Bones Preview: Confession Time Is Coming

Coming up on Fox’s Bones, a somewhat chilly Valentine’s Day stands to be offset by a blizzard that, ironically, could warm things up between Booth and Brennan.

First up, this Thursday at 9/8c, is an episode “that kind of gets them over the hump of Hannah,” who just last week informed her bling-bearing beau that she’s not the marrying type.

“It’s about two people, both of whom have no romance in their lives, turning their backs on Valentine’s Day 100-percent,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TVLine, “while everybody else around them is making plans and going off to have great evenings.”

As such, Booth and Brennan “are left alone, which of course is weighted in its own way,” Nathan says. And based on this photo, part of that alone time would appear to involve a shooting range — with not-too-small guns:

Then, following a two-week break and one sniper-centric episode, the partners in crimesolving experience a different kind of private time on March 17, when in the midst of a city-crippling blizzard, they find themselves sequestered inside a rickety elevator cab.

Sweets, chiming in now and again from beyond the stalled elevator’s doors, “is kind of the only person with them, and of course he’s always goading them into talking about their relationship. So there’s a lot of fun with that episode,” Nathan teases. “There are some moments where Brennan and Booth look at each other… and make some admissions.”

Bones fans, with the Hannah arc now (largely) over, are you looking forward to these upcoming developments between Booth and Brennan? And exactly what sort of “admissions” do you suspect will be made, and by whom, on March 17?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kaddison says:

    I am sincerely hoping for things to advance for our favorite not-yet couple, but knowing the sometimes not too subtle sadistic streak of the Bones show runners, I guess this pic I found the other day sums it up perfectly :-D:

    • bp says:

      Yep that about sums it up. Come on producers, if this was a relationship we are well beyond the 3rd date now, and yet we keep coming back for more. Quit teasing or I’m breaking up with you.

    • JB says:

      I love that link! It really is like that showrunners/EP for Bones view their audience as morons. I also hate the manipulative, blatant lying that goes on in teasing the episodes. Obviously they don’t care about alienating their audience.

      It is so curious in watching the first couple of seasons how much the show, and particularly Brennan, has seemed to regress at this point.

      • Bethany says:

        Have you ever heard of a showrunner who is always blatantly honest? People, we can’t just read the last page of the book here. We’ve been basically promised that the day will come when they will be together, ans it won’t be the last day of the series either. Let’s try and keep the faith here, okay?

        Anyway, I for one am thrilled about these two episodes. For tonight’s episode, it’s good to see it’ll get them over the hump that Hannah left behind, and it looks like it’ll get us back to the old days, pre-season 6 (or even 5…?) As for the elevator episode…I’m not expecting them to make leaps and bounds in their relationship (but I wouldn’t complain if they did!) I expect some heartfelt conversations, some admissions (nothing too heavy here, not quite yet) that do help them progress forward.

        I’m excited, and I definitely still believe in Bones and Hanson & co.

        • postsalot says:

          Well, JB’s whining about EP’s not caring if they alienate their fans is the sort of tv viewer entitlement that mystifies me. Ooooh, you watch there show but now they’re not giving you fries with your cheeseburger oooooh, they’re alienating you.

          But “keep the faith” ? Really? They’ve dragged it on too long and it’s not the last page of the book that people want to skip to, it’s the fear that we’ll only get six episodes in the final season of the two of them as a couple because the writers are scared of being able to write them as an interesting couple. A fear that hasn’t saved us from Angela and Shecoulddobetter or whatever his name is.

      • Imzadia says:

        I Totally Agree with your viewpoint here, JB. This ‘Not New-New news’ is simply a rehash of past promises. I still can’t forget that David Boreanez personally admitted that we shouldn’t expect for B&B to get together, ‘for Real’, any time soon. He along with the show runners think that the Teasing and UST is ‘Always’ Fun; NOT!- especially at this stage in the series. This latest annoucement sounds like it’ll be the Beginning of another BONES ‘Tease-a-thon’. I’ve just about had enough; interesting crimes and the Teamwork are also what I’ve loved about BONES, but still keeping B&B at arms length has become an insulting and heartbreaking Non-Romance! It’s annoying and takes away from my enjoyment of the rest of the show.

    • Kat says:

      Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! That was so good! I laughed so hard.

    • Meredith Temperance Elizabeth Kasper says:

      I agree… remember Clark thinking he was talking to himself about bones? Also, I LEGIT LOVE THIS IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WWP says:

      Two characters really in love with each other stuck together in a small space enclosed space for hours.

