Glee Recap: You Gotta Bieb-lieve!

Last night’s Glee wasn’t about to let a little thing like plot come between itself and the popular Twitter trending topic Justin Bieber. Sue tried to destroy New Directions from within (while discovering her own squishy inner core), Rachel tried to become socially relevant (while launching Brittany to the title of Trendiest Girl in America), and Sam refashioned himself in The Bieb’s image (while trying to kick his unfortunate Na’vi habit).

Unfortunately, Sue’s was the least successful of the three story arcs. Maybe I just can’t find the humor in our favorite crazy cheerleading coach assaulting students in the hallway with increasingly arbitrary fervor, but last night, she could only manage the runner-up spot behind Santana for the title of Head Bitch in Charge of Funny. The episode kicked off with Sue threatening to commit “Sue-icide,” which apparently involves overdosing on chewy vitamins and using CIA training to stop your own heart. You see, after losing nationals and getting named Loser of the Year by Katie Couric, The Lady Sylvester had nothing to live for. C’mon, it’s not like she was going to actually have the Cheerios out there cheering for McKinley teams!

Ask Ausiello: New Spoilers on the fate of Tina and Mike?

Emma and Will determined that a brief stint with New Directions would cure Sue’s depression, but it turns out they were merely playing into Sue’s plan to destroy glee club from within. Yet just like the Grinch learning the true joys of Christmas, Sue quickly realized that Mr. Schue was right, that “music can get to a part of us that’s hard to open up.” Her effort to create a rift between Rachel and Mercedes went kaput when their sing-off turned into a joyous celebration of each other’s talents, although I did enjoy the two characters’ explanations for what it takes to be a diva. (Mercedes: “Sassy fingers and shakin’ that weave”; Rachel: Experiencing a buildup of emotion that threatens to explode out the side of your head.) And then, in a scene so cloying I kind of couldn’t believe it was happening, Will took Sue to a pediatric cancer ward where they sang “This Little Light of Mine” with an absolutely adorable (and ethnically diverse) group of kids.

Maybe I’m just a cynic, but the hospital scene seemed like a cheap shortcut to humanizing the show’s biggest baddie. Yeah, I was moved seeing Sue get misty eyed by the end of the song, telling Spongehair Squarechin she’d never forgive him for making her so vulnerable, but at what cost to Glee‘s storytelling credibility? (I know, I coughed a little after I typed that phrase, too.) What next? A hardcore scene of Emma Pillsbury enjoying her weekly trip to the  local S&M club, just so we know she’s got some “edge.” Suddenly, Sue was joining New Directions in a rousing My Chemical Romance anthem, then accepting a position coaching Regionals rival Aural Intensity, where one can expect her to continue her policy of “No more Bieber, no hoodies, no pocket-lesbian Bieber hair.”

Barbra Streisand Apologizes For Dissing Glee

Sue got on her anti-Bieber kick thanks to Sam’s sudden obsession with the pint-sized music superstar. Feeling like his relationship with Quinn was in jeopardy, the football star/closet dork formed a one-man band, the Justin Bieber Experience, through which he could book Bat Mitzvah gigs and test out his swooshiest hairstyles and acoustic rendition of “Baby.” Lo and behold, his new look and sound turned out to be a hit with the ladies, and possibly Puck. (“Dude, that haircut makes your mouth look even bigger!” cried the Mohawk-sporting bad boy in a moment of brief/hilarious homoeroticism.)

Yet while Sam’s journey to Bieberville succeeded in getting Quinn to choose him over Finn — yep, the gal likes a little bit of shamelessness — Santana pulled the overly styled hair out of his eyes and made him see that he’d been duped: Quinn caught her mono from making out with Finn, not by extracting a gumball from his throat during a near-deadly choking incident. And just like that, Sam dropped Quinn and picked up with the chick who’s not afraid to point out his peculiar “mouth-to-face ratio” or that he’s as “dumb as a bag of wet hair.”

Charice back on Glee! How many episodes did she sign up for?

Finally, we had Rachel taking a break from friend-requesting Barbra Streisand (again) and auditioning for Avatar on Ice, and instead trying to “dominate popular discussion” by paying Brittany to help turn her “sexy schoolgirl librarian chic” style into McKinley’s latest trend. However, with a few small tweaks — legwarmers worn on arms, carousel-horse sweaters instead of ones emblazoned with reindeer — Brittany made the look her own, and scored a feature in Teen Vogue. Rachel, for her part, had to swallow a hard truth from McKinley’s ditziest cheerleader: “When people look at you, they don’t see what you’re wearing: They see a cat getting its temperature taken, and then they hear it screaming.” And now, Ms. Berry has a new purpose: Writing an original song for New Directions to tackle at Regionals, even if nobody thinks they want her to do it. And maybe getting Finn to fall back in love with her, though why she’s still carrying a torch for the cocky snot is a mystery to me.

