Scoop: TV's New Wonder Woman Is Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki

Here’s a piece of casting news that can only — especially given the situation — be described as super: Friday Night Lights beauty Adrianne Palicki has been tapped to star as Wonder Woman in the much-talked about pilot for NBC, TVLine has learned.

Executive-produced and penned by veteran small-screen auteur David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal), TV’s new Wonder Woman will have Palicki playing no less than three “roles”:
• The titular crimefighter, “reinvented” here as an L.A.-based vigilante
• Alter ego No. 1: Diana Themyscira, a mega-billionaire CEO
• Alter ego No. 2: Diana’s “plain Jane” assistant, Diana Prince. (Good luck with that one, makeup and wardrobe!)

Other key players to be cast for Wonder Woman include Steve Trevor (now a lawyer for the Justice Department and a onetime paramour of Diana T.’s); Themyscira Industries’ press secretary, Mindy; and Veronica Cale, an eeeevil scientist poised to be WW’s primary adversary.

But back to Palicki: In addition to of course her run as Tyra on the acclaimed Friday Night Lights, this past fall she was one of two female leads on Fox’s lauded but short-lived Lonestar drama. Most recently, she (quite colorfully) guest-starred on Criminal Minds.

I’ll also point out that, according to IMDb as well as the way she towered over me at TCA, Palicki is 5-foot-11, making her sufficiently “Amazonian” in presence.

Oh, and there’s this: Not one hour after the Palicki news got out, that 1970s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, tweeted her approval: “Congratulations, Adrianne!”

Bill D’Elia (Boston Legal) is also an executive producer on Wonder Woman, while Jeffrey Reiner (The Event) will direct the pilot.

So, don’t leave us Wonder-ing: Does Palicki get a thumbs-up from you for this iconic role?

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  1. susela says:

    She’ll be wonderful!! So glad to see the FNL kids—Palicki, Zach Gifford, Matt Lauria, Minka Kelly— being recognized and moving on to other good roles.

  2. Kiki says:

    Great news!

  3. John says:

    The whole “3 identities” thing is getting blown out of proportion. From what I understand from the pilot, the whole world knows that Wonder Woman and Diana Themyscira, corporate CEO, are the same person. The only “alternate” identity is Diana Prince.
    Having said that, this is going to be horrible.

  4. Scott Gilbert says:

    Are you kidding? That scrawny kid as Wonder Woman? Really. REALLY?

  5. Luis says:

    I don’t konw how this multiple secret identity thing will work out, but I am anxious to see how it works

  6. peggy says:

    Which one of you did she tower over -Matt or Nellie?

  7. erin bowers says:

    How about Lynda Carter the ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN. Forget all posers

  8. HarryO says:

    Well, it’s about time. Why has it taken sooooo long for my most favorite ass-kicking female to break into the movies/TV? Been waiting for Wonder Woman ever since the first talk of a movie way back in 2007. Adrianne Palicki seems to have the look – waiting to see if she can deliver. And of course there should be NO second thinking of who should be cast as the Queen of the Amazons. C’mon, don’t act like you don’t know who I’m talking about. Okay here goes…it has to be the ultimate crime-stopping, ass-kicking, drop-dead gorgeous heroine who originally blazed the trail wearing that awesome star-spangled leotard I still dream about…drum-roll…none other than the ’70’s Iconic: LYNDA CARTER. You better work girl!

  9. HarryO says:

    LOL. ErinBowers, we must’ve been typing at the same time, thinking the same thing. But I think Lynda Carter, as awesome as she is, may be a little past her prime for the original role. However, I still think she’d be perfect to play the NEW Wonder Woman’s mother.

  10. jay says:

    I may be the minority in this, but I am not happy with this casting choice. I would have preferred Bridget Regan. She proved that she can kick ass in a role and look gorgeous doing it. I’ll still watch though.

    • eviltwit says:

      I love her also, but in the last episodes, she was totally overdoing the botox. I would rather not have my Wonderwoman look like she’s shooting botulism into her face. Plus, I think Bridget is way too distinctive looking. Wonderwoman also needs to blend in a bit.