      Wow-how original. The first time I saw that was Jack and Mary locked in a basement on Ryan’s Hope back in, oh, 1977…It’s good to know the writers are mining the contrivances of long dead soap operas.

      But what I really wonder is how will they eveer work in the blatent product placement that has become a staple of the show? “Oh look Booth, this elevator panel was made by the same folks who made my new Toyate Prius — which by the way gets really amazing Gas Mileage!”

      • Remy says:

        Hahaha! At this point I almost want to see the end of the product placements even more than booth and Brennan finally hooking up. After many many seasons of loyal viewing, I’ve only tuned in sporadically this season. And the product placement is seriously weird. Seriously.

      • postalot says:

        While I agree with your product placement jibe, the “oh so original” complaint is an easy one for every show on tv. Certain situations are not all that uncommon in the world we live in. Two people who spend a lot of time together WILL invariably find themselves stuck somewhere at some point in the course of their relationship. Be it an airport, an elevator, a cheap motel or an abandoned gas station surrounded by zombies. It just happens.
        And I guarantee you as soon as the episode with blue monkeys taking over the Jeffersonian and demanding canned peaches while holding Bones and the team hostage airs, there will be dozens of armchair critics on the internet spouting off, “Blue monkeys? How original.”

  2. Rach says:

    I expect some long looks and some ambiguous comments about love or affection….and then another 5 years of NUTHIN! Love this show and I always have but they had two chances in the last few years to bring the characters together in a natural way that I feel the audience was prepared for, instead the copped out and opted to drag things on too long. This used to be my go-to show that I looked forward to every week but now it just drags and makes me sad about every time I watch it. They probably thought they would ruin the show by not putting the characters together but they’ve ruined it either way for a loyal fan.

  3. OWB says:

    Well, if Sweets is there too, maybe we can expect a highly romantic ‘well, whaddya say, we give this a shot? We’re all out of other options right now’.

    More realistically. I agree with Rach, nothing, nothing, some longing looks, couple more plot devices, nooooooottttthing, last episode ever: something.

  4. Rose says:

    They will give shippers just enough to give us hope and try to keep us watching. After the lackluster season so far I am not sure it is going to be enough to keep me watching which is a shame since I loved Bones up to the 100th episode. All the episodes since then have mainly focused on angst which is just not good story telling.

  5. Amy says:

    At this point my expectations for any episode of Bones to really move forward their relationship is at an all-time low. At least I won’t be disappointed (at least as much!) That said, I think we will move forward some, but at this point most fans are weary and that is not going to cut it.

  6. Robyn says:

    I agree with the rest of the comments – way too many twists & turns of keeping B &B apart. Hannah added absolutely nothing to the show, just an annoyance IMO. I say, either get on with the relationship or drop it – they’re dragging this thing on too long.

  7. Louise says:

    Personally at this point, I would love to see them just try and have a relationship and all the things that come with that.

    They know each other more than anyone else at this point and it doesnt make any sense any more to prolong it.

    I disliked Hannah but I think that’s what they wanted you to do so when they do resolve it you would appreciate it more.

    My only reservation on the part of Brennan, Booth proposed to Hannah, what does that say? Will she find out and question things? We’ll find out i’m sure soon.

  8. missy says:

    I am a HUGE, I mean HUGE B&B shipper, like the rest of you. But honestly, I’m GLAD that Booth and Brennan aren’t together right now. What would the show be if we weren’t shipping for them to get together? Would it even have the same dynamic as it does now? Look at House as an example. House and Cuddy were destined to be together from the start (like Booth and Brennan), but now that they are together, they are annoying and boring, and due to this, the show hasn’t gotten the ratings it used to. Yes, I agree that I often sit with my jaw dropped after an episode and am thinking to myself, “Booth! you FOOL!” or “Brennan! How can you not see you’re meant to be!” but I like feeling that way, and knowing that eventually, they will be together and in the meantime, we can have a great show to look forward to every week.

    • Carli says:

      THIS! i agree with this post 100%. yes, i watch in hopes that Booth and Brennan will get over this stupid hump and just get together already, but while i wait, i’m happy to just watch two great actors become two AMAZING characters. Bootha nd Brennan are amazing on their own, too. I was never a House and Cuddy shipper, though, and i realize that you didn’t say you were either.

    • Satan says:

      *buzzer* Wrong, not everyone is a Booth&Brennan “shipper”. For my part, I find the whole thing annoying and lame. These characters seem to have been reduced to Their Relationship With Each Other, and there is almost nothing outside of that anymore. I do not “squee” under any circumstances, so this news just solidifies my long-held belief that this show is the TV equivalent of a bad romance novel. Now, Hart Hanson is even revisiting the hackneyed “stuck in an elevator” trope. Epic facepalm. I’m sure they’ll work in a stealth advertisement for the Prius as well. Just once I would like this show to not take the obvious path.