Before we get to grading this week’s musical numbers, I’ve got to give some love to a couple of particularly choice lines:

* “I wore a tank top today because I thought it was summer. No one ever taught me how to read a calendar.” –Brittany
* Brittany thinking an anthem is the “bottom of an ant’s pants.”
* “My carousel-horse sweater should make me look like an institutionalized toddler, but no, I look hot and smart. I feel like Michelle Obama!” –Santana
* Sue explaining her hatred of hospitals is “why I keep voting for those death panels.”

And now, the grades…

“Baby,” Sam | I loved the unabashed dorkiness Chord Overstreet brought to the performance, which fit perfectly with the way Glee‘s writers initially introduced Sam as a secret doofus. Here was a guy fighting to hang onto a relationship without a single care of whether or not it looked cool, and thereby redefining what cool meant in the first place. The choreography — particularly the sideways-downward drop delivered on the lines “down, down, down, down” — was executed well enough to look great, without sacrificing Sam’s endearing awkwardness. “We’ve gotta get that girl on the Cheerios,” declared Sue, and who can blame her? Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: A-

“Somebody to Love,” Artie, Sam, Puck, and Mike (aka The Justin Bieber Experience) | I liked the staging on this performance, with the quartet of Biebs bathed in individual spotlights, but this was a classic case of Glee using so much Auto-Tune that the track might as well be credited to a foursome of very fetching laptop computers. Also, we’re not really going to see the guys of Glee dressed like the Bieb forever right? Musical grade: B- Relevance to the plot: B-

“Take Me or Leave Me,” Rachel and Mercedes | Who’s going to complain about the chance to hear two of the show’s biggest voices paired with a song full of sass and glory notes and unbridled passion? Loved the way Rachel and Mercedes slowly went from ferocious vocal competitors to mutual admiration society. Here’s hoping nothing and nobody gets in the way of this budding friendship. I just wish for once, the wardrobe department would put Mercedes in something not quite as hideous as that silver and white “tiger” top; on the other hand, Rachel’s black “Love” sweater? Gorgeous! Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: A-

“I Know What Boys Like,” Lauren | Lauren’s solo debut featured a passable vocal and an (intentionally?) atrocious outfit, but shoving Artie’s face into her cleavage was maybe a step (or three) further than the “zaftig sex goddess” staging needed to go. Musical grade: C Relevance to the plot: B-

“Sing,” New Directions (and Sue) | A big, rousing number that was definitely more anthemic than the songs that preceded it, but I agree with Rachel: It’s just not good enough for Regionals, not even with Sue’s lumberjack plaid track suit in the mix. Musical grade: B Relevance to the plot: B+

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Am I being too tough on Sue’s storyline, or did it leave you feeling lukewarm, too? Which musical number was your favorite this week? Sound off in the comments, and to stay up to date with all the latest Glee news, follow @TVLineNews on Twitter!

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  1. AnaB says:

    I hated this episode! I really did…
    Is Glee really that desperate for attention?! I mean, seriously… wasting an entire plot on Bieber?! Like they didn’t already have enough 14 year-olds watching the show… what the hell!

    And next week’s boozed up extravaganza looks even worse! Just… ugh!

    • WWP says:

      Agreed. The writing on this show has continued to deteriorate this year to the point where they’re actually managing to make Stephanie Meyers look like she knows more about dialog, plot, and characterization than the Glee writers do. And that’s just tragic.

  2. Kelly says:

    good episode. brittany is funny. i like lauren and puck. nice to see emma again.

  3. oriharakaoru says:

    I know we’re not supposed to take Glee seriously, but as a teacher, I can’t help but think, “WHY AREN’T THESE PEOPLE FIRED YET???” practically every episode. Oh, Glee, such a mixture of hilarious one-liners, occasionally good musical performances, and frustrating characters and plotlines.

    • Christopher Majewski says:

      It’s called “Suspension of disbelief”…you have to have characters that create drama…if they weren’t there, the show would be a terrific bore. If you wanna see a really horrific teacher, check out Ryan Murphy’s first show Popular…Bobbi Glass was the ultimate unprofessional, scary teacher.