  11. Carrie says:

    She’s playing Diana the C.E.O. and her plain-looking assistant, also named Diana? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m a Wonder Woman fan and I like Adrianne Palicki, but I don’t have high hopes for this show.

  12. Rush says:

    Dear NBC,
    Please cancel this before you embarrass yourself yet again. If not that, then fire Kelly and hire Whedon.

    My Best,

  13. Tony says:

    I don’t think anyone can fill Lynda Carter’s red-and-white boots, but I am excited about this new TV version of my favorite superhero. I am open to the suggested changes, but think three identities is asking for trouble. I doubt a true remake of the 70’s series would work. The idea of a vigilante is good. Let’s keep an open mind. I hope Lynda Carter makes a guest appearance.

  14. Aninha says:

    Wish Tanit Phoenix and Nadia Bjorlin had come to this. She would have been perfect.

  15. eviltwit says:

    Good with the actress, but why Diana Prince AND the whole billionaire thing? I don’t think they really needed to over-conceptualize the alter egos. Stretching the concept to much is just silly.

  16. S. Clark says:

    One Name: Bridget Regan. But all I heard was Adrianne was the only one asked to audition so they never gave anyone a chance…Sorry no go for me. LOVED her on FNL but I can’t even see this to be good right now. If one tiny thing isn’t right, I’m out.

  17. jag says:

    i thought the WW reboot has been slashed? now their talking about casting? if this reboot will sustain i hope andrianne could live up to the expectations and the crew should take a cool and fresh revamp because the plot stink of old age according to my computations. and i hope this would not be ally-ish in tone because being comic for a comic base character is redundant. and not to mention the brain should be abundant because a lot of skin could only sustain a moment as long as a premature ejaculation. aside the WW could level the variety in the tube since our reluctant clark is closing smallville for good. best of luck.

  18. regine says:

    First of all, I appreciate the fact that WW is being revived on TV ( hopefully movies soon). However, I’m concerned with the derivative story concept (i. e. mega billionaire vigilante screams Batman). The best versions of WW I have experienced so far are the graphic novels of George Perez, Jimmy Jimenez, and Gail Simone primarily because they understand what made WW distinct from the other superhero pantheon (Greco-Roman myths and the heroic female psyche). Surely these references can inspire a more original WW show than what was announced. I fear a short lived WW series if the proposed concept goes ahead. There’s a reason why Xena Warrior Princess became a cult favorite more successful than Hercules where it originated. Hope someone influential reads this.

  19. Chase says:

    NBC will be SURE to mess this up! Anybody BUT them would have been better. Examples, Bionic Woman, The Cape, Kings, Heroes (started off strong, but went way off course and for too long). 3 roles? WTF is that about??? Seems like too many people have their hand in this. It’s dead b4 it even began. :(

  20. Emma says:

    Like previous posters, I agree with the acting choice being good as we already know she can act in a DC TV show (smallville). I also agree with others in that the premise of the show will most likely suck. The myth of Wonder Woman is that she is from an Island that no man has ever been to except Steve Trevor. It also disappoints me that they are changing her into another Bruce Wayne /Tony Stark. And another thing- 3 roles for her… WTF

  21. Doit4911nASD says:

    I’m very thrilled @ the idea of airing Wonder Woman once again! However, I must be honest here and express my concerns about this new casting going to this Palicki chick… Personally, as a HUGE DIE HARD FAN of Lynda Carter both as her role as Wonder Woman and as an Actress period! Lynda looks as Gorgeous as she did back in the 70’s and even believe that Lynda could still pull off playin’ the 3 roles needed to do Wonder Woman! I’d hate to see my favorite, ultimate Super Hero die due to a poor choice in acting! I’ve never even heard of this other actress! If it was up to me and so many of us die hard WW fans, especially a faithful fan of Lynda Carter, then if Lynda cannot take on the role again I’d vote for the airing of the originals that does star the only Wonder Woman in my Life and that we all know is and always will belong Lynda Carter and no one else!
    Still prayin’ for the airings of the Original Episodes of Wonder Woman…… Hopefully, someday soon!
    As for the decision made on who will actually take on the new role of WW, let’s just all pray that it doesn’t ruin my childhood hero! It would be a heartbreaking disaster to disappoint all of Wonder Woman’s (aka Lynda Carter) truest fans!
    Good Luck Ms. Adrianne Policki…. You have some tremendous shoes to fill….. Please don’t let us down!!!