      • SuperSatan says:

        You’re such an internet trope. Calling any setup that’s been done before hackneyed (or cliched or a stereotype or the now gaining in popularity “trope”) and then following that up with “epic” “facepalm”. Nice. Why not throw in a “No Romance for the WIN” or “This show was great but now it’s all about the romance” oh wait, you got that one.

  9. my opinion says:

    With the unethical psychologist in the mix, what can happen between two people that act so looney since the 100th that they should be in the looney bin and Zach should be released? Bones has officially jumped to a BAD soap opera with no inclination to change. What a waste of two of the best leads seen together on TV.
    What are they scared of? Putting them together? Hepburn and Tracy were paired as a married couple in many of their films and still had the zing. Anyone that is married knows there are so many situations that can be addressed in an entertaining manner with humor and charm and sexiness.
    They seem to have only one story in mind which shows a lack of imagination and makes the characters look mentally ill.

    • DripPan says:

      Not only is it a waste of two great leads but it shows a total lack of creativity on the producers/writers part as they try to maintain the ‘will they/won’t they’.

      Another TV critic told HH straight out “I don’t mind B&B apart as long as it is written well”.

  10. my opinion says:

    In reply to missy,

    I never shipped house and cuddy. No zing there to begin with, so I wouldn’t consider that a comparison. That is like comparing apples and oranges. JMO.

    • Katherine says:

      I read Missy’s post about 13 times trying to figure out what she said about you shipping for House and Cuddy. then i realized she said nothing about YOU liking House and Cuddy, and didn’t even say she bloody liked them herself. Only that people in general shipped for them to get together. so don’t get your knickers in a knot over it.

      • Bess says:


      • missy says:

        um. thankyouu for picking up for me… LOL. its true, i don’t ship for House and Cuddy and stopped watching that show after season three.

        • my opinion says:

          I’m confused. No knickers in a knot. Just stating MY opinion about the House and Cuddy relationship as a COMPARISON to your stated OBSERVATION. It may not be your opinion, and I respect that. Just comparing, which to me is still like comparing apples to oranges. You see or observe other people as seeing them both as apples or both as oranges, that is fine. It is just my opinion.

          • missy says:

            i wasn’t the one who said you’re knickers were in a knot. and i respect your opinion. and you’re right, you really cannot compare Booth and Brennan to House and Cuddy, but i did it for lack of a better comparison at the time.

        • my opinion says:

          I apologize. You misunderstood me. I didn’t mean you did say I shipped House and Cuddy. I just stated I didn’t, hence the apples and oranges. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

        • postalot says:

          Wait, if you stopped watching after season 3 how do you know they’re annoying and boring now that they’re together?

          Not that it matters, if you really did stop watching kudos. That’s what people used to do when they stopped liking a show. Now they just complain on the internet that they’re about to stop.

  11. ElSol69 says:

    Dear Bones ShowRunners — WHAT IS THERE LEFT TO CONFESS?!? Booth confessed all in origin episode and I mean he confessed ALL. Brennan confessed she made a mistake in the topsy-turvy episode. Let’s get this clear, the time for talk is OVER. The time for talk HAS been over!

  12. Suncatcher says:

    So far, 100% of the comments here say they’ve had enough! Enough of Hannah, foot dragging, and seeing nothing but stuff that “good” soap operas are made of. I am in total agreement.

    I sure hope the Bones writers are reading this.

    Is it too late to fix this broken show that is no longer even recognizable from its early years?

  13. M says:

    I’m not holding out for any sort of progression of B&B’s relationship in tonight’s episode. HH is famous for falling short on their promises and I see this as just another ploy to entice viewers. Its always better to go in with very low expectations, then you won’t be too disappointed and then if they do manage to do what they say they will do, then it will be a most pleasant surprise. At this point, I’m just hoping that I won’t have to hear any moaning and groaning about Hannah from Booth, that’s how low my hopes are. I’ve been too disappointed already. As for the proposal last week, I can’t believe that Booth was with Hannah for nine months and the subject of marriage never came up for him to have known how she felt about the subject. What have they been talking about all this time? Goes to show how completely superficial his relationship with her was. There is no sense of friendship or even intimacy.