    • RYT says:

      That is the same thing I keep wondering. I work in a school as well and have seen people get fired for so much less than repeatedly slamming students into lockers and going on rampages through the school. I guess it is all about suspension of disbelief for this show. It is usually an enjoyable experience if you are able to do that.

    • majorangstgirl says:

      There’s “Suspension of disbelief” and then there is the ego of “my audience is so stupid they’ll take any crap I hand out as long as I set it to a pop tune, cause I’m just that grand”. Ryan Murphy is the latter. supension of disbelief and beating disbelief to death with a hammer and then spitting on it are two different things.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for posting this recap- I can now safely skip watching this Beiber (who I can’t stand the sound of) episode. Truly I thank you for your sacrifice. :)

    • Tom says:

      I had to brave it alone, trying to avoid catching Bieber Dysentery. It was a crappy episode, except for Take Me or Leave Me, that was awesome

  5. Sam says:

    I loved this episode. And what??? No Kurt story lines to shove down our throat? Perfect. Didn’t miss him. Fresh.

  6. The Wheeze says:

    Glad to see I am not the only person totally wondering what was that! I am seriously starting to wonder what is happening to the show I LOVED. Tired of this show focusing on Sam, Lauren, etc., while the orginal group of characters of Kurt, Tina, Emma,etc(that made of Love this show in the first place!)are M.I.A most of the time for these LAME, subpar, stories and characters (that CANNOT even sing! That Lauren number just made me cringe!)

    • Samantha says:

      I do like most of the the new characters, but I would rather keep them in the background. Bringing secondary characters into main storylines worked well with Brittany and Santana, but with Mike, Lauren, and the introduction of Sam? Not so much. I wish Glee didn’t try so hard sometimes.

      • The Wheeze says:

        I think you hit the nail on the head. They are just trying too hard. A lot of the plots seem so random and forced. I really miss the original group of misfits from season 1. (Which to me always included Brittany and Santana) When I see Kurt in his school uniform it makes me sad, cause he used to wear the best outfits(the original fashionista on this show!), and now in order to hear Kurt sing we have to have another forced Warblers group number, which also means no solos from Kurt either!

        • chattypatra says:

          Exactly. I wish they would stop trying so hard to make the show relevant and just went back to what made it great that first season. It’s a waste of great talent. Also, “Lauren” can’t sing to save her life; her number made me cringe. I could believe Puck falling for Mercedes, who is both beautiful and an amazing singer, but this girl? Plenty of plus sized girls are attractive, but I don’t see why Puck wants to ‘get with her’.

  7. Guy says:

    Well i loved the Sing anthem. Think it was fantastic but the duet between Rachel and Mercedes topped it. This show does have its stupid moments though. Hated Sam doing Beiber. Plus the sue-icide thing. Sorry this issue is a big one and hated how they did that. Its not a bloody joke! I love Glee i really do but they do stupid things sometimes and its not funny.

    Good to see Emma back too although it wasn’t that much. As for Sue and Aural Intensity i must say surely New Directions will make Nationals. I mean if they didn’t then i seriously think the writers should rack off because losing twice would just be stupid! They have to make the next stage this time.

    Would love to see an original Glee song though. That idea is a big big + in my book. I really hope they bring it.

  8. Franko Phile says:

    Sam’s Bieber number was dreadful. The whole “anthem” theme was introduced and then ignored; at least Sue pointed that out. Other than TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME, the episode was a waste, although the quick shot of Harry Shrum without a shirt almost redeemed the whole damn thing.

  9. Ashley says:

    Kind of over Lauren and Puck drooling over her.. especially after her solo. Yikes.. Really hope they don’t push Rachel and Finn back together, they are great in a friendship kind of way, but romantically they are too pathetic. And it was sort of refreshing not to have a random (or two) Warblers performances thrown in our face. It was great. Loved Sam’s rendition of ‘Baby’. It was perfect for his character. And fingers crossed for more Fuinn!!

  10. JayK says:

    1. Lauren’s vocal was not passable, it was awful. Why is she on the show??
    2. Children’s cancer ward? REALLY?
    3. I did kind of love Sam’s “Baby” to be honest – I love that he just went for it.
    4. Am a little bit tired of the couple shuffling. Sam and Santana? (Samtana?) Gross.
    5. A bit horrified how the hood and wig decreased Mark Salling’s hotness by a factor of at least 10.

    • Christopher Majewski says:

      Have you never heard the original “I Know What Boys Like”? It’s a monotone song…she was spot-on.

      • chattypatra says:

        Yes, but she doesn’t have a beautiful voice. Unless she proves me wrong on another episode, I don’t understand why she’s on Glee.

