Survivor: Redemption Island: Who Are Your Early Picks for the Final Three?

Last night’s season premiere of Survivor: Redemption Island featured what Jeff Probst referred to as one of the “most amazing Tribal Councils” in show history. Somehow, Kristina found herself a hidden immunity idol without a single clue to help her cause. Somehow, Boston Rob grew to suspect his tribemate had found said jade trinket in the woods. And somehow, Phillip — who suffers from dry mouth and is a FORMER SPECIAL AGENT, in case there’s anyone out there with whom he hasn’t shared this information — decided to flip on his alliance of Kristina and Francesca/Franczsqua, and ended up freaking out everybody on the Ometepe tribe. Also, the “old, annoying guy in the droopy fuscia briefs” used the term “hyper state of arousal.” Oh no! Oh, yes, actually. The Redemption Island Limited  has only made one stop, and we’re already deep deep deep into Crazyland. Good times!

Anyhow, since I’m going to be recapping the Survivor action for the remainder of the season, I thought it might be fun to start by checking in and finding out which three contestants your gut tells you are most likely to make the final three. Oh, I know it’s early, and our knowledge of some of these people’s names is limited to “impressive man sweater” or “needs to put on some damn pants,” but why not be bold and put our predictions down on paper the Internet right this very minute? I’ll go first…

Steve: Gray-haired dude displayed a solid wall of muscle where he sagging skin and spare tire are supposed to be. (I kid, I kid…but no way am I gonna have that abdomen by the time I get to be 51.) Was smart enough to keep it friendly with wily Russell right off the bat, and while he’s built like an alpha male, he seemed more than happy to take a supporting role in building the Zapatera shelter.

Andrea: One of the younger women of the Ometepe tribe, she exhibited the patience of a saint when annoying Phillip tried to “teach” her how to dig a hole with a shovel. Her background growing up on a farm and knowledge of how to use an axe might come in handy in challenges and camp life.

David: Defense attorney playing for Zapatera readily noted Russell is the kind of player who “wants the blood on his hands,” and has already strategized with Iraq vet Mike about the threat posed by the two-time Survivor veteran. If there’s a power move ahead in the weeks to come, David’s as likely as anyone to be behind it.

Who do you think will make it all the way to the finals? Do Boston Rob or Russell have a chance, or will they arouse too much suspicion among their tribemates to last till the end? Hit the comments and share your picks, and for all my reality TV coverage, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. holly says:

    No way am I going to root for anyone that got air time last night. The entire pack seems full of themselves and i could have puked when Russel showed up again. Just plain ick, hated the ol ” I was a Federal officer guy too.”:

  2. John says:

    Mike, Grant, Boston Rob are who i WANT to be top 3.

  3. Matty says:

    OMG, Slezak, so excited you are doing these! Ugh, I loooooved Francesca/Franquesadilla. As soon as she opened her mouth I was rooting for her. But she messed up not trying to mesh with her tribe more, so she was stuck with Saggy Fuchsia Briefs Guy. Blah. Let’s hope she is able to win her way back from Redemption Island.

  4. D. Gator says:

    This season promises to be very interesting.
    I don’t know if it’s wise to predict a final three this early in the game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Steve, David, Mike and Sarita formed a strong alliance and made it to the end (who would get screwed at number 4, I can’t tell)

  5. John Berggren says:

    I don’t know that I’m ready to speculate on the final three – but I would like to see Phillip gone soon. If for no other reason than I don’t ever want to see those shorts again.

  6. Scooter says:

    between Phillip’s gross underwear and Top Chef Angelo’s black knee-high socks with shorts combo…could Wednesday night TV been more fashion-challenged?? why the face? indeed!

  7. Jen says:

    I enjoy your AI articles. I am looking forward to your Survivor Redemption Island insights. I am watching because Boston Rob is back. However, I know that he has a target on his back and will not be on the island long. Not only that but the teams are not divided evenly physically. I am not giving a prediction but will be reading your updates.

  8. Gen says:

    I think Phillip is amazing. He’s just so crazy and annoying, so I hope he sticks around for a bit. I like Mike and David so far and of course Rob, though I’m hoping his tribe won’t turn against him. I think it’s too early to pick top 3 though.

  9. Christina says:

    You really couldn’t get much of a read on anyone except Francesca, Phillip, and Kristina last night, and well none of them will be in the final three. It will take 2-3 episodes to get a read on everybody else.

  10. Vetle says:

    Phillip was sooooo annoying. I liked Kristina, but I don’t think she has a chance in hell now.

    At least this idol she found wasn’t as obvious (as in where it was hidden) as the first one Russell found in Samoa, in that tree, lol.

  11. Green says:

    David, Julie, Grant are very early picks. I would have to watch more for a better opinion. But it’s a ripper of a season so far.

  12. Jackie says:

    Jeff was right one of the best tribal councils ever!! I loved the whole Immunity Idol being called out it was great! at least Kristina didn’t give it away. If Rob had pulled that off he should have been given the money then and there. I am team Rob! Love him. It is too early to pick top 3 but wouldn’t it be glorious to see Rob and Russell sqaure off in the final. I think they should go back to top 2. I can’t remember the third person ever being close in the vote with the other 2.