  14. Carrie says:

    I think the link posted by the first commenter is hilarious and only maybe accurate… Because they both have done the confession thing before, but alone, I’m hoping that this time the confessions come at the same time, like “yes, we are both still interested in each other.” Booth LOVED ANOTHER WOMAN, so what he said in the 100th episode is now convoluted, and Bones was having a mental breakdown pretty much when she said it to him, after turning him down twice before, so of course they need reassuring.

    And for all the non-believers, remember that shows like House, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives… they all got really horrible during their 4th, 5th, or 6th seasons, and they ALL BOUNCED BACK! That’s just what happens in TV.

  15. Derek64 says:

    Hart Hanson always exaggerates stuff. So when he’s only talking about “looks” and “admissions”, then you better not expect anything. Maybe Booth will admit that at least Brennan is a good friend. Or something.
    And can Sweets just leave them alone please? He’s not doing any good 99% of the time.

    • >:| says:

      I was disappointed to hear Sweets will be there too – even if outside the elevator. Sod off, Sweets!! *groans*

      • Emanuela says:

        I was SOOOO waiting for someone to say it!!!

        Why does pesky Sweets have to ALWAYS be in their way? Hasn’t he ruined things between them already?

  16. Spikenalabama says:

    Please DO NOT make Booth and Bones into a couple!!!!!

  17. Jen says:

    Seriously? People, you’re TIRED of the back and
    forth and waiting? Five or six years is NOTHING. SVU
    has been on without any EO for TWELVE YEARS.

    Considering Hart has all but said they will get
    together, you have NOTHING to worry about. Jesus.
    Get over it. I’m looking forward to all the talk and
    whatnot. Who cares if they don’t get together right
    away? They WILL eventually, THAT you and me have to
    take to the bank.

    • missy says:

      thank you. that’s what i was trying to say.

    • Rach says:

      My problem is not entirely that they are not getting them together, it’s that the show sucks now! It’s always been engaging but the Hanna storyline was way too forced and ridiculous and the whole show seems so aimless right now. I enjoyed years of them not being together, but something has changed in the show dynamic and it has lost its magic.

      • E says:

        that is how I feel. It is not that they have to be together. However, HH makes the focus of the show on them not being together, and basically brings down the whole show. He did not replace the center (except with Hannah which I think was just executed wrong).
        I would not care if it was years of them not being together if they moved away from this will they or won’t they. It consumes the entire show. HH has to make a decision.

        Even with JAG they had them both with other people. It may have frusrated viewers, but it was not watching sad, angsty, shows each week. Get the fun back into Bones. Their own problems I can deal with. The unrequited love is getting old.

      • Kimberly Hoskins says:

        I completely agree!!! When you watch the first season Booth and Brennan just have this connection and chemistry. They’re not making out but you can still feel it as a viewer and thats what we all loved!!!
        Further more everything in the show has completely digressed and taken a back seat to “he loves her no she loves him no he loves her and she love him but something getting in the way…” In the beginning Brennan was socially awkward but she wasn’t socially retarded like she is now.
        I actually had high hopes for Hannah but really it just killed the chemistry that was between B&B. I didn’t hate Booth and Hannah nearly as much as I hated Bones and Hannah!! Like that scene in the hospital where Brennan gives Hannah her sunglasses and Hannah thanks her for saving her life?? It was ridiculously forced! I can’t tell if the acting sucked or the writing was so bad the acting couldn’t be helped. And I totally bought into Bones being best friends and great drinking partner with the woman who is dating the man she claims to love……

        This was such a great show!!!! What have they been thinking this season?!

      • H says:

        I totally agree with you, there is no problem waiting for the right time for them to get together. Even Hannah entering the scene is not a problem for me because this was just like the time when Sully came in to the picture. They both deserve to try finding their happiness for the meantime as long as it does not affect the great chemistry and amazing “whatever” feelings they have for each other. That is what I missed the most in Season 6. Their chemistry shown through those longing looks, passionate debates and just them spending time together after solving their case. I just missed how Booth takes care of Bones..

    • Derek64 says:

      Jen, it is not about them not getting together AT ALL.
      It’s about how bad the writing has gotten (which is in part because they come up with really contrived reasons to keep them apart, like the incredibly boring Hanna storyline).
      When was the last time we had a REALLY good case or story arc? Like Howard Epps or Gormogon? It feels like forever.

    • E says:

      Yes, but SVU is more case driven then character driven. Around season 4 HH switched this show to be all about Will they or Won’t they, I think to increase ratings. I think he lost sight of many other aspects of the show. The whole Angela/Hodgins storyline was ridiculous.