      • JayK says:

        Yeah, of course I’ve heard the song. Great song. Lauren’s performance of it was not. To be fair though, I may have been distracted by the bizarre outfit and face-smashing-in-cleavage.

  11. Marcus says:

    This was a strange episode. I didn’t hate it, but I probably won’t bother to watch it again. Oh, and JayK is right, Puck is definitely not attractive with the fake hair on.

  12. AlistairCrane says:

    One of the WORST episodes ever!

    What a ridiculous way to get Sue involved in the main action. Also, what was the point of Emma even showing up? Who had a comeback? Why were all the songs lame except for Lauren’s number?

    I actually had to mute the tv when they went to the children’s hospital. What a tired and lame cliche!

  13. Muchele says:

    I thought the episode stunk – except for Sing.. great song. the end was nice- finn actually being himself and not a douch. They have ruined my favorite character completly – and for what? I miss Finn and Rachel – they make each other better. I am sad of what has come of this show… thank god for big bang theory..

  14. Tom says:

    I miss Finn and Rachel and their dynamic – I can’t believe Finn’s behavior – it is deplorable. I used to love him – and now – he is just so unlikable. I hope they bring him back – the end was adorable. Finchel is made for each other :)

  15. Tom says:

    Lauren and Puck are the best think since Finchel… I will be rooting for them forever… they are adorable!!!! GO LUCK!

  16. KJ says:

    I admit it, I fast-forwarded through Sue in the cancer ward (yay for intentionally waiting 20 minutes, then watching on DVR!). It was just too obviously manipulative and unnecessary (though I bet those kids had a great time filming it). And all I could think while Emma unnecessarily interrupted Will’s Spanish class for the ’emergency’ was “where the hell is Figgins?!” How is going to tend to Sue Will’s responsibility? I love the music in this show, but I’m so, so very very tired of the logical inconsistencies. I saw someone on Tumblr say how awesome it’d be if it was eventually revealed that all this show was one of the characters’ dream, as that’d explain the gaps and crazyness, and a commenter followed with, “It is someone’s dream… Ryan Murphy’s.”

    • Melinda says:

      I, too, get tired of the lack of logic and consistency on this show, even though I know better than to expect it. The problem is that the show makes it impossible to take it seriously, and then it throws in stuff like the bullying plotline (or the cancer ward scene) where it wants to be taken seriously. I just can’t do it, because I know it will be forgotten by the show in the next episode, if not the next scene. As long as I enjoy the music, I’ll probably continue to watch, but it’s not the priority that it used to be.

  17. jdot says:

    Everyone ripping Lauren’s number obviously don’t know the song. She did a spot on tribute to the original, and the performance during the episode was insanely awesome and hillarious. Not every song is supposed to sound like it’s coming from the lips of a broadway diva.

  18. Melissa says:

    It’s getting to the point where I feel like every episode has some kind of stunt – either featuring songs by an artist that is way more famous than they are talented, or casting a celebrity guest star. This show is popular enough – they don’t have to do that to attract viewers! Also, did anyone else hear Sue call Rachel “Michelle” at one point, or was that just me?

  19. Rebeccapedia says:

    I don’t really understand Glee, like I love it, I look forward to it every week, and afterwards I always look for this review, Kristin’s and the GMMR one, but there’s always so much wrong with it. The only constant in Glee for me is Rachel. It doesn’t matter how much the writers screw with her character, Lea somehow always seems to make it ok, she is comedically BRILLIANT, that diva description was beyond hilarious, and the way she sings, the girl can do no wrong. (It does help that everyone is so busy being so awful to her most of the time that when she does screw up you can’t be mad at her because she’s treated like such absolute shit anyway, regardless of what she does) I love that she was becoming friends with Mercedes, but damn, everyone turned on her quickly there at the end didn’t they! I can not wait to see Lea get some songs that were specifically written for Rachel, the fact of the matter is, New Directions could win any competition they wanted if they let Rachel sing pretty much everything, they know this and that’s why they get so jealous and mean.
    Quinn, what the hell is going on there?!? Do they want Dianna to leave? I don’t even want to touch what a horrible mess that whole Quinn/Sam/Finn/Santana love infection is, I just hope Rachel stays away from it for a little while at least.
    The Bieber stuff was awful, I’ve no problem with him in real life, but the boys doing it was just NO NO NO for me. The same goes for Lauren. Don’t waste songs on a voice like that when we could have one of the others singing. It seems especially unfair to Jenna, Tina’s song last week was such a bad joke, and that girl has a good voice! I also find it weird that we never got to hear Sue sing, she’s there with the cancer kids and there for Sing! but she didn’t come through at all.
    Finn is a jerk. That’s all.

