialogue. Must have subcontracted the writing to Michael Moore. Actually, even Michael Moore would have been a lot funnier than either actress.

    Anyone who thinks Kathy Griffin is funny has no taste or class. She’s just leeching off the fame of Sarah Palin. Just disgraceful.

  50. b hamilton says:

    Glee has a new low. Kathy Griffin (original mean girl) as a Tea Party lady (she’s no lady). That’s my dropping off point. Bye-bye Glee, you can keep Kathy G.