      People get mad about loud fans, but I don’t listen to what fans say about an episode before I watch it. When most of the critics are talking about the show negatively, that is a sign that the “loud” fans are not totally off base. When was the last time you heard a critic call Bones “Underrated” which they always said before. Now the major criticsa are saying that the Hannah Arc is over and people should be happier with the show. USA Today nailed it.

      I don’t want them together either. Just don’t focus the show on the will they or won’t they and not give us more to watch for. I am glad others find the cases interesting and enjoy the other casts.
      I used to but now I am bored by both.

      Also, Sweets as part of their elevator experience, really puts a damper on things. I love JFD but the role of Sweets has just been too much.

  18. E says:

    I really don’t expect anything from this show anymore. I actually don’t want them together and would really prefer them with other people after this past year since the 100th. HH is going to drag this out until the end of the show. It will go back to them working together and being together in every way but romantically. Is it realistic that these two individuals (in real life) would go on and on without dating other people etc.

    Just expect more angst and sad looks. More soap opera, mediocre cases, and mostly boring episodes.

    I will continue to DVR and read reviews before watching. Sometimes I just delete, FF through them, etc. The sniper episodes should be good.

    I am just too weary of the writing after 5+ seasons. I know they want to drag out the relationship until the end of the show. They have told everyone that. Then please, stop all the crap about them getting together. Let them move on and this arc move on. They will get together when they have exhausted all other possibilities. It won’t be romantic at that point. I think it will be a JAG all over again.

  19. Bonesfan says:

    am i the only one who still loves this show 100%? the writing doesn’t suck!! the cases are great, hodgins and angela are great, the squinterns are great, bones is amazingly funny this season, booth is starting to go back to the way he was before going to Afghanistan. the show is still amazing, and i don’t think that HH of SN care what you think about them getting together, as long as they have good ratings, which they do. so OBVIOUSLY some people are watching it and loving it just the way it is.

  20. Adrienne says:

    I love this show – I always have, just as I will always root for B&B. I’m holding on to the H&H near-assurance of them getting together at some point, because the mentions of Hannah returning in some capacity at some point make me nervous. I’m sick of wrenches being thrown in the works – it’s time.

  21. Booger says:

    Just screw already…Pants down, now.

  22. former Bones diehard fan says:

    Used to watch this show religiously. This season though has been really disappointment. I liked the Sniper episode because it stopped being about the silly Bones/Booth/never-gonna-happen nonsense. But yes, they are really killing this show with the constant pointless “will they, don’t they” shenanigans. I really liked seeing Hannah in the season, but I quickly realized after her second episode that she adds absolutely nothing to the show, and was just another silly attempt at keeping Booth and Bones apart for another year. I get that Bones is a cash cow to Fox and the producers now, and it’s just a silly crime procedural that, while not gangbusters, makes decent enough money to keep going (blood from a stone and all that), but man, while I still DVR every episode, watching it weekly has now become … optional. Which is sad, but there you have it.

    BTW I wonder if the Bones producers read these comments? I know that TVLine is a big, BIG TV site, and producers would be wise to follow what fans say about their shows.

  23. kikacr says:

    Ha ha ha! ***yes it is sarcasm people *** is Sweets in the middle AGAIN?? uff, then I expect NOTHING good about this elevator scene…well, since IMo HH and SN has ZERO CREDIBILITY, then I don’t expect anything from them. The evidence is clear, every single time they just tease the fans, create expectation and the final result is always BAD. And they are so smug about this, and disrespect our reactions or feelings that it’s beyond annoying.
    So, stop the madness, HH and Co need to really grow a set and stop playing this silly game. They are ruining the show with the bad writting and lately it seems they only had a goal, tease and annoy the fans, well, just get your act together and write good stories, no more crap or stupid plot devices.

  24. Jess says:

    Honestly I’m so over the whole will they/won’t they and at this point would rather they move on with their lives already. I think that they should have left Booth and Hannah together without the writers trying to get them engaged, it was too soon for them to move to stage. I used to LOVE watching this show but Brennan seems to be getting stupider, she wasn’t this awkward in prior seasons. For all her smarts they’ve been dumbing her down in recent seasons. I don’t see myself watching the show beyond this season. Totally disappointed in the show now.

  25. Amber says:

    Well, I am super excited for the elevator episode regardless of what goes down. Though I must say maybe Sweets shouldn’t be there. He hasn’t been overly helpful to BB some times. Anyway, it’s Booth and Bones in an elevator together which is entertaining in and of itself. I laughed at that cartoon thing hilarious.