    Finally, Tik-tok and puking all over each other next week?! Rachel and Blaine?! I’m all for Blaine experimenting, but I don’t like this
    “Lets question whether bi-sexuality is real!” thing going around. Um, yes, it is, and when you eventually have Blaine decide he’s gay, it’ll seem really really rude and offensive.

  20. aaron says:

    Sue and Brittany are at their best in small doses, with random one liners and off the wall antics. It never seems to work well when they actually build stories around them. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to humanize Sue, but it does nothing for the character. She’s not the only one that seems to be able to go from cool to awful in a single scene (Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Will…).
    We definitely need more of the original group, more Artie, Tina and Mercedes.

  21. Linderella49 says:

    This was not Glee’s finest hour. I realize it is mostly farce, but Sue has crossed the line more times than Lindsay Lohan. And Bieber? Really? I thought this show was about music. Other than dueling divas there was no music.

  22. KC says:

    This episode was really strange to me, and not just because I missed the first 30 minutes. I really dislike the whole Justin Beiber thing and think Glee and co. just wanted to jump on the bandwagon with that one. The only song I really enjoyed was the diva-off song and that was only because Mercedes was in it. I also agree with everyone that the show needs to get back to the original characters and stop fooling around with this secondary character nonsense.

  23. Jack says:

    This episode is an excellent example for why I see a decade in Glee. Really, Sue being all nice at first and going more evil by the end, being the new coach for the opposite team? Do we REALLY have buy this?

    Can anybody tell me where this show is going, cause it seems all over the place- there is no storypoint: where are they going with this? Winning Regionals? And what if they win? Nationals? And loosing that again? And what if they ever graduate? This show is getting so outta there, and i think that’s a real shame, cause I reaaaally loved season 1.

    And the Justin Bieber songs were just crap as well (but that’s mainly i’m not in ‘Biebs’ target audience and think all of his songs are crap).

  24. Amy says:

    I have to say I fast forwarded through most of the musical numbers – just not enjoyable or relavant. Could have done without Biebs. GEt back to what you do best.

  25. NanCeE* says:

    Am I the only one that loves Sam’s impressions? They crack me up every time and I hope he does more! Loved Puck’s horrible Bieber bangs, too. I was a little disappointed with the Diva-Off, I guess because I love the original song so much. I expected those ladies to really, realllly belt it out, like in the original, and I felt they held back a little. Nitpicking, I know. I also loved the My Chemical Romance song, and Sue’s plaid track suit. As for plot…well, they were never really good at it – I still love the show for the music and the one-liners.

  26. Thor51 says:

    Does anyone watch this show with a critical eye, or does everyone just go along with the throng and praise this show? I have watched every episode (wife really likes the show) and have to say it is a really bad show. The musical numbers are okay, some are really good and the best part of the show by far. The writing is ham-fisted at best. The writing panders to the lowest rung of soap opera. And I like soap operas.

    C’mon people wake up.

  27. Bete says:

    Not a very good episode; it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good… I really don’t like Lauren as a character, I don’t know why she is there and I just don’t care about her, but I liked her number it is similar to the original. Having said that her clothe was terrible and I want her gone. I’m also surprised about how in 2 episodes Ryan Murphy destroyed the character of Finn. Sure, he was always a little dumb, but his heart was always in the right place, but now he went from a good leader to a guy who thinks he is God’s gift to earth and is actively pursuing someone else’s gilrfriend (and said girl is Quin, a girl who cheated on him and made him believe for a very long time that he was the father of her child!). Finn and Santana I could handle, but Finn and Quin? And the fact that Finn doesn’t even give a damn about the cheating… Well I can only reafirm that they destroyed his character.
    I liked the diva-off: love the music and Rachel and Mercedes rocked it. I love their new found friendship, but it will only last until it serves a plot, because last year I loved Mercedes and Quin friendship that is now nonexistant…
    I thought Sam singin “Baby” was cute and I hate Bieber. I loved we didn’t get to see the Wablers, because I can’t stand to see Kurt in that uniform. He is losing himself in that school!

    • Lainie says:

      Agree about the writers completely destroying Finn’s character. He used to be such a lovable doofus in Season One but now he’s a raging jerk. I really don’t understand why they’re doing this to him. It’s a complete opposite of what that character was supposed to represent. What did Cory Monteith do to piss off the writers???