  22. william brooks says:

    Ever notice how the movies that do not go so revisionist(Spiderman, Batman, etc.)tend to succeed, while other shows that are re-created for a new generation tend not to do so well?

  23. eric says:

    Cute, but she is no Megan Gale! Megan Gale, embodied the persona of Wonder Woman. Megan Gale, is glamour, sex appeal and out-of-this world beauty!!!!

  24. Tabetha says:

    I think Adrianne Palicki could make a great Wonder Woman with a little definiton to her muscles but I do not like the costume. Too much blue and the strapless top needs to go along with the shiny material used to make it. At least add some spaghetti straps and do something about her boobs looking like two moons orbiting her chest. This actor cannot be a believable crime fighter if it looks like her assets are going to make a guest appearance at any moment.

    I have been an absolute Wonder Woman fan since Linda Carter agreed to grace the costume and I would absolutely love it if a new show were to succeed. However, please do not try to make this show about a woman dressed in skintight clothing pretending to be a superhero when she is just a sex symbol in costume, which is exactly what she looks like.

    When Linda Carter wore the costume, she made the halter-top and underwear look, seem classy not trashy. Please continue this tradition because Linda Carter not only made Wonder Woman come to life as a superhero she also became a role model that young girls could admire, even to this day. As a child, I learned to believe in myself and follow my dreams because of Linda carter’s portrayal.

    From just the looks of this Adrianne Palicki, I will be watching the season premiere of this TV show with trepidation. I may not speak for everyone but I believe I do speak for some when I say PLEASE modify the costume. In addition, I hope that Linda Carter is on board to do a cameo in some form or fashion, like playing the princesses mom or sister warrior for instance. Thank you.

  25. WonderWomanFan says:

    She could be the greatest actress in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that this woman is too freaking skinny to play the, buff, hardcore, warrior princess of the Amazons. Wonder Woman can go hand to hand with Superman. It is insulting to hire an actress that has no biceps, shoulders, or hips to play one of the toughest female superheros of all time.

  26. Bebéto says:


  27. Movie Writer Guy says:

    It seems that the current trend is complete re-invention – not even sticking to the roots of the character.

    I can find no mention of Diana being an Amazonian Warrior Princess. That her abilities are directly related to that and her heritage – and the greek gods. Themyscira is only mentioned as her NAME – not the island from which she comes from.

    This is going to be awful.

  28. Movie Writer Guy says:

    Also painfully evident is the “creator” David E Kelley is operating off a rudimentary comic book background and has a set idea of what comic books are. His concept is painfully stereotypical and in no way does it even seem that it will take advantage of the rich historical depth that the character of Diana, Princess of the Amazons, would provide.

  29. emma says:

    I love the movie Wonder Woman. I think it’s about time they make a female action hero movie.
    We should be proud to be a woman we are classy, beautiful, independent,brave,educated and in control. We survive after divorces, we survive after the world wars created by mankind, we survive after hardships and destitutes and we give unconditional love to our children
    Goddess bless women around the world!
    A day to celebrate women from all walks of life.

  30. Jessevt says:

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  31. Drew says:

    Ok this is my stance on this: As far as I’m concerned the casting of the girl is great. I loved her before in all the other roles she’s played and truthfully I think this will be a great role for her. As far as the plot of the show at this point yes I will admit that I’m a bit on the fence about it but I will choose not to judge it completely until the show actually starts to air.

  32. mk70 says:

    Nope. Don’t see it. Wonder Woman is an amazon. You should believe that she can kick your butt, not pucker up an kiss it.