  26. marie says:

    wow seem like lot of people need happpy pills lol, (just kidding don’t get upset please) I’m a BB shipper and I just want to see the little moment we use to have , you know the guy hug, little moment only the two of them and look. I would loooooove to have them as a couple but for noww i only want the old dynamique or relation like before. I know we can’t go back in the past but try to go less dark between then and awarkard and more fun and happy.
    But i have to say I’m super happy that hannah is gone, i didn’t watch this season so far because of her, so now i can start again to watch bones :)
    and showrunner always lie or make thing prettier, as a SVU fan for yesr neal bear always say thing and say thing never happen or are smaller ( not that i compaare EO and BB , lol )
    ok that all i had to say

  27. rhonda reinhold says:

    I like this show and watch consistently, although it’s not must see tv for me anymore. I do NOT want Booth and Bones together. Ever.

    She recently confessed she made a mistake by not agreeing to up the ante romantically last year . . . so he left for Iraq and fell in love (months later) with Hannah. To Bones I say – bullet dodged.

    She didn’t want to committ because she still has huge abandonment issues which Booth validated. Booth suffers from rejection syndrome because he can’t seem to “seal the deal” with marriage.

    Here is my take:

    Based on the development of the character, I find Booth overbearing in a Henry Higgins sort of way. For a while he was even tutoring her on how “Tru Luv” works. Now, while this could be interpreted as just his way of telling her about his hopes of a future with a woman he loves, his actions demonstrate his inability to accept a woman on her own terms. Of the three serious relationships we’ve seen him in over the years, it’s either his way, or the highway. Which is fine, but he keeps pursuing independant women with divergent aspirations and then whines because they “don’t want what he’s offering.” Booth needs to adapt his expectations to accomodate the woman he claims to love, or he needs to pursue women who share his traditional ideas about relationships, including the institution of marriage(to be or not be), kids (to have and to hold), and most important (to him) religion.

    If the showrunners had put these two crazy pretty people together in Season three, the above mentioned topics would have made for great discussions, relationship negotiations, etc. Now, it would require one of the characters to capitulate to the other or split. I for one do not see Bones agreeing to raise a child in the Catholic faith, much less participating in her own subjugation based on the “myths” (her words, not mine) of the Church about the status and role of women.

    In summary, I’d like to see ONE episode to put the shipping issue and all the angst to rest forever. Let them have an adult talk about the irreconcilability of their respective positions and then get back to what made this show so great in the beginning . . . teamwork and shared ideals about truth, justice, loyalty, etc. Return to the great professional partnership they once had and let them have “tru luv” with offscreen people they can discuss with each other occassionally in their car rides to the scene of a crime.

    P.S. Please find a cure for Bones’ regression to a borderline Aspergers sufferer.

    P.P.S. Please put a clause in Boreanz’ contract prohibitting his off camera antics as a married lothario from media attention. I know the actor is not his character, but there’s too much cognitive dissonance between the values of the Booth character and the actor who plays him.

    • E says:

      BRAVO. I wish you were a writer on the show. Give them both SO’s off camera and move on. they will end up together in the end but let them both “live” until then. The dance is old.

      • rhonda reinhold says:

        From your fingertips to Hart Hanson’s eyes. Thanks for the bravo.

        I’m not a professional writer, but I don’t like wasting time with novels or shows where the characters actions are inconsistent with their stated values — unless it is very well explained as an exception under very specific circumstances, usually in service to an even more dearly held belief. (The Hodgins Angela dynamic was very well done, IMO, for that reason.) It provides layers and complexity and makes me care about the characters even more.

        I was discussing this topic w. a friend during lunch today. She too believes they will get together eventually, but thought it would be hysterically funny if Bones’ off screen (usually) SO was James Marsters, the actor who played Spike in the Buffy/Angel verse. Given that they already had Adam Baldwin play the villian once, they should consider going meta again. She thought it would make the Buffy/Angel shippers’ heads explode and the team Spike fans squeal.

        I then suggested Marsters play a reknowned archeologist. Bones’ attends a symposium where he is the key note speaker about his controversial paper on the supremacy of Neandrothals. He believes they would have evolved well beyond homo sapiens had they not been exterminated by the more violent, territorial, supertitous humans. Bones’ and he have dinner: he doesn’t believe in God, but is a member of a Unitarian/Universalist church or a Buddhist community. Bones tells Booth about these things and finishes with … “and he’s a real Viking in the sack” figuratively and literally because he likes to role play (either the Nordic version because he’s a huge Beowulf scholar or he’s from Minnesota and a avid football fan.

        Just had to share TMI.