  28. fan says:

    I assume Bieber is getting prizes and fans for being cute, not for making original music. His music is very generic. I agree, Glee could have done better than adopting the biebs music.
    I thought the episode was “meh”. I hate that Sam and Quinn broke up, they were great together.. I really hope this was not the end.:S

  29. Cy says:

    I agree that the execution and some of the plot lines of this ep were a bit weaker than most Glee eps, but I still enjoyed it. Any featuring of Sam is a plus for me, and I was happy to see Sue again (though yes, they didn’t do her awesomeness justice in this ep).

    That said, toward the end of the ep, I started thinking that Sue and Will might potentially end up as one heck of an epic love story (in about three or four seasons from now, that is. It will be a slow and transformative kind of love story if any, I’d imagine). But for now, I’m really pleased that their Ultimate Rivalry has finally gotten them on the same playing field–Sue’s coaching Aural Intensity! She’ll be at Regionals as their competitor, rather than begrudging ally judge. Can’t wait to see that!

  30. tiffany says:

    I laughed too hard during this episode and that’s not a good thing. the whole Justin Bieber thing was really riducious. and watching it was very cringeful for me. I didn’t see 4 teenage boys singing and dancing to Justin, I saw 4 grown ass men who should have known better.
    Everything that happen to Quinn in both seasons was entirly her fault. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. She’s not worth anyone’s love, not Sam, not Puck(Please Glee DO NOT GO THERE AGAIN, ONCE WAS WAY TOO MUCH), hell not even Finn(& that right there was reach) This episode proves that she is the worst character on Glee. and that the only reason why she’s likeable is because of Dianna. Which is kinda said becasue Dianna is not that good of an actress or singer. I guess a pretty face still get you jobs even if you have not talent to back it up.
    CAN WE PLEASE STOP ONE OF GLEE’S WORST STORYLINE (IT’S NO WORST THAN THE QUINN/PUCK STORYLINE BUT IT’S CLOSE)I’M TALKING ABOUT THE PUCK/LAUREN STORYLINE! God I can’t stand what Puck has become for Lauren. I’m sorry but she’s a freaking guest star, she’s not even worth the chase. Puck needs to get his common sense back and realize that. Why is it that Puck has the most love intrest and they all fail with one exception being Rachel? Rachel is Puck’s best shot at a real and sensible relationship on the show, yet the writers contiune to ignore it. Writers, get it together and realize that you are sitting on a gold mine aka Puck/Rachel.
    Speaking of Rachel, she was flawless in this episode. this is the Rachel that I fell in love with in season 1. I hated the Rachel in the begining of the season. Her ending scene with Finn proved 3 things,1) Finn Hudson is no where near to be a perfect guy for Rachel. He had a season and a half to get it together and he hasn’t. so Writers, cut you ties with that failed couple please. 2) Rachel’s little holding on to Finn needs to be let go. Rachel is a MUCH BETTER PERSON with out Finn holding her down. 3) Finn/Rachel are a better match as Friends. And Friends they should be when they were a couple, they made me want to punch them both in the face.

    • hn says:

      Quinn is just a character and you need to get over it. I think someone is a little jealous of both the character and the actress.

      • Rebeccapedia says:

        I agree, Quinn has a lot of potential, when Brittany & Santana were being ridiculous and crazy over Puck & Artie during their misogynistic week, Quinn was genuinely disgusted. She’s done plenty of nice things for Rachel (the Finn thing in ep 2, the bathroom scene where she agrees to the duet, and she always looks impressed and entertained when Rachel sings, although that may be more Dianna looking at Lea, but whatever, it counts!) Last week she did seem to feel bad, she was a bit shady last night, but everyone gets screwed over by the writers, Quinn isn’t a bad person. She’s been through a lot, she deserves a break, and Dianna’s voice is nice, it has it’s place in the glee club.

  31. Chris R. says:

    I hate what they have done with Finn. He was always a humble, sincere and very likeable guy and now he is no longer like that. I don’t think it is very realistic the jerk they have have made him out to be. At the end of the episode it seemed like the old Rachel and old Finn. I like that. To me it seemed like they always understood each other and had each other’s backs. I hope they bring that back.

  32. Sophie K says:

    Maybe I’ve just become numb to Glee’s story problems by bashing my head against my TV screen one too many times, but I feel like the episodes have been stronger since coming back from hiatus. This episode had its weak moments (seriously? children’s cancer ward?) but overall, it sold me. I stay far, far away from anything Bieber, but I felt like the way they dealt with it sold the idea. The second number was a bit much, but Pucks’ Bieber hair was hilarious. Rachel and Mercedes duet was PHENOMENAL. Definitely the best song of the night. I was more than hesitant to see Glee cover SING, given my intense bordering on obsessive love of the original, but I feel like it turned out okay. Not stellar, and certainly not capturing the gritty immediacy of My Chem’s version, but a decent performance for sure. I’m still scratching my head over how “no more Bieber outfits” translates into lumberjack chic, but … okay.