  13. Satan says:

    Ah, Survivor, once again your psychologists select the most entertaining mix of personality disorders on television. Let us welcome Phillip to the Coach Club of Insecure Old Dudes Who Lack Self-Awareness Of Any Kind, a club, I might add, that is in the process of finding a more concise name.

  14. NEK5552 says:

    After tribal council. I know why phillip is a ex-federal agent. He doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shout !

  15. Magically Suspicious says:

    Phillip will go further than he should. He’s exactly the type that someone (Rob) will cozy up to and drag as far as possible for the vote, as well as his lack of being a threat in the end.

    Plus, he’s good tv. TPTB won’t let him go away early.

    As an aside…..I want Boston Rob’s manipulative smartass babies. Rawr.

  16. susela says:

    I so hope Francesca makes it back from Redemption Island, and that Boston Rob finds a way to stay in it for a good long while. Russell can go home immediately.

  17. Angi's Mom says:

    I dream that Phillip gets voted off next week to join Francesca on Redemption Island. Let the fireworks begin.

  18. Anna says:

    Matt, Rob, Stefanie. Final 3. I hope Rob wins but I don’t think he will. I think Matt will win, because he is athletic, likeable, will fly a little under the radar, but will finish strongly. Stefanie to finish third , will be the surprise packet and I think she will eventually switch tribes and form alliance with Rob and Matt. Helping them by revealing plans made by her former tribe. She will stab Russell in the back at some point. These are my predictions, cheers!

  19. GrantFan says:

    Typically, they like to get rid of the strong physical players before the merge…but the Redemption Island twist makes that a bad strategy. So I think they’ll want to keep them around so they don’t have to battle them later. With that in mind, as well as the invisible edit he received in the premiere, I’m going with GRANT for the win…with RUSSELL and ROB in there with him in the final 3.

  20. Sabrina says:

    I think Rob will make it far, but I am thinking he and Russell will face off in Redemption Island at some point. Clearly that would be the producer’s wet dream! I kind of think they will “re-enter” the game at or after the merge guaranteeing a spot on the jury. If Rob makes the merge he is definitely strong enough, and savvy enough to make the final 3. Russell I don’t think has a chance, no amount of “I think it is smart to align myself with the master of evil” is going to convince me these people will really pair up with him. Too many other goats to drag to the end. I like the blond dread lock guy they have not mentioned, I think he is someone Rob can successfully pair with, add in one of the females and they have a very, very good shot at the final three.

  21. SHAUNNA says:


  22. shaunna says:

    Saggy Fuchsia Briefs Guy& Franchesca keep it intersting hope she wins her way back from Redemption Island.

  23. cari says:

    Loved Tribal Council! Phils crazy but he can’t go yet! He’s too entertaining. I love to see Boston Rob at least get a chance to stay in the game this time. And a duel between Rob and Russ would truely make my day. Picks for final 3? Rob,Russ and anyone of the sweet cute girls haha

  24. MJ says:

    No way to predict – we still haven’t even met more than half the people in the game since it was the Phillip show.

    Am intrigued by some of those young guys on Russells tribe – who we’ve seen almost none of.

  25. JL says:

    iwould like to see phil and rusel and rob at the end ,,, it would be a good ending

  26. I personnely think robs gonna go when they merge espeilly if he is hiding something like a clue or an idol because they will want the “competion out first. As for russell hes gonna go as soon as his team loses a challenge than goes his allaince 1 by 1. I want this people to make it to the final three: “Boston” Rob Mariono, Mike, and Ralph not grant hes already a millionare. those are who i want now to who i think gonna make it to the final three: Andrea she is gonna miniplute people and shes gonna win as for second place winner Matt i think hes gonna be too good at challenges to beat if he goes to redemption he will beat everyone except rob or marine and 3rd place goes to ralph who i predict will find an idol quick as well as grant or rob on the ometepe tribe probally rob he will trick them somehow so the final three will probaly be : Andrea winner Matt runner up and Ralph 3rd place

  27. BM says:

    I think that Rob as a very good chance of winning but if he’s smart he shouldn’t bring Phillip or Natalie with him to the final 3. The same thing would happen as it did on season 8 with Rob and Amber. Rob is taking all the bullets while Phillip and Natalie and the entire Omatepea tribe are chilling out. Maybe he will get back stabbed by his so called tribe members. If I were him I would make sure that I am in control and I would top so I could know when to use that immunity idol and save my BUT.

  28. parisrocks says:

    someone should clue survivor directors into the FACT that the entire world is over that I think I am so cool i know i am a hands down, have it in the bag ROB! who should go back to where he started out from. this is the year 2011! get rid of that last attempt cry baby! he is nothing but a DINOSAUR!!!!! SURVIVOR needs to move on!
    give the viewers a reson to start watching the show again! instead of watching rob waiting around for his next plate of dou—ghnuts!!
    why isn’t this show looking for real players instead of bringing back all of these HAS—BINS!!!