        • Rhiannon says:

          I just have to say that, while I am a huge B&B shipper and will die inside if they don’t end up together… your idea made my night. That would be so flogging awesome! XD

        • Beth says:

          Absofreakin’lutely WONDERFUL! I roflmao when I read it, then thought about it a bit more and really liked it. WTH, it can’t be any more foolish than some of the story lines we’ve been seeing so far. The first 5 1/2 seasons were a lot of fun and really interesting, but this last season has just left me shaking my head in disgust.

          The writers and HH seem to think we’re morons who need to be led by the hand thru every step of everything. Guess what guys, we’re actually smart enough to get most of the science and even more of the social interaction. You don’t have to be smug and self-important and throw is all kinds of curves (trust me, that’s what’s coming across in the writing) just to show us how smart and wonderful you all are. Please, get your heads out of that collective dark and smelly place they’ve been in for the last year and start writing the characters the way you were before.

          As for married couples with that ZING? Myrna Loy and William Powell were my first introduction to the concept, then Tracey and Hepburn, wonderful shows like Hart to Hart, MacMillan and Wife, and dozens of other successful shows that had their characters in relationships. I think Remington Steele proved the idiocy of not taking a relationship to its logical conclusion at the logical time. They stretched it out far too long and made the viewers disgusted with the way things went.

          Get a clue guys!

  28. Alyssa says:

    Personally, I think they should just get them together already. It has been dragged out waaaaay past expiration. And now it is so focused on will they/won’t they that the episodes have lackluster in the writing. I know that the whole point since the beginning was that will they/won’t they situation but that was before either of them admitted they had intense feelings. Now they have both admitted it to each other so they should just have them together that way maybe they can save some of the show’s integrity by being able to get past this whole love story and get back to the episodes we used to love. I still love the show but I think they could do better and I think the show will still be successful even after they got them together.

  29. Kim says:

    I CAN NOT WAIT!!! Do I seem excited? Well… I AM. Bones and Booth are perfect for each other. I get that having them never really get together is what makes the show pretty dang exciting but imagine the things they could do if it were to happen? His son, his ex, Hannah showing back up one day, kids!, marriage… Whooo so many issues to get worked out. Fun stuff!

  30. Gata says:

    I was a casual viewer for quite some time, then I caught a few episodes on TNT and became hooked. I watched all of the prior episodes and got caught up to speed, and I am a weekly watcher from this point forward. While I can see the difference in the show, I still can’t stop watching. I was telling my daughter last night as I watched “The Woman In The Garden,” see this is what’s missing from this show. Do you see how Brennan kicked that gang leaders ass while she was waiting for the elevator (it was season 1, but still). I was also telling my daughter that although I am a B&B shipper, I ship them as they were. I loved the Circus episode, the Vegas Episode, the Desert episode, the Dream Episode, the Have My Baby Episode, etc. The chemistry was there between the 2 characters and it worked for me. I even liked the episodes with Sully, but the Hannah episodes just seemed totally lame.

    I am not going to stop watching until the series leaves TV/

  31. Jeri says:

    I’m tired of being teased, I really like the show but the teasing “will they/or won’t they” is really old.

  32. Diamondback says:

    Awww… Bones and Booth with His & Hers pair of Chicago Typewriters, how heartwarming!

    Us gunnies have a saying:
    “The couple that shoots together, stays together–and has interlocking fields of fire.”

    With drums, no less! I’ve handled a full-auto Thompson myself, and with even just a 50-round drum, they’re darn heavy guns… part of what makes them as controllable as they are at 800 rounds a minute. Oh, to have been Booth for that episode…;)

  33. Jen says:

    The ratings for the past couple episodes of the season – episodes where Hannah WAS in the story – have been some of the highest the show has ever had. Bones writers aren’t going to fix what isn’t broke – obviously, even with the people screaming for Booth and Bones to get together before they stop watching, the show is still going strong.

  34. kaley says:

    this season is a huge disappointment. i feel like the writers are laughing at us while rolling around in a huge pile of money. the product placements are absolutely awful. they totally break the fourth wall and detract from whatever realism is left in the show. disappointing. look to the office for skillfully done product placement. for example, they use wegman’s products. this is effective for them as advertising, but also because anyone in the pennsylvania/new york area knows wegman’s, furthering the illusion that this is a mockumentary occurring in scranton, pa. i know bones isn’t a mockumentary, but it’s still disappointing to be rolling along in a land of make believe, just to be jolted out of it unexpectedly as brennan extols the virtues of the prius.

    i’m afraid booth and brennan missed their moment, both in the bones universe, and in the eyes of the viewers. hannah was a mistake, both for booth and for the writers. other shows have effectively brought the two love interests together without losing the momentum of the show; the office and house come to mind. the momentum of booth and brennan’s relationship has been lost due to shoddy writing. it’s unfortunate. i didn’t really care before if they got together or not; they were very fun to watch, and the sexual tension was a bonus. they have not been fun to watch this season, except for a few very small exceptions.