  33. Blink says:

    I didn’t think it was a horrible episode. When I saw the preview I was a little worried, seeing as I despise the Biebs, but overall I think they did really well with it. I actually enjoyed the songs more without his (her) voice. I kinda loved Puck’s hoodie/hair combo, though it wasn’t overly flattering, it was adorable that he was willing to lower himself to that just to get a shot at Lauren. LOVED Mercedes and Rachel’s duet. Probably the best song I’ve seen on this show in awhile. I wish there was some Kurt/Blaine scenes.

  34. Laura says:

    I think Sue was more relevant than normal. One of my favorites of the season.

  35. Mimi says:

    Horrible episode. Why is everyone being mean to Rachel again? She is the only voice of sanity right now. The lumberjack number will not win regionals? Ummm Hello? WTF is wrong with everyone? I felt like this episode was just a filler episode, b/c no plot points were really pushed forward. True we now know Rachel will be writing an original song to win regionals, Sam and Quinn finally broke up and Sue is the coach of Oral Intensity. I could have done without Justin Beiber and the only fantastic glee like song of the night was Rachel and Mercedes duet. Glee better come back next week with a much better episode, that was a waste of my hour.

  36. T says:

    This episode was a bit lackluster for me, but it did have some great moments, and great quotes. One thing I do love about Glee is it’s ability to make fun of each other in funny ways.

    Check out my review of the episode here:

  37. kate says:

    Am I the only one really hoping that Rachel’s original song will be written by Glee’s resident proven song writer, Darren Criss?

    • Hannah says:

      I didn’t even think of that! I hope so. I was wondering about that, how the Glee writers could make an awesome song for regionals (because they wouldn’t bring up that storyline if it didn’t eventually work), so it’d be really awesome to see Darren write it!

  38. Jacqi says:

    I actually liked this episode. I could do without Sue though. She is just plain irritating. My question for the writers though, is why they are making Finn into a bleep. The only nice thing that happened with him in this episode is him actually talking nicely to Rachel. I loved all the songs.

  39. sherimoonzombie says:

    Michael, you are like my own little pocket-blogger! I swear you’re reading my mind. Especially regarding Sue’s storyline and the non-relevant OTT blatant tear-jerking visit to the children’s hospital. (Except you say it without an annoying overuse of adjectives…and hyphens.)

  40. sue says:

    First of all in order for any show to grow, it has to incorporate more than the few core characters they started with in the first season. Second, Glee is totally escapist tv! Don’t take it soo seriously. It is what it is…Finally, Finchel will be back together eventually. They are the core couple of the show but there has to be some conflict there so they don’t get too boring.

  41. Dawn Venitz says:

    Love Jane Lynch, but honestly: If ANY teacher, even with tenure, acted like that they’d be suspended or fired. She’s attacked students in the hallway numerous times & it’s really a turn off. It’s upsetting that the school Principal & staff allow the bullying slushie attacks & Sue’s bullying. Your description of Lauren’s solo is totally accurate, but I would have given it a D or D+. And the ‘motorboat’ action with Artie wouldn’t be tolerated in most high school or college classes. Felt it was EXTREMELY a bad choice.

  42. Ladyhelix says:

    I just love Sam/Chord’s unabashed dorkiness; a guy “fighting to hang onto a relationship without a single care of whether or not it looked cool, and thereby redefining what cool meant in the first place”. Well said!

    Today I caught myself telling the guy who sits next to me at work that the only reason I kept watching last night was so I could enjoy your writeup and Jim’s Glee-cap. Only the truth hurts (I SO need to get a life)!

  43. Satan says:

    Didn’t love Sue’s storyline at all. They’re running out of things to do with her, and they’re having her walk the razor’s edge between delightfully evil and vulnerable, and this week she toppled into some unwatchable territory on both sides of that line. The writers need to rediscover the core of Sue if they want her to continue to be popular. Her one-liners are funny—sometimes—but it’s starting to feel like schtick/formula.

    Sam was fun this episode, though I still think he looks like MacCauley Culkin on BowFlex. He also kinda looks like a Muppet.

    I’m liking how the writers are taking Puck into all sorts of strange new territory, that’s one character that’s got some room for growth.

    Finn is insufferable and weird. Plus, he looks 30.

    I do like that they’re giving Mike Chang lines. I still feel like I don’t know anything about him though.

    I like Blurt, but didn’t really miss them this week.

    Rachel is starting to almost not annoy me, but I still don’t like her “glory note” face. She also has Muppet tendencies. I like Single Rachel much better than Finnchel, but she needs to get over that boy already. He’s a twerp.

    Mercedes is kinda one-note character-wise, and I’d like to see that change. Give her a storyline she can *sing* her teeth into, she’s currently being wasted.

    Santana is one of the most fun characters right now, and the best villain at the moment. PLEASE don’t give her human qualities like compassion, etc. She only works when she’s an amoral succubus. And that’s a pretty broad canvas, so there’s little danger of her becoming tired and predictable if the writers do their job properly.

    Brittany is fun, but like Sue, she’s starting to suffer from her “formula” being rather tired.

    Quinn is really pretty. That’s all I got.

  44. Rachel says:

    I’ve been reading all kinds of recaps and reviews of Glee for awhile now and I think I’m ready to give my two cents’ worth.

    First all, I don’t think we should go for the “all is black or white” approach to Glee. It feels like half of viewers love it to bits, while the other half wants to rip it to shreds. I don’t think it’s that easy.

    Glee is a very stereotyped show. In many ways, it is not supposed to reflect reality, much like a Braodway show is not expected to. So yes, some plot lines seem afar-fetched or construed but that is the approach the show takes. Someone like Sue would not last five minutes in rea life as a teacher, while even hormonal teenagers tend to have more sense as the “teens” portrayed here. So some things can just be written off as part of this Broadway approach to life.

    A lot of the Finn/Sam/Quinn/Rachel and now Santana hexagon can be written off like that.

    At the same time, I think the creators of the show have had a little too much success with this show too fast. They are started to neglect what made the show great in Season 1 for over-the-top storylines that have nothing to do with the characters they’ve built. Sam finding his admiration for the Bieber is one of them. Product placement at its worst, I am sorry to say. Puck joining in the whole debacle was even more ludicrous.

    Having said all that, I think “Comeback” was not one of the strongest episodes, but it also wasn’t so terrible as some make it sound. I loved the whole Mercedes / Rachel storyline, their performance has quickly become one of my favorites.

    I also love the any scenes with Santana or Brittany. Putting these more in the center of attention has brought some very high quality comedy to the show. I also loved “Sing”, Glee did a good job in transforming the song into their universe.

    Here are the things I think are not thought through and in my honest opinion, just neglectful or even lazy plot developments: Sam and Santana, Sue joing Glee (especially singing with them only to join Aural Intensity) and as mentioned Bieber.

    It feels as if the writers are playing with their characters as a cat would with a mouse and that is not fair, mot to their characters or to their viewers.

    I hope y’all will get what I mean. I will continue to watch Glee and I look forward to it every week, but I do hope that it comes back to its early glory. The last two episodes gave me hope.

  45. Stephanie says:

    HELLO! How has NOONE mentioned the scene where the glee club was in their underwear while lauren was singing?!?! Finn in his superman t-shirt, mr schue in his boxers and vest and sue in her DOMINATRIX outfit, with whip of course! best part of the episode went by too fast. not a great episode, but this season has been really good and not every episode can be gold. =)

  46. Molly says:

    Definitely not too hard on Sue. I know it’s TV, but I feel like throwing kids around and tearing the school apart was just a little too far.

    Loved the JB songs but not the best choices for an anthem episode. Neither was “Sing.” So many great anthems out there and they pick MCR?

    Lauren’s whole performance was so awkward, but you gotta love Puck at the end of it!

  47. Mark says:

    Hey! What is with the writers of GLEE? Seems as if they are deliberately trying to kill the show. Great talent wasted, for sure. Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) now playing a definite second fiddle – tho’ I love the new talent of Blaine (Darren); but really, the song choices for other characters are becoming lame. THIS IS GREAT TALENT truly wasted, to what end? I did not like the last couple of shows for most of the airing. These actors deserve better than horrible writing (kinda reminds me of what happened to BBC’s Robinhood – ruined by crappy writing, tho’ had great actors). Save GLEE and fire the writers.

  48. Amberdawn says:

    I understand that they hired Sam for the Beiber appeal. I mean, look at him. But I didn’t think they’d turn it into part of the plot, haha. This whole episode was surreal. I mean, Puck rocking the wig? All the girls dressing like Rachel? Hilarious. I love when Glee pokes fun at itself as a break from the actual plot.