  35. susan says:

    OK, tonights episode was a whole new low in writing, even by the already low standards of the bones writing staff. What the hell was with the completely artificial solve-it-one-day deadline? There was NO reason whatsoever for it except to drive a cam-is-desperate-to-get-laid storyline. It was so contrived it was actually painful to watch.

    And is Angela EVER going to look like she’s pregnant? She’s in her seventh month now and she just looks like maybe she had a big lunch. Does she have the gestation period of an elephant?

  36. Ammitt says:

    I LOVED the ending. Contrary to Susan…it was FAR from painful to watch.

  37. Susan2 says:

    I enjoyed this episode. It gave all the characters some good lines and situations. The crime was even a little better in my opinion. I actually laughed. I enjoyed the more comfortable partnership/interaction between B & B for a change.

  38. Allyson says:

    OMG. The elevator episode is on my 21st birthday. seriously?
    this is better than the legal consumption of alcohol. <3

  39. Allie says:

    I’m not even worried about them getting together, because I know they will eventually, at this point there is no way they can keep them apart forever. What I am worried about is that their ‘real’ relationship will be the last like 4 episodes of the series and they’ll do that ‘leave it to the imagination thing’.

    I want to see them in a long committed relationship. I want the first kiss, the first time they have sex, the first ‘I love you’, the marriage talk, the pregnancy scare or joy. I want it all.

    But at this rate they’re going to kill the show before any of that can happen. And as for the producers or writers or anyone who is afraid that the tension and interest in the show will die, they’re wrong. Who hasn’t thought about what they would be like together? They have completely opposite views of sex, love, dating, etc. They could come up with so much storyline of them as a couple, still keep it exciting, but also finally have them together and get back to the show being fun and not all about this keeping them apart drama.

    You think after 6 years they would have figured out how to do this right.

  40. lulu says:

    This is so stupid, I can’t believe I even wasted space on my dvr to record this Valentines Day episode. I used to watch Bones because it was one of the more intelligent shows on tv, with strong characters and consistent, realistic back stories. I’m not going to watch this anymore. It can (and obviously WILL) only go downhill from here. Thanks for ruining one of the only worthwhile shows on tv. You and the writers of Criminal Minds (another great show totally destroyed) should get together. I guess I should thank you, though. I now have a lot more time to read books.

  41. BonesFan01 says:

    i just read that whole debate thing at the end… i have no life I love booth and bones together and i thiink after 6 years they should just be together if the writing is good they can make it work without ruining the show =D

  42. Cricket Girl says:

    If you get the chance to spend 15, 20 minutes reading “Bones” Wikiquotes sometime, you will see how much of a romance has already been declared and played between Bones & Booth. (and it’s rather a pleasant way to spend time waiting for a delivery!)
    I certainly wish Hart Hanson would spend some time doing it! I think if he did, if he actually went back and saw in black & white what these two have gone through together, have said to each and about each other, what their friends and colleagues know about them (allowing him to go on ignoring what us fans believe about this relationship), he would see that it’s time to get out of grade three and get into real life.
    I have written before that I don’t believe Hart Hanson has the courage of his convictions. I know this is his story, his show and he should be able to tell it any way he wants to. And we’re told the actors believe in him, which they should. But he needs to start believing in the people who support him and his show, the fans of “Bones”, when we say we’re ready to see how two smart, successful adults, two completely different people have grown into being very similar, very strong, very devoted, very much in love with each other, with all the fear and anxiety that love brings to EVERYone, not just those who have been damaged by love at some point(s) previously in their lives.
    The heart and soul of this show is the heart and soul of this pair. The intellectual, mystery solving part of the procedural is intensely important, I get that, but it would just be another, albeit occasionally incredibly gory, procedural if it wasn’t for the love affair. And you know what, I get all the gore I need when I tune in to “Criminal Minds”. When I watch “Bones”, I want to see the romance. And unless Hotch starts dating Reid, I’m going to get that out of “Criminal Minds”.
    Grow up, Hart Hanson. Your characters already have.

    • Cricket Girl says:

      Great ending, and I screwed it up. “And unless Hotch starts dating Reid, I’m NOT going to get that out of “Criminal Minds”.”
      So much